Plot+beauty cross-border combination, is the next counterattack opportunity?

The popularity of "Naiti guli" is an important signal, and the cross-border cooperation of plot and beauty can spark different sparks and bring freshness to the audience.

Due to the long-standing information asymmetry in the beauty industry, users have always had a strong demand for beauty content, and beauty reds have become the main force that cannot be ignored in the current KOL short video field.

Some of them focus on product evaluation, some focus on makeup teaching, and some people set up their own beauty brands through content. All kinds of content are either integrated or subdivided in successive elimination iterations, moving towards different development directions.

The author will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various types of content by taking stock of the existing content types in the KOL short video field, and compare and summarize the creative communication logic and innovation direction of such content.

At present, the beauty content in the KOL field presents a diversified development trend. According to the content form, this paper divides the beauty content into the following three categories:

Evaluation is one of the main types of beauty content, and "Li Jiaqi Austin", a celebrity who started from Taobao Live, is a typical representative. He is a Tik Tok head beauty celebrity with nearly 20 million fans, and each video has hundreds of thousands and millions of likes. He has been in the top15 position of Kasi Data Tik Tok Red Celebrity List for nearly six weeks. His video is devoted to the evaluation of lipstick and planting grass, and conquered the wallets of thousands of female viewers with the magical lines "Oh my god", "My God" and "Buy it".

Tik Tok Redskins "Li Jiaqi Austin" Source: Kasi Data Redskins Details Page

Also doing lipstick color test evaluation is Tik Tok red man "serious girl _ Yan Jiu", and there is also a sentence in her self-positioning "You are not allowed to spend more money", which shows her difference: pursuing high cost performance. In the video, she will show the upper lip effect of the product through color testing, introduce the use experience in detail, and point out the advantages and disadvantages of the product, so that the audience can choose the product that suits them according to their personal needs.

In addition to lipstick evaluation, there are many evaluation contents of other beauty products. The most common one is the evaluation of red people who are mixed with various beauty products. They will not only evaluate various makeup products such as lipstick, foundation and cosmetic, but also evaluate various cleaning and skin care products such as face washers, eye creams and masks.

The biggest advantage of evaluation content is that they directly poke the pain points of users. Because the audience usually can’t experiment one by one in person, but want to know the efficacy and details of various products, they have a strong demand for evaluation content.

The disadvantage of this kind of content is that the threshold is low, and a large number of red people with different professional levels flood in, resulting in uneven content quality and serious homogenization. For the beauty evaluation content, the audience is concerned about the physical display of the product, the use effect, the user’s experience and so on. Although the evaluator’s evaluation and inflammatory words will affect the audience’s decision-making, the audience’s intuitive visual feelings will also affect their judgment to a great extent. Therefore, it is relatively difficult to do outstanding evaluation content.

Makeup teaching is also one of the main types of beauty content, and "witty Dang Mei" is a typical representative of this kind of celebrities. She can easily control the makeup styles of girls, royal sisters, ancient styles and Japanese styles, and I can also switch between "rough" and "cute" freely. honest and frank’s personal characteristics, changeable makeup styles and high face value, which are dominant in the beauty circle, have made her one of the top celebrities in the beauty circle in bilibili.

Bilibili Redskins "Witty Dang Mei" Source: Kasi Data Redskins Details Page

In fact, due to the lack of professionalism, beauty celebrities like "witty Dang Mei" pay more attention to makeup display. Although there will be some tips on dry goods, on the whole, the teaching part is weak, so the threshold requirements are also low.

Since this kind of content is not a serious and rigorous makeup teaching video, the core advantage can only be played in the personal characteristics of the photographer, that is, the personal design, including the personality, language style, appearance and image, voice and other aspects of the photographer. Through the creation of people, we can enhance the audience’s interest in the content and cultivate their trust in the red man. To put it simply, it is not professional enough and interesting.

In addition to the relatively low threshold of evaluation and makeup teaching, dry goods knowledge is also an important part of beauty content.

Take "JUNPING Devil" as an example: his content is characterized by high professionalism, and his professional knowledge such as product composition and efficacy is well analyzed. He also created his own Junping skin care brand and advocated scientific skin care concepts. In 2013, he obtained the certificate of American National Society of Holistic Aromatherapy in NAHA, which also provided him with a strong professional endorsement.

Red man’s own brand means that he is responsible for product and content marketing at the same time, which reduces the unnecessary expenses of all intermediate links to a certain extent. At the same time, the creator (who is also a product manager) can get first-hand user feedback by directly contacting users, making products closer to users’ needs and conducive to producing more targeted and personalized products.

Of course, there are a few celebrities who have successfully created their own brands like "Junping Devil". On the one hand, this kind of content has a very high entry threshold. Without a very professional and profound knowledge reserve, the credibility of content and celebrities will be greatly reduced, and it will be impossible to accumulate the original fan base of self-created brands. On the other hand, if you only rely on fans to buy, and you don’t let the product reputation out of the circle, the sales channel will be very narrow and the risk will be high.

Except for a few cases of creating their own brands like Junping Devil, there are two main types of beauty reds who share knowledge of dry goods:

One is to share practical beauty and skin care skills. For example, Tik Tok Red Man "Dangerous Sweet" will share skills, answer doubts or summarize mine clearance in each video. The main feature of the content is practicality, but the skill of summarizing skills, which makes perfect, has a low entry threshold, so the homogenization is also serious. It is necessary to enhance the content recognition with the help of the photographer’s personal design.

The other category is more professional ingredient analysis, such as "Su La La La is ingredient control" of Tik Tok Red Man, whose content is mainly to analyze the ingredients of products, and put forward different suggestions according to different skin types by comparing the ingredients of different products. This kind of content belongs to pure dry goods, but it requires a high level of cognition for the audience, and its appreciation is poor, so the ordinary audience can easily feel bored.

The above three types of beauty content are relatively common. On the whole, all kinds of content are already in the competitive Red Sea field. What other beauty content types with great potential still have great room for development, waiting for practitioners to explore?

The author found that the drama beauty content represented by Tik Tok red man "Naiti guli" may be a new opportunity.

Drama beauty content, that is, content that combines drama and beauty makeup to attract target users. According to statistics, the number of fans of "Niti guli" in Tik Tok has exceeded 4 million, and there are frequent explosions of praise exceeding 10,000. Among the fans, women account for 91%, and the fans aged 25-30 are the most, attracting more accurate fans.

Tik Tok Red Man "Naiti guli" User Portrait Source: Kasi Data

What is the difference between drama beauty content? How to combine the plot and beauty makeup, and what are the conditions for the combination?

Sort it out as follows:

First of all, from the content theme,At present, most of the beauty content is centered on the product or makeup, and the content revolves around the product and makeup, such as product evaluation, composition analysis and makeup display. However, the story-based beauty content focuses on the story, and the audience’s focus is on the development of the story, not the products that occasionally appear in the story. The product only plays an auxiliary role in the content and belongs to soft implantation.

Secondly, from the perspective of content style,Take "Naiti guli" as an example. The content style of this red man is funny. Aside from the shell of the beauty video, the core is actually funny, and the overall rhythm, narrative structure and language style are consistent with the standards of high-quality funny jokes. Although most of the other types of beauty content are relaxed and lively, the main attraction of the content is still focused on the red man. Compared with the well-designed funny story, the personal baggage and jokes of the red man are still less attractive.

Finally, from the perspective of human risk,Because the beauty category is in the deep red sea, the competition is fierce and the homogenization is serious, it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd by the content itself, and the popularity of most beauty celebrities is inseparable from the help of people. They are either honest and frank, professional or generous, and act as fans’ friends, girlfriends and other roles. All kinds of people make the content more attractive, and also strengthen the bond of trust between celebrities and fans.

However, the persona is risky. Once the words and actions of the red man go beyond the audience’s cognitive range of his persona, the trust relationship established between the two parties will be greatly dealt a blow, and it will also have a significant negative impact on the content brand. The drama beauty reds mainly appear as roles, and people are set as roles, not the reds themselves. Therefore, to a certain extent, the risk of setting up drama beauty content is relatively low.

To sum up, the story-based beauty content is the focus of the audience, so the content is more ornamental and interesting, and the audience’s acceptance is obviously higher in product implantation. In addition, it has advantages over other types of beauty content in terms of personal risk. However, it is precisely because this kind of content emphasizes the plot and ignores the product that the requirements for screenwriters are also higher. It is necessary to ensure the integrity and interest of the plot, but also to implant the product softly, which is a great test of the screenwriter’s basic skills.

Plot and beauty, two fields that seem to span a long time, can be skillfully integrated and integrated, which is mainly due to their strong compatibility.

First of all, as an important form of content expression accepted by all kinds of people, plot has the natural attribute of being integrated with all kinds of content and undertaking all kinds of advertisements. For example, food+plot gave birth to Midnight Food Store.

Secondly, in the field of beauty, although a lot of beauty content emphasizes the detailed display of products, even the description of ingredients and characteristics, with the increasingly fragmented habit of people receiving information, the KOL short video platform is less than one minute long, which is not suitable for the development of product detailed introduction content.

Omitting details and processes, only showing the final results, and pursuing visual effects are favored by people. Therefore, more and more people are gradually paying attention to the product effect exposure, especially lipstick, which can see the effect on the upper lip, without too many explanations from celebrities. This product feature, which only needs exposure to achieve the purpose of planting grass and has low requirements for detail display, accelerates the cross-border integration of beauty and drama.

On the one hand, the content of drama is highly compatible; on the other hand, the content of details of beauty products is seriously homogeneous, and the platform duration also limits the introduction of product details to a certain extent. Under this background, the requirements for details of beauty products are gradually decreasing. Two reasons have contributed to the integration of plot and beauty makeup.

Beauty category has always been the Red Sea of the content industry, and it is difficult to stand out from the crowd by following the existing stylized gameplay. The popularity of "Naiti guli" is an important signal, and the cross-border cooperation of plot and beauty can spark different sparks and bring freshness to the audience. This kind of content is a good breakthrough for creators who are ready to enter the industry or prepare for transformation.

Author: Kasi Data, WeChat official account (ID: caasdata6)

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