Warm spring is coming back again! The temperature in many places will soar.

  Cctv newsIn the past few days, the continuous cold air has brought great cooling to most parts of the country, with strong winds, dust, rain and snow coming into battle. According to the weather forecast, the cold air for several days will gradually exit, and most parts of the country will start to heat up from north to south from the 7th.

  There are still strong winds in parts of the north today.

  From the 3rd, strong cold air swept across most parts of the country from north to south, and the temperature drop in some areas even exceeded 20℃. Since the beginning of the Qingming holiday, cold air has caused wind and dust in most parts of the north, while the southern region has been shrouded in cooling and rain.

  According to the weather bulletin issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory on the morning of the 7th, during the day on the 7th, there were still northerly winds of 4-6 grades in Inner Mongolia, the southern part of Northeast China, the eastern part of Huanghuai, the eastern part of Jianghuai and the northeastern part of Jiangnan, and the gusts could reach 7-8 grades.

  In addition, due to the influence of cold air, there will be strong winds of 7-8 grades and gusts of 9-10 grades in the eastern and southern waters of China from July 7 to 8.

  There is no obvious precipitation in most parts of the country.

  In the past few days, due to the influence of cold air, some areas in the north have experienced snowfall in April, and some areas have also issued snowstorm warnings. Most areas in the south are also rainy, and some areas have experienced strong convective weather such as short-term heavy precipitation.

  According to the weather forecast, there will be no obvious precipitation in most parts of the country on the 7th, especially in the south, and the rainy weather for many days will gradually weaken.

  However, according to the forecast, there will be small to moderate rain in northern Xinjiang and moderate to heavy snow in high-altitude mountainous areas from July 7 to 8. From 7th to 9th, there was little to medium snow or sleet in the south-central part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

  The road to warming up will be opened, and many places will reproduce warm spring tomorrow.

  Cold air comes quickly and goes fast. After the roller coaster cooling in most parts of the country, the temperature will start to rise from north to south from now on.

  On the 7th, the temperature in Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Jianghan, the western and northern parts of the south of the Yangtze River will slowly rise. By the end of the cold air influence on the 8th, the temperature in most parts of the country will return to a higher level than normal.

  Take Zhengzhou, Henan Province as an example. On the 5th, the highest temperature was only 12℃, which turned warmer on the 8th, and on the 10th, the highest temperature soared to 32℃ again.

  Among the northern cities, Beijing, the highest temperature on the 7th was 11℃, but after the Qingming holiday, Beijing will take the "through train" to heat up. It is estimated that the highest temperature will rise to 17℃ on the 8th, and then go all the way up to 22℃ on the 10th, returning to the warm spring day.

  Another example is Hebei. On the 7th, the whole province of Hebei will return to the road of warming up. By the 8th, the highest temperature in most parts of Hebei will rise above 20℃, and the warmth will return.

  ▌ This article source: China News Network, China Weather Network.