The 2023 Buick LPGA Championship was announced.

On October 11th, the press conference and the launching ceremony of the 2023 Buick LPGA Championship were held in Shanghai Qizhong Garden Golf Club. As the flagship event of the world’s top women’s golf, the 2023 Buick LPGA Championship has returned ahead after three years. Eighty-one top women’s golf players from all over the world will compete fiercely on the court from October 12 to 15, and launch a strong impact on the total prize of 2.1 million US dollars and higher world rankings. At the ceremony, Buick presented Yin Ruoning, the brand golf ambassador, with a seven-seat Buick CENTURY Edition to pay tribute to her hard work and progress on the field and her historic breakthrough. 

Buick LPGA Championship is a professional women’s golf tournament held in China this year with the best lineup, the highest prize and the highest points in the world, and it is also one of the highest-level professional women’s golf events in Asia. In Shanghai, where the competition was settled, Buick LPGA Championship was selected as the brand of "Shanghai Games" and became the "city sports business card" in Shanghai. Since the event was held in 2018, the Buick LPGA Championship has attracted the best female golf professionals from all over the world to attend the event.

Among the 81 players participating in this year, there are 27 LPGA champions and 11 Grand Slam champions, accounting for nearly one third of the champions. Among them, there are not only many phenomenal new generation champions after 00, including Buick Golf Ambassador Yin Ruoning and Chinese new star Zhang Siyang, but also powerful experts such as Jiang Xiaolin, who won the two Buick LPGA championships in 2018 and 2019, and Lilia-Ukraine, who ranks first in the world. Starlight Glimmer’s top line-up and the peak matchup between the world’s top players will make this competition colorful and interesting, and bring a rare opportunity for China fans to have a top golf feast.

Lilia Wu, the world’s No.1 American, Yin Ruoning, Grand Slam champion and Buick Golf Ambassador, Jiang Xiaolin, two-time defending champion of Buick LPGA Championship, and Zhang Siyang, the representative of the new generation champion, took a group photo with the "Buick Goddess" Champions Cup.

Three Buick Golf Ambassadors have a heroic swing. From left: Lin Xiyun, Yin Ruoning and Liu Yu.

For the audience in China, the three Buick Golf Ambassadors who participated in the competition-Yin Ruoning, Lin Xiyuan and Liu Yu are undoubtedly more eye-catching. They represent the highest competitive level of women’s golf in China at present, and have achieved good results in this year’s domestic and international competitions. Among them, Yin Ruoning, who just turned 21, won the first Grand Slam title in her career in June this year, and then ranked first in the women’s golf world in September, becoming a new golf leader in China. Yin Ruoning is not only the second Chinese mainland player to win the women’s Grand Slam championship and reach the top of the world rankings after Feng Shanshan, but now, like Feng Shanshan, she has become a member of Buick Century owners’ family. As a symbolic product of Buick’s new breakthrough, CENTURY will also live up to the mission of "highlighting the achievements of the times and paying tribute to the leaders of the times". With an unprecedented luxury and respect experience, Yin Ruoning will not only get her childhood dream, but also enjoy the intelligent and comfortable experience while traveling, and better recharge her batteries to hit new heights.

Buick CENTURY pays tribute to the leading women’s golf figures in China and demonstrates the achievements of the times together.

It is worth mentioning that this year is a major breakthrough in the professional level of women golfers in China. The strength of China Women’s Corps led by three Buick Golf Ambassadors is even stronger than before, and it is expected to create a new history in this Buick LPGA Championship and in the international arena in the future. SAIC-GM Buick brand will, as always, fully support the healthy and sustainable development of golf in China, and make continuous breakthroughs together with athletes.

Editor-in-Chief: Li Ji

Text editor: Kan Jingya

Author: Ding Nan