Geely "the most beautiful car" Galaxy E8 pre-sale 183,000! With a 45-inch large screen

The first pure electric sedan E8 is on pre-sale. The pre-sale price is 188,000 yuan. Now you can enjoy 1,000 yuan to deduct 6,000 yuan from the deposit expansion rights. After the discount, the pre-sale price is 183,000 yuan. The new car is based on the vast architecture of SEA, positioning medium and large cars, with a length of more than 5 meters, which is larger than the main competitors. The car is equipped with an ultra-wide 45-inch 8K unbounded smart screen, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, suitable for Meizu Flyme Link mobile phone interconnection.

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 1

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 2

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 3

Geely's most beautiful car Galaxy E8 pre-sale 183,000 with 45-inch large screen - Figure 1

Geely's most beautiful car Galaxy E8 pre-sale 183,000 with 45-inch large screen - Figure 2

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 4

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 5

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 6

The wide-body design is adopted, which is larger than the Han EV Champion Edition except for the height. The new car adopts a closed front grille with slender headlights, which is very similar to that. The rear is equipped with a through-type light group, which is exactly similar. The roof line is simple and smooth, and the wind resistance coefficient is only 0.199Cd.

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 7

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 8

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 9

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 10

The Galaxy E8 interior is equipped with a 45-inch integrated floating central control screen, which has the highest screen ratio of 98% in the industry. The front row of the new car is equipped with two mobile phone wireless charging pads, which adopt a through-trend design. In addition, it is also equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 flagship cockpit chips, a new car system and a self-developed Galaxy N OS car system.

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 11

The Galaxy E8 single-motor version has a maximum power of 200kW and is equipped with a 76kW · h lithium iron phosphate battery pack. The new car is also equipped with a high-performance SiC silicon carbide electric drive, with a motor efficiency of 97.86% and a high-performance four-wheel drive version with a maximum power of 475kW.

Dali will start a "subsidy war" for takeout again, and capital violence cannot be willful

  Media reports, cheap takeout is becoming a new phenomenon in Dali. During this time, launched a high subsidy in Dali, 1 yuan can be spent as 25 yuan, Dali takeout industry or ushered in a sudden change. Reporters saw such leaflets inside and outside some restaurants in Dali: takeout is all over the city, full 25 minus 24, full 35 minus 32, full 50 minus 48. This also means that 1 yuan can buy 25 yuan. According to some Dali citizens, such activities were launched for a period of time in January, suspended in February, and launched again after entering March. (Yunnan Information News)

  1 yuan can be used as 25 yuan to spend, and the result of the high subsidy is that it directly drives more people’s takeaway consumption. According to statistics, the order volume of the platform has increased from a few hundred orders before the subsidy activity to 20,000 to 30,000 orders, and the order volume of the entire industry has also increased from more than 20,000 orders before to more than 60,000 orders. The order volume of Dali takeaway has increased by 2 times in just 2 months. The income of takeaway riders has begun to skyrocket. "The income growth of Dali takeaway riders is generally 30% to 40%, and the monthly income of 7,000 to 8,000 yuan is the norm. Even if it is more than 10,000 yuan, it is not rare." The number of delivery riders also began to surge. Previously, there were 600-800 delivery riders in Dali. In just one month, the total number of delivery riders surged to more than 1,500, many of whom were from other industries.

  Under the waving of the Internet Tech Giants with the help of capital sticks, a subsidy war has been launched to compete for market position. At first glance, catering companies, takeaways, and consumers have all benefited, but this subsidy is bound to be difficult to last for a long time. And the damage to the market order caused by high subsidies cannot be underestimated.

  It is almost impossible to eat takeout at no cost, and a large number of "pseudo-demand" for takeout is created, which does not match the size of Dali city, and the supply and demand are out of balance. More merchants and riders are involved in this subsidy carnival. Faced with the surge in business orders, can catering merchants improve their capacity in a short period of time to provide consumers with hygienic and safe food? According to reports, some merchants have difficulty delivering meals in time and even have to take the initiative to cancel orders. The sudden surge in orders has also led to a relative shortage of riders. The riders recruited in a short period of time will not only affect the timeliness of food delivery and service quality, but also increase the disorderly flow of employees. At the same time, riders lack sufficient delivery skills and education and training on traffic safety, and traffic accidents caused by not obeying traffic rules in a hurry are also a big problem.

  In order not to lose their existing market position, other takeaway companies had to be forced to fight, and a subsidy war was about to ignite again. It is quite similar to the situation of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in the Wuxi takeaway market last year. In April 2018, Didi Takeaway provoked the "takeaway subsidy war" in Wuxi, 0.01 yuan for fried chicken and 1 yuan for milk tea…

  The use of high subsidies to seize the market and crack down on competitors’ competition methods is also suspected of unfair competition. Last year, when the subsidy war was on the rise, the Wuxi market supervision department urgently interviewed the food delivery operators who provoked the "subsidy war" and other food delivery operators who were forced to participate in the war, pointed out that the instigators of the "subsidy war" were suspected of unfair competition and monopolistic operation, and ordered the relevant food delivery platform operators to immediately stop carrying out illegal acts suspected of unfair competition and monopoly. The timely action of the Wuxi market supervision department effectively maintained market order and prevented the evil consequences of the "subsidy war" from continuing to expand and spread.

  As far as the current national takeaway market is concerned, the basic market has been consolidated, and the market is moving towards a healthy development situation. Efforts to ensure food safety and hygiene, and improving service quality should be the direction of competition. At this time, it is really difficult to promote the "subsidy war". I am afraid that the crude promotion of capital forces is behind this. However, in the face of market laws, this kind of high subsidy will not last. When the market competition mechanism fails, and enterprises seize the market dominance by throwing money and grasp the pricing power, the damage must be the healthy development of consumers and the industry. After all, who will clean up the mess? In this regard, the Dali market supervision department should take timely action to cut off the flame of the "subsidy war" and maintain the market order of fair competition. (Wu Zheng)

68 people were awarded the first batch of online car-hailing qualifications in Liaoning Province

On January 19, the reporter learned from the taxi management department of Dalian Municipal Transportation Bureau that 68 students successfully passed the exams in all four subjects, becoming the first batch of drivers in Dalian and even the three northeastern provinces to obtain the qualification for online car-hailing.

Since November 1 last year, Dalian has carried out standardized management of online car-hailing, and implemented license access for online car-hailing platforms, vehicles and drivers. The first batch of online car-hailing driver qualification training in Dalian lasted 9 days, totaling 72 hours. The training content included 17 courses such as "relevant local regulations of online car-hailing" "Dalian humanities, history and tourism knowledge" "professional ethics and online car-hailing service specifications" "common faults and handling of operating cars". The final exam content is divided into 4 subjects, and only if all of them pass can they obtain the qualification of online car-hailing driver.

However, drivers who only have the qualifications of online car-hailing cannot yet take passengers on the road. According to the relevant person in charge of the Dalian Municipal Transportation Bureau, the online car-hailing market adopts a registration license system. In addition to the driver’s qualification, the vehicle also needs to apply for a license, and the online car-hailing company also needs to register a license. Therefore, the qualified driver must meet both the vehicle license and the online car-hailing platform registration license before he can officially take up his post.

This year, while continuing to accelerate the pre-job training of online car-hailing drivers, Dalian will also accelerate the licensing of online car-hailing vehicles and online car-hailing platforms. (Reporter, Wang Gang)

Geely Galaxy L7 price 138,700 a little unexpected, 5 configurations optional!

Yesterday, the car governor took advantage of the fact that Geely Galaxy L7 had not yet been released to sort out some of the new car’s configuration for everyone. The netizens gave high praise to the new car’s exterior design, interior luxury and power system, and even some netizens left a message saying: If the configuration is high enough, it depends on the price.

On the evening of May 31, Geely Galaxy L7 was officially launched as scheduled, with a total of 5 configuration models, and the official guide price was 13.87-17 3,700 yuan.

To be honest, this price is really a bit unexpected. Although the Geely Galaxy official has revealed that the price of the car will be within 200,000, but did not expect the entry-level version will directly push the price to the 130,000 level, directly putting pressure on a group of opponents.

Next, let’s take a look at the Galaxy L7 model configuration in detail.

The new car has launched a total of five models, namely: 55km PRO, 55km AIR, 115km PLUS, 115km MAX and 115km Starship. The differences between different versions of the configuration are mainly due to pure electric cruising range, L2-level automatic driving assistance system, seat comfort and related practical functions.

55Km PRO price is 138,700 yuan, the main configuration of dual-screen system, 8155 intelligent cockpit chip, Galaxy N OS system, the rest of the configuration can basically meet the needs, but relatively plain.

In comparison, the 55km AIR version adds a 16.2-inch passenger entertainment screen, front side airbags, front parking radar, 360-degree panoramic images, electric adjustment of the main driver’s seat, 16.2-inch passenger entertainment screen, electric folding of the exterior rearview mirror, and 235/50 R19 tires. Although it is more expensive at 5,000 yuan, it is more affordable.

The difference between the 115km PLUS version and the previous two versions is mainly the size of the battery capacity, the pure electric cruising range can reach 115 kilometers, the price is 153,700 yuan, which is 10,000 yuan more expensive than the 55km AIR version

The 115km MAX is the most improved in several configurations, adding side air curtains, lane departure warning system, lane keeping assistance system, lane centering, road traffic sign recognition, active safety system, forward collision warning, full speed adaptive cruise, L2 level auxiliary driving, electric trunk, electric trunk position memory, wireless charging of the front mobile phone, electric adjustment of the passenger seat, front seat heating, adaptive far and near light, interior ambient light. If the budget is enough, 163,700 buy such a configuration at a good price.

The 115km Starship model is the top model of Galaxy L7. In terms of configuration, it has more panoramic sunroof, Bluetooth key, main driver’s seat waist support, passenger leg support adjustment, front seat ventilation, front seat massage, front seat memory, Infinity audio, 11 speakers, negative ion generator, in-car fragrance device, priced at 173,700 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that for the new car listing, the official release of a series of user rights: before June 30 under the big set of users, can enjoy 2000 yuan to 6000 yuan expansion gold, the first owner of 4 years or 5 free basic maintenance + 6 years 150,000 km quality assurance + three electricity lifetime quality assurance, 4000-5000 yuan replacement gift.

In addition to the above, the most unmissable benefit is the "Upgrade Gift", 55km AIR, 115km PLUS/MAX version users can upgrade the panoramic sunroof for free; 115km PLUS/MAX version users can buy a 60% discount pet co-pilot set; 115km starship version users can upgrade the technology set for free.

Overall, the 55km PRO version is obviously the most cost-effective among the five models. Of course, if the budget is sufficient, you can choose the 115km MAX or 115km Starship.

Write at the end

As we said before, Geely Galaxy L7 is a very powerful hybrid product, and its outstanding performance in all aspects will definitely bring a lot of pressure to the same level of models. Coupled with the current sincere pricing, it is not impossible to hit the sales crown.

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Win the high-end and start the "final battle"! The China Resources Snow Beer Channel Partner Conference was grandly opened

From November 18th to November 20th, the China Resources Snow Beer Ecological Partner Week bloomed in Xiamen. As one of the blockbuster links in the ecological week, the "Raising a Glass to the New World" Snowflake Channel Partner Conference opened on the afternoon of the 18th. At the key juncture of the "3 + 3 + 3" corporate development strategy about to enter the new stage of "Winning the High End", China Resources Snow Beer is constantly accelerating the pace of progress in the new world of beer, gathering the decisive momentum to win the high end, and working hard to write a new historical answer.

Launch a decisive "three major battles" to gain a comparative competitive advantage in the alcohol industry

Hou Xiaohai, chairperson and general manager of China Resources Snow Beer (China) Co., Ltd., proposed the term "final battle" in his first speech. He said that the term was first proposed internally in 2014, and with the "3 + 3 + 3" strategy proposed in 2017, after six years of efforts, China Resources Snow Beer has already possessed the qualifications and basic capabilities of the final battle. At the end of 2022, the time is ripe to revisit the "final battle" and needs to be given a new definition to achieve the best state and achieve the leading position.

"The final battle is the snowflake dream that Snowflake Beer has achieved after 30 years of development and struggle, always standing at a high place and looking into the distance. After two to three generations of management team, it has been achieved through thorns and thorns." Hou Xiaohai said that the current three pillar markets of Snowflake Beer in southwest, east China and northeast China are difficult to shake. The central and southern markets are rising rapidly, and the northwest market should play a leader for a long time in the future. Such potential determines that China Resources Snowflake Beer has the ability to launch this final battle.

China Resources Snow Beer will focus on Heineken, Snowflake Chunsheng, and Brave Tianya superX three products to start the "three major battles", focusing on the "three major battlefields" of developed regions, developing regions, and developing primary regions. By focusing on the layout of beer and developing the beer + Baijiu dual empowering model, it will continuously gain a competitive advantage in the alcohol industry. Truly realize "a big step in three years, and a mountain in nine years", and finally complete the 3 + 3 + 3 strategy. Snowflake Beer is willing to work with channel partners to start a new revolution and realize the leadership of the new world of beer.

Continuously innovate brand marketing forms to release the potential energy of diverse brand combinations

Richard Weissend, President of Heineken China, said that just three years of cooperation with China Resources Snow Beer has made China the fourth largest market in the world and Heineken, Star Silver, the second largest market in the world, becoming another milestone to witness Heineken’s glorious history. In 2023, Heineken, the brand will celebrate its 150th anniversary. Heineken will present a wonderful 150th anniversary event, while continuing to reinvent the beer category plan, explore more new areas, and surprise Chinese consumers.

In the context of consumption upgrading, the rapid growth of elite groups, and Generation Z becoming the main consumer force, China Resources Snow Beer continues to build consumer-friendly marketing activities based on market demand, creating more and better high-end beer consumption scenarios. In 2023, China Resources Snow Beer will start the third three years of the 3 + 3 + 3 strategy. Song Zhanmin, general manager of China Resources Snow Beer Marketing Center, introduced the development blueprint of Snow Beer in the next three years: beer should achieve steady growth in total scale; large and high-end can develop rapidly and become the leader of the industry; innovative brand communication methods, accurate channel marketing, enhance brand power; insight into the consumption trends of "people, goods and places", explore new species, and be the pioneer of "new consumption, new scenes and new drinking methods".

At the branding level, in 2023, China Resources Snow Beer will continue to promote the portfolio construction of multiple brands, further enrich the product portfolio, support high-end development, expand non-beer business simultaneously, and realize the two-wheel drive of beer + Baijiu. At the conference on the same day, Jingzhi Baijiu and Golden Seed Wine Industry also shared the brand story of Baijiu. Qian Xiaofeng, general manager of Shandong Jingzhi Baijiu Co., Ltd., said that Jingzhi is the first Baijiu factory acquired by China Resources Wine Industry, and is currently in the process of a series of rebranding, and will develop a series of products in Shandong Province and outside the province.

He Xiuxia, general manager of Golden Seed Wine Industry Co., Ltd., said that Golden Seed has a long history of culture and unique technical advantages. In the future, it will use a market-oriented mechanism and a new concept of marketization to empower Golden Seed enterprises to operate the market. With professional Baijiu brand building capabilities, build the confidence of channel partners.

Zhang Wei, Director of China Brand Department of China Resources Snow Beer, said that Snow Beer China brand has an extremely rich product portfolio to meet the needs of the new world. In 2023, Chinese brands will partner with street culture platforms represented by street dance, extreme sports platforms represented by the world’s top extreme sports events, and e-sports platforms represented by leading e-sports events IP. They will cooperate with spokespersons and virtual challenge officers to connect with online and offline scenarios through IP full-link marketing.

Subsequently, Wei Jinghan, director of the international brand department of China Resources Snow Beer, introduced on the spot that Heineken, the brand has a pioneering music platform, a high-end sports event platform, rich product introduction and multi-level festival marketing and other resources, and will launch several new products in 2023, in conjunction with Heineken’s 150th anniversary celebration.

值得一提的是,本届华润雪花啤酒生态伙伴周设置了饮·JOY WONDERπ海滩玩派户外展区,雪花啤酒中国品牌与国际品牌纷纷亮相,嘉宾既可以在勇闯天涯superX的X能量站与黑狮白啤的自由营地中感受青春热情之美,也能在老雪打造的复古酒馆里重拾经典的回忆。与此同时,喜力 与高端足球赛事五座奖杯的强强联合、苏尔打造的梦幻阳光沙滩、红爵“搬来”的欧洲风情街巷等也各具特色,所有展区都与品牌气质相得益彰,呈现出多元啤酒品牌文化的无限魅力,诠释了新世界下啤酒创新发展的更多可能。