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The betta anchor was awarded 1000 yuan for singing infringement, and the platform said that it had fulfilled its obligation of prompting.

A few days ago, a civil judgment issued by China Judgment Document Network showed that the defendant "Liu Feier faye", the betta anchor of Wuhan Betta Network Technology Co., Ltd., was not authorized to sing the song "Little Jumping Frog" in many live broadcasts, which gained huge economic benefits. The plaintiff Beijing Qilintong Culture Communication Co., Ltd. believed that it seriously violated the plaintiff’s right to record the song. Betta said it had fulfilled its reasonable obligation of supervision and prompt. The Beijing Internet Court found that the plaintiff had the right to spread the recorded songs involved in the case through the information network, and the defendant’s above behavior constituted infringement. In the end, the Beijing Internet Court ruled that the defendant immediately stopped the infringement involved and compensated 1000 yuan for the plaintiff’s economic loss.


Simba’s comeback live broadcast debut with goods exceeding 2 billion

On March 27th, Xin Youzhi (Simba) started the first live broadcast in 2021 at Guangzhou Xinxuan Live Broadcasting Base. This is also the first broadcast of Simba Xin, the head anchor of Aauto Quicker and the founder of Xinxuan, after more than three months of intentional suspension. In less than 10 seconds, the live broadcast room has flooded into more than 100,000 netizens to watch. Since the 22nd notice, Simba Aauto Quicker has gained nearly 10 million yuan to 82.94 million yuan. The whole live broadcast lasted for 13 hours. According to the data of Gecko, Simba put 106 items on the shelves, with a total sales of 2.043 billion and a total sales of 15.9879 million.


Officially authorized by Talk Club, bilibili game released "Working Cell" mobile game to open an appointment.

On March 27th, the first genuine simulated mobile game of "Work Cell" officially authorized by Talk Club and released by bilibili Games-"Work Cell: Big Battle" officially opened an appointment. "Working Cell" is a comic book that personifies the cells in the human body, such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. It was animated on TV in 2018. The first and second seasons of animation and its derivative work "Work Cell BLACK" are being broadcast in bilibili.




Pinduoduo Chen Lei said that it will continue to subsidize 10 billion yuan.

A few days ago, The Wall Street Journal interviewed Pinduoduo’s new chairman and CEO Chen Lei. Chen Lei said that Pinduoduo’s plan is to continue to invest subsidies until it replaces Alibaba as the preferred shopping platform for one billion China consumers. At present, Pinduoduo earns revenue through advertising, and has invested more than $13 billion in subsidies.


Meituan Flash Shopping will focus on the hot pot food track this year.

Meituan Flash Shopping Business School held the "Meituan Flash Shopping Fresh Digital Retail Summit" in Beijing on March 19th. Meituan Flash Shopping said that the hot pot food track is one of the key points of its layout this year. It is reported that the hot pot food track can be divided into two parts at present, with the main hot pot food convenience store offline and the hot pot takeaway online.


During the epidemic last year, the online hot pot takeaway industry developed at a high speed, which made the demand for a large number of family hot pot consumption scenarios satisfied. According to the relevant investigation report of China Hotel Association, the overall scale of China’s hot pot market can reach one trillion yuan, and the number of newly registered hot pot food supermarkets has exceeded 3,400 in the past year.


IPhone folding screen phone exposure

A few days ago, a number of mobile phone manufacturers have listed folding screen mobile phones, and Xiaomi has also exposed new MIX Fold folding products recently. Recently, the first folding screen of iPhone was exposed. According to the pictures that broke out, the iPhone is not an open-ended scheme in which "1" turns into "2", but a folding screen designed as a Samsung Flip flip cover. It is reported that this folding screen flip phone will be launched in 2023.




Ten films will be shown on May 1st. 

As of this week, ten films, including Antique close encounter of mahjong, Above the Cliff and There is She in the World, have been scheduled to be released on April 30th and May 1st.



Godzilla vs Kong box office broke 300 million. 

On the second day of its release, the box office in China, Godzilla vs Kong exceeded 300 million yuan. 



Transformers plans to make a new movie.

Paramount plans to make a new independent film Transformers, which is written by Marco Ramirez (Women’s Prison) and directed by angell Manuel Soto (Street Racing King). In the early stage of the project, the role and plot are unknown, except that it is an independent story, which is not related to the Transformers series and Bumblebee.


In addition, Transformers 7 is currently in active operation, directed by Stephen Kapoor Jr. (Quiddie 2).



The third part of the Spider-Man series was officially released.

Spider-Man: The Battle of No Return, the third part of the Spider-Man series starring Tom Holland, was officially finished. The film was directed by Jon Watts, starring Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Bartrand, and newly joined by Jamie Foxx and benedict cumberbatch. The film is scheduled for December 17th in North America. 


Jennifer lopez starred in Netflix’s new film "Password"

Jennifer lopez will star in Netflix’s new film "The Crypter" and will be a producer. The film was written by the writers Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg of Condor, and adapted from Isabella maldonado’s novel of the same name. The film tells the story of Nina Guerrero (Lopez), an FBI agent, who finds herself involved in the case of a serial killer. The killer strategically publishes complex codes and riddles on the Internet, corresponding to the latest murder case, and lures Guerrero into a cat-and-mouse chase.



Ben Caron will direct Julianne Moore’s new film Liar.

Crown director Ben Caron will direct the new film Liar starring Julianne Moore. The film was co-produced by Apple and A24, and the screenplay of Detective Heroes was written by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. Moore will play the role of a liar artist who hangs out in Manhattan’s billionaire circle, and Moore will also be the producer of the film.




Netflix animation "Eden" released the traditional Chinese version of the pilot notice.

Netflix animated series "Eden" released the traditional Chinese version of the preview, and it is determined to start broadcasting on May 27th. The play was directed by Irie Yasuhiro, with Marika Kouno, Itou Kentarou, Kyoko Shuishang and Kōichi Yamadera as the voices. The play tells the story of the future thousands of years later. A human baby girl wakes up faintly and finds herself in a world with only robots.



Don cheadle joined ABC’s restarted edition of The Age of Innocence.

Don cheadle joined ABC’s restarted edition of The Age of Innocence to give a voice to Dean Williams. The play was directed by the original starring Fred Savage, and the script was written by Saladin K. Patterson (The Big Bang Theory), including Dulé Hill, Saycon Sengbloh and Elisha Williams.


This drama is the resumption of classic family comedy series in 1980s, and tells how Williams and his wife ensured that this was their "innocent age" in a black middle-class family in Montgomery, Alabama, which was in turmoil in the late 1960s. The restarted version is centered on Dean Williams, the son at home.



Katia Winter joined the black picket in the third season.

Katia Winter ("Sleepy Valley") joined the third season of the Amazon drama "Black Robe" and played Little Nina, a Russian gangster with a soft spot for sex toys. The play is starring karl urban, Jack Quaid, antony starr, erin moriarty, etc., and Jensen Ackles is newly joined as "Soldier Boy".