When I visited Watsons, I saw these five kinds of beauty products. I suggest to store more, which is not expensive but really easy to use.

Text: Nicole

Hi, it’s Nicole. Are you ready to be beautiful together?

Watsons can be said to be a cosmetics supermarket, which contains all kinds of cosmetics, whether domestic or imported, but how many sisters, like nicole, always go in excitedly and then escape.

It’s really a shopping guide! Hot! Love!

Follow where you go, try this and that, and talk nonsense in a serious way. It’s really helpless and funny.

So today, let’s organize a collection of beauty products that Watsons must buy, five beauty products that won’t step on thunder, cheap and big bowls, let’s take a look!

Reason for listing: low price, good daily sunscreen effect

This brand has been used since high school, and the price within 100 yuan can be used for a summer, which is cheap and big bowl! The SPF50+ index is more than enough for daily commuting, but it is not enough to go to the poster for exposure.

The texture of the emulsion is relatively light and thin, and the film can be formed quickly and easily with a small amount. There is also a water-sensitive sunscreen that is more moist and moisturizing. You can choose that one for dry skin.

Birou can be called a flat version of "An Nai Sun". After the water-based sunscreen is extruded, it is a yogurt gel-like texture with moisturizing ingredients, which is very moist to use, and the texture of water and water is refreshing and not sticky even in summer.

I like to use it as pre-makeup milk, which can strengthen the sunscreen effect and will not rub mud when superimposed with common cosmetics.

Reason for listing: lazy people must have it.

This is really my treasure. I can use it when I don’t want to wash my hair or come to my hair for emergency. I don’t need oil immediately after spraying it. It is better than washing my bangs in the morning and can last for one day.

Spray directly on the hair, about 30 cm away, wait 30 seconds after spraying to comb the hair with your hand or comb, and the oil in the hair will disappear.

Big oil head can also become refreshing and fluffy instantly. This dry spray is simply your savior in the embarrassing days when you can’t wash your hair during menstruation and confinement.

You can find Amway, a beauty blogger of all kinds, with numerous praises.

The price is also very close to the people, 200 ml is less than 100 yuan, and the student party can accept it. I have been buying it back indefinitely since I used it once. The feeling of flying from scalp to hair root to hair tip is really addictive!

Reason for listing: low price, strong makeup remover and suitable for all skin types.

This is a popular product, and it is also a must-have product every time you go to Watsons. I have been using this model almost since I was in college. There are countless empty bottles, and the price of more than a dozen pieces is high!

With the double-layer design of water and polysiloxane, the texture of water-oil separation is mild to eye skin, and it will not clog pores. The eye makeup is super clean, and it is not greasy after use, so it is refreshing and suitable for any skin type.

After shaking well, wet the cotton pad, apply it to the eye makeup and lip makeup for a few seconds, and then gently wipe it off. It’s a small bottle, so it’s no trouble to carry it with you when traveling.

Reason for listing: dry sensitive skin mother, king of cheap moisturizing

People who have been to Watsons for a long time will surely find that there are really many Japanese products of Watsons. This Kerun is a brand owned by Kao in Japan, and it is also from a famous family. It is specially designed for sensitive and dry skin, so the products do not contain any fragrance and additives, and it feels comfortable and reassuring to use ~ ~

Not only sensitive muscles, but also pregnant women and mothers are loyal fans of Kerun.

What’s in itCeramide componentCan give the skin a protective clothing, play a role in moisturizing and repairing, and make the skin soft and shiny.

The cream, known as "dry sensitive skin mother" and "king of cheap moisturizing", is beautiful in price, but its effect is unambiguous. White cheese-like texture, it melts in one touch. It is absolutely more than enough in hydrating and moisturizing, very gentle and has a certain calming effect.

Specially forRecurrent dry and rough dry sensitive skin.It can be said that it is a must-have series of sensitive muscles all year round.

Reason for listing: mild and cost-effective.

I have to say that as the sworn enemy of Procter & Gamble, there are several beauty products with high cost performance launched by Unilever. This cleansing bubble is a treasure item that I have used for 5 years.

Its main component is amino acids, so the upper face is mild and soft, and there is no dry tension after washing the face, which has a certain moisturizing effect. The cleaning power is also enough, which is more than enough for daily cleansing!

It is enough to squeeze one pump at a time, and the dense-free foam cleaning is more thorough and very healing, which has a kind of fun to play with soap bubbles when I was a child.

The key is very cheap, and you won’t feel bad about how to use it. It’s not a problem to use 150ml for two months. Compared with this price of less than 50, it’s really a conscience.

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