British media comment on the impeachment of Trump: the game between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the United States

  Beijing, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Chinese website, the US Democratic Party announced a formal impeachment investigation against President Trump. Trump was suspected of putting pressure on Ukraine to investigate Biden, a competitor in the 2020 general election.

  Democrat nancy pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, said that the president "must take responsibility". Trump denied misconduct and called such efforts "garbage."

  Although the Democratic Party strongly supports the impeachment of the president, it is difficult for the bill to pass in the Senate controlled by the Republican Party.

Data map: US President Trump. China News Service reporter Chen Mengtong photo

  What happened?

  According to American media reports, during his telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky in July this year, Trump put pressure on Ze Lenski, threatened to withhold $250 million in military aid to Ukraine, and demanded to investigate whether rival Biden and his son Hunter had any misconduct.

  After Biden became vice president of the United States in 2014, his son hunter biden worked in a Ukrainian gas company. The natural gas company is said to have had corruption cases, but Hunter himself has never been accused.

  Trump admitted to calling, but denied pressure.

Data Map: Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States, Democrat Pelosi. China News Service reporter Chen Mengtong photo

  How did the key figures react?

  Pelosi called Trump "a violation of the law" and called his actions "a violation of constitutional responsibility".

  She said: "The president admitted this week that he asked the Ukrainian president to take actions that would benefit him politically." She added: "The president must take responsibility."

  However, as the leader of the Democratic Party, Pelosi did not agree with her party’s efforts to remove Trump. She thought that this might actually give Trump more support.

  Biden denied misconduct. He expressed support for the impeachment investigation, but only if Trump cooperated with the investigation.

  Biden said that it would be a tragedy to impeach Trump, but this was caused by him. He is Trump’s main competitor in the 2020 US presidential election.

  How did Trump react?

  Trump said in a series of tweets that Democrats used "garbage-like political persecution tactics to deliberately undermine and belittle" his trip to the United Nations.

  He said: "They haven’t even seen the phone records. It is purely political persecution! "

  He has promised to make public with Ukrainian President conversation record to show that his actions are "completely appropriate".

  Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the House of Representatives, said in a reply: "Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, but on this issue, she does not represent the United States."

  He added: "She can’t unilaterally decide whether to conduct an impeachment investigation."

  Dam collapse

  Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives have been playing games for months. They hope to please those who support and oppose the formal impeachment investigation of President Trump.

  This strategy shows that House Speaker Pelosi and others are worried that the road to impeachment may make the 2020 election of moderate Democrats more difficult.

  This calculation seems to have changed after the news that Trump pressured the Ukrainian president came out. Now, even centrist politicians have offered to support the impeachment procedure.

  The dam has collapsed. Pandora’s box was opened.

  It is a simple fact that Pelosi has a keen grasp of the political emotions within the party, and she has decided to change from resisting the impeachment of the president to at least being open-minded.

  What will happen in the future is uncertain. Trump announced the announcement of a telephone call with Ukrainian President conversation record on July 25th. Although this is not enough for Democrats, the White House may make more efforts to respond to the demands of Congress.

  Public opinion surveys show that this latest drama has caused damage to one party or the other, thus leading to the disintegration of political will. But both sides can fight a long and arduous battle, which may last until the long night of winter.

  What will happen next?

  Pelosi’s statement opened an investigation into the conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian president, and a committee will confirm whether Trump has committed impeachable crimes. In her statement, she said that the other six congressional committees investigating Trump will continue their impeachment investigations.

  If it moves forward, the House of Representatives will vote on any charges. In the House of Representatives, where the Democratic Party is the majority, the vote can be passed easily.

  But then it will be handed over to the Senate, which needs a two-thirds majority to pass, and Republicans control the Senate.

  According to a YouGov poll, 55% of Americans will support the impeachment of the president if Trump’s pressure on Ukraine to suppress his competitors is confirmed.