The Fujian-Taiwan exchange exhibition of famous painters and calligraphers started the exhibition of 40 masterpieces by famous artists from both sides of the strait.

Event site. Southeast Network reporter Lu Jinfu photo
Southeast Network December 18 (reporter Lu Jinfu of this website) This morning, the launching ceremony of "Xianglong sent blessings to Fujian and Taiwan to welcome the new" was held in Taiwan Guild Hall. More than 60 people, including Taiwan compatriots, teachers in RongTaiwan Province, cross-strait marriages and families, and Chinese traditional culture lovers, attended.
Visit Taiwan Guild Hall. Southeast Network reporter Lu Jinfu photo
Organized by Fujian Institute of Socialism (Fujian Institute of Chinese Culture) and Fuzhou Taiwan Province Compatriots Association, the event provided more platforms for artists on both sides of Fujian and Taiwan to show and communicate, and deepened the sense of identity of a family on both sides of the strait.
This time, the exhibition of famous painters and calligraphers between Fujian and Taiwan will last until February 25th next year, featuring 40 masterpieces, including Taiwan Province’s famous painter and painter, master of comprehensive skills of salary award, artistic director of Hain Art Center, Lin Meiling, chairman of Taiwan Province Taichung Rongmei Heritage Association, and Liu Rongying, president of Taiwan Province Art and Cultural Innovation Center of Taiwan Province Chinese Consumers Association.
This time, Lin Meiling and Liu Rongying made a special trip to create two works for Fuzhou with the theme of Chinese crested tern, jasmine flower and Guling scenery, and donated them to Fuzhou Taiwan Club. Yang Jun, Party Secretary of Fuzhou Taiwan Federation, received the paintings donated by Lin Meiling and Liu Rongying on behalf of Taiwan Guild Hall.
Work donation. Southeast Network reporter Lu Jinfu photo
Work donation. Southeast Network reporter Lu Jinfu photo
Huang Xinrong, who is over 70 years old, graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Taiwan Province Normal University. As early as 1966, he began to study the research, design and creation of classical art pavilions, electric lanterns, altar, painting and sculpture. He traveled all over Taiwan Province Island, looking for cultural relics in Taiwan Province, and kept some historic features that he can no longer see in his painting art creation. In 2017, his oil painting "Lin Jia Gong Bao Di on Wufeng" won the Golden Lion Award for painting and calligraphy in the first China World Heritage Theme Culture Expo.
"Most of the traditional buildings in Taiwan Province are buildings with Minnan characteristics, which reflects the same origin of cross-strait cultures. I hope that through my own creation, history and culture can be preserved." Huang Xinyu said.
In 2017, Huang Xinyu came to Pingtan to participate in the Cross-Strait Common Home Forum, and felt the beauty of humanity and nature of the island, which aroused his creative desire. Soon after, he set up his own studio in Pingtan and spent seven years creating seven oil paintings with Pingtan as the theme.
"Every sea erosion landform and every stone mound in Pingtan is a painting, and it can become a work of art by a little embellishment and painting." He said that there are many traditional buildings in Fujian, and he hopes to live in Fuzhou for a period of time in the future and create oil paintings with the theme of three squares and seven lanes.
Art exhibition site. Southeast Network reporter Lu Jinfu photo
Lin Meiling is good at landscape painting. "Painting is the most important part of my life. There is always a sense of tranquility between strokes, just like being immersed in the atmosphere of nature, showing a myriad of changes." When talking about creative feelings, Lin Meiling said that the mind between paintings is full of different emotional combinations. When a work is finished and you are intoxicated in the painting, achievements and excitement will arise.
This is Lin Meiling’s second visit to Fuzhou, and she only passed Changle International Airport for the first time. Based on the pictures and written materials of Guling, she created this Guling landscape painting. This time, she plans to visit Sanfangqixiang, zhenhai tower and Hongshan Bridge in Fuzhou to appreciate the beauty of landscape and human landscape in Fuzhou. "The landscape of the mainland is very distinctive and provides a lot of inspiration for my creation." Lin Meiling said.
Taiwan Province artists create on the spot. Southeast Network reporter Lu Jinfu photo
During the activity, Taiwan Province painters also brought fans for the guests, wrote the word "Fu", made friends with calligraphy and painting, and painted rural rhymes with pen and ink, so as to describe the cross-strait cultural ties.
On the same day, the fourth lecture of "Minhai Lecture Hall" was held at the activity site, and Jiang Jinming, the first winner of the Lanting Award, the highest prize in China calligraphy art, was invited to give a lecture on "Seeking dreams and writing books, but being self-adaptive, caring and lazy"-a brief introduction to Mr. Yan Fu’s special lecture on his books. Compatriots on both sides of the strait gathered together to listen to and spread the good voice of Fujian, comprehend the essence of Chinese culture together, feel the charm of Chinese culture and strengthen cultural self-confidence.
The organizer expressed the hope that compatriots on both sides of the strait will persist in carrying forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture as their own responsibility, constantly promote cross-strait exchanges, mutual learning, inheritance and development of excellent traditional literature and art, deepen integrated development, and witness the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation under the nourishment of Chinese culture.
Training site. Southeast Network reporter Lu Jinfu photo
In addition, Fuzhou Taiwan Federation and Jinmen Federation held a training course on United front information, and invited Yang Xiuxin, the third-level director of the office of Fujian Institute of Socialism, to give lectures to the directors of Taiwan Federation and Jinmen Federation.