The nightlife of "Walking Guangzhou Night Economy" is getting richer and richer. Can "night traffic" keep up?

Text, map/Yangcheng School reporter Zhang Hao
Nowadays, young people sleep more and more late, and nightlife is becoming more and more abundant. Whether the transportation is convenient or not has become an important consideration for the night life experience. During the National Day holiday, the reporter visited several points to experience the night traffic situation in Guangzhou, and found that the night traffic did not fully meet the needs of the citizens. Many citizens suggested extending the operation hours of public transport.
The sports west subway station at 10: 30 pm is still "full"
During the National Day holiday, what is the traffic of the subway station on Sports West Road, which is the busiest and most crowded in the country all the year round? The reporter went to experience it, and sure enough, the result was not disappointing.
At about 9: 10 pm on October 4, the reporter came to the subway station of Sports West Road, ready to take Line 3 to Jiahe Wanggang, only to see the crowds in the subway station.
The reporter took the escalator down to the platform, and there was already a long queue in the direction of Jiahe Wanggang. The reporter waited for 2 times before getting on the train. The car is also full, and it is difficult to get to the middle of the car. The reporter observed that few people got off the bus during the whole journey, and most of them also transferred to Jiahe Wanggang subway station.
At about 9: 40, the reporter arrived at Jiahe Wanggang Station, which was not crowded as a whole, and the passengers were in a hurry to catch the last bus of Line 14.
On the platform of Line 14 heading for Zhenlong and Dongfeng, a steady stream of people arrived here. Basically, all the people on the platform were full, and after going one wave after another.
Ms. Ye, a native of Conghua, has just returned from Beijing with her daughter. "We took the subway from the airport and changed to Line 14 to go home. There are too many people. I have been waiting for 10 minutes. Most people here are going to Conghua. "Ms. Ye said.
A subway worker at Jiahe Wanggang subway station told the reporter that the last bus on Line 14 was at 10: 40, and it was delayed for one hour from October 5 to 7, and almost every bus was full.
When the reporter returned to Sports West Road Station from Jiahe Wanggang, it was already 10: 30 in the evening, and the station was still crowded with people, and there was an endless stream of people entering and leaving the station.
Most night buses close before 1 am.
In Guangzhou at night, the lights are bright and the traffic is endless. At about 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, at the bus stop of the sports center, several square platforms were crowded with people waiting to go home. At this time, the BRT bus has stopped operating, so people have to take the night bus to go home.
"It’s quite convenient. We live in Chebei, and we can get there directly by bus No.17 at night." Xiao Zhang, who is waiting for the bus on the platform, said that he and his girlfriend had just visited Tianhe City and were going to take the night bus home. He feels that night bus provides young people with another transportation option at night, but there are fewer shifts of night bus. "Basically, it takes more than ten minutes to get a bus, which is much longer than waiting for the bus during the day."
The reporter saw at the bus stop sign of the sports center that night bus is a supplement to BRT bus. The departure time is basically after 10: 00, and the last bus is at 1: 30 in the morning at the latest. Most night buses are collected before 1: 00, and some flights are collected at 11: 30. However, the number of bus shifts at night is obviously reduced. Many bus stop signs at night lines clearly say "no more than 20 minutes" and "no more than 15 minutes", and some buses at night lines leave every half hour and the hour.
"Considering the operating costs, according to past experience, after the zero point, there are fewer and fewer passengers. Basically, passengers will have seats, so there are fewer flights. "A night bus master told reporters.
The public suggested extending the operating hours of public transport.
At 10 o’clock in the evening, Xiao Li, who lives in Taihe Town, Baiyun District, just got together with friends in the city and was waiting for the train on Line 14 at the Wanggang subway station in Jiahe. Because there were too many people on the platform, Xiao Li squeezed twice before getting on the bus. "The number 14 informant has a lot of traffic. I often have a deep understanding, and everyone is catching the last bus time at night, so there are more people. If the last bus time is delayed, it may not be so crowded now." Xiao Li said.
At 10: 30 in the evening, Mr. Lin and his wife from Chaoshan took the subway line 3 to Tiyu West Road Station. They had just returned from playing in Changlong. "Public transportation in Guangzhou is more convenient. We drove to Guangzhou from home and parked our car at a friend’s house. We were afraid of parking trouble in Changlong, so we chose to take the subway." Mr. Lin said that if the subway closed a little later, he and his family might be able to play a little longer.
"Nowadays, young people basically go to bed late, and the nightlife has just begun at 12 am. I think it is necessary for public transportation such as subways to keep up with the living habits of young people, delay the closing time, and let everyone enjoy the nightlife with peace of mind." Mr. Lin suggested. (For more news, please pay attention to Yangcheng Pai
Source | Yangcheng School
Editor | Jiang Wenhua
Intern | Liu Yinheng