Small silkworm life brings together local value-added concessions, allowing consumers and businesses to achieve a win-win situation.

In the discussion of "buy in buy buy" and "save in provinces", rational consumption has become the mainstream. In the traditional concept, buying and saving are two completely opposite concepts, but with the continuous change of people’s life concept and consumption concept, this understanding is also changing quietly. Small Silkworm Hui Life skillfully combines "buying" and "saving" to save money for consumers and gain exposure and seed users for merchants, thus achieving a win-win situation in a real sense.

Little Silkworm Life APP is a special application based on local life, which integrates various consumer services such as catering, shopping, leisure and entertainment, and provides consumers with one-stop convenient and preferential services. As a limited-time preferential platform, Little Silkworm Life is characterized by its diversity and timeliness, allowing users to enjoy all kinds of value-added preferential activities while enjoying delicious food.

In order to provide more benefits to users, Little Silkworm Life APP launched the Little Silkworm King Meal Service, which provides users with high-quality and low-cost take-away food choices through its own platform and cooperative merchants. Users only need to place an order within the specified time, and they can enjoy the preferential meal with great value. This kind of activity not only allows users to save a lot of money when ordering takeout, but also provides a platform for cooperative businesses to show their own special food and attract more customers.

In addition, Little Silkworm Life APP also specially launched a limited-time blind box activity for "sweet" girls. During the activity, users only need to spend a small amount of money and have the opportunity to get a beautiful dessert blind box. Combining discounts, blind boxes and desserts, the limited time blind box activity of Little Silkworm Hui’s life not only allows users to enjoy delicious food, but also gets excitement and fun in the process of consumption, adding color to life.

In addition to catering, Little Silkworm Life APP has continuously expanded its consumption scenarios, and aggregated special services such as refueling discounts, low-cost travel, and audio-visual members in one stop. When users use the Little Silkworm Life APP, they can not only enjoy the benefits of food, but also enjoy the benefits of various life services. This one-stop service makes users’ lives more convenient and efficient.

Diversified food and services make people feel the convenience of Little Silkworm Life APP, and various discounts and free-of-charge activities make people feel the benefits of Little Silkworm Life APP. Small silkworm life not only brings benefits to consumers, but also provides a platform for cooperative businesses to display their own special products and attract more customers.