Badminton Class: Analysis of 11 Basic Badminton Technical Movements

The following techniques are commonly used in badminton skills. Only by mastering these techniques can they cooperate with tactics to play a role. If the technology is not in place, there will be no tactical cooperation, so everyone should pay attention to the practice of basic technology.

1. Kill the ball (the most difficult technique to learn)

It’s a high ball hit by the opponent. Try to buckle it down at the high hitting point. This kind of ball is powerful and fast, mainly including forehand killing, backhand killing and overhead killing.

2. Catch the ball (the easiest technique to learn)

It is a style of play that turns defense into attack, which is divided into blocking the ball in front of the net, drawing the ball in the backcourt and picking the high ball.

3, backhand put the ball before the net (one of the necessary skills before the net)

It is to gently hold the opponent’s hanging ball or the ball in front of the net with a racket, so that the ball will fall downward as soon as it passes the top of the net.

4. Golf (the most basic skill of amateurs)

Hit the ball near the opponent’s baseline with a high arc to weaken the opponent’s offensive power and consume the opponent’s physical strength.

5. Drop shot (the technique of confusing opponents)

The ball hit by the opponent is lightly returned from the backcourt to the area in front of the opponent’s net, which is called hanging ball. It is a batting technique to mobilize the opponent, disrupt the opponent’s position and cooperate with tactics.

6, save the ball (before the net attack technology)

It is a common offensive technique in doubles. When the opponent serves the ball in front of the net or returns the ball in front of the net, when the ball crosses the top of the net, the arc is high, that is, he quickly steps up and swats and kills in front of the net.

7. Pick the lob (defensive adjustment technique)

It is to pick up the lob or the ball in front of the net hit by the opponent and return it to the opponent’s backcourt. This is a defensive technique adopted in a relatively passive situation.

8, rub the ball (show the feel of technology)

It is a development of the technology of putting the ball before the net. When the hitting point is about the same height as the shoulder, use the actions of "rubbing", "cutting" and "picking" to rub the bottom of the ball holder, so that the ball changes its normal running track in the air, resulting in rolling along the horizontal axis or rotating over the top of the net along the vertical axis.

9, push the ball (fast flat bottom line technology)

It is to cooperate with the fake action in front of the net, and suddenly push the ball to the bottom corner of the backcourt when luring the opponent to the internet.

10, hook the ball (unexpected technology)

It’s a diagonal ball in front of the net. It is often used in combination with rubbing and pushing the ball to achieve the effect of a diversion.

11, draw the ball (easy to learn technology)

It’s a way of hitting the ball flat across the net. In the stroke, the hitting point is on both sides below the shoulder, which is an offensive technique with faster hitting speed.