Exercise can really fight cancer! Three kinds of sports are recognized, and swimming ranks second. How long do you practice every day?

Zhang Dabo went out to play badminton every day recently. You may not imagine that his "badminton partner" is a sixth-grade primary school student. Although he is young, he is tall and strong, and his badminton skills are good. He is Zhang Dabo’s first badminton teacher.

At first, Zhang Dabo’s skills were very poor, and he could only pick up two round trips at most. Most of the time, he used to pick up the ball, and his shoulder joint couldn’t work hard, and it hurt when he lifted it, but he gritted his teeth because he saw an article on the Internet saying that exercise could fight cancer. But his "ball partner" children don’t quite believe that exercise can fight cancer. Is it true or not?

It is not a lie to exercise to fight cancer, and the research has been hammered!

Exercise for half an hour every day will increase the number of anti-cancer molecules in the blood.

People who insist on exercise will change their blood environment, release more beneficial hormones and molecules, promote the repair of damaged tissues, and thus play a role in fighting tumors. This is not a lie, it has been confirmed in male patients with intestinal cancer, and the research results have been published in the International Journal of Cancer.

People who exercise every day have a low probability of cancer metastasis.

Exercise consumes energy, just like grabbing the "rations" of tumors, so that tumors don’t have enough energy, and after exercise, sugar and fat, which are beneficial to cancer growth, will be reduced, thus reducing the risk of cancer. The study was published in the American journal Cancer Research.

Persisting in exercise can "continue life"

Regardless of men, women and children, exercise can help reduce the risk of death, even if it is simply walking, it can also reduce 9%.

That is to say, long-term exercise is equivalent to "prolonging life", increasing life expectancy. When you are young, you will develop the old habit of exercising, and your health will not be too bad when you get old. For the elderly, insisting on exercising skeletal muscles will lead to slow aging, low cardiovascular risk and low risk of cancer. This is life extension.

You must be curious, what exercise is effective?

Playing golf? Tai Chi? Swimming? Walking? Actually, neither,The first place is swing sports..

Swing sports stand out among many sports and are most beneficial to the body.Followed by swimming and aerobics., reducing the mortality rate by 28% and 27% respectively.

Next, we will really start to move. First of all, we should make a plan for the exercise time, neither too short nor too long, generally.Three to five times a week, 45-60 minutes each time..

Secondly, choose a sport. Compared with table tennis and tennis, badminton is not very selective about the venue, so it can be played in an empty place, and the price of equipment is not high.

Why can swing sports "stand out" in many sports? What are the benefits of insisting on playing badminton to your health?

Badminton is not as difficult as everyone thinks, but it also needs some skills and explosive power to play well. The upper limbs should be strong, and you should learn the power skills. You can practice forehand serve first. At the same time, we must master the basic pace, and we can find our own rhythm slowly with our hands and feet together, and it will not be too tired to run the whole game.

Relieve shoulder and neck pain

Almost every adult has a shoulder and neck problem, which is accumulated from years of work. Usually, he always lowers his head. Now he can always look up and look far away when playing ball, which can help the neck muscles stretch backwards and relieve pain and stiffness.

Prevent myopia and relieve eye pain

Students’ eyes are tired from reading too much. When they play ball outdoors with friends or family, they can rest their eyes during serving and catching the ball. At the same time, they can get speed and color stimulation exercise and strengthen their lens adjustment ability.

Make people feel happy and less stressed.

During sports, people communicate more. They can tease each other while playing ball. They can also mix and match men and women, feel the joy of cooperation during running, and feel the joy of victory after successfully winning the score, which can release their pressure and make them feel happy physically and mentally.

People who exercise regularly have high immunity.

Playing ball has an exercise effect on the joints, muscles, heart function and cardiovascular system of upper and lower limbs, which makes the body more flexible and resistant, and is not easy to be infected by viruses. The epidemic situation can’t grab medicine or antigen at the moment, but it can also help us prevent it if we have strong immunity.

So, can exercise offset the harm caused by smoking and drinking?

Many people in life have a hobby of smoking and drinking, and they are addicted to smoking and drinking. They can’t touch it for a day, knowing that these things will cause harm to their health, but they just can’t help it.

And exercise has so many benefits, is it safe to smoke and drink as long as you exercise?

Of course not, becauseExercise cannot reverse organ damage.For example, after drinking for a long time, liver cirrhosis may be improved slightly, but it is irreversible in severe cases. Every drop of alcohol will cause damage to liver tissue, and it may induce liver cancer after continuing drinking.

Another example is lung cancer, which has a great relationship with smoking. The only way to reduce the risk is to quit smoking.Although exercise can improve heart and lung function, it is not "magic"If the lungs are covered with black spots, hardening and fibrosis, there is no way to recover.

This is also the reason why some people end up ill with tendinitis, perhaps becauseDidn’t pay attention to the harm of bad diet,Exercise is not an excuse for everyone to smoke and drink, andStay up late and chew betel nuts.Wait, these bad habits should be corrected, so that exercise can bring positive benefits to the body.

In short, if you want to exercise and keep fit, you must find the right direction. You can do swing exercise or aerobic exercise, but you can’t smoke or drink after exercise, otherwise it may be useless.


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