68 people were awarded the first batch of online car-hailing qualifications in Liaoning Province

On January 19, the reporter learned from the taxi management department of Dalian Municipal Transportation Bureau that 68 students successfully passed the exams in all four subjects, becoming the first batch of drivers in Dalian and even the three northeastern provinces to obtain the qualification for online car-hailing.

Since November 1 last year, Dalian has carried out standardized management of online car-hailing, and implemented license access for online car-hailing platforms, vehicles and drivers. The first batch of online car-hailing driver qualification training in Dalian lasted 9 days, totaling 72 hours. The training content included 17 courses such as "relevant local regulations of online car-hailing" "Dalian humanities, history and tourism knowledge" "professional ethics and online car-hailing service specifications" "common faults and handling of operating cars". The final exam content is divided into 4 subjects, and only if all of them pass can they obtain the qualification of online car-hailing driver.

However, drivers who only have the qualifications of online car-hailing cannot yet take passengers on the road. According to the relevant person in charge of the Dalian Municipal Transportation Bureau, the online car-hailing market adopts a registration license system. In addition to the driver’s qualification, the vehicle also needs to apply for a license, and the online car-hailing company also needs to register a license. Therefore, the qualified driver must meet both the vehicle license and the online car-hailing platform registration license before he can officially take up his post.

This year, while continuing to accelerate the pre-job training of online car-hailing drivers, Dalian will also accelerate the licensing of online car-hailing vehicles and online car-hailing platforms. (Reporter, Wang Gang)