The movie channel is exciting this week, and Andy Lau leads the police and bandit movie.

1905 movie network feature The 1980s was a glorious era for Hong Kong films! It created amazing miracles in terms of production, box office, film quality and artistry. As the most selling genre in Hong Kong films, police films are undoubtedly very popular and loved by audiences. To this day, police films are still one of the most popular genres in Hong Kong films. Criminals and police, justice and evil, there are always endless stories to tell.

In addition to Hong Kong, mainland crime and police and bandit movies have also emerged in recent years. The themes are more modern and focus on real-life crime events, which is very popular with audiences. This week’s movie channel will present exciting films about the shocking deception of fraud syndicates, the joy of police breaking into gangs, and Hong Kong police and bandit movies. The acting duels between Gu Tianle and Andy Lau will make you addicted.

"Huge Call."

Wonderful Index:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reason for recommendation:Uncover the secrets of the fraud group’s shocking deception, and stop being fooled after reading it!

Broadcast time:October 28 around 18:00

Lin Ahai, the leader of the fraud group, and Ah Fang, the female boss of the fraud group, recruit gang members in the name of regular recruitment in China, and strictly control them after arriving in Thailand. Through advanced technological means and accurate manipulation of the victim’s psychology, from the boss of the listed company to the retired uncle, the property of countless people is under threat. As police officers, Ding Xiaotian and undercover Xu Xiaotu, as police officers, bravely attack when fairness and justice are provoked and fight crimes. The fight against fraud and anti-fraud is imminent…

"Huge Caller" film as its name suggests, through a large number of pages and realistic techniques to show the whole process of telecommunications fraud, both the panoramic display of the call process, but also the strange and cunning of the fraudsters, and the regret after being deceived, which is shocking and chilling. The strength of Chen Xuedong, Jiang Mengjie, Zhang Xiaoquan, and Gui Lunmei makes the whole film both high-value and high-IQ online, which is worth looking forward to.

Wonderful movie review:After watching this movie, no matter how good a liar is, you can’t help it.

From the Time Net killer Leon

"Chasing the Dragon."

Action index:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reason for recommendation:Donnie Yen and Andy Lau are ruthless, which one do you pick?

Broadcast time:October 30 around 11:28

The film recreates a chaotic Hong Kong of the old era, but also a complicated Hong Kong. In the 1960s and 1970s, Hong Kong was colonized by the British, with corrupt power and social chaos.

In 1963, a poor young man, Ah Hao, smuggled to Hong Kong and decided to fight for life with the idea of "life and death, and wealth is in heaven". Ah Hao took a few brothers and started to lick blood from the bottom of the Kowloon Walled City, becoming a big drug lord in Hong Kong, and single-handedly controlling the top ten gangsters in Hong Kong, known as "Lame Hao" in the rivers and lakes.

Lei Luo, known as "five hundred million detectives", commanded 30,000 police officers in Hong Kong. Their friendship began when "Lame Hao" was caught in the police station and rescued by Lei Luo, and then "Lame Hao" broke a leg to save Lei Luo. From then on, "Lame Hao" and Lei Luo became brothers with different surnames, one was Inspector General Hua, and the other was a gangster brother. The two covered the sky with black and white hands…

Wonderful movie review:A retro work with a pure Hong Kong rhyme brings back the light and shadow of a black and white duo’s entanglement between power and desire.

– from the professional film critic Mengli Poetry Book

"Anti-Corruption Storm 4"

Intelligence index:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reason for recommendation:Anti-corruption movie series is of high quality

Broadcast time:October 31st at about 13:45

The Independent Commission Against Corruption received a **** from the informant Liao Yuping. Cao Yuanyuan, the second generation of rich people who is in prison, is suspected of bribing the prison’s supervisor Shen Guoqiang and the correctional officer. Chief investigation director Lu Zhilian decided to go deep into the tiger’s den and go undercover in prison. At the same time, Cheng Deming, chief investigation director of the Independent Commission Against Corruption outside the prison, joined hands with Hong Liang, director of the Action Department of the Domestic Anti-Corruption Bureau, and worked together to successfully crack the corruption and bribery case.

It always brings surprises. From the first fund case, the second gambling case, the third money laundering case, to the fourth corruption and bribery case, the anti-corruption and anti-corruption efforts are escalating every time. As the fourth film in the series, "Anti-Corruption Storm 4" maintains the usual fierce style and has become the best-known one in the "anti-corruption series". Lu Zhilian, played by Gu Tianle, has also become a major attraction in the undercover process.

Wonderful movie review:"Anti-Corruption Storm 4" is the high-quality feature of the series.

– from the 1905 movie network

"Anti-Drug 2: Heaven and Earth Showdown"

Addiction Index:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reason for recommendation:Actors stage brothers’ revenge

Broadcast time:October 31st at about 15:35

The drug market has been divided into four parts for a long time, and the big drug lord Jizang has planned a series of black eat black incidents, attempting to "drug tyrant" incense ** market and establish his own "drug kingdom".

On the other hand, Yu Shun-tian has risen from a gangster to a financial tycoon and philanthropist. Because he witnessed his father being destroyed by drugs as a child, he hated drugs deeply. Therefore, he decided to offer a reward of 100 million yuan to hunt down Hong Kong’s largest drug dealer, which caused an uproar in the society.

However, Yu Shuntian and Jizang actually had an unspeakable relationship with each other. A battle between heaven and earth was about to erupt. In the face of the friendship of the past, which of the two heavenly kings, one good and one evil, could win this battle?

Wonderful movie review:The brothers turned against each other, and the wonderful index exploded.

– from Time Network Fang Yunan

"Rat Gall Hero."

Funny index:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reason for recommendation:Yue Yunpeng leads the way, the whole process is terrifying

Broadcast time:November 1st around 18:00

In the 1930s, when Yan Dahai, the timid younger brother of the Qinglong Gang, found out that he was terminally ill, he accidentally became a police officer. In order to redeem his dream Muse – Du Qing, a dance girl from the Flying Gate, to earn money, he planned to die in the line of duty in the little time left in his life, so as to get a pension to save Muse. However, when he frantically carried out the task of eradicating "gangsters" and "drug lords" and died, it always backfired.

"Rat Gall Hero" is a film that smiles with tears, and the cameos of many stars also add a lot of highlights to the film. In the process of hilarious laughter, it is mixed with the warmth of human nature.

Wonderful movie review:"Rat Gall Hero" is generally a standardized, typed, and completed comedy.

– from The Paper News Network