Huaxia International Fashion Week ended successfully in London, England.

  Recently, Huaxia International Fashion Week, sponsored by the Organizing Committee of Huaxia International Fashion Week and undertaken by Henan Kangsheng Fashion Culture Industry Group, came to a successful conclusion in London Station, England. The event is a world-class fashion feast planned by Milan and co-organized by Shanghai Xinmo Fashion, Shanghai Lingxiu Culture and Art, Yisen Culture, Xuanyue Art Center, Anhui Gaoding Fashion Week Organizing Committee and Henan Beiye Culture Media Co., Ltd.

  Producer Li Kang, director Zhuang Ming and director Zhao Mengyuan, as well as executive directors Chen Xinyun, Wu Jiqing, Wang Xinyue and Zhang Xiaolu made a grand release in London, England on October 6, 2023, bringing an unforgettable feast of combining Chinese and Western cultures to fashion lovers around the world.

  On October 5th, the director team of the Organizing Committee of Huaxia International Fashion Week took the lead in arriving in the UK, and presented a classic and grand fashion feast for the audience in advance together with China’s well-known Gaoding clothing brands, such as unforgettable, Gu Axin, Jiayi and Mikan. The success of this Fashion Week not only shows the vitality and creativity of China’s fashion industry, but also builds a unique platform for cultural exchanges between China and the West.

  With its unique planning and organization, Huaxia International Fashion Week London Station has successfully attracted the attention and participation of many domestic and foreign fashion brands. The organizing committee of Huaxia International Fashion Week, the organizer of the event, and Henan Kangsheng Fashion Culture Industry Group, through cooperation with world-class teams such as Milan and Shanghai, laid a solid foundation for the success of Fashion Week.

  At the press conference, designers and models from China showed a series of amazing fashion works. Through cooperation with Huaxia International Fashion Week, brands such as unforgettable, Guaxin, Jiayi and Mikan have shown the unique design and excellent craftsmanship of China Gaoding clothing to the global audience. This is not only an affirmation of China’s fashion industry, but also an exploration of the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.

  Producer Mr. Li Kang said: "We hope that through Huaxia International Fashion Week, we can present the world with a unique feast that combines the fashion elements of the East and the West. This is a platform for different cultures to communicate and convey the charm of Chinese culture through the language of fashion. " His words show that Fashion Week is not only a fashion show, but also a bridge for cultural exchange.

  The success of Fashion Week cannot be separated from the careful planning and undertaking of Henan Kangsheng Fashion Culture Industry Group. This group has won numerous awards in the development of cultural industry and contributed to the rise of China fashion industry. Close cooperation with international teams makes the success of Huaxia International Fashion Week in London even more precious.

  The success of Huaxia International Fashion Week lies in the combination of China’s fashion culture and international fashion trends, presenting a unique fashion feast for the audience. This is also a powerful proof that "Made in China" has made its mark on the global fashion stage. Fashion Week provides an international stage for China designers to show their talents, and also provides an opportunity for international fashion brands to understand the China market.

  In this feast of cultural exchange between China and the West, the audience not only appreciated the beauty of fashion, but also deeply felt the collision and integration of cultures. The success of Huaxia International Fashion Week in London will undoubtedly lay a solid foundation for future cultural exchanges between China and the West and cooperation in fashion industry, and become a dazzling pearl on the international fashion stage.