Typhoon "Fireworks" accelerated its approach to the coastal waters of Ningbo and started the Class III typhoon prevention emergency response.

  This year’s No.6 typhoon "Fireworks" is located at 19: 00 on July 21 at 24.1 degrees north latitude and 126.8 degrees east longitude, that is, 730 kilometers away from Ningbo. The maximum wind force in the center is 14, and the minimum pressure is 955 hectopascals. The moving direction is west, and the moving speed is 10 kilometers per hour. It is expected to affect the coastal waters of Ningbo. According to the typhoon dynamics and development trend, Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration issued a typhoon warning, announcing that Ningbo coastal waters will start Class III typhoon emergency response from 19: 00 on July 21st.

  Since the Class IV typhoon warning was issued at 11: 30 on July 19th, Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration has carried out three rounds of investigation, focusing on the implementation of corresponding typhoon prevention measures for relevant departments, shipping enterprises, hydraulic units and ships passing by, as well as typhoon prevention measures, duty personnel and emergency support for dangerous ships, passenger ships, unpowered ships and long-term anchored ships. Up to now, there are 29 major passenger ferry routes in Ningbo, including Shipu — Yushan and Shipu — Three routes in tantoushan island and Shanglin Lake Scenic Area were suspended; There are 15 wading projects under construction in the jurisdiction, except for the construction of urban river-crossing bridges such as Xihong Bridge and Xindian Bridge, all of which have been stopped, and the relevant ships have returned to Hong Kong to take shelter from the wind as required.

  After the Class III typhoon emergency response is started, the maritime department will further strengthen the cruise inspection, urge the relevant passenger ferry routes to stop and take shelter from the wind, arrange the related construction vessels to evacuate the construction waters in an orderly manner, adjust the production plan with the port units and formulate the evacuation plan for large vessels. In terms of the deployment of emergency forces, the maritime department has arranged 25 patrol boats to be in place, and coordinated 46 tugboats, including 2 with wind resistance grade 12, to stand by in various waters of the port area.

  At present, this year’s No.6 typhoon "Fireworks" is moving at an accelerated speed, which will bring a lot of rain and affect China’s coastal areas. It is expected that the landing time will also encounter astronomical tides, which will form the superposition effect of "wind and rain tides". The maritime department reminded that ships avoiding Taiwan should check the mooring, communication equipment and power equipment again, strengthen their duty and choose a place to avoid Taiwan as soon as possible; The general public should pay attention to the weather changes, stay away from the coast, ponds and lakes, try to avoid water travel and refuse to take the "three noes" passenger ship. In case of water danger, please call the national unified water distress telephone number 12395 in time. (CCTV reporter Tang Ying)