What is the realization of these beautiful scenery in Suining?

  In recent years, the Forestry Station of Suining County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and the Farming and Protection Station of Suining County Agricultural and Rural Bureau have implemented key projects and implemented the spirit of the Party’s Twentieth Congress with practical measures to improve the wetland protection rate and cultivated land quality in the county.

  Grass is abundant and water is beautiful.

  Suining wetland is beautiful.

  The West Weihe River is an important county river in Suining, with a total length of about 40.8 kilometers. It starts from Qing ‘an Waterway in Qing ‘an Town in the north, flows into Laolong River in Qiuji Town in the south, and flows through Weiji Town, Liangji Town, Gaozuo Town, Suicheng Street, Suihe Street and Qiuji Town. The wetland area is 179.5 hectares, and the wetland type is river wetland.

  Recently, the reporter followed Zhuo Kai, the stationmaster of Forestry Station of County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, to the West Weihe River. Zhuo Kai told reporters that this spring, the Forestry Station built a wetland protection community in the West Weihe River Basin. Compared with the past, the water quality of the West Weihe River Basin and the ecological environment on both sides of the strait have been greatly improved through river regulation and dredging and planting of various trees and aquatic plants.

  "In spring, we planted more than 800 fallen cedar trees and more than 600 weeping willows. In addition, the water conservancy department has carried out dredging projects. After the dredging project, the soil was exposed and desertification was serious. After afforestation and wetland protection, the soil was solidified and the water quality was improved. " Zhuo Kai said.

  According to reports, at present, there are nine wetland protection areas in the county, including the ancient Yellow River, Xuhonghe, Xushahe and Qing ‘an Reservoir, with a total area of 7,659 hectares. Through the construction of wetland protection community, the wetland protection rate in Suining County has increased to 70.9%, and the natural wetland protection rate has increased by two places in the city, ranking second in the city.

  As the leader of wetland protection in the county, in Zhuo Kai’s eyes, more and more wild waterfowl appear over the water surface of Suining River Reservoir wetland, and the wetland ecological landscape with vertical and horizontal water potential, abundant grass and beautiful water and natural wild interest is beautiful.

  Stick to the red line

  Suining continuously improves the quality of cultivated land.

  Cultivated land is the lifeblood of grain production and the foundation of the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. In recent years, Suining Agricultural and Rural Bureau has continuously improved the quality of cultivated land with various measures, with remarkable results.

  Recently, the reporter followed Cao Bangzhou, the stationmaster of the Farming and Protection Station of the County Agricultural and Rural Bureau, to Jiahe Agricultural Company in Suihe Street. On the edge of the company’s field, a row of large cylindrical biogas pools was very eye-catching.

  Cao Bangzhou told reporters that this is one of the pilot demonstration areas in the county to promote green farming and recycling agriculture. Since August this year, the project has applied 16,000 tons of decomposed manure to grain, vegetables and fruit trees planted in more than 10 towns in the county, with an implementation area of 33,750 mu, 60,000 tons of biogas slurry and an implementation area of 60,000 mu.

  According to reports, biogas slurry is the product of waste fertilizer treatment, which is equivalent to high-quality organic fertilizer. The liquid is not only easier to absorb, but also rich in organic matter, which is also equivalent to biological pesticides, which can kill germs and play a role in preventing and controlling pests and diseases.

  Therefore, after the biogas slurry irrigation in the early experimental farmland of Jiahe Agricultural Company, the cultivated land quality and crop yield quality have been improved, which also directly resulted in the increase of economic benefits.

  "When there was no biogas slurry, we mainly used ordinary chemical fertilizers, which not only caused the land to harden, but also had a certain impact on crop yield. After using biogas slurry, not only the quality of cultivated land has been improved, but also the yield of rice and wheat has been greatly improved. " Li Wu, manager of Xuzhou Jiahe Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. said.

  It is understood that this year, the county’s cultivated land is rich in organic matter through measures such as straw returning, organic fertilizer input, corn and soybean strip compound planting, and deep ploughing and subsoiling, and a sustainable ecological agriculture system has been built.

  At the same time, the county has continuously improved the construction of cultivated land quality monitoring network, strengthened the quality evaluation of newly-added cultivated land, carried out fertilizer reduction and efficiency increase, and established a relatively perfect three-level agricultural film recycling system of "village collection, town concentration and county recycling" to reduce soil pollution.

  "Through a series of technical measures, the quality of cultivated land in Suining County has been significantly improved. According to the evaluation results, this year is 0.06 grade higher than the previous two years and about 0.8 grade higher than that in 2015." Cao Bangzhou said.

  (Source: Wireless Suining)