"Changsha Nightlife" exposes the poster of character relationship. YIN FANG Zhang Jingyi finds herself.

1905 movie network news Produced by, producer, screenwriter and director, starring,,,,, Wu Jun, Luo Gang, specially starred, and friendship starred in the film exposing the poster of "What’s on your mind at night". "When you leave my city at night, you should say goodbye to someone first." The night in Changsha is full of warm and lively fireworks, and also contains the worries of YIN FANG, Zhang Jingyi, LAY and other actors, showing all the people in the city at night in colorful neon lights.

Neon night records Changsha family’s worries.

Worry stays tonight and everything will be left to tomorrow.

The poster of the movie "Changsha Nightlife" and "What’s on My Mind at Night" starts with the secret worries of each character, presenting a night scene of life woven by various characters. Some people bid farewell to the past at night, some people are cured, and some people send out happiness … … Many people and stories gather in an ordinary Changsha night, which not only carries their memories of the past, but also witnesses their choices about tomorrow.

Jing Weiwei (played by YIN FANG) and He Xixi (played by Zhang Jingyi) dragged their luggage along the streets of Changsha, and the action of running one by one showed the state of the characters incisively and vividly — — One is a literary otaku who is content with the status quo, and the other is an energetic girl who is about to rush to a new life. What kind of sparks will they have in this special night, and how will they worry about the future and say goodbye to the past? All suspense will be revealed in the cinema. Li Jie (Sophie Su) and Xu Ge (Wu Haochen), as operators and chefs of food stalls, believe that "the most beautiful fireworks at night can’t warm the fireworks in the canteen", insist on "cooking with conscience" and treat every night seriously, and also cure countless urban night travelers with delicious food. For Chen Qingzhi (Bai Yufan) and Liang Baoqi (Zhou Siyu), two migrant workers in a foreign land, the day belongs to survival, while the night carries a lot of worries in their hearts, including distant homesickness and anxiety about the present emotions. He An (LAY), a talk show actor, is faced with the double troubles of frustrated work and difficult family dilemma. He draws healing power from the night, even if he "bows his head for life during the day". The Lanzhou girl and Changsha Yazi, played by Zhou Dongyu and Ahu、Yue, ushered in a heartbreaking farewell at night. "The memories of two people will be forgotten by one person in the future", which is the portrayal of their relationship ……

YIN FANG Zhang Jingyi travels at night to find herself.

Recording night is also recording life.

The film Nightlife in Changsha chooses to tell the story of "One Night in Changsha", which brings family, friendship, love and human feelings together in this night through the subtle aspects of simple things. The story begins with a night outing between Jing Weiwei and He Xixi, who have a discussion on "going and staying" in their hometown. He Xixi’s half-brother He An, as a frustrated talk show actor, is full of contradictions with his staid father. A fierce conflict broke out this night, which is not only a collision between career choice and family of origin, but also an exchange of "new and old". In addition, from the perspective of Sister Li, a person who cooks food stalls in online celebrity, the film slowly unfolds the life in the city at night, leaving all kinds of suspense about new choices, new beginnings and new life, which needs to be revealed by the cinema.

With the fast pace of urban life, more and more young people are keen to stay up late in exchange for more self-life by extending the night. The nightlife styles shown in the film, such as night outing, night food stall gathering, night talk show, ferris wheel watching night scenes, are also familiar to most young people. The night in the film is not only the end of the day, but also a "transit station" before the start of a new life. While awakening the memory of "nightlife", it also implies to the audience that every ordinary night may represent a brand-new beginning. Grasping the present is to grasp life, hoping to convey a positive attitude towards life.

The film Nightlife in Changsha was produced by Chen Kexin and Zhao Xiaoshi, written and directed by Zhang Ji, starring YIN FANG, Zhang Jingyi, Sophie Su, Wu Haochen, Bai Yufan, Zhou Siyu, Wu Jun and Luo Gang, with LAY as the special star and Zhou Dongyu and Wang Lixin as the friendly stars. It will be shown nationwide on April 28th during the May Day holiday.