Too capricious! The father took the baby to play "Tik Tok" and the child fell and broke.

  CCTV News:Some network anchors try their best to gain eyeballs, while some network users do outrageous and illegal things in order to gain eyeballs on the Internet.

  In January this year, there was a passenger in the People’s Square Station of Shanghai Metro who suddenly shouted in the crowd, saying that he had practiced peerless martial arts and his behavior was exaggerated. Finally, the police investigation found that this person was trying to post the video on the Internet to gain attention.

  The video taken by the mobile phone shows that the man in the video suddenly made a hullabaloo about in the subway station, and his behavior was exaggerated, which caused the passengers waiting for the subway nearby to be frightened and avoided. Since then, several similar videos have been posted on a webcast platform. After investigation, Shanghai police found that these videos were taken at People’s Square Station and Century Avenue Station of Shanghai Metro.

  Luo Shuangfei, a policeman of the People’s Square Public Security Police Station of Shanghai Public Security Bureau Urban Rail and Bus Corps.: "Because of his exaggerated and weird actions, the passengers around him will feel scared and even avoid it. Therefore, it may cause unnecessary physical conflicts. According to Article 23 of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Public Security Administration Punishment, it is punished by administrative detention for five days. "

  According to the police, there have been many incidents in which pedestrians made strange and exaggerated moves on the platforms and carriages of the Shanghai subway. For example, if the passengers are harassed in the carriage by posing as zombies and other horrible images, or if the passengers are frightened by false reports of unexpected situations, the police investigation found that the producers of these videos were all released on platforms such as webcasting, in order to attract fans. In fact, this behavior has seriously affected the order of public places.

  Luo Shuangfei, a policeman of the People’s Square Public Security Police Station of Shanghai Public Security Bureau Urban Rail and Bus Corps."People around you will cause some panic when they see this kind of thing. A wider range of people don’t know what is happening, and they will also cause a wider range of chaos together, which will eventually lead to chaos in the whole carriage. This is a public safety hazard."

  Network users can’t imitate too willfully.

  In order to gain eyeballs, it is bound to be punished if the behavior is particularly illegal. However, some users imitate some difficult actions in order to attract traffic, but the result is worrying. A few days ago, a father in Wuhan, Hubei Province, tried a difficult movement with his two-year-old child. Unexpectedly, a tragedy occurred.

  A small video of parents and children playing somersault together appeared on a recently popular mobile phone software called "Tik Tok". According to the video, Dad and Feifei played an interactive somersault. Unexpectedly, when he grabbed Feifei and flipped it up 180 degrees, he suddenly missed and the child’s head landed directly on the ground. Although the family sent the child to the hospital in time, the doctor found that Feifei’s spine was seriously damaged.

  Wu Ji, an orthopedic surgeon at Wuhan Children’s Hospital: "Feifei can’t move her whole limb, especially her upper limbs, and her lower limb muscle strength is not enough."

  The doctor told reporters that although the short video on this mobile phone software looks interesting, some sought-after spoof videos also have greater risks.

  In this regard, the relevant video platform has issued an announcement: to remind users to pay attention to safety when shooting videos, and not to imitate difficult videos easily. The platform will also launch a "risk warning system" to inform users who participate in imitation to do their best and do a good job of protection.

  The bottom line of online video "Bo eyeball" cannot be broken!

  We are in an era of "attention economy", and it is difficult to attract people’s attention. On the network video, no matter how you "show" to attract people’s attention, there are at least three bottom lines that cannot be broken, one is the legal bottom line, the other is the moral bottom line, and the other is the safety bottom line. Law is rigid, morality is flexible and security is human nature. Keeping these three bottom lines, online video will really attract people’s attention, rather than simply "eye-catching".