In 2023, the total box office of the Spring Festival exceeded 4 billion, and Man Jiang Hong surpassed Wandering Earth 2 to become the box office champion.

In this year’s Spring Festival, seven films were released, covering comedies, science fiction, suspense, sports, animation, etc., which were richer and more diverse than in previous years.

According to the data of Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 0: 10 on January 25th, the total box office (including pre-sales) of the Spring Festival in 2023 (January 21st-January 27th) exceeded 4 billion.

The ranking shows that Man Jiang Hong, Wandering Earth 2, Bears with Me and Bear Core are among the top three at the box office.

"Man Jiang Hong" and "Wandering Earth 2" are on the verge of a big box office battle.

During the Spring Festival, the audience is more willing to enter the cinema. In addition, this year’s Spring Festival file can be described as "the best in history". Every movie has the determination to win and started a box office war without smoke.

Among them, the best pre-sale and reputation is the excellent soft science fiction movie Wandering Earth 2.

With the support of big IP, starring Frant Gwo+Jason Wu+Andy Lau, and the first box office and word of mouth, it naturally occupied the first place in the box office list on the first day of release.

Before the official release, thanks to the basic advantages, the number of people who want to see Wandering Earth 2, the proportion of films arranged and the pre-sale box office are higher than that of Manjianghong. On the first day of "Wandering Earth 2" on New Year’s Day, the number of screenings was 115,000, accounting for 27%; On the first day of "Man Jiang Hong", the number of screenings was 110,000, accounting for 25.6%.

But the position of the movie Wandering Earth 2 is not unshakable. Facing the "strong enemy" — — The word-of-mouth of "Man Jiang Hong" directed by Zhang Yimou is constantly fermenting, and the box office trend and film arrangement of the film are also constantly changing. On January 24th, Manjianghong, which has a more friendly viewing threshold, overtook Wandering Earth 2. At present, the box office and box office forecast of the latter are higher than the former.

According to the data of Cat’s Eye Professional Edition, compared with the opening of the New Year’s Day, the box office record of the seven new films at this time has changed obviously. The movie Manjianghong surpassed Wandering Earth 2 in a single day, and Bears with Me "Bear Core" even surpassed Nobody to enter the top three. The movie "Man Jiang Hong" went down at the box office and even rushed to the hot search list.

In this regard, some people broke the news that the IMAX field, a special effects movie that should have played Wandering Earth 2, was filled with a non-special effects movie "Man Jiang Hong". Not only that, but also fans said that "Man Jiang Hong" stole the box office of "Nobody". On January 24th, the propagator of the movie "Man Jiang Hong" responded that the so-called "stealing box office" and "ghost field" of "Man Jiang Hong" was that someone deliberately hacked the film.

"China Table Tennis Jedi Counterattack" was difficult to break through at the box office yesterday.

The film China Ping-Pong’s Jedi Strike Back was influenced by many factors, and it was rescheduled from the first day of New Year’s Day to the third day of New Year’s Day. However, the overall situation of the Spring Festival has been decided. On the first day of its release, the sports film "China Ping-Pong’s Jedi Counter-Strike" had a box office of less than 50 million, with only 9.7% of the films arranged, and the attendance rate was only 14.5%, far lower than other films.

As a result, it has become the worst box office performance among the newly released films in the Spring Festival. At present, the professional version of Cat’s Eye Film predicts that China Ping-Pong will eventually have a box office of 250 million, which shows that the performance has been far below expectations.

Bears are still strong. The drama is not as good as the cartoon.

On the whole, this year’s Spring Festival box office drama is not as good as cartoons.

Parent-child group is still an important audience of the Spring Festival file. The animated film "Bear Haunted with Me" Bear Core "won the third place in the single-day box office, becoming the TOP3 in the same period with an expected box office of 1 billion+,and will also become the first 1 billion+movie in the series of animated IP.

From the perspective of return on investment, Bears with Me "Bear Core" is a cost-effective one, which also proves the importance of continuously cultivating IP value.

However, before its release, the animated film Deep Sea, the comedy Exchange of Life and the film Nobody with the top YiBo blessing failed to become dark horses.

From the word of mouth, "Exchange of Life" has been criticized as an embarrassment, far from reaching the level of Hi, Mom’s play. Although the collocation of Lei Jiayin and Zhang Xiaofei is innovative, it has been held back by the plot, and the counterattack after word of mouth fermentation may be extremely slim.

However, the movie atmosphere of The Unknown and Deep Sea does not match the image of "family fun" in the Spring Festival file, and the threshold of Guanyin is relatively high, and the possibility of counterattack is relatively low.

At present, the movie "Exchange of Life" has accumulated 236 million box office, and the final box office is predicted to be 369 million. The movie "Nobody" has a cumulative box office of 339 million, and it is predicted that the final box office will be 675 million; The movie Deep Sea has accumulated 218 million box office, and the final box office is predicted to be 612 million.