Table tennis World Cup: The quarter-finals were released, China’s women’s singles were slightly inferior, and Japan and South Korea were promoted in four consecutive victories.

On December 5, 2023, the first stage of the table tennis mixed team World Cup ushered in fierce competition. At this stage, each team showed superb skills and tenacious fighting spirit, and finally decided the top two of the four groups to advance.

In this competition, China table tennis team once again showed their strength and skills. Although Manyu Wang lost to Puerto Rico’s Diaz 1-2 in the women’s singles competition, which made the China team slightly frustrated, the other players still played well, won a great victory and moved on.

At the same time, the performance of the China Hong Kong team is somewhat unsatisfactory. They were all defeated in three wars, and unfortunately they were out. This is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the China-Hongkong team, which has always shown good strength and potential in previous competitions.

In addition to the match between China and Hongkong China, other teams also showed good strength and skills. In the competition, all teams showed superb skills and tenacious fighting spirit, which made the competition more intense and exciting.

In the end, the top two of the four groups advanced to the next stage. These advanced teams will compete with the third place in each group for a place in the semi-finals. In the next competition, each team will continue to show superb skills and tenacious fighting spirit, and strive for the championship.

Generally speaking, the first stage of the table tennis mixed team World Cup has ended, and the performance of each team is different. However, no matter what the result is, these players have shown their love and persistence in table tennis, and they have interpreted what is the true sportsmanship with sweat and hard work.

In Group A, China and Sweden successfully advanced to the quarter-finals, while Puerto Rico and Hongkong, China, unfortunately stopped at the group stage. At this stage, Guoping showed its absolute superiority and achieved a total victory in three rounds of group matches. This undoubtedly highlights the dominant position of Guoping in the world table tennis world, and also provides valuable competition experience for the players.

In this competition, eight main players of Guoping made their debut. Their performance is undoubtedly satisfactory, which has achieved the expected effect of the coaching staff to practice by competition and adapt to the rules. Although Sun Yingsha played four times in this competition, her performance was still eye-catching and showed a very high level of competition.

However, the only fly in the ointment was that Manyu Wang lost two games. In the confrontation with Puerto Rican player Diaz, she lost to her opponent 1-2, which is undoubtedly a small setback. However, it is common to get upset in short games, so we can’t judge Manyu Wang’s performance too much.

Generally speaking, although the China table tennis team encountered some challenges in this competition, their overall performance was still excellent. We have reason to believe that with the adaptation and running-in of the players, they will show even better performance in the next competition.

Sweden did not send their strongest team in this competition, which undoubtedly made many people more optimistic about the prospect of China’s promotion. However, the result of the game is surprising. In the match against Puerto Rico, China Hong Kong team was defeated with a score of 7-8. The defeat of this game is surprising. After all, Puerto Rico has no other strong players except Diaz. However, Du Kaixun of China Hong Kong team was in a low state in the competition and failed to play her best level, which is undoubtedly an important reason for the defeat of China Hong Kong team.

Sweden, despite the lack of two main players, Moregard and falk, defeated Hongkong China 8-0 and successfully advanced as the second in the group. This result undoubtedly shows the strength of the Swedish team. Even if they didn’t send the strongest team, they could still win the game.

In Group B, Germany and Slovakia successfully advanced to the quarter-finals, while Portugal and Egypt were unfortunately eliminated. Germany also faced the absence of some main players in this competition, such as Ochalov and others. However, with the excellent performance of Shan Xiaona and other players, they successfully advanced with good luck and strength. This result is in line with people’s expectations. After all, in the same group, the German team did not meet an opponent with too strong strength.

The table tennis mixed team World Cup competition is undoubtedly full of variables and challenges. No matter the unexpected defeat of the strong team or the counterattack victory of the weak team, people can see the charm and uncertainty of table tennis. In the next competition, we expect each team to continue to show their strength and skills and bring us more wonderful duels.

In Group C, Japan and France became the only two teams to advance to the quarter-finals, while Romania, the United States and Australia all suffered losses in the group stage, and they were unfortunately eliminated. Both Japan and South Korea advanced with four consecutive victories, showing their strong strength and team cohesion.

The Japanese team did not meet too strong opponents in this competition, and the overall competition was relatively easy. Among them, Zhang Benzhihe defeated Felix lebrun 3-0, and his outstanding performance left a deep impression on many fans. However, Hayata Hina’s condition is not ideal. She made many unnecessary mistakes in the competition, and even almost lost to Diaconu. This is undoubtedly a game worthy of the vigilance of the Japanese team, and they need to pay more attention to details and status in the next game.

In Group D, the Korean and China Taipei teams successfully advanced to the quarter-finals, while Singapore, Canada and India were unfortunately eliminated. South Korea is undoubtedly the main competitor of Guoping. From the lineup, there is no reservation, and the overall strength is very balanced. There should be no problem for them to win the top three. Although the China Taipei team didn’t send all the main players, Chen Siyu led the team to qualify, and the overall performance is still worthy of recognition. For the Singapore team, it is a little pity that they failed to seize the opportunity.

The table tennis mixed team World Cup competition is full of variables and challenges, and each team has shown good strength and skills. In the next game, we expect each team to continue to play their best level and bring us more wonderful matchups.

In the second stage of the table tennis mixed team World Cup, eight teams that have advanced will play round robin to compete for the final championship. Different from the first stage, the number of rounds is reduced to six, because the associations in the same group don’t need to meet again, so they can just use the previous scores. The design of this competition system aims to reduce the competition time while maintaining the competitiveness and fairness of the competition.

Take the China table tennis team as an example. They swept Sweden 8-0 in the group stage, showing their great strength. As the result of the match of the same group association directly follows the previous score, China team avoided the situation of playing against Sweden again, saving time and energy.

In the next competition, each team will rank according to the comprehensive results, and finally determine the ownership of the champion. The highlight is yet to come. Let’s look forward to the wonderful performance of China players, and believe that they will be able to play their best and win more honors for China. Come on!