Deep thinking on the cooperation between Huawei and Changan Automobile: Huawei disenchants and rewrites the pattern

On November 23, Changan Automobile’s share price suddenly hit the daily limit. It is rumored that Changan Automobile will invest 300 billion yuan in Huawei BU, which is valued at nearly one trillion yuan. But soon, both sides denied the news.

However, at around 16:30 pm on November 27th, Changan Automobile officially announced that it signed the Memorandum of Investment Cooperation with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huawei) in Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province on November 25th.

"After consultation between the two parties, Huawei intends to set up a company engaged in R&D, design, production, sales and service of automotive intelligent systems and component solutions. The company intends to invest in the target company and carry out strategic cooperation. Both parties jointly support the target company to become an industry leader in automotive intelligent systems and component solutions based in China and facing the world." Chang’ an Automobile announced.

At the same time, Huawei Auto official website also released the article "Memorandum of Investment Cooperation between Huawei and Changan Automobile", which disclosed in detail the general situation of the cooperation between Huawei and Changan, including that the leaders of both parties attending the signing ceremony were "top-notch", and the speeches of their respective leaders also showed the general ideas of both sides on this cooperation.

"The new company will be committed to becoming a world-class leader in the automotive intelligent driving system and parts industry, and as an open platform serving the automotive industry, it will open its equity to investors such as existing strategic partner car companies and strategic car companies, and become a company with diversified equity." Huawei mentioned the development goals of the new company in its official press release.

Moreover, the speeches of two Huawei executives are worth pondering.

Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotating chairman, said: "Huawei insists on not building cars, but gives full play to its ICT technology advantages and marketing capabilities to help car companies build and sell good cars. We will continue to fulfill our commitments to customers and partners and jointly promote the rise of the automobile industry. "

Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, said: "We have always believed that China needs to build an electric and intelligent open platform with a’ locomotive’. We deepen cooperation with Changan, and at the same time, we will work together with more strategic partner car companies to continuously explore new models of openness and win-win, and jointly seize the opportunity of electrification and intelligent transformation of the automobile industry to realize the dream of the rise of China’s automobile industry. "

Based on the above public information, we will get the following effective information:

1. Xu Zhijun once again stressed that "Huawei insists on not making cars". This sentence means that Huawei won’t have an independent car brand when the dust settles.

2. "Give full play to its own ICT technology advantages and marketing capabilities to help car companies build and sell good cars." The second half of Xu Zhijun’s sentence left a hole in the current "HarmonyOS Zhixing", that is, the so-called Huawei’s intelligent car selection business, which means that Huawei will still cut into the vehicle sales business, but the definition is "helping enterprises".

3. The business scope of the new company includes intelligent driving solutions for automobiles, intelligent cockpit for automobiles, intelligent digital platform for automobiles, intelligent Che Yun, AR-HUD and intelligent lights, etc. In principle, the components and solutions within the business scope are provided by the new company for vehicle customers, and Huawei does not engage in businesses that compete with Changan Automobile’s business scope in principle.This means the substantial divestiture of BU, and the entire technical assets will be transferred to the new company, but the core of the new company is parts, which further clarifies the basic principle that Huawei does not build complete vehicles.

4. The new company will gradually open its equity to investors such as existing strategic partners, car companies and car companies with strategic value, and become a company with diversified equity.There is a premise behind this sentence that Huawei will give no more than 40% of the shares of the new company to its partners. Changan Automobile is the first company, but it is not the only one. Later, it should include several partners including Cyrus, Chery, BAIC and Jianghuai.

After understanding the cause and effect, let’s think about why Huawei did this, and why did the first partner choose Changan Automobile?

There is no doubt that Huawei’s way of separating the smart car solution BU from Huawei’s big group is a bit like the glory of that year, but the decision-making starting point is completely different. But the basic idea is that this institution, which is almost independent of Huawei’s existing ICT (information, communication and technology) business, needs to be separated from Huawei’s big system, so as to achieve self-growth and hematopoiesis by seeking independent development, rather than relying on Huawei’s big tree.

It is reported that Huawei has invested more than $3 billion in smart car solutions, with a research and development team of 7,000 people, and 70%-80% of the invested funds are invested in the field of intelligent driving. However, according to the financial report released by Huawei, Huawei’s revenue in smart car solution BU in 2022 was about 2.077 billion yuan, accounting for only 0.3% of Huawei’s total revenue.

It can be seen that if Huawei’s smart car solution business only relies on China’s own investment, the presence of the entire BU will still not be too strong. However, if the investment in car BU is terminated at this time, it means that the previous tens of billions of investments and Huawei’s leading edge in the field of smart driving will be wasted.

At this time, the introduction of external investors can solve the problem of continuous investment in the BU business sector for Huawei, and also keep Huawei and China car companies in the leading position in the field of smart cars.

In fact, Huawei has solved another problem through the independence of BU, a smart car solution: China car companies are unwilling to sell their "soul" to "a potential competitor", which is also the reason that hinders the popularization of Huawei smart car solutions in China car companies, not to mention intervening in the supply chain system of joint venture car companies.

For a long time, the argument that Huawei does not build cars has always been controversial.

On the one hand, Huawei executives headed by Xu Zhijun always stressed that "Huawei does not build cars" and even once asked Huawei terminal stores to remove misleading posters such as "Huawei cars". Moreover, in the interview with Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, it can be seen that Huawei does not want to seize all the profits of an industry, and they are more willing to set aside profits for partners.

On the other hand, Yu Chengdong, the person in charge of BU, has been pushing forward Huawei’s deep involvement in building cars, taking full control of the three models in the world, using Chery resources to build a new car like Zhijie S7, followed by the "Jie" series of BAIC and JAC. The offensive situation of BU, which is led by Yu Chengdong, in the field of complete vehicles has made China’s automobile industry wary of "Huawei’s car landing".

Therefore, although Huawei began to sell car chips and Huawei Harmony OS (HarmonyOS—— OS system not built by Huawei itself) to OEMs including Geely Geometry and GAC Chuanqi, it did not get wider support. Even Geometry and Chuanqi have encountered difficulties in communication. For example, they can’t explain clearly the difference between "Huawei HarmonyOS" and "HarmonyOS OS" to consumers.

Therefore, the independence of BU, Huawei’s smart car solution, can reassure China car companies that Huawei does not build cars, and BU is more of a Tier 1 partner. Huawei will not get involved in the vehicle business, but it can empower smart car products of China car companies. After all, a separate Huawei car BU will have diversified equity, and car companies can participate in Huawei car BU business to gain the right to vote on the development of car BU business to ensure that it will not have business conflicts.

This "shareholding" strategy will enable all car companies that cooperate with Huawei to clarify Huawei’s role and identity, and ensure that its cooperation with Huawei will not be replaced by cooperation with Huawei. After all, after the independent operation of "Car BU", Huawei is more a major shareholder and technical endorsement than a controller.

It is conceivable that with the independence of Huawei BU, the new company will be more active in the sales of smart car solutions, and there will be more modes of cooperation with car companies.

For example, the new company will not be restricted by Huawei, the parent company, but can transplant Huawei’s software and system turnkey solutions to the existing mainstream hardware solutions, including chips and computing platforms provided by overseas suppliers such as Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Continental Electronics and Visteon. This alone can bring a lot of new business to the independent car BU new company.

It can be said that the decision of independent car BU will bring more imagination to the smart car industry in China.

Why did Huawei throw the first olive branch of the new joint venture company to Changan Automobile?

The core reason must be that Huawei has enough confidence in Changan’s investment in Aouita, and can also see Changan’s sincerity. In particular, it is very important that Changan can trust Huawei.

What many people may not know is that when Aouita 11 was first released, although Huawei’s chips and hardware were used, the car machine system was not HarmonyOS OS, but a set of car machines developed by Huawei HarmonyOS system. However, half a year after the delivery, Aouita felt that it should abandon this self-developed car machine system and switch to Huawei’s HarmonyOS OS. The sunk cost, the R&D expenses needed for Huawei, and letting the entrance of the car out-this decision is unimaginable for many China car companies, let alone their own brands.

In August of this year, Changan Automobile made its own "pro-son" Deep Blue Automobile also sign a cooperation framework with Huawei’s smart car solution BU, which is a comprehensive bet on Huawei’s cooperation.

It can be said that Changan Automobile chose to firmly embrace Huawei through the cooperation project of Aouita. For a central enterprise and the second largest domestic passenger car sales brand in China, Changan Automobile has great courage to go against the trend when the "soul theory" is noisy. This time, Huawei was the first to find Changan Automobile after setting up a new company, which was regarded as reciprocated.

And in terms of scale, with Changan Automobile, Huawei can roll out smart car solutions according to the scale of one million vehicles. Now it is a Aouita brand, followed by a mid-to-high-end dark blue brand, and it will become the mainstream Changan brand in a few years. Ford, Mazda and other joint-venture independent vehicles cooperating with Changan may also use Huawei’s smart solutions.

Coupled with the existing channel scale of Changan, Huawei doesn’t even need to invest too much terminal resources, so it is reasonable for Huawei to cooperate with Changan.

Of course, Huawei’s choice of Changan Automobile may also have some external factors.

Not long ago, Dongfeng Motor revealed that Dongfeng is working with China FAW and Changan Automobile to build a vehicle operating system. This is another time for the three major automobile groups in China to "overcome difficulties" and try to jointly solve the operating system problem of "the neck of the automobile industry in China".

However, if we want to develop our own car operating system, it doesn’t mean that car companies can change their own Android system. Basically, the underlying operating system of cars has always been dominated by QNX of Blackberry, while open source Linux is another path, and the middleware AUTOSAR is also included.

At present, because the underlying operating system of vehicles involves functional safety, real-time operation, large-scale verification and other requirements, the enterprises that can participate in it are quite limited. Therefore, when the three major automobile groups in China join hands to build the underlying operating system of their own automobiles, it is inevitable to find a partner in the fields of software and ICT, and Huawei is almost the only choice.

More interestingly, Huawei also released HarmonyOS NEXT in a low-key manner in August. The bottom layer of the new system is self-developed by Huawei, which only supports the applications of HarmonyOS kernel and HarmonyOS system, and is no longer compatible with Android applications. Recently, Huawei also officially announced the HarmonyOS native application development plan, and more heavyweight apps began to rewrite the code based on the brand-new system, including Nail, Yuanshen and bilibili.

After Huawei launched HarmonyOS NEXT, it means that Huawei will completely break away from the existing Android system-the current HarmonyOS is based on the AOSP Android open source project-and form a completely closed, controllable and brand-new system that will not be affected by European and American patents.

From this perspective, if Huawei can build HarmonyOS NEXT, it can help China car companies to have their own controllable vehicle operating system. Therefore, the reason why Huawei chose Changan Automobile is even more important.

Of course, after Huawei and Changan announced the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation and Investment, it was probably Cyrus who was most shocked.

Cyrus published a "Description of the Situation" late at night on November 26th, in which the most important sentence was: "At present, Cyrus has received an invitation to jointly invest in the target company and jointly participate in the construction of an electrified and intelligent open platform, and the company is actively demonstrating the relevant matters of participating in investment and cooperation."

It’s just that this passage didn’t play much role in Cyrus’s share price the next day. At the opening of the market on the morning of November 27th, Cyrus’ share price once fell by more than 7%, and it was not until near noon that Cyrus and Huawei jointly announced that the new M7 order exceeded 100,000 units that Cyrus’ share price gradually recovered its lost ground. However, in recent days, Celis has been more or less influenced by the deep cooperation between Changan and Huawei, and its share price has dropped from the highest 99.97 yuan to the current 76.09 yuan.

What is the relationship between HarmonyOS Zhixing and Huawei’s smart car solution BU? Will these brands, which have been listed and not yet listed, become "past tense"? The focus of attention of these parties, only Huawei has the sole right to interpret.

Yu Chengdong released a special Weibo after the closing of Cyrus, which not only mentioned that the order of M7 in the world exceeded 100,000 units, but also specifically explained the cooperation mode between Huawei and Cyrus.

"HarmonyOS Zhixing is the most comprehensive, close and in-depth mode of cooperation between Huawei and car companies, with the most advanced Huawei smart car innovation technology and the best intelligent experience.

Sailis is the earliest and deepest car enterprise partner in our HarmonyOS Zhixing model. Huawei will continue to work with Sailis to bring more and better products and services to consumers and create one hundred thousand cars after another! "Yu Chengdong wrote.

This passage basically explains the positioning of "HarmonyOS Zhixing" and the difference between Huawei and Changan. According to Yu Chengdong, "HarmonyOS Zhixing" not only has Huawei’s intelligent new technology, but also includes Huawei’s deep participation and all-round cooperation, which includes Huawei’s product design, production quality management, sales channel establishment and so on.

At the same time, the official micro of HarmonyOS Zhixing also "interpreted" himself:

1. HarmonyOS Zhixing is a comprehensive upgrade of Huawei’s smart car selection business, and its full name is HarmonyOS Smart Car Technology Ecological Alliance.

2. The car models of the car world and the car world are members of HarmonyOS Zhixing family.

3. The products of HarmonyOS Zhixing are purchased through Huawei channel, and the after-sales service is the unified user center of HarmonyOS Zhixing.

4. In addition to technology, HarmonyOS Zhixing also has Huawei’s comprehensive empowerment in product, quality, sales, service and marketing.

Therefore, in contrast, although Changan has made investment cooperation with Huawei, the products will not enter the category of "HarmonyOS Zhixing" with a high probability, but the brands of Wenjie, Zhijie and subsequent brands can be sold in Huawei’s dealer system.

In other words, the endorsement of "Huawei" channel is the biggest brand appeal of HarmonyOS Zhixing and the biggest reliance of Cyrus, Jianghuai and BAIC.

From Huawei’s point of view, if the sales volume of HarmonyOS Zhixing can be stabilized at about 300,000 vehicles a year, it will also be a market with a scale of 100 billion, and it will be a new "revenue-generating way" for Huawei dealers to continue this model. After all, considering the increasing volume of the mobile phone market and the low ceiling of Huawei’s mobile phone in the domestic consumer market, it is reasonable to switch to the automotive field. What’s more, Xiaomi, Huawei’s main competitor, is about to enter the field of complete vehicles, so the automobile industry is a battleground for Huawei.

This also reflects Huawei’s cooperation ideas in the automotive field: cooperating with weak recognition brands in HarmonyOS Zhixing to earn both technical fees and channel fees; Cooperate with strong brands for smart car solutions without further involvement.

However, it is very interesting that Chery, although cooperating with Huawei in the intellectual brand, has retained its own star-studded era ES, and even formed an "internal beating" state. To say that Chery has entered HarmonyOS Zhixing and is a weak brand, probably Chery will not be willing; However, if Chery adopts a similar cooperation mode between Huawei and Changan, then why should Zhijie S7 be put in HarmonyOS Zhixing?

Perhaps the subtlety is that when Chery was building a new generation of pure electric platform, it did not expect that it could make a turnaround in 2023.

Another direction of thinking about the cooperation between Changan and Huawei this time is that most people think that the independence of Huawei’s smart car solution BU means that Huawei will continue the "Bosch" that they wanted to be in the automotive industry, but only focus on the "smart car" field, providing solutions such as intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and intelligent interaction.

In fact, this logic is also reasonable.

Huawei has now cut into more hardware fields, including electric drive, power module, chassis control, laser radar, vehicle-mounted chips, computing chips and so on, and compared with overseas suppliers, Huawei’s turnkey solutions in the software field are more suitable for the China market.

According to Huawei’s strategy of divesting smart car solution BU, BU, as an independent company, can cut into the business of vehicle companies more deeply, without worrying about the attitude of car companies. As an independent parts company, Car BU is almost impossible to build a car, and Huawei headquarters has no chance to build a car without smart car solutions.

In this way, Che BU, a new company, will be able to sell hardware and customized software in strict accordance with the standard practices of Tier 1 enterprises. Especially with the launch of new technologies, cooperative companies don’t have to worry that Huawei will get the first round, but they can get the opportunity to use the latest technologies through cooperation and negotiation to achieve maximum win-win results.

Another view of the driving school is that as Huawei divests the car BU, it will actually bring"Huawei technology disenchants".

The reason is that if only Huawei cars adopt Huawei technology, everyone will think that Huawei cars have unique charm, but they will inevitably be limited to niche areas. However, when all car companies can use Huawei technology, Huawei technology is essentially "disenchanted"-Huawei technology can be given to any model from smart driving to cockpit, and Huawei’s cars are not exclusive.

The advantage for Huawei is that the scale of Huawei’s smart car solutions will go up, and it can be iterated more quickly, constantly using new technologies to "attract" more car companies to use Huawei’s smart car solutions.

In this way, the competitive differentiation of HarmonyOS Zhixing, Chang ‘an and Geely is not who uses Huawei technology first, but whose technology integration is better-this is back to the original competition mode of the automobile industry.

Even Huawei still has "HarmonyOS Zhixing", but to a great extent, "HarmonyOS Zhixing" is similar to a technology integration enterprise. The vehicle manufacturing enterprise belongs to the ODM at the chassis level, and the car BU is a core technology supplier similar to Sony and Qualcomm, which is finally integrated by Huawei and sold in its own channels.

In this way, the competition pattern of the automobile industry is more and more like the mobile phone and computer industries. Perhaps the flagship product has a higher degree of self-research, but the low-end products are completely the products of technology integration-in the past, the fuel vehicle era had to compete for engines and gearboxes, and the electric era could completely rely on external procurement. Differentiation is even just a subtle difference in styling and chassis style, and what consumers value more is only the non-standardized part.

For example, there is no difference in functional experience between Changan’s entry car and Jianghuai’s entry car, which depends entirely on who has better brand awareness and wider channels, rather than the technical differences of the products themselves. This is similar to the current competition among Redmi, Glory and OV.

Undoubtedly, when the overall logic of the smart car industry begins to approach the mobile phone industry, Huawei’s vision of being "Bosch in the smart car industry" can be realized.

The next question is, Huawei has already played its cards, and Changan has also taken over. So how will Geely and its Star Meizu, Great Wall and its Mimo Zhixing, SAIC and Zero Beam software respond?

My guess is: whoever can bind foreign car companies together and let their smart car solutions go overseas first will have the chance to win the next game.

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Figure | Network

Too capricious! The father took the baby to play "Tik Tok" and the child fell and broke.

  CCTV News:Some network anchors try their best to gain eyeballs, while some network users do outrageous and illegal things in order to gain eyeballs on the Internet.

  In January this year, there was a passenger in the People’s Square Station of Shanghai Metro who suddenly shouted in the crowd, saying that he had practiced peerless martial arts and his behavior was exaggerated. Finally, the police investigation found that this person was trying to post the video on the Internet to gain attention.

  The video taken by the mobile phone shows that the man in the video suddenly made a hullabaloo about in the subway station, and his behavior was exaggerated, which caused the passengers waiting for the subway nearby to be frightened and avoided. Since then, several similar videos have been posted on a webcast platform. After investigation, Shanghai police found that these videos were taken at People’s Square Station and Century Avenue Station of Shanghai Metro.

  Luo Shuangfei, a policeman of the People’s Square Public Security Police Station of Shanghai Public Security Bureau Urban Rail and Bus Corps.: "Because of his exaggerated and weird actions, the passengers around him will feel scared and even avoid it. Therefore, it may cause unnecessary physical conflicts. According to Article 23 of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Public Security Administration Punishment, it is punished by administrative detention for five days. "

  According to the police, there have been many incidents in which pedestrians made strange and exaggerated moves on the platforms and carriages of the Shanghai subway. For example, if the passengers are harassed in the carriage by posing as zombies and other horrible images, or if the passengers are frightened by false reports of unexpected situations, the police investigation found that the producers of these videos were all released on platforms such as webcasting, in order to attract fans. In fact, this behavior has seriously affected the order of public places.

  Luo Shuangfei, a policeman of the People’s Square Public Security Police Station of Shanghai Public Security Bureau Urban Rail and Bus Corps."People around you will cause some panic when they see this kind of thing. A wider range of people don’t know what is happening, and they will also cause a wider range of chaos together, which will eventually lead to chaos in the whole carriage. This is a public safety hazard."

  Network users can’t imitate too willfully.

  In order to gain eyeballs, it is bound to be punished if the behavior is particularly illegal. However, some users imitate some difficult actions in order to attract traffic, but the result is worrying. A few days ago, a father in Wuhan, Hubei Province, tried a difficult movement with his two-year-old child. Unexpectedly, a tragedy occurred.

  A small video of parents and children playing somersault together appeared on a recently popular mobile phone software called "Tik Tok". According to the video, Dad and Feifei played an interactive somersault. Unexpectedly, when he grabbed Feifei and flipped it up 180 degrees, he suddenly missed and the child’s head landed directly on the ground. Although the family sent the child to the hospital in time, the doctor found that Feifei’s spine was seriously damaged.

  Wu Ji, an orthopedic surgeon at Wuhan Children’s Hospital: "Feifei can’t move her whole limb, especially her upper limbs, and her lower limb muscle strength is not enough."

  The doctor told reporters that although the short video on this mobile phone software looks interesting, some sought-after spoof videos also have greater risks.

  In this regard, the relevant video platform has issued an announcement: to remind users to pay attention to safety when shooting videos, and not to imitate difficult videos easily. The platform will also launch a "risk warning system" to inform users who participate in imitation to do their best and do a good job of protection.

  The bottom line of online video "Bo eyeball" cannot be broken!

  We are in an era of "attention economy", and it is difficult to attract people’s attention. On the network video, no matter how you "show" to attract people’s attention, there are at least three bottom lines that cannot be broken, one is the legal bottom line, the other is the moral bottom line, and the other is the safety bottom line. Law is rigid, morality is flexible and security is human nature. Keeping these three bottom lines, online video will really attract people’s attention, rather than simply "eye-catching".

Webcast can’t be willful


  On the 4th, the National Internet Information Office issued "Regulations on the Management of Internet Live Broadcasting Service", which severely rectified the chaos of webcasting and promoted the healthy development of webcasting. Why is this new regulation introduced? What specific measures are there in the new regulations? What is the response from all parties?

  The National Network Information Office issued new regulations to standardize the management of Internet live broadcast.

[Today's Concern] Webcast cannot be willful.

  Chart: The National Network Information Office issued new regulations to standardize the management of Internet live broadcast. Xinhua News Agency issued a big nest map.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 4 (Reporter Zhu Jichai, Li Yahong) The State Internet Information Office issued the Regulations on the Administration of Internet Live Broadcasting Services on November 4 to regulate Internet live broadcasting.

  The relevant person in charge of the National Network Information Office said that Internet live broadcast has developed rapidly as a new form of communication, but some live broadcast platforms spread information such as pornography, violence, rumors and fraud, which violates the core values of socialism and especially brings adverse effects to the physical and mental health of young people. Other platforms lack relevant qualifications, conduct live news information in violation of regulations, and disrupt the normal communication order, which must be regulated.

  The "Regulations" clarify that Internet live broadcast service providers and Internet live broadcast publishers should obtain Internet news information service qualifications according to law when providing Internet news information services, and carry out Internet news information services within the permitted scope. Internet live broadcast service providers should manage the live broadcast of Internet news information and its interactive content after trial. If they provide live broadcast service of Internet news information, they should set up an editor-in-chief.

  The "Regulations" require that Internet live broadcast service providers should actively implement the main responsibilities of enterprises, establish and improve various management systems, equip professionals suitable for the scale of services, and have the technical ability to immediately block Internet live broadcasts. Implement classified management of live broadcasts, establish a credit rating management system for Internet live broadcast publishers, and establish a blacklist management system.

  The "Regulations" put forward that live broadcast should not be used to engage in activities prohibited by laws and regulations such as endangering national security, undermining social stability, disturbing social order, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others, and spreading obscenity and pornography, and should not be used to produce, copy, publish or disseminate information prohibited by laws and regulations.

  Webcast can’t be willful-focusing on "Regulations on the Management of Internet Live Broadcasting Service"

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 4th (Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhu Jichai, Bai Yang and Li Yahong) 2016 is called "the first year of webcasting". As a product of the rapid development of mobile Internet, webcasting is one of the hottest industries at present. Webcast is in the ascendant, but it is also chaotic.

  On the 4th, the National Internet Information Office issued "Regulations on the Management of Internet Live Broadcasting Service", which severely rectified the chaos of webcasting and promoted the healthy development of webcasting. Why is this new regulation introduced? What specific measures are there in the new regulations? What is the response from all parties?

  Webcast "barbaric growth" chaos is frequent

[Today's Concern] Webcast cannot be willful.

  The relevant person in charge of the National Network Information Office said that Internet live broadcast has developed rapidly as a new form of communication, but some live broadcast platforms spread information such as pornography, violence, rumors and fraud, which violates the core values of socialism and especially brings adverse effects to the physical and mental health of young people. Other platforms lack relevant qualifications, conduct live news information in violation of regulations, and disrupt the normal communication order, which must be regulated. Xinhua News Agency issued by Zhu Huiqing

  "Eating live, earning tens of thousands a day" and "sleeping live, watching by thousands" … … With the Internet live broadcast terminal moving from PC to mobile, live broadcast began to enter the "national era".

  According to the 38th Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development released by China Internet Network Information Center, as of June 2016, the number of webcast users reached 325 million, accounting for 45.8% of the total netizens. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 300 enterprises providing Internet live broadcast platform services in China, and the number is still growing.

  Live broadcast of racing cars, eating light bulbs, hunting wild animals, naked limbs for sexual teasing and suggestion, and emotional catharsis through vulgar language … … At the same time of the blowout development of webcasting, there are also various chaos. In July this year, the Ministry of Culture published a batch of inspection results of various online performance platforms in six provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong. Twenty-six online performance platforms were investigated for allegedly promoting obscenity, violence, abetting crimes and endangering social morality, and 16,881 illegal online performers were dealt with.

  "Internet live broadcast is the result of the development of the Internet, but it must be standardized to develop healthily." Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said.

  As for the source of chaos in webcasting, Zhu Wei believes that this is related to the operation mode and profit model of webcasting. "First of all, the cost of webcasting is relatively low, and there is no strict entry threshold. Secondly, driven by interests, network anchors must fight for their position and often break through the bottom line in order to suck powder and brush gifts to make money. "

  The relevant person in charge of the National Internet Information Office said that on the basis of in-depth investigation and extensive solicitation of opinions, the National Internet Information Office issued the Regulations on the Administration of Internet Live Broadcasting Services, with the purpose of strengthening the standardized management of Internet live broadcasting and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

  You can’t be too willful to turn off the good content.

  According to the "Regulations", to provide live Internet services, we should abide by laws and regulations and cultivate a positive and healthy network culture; At the same time, the Internet live broadcast service shall not be used to engage in activities prohibited by laws and regulations such as endangering national security, undermining social stability, disturbing social order, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others, and spreading obscenity and pornography.

  Zhu huaxin, secretary-general of public opinion monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online, said that keeping good content is the basis for controlling the chaos of webcasting. The most important thing for the healthy development of webcasting is that it cannot break through the moral bottom line and the legal red line. The promulgation of the Regulations will help to make things clear, curb the vulgarity of videos and enhance the cultural taste of webcasting.

  Barrage is a very important expression of webcasting, and also an important part of webcasting.

  The "Regulations" emphasize that Internet live broadcast service providers should strengthen the real-time management of live interactive links such as comments and barrage, and equip corresponding management personnel. Zhu huaxin said that barrage is a favorite expression of young people, which is very interesting and vivid, and can play a very good interactive effect. However, there are some contents in the barrage that deviate from the mainstream values, such as gender discrimination, geographical discrimination, vulgar culture, etc., which cannot be allowed to flood. The live broadcast platform needs to do a good job to prevent some sub-cultural things from eroding young people.

  To implement the "main responsibility" of live broadcast platform, Internet live news should have "double qualifications"

  Equipped with professionals suitable for the service scale, and improve the systems of information audit, information security management, on-duty inspection and emergency response; Should have the technical ability to block the live Internet broadcast immediately; We should establish a live content auditing platform … … The "Regulations" clarify the main responsibilities that Internet live broadcast service providers should implement.

  "To solve the chaos of webcasting, we must firmly grasp the nose of the webcast platform." Wang Sixin, director of the Network Law and Intellectual Property Research Center of China Communication University, believes that while enjoying the benefits brought by live broadcast, Internet live broadcast service providers should also undertake their due obligations in terms of staffing, technical support and content supervision. With the rapid development of Internet live broadcast, some live broadcast platforms have begun to involve the field of news dissemination and become an important channel for news information dissemination.

  Zhu huaxin believes that the dissemination of news information has gradually shifted from words to pictures and videos, especially the live video broadcast has a strong impact and influence in the dissemination because of its immediacy and sense of scene, and it also brings certain hidden dangers.

  In order to regulate the live broadcast service of Internet news information, the Regulations put forward the requirement of "double qualification", that is, both Internet live broadcast service providers and Internet live broadcast publishers should obtain the qualification of Internet news information service according to law when providing Internet news information service; Internet live broadcast service providers should implement the management of live broadcast content after trial; An editor-in-chief shall be established to provide live broadcast service of Internet news information.

  "In the era of second shots and webcasts, there is a video that does not necessarily have the truth. For example, some truncated videos can’t reflect the whole picture of the facts, and it is easy to misunderstand and misread. When the audience doesn’t know the truth, it is easy to produce emotional reading effects. " Zhu huaxin said that both photographers and platform providers should grasp the principle of news authenticity and have the obligation to identify and check.

  Comment: Internet live broadcast management is healthier.

[Today's Concern] Webcast cannot be willful.

  The relevant person in charge of the National Network Information Office said that Internet live broadcast has developed rapidly as a new form of communication, but some live broadcast platforms spread information such as pornography, violence, rumors and fraud, which violates the core values of socialism and especially brings adverse effects to the physical and mental health of young people. Other platforms lack relevant qualifications, conduct live news information in violation of regulations, and disrupt the normal communication order, which must be regulated. Xinhua News Agency issued Xu Junzuo

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 4th (Xinhua News Agency reporter Ying Zhou, Zhu Jichai) The National Network Information Office issued the Regulations on the Administration of Internet Live Broadcasting Service on November 4th. As soon as the regulations come out, some webcast platform companies may feel "bound" and "uncomfortable". But management is not for "controlling death", but for the healthy development of the industry.

  Restricting and prohibiting live webcasts that gain eyeballs by low-level interests is conducive to maintaining a healthy and orderly industry environment, creating a clean and honest cyberspace, and making live broadcast platforms that provide high-quality content according to laws and regulations stand out.

  Recently, webcasting has sprung up, and many high-quality cultural products have amplified their communication influence and attracted a large number of audiences through webcasting channels, which has become a bright color in the new economy. However, due to the low threshold of webcasting, some information publishers rely on vulgar content to gain eyeballs and illegally speculate on marketing. Some live broadcast platforms "turn a blind eye" in content review; Some live broadcast platforms illegally broadcast news, and "headline party" and "rumor party" are full of them. These have seriously disrupted the market competition order and social management order. It is necessary to standardize and manage it.

  While restricting the illegal acts that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of netizens under the guise of webcasting, the regulations are also intended to guide the live broadcast service platform to fulfill its responsibilities as a content supervisor and technology controller.

  In addition, the regulations also put forward a series of clear requirements for the live broadcast of Internet news information services. Implementing these requirements is conducive to ensuring the authenticity of news at the source of news production and curbing news infringement and false news to the maximum extent.

It’s about you! From tomorrow, these new rules will affect your life!

  CCTV News:On July 1, a number of new laws and regulations will be formally implemented. These include: the state establishes a rehabilitation and assistance system for disabled children; Buying commercial health insurance can deduct a tax; Implement the full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places, loss reporting and lost claim; Apps with non-basic functions of mobile phones should ensure that they can be uninstalled; The "Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales" explicitly prohibits raising the price of cars; Learning Chinese medicine by learning from the teacher, you can obtain the qualification of Chinese medicine doctor after recommendation and examination.

  The state establishes a rehabilitation and assistance system for disabled children.


  The Regulations on Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons shall come into force on July 1, 2017. The regulations are clear:

  The state establishes a rehabilitation assistance system for disabled children, and gradually realizes that children with vision, hearing, speech, limbs, intelligence and other disabilities and autistic children aged 0-6 years old can receive free services such as surgery, assistive devices and rehabilitation training;

  Improve the nursing subsidy system for severely disabled people;

  Through the implementation of key rehabilitation projects, we will provide basic rehabilitation services for poor and severely disabled people in urban and rural areas.

  Buying commercial health insurance can deduct a tax.

  The Ministry of Finance, the State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued a notice to promote the pilot policy of individual income tax for commercial health insurance to be implemented nationwide from July 1, 2017. It is clear in the notice that the expenses of individuals purchasing commercial health insurance products that meet the requirements are allowed to be deducted before tax when calculating the taxable income in the current year (month), and the deduction limit is 2,400 yuan/year (200 yuan/month).

  Take the monthly salary of 5,000 yuan as an example. In the past, the monthly tax payable was (5,000-3,500) x 3% = 45 yuan. After purchasing commercial health insurance, the tax payable was (5,000-3,700) x 3% = 39 yuan. In summary, 6 yuan is paid less every month, and 72 yuan is paid less in one year.

  Full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places, loss reporting and lost claim.

  The Opinions of the Ministry of Public Security issued at the end of 2015 on Establishing the System of Receiving and Reporting the Loss of Resident Identity Cards in Different Places clearly pointed out that on July 1, 2017, the work of receiving and reporting the loss of resident identity cards in different places and collecting the lost identity cards will be fully implemented.

  (1) I apply to the public security organ’s resident ID card acceptance point in my place of residence, fill in the Registration Form for Resident ID Card Acceptance in Different Places, and pay the certificate fee.

  (2) After accepting an application at a different place, the acceptance information will be transmitted to the public security organ of the applicant’s domicile, and the county-level public security organ of the domicile will examine and issue it in time.

  (3) The public security organ in the place of residence shall complete the production, verification and issuance within the statutory time limit after receiving the information on the certification issued after examination, and the applicant shall go to the acceptance point to collect the certificate with the receipt of the certification.

  A number of fees have been lowered, and ordinary passports have cost less in 40 yuan.

  The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice to reduce some administrative fees, stipulating that from July 1, 2017, the fees for telecommunication network code number resource occupation, frequency occupation, citizen entry and exit certificate fees, motor vehicle driving license fees, temporary entry motor vehicle license plate and driving license fees, water and soil conservation compensation fees, pesticide actual (trial) inspection fees, integrated circuit layout design protection fees and other fees will be reduced.

  Among them, the standard for ordinary passports is reduced from 200 yuan to 160 yuan. The fee standard for travel permits to Hong Kong and Macao will be reduced from 50 yuan to 40 yuan per permit. In addition, the fees for travel permits to and from Hong Kong and Macao and those for travel permits to and from Taiwan have all been lowered.

  Apps with non-basic functions of mobile phones should ensure that the uninstallable apps cannot be bundled and promoted.

  The Interim Provisions on the Administration of Preset and Distribution of Mobile Intelligent Terminal Application Software issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been implemented since July 1st.

  Manufacturers and Internet information service providers should ensure that mobile intelligent terminal application software can be uninstalled except basic function software.

  Without express and user’s consent, it is not allowed to collect and use user’s personal information, open application software, bundle and promote other application software, etc., which infringe on users’ legitimate rights and interests or endanger network security.

  The implementation of the "Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales" prohibits raising the price of cars.

  On July 1st, the Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales issued by the Ministry of Commerce was officially implemented. It is explicitly required that dealers shall not increase sales or charge extra fees beyond the list price.

  The method also makes it clear that suppliers and dealers should deliver the automobile factory certificate of domestic automobiles, the goods import certificate of imported automobiles and the inspection certificate of imported automobiles at the same time.

  The new regulations for new energy vehicles immediately stop production and sales when safety problems are discovered.

  The "Regulations on the Administration of New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers and Products Access" promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shall come into force on July 1, 2017.

  This regulation requires new energy vehicle manufacturers to have the design and development capabilities, production capabilities, product consistency assurance capabilities and product safety assurance capabilities necessary for the production of new energy vehicle products, and requires production enterprises to establish a monitoring platform for the operation safety status of new energy vehicle products. It is clear that if a production enterprise finds that there are serious problems such as safety of new energy automobile products, it should immediately stop the production and sales of related products and take measures for rectification.

  Learning Chinese medicine by learning from teachers can be qualified as a Chinese medicine doctor after being recommended and examined.

  The Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Traditional Chinese Medicine came into force on July 1, 2017. It is clear that if a Chinese medicine clinic is held, the name, address, scope of diagnosis and treatment and staffing of the clinic can be reported to the competent department of Chinese medicine of the local people’s government at the county level for the record before practicing activities can be carried out.

  The law also makes it clear that those who study Chinese medicine by way of apprenticeship or who have acquired expertise in medical skills after years of practice can be recommended by at least two Chinese medicine doctors and qualified by the competent departments of Chinese medicine of the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.

  Ordinary investors in securities and futures receive special protection.

  The Measures for the Administration of the Suitability of Securities and Futures Investors was formally implemented on July 1st. This method divides investors into ordinary investors and professional investors according to their basic situation, financial status, investment knowledge and experience, investment objectives, risk preference and other factors. The measures stipulate that ordinary investors enjoy special protection in terms of information notification, risk warning and appropriate matching.

  If investors voluntarily request to buy products with a risk level higher than their risk tolerance, after special risk warning procedures, operating institutions can still sell products to them, and investors’ right to buy and sell stocks will not be affected.

  Internet map service providers should protect personal information.

  The newly revised Surveying and Mapping Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) shall come into force on July 1, 2017. It is clear that Internet map service providers should use maps that have been examined and approved according to law, establish a map data security management system, strengthen the verification of new contents of Internet maps, and improve service quality. Units that produce and use geographic information and Internet map service providers shall abide by the provisions of laws and administrative regulations on the protection of personal information when collecting and using users’ personal information.

  The VAT rate of taxpayers selling or importing agricultural products and books is reduced.

  The Ministry of Finance and State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China announced that the value-added tax rate would be reduced from four grades to three grades, and the 13% value-added tax rate would be abolished. From July 1st, taxpayers selling or importing agricultural products (including grain), edible salt, books, newspapers, magazines, audio-visual products and electronic publications will be eligible for a lower VAT rate of 11%.

  Announcement of State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China on Simplifying the Procedures for Handling Tax Administrative Licensing Matters shall come into force on July 1, 2017.

  The announcement clarified five measures to degenerate and optimize the procedures for handling tax administrative licensing matters, including simplifying the acceptance of documents, providing agency forwarding services, simplifying application materials, realizing the appointment of consulting services, and improving the delivery methods of documents. The tax authorities can obtain part of the taxpayer’s license and approval document information, such as industrial and commercial registration information, through government information sharing. Therefore, the announcement cancels the requirements for submitting the above licenses and approval documents in the application materials for tax administrative license, thus avoiding repeated submission of materials.

Why are the three main melody films of "Super Burning" in cinemas during the Eleventh Holiday so attractive?

My People,My Country poster

The Captain poster

The Climbers poster

  This holiday, the cinema is very lively. My People,My Country, The Captain, The Climbers’s three main melody films have a gratifying box office. As of October 5th, the box office of three films of My People,My Country, The Captain and The Climbers continued to be strong, breaking through the 1.8 billion yuan, 1.5 billion yuan and 680 million yuan respectively. The network scores are all above 9 points, and many viewers spontaneously brush their screens and praise them after reading them.

  According to the analysis of insiders, all three films are theme films, and their themes are also in line with the patriotic enthusiasm of the audience. It is not surprising that they can achieve such "high energy" results.

  With the audience’s enthusiasm for watching movies, the box office of Chinese movies has once again set a new record. On October 3, 2019, the cumulative box office of China film market exceeded 50 billion yuan, one day ahead of 2018. Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Huang An

  My People,My Country

  Audience: I want to say "I love my motherland" again after reading it.

  My People,My Country is undoubtedly the most popular movie among the audience during the Eleventh Holiday this year. Seven directors and seven stories, just like a jigsaw puzzle, spell out a magnificent grand plan for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The biggest highlight of the film lies in its novel angle. In front of the grand theme, the seven directors invariably chose the perspective of ordinary people to cut in, and linked the emotional connection with the motherland with the stories of ordinary people. With ingenious ideas and novel perspectives, it is a real family movie.

  So, what’s so beautiful about My People,My Country? First of all, co-directing by seven directors is a major attraction. Chen Kaige, Zhang Yibai, Xú Zhēng, Ning Hao, Guan Hu, Xue Xiaolu and Muye Wen are the dream teams of China films. However, who can answer better under the same composition? After the film is released, the audience will inevitably compare the works of seven directors. From the current point of view, Xú Zhēng and Ning Hao’s "homework" is obviously better.

  Leap, directed by Xú Zhēng, has the inspiration of sports films and the childlike interest of children’s films: the favorite female classmate is going to study abroad, and the primary school students want to see her for the last time in winter and winter, but on the other hand, the grandparents, uncles and aunts in the alley are waiting for him to hold the TV antenna on the rooftop to ensure the smooth watching of the live broadcast of the China women’s volleyball team in the final of the Los Angeles Olympic Games. One side is "love" and the other side is responsibility. The dilemma of winter and winter has become the biggest highlight of the whole film. With the clever use of humorous comic thinking, the characters are pushed to an embarrassing situation, and the resulting laughter, coupled with the high-profile women’s volleyball championship, makes Leap a very infectious short film.

  Hello Beijing directed by Ning Hao corresponds to the important moment of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing on August 8, 2008. Ge You plays a garrulous Beijing taxi driver. Because of a ticket for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, he accidentally became a pair of "tell it to the judge" with a Sichuan child who lost his father in the earthquake. Ning Hao’s comedy talent was brought into full play in the play, and the whole story was full of humor and highly completed. Ge You’s performance is amazing, and people can’t help feeling: "Ginger is still old and spicy."

  The story is grounded and awakens the memory of the whole people.

  My People,My Country is grounded in the story, and the protagonists of the film are all ordinary people, which makes it easier for ordinary audiences to resonate with the story in the film.

  The film selected seven most representative historical moments, and seven touching stories touched every audience and awakened unforgettable memories in the deep heart. Many viewers expressed great appreciation for My People,My Country: it is a grounded and sentimental film. Some viewers believe that every character in the film is full of the imprint of the times closely related to the great events of the motherland, which allows the audience to connect their personal experiences, memories and the development of the motherland in watching movies, triggering strong memories. "Every ordinary person is inextricably linked with the motherland, and the film makes me feel the emotion that can never be given up and blood is thicker than water again." "Just after watching My People,My Country, every story is in tears, moved, proud and excited, and I want to say it again ‘ I love my motherland ’ 。”

  The most vivid story of unknown behind-the-scenes achievements

  In addition, there are many stories in the film that are secret, whether it’s the engineer in The Night Before, the scientific researcher in Meet, or the "flying man" in the military parade. Behind one highlight moment after another, the hard work and wisdom of countless ordinary people are hidden. The film expresses the close connection between personal experience and the country.

  For example, the film The Night Before directed by Guan Hu focuses on founding ceremony, the engineer behind the first electric flag-raising in New China, Lin Zhiyuan. In just one day, he must find out and solve the hidden trouble behind the electric flag-raising. Having a "fear of heights", he finally overcame his psychological obstacles and climbed the flagpole of a square more than 20 meters high, which solved the technical problems and ensured the smooth rise of the first five-star red flag in New China.

  Zhang Yibai’s Meet depicts a scientific research worker who is dedicated to the cause of national defense science and technology. The story of him and his girlfriend is the epitome of many unsung heroes and their families on the national defense science and technology front.

  Xue Xiaolu’s "Reunification" not only reminds people of the tearful scene of the ceremony of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland in 1997, but also reveals a story about time behind the ceremony. At 0: 00 on July 1, 1997, Hong Kong returned to the embrace of the motherland on time. What many people don’t know is that the Chinese and British sides negotiated for 16 rounds in order to raise the five-star red flag without delay.

  As the only story with women as the leading role in the seven stories, Escort reproduces the unknown side of the military parade from the unique perspective of "preparing for flying", and shows the heroic spirit of the female pilots of the China Air Force with delicate plot descriptions, showing a spirit of sacrifice behind the peacetime.

  It is these stories that we seldom know at ordinary times that make the most vivid stories in My People,My Country.

  The Captain

  Audience: A true, shocking and touching story.

  The Captain was adapted from a real event, and the prototype was the emergency standby event of Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 on May 14th last year.

  As far as the film is concerned, the true story that The Captain drew from itself has its own point of view, and the degree of adventure can be called the level of movie blockbusters. The crew spent tens of millions of yuan to restore the Airbus A319 simulator. With the help of technology, the audience can feel the thrilling moment more personally, making people sweat when sitting in the cinema.

  At the same time, in dealing with many details, the film is exactly the same as what really happened. The sentence "Chengdu, Sichuan 8633 is calling you" that impressed the audience in the film is from a true story. Li Xian, who plays this role, has almost the same lines as the recording of the prototype at that time, and all kinds of details make the audience feel the miracle of this world-class civil aviation history.

  It is worth mentioning that the actors’ performances are also very good, especially Yolanda. As a flight attendant, she played a professional flight attendant. When all the passengers panicked, screamed and cried, there was a story of standing up and shouting with the passengers. The gentle and firm eyes were the most burning moment of the film.

  As another commercial blockbuster with the main theme, The Captain’s rhythm is handled properly, and the story is gripping. The audience said in succession that "the heart beats faster after watching it". "The story is true, shocking and touching". Many viewers are deeply impressed by the heroic crew: "The crew who are not in danger is simply a reassurance for everyone." Some viewers said, "Thank you, Captain China!"

  The Climbers

  Audience: This is a truly patriotic blockbuster.

  The film The Climbers, adapted from a real historical event, tells a fascinating story of China climbers climbing Mount Everest twice in 1960s and 1970s.

  In 1960, the China mountaineering team broke the limit and achieved the feat of climbing Mount Everest from the northern slope for the first time. However, due to the lack of image data of the summit, there has always been doubt in the world. In 1975, China climbed Mount Everest again, which was the highlight of the film The Climbers.

  As a rare mountaineering theme in domestic movies, The Climbers has an advantage in stories, which not only has a strong sense of mystery, but also has a burning patriotic feeling.

  Avalanches, squalls and blizzards, as well as Jason Wu’s leaping over a huge ice crack to rescue the whole team and climbers who tied themselves to ladders and struggled to survive, appeared one after another, which made people feel shocked and nervous. At the end of the movie, Fang Wuzhou (Jason Wu) dug up the flashlight with the five-star red flag from the top of Mount Everest, and his eyes were moist! When the bright five-star red flag fluttered at the top of Mount Everest, the audience cried! Many viewers said with emotion: "This is a truly patriotic blockbuster."

  "Our own mountain, we must climb it ourselves!" Many lines in the play have made countless audiences see their blood surging! "They are China climbers who should not be forgotten. Fortunately, the feat of Chinese people climbing Mount Everest has finally been put on the big screen." "I am very proud after watching the movie. This is the real patriotic movie." "This group of climbers inspires us today. Everyone has a Mount Everest in his heart. That is our goal in life. We must overcome all difficulties to conquer it."

  However, there are many controversies in the emotional drama of the film. In the play, Jason Wu and Zhang Ziyi talked about a love affair that spanned years. Another emotional drama focuses on Jing Bo Ran’s Li Guoliang and the Tibetan girl "Black Peony". The favorite audience thinks that this love flashing on the towering peaks makes people cry, and at the same time shows the humanized side of mountaineering heroes.

  When talking about why the romantic bridge was added to the theme of mountaineering, Jason Wu explained during the road show in Guangzhou that if a movie is all about mountaineering, it will be very boring. Integrating love, affection and friendship into the story will make the film more vital. "It is precisely because of emotions that climbers have support and care when they resist the harsh environment of nature." (Huang ‘an)

Can various "partners" unlock new consumption?

"Dinner partner", "game partner", "fitness partner" and "travel partner" … Recently, the related topics of "social partner" have attracted the attention of many netizens both online and in real life.

According to some surveys, more than half of the young people interviewed have partners. Most people choose to socialize together. The advantage is that they have the same purpose or needs, can help each other, save money and unlock new consumption patterns. And for some people, "partner" is just another name for friends, which is a kind of "fast food" friendship.

Finding a "travel partner" on the Internet is the key to saving money.

"I was born in 1995. I usually have two days off at work on weekends. I have few things to do. I am not picky about eating. I can make dinner appointments, go shopping, watch movies, kill scripts, etc." A few days ago, on the social platform, the reporter saw such a dating message. Later, the reporter searched the information of Shenyang area on other video social platforms according to the "partner" and found that there were many such "partner" information.

It is understood that the word "partner" originated from Shanghai dialect. In the dictionary of Shanghai dialect published in 2007, the definition of "partner" is: "people who play cards together are extended to partners." But now the "partner" in hot search has a new meaning. The "partner" in the eyes of young people is the partner of a theme activity, focusing on the precise companionship of a vertical subdivision field. This lightweight and fast-paced relationship is favored by many people.

During the investigation, the reporter found that most of the main people who are looking for "partners" in the same city travel online are post-90 s and post-00 s, among which women are more than men, but the requirements they are looking for are generally the same sex with their own age.

Born in 1998, Li Tingyan told reporters that she wanted to travel in Yunnan recently, but she was afraid that it would be boring to go alone, so she wanted to find a "travel partner" on the Internet. "In this way, I can have multiple companions. My ideal’ partner’ is a girl who is similar to my age. After all, I am a stranger. I mainly consider security issues, and most of my trips need to stay overnight. From an economic point of view, girls can save some money from eating to living. If you live, you can choose a room." Li Tingyan told reporters that she had a "partner" experience before, but the difference was the information she found online, and this time she posted online to find a "partner". Before she met the last "partner", she first added WeChat, and then they watched it twice to confirm some basic information, and then discussed where to travel, and then began to do raiders. Li Tingyan calculated the account for herself. The last time she went to Sichuan and Chongqing, she spent 7 days and stayed for 6 days. Together with eating, taking a bus, tickets for scenic spots, etc., she saved hundreds of yuan on accommodation and meals alone.

Yu Xiaohan is a white-collar worker who works in a state-owned bank in Shenyang. She told reporters: "The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. I’m going to play around Shenyang. It happens that my friends have other plans, so I want to find a partner to play. I didn’t make it last May Day. I must succeed this time!"

The opposite sex "rice partner" saves both food money and gas.

According to the 2023 Partner Social Research Report, 95.8% of the 1,431 respondents showed the need for this kind of companionship. As can be seen from the data, the "partner" has become the spiritual pillar of contemporary young people.

A few days ago, the China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center "Joint Questionnaire Network" conducted a survey of 1,335 respondents, showing that 72.6% of the young people interviewed said that they had "partners" in their lives, and 68.9% of the young people interviewed thought that finding "partners" was a brave step to step out of the social comfort zone and seek a new social model.

According to the survey, most of them are "rice partners" (52.9%), "sports partners" (43.4%), "traveling partners" (37.7%), "learning partners" (34.2%) and "playing partners" (31.1%), and others are "walking the baby partners".

In addition, whether there is enough time (34.2%), appearance (29.5%) and whether you can provide help (15.3%) are also factors that everyone will consider when looking for a partner. Among the young people interviewed, 27.9% were born after 00, 49.9% after 90 and 22.2% after 80.

Lin Xinxin graduated from university in July this year and found a company to work in Shenyang. Because she just graduated, in order to save money, she shared a house next to the company. My roommate is Wei Tao, a college student who graduated last year. "One day I was cooking in the kitchen. Wei Tao smelled the smell of rice and asked me if I could bring him a bite to eat. He told me that because he is a boy, he can’t cook, and he always buys takeout or eats the canteen in the unit. It is really not to his liking. He wants to be a’ rice partner’ with me and bring him a bite every time he eats! And he also said that in the future, the water, electricity and gas money at home will be paid by him, and the meal money will also be AA. " Lin Xinxin said that all of us are young people, who have come to Shenyang from other places to work hard, and it is appropriate to help each other, so she agreed. Every time, I will cook for two people, and then each person will be half. "In this way, I can save money on food, water, electricity and gas, and spend at least 300 to 400 yuan a month. This is really a good way to save money for me who just joined the work!"

In addition to traveling, eating and other common "partners", there are some people who like new things, like some minority things, and can’t find anyone with the same interest around them, so they can only find "partners" online.

Xue Xiaochang and He Jingyang met on the Internet. Last Sunday, they went to Zhongjie to smoke a blind box for a "reward" and a "3D printing chocolate machine". "Today, we mainly took a fancy to the Gundam series" A Reward ",because it is an old version. If all of them are to be smoked, it will cost about 2,800 yuan, but I personally only like A Reward and D Reward, and He Jingyang just likes B Reward and C Reward. We are all-inclusive, and each person only needs to spend 1,400 yuan on average. If other rewards and last rewards are sold, each person only needs to spend about 1000 yuan, and at the same time, he can get himself. Xue Xiaochang told reporters.

On the occasion of "June 18", the "beauty partner" was opened.

Every year, "June 18th" is a time when major e-commerce companies show their talents. How to buy their favorite beauty cosmetics in big promotions is the most concerned topic for every lady who loves beauty. It is understood that this year’s "June 18" in addition to issuing coupons, full discounts and other preferential policies, many beauty and skin care brands regard "buy formal clothes and send formal clothes" as a standard operation. And spelling out a small sample and looking for a "beauty partner" has obviously become the best choice for young people to participate in online shopping promotion.

According to the data released by the e-commerce platform and the data of Oteo Consulting, during the pre-sale period from May 26 to 30, the GMV (total merchandise transaction) of Tmall Beauty was about 8.587 billion yuan. The retail sales of Tmall Skin Care (beauty and skin care/body/essential oil) is 7.2 billion yuan, ranking first in the whole industry.

On social platforms, many people have launched a "beauty partner". "Dress all belong to you, I just want a sample; I only need two of the four eye creams, so I can find another beautiful woman to share the other two … "to form a" beauty partner ",so I can get what I need.

Searching with the keyword "6 18" and "partner" immediately jumped out of many net posts. Among them, "beauty makeup" is particularly prominent.

"Two days ago, I robbed an eye cream in the live broadcast room, and the price was 400 yuan. I sent two 10ml liquid foundation samples. I have my own liquid foundation samples. What should I do? Just on the social platform, I saw someone asking for a liquid foundation sample. Finally, I agreed with the other party to sell it to her by 80 yuan, which killed two birds with one stone! " Zhao Zitong, who lives in Tiexi District, said that it is much cheaper than eye cream sold separately in specialty stores and online.

Is "beauty makeup" reliable? Will you buy fakes? "In order to prevent problems in the transaction, under normal circumstances, I will let the other party print the transaction record, and on the second-hand platform, I will explain before the transaction that I must not open it, and then I will pay attention to the personal information of the other party and choose a transaction with high credit." Netizen @ Like Lemon Taste Qianer gave her own way to distinguish fakes.

Expert interpretation

"Partner Culture" can unlock a new mode of consumption.

What is the popular "partner" culture like in the eyes of professionals? To this end, the reporter interviewed Li Sen, director of the office of the School of Management of Shenyang Normal University, deputy director-level researcher and doctor of ethics of Liaoning University.

Q: Nowadays, all kinds of "partners" are popular. Many people try to save money? What do you think?

Li Sen: "Tie Zi" can really save some consumption cost. "Food partners" and "movie partners" … have gradually formed a value consensus of saving money among youth groups. For example, a ticket for a scenic spot in 120 yuan, if tourists who share the same desire to visit form a "team", can enjoy the same preferential price as "group", and the ticket price will be 20% off, which means a ticket for 96 yuan, saving 24 yuan for each ticket. Of course, "small things save less, big things save more", such as buying a car, buying a house and other large-scale consumption activities, the money-saving effect of "taking a child" is even more powerful!

Q: Can the "partner culture" unlock a new model for consumption?

Li Sen: Absolutely. First, young people who are keen to find a partner are mainly the post-80s, post-90s and post-00s, and these people are the mainstream of chasing and leading fashion consumption in today’s society. Driven by the desire to seek novelty and satisfy curiosity, they can naturally achieve the effect of stimulating consumption. Second, the "partner culture" has a strong adhesion, which can quickly attract a group of acquaintances or strangers with similar interests and hobbies (the latter is more popular) to participate in one or more consumption activities, and the increase in popularity itself becomes an important condition and fundamental guarantee for the sales activities to create economic benefits. Third, the "partner culture" has accurate docking ability, and through the subdivision of "stores and partners", the new industry that promotes niche has expanded from an inconspicuous "partial door" to a mature business. This business development model is likely to broaden sales channels and create more opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment while meeting the needs of the consumer market for niche and fine products.

Q: How can a "beauty partner" avoid buying fakes?

Li Sen: I think that "buying fake goods" is an accidental event after all, and the probability event of "selling fake goods" does not only occur in the "partner culture", but also may encounter similar problems in other online and offline business activities. Therefore, we should not "once bitten by a snake, twice shy of a rope in a well", let alone completely deny it. Instead, we should hold an inclusive attitude, a broad mind and a long-term vision to treat this new consumption unlocking model and help it develop healthily and gradually mature.

Liaoshen Evening News reporter He Weili

For 32 years, we owe him a hot search! An exclusive analysis of Islander

Special feature of 1905 film network 32 years, 3 years, 125 minutes.The compressed fragments of life are not only a period of time that flies by, but for some people, it may be a lifetime.

These three groups of time, about the model of the times, Wang Jicai and Wang Shihua, about the director, but also about the film and every creative behind it.

When Chen Li received this project, Jude Wong just left you soon. It is more difficult to shoot the 32-year "story of keeping the island" at this node than any of her past film works.


"I am particularly afraid of hurting her (Wang Shihua)." During the interview, Chen Li kept repeating this concern to us. Chen Li is like this, and so is the actor who plays Wang Jicai.


Perhaps it was with this concern that the main creators moved forward step by step, and finally achieved this "Island Keeper", with the sentence after Wang Shihua’s reflection, "I think of many things before. Lao Wang can’t see this movie anymore. I would like to thank the directors and actors for him. Thank you for telling the story of keeping the island. "


This thank you is more important than all comments.


Director Chen Li (Photo/Yang Nan)

# First visit to Kaishan Island #

The story of Wang Jicai and Wang Shihua’s "touching China" has already been reported by various media, so how to solve the problem before shooting their stories?


"I can’t make this story into a textbook, which wastes the subject matter. I must present them to the audience." Chen Li gave himself a written pledge to fulfill a military order.

Unlike the story of shooting great men in the past, this story belongs to the present and is close to the life of every audience. Chen Li’s first reaction to "living under the sun" is like this. Only in this way can the "realism" be expressed.

Kaishan Island is located in the outpost of the Yellow Sea in China, with an area of only two football fields, and its strategic position is very important.


In the Spring Festival of 2019, Chen Li and his team decided to set foot on Kaishan Island to collect wind.


Like the movie, Bao Zhengfu is at the helm of the boat to Kaishan Island. "Today’s boat is very safe and stable, and I am still learning to sail with Boss Bao on the way." All the details in the process are slowly recorded in Chen Li’s mind, and finally they are also displayed by the camera.


The power of reality is infinite. When the ship is getting closer and closer to Kaishan Island, the rain is still sparse, and Chen Li and his party see the figure waving to them in the distance more and more clear, short and thin, but with a strong aura, that is Wang Shihua.

When the ship docked, Wang Shihua took the cable thrown out by Boss Bao, and the whole process was completed in one go. It was this proficiency that made Chen Li have mixed feelings.


In the past, when reading newspapers, all media people emphasized that their family was ordinary people. At that moment, Chen Li felt that she was looking up to her, and she was not ordinary people.


"When she reached out and pulled me ashore, my nose suddenly became sore, because those hands were full of the touch of years." Formal that shake hands for the first time, Chen Li felt that the distance between the two people was narrowed, like an old friend who had not seen for a long time, and had lived in her heart.


Walking from the shore to the residence, Wang Shihua and Chen Li explained the peach trees and grapes that Wang Jicai planted with her at that time, as well as the wells that had been the source of fresh water for both of them. All the daily necessities happened on Kaishan Island, which was also the details of these 32 years, and witnessed the step-by-step changes of Kaishan Island.


Wang Shihua didn’t tell Chen Li about the emotions of how to persist, but all the stories she told were romantic stories with Lao Wang (Wang Jicai). "Lao Wang likes listening to her sing very much, and finally she sang" The Most Romantic Thing ". She also told me how two people looked at the stars on the roof. "


The two people’s insistence on Kaishan Island has been written into romance.


# Next life #

When receiving this project, Liu Ye was not confident.


Of course, for Chen Li, she was hesitant at first. "After all, Liu Ye is a first-line actor. How can we make the audience forget that he is Liu Ye under the camera?"


Liu Ye (Photo/Yang Nan)

So, Chen Li took Liu Ye to Kaishan Island to live with him, so that he could really feel their life on the spot. Even so, he was worried at first that he didn’t play well enough, but in the days of living together, the crew and the Wang Shihua family became more and more close, and that intimacy no longer made Chen Li feel that everyone was going to experience life, but to visit relatives.


Even Wang Shihua’s daughter finally began to call Chen Li a dopted mother. In a small talk, Wang Zhiguo suddenly said to Liu Ye, "Teacher Liu, in fact, you are very similar to my father in many places." Or this sentence, all of a sudden to Liu Ye increased confidence.


After the official boot, Liu Ye will run in the shooting area every day. Because Chen Li pursued real-life shooting, he finally made a 1:1 replica of Kaishan Island in Pingtan, Fujian. For this island, the team spent half a year before and after. Even though Chen Li was advised in the early stage, many things can be done by CG.


In order to take care of the camera shooting, Liu Ye needs to measure his steps accurately. "He runs every day, and he doesn’t know how many times he falls. In addition, he is exposed to the sun, and his skin bursts at the end." Not only that, there are all kinds of mosquito bites on the island. In the end, Liu Ye spent two and a half hours on makeup, but in the end, because there were too many real scars on his body, the makeup time was directly compressed.

From the beginning of choosing an actor, Chen Li said the most, that is, let the actor "stop acting" and really become that role. A few days after turning on the phone, Chen Li felt that Liu Ye in the camera was no longer himself, but Wang Jicai.


In order to shoot this work well, Liu Ye took the initiative to find Chen Li. "If the team wants to ask for leave, you must refuse."


When the film was roughly cut out, Chen Li called Liu Ye to watch it in the computer room. At last, he was in tears and told Chen Li that he really forgot to play it.


The same is true.


In order to present a good state, I was also exposed to the sun on the island, and filming was also plain. In the movie, she had a heavy scene of childbirth. In order to interpret it, she went to several maternity hospitals to understand the process of giving birth and feel that state.


There are not many scenes, and I also live with the director. He, who has worked with Chen Li, is the first actor in The Islander. This role spans 32 years and almost bears the burden of the changes of the times in the whole movie.


Because Zray is a Beijinger with a heavy Beijing accent, he will take the initiative to propose a remake with the director whenever he doesn’t mean to say a word "Er Hua Yin".


# Touched #

On June 8th, the premiere of "Island Keeper", Wang Shihua finished watching the film for the first time.


Chen Li was worried that she would be overwhelmed by the content in the movie. "Her feelings with Lao Wang are really too deep." Everyone expected what Wang Shihua would say after the screening, but the first sentence was just a few words, "Sister, I am really touched, very good, and I don’t know what to say."


Wang Shihua and the crew (Photo/Yang Nan)

Simple, love is already in the depths, just like their spirit of guarding the island.


"You watch the island, and I watch you." This is what Wang Shihua said the most in the movie, sincere, romantic and pure. This sentence is from the real Wang Shihua’s original words.


And this sentence is the motivation for her to spend 32 years guarding Kaishan Island.

In fact, before director Chen Li and screenwriter Ding Han write, people who hesitate to do things must have motives — — What made Wang Jicai and his wife stick to this island for 32 years?


Later, from the interview and communication, it was found that they had no motivation, that is, to do one thing well.


Director Chen Li also told Ding Han not to talk about the reasons for sticking to it. Although the island has its important strategic position, they are ordinary people in ordinary posts, just like the saying in the movie, "If a person does one thing well all his life, he will not lose heart".


The film involves many scenes that look very dramatic.


For example, when Wang Shihua went to the island for the first time, he was scared silly by the scruffy man with a beard in front of him, and even filed for divorce. This is not an artistic process, but a true story.


After Wang Jicai went to the island for the first time, he told people from time to time that he met the fox spirit on the island. All this is also a story we have encountered in reality. "Wang Shihua told us that when Lao Wang Gang went to the island, he was actually lonely and afraid. He had never experienced such a typhoon day, so he had these fantasies and kept telling the story of Fox Fairy with those who went to the island."


Not only these stories, but Chen Li transplanted almost all the details of their lives into the movies. The puppies in the film are lovely and vivid for the film. In real life, puppies also exist, and they are the best companions of Wang Jicai and his wife.


During the filming, Wang Shihua visited Ban once. But that time, it was the scene that Chen Li didn’t want her to visit the class the most — — That was the scene where Wang Jicai left everyone in the movie.


"I know, in Shihua’s heart, Lao Wang hasn’t left yet, and I’m really worried about her. When she watched it at the scene, she kept crying and said, it’s too much like Lao Wang." All these details stimulated Chen Li’s second creation, so at the end of the film, she arranged a scene of waving a flag. "In her imagination, Wang Jicai came back."


The movie "Island Keeper" has finally been released, and all about the life of Wang Jicai and his wife will be truly presented to the audience. Whether it is life or art, this "Island Keeper Spirit" will eventually give everyone an inner purification.

"A New Open Power-China’s Choice for Building an Open World Economy" Summit Forum and New Book Launch Conference were held in Beijing.

  Facing the great changes that have never happened in the world in the past century, as a new open country, China, how to deal with the complicated and changeable external situation, how to maintain the multilateral trading system, how to promote an open, inclusive, balanced and win-win economic globalization, and how to coordinate the international and domestic situations through opening up have become major issues to achieve high-quality development by expanding opening up and deepening reform.

  In this context, on September 10th, China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute and China Workers Publishing House hosted the "New Open Power — — China’s Choice for Building an Open World Economy "Summit Forum and New Book Release Conference. Li Xiaozhong, member of the Party Group of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and director of the funding review committee, Dong Kuan, editor-in-chief of China Workers Publishing House, and Chi Fulin, president of China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute delivered opening speeches. Peng Sen, President of china society of economic reform, Zhao Baige, Chairman of the Expert Committee of Landi International Think Tank Project of China Academy of Social Sciences, Song Xiaowu, former President of china society of economic reform, Zhang Zhuoyuan, member of China Academy of Social Sciences, Chen Wenling, Chief Economist of China International Economic Exchange Center, Cao Wenlian, Chairman of Silk Road Industry and Finance International Alliance, Zhao Ai, former Director of Regional Opening Department of National Development and Reform Commission, and Chang Xiuze, Professor of China Macroeconomic Research Institute, Jia Kang, chief economist of Huaxia Institute of New Supply Economics, Jiang Ruiping, former vice president of Foreign Affairs University, Wang Huiyao, chairman of globalization think tank, and Chen Weidong, director of Institute of International Finance of Bank of China, and many other domestic economists conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on "forming a new pattern of all-round opening up" and "forming a new impetus for all-round deepening reform". From People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily and Economic Daily,Nearly 50 media outlets including China News Service, Economic Information Daily, People’s Political Consultative Conference Daily, Phoenix Satellite TV, Xinhuanet, People’s Daily and participated in the event. 

  In his opening speech, Li Xiaozhong, member of the Party Group of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and director of the Fund Review Committee, pointed out that "New Open Power" fully interprets the general idea of promoting reform, transformation and development through opening up, and is highly strategic and forward-looking. The All-China Federation of Trade Unions will fully support the cooperation between China Workers Publishing House and China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute, and will promote these important achievements and academic works in promoting China’s reform and opening up through staff bookstores all over the country, so that more readers can understand China’s reform and transformation. 

  Dong Kuan, editor-in-chief of China Workers Publishing House, pointed out that facing the uncertainty of world economic development, the theme of the annual report "New Open Power" shows firm confidence in China’s future development. As a publisher, I deeply feel that the China Reform Institute takes "directly remonstrating China’s reform" as its own responsibility, perceives and judges China and the world under the great changes, clearly points out China’s choice to build an open world economy, and continues to deeply integrate into the world and further expand its opening up. 

  In his opening speech, Chi Fulin, president of China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute, pointed out that after 40 years of reform and opening up, China has opened its doors to all directions; From the opening of manufacturing industry to the opening of service trade; From the opening with emphasis on goods and services to the institutional and structural opening; From the participant of economic globalization to the promoter of economic globalization, it has embarked on a new road of opening up to the world. At present, in the face of the unprecedented changes in the world, China, as a new open country, insists on comprehensively deepening reform and opening up, and is promoting the formation of a new pattern of reform and development in the new era with a high level of openness. Professor Chi Fulin further pointed out that, as a new open country, the characteristics of the times that opening affects the overall situation, opening and reform are directly integrated, and opening forces reform are very prominent. It is necessary to coordinate the two overall domestic and international situations with openness and form a new impetus for deepening reform in an all-round way. To this end, first, accelerate the construction of a high-quality market economy with a high level of openness and give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation; Second, strengthen the basic position of competition policy with high-level openness; Third, speed up the improvement of an international, rule-of-law and convenient business environment with a high level of openness; The fourth is to promote economic transformation and upgrading with a high level of openness. As a result, it will not only lay a solid foundation for high-quality development, but also form a more benign interaction with the world economy and bring more progress and prosperity to China and the world. 

  During the first session of the Forum, "Forming a New Pattern of All-round Opening-up", the participating experts held in-depth discussions on high-level opening-up. Zhang Zhuoyuan, a member of China Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out in his keynote speech that the most realistic, practical and operable thing at present is to promote reform through opening up. If the policy of developing private economy and mass entrepreneurship remains unchanged, China’s economic stability will have an important foundation. Zhao Baige, Chairman of the Expert Committee of the Landy International Think Tank Project of China Academy of Social Sciences, believes that two factors must be considered in benchmarking international economic and trade rules. First, the global governance structure is changing, and how developing countries and the younger generation can participate has become a realistic problem. Second, we should fully consider the factors of the fourth industrial revolution in benchmarking international economic and trade rules and standards. Chen Wenling, chief economist of China International Economic Exchange Center, pointed out that the world is universal, and it requires opening up, building an open world and making every country an open country. The opening of China is not only a high-level opening, but also a leading opening, a constructive opening, an institutional opening and an all-round opening. Wang Huiyao, chairman of the global think tank, believes that, first, we should increase the opening up of the free trade zone and give it greater autonomy; Second, we should join CPTPP to force reform; Third, it is suggested to set up the "Belt and Road" international steering committee, the international secretariat and the global "Belt and Road" arbitration institution; Fourth, the foreign investment law can be used as a breakthrough in the deadlock between China and the United States.Jiang Ruiping, former vice president of the School of Foreign Affairs, believes that after the world is "connected", the problems brought about by the impassability will become more serious. To form a new pattern of high-level opening in an all-round way, we need to create a new pattern of high-level opening around. Chen Weidong, director of the Institute of International Finance of Bank of China, pointed out that high-level opening is to establish an opening level that is compatible with the level of economic development and serves the sustainable development of the domestic economy; We must adhere to the two-way opening-up of introduction and going out; It is necessary to deepen the opening up of the coast, at the same time, promote the opening up of the inland and coastal areas, realize the linkage between the inland and the sea, and form and develop the cooperative region between the east and the west; It is necessary to promote a win-win opening that combines mutual benefit and universal benefits. 

  The second session of the forum focused on "forming a new driving force for comprehensively deepening reform". First, in the face of a great change that has never happened in a hundred years, China must deepen reform with a high level of opening up. Peng Sen, president of china society of economic reform, pointed out that at present, the international political and economic structure has undergone or is undergoing profound changes, turbulence and adjustment. In addition, the digital revolution and technological revolution are in the ascendant. On the other hand, China has made new steps in deepening market-oriented reform and independent opening-up. The next step is to deepen market-oriented reform and further deepen high-level opening-up. Cao Wenlian, chairman of the Silk Road Industry and Finance International Alliance, proposed to deepen the opening-up into international rules, so as to build a community of human destiny. In addition, China can play a more important role in promoting the global mobility of labor factors. Zhao Ai, former director of the Regional Opening Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, pointed out that only by comprehensively deepening the reform and strengthening the system integration, coordination and efficiency of the reform can we effectively cope with the great changes that have never happened in a century. Second, we should make great efforts to solve the key problems of reform. Chang Xiuze, a professor at China Macroeconomic Research Institute, pointed out in his speech that making good use of high-level opening-up forces deepening reform, realizing the internal and external flows of capital flow, technology flow, industrial flow, product flow and people flow, and promoting the rule-based and institutional opening-up, which makes the door of opening wider and wider. Jia Kang, chief economist of Huaxia Institute of New Supply Economics, pointed out that it is necessary to relax supply constraints, tap supply potential, and release the vitality and potential space of market players and innovative players.Song Xiaowu, former president of china society of economic reform, pointed out that China’s economy and society are facing three changes: one is from a big agricultural country to an industrial country and a service industry; the other is from a traditional planned economy to a socialist market economy; and the third is from an aging society. Based on this background and the achievements of 40 years of reform and opening up, we should actively participate in and promote globalization, and at the same time, we should do our own thing well in China. For example, major issues such as unbalanced urban-rural development, increasing income gap, inadequate protection of property rights, and inadequate free flow of factors should be solved as soon as possible. 

  At this forum, the China Reform Institute officially released the annual research report on reform in 2019, "New Open Power", and held the signing ceremony for the distribution of "New Open Power" by the National Staff Bookstore in 2019. Experts attending the meeting pointed out that China Reform Institute, as a reform think tank in China, publishes important research results in reform research reports every year. It is very necessary to choose the theme of "a new open power" and the timing of its launch is also very good, which will play an important reference role in promoting some major issues of comprehensively deepening reform and opening up. Lv Jing, deputy editor-in-chief of China Workers Publishing House, and Yang Rui, vice president of China Reform Institute, jointly signed the distribution agreement of "New Open Power" in 2019 by the National Staff Bookstore, which was introduced to the first-line grass-roots workers in China. 

  It is one of the important tasks for China Reform Institute to build "China Reform Think Tank" to launch a research report on China reform at the beginning of each year. In the past few years, the annual research report on China’s reform formed by China Reform Institute has been regarded as an important reference for drafting government planning and policy documents, and some have been designated as reading materials for leading cadres by many national ministries and commissions, provinces and cities, and some have become annual bestsellers, and have been translated into many languages for global publication and distribution, which has a wide impact at home and abroad. The 2019 annual research report on China’s reform, New Open Powers, is not only an important achievement of the reform think tank’s research on China and the world’s open reform under the great changes, but also a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China (PRC)! 

  It is understood that on October 26-27 this year, China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute will co-host "China and the World under Great Changes — — The 85th China Reform International Forum held in-depth discussions on such topics as the trend and global influence of Sino-US relations, open Asia and the world, China’s reform and opening-up process and economic growth prospects, and opening wider to the outside world and deepening reform. (Shen Xiaomin/photo)

Relevant favorable policies landing The used car market is expected to accelerate its recovery.

  Shortly after the release of "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of a Unified National Market", the State Council issued a package of policies and measures to stabilize the economy (hereinafter referred to as "measures"), and once again proposed to completely cancel the restrictions on the movement of used cars and improve the management regulations on the registration, filing and vehicle transaction registration of used car market entities.

  This has injected a warm current into the depressed used car market. China automobile dealers association said that with the implementation of relevant favorable policies, it is expected that the replacement volume will increase significantly in June. At the same time, the source, circulation cost and circulation efficiency of used cars will be improved, the price of used cars will be more close to the people, which will stimulate the growth of market demand and help the inventory of used car dealers to be digested as soon as possible.

  The market is in a recession zone.

  In April, the second-hand car market experienced a rare year-on-year double decline in transaction volume and transaction price. The transaction volume of the second-hand car market nationwide was 1,100,600 vehicles, down 16.51% from the previous month and 26.10% from the previous month. At the same time, the average transaction price of used cars continued to fall. Since the average price of used cars reached a peak of 71,800 yuan in December last year, it fell to 68,300 yuan in April this year.

  Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary-General of china automobile dealers association, believes that the epidemic situation, shrinking market demand, weakening expectations and the decline in purchasing power caused by rising oil prices are all the reasons for the depression of the used car market.

  In May, the average daily transaction scale was slightly better than that in April, but there was still a gap compared with the same period last year. According to the second-hand car Zhou Du Express published by the Information Department of the Circulation Association, the average transaction volume in the fourth week of May was 53,900, up 5.48% from last week and down 10.75% year-on-year. It is estimated that the overall transaction scale of the used car market in May will be 1.13 million to 1.15 million, an increase of 3% from the previous month and a decrease of 21% from the same period last year.

  The latest issue released by the Circulation Association also shows that the "China Second-hand Car Managers Index" (UCMI) was 37.7% in May, which is below threshold, and the second-hand car market is still in a recession.

  According to Lang Xuehong, Deputy Secretary-General of china automobile dealers association, half of used car managers reported that the market demand decreased in May. There is no obvious change in the number of passengers on the used car line, but the number of passengers off the line has decreased to some extent. The reasons for this situation are, on the one hand, that the epidemic prevention and control requires to reduce going out, on the other hand, the used cars traded in the market are still mainly fuel vehicles, and the continuous rise in oil prices has discouraged some consumers.

  On the whole, the second-hand car market did not perform well in May, and the decrease in the rate of consumers entering the store was still the main reason that affected the sales of second-hand cars. At the same time, with the support of the "May 1" new car price concessions and local government car subsidies, consumers who originally wanted to buy second-hand cars switched to new cars, and the inventory in the saturated state was not released, which led to the extension of inventory turnover time, and it was difficult for car dealers to collect the occupied funds, which increased operational risks.

  The second-hand car industry as a whole is depressed, and at the level of car dealers, it is difficult to survive. A number of car dealers told reporters that the second-hand car business is now under great pressure, and some cars are afraid to accept and the inventory is not easy to sell.

  Open up blocking points to promote circulation

  Although in the past two months, the used car industry has been in trouble. However, in the past decade, except for a slight decline in 2020 due to the epidemic, the transaction volume of used cars has shown positive growth for many years, and the growth rate is much higher than that of new cars. In 2021, the transaction volume of used cars was 17,585,100, with a year-on-year growth rate of 22.7%, the highest in the past decade. The sales ratio of new and used cars in China has reached 1.49∶1, which is rapidly catching up with the sales ratio of new and used cars in mature countries.

  However, behind the sustained high growth, the blocking point formed by the used car industry over the years still exists. For example, a large number of used cars will be exported from first-tier cities to second-tier to sixth-tier cities and even county areas, but the relocation restriction policy has hindered the circulation of used cars in different places, and various places have imposed emission standards and age restrictions on used cars, resulting in foreign consumers wanting to buy cars but local car owners wanting to sell cars can’t sell them at a good price.

  The second-hand car industry also faces some problems, such as the failure to establish commodity attributes, restrictions on the business premises of second-hand car enterprises in some areas, and cumbersome approval procedures for adding second-hand car business to automobile distribution enterprises.

  Many blocking points in the field of used car circulation have become the pain points that hinder the full release of automobile consumption potential. It is precisely because of this that after the release of the Measures, Wang Du, deputy secretary-general of china automobile dealers association, said excitedly: "The Association has worked hard to break the restrictions for more than 10 years. The overall driving effect of lifting the restrictions on the second-hand car market is immeasurable, which is a major benefit for the industry to regain confidence." He believes that the policy emphasizes promoting the commercialization and large-scale circulation of used cars, which will greatly simplify the registration procedures of used cars and completely open up the circulation of used cars.

  According to the statistics of the Circulation Association, there are more than 60 million vehicles with national five emission standards, accounting for more than 20% of the existing vehicles. The obstacles to the circulation of used cars have broken the ice one after another, greatly enhancing the expectations and confidence of enterprises in the industry.

  "The second-hand car industry has a strong source of vehicles. First-and second-tier cities are gathering places for high-quality vehicles. Previously, due to the relocation restriction policy, the circulation of high-quality vehicles to the low line was blocked, which inhibited the release of demand for car purchases." Wang Xiaoyu, co-founder and senior vice president of melon seeds used cars, told reporters that the breaking of the restrictions on the circulation area of used cars will enable consumers in low-tier cities to buy high-quality vehicles in high-tier cities, fully releasing the potential of automobile consumption and promoting the upgrading of automobile consumption. At the same time, the smooth sale of second-hand cars in first-and second-tier cities has released the consumer demand for buying new cars and second-hand cars, driven the steady growth of demand for automobile consumption services such as automobile manufacturing and new car sales, and revitalized the entire domestic automobile consumption market.

  Measures to help warm up

  After a package of measures and supporting policies to stabilize economic operation were released one after another, all localities took active actions. At the beginning of June, Hebei Province issued a notice, proposing to "completely cancel the restrictions on the movement of small non-operating used cars that meet the national five emission standards, and improve the regulations on the registration, filing and vehicle transaction registration of used car market entities". Sichuan Province also issued a notice, proposing to "lift the restrictions on the movement of small non-operating used cars that meet the national five emission standards throughout the province".

  According to the investigation of the circulation association, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta are about to release the national five-year restriction, and Tianjin and Hebei Province have already implemented it.

  "The second half of this year will be the best time to break the restrictions on relocation nationwide. If the second-hand car of Guowu is circulated nationwide, the value-added rate of Guowu will be expected to increase by 5%. " Pan Guoguang, chairman of Guangdong Junweilong Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. said.

  The clarity of the "Measures" on the commodity attributes of used cars has also greatly simplified the process of operating and trading used cars. Taking the used car of melon seeds as an example, with the cancellation of the relocation restriction policy, the average delivery time of the platform in different places has been shortened by 8 days, and the delivery in different places can be completed within 24 hours at the earliest.

  Wang Xiaoyu believes that the second-hand car industry is expected to accelerate its recovery in the second half of the year, and the consumer demand will be released in the traditional sales season from September to December.

  "It is estimated that the transaction volume of used cars is expected to jump to 20 million in 2022. By 2025, the proportion of new and old cars will reach 1: 1. " Lang Xuehong was previously in 2021— At the press conference of 2022 Blue Book of China Automobile Circulation Industry, the industry forecast was released on behalf of the Association.

  Although the future can be expected under the policy stimulus, the inventory pressure of used car dealers is still relatively high, and the speed of capital withdrawal is slow. According to the survey of circulation association, the overall inventory cycle of used car dealers in May was 47 days. Insiders suggest that car dealers should still maintain a cautious business strategy. In June, some of the delayed consumer demand will be transformed, and the national epidemic prevention situation will continue to improve. It is expected that there will be a wave of rebound in many places, but it is still recommended that used car dealers reasonably control the inventory level and inventory cycle and withdraw funds as soon as possible.

Directly hit Geely Automobile’s 2023 performance conference: revenue hit a record high. Company management: confident to return to China’s national brand first.

On March 20th, Geely Automobile Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Geely Automobile") (0175.HK) announced its 2023 financial report. The financial report shows that during the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 179.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21%, a record high; The net profit of returning to the mother reached 5.308 billion yuan, compared with 3.511 billion yuan after deducting the one-time bargaining acquisition income in 2022, up 51% year-on-year; The net cash level increased by 46% year-on-year to RMB 28.4 billion.

In terms of sales volume, in 2023, Geely Automobile exceeded its sales target, with a cumulative annual sales volume of 1.687 million vehicles, including 487,000 new energy vehicles. The total annual sales volume and new energy sales volume reached a record high simultaneously; In the whole year, the total export volume was 274,000 vehicles, with a year-on-year increase of over 38%, and the export volume reached a new high.

At the financial results conference, Gui Shengyue, CEO and executive director of Geely Automobile Holdings Co., Ltd. said that Geely Automobile has full confidence to win the final victory in the fierce competition in the automobile market. Not only that, Geely still has the confidence to return to China as the first national brand.

Gui Shengyue said that his confidence mainly comes from three levels. First, Geely Automobile has great ability and potential of new energy and intelligence, which has been confirmed in the current achievements; Second, Geely Automobile has the ability to respond to market changes at any time to meet the needs of various users and maintain the healthy and stable development of the company. I believe that the evaluation of car companies in the capital market will eventually return to profitability; Third, Geely Automobile insists on fighting a value war and a moral war. Every time Geely Automobile sells a car, it is responsible for users and environmental protection, and "long-term doctrine" will definitely be rewarded by the market.

Deepening of new energy business

Gross profit margin increased steadily.

It is reported that 2023 is the year of transformation and upgrading of Geely’s new energy. According to public data, in 2023, the proportion of new energy products of Geely Automobile increased steadily, with a penetration rate of 29% and a monthly penetration rate of over 40%.

Product structure optimization, cost reduction and scale effect have improved the gross profit situation. According to the financial report data, in 2023, the total gross profit of Geely Automobile increased by 31% to 27.4 billion, and the gross profit margin increased from 14.1% in 2022 to 15.3% in 2023.

Facing the increasing volume of the automobile market, how Geely Automobile can continue to maintain a high gross profit level under fierce competition is one of the focus issues of the market.

In this regard, Yan Jiayue, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, said that the market was very voluminous in 2023. From the perspective of automobile price index, the average discount rate has soared from about 2% in previous years to 8%. In 2024, the competition in China’s automobile industry will be more intense, and the knockout round will begin in an all-round way, and the industry will enter a period of integration and reshuffle.

In this context, Ganjia said that Geely Automobile will adhere to the principle of laying a foundation, practicing internal strength and long-term, give full play to its scale advantages, systematic efficiency and innovative ability, improve product quality and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

It is reported that in 2024, Geely Automobile will accelerate the pace of new energy transformation and intelligence, with the annual sales target of 1.9 million vehicles, an increase of 13% compared with the total sales in 2023. Among them, the sales target of new energy vehicles has increased by more than 66% compared with the total sales achieved in 2023.

An Conghui, President of Geely Holding Group, Chairman of Geely Automobile Group, Executive Director of Geely Automobile Holding Co., Ltd. and CEO of Extreme Smart Technology, said that the new energy penetration rate of Geely Automobile Group will be further improved in 2024. In the future, the benefits of platformization and scale will drive the company’s profitability to continue to improve.

The international territory continues to expand.

According to public information, in 2023, Geely brand completed the listing of 10 high-value products in 43 countries around the world. By the end of 2023, Geely has set up 533 sales and service outlets in 70 countries around the world, and achieved business layout in five major regions of the world: Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Regarding the layout of overseas markets, Yan Jiayue said that Geely Automobile adheres to the strategy of "going out, going in and going up" in overseas layout, and will focus on promoting the localization of brand operation and enhancing overseas core competitiveness.

Plate synergy is prominent.

In February this year, the Lotus brand under Geely Holding Group was listed in the US stock market, which aroused great concern about the capital operation of Geely’s sub-brands.

In this regard, Li Donghui, CEO of Geely Holding, said that the listing of Lotus is conducive to enhancing its own brand power and diversification of governance structure, which is of great strategic significance for its future R&D, sales network and other capacity building, and is also conducive to improving the capital adequacy ratio of its subsidiaries and the overall anti-risk ability of Geely Holding.

Li Donghui believes that the listing of sub-brands, including Lotus, is of great positive significance for consolidating the core business of Geely Holding. Geely Holding and its global strategic partners have maintained continuous, stable and growing cooperation for a long time in terms of technology authorization and technology research and development services. The development of sub-brands has created a good foundation for internal collaboration of Geely Holding and cooperation with Geely Automobile based on the principle of marketization, and also brought opportunities for revenue growth for Geely Automobile Group.