The best way for a person to cherish his life: keep exercising and stop internal friction.

As soon as the Winter Olympics came to an end, there was a sports craze around him.

Someone around me started skiing, and someone online played curling and got a hot search;

Some people have regained their dusty fitness cards, and some people have practiced yoga for a long time.

When I get up in the morning, even downstairs, young people often jump rope.

This is the imprint on everyone’s life after hosting this Winter Olympics.

When we see the bodybuilding figure of athletes, we can’t stand being fat;

When we know the story of athletes’ self-discipline, it will also change the indulgence of life.

There are countless benefits brought by sports, which not only change the appearance and habits, but also have a great impact on a person’s mood.

Yangzhou University has tested 468 college students, and the results show that:

"The emotion, self-efficacy and mental health level of people who love sports are higher than those who don’t."

Exercise is a good medicine to cure internal friction.

When you exercise and get rid of the entanglement of negative emotions, life will naturally be clear and bright.

General characteristics of internal friction type people:

I don’t want to go anywhere, I don’t want to do anything. Over time, I have no interest in anything, and I let my emotions lurk in my heart and accumulate disasters.

Some time ago, the "emo" stalk of the explosion made many people resonate.

Everyone can’t avoid his own emo moment, and whenever this time, he is covered with "mourning", "melancholy" and "sadness".

Last year, my cousin’s company laid off staff, and she was unfortunately included in the list.

After receiving a compensation, my cousin’s life has become: lying at home every day, not even bothering to go downstairs and throw garbage.

Unconsciously, my cousin’s state has changed. Every day, she is groggy and often thinks, and she can’t get past the hurdle of being laid off.

"I have been doing well in my work. Did someone cheat and cut me off?

My husband came back today with a bad face. Did he look sad when he saw me not going to work? "

Cousin is sullen at home all day, and the more she thinks about it, the more agitated she becomes. She also quarrels with her husband for many times.

The family feels that the cousin seems to be a different person, and they all avoid her.

Cousin aware of their own changes, then tell psychological counselor girlfriends, girlfriends said:

"You are lying out of the disease, and you think about it if you have nothing to do, so you are caught in self-friction."

I can’t help but think of the sentence on the Internet: "People can’t be idle. When they are idle, they will think too much, and when they think about it, their emotions will flood."

All internal friction is thinking too much and moving too little.

On Douban, there is a "internal friction group" in which tens of thousands of people are depressed.

Many people post when they are in trouble, trying to relieve the troubles of negative emotions by talking.

But the effect is not satisfactory, either ignored, or received insignificant comfort, or doubly sad with people in the same situation.

In the end, the more words are hurt, the more complaints are bitter.

A netizen’s self-healing method has awakened many people. He said:

Go to bed early and get up early, keep exercising and reduce the time of daydreaming.

It’s really good for physical and mental health to stop thinking after exercise.

In fact, the biggest difference between pessimists and optimists is not that optimists don’t feel depressed when things happen, but that their bodies have a "valve". Once their emotions are entangled, they have ways to solve them, or talk to friends or exercise.

When the body moves, the heart will not be idle, and the thoughts will not fly around the sky.

One of the body and mind must move. If the body does not move, the mind will be eager to try.

Once people are dragged into the abyss of emotions, they will struggle more and more confused, more confused and more desperate.

Instead of being trapped by negative emotions and constantly suffering from internal friction, it is better to have a hearty movement and boldly declare war on sadness.

People often think that exercise is just to keep fit, but it is neglected. It is also the best medicine to cure emotions.

In this regard, blogger Xiao Guan has a deep understanding.

Xiao Guan was devastated by depression. He often felt weak limbs, dull head, aching all over and sometimes unable to lift his arms.

In my mind, all kinds of negative thoughts are staged in turn, completely out of control.

During that time, Xiao Guan was tortured to yellow muscles and listless, like an old man who had experienced vicissitudes of life.

Later, Xiao Guan didn’t want to be depressed any more, so he decided to try running.

For the first time, Xiao Guan was panting after running more than 300 meters.

Although the distance is not long, with the rapid breathing, Xiao Guan actually feels a little more relaxed.

With constant persistence, Xiao Guan gradually fell in love with running and successfully challenged the half-horse race.

He said that every time he finished running, he felt comfortable and his pain was relieved.

During the exercise, Xiao Guan also made new friends and opened his own world.

Over time, Xiao Guan was no longer trapped by depression, and found the sunny boy with handsome sunshine and firm eyes.

Exercise moves the body, but it heals the mind.

Dr Carousen Kranz, an associate professor at Ruhr University in Bochum, did an experiment. They recruited 41 patients with depression who were being treated.

Then the participants were randomly divided into two groups, one group had to complete a three-week exercise plan, and the other group didn’t do any exercise.

Three weeks later, the research team made a comprehensive evaluation of the participants again, and the results showed that:

"After physical exercise, the brain change ability of patients with depression has been significantly improved and reached the same level as that of healthy people.

Moreover, the depressive symptoms of patients in the exercise group have also been alleviated, but there is no obvious change in the non-exercise group. "

Exercise cures emotional internal friction, which is actually very scientific.

After exercise, the body will secrete dopamine, which will quietly soothe your mood.

When running in the wind and sweating, the inner gloom and anxiety will gradually dissipate, taking you out of the whirlpool of emotions.

Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist, shared her experiences in a TED talk.

As a professor and famous scientist in new york University, Wendy’s working ability is beyond doubt. Even if all kinds of data flood in, she can still cope with it.

But after intense work, Wendy just wants to stay at home alone after work every day, without socializing and never exercising.

Unconsciously, she gained 25 pounds (about 23 Jin).

Once, Wendy went rafting alone, and the whole process was seriously behind schedule.

At this time, she realized: "God, I was the weakest one on that journey."

After being frustrated, Wendy knew that she could no longer hide at home. She decided to go out and exercise.

She got up the courage to try all kinds of sports, such as boxing, dancing, yoga and so on.

Wendy said, "It was really difficult at first, but I noticed that every time I sweated, my mood and energy became very good."

The change constantly inspired her. After a year and a half, Wendy not only successfully lost 25 pounds, but also was surprised to find that her attention and memory had obviously changed.

In the past, Wendy used to sit at her desk and rack her brains to write a research grant application.

Now, inspiration keeps flashing in my mind, and I can finish the application report soon.

Later, Wendy read a lot of data and confirmed these changes after years of research. The experimental conclusion shows that:

"Exercise can improve the ability to divert and concentrate, which lasts at least two hours at a time.

In addition, it can also improve the response time of strain. "

Finally, Wendy, who had locked herself in a dark room, now stood on the podium humorously and concluded:

"Exercise can bring better mood, more energy, stronger memory and concentration."

When people exercise, the body will secrete a variety of substances, triggering a series of domino effects in the body.

Endorphins and dopamine can calm your mood, serotonin can relieve your fatigue, and nerve growth factor strengthens your brain.

The less excellent people are, the more they should exercise, toss and sweat.

Exercise can boost your inner energy, and you are naturally like a small sun, gathering all the good things around you.

Like a sentence very much:

"Life also has a" magnetic field effect ".People with positive energy bring warmth, while people with negative energy bring cold."

If you want to get better, take action. Exercise will make you look good again to fight against life.

The meaning of sports, as the online sentence is very hot:

"Three kilometers specializes in all kinds of unhappiness, five kilometers specializes in all kinds of internal injuries, and after ten kilometers, the heart is all kind and open."

When you are sad, you might as well go running outdoors, so that the freshness of nature and the carefree running can drive away the sadness.

When frustrated, you might as well play badminton, forget the sorrow between the balls and concentrate on enjoying the passion of the confrontation.

When you are restless, you may wish to practice yoga, stretch your body in soft music, unload your anxiety and find peace and tranquility.

Exercise can cure all internal friction; Exercise can get rid of all troubles.

In this world, nothing can’t be driven away by a movement. If there is, then exercise for two or n games.

It is better to exercise to heal yourself than to see others feel confident in the sunshine.

Instead of admiring others’ excellent self-discipline, it is better to act and look forward to yourself.

So, stop emo and go to exercise!

Every drop of sweat you shed will not be wasted, but will become a cell in your body, break down the barriers of depression, release efficient energy and carve more beautiful lines.

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