More than 100 million people play the "jump" game every day to become the next slogan?


  On the 15th, more than 4,000 people gathered in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall for a "jump" on the 2018 WeChat open course PRO. Almost at the same time, UBISOFT and WeChat jointly announced that they would carry out strategic cooperation on small games, and Ubisoft’s Ketchapp would launch several small games on the WeChat platform.

  "Jump" fire

  Exceeding team expectations

  On the morning of 15th, WeChat friends circle began to brush up: Zhang Xiaolong is going to show off a "jump" in front of more than 4,000 people today. The founder of WeChat, known as "the highest record has more than 6,000 points", ended his first jump in 2018 with 967 points in the attention of the audience. In this unique way, Zhang Xiaolong announced the official opening of the 2018 WeChat open course PRO.

  In the opening speech, Zhang Xiaolong said that the game "Jump" was very interesting. I also ridiculed myself that after hitting 6000 points, I got a title called "Becoming a Buddha on the Site" and accidentally became a Buddhist department.

  Regarding the original intention and fiery development of "TiYiTiao", Zhang Xiaolong said that "TiYiTiao" was only used as a Demo at first. It is a very simple game in the new version of WeChat to reflect the power of a platform such as WeChat applets and games.

  After the game was released, its effect exceeded the expectations of the development team. "Because its DAU (daily active users) is about 100 million, but there are many plugins at the same time. I didn’t expect such a small game to have so many plugins. My friends in my circle of friends also scored a particularly high score, but I believe that he did not play it himself. "

  Zhang Xiaolong said that there are about 30 people with more than 3,000 points in the system. "We hope that through an invitation, users who can now hit more than 3,000 points can come to our office and play in front of us, and they can get a very special gift."

  Small game users exceeded 310 million.

  From December 28, 2017, "Jump Jump" came out with the new version of WeChat. The cumulative number of users of "Jump Jump", which has not been online for a full moon, has reached 310 million. As one of the masterpieces of small games, "Tiaotiao" has a user retention rate of 65% the next day and 52% on the seventh day, far exceeding the average level of the mobile game industry.

  Zhang Xiaolong said that the original intention of mini-games is to provide a more relaxed lifestyle, so that users can get away from information and social pressure, and take advantage of fragmented time to relax, which is actually a very serious matter. Small games will continue to be open to enterprise developers and individual developers in the future.

  Applets will not replace traditional apps.

  Since it was officially launched in January last year, the small program that first tried to scream has quietly spawned a brand-new mobile Internet ecosystem. According to the data released by the WeChat team at the conference site, there are currently 170 million daily active users in the applet ecosystem, 580,000 applets have been launched, attracting more than 1 million developers to join and covering 2,300 third-party development platforms.

  In the past 52 weeks, the applet itself has maintained a small-step and fast-running upgrade iteration, and released 32 new capabilities, including store applets, nearby applets, applet development assistants, embedded web pages, custom components, and small games. More than 100 service experiences. At present, innovative applications of applets in various life scenes of China people have blossomed everywhere.

  "Applets represent the future, and everything in the future may contain information, and applets are just such an information carrier and expression." Zhang Xiaolong said in the WeChat open class that applets will not replace traditional apps, but will enrich many scenes of apps.

  Ubisoft and WeChat will cooperate to launch online games.

  In the open class on 15th, UBISOFT and WeChat jointly announced that they would carry out strategic cooperation on small games, and Ubisoft’s Ketchapp would launch several small games on WeChat platform. Both sides will give full play to their respective advantages and provide users with small game products with interesting gameplay, rich content and high quality experience.

  UBISOFT is a leading enterprise in R&D, distribution and sales of interactive entertainment games and services. It has a variety of world-renowned brands, including Assassin’s Creed, Dancing Full, Lehman, Crying Out in a Lonely Island and other best-selling works. Ubisoft’s sales in the fiscal year 2016-2017 were 1.46 billion euros.

  By the end of the third quarter of 2017, the number of monthly active users of WeChat reached 980 million. Since the launch of the applet on January 9, 2017, it has been widely concerned by third-party developers, and the small game is a brand-new category just launched by WeChat applet.

  Our reporter Yang Ye.


  I believe many people have been screened by a game called "Jump" recently. Anyway, when reporters go to restaurants to eat, almost everyone holds their mobile phones, and then they only hear duang~duang~duang~

  A game that can’t make money, what is it to attract the disabled party to fight and fight? The reporter chatted with players and scientists about this topic.

  "Jump" game,

  It’s called decompression, and it’s really "scheming"

  A colleague of the reporter, the highest record is 179 points — — According to the statistics of online celebrity "Bi Dao" (note: Bi Xiaotian, Ph.D. student of Tsinghua University Chemical Engineering Department, who posted the online post "The gap between grabbing and grabbing WeChat red packets first is so big" last Spring Festival), 70% of the "jumping" players failed to score 110 points. Therefore, this colleague’s achievements in jumping out a little bit are very admirable.

  But my colleague told me that her initial motivation was: "When I first played, my circle of friends was always behind someone I didn’t like. I must overtake him and keep a certain distance from him."

  Wearing a decompression coat, but the ranking reveals the scheming.

  So jumping is a decompression game, and probably the first few sets will make you feel relieved of work pressure. As long as you have played a few games, everyone will understand that this game has a ranking. And ranking is the most stressful thing in the world. People are definitely more irritating than people. Forcibly setting the ranking of friends circle is really the biggest trick of this game.

  Li Dan, a master of sociology at Tongji University, told me that one of the important reasons for everyone’s repeated defeats and wars is: "It may have played a social role." Because the scores you "jump out" will participate in the ranking of friends, "ranking means interaction."

  "Being keen on playing this game can be understood as looking for a sense of existence to satisfy your little vanity." Li Dan analysis.

  Why can’t adults play with children? Do you accept these explanations?

  Others found that, judging from the crowd distribution and performance statistics of "Jump" players, it seems that adults can’t play with children. For example, in our editorial department, it is the 8-year-old girl of my colleague’s family who can find the feeling of jumping out of 200 points quickly within ten minutes.

  How to explain this phenomenon? According to the data summarized by online celebrity’s "Bi Dao", you can jump step by step with the time, and your grades will definitely go up. "In addition, when many people are close to their best achievements in history, their mentality will be unstable, and they will be flustered and die." According to the summary of "Bi Dao", from this point of view, children may have higher concentration than adults, and they don’t have too many distractions, and they also play more easily.

  However, Jin Cancan said this — — "The secret is that I found that there will be extra points for staying on each special prop — — Water from the manhole cover flows out, adding 5 points; If the middle layer of the Rubik’s Cube turns positive, you can add 10 points; When the convenience store opens, you can add 15 points and the music box can add 30 points. "

  Adults vomited blood in succession, so why didn’t they sum up such a strategy?

  According to qianjiang evening news


  Zhang Xiaolong, senior executive vice president of Tencent Group and known as the "father of WeChat", said on the 15 th in the 2018 WeChat open class PRO in Guangzhou that the goal of WeChat is to be the best tool on the Internet; Wechat will not go to see the chat record; WeChat WeChat official account APP will be released, and the appreciation function will also be restored; In 2018, WeChat will further explore offline life.

  Wechat doesn’t read chat records

  WeChat official account appreciates that it will resume.

  "For WeChat, we follow the concept of respecting users and individuals." Zhang Xiaolong said that this means that WeChat regards users as friends, that it must provide users with the best products and services, and that it will not look at users’ chat records. "Since the first version of WeChat, the system has been designed like this.".

  For some people who questioned that "WeChat can’t even synchronize chat records in the cloud". Zhang Xiaolong said that from the perspective of protecting users’ privacy, it is safest to have no user chat records in the system, and WeChat will not violate users’ privacy, including never sending harassing messages to users. In addition, Zhang Xiaolong also said that WeChat will explore offline life in the next step. "In 2018, we hope to make some new attempts. Exploring the wonderful life offline is a direction we want to try." He said.

  Wechat WeChat official account will release the APP appreciation function and will return.

  "In the past, there was only a management platform for the WeChat public platform, but in the future, WeChat official account will also have a mobile APP." Zhang Xiaolong said, in fact, I made a WeChat official account APP before, but it has never been released, because I have been wondering whether to transplant the functions on the computer platform or design a better APP for the mobile phone platform.

  "Now this APP has been done almost, and it may be released soon." Zhang Xiaolong said.

  Regarding WeChat official account’s appreciation, Zhang Xiaolong said that after coordination with Apple, everyone has reached some consensus, and will soon restore the "appreciation" function, and will make great changes to turn the previous appreciation of WeChat official account into an appreciation for the author.

  "In the future, in the public platform, you will see that the author is an independent column. You can see the introduction of each author and the articles he has published. An author can contribute different WeChat official account." Zhang Xiaolong said that the next step will be to consider whether there are other ways to make WeChat WeChat official account produce short content.

  Applets need to grow slowly.

  In the past, when we went to some restaurants, we could only queue up to order food. Now, through the corresponding small programs, we have realized scanning code for ordering food and scanning code for checkout. In life, applets have been used in many scenes to facilitate our lives.

  Tencent data shows that the number of daily users of WeChat applets has reached 170 million, of which 30% are in first-tier cities and 31% are in fourth-tier cities and below. The number of online applets has reached 580,000, and the number of enterprises and individual developers of applets has exceeded 1 million.

  But Zhang Xiaolong doesn’t want applets to be "fattened". "Because I think that for some future-oriented infrastructure facilities, it is not that we design its functions well, and users will succeed immediately when they get involved. On the contrary, we need a longer period to pave the way for it and need it to grow up slowly." Zhang Xiaolong said.

  Zhang Xiaolong also said that small programs are not specially prepared for a certain field, which does not mean that e-commerce is now a slogan or for e-commerce; Wechat will not be a centralized diversion portal for applets, and it is hoped that applets will be a larger platform based on decentralization. According to Xinhua News Agency