Don’t know how to break a baseball? "physical education class" on the American professional baseball line takes you to the door.

Chinanews. com client April 24 th Baseball is becoming more and more popular in China, but many rules in the process of sports will make the baseball "Xiaobai" who just started to contact confused from time to time. Recently, Major League Baseball (MLB) became a "class representative" in its official Weibo, giving a popular explanation of the basic rules of baseball, and the obscure rules and regulations became clear in an instant.

In a baseball game, there are two teams playing against each other, each team has 9 players, and the two teams take turns to be the offensive and defensive sides. The attacker usually sends one player on the court to prepare for "swinging the stick" and serve as a batter. The rest of the players stand by and take the number plate on the court and prepare to hit the ball in turn.

Nine players from the defensive side played at the same time, one as a pitcher and the other eight as fielders. The offensive and defensive sides rotate for one game, and each baseball game has nine games. Whoever scores more points after the game wins.

The baseball game field is a right-angle fan, and the area outside the right-angle edge is out of bounds. The area with a large grassland is called outfield, and the red area is called infield.

There is a home run wall in the outfield. Although it is a wall, it is not the boundary of the stadium. Theoretically, the whole stadium is infinitely extended, and there are four bases in the infield. From counterclockwise, they are first base, second base, third base and home plate.

In terms of scoring rules, the attacking batter should hit the ball as far as possible, and then the batter needs to drop the bat and start running. If the batter can run through the first, second and third bases in turn and finally return to home plate, he can get a point. (End)