This time, YCY is not because of the hot search on the "crash" …

> In the early morning of the new week, YCY went to a high-level hot search again. But this time, instead of "crying", "collapsing" and unexpectedly "bold honest and frank", she rushed to the hot search list, and a warm speech for children in mountainous areas made everyone see the girl’s particularly kind and sincere side.

>"I see you (Mountain children) I felt just like my sister. Because I love my sister, I want to give her everything I see, and I have tried my best to help you realize your wishes in the past two days. Maybe I can’t pay attention to you in real time and help you realize your wishes in the future, but I hope you can make your own efforts and realize all your wishes in the future. "

>This emotional message came from last night (August 23 rd) "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour, Three Districts and Three States Public Welfare Season" broadcast by Oriental TV. In ninglang county, a remote place in Yunnan, not only YCY, but also Guo Jingfei, Qin Hao, Jerry, Allen, Allen and Wang Luodan all completed an in-depth exchange of "sincerity for sincerity" during their two-day common life with the children, and several guests with rich social experience even became red-eyed several times during the filming.

>What is the charm of this variety show that makes people laugh and cry?

>YCY’s speech in "Extreme Challenge Treasure Trip"

It’s a documentary about great beauty and customs, and it’s also full of wit and courage.

The most popular "Zhang Dongsheng" in the whole network joined: Ladies and gentlemen, do you want to do public welfare together?

>On July 26th, the sixth season of the national inspirational reality show "Extreme Challenge" came to an end. At the end of another year when people are reluctant to give up and the days of "pole-picking" are coming to an end, the program group that doesn’t play according to common sense broke the news: "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour, Three Districts and Three States Public Welfare Season" lasted for August, and "pole-picking group" never say goodbye.

Screenshot of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>As an innovative development program of Extreme Challenge, Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour continues and implements the characteristics of "reflecting the truth of the world" and "having a great sense of social responsibility" praised by the audience of "Extreme Challenge" IP. Especially in the special environment where the epidemic raged at the beginning of this year, what does it want to express in terms of a highly concerned national program? What can be passed? It was deeply thought by the creator.

>In the sixth year of Extreme Challenge, in addition to the essence of the main film structure that the audience has become accustomed to, the theme of "public welfare" is carried out separately for content expansion, which shows that the team attaches importance to this topic. What is rare is that the content "saturation" of this "public welfare" program is very high.

Stills of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

Stills of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>The program team is not for "topic". In fact, in this issue, which focuses on the poor children in ninglang county, Guo Jingfei, Jerry and Qin Hao’s "father" status enables them to pay more attention to the children with a sense of substitution. For example, Guo Jingfei immediately noticed the difference in the boy’s hands when he first saw the boy who was helping him. Taking the child to the hospital was the first thing he did to break the process. YCY was born in the countryside, and after a hard past, she also thought of her and her sister’s past when she saw her children, and "wanted to give the best to ta" with her heart. Because of this most authentic warmth, YCY became the focus of Weibo’s hot discussion; In the face of mountain students with "sports basketball dreams", Allen, who takes Kobe as an idol and is keen on basketball, has the most "right to speak". His positive attitude of putting himself in the shoes of children and realizing their dreams for the stadium has won him the restrained but sincere love of children.

Stills of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>As an "outdoor" program, the most touching thing about Extreme Challenge is not playing games and running the task itself, but the interaction between guests and ordinary people from all walks of life in social contact is thought-provoking.

>Different from some programs that regard "treasure hunting and decryption" as an entertainment gimmick, the "treasure" to be pursued in each issue of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour" is a more meaningful person and thing.

Their grouping content is closely related to the local forest protection characteristics. When YCY and Guo Jingfei’s "eyesight group" flew into the sky in a narrow helicopter, they deeply realized that it was not easy for the rangers to fly for seven or eight hours every day to spread medicine for the Woods. In Wang Xun and Qin Hao, I heard that the female rangers with water diversion irrigation have been digging "irrigation pits" in the forest for seven years alone. When they miss their children and can only silently wipe their tears, two big men who also have different families lose their words. And they finally assembled the task and found the "treasure", which was an old man from 17 to 99 who spent 82 years silently guarding Populus euphratica. On this land, the tenacious "Populus euphratica spirit" conveyed by forest rangers from generation to generation is moving.

>YCY is here.Extreme challenge treasure tripSpeech in

Judging from the current record, the first audience rating of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour" is 2.65 (Csm59 cheng), with a share of 11.6, ranked first in the four networks. On the platforms of Tigers and Zhihu, The Extreme Challenge Treasure Trip is ranked first in the popular variety show with high scores, and also the first in the outdoor variety show of Douban.

>With a good reputation and the beginning of viewing, which beautiful places will the guests of Extreme Challenge go next? What kind of touching story will happen? Are looking forward to the audience.

Controversy is a turning point,

After six years, Extreme Challenge was "reborn" after stumbling.

>Before the broadcast of Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour, Three Districts and Three States Public Welfare Season, Extreme Challenge 6 completed its mission.

>Continuing the "variety+public welfare" mode in the fifth season, the brand-new Slogan "Extreme Challenge 6" was also watched by the public when it was first broadcast.

>Due to the "change of blood" in the lineup, there was some "gap" between last year’s Extreme Challenge 5 and many old audiences. Objectively speaking, "Extreme Challenge 5" is actually a program on the standard line of one season, and some controversial discussions mainly stem from the fact that the audience is still used to judging with the previous "framework".

>For example, as we all know, one of the highlights in the first four seasons of Extreme Challenge lies in the "Three Elites" composed of Huang Lei, Bo Huang and the "Three Silly" lineup of LAY, Wang Xun and Sun Honglei, which forms a rare tacit understanding "containment", and only between the "Men’s Gang" formed by these six people will there be so many different ways of playing without rules of the game. But when only Wang Xun, LAY and Huang Lei stay in the fifth season (Others fly.), the gameplay belonging to the original "men’s gang" has expired. When new members move in, they must not copy and imitate. They need to explore their own style. But at the same time, the tacit understanding between new groups cannot be achieved overnight. With the dependence and nostalgia for "old friends", the audience’s acceptance of the "new owner" who has implemented the new order in "home" will naturally not be too high.

>"Extreme Challenge 6" New Men’s Gang

>However, disputes over the past can also be transformed into opportunities for innovation.

>This year, Extreme Challenge 6 made a more systematic packaging upgrade. Especially in the special environment affected by the epidemic, the "realistic conception" of the program is more clear.

>For example, in the first phase of the official program, the theme is "Pay tribute to medical staff", and the starting point is "What I want to do most after the epidemic", so that the "extreme group" can fulfill the wishes that the public wants to achieve most in the epidemic area, and in the game task, the guests can truly understand the difficulties of medical staff in the high-pressure and high-temperature environment.

>In the third program, in the post-epidemic era, sports and fitness have become a hot topic for the whole people. "Extreme Picking Group" keeps pace with the times, and uses games to awaken the audience’s sense of crisis that they should actively exercise and pay attention to health. 

>The draft is in power, and group programs are hot. I didn’t miss Extreme Challenge 6, but behind the entertainment effect of the "38.8-year-old men’s team with an average age", it aims to convey the indomitable spirit of "middle age only".

>Extreme Challenge 6"New Men’s Gang"

>Under the background of the resumption of production and work, the programs have successively taken the theme of "Street Stall Culture", "live stream economy" and "5G Era", while paying attention to different new fields, they also introduced information such as "helping farmers and helping the poor" and "paying attention to people’s livelihood" into the programs. For example, in the current "live broadcast" with Viya, "Extreme Group" sold products worth 6.613 million yuan in 40 minutes, attracting 13.77 million people to watch, which also made "Extreme Challenge 6" more practical and worthy of being a national variety show with human feelings.

>In addition, after the experience of last season, several guests from Jerry, Lei Jiayin and Yun-peng Yue have actually completed the running-in period and cultivated their familiarity. along withAllen and Guo Jingfei moved in, and in the sixth season, the audience actually tended to look at Extreme Challenge 6 differently, treating it as a "revised new program".

>After putting aside the old impressions, we can actually see that Extreme Challenge 6 has a unique vitality, and the new combination lineup is also remarkable, and it has their own "group soul". For example, there is Ollie’s combination between "old brothers" Lei Jiayin and Jerry and "younger brother" Allen, and "Yueliang combination" composed of "group bullying" Yun-peng Yue and "good winner" Jerry. Allen and Song Xiaobao can be regarded as "milk-coffee combination", not to mention Guo Jingfei, Lei Jiayin and Li Guangjie’s "TF old BOYS" who have been circulating in rivers and lakes for many years. And every time the relationship between characters changes, it will produce different chemical reactions.

>Poster of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>In fact, topics fermented by new member relationships, such as # Jerry is really miserable #, # Deng Lunqin Yun-peng Yue #, etc., also frequently occupy the top of the hot search list. At the end of "Extreme Challenge 6" on July 26th, the reading increment of # Extreme Challenge # main topic exceeded 13.6 billion, the discussion increment exceeded 36 million, the hot search was listed 100 times+,and the total heat value exceeded 3 billion. All of them proved that this season’s program played a beautiful battle.

>Like many N-generation brand variety shows, from the first year to the sixth season, Extreme Challenge has been constantly exploring and innovating. During this period, there will be fatigue and bottleneck, but perhaps as Shi Jianing, the current director of Extreme Challenge, said, as a national program with high hopes, Extreme Challenge will continue to expand: "The sense of mission and social care of the program is our attitude and our pursuit.