Two more awards, industry and market recognition of Haier’s innovative financial factoring service

Recently, the 5th International Factoring and Supply Chain Finance Conference and the 8th Commercial Factoring Cooperation Fair ended successfully in Shenzhen. Haier Financial Factoring was invited to attend and was awarded the title of "Contribution Unit of Commercial Factoring Industry in 2023" for its outstanding performance in serving the real economy and business innovation. Zhang Lei, the general manager of the company, was awarded the title of "Outstanding Contribution Individual of Commercial Factoring Industry in 2023", which means that the market and industry associations have affirmed Haier’s contribution, professional ability and innovation ability in financial factoring services.
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haier Jinying, Haier Financial Factoring has always adhered to the mission of "empowering the industrial chain and serving the real economy", accelerating transformation and upgrading, and providing users with full-process and customized financial solutions through an information and standardized credit system. At the same time, actively explore financial innovation and strive to build a supply chain financial platform driven by data and technology and combining industry and finance. Up to now, the company has provided financial services to nearly 1000 industrial chain customers, and invested nearly 50 billion yuan in factoring financing.
In recent years, Haier Financial Factoring has actively responded to the call of the state to strengthen the services of the real economy, improve the financing convenience and availability of small and medium-sized enterprises, deeply understand the demand for supply chain financial services of small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide customized and characteristic financial solutions to customers through the innovative mode of "finance+industry+ecology", dredge the development artery of the industrial chain with living financial water, and build a new platform for the integration of industry and finance.
In order to promote product innovation and service upgrade, Haier Financial Factoring actively explores new business models and service modes. Since the company issued its first asset securitization product in 2016, it has continuously improved its financing ability, aiming at creating a diversified, multi-level and multi-channel financing pattern, and providing high-quality financial support for private small and micro enterprises. Up to now, the company has issued a total of 39 asset securitization products, and the accumulated issuance amount has exceeded 10 billion yuan, which has made positive contributions to economic development.
While the business is progressing steadily, Haier Financial Factoring is also increasing its investment in science and technology, carrying out digital construction, building a company’s business management platform internally, actively developing data products based on auxiliary customer acquisition and back-adjustment reports, and a customer-oriented mobile service platform to realize online and intelligent operations and bring customers a smarter, more convenient and better financial service experience.
In the future, Haier Financial Factoring will continue to implement the opinions and requirements for promoting the development and growth of the private economy, firmly serve private small and micro enterprises, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of financial services to the real economy, and provide financial power for the high-quality development of the real economy.