Heavy rainfall turned to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and Huanghuai in North China was late in autumn.

  Cctv newsAccording to China Weather Network, yesterday (18th), a new round of rainfall in the south started from the southwest, with heavy rains in Chongqing and other places. It is estimated that today and tomorrow, the rainfall will expand eastward, and many places in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will be immersed in rain, with heavy rains in Anhui and Hubei. The rain gradually weakened on Thursday and ended. Most of the north is dominated by sunny weather, especially in North China and Huanghuai areas. The temperature is higher than normal, and the autumn process is sluggish.

  The Yangtze river basin is immersed in rain, and there are heavy rains in Hubei, Anhui and other places

  Beginning on the 18th, a new round of rainfall in the south started from the southwest. Monitoring shows that yesterday, heavy rains occurred in parts of eastern Chongqing, northeastern Guizhou, southwestern Hubei, northern Hunan and southwestern Guangdong, and heavy rains (100-174 mm) fell in Chongqing Youyang, Changde, Hunan and Yangjiang, Guangdong. The maximum hourly rainfall intensity in these areas was 65-88 mm.

  Today and tomorrow, this round of rainfall will rapidly expand eastward, with obvious rain in many places in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be heavy rain or rainstorm in parts of Chongqing, Guizhou, southern Jianghan, western and northern Jiangnan and other places on the 19th and 20th, and there will be heavy rain locally, with the cumulative precipitation of 30-70mm and the local area reaching 100-150mm.

  It is estimated that there will be heavy rain or rainstorm in parts of southeastern Chongqing, southern and eastern Guizhou, southern Hubei, central and northern Hunan, northwestern Jiangxi and southern Anhui, among which there will be heavy rain (100-120 mm) in western and northeastern Hunan, and there will be short-term heavy precipitation in these areas, with the maximum hourly rain intensity of 20-40 mm and the local area of 50 mm or more. In response, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blue rainstorm warning at 6 o’clock today.

Heavy rainfall turned to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and Huanghuai in North China was late in autumn.

  Tomorrow, the range of heavy rainfall will be slightly reduced, and the eastern part of the south of the Yangtze River will also join the ranks of rainfall. There are moderate to heavy rains in central and eastern Yunnan, western Guangxi, southern Jianghuai and northern Jiangnan, among which there are heavy rains (50-90 mm) in parts of southeastern Anhui, southern Jiangsu, Shanghai and northern Zhejiang.

  Under the pressure of rain, the eastern part of southwest China to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will also usher in a round of cooling process from west to east. Sichuan Basin and many areas in the west and north of Jiangnan will get rid of the summer heat above 30℃, and the maximum temperature will gradually drop to about 25℃, from high to short-term low, and the summer heat will gradually recede and cool.

  On Thursday (21st), this round of rainfall weakened and ended, and there will be an interval of about 3 days along the Yangtze River. According to the current forecast, there will be another obvious rainfall process from the Sichuan Basin to the northeast of the south of the Yangtze River from 23rd to 25th. Due to the long time limit, it is necessary to pay attention to the approaching forecast in time.

  According to the statistics of the last month, the rainfall in Chongqing, Guizhou and Hubei has been on the high side. The accumulated rainfall in this round is large, accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall in many places, and the maximum hourly rainfall intensity is 40-60 mm. The southwest region is fragile in geology, so it is necessary to guard against landslides, flash floods and other disasters caused by heavy rainfall. At the same time, the rain is accompanied by short-term heavy precipitation, so it is necessary to guard against disasters such as urban waterlogging. When the rain is fierce, try not to go out and pay attention to personal safety.

  Most areas in the north are sunny, and Huanghuai in North China is sluggish in autumn.

  Recently, the rainfall in most parts of the north is scarce, and it continues to be sunny, and the temperature is higher than normal. Yesterday, there was a high temperature of 35℃ in Shijiazhuang, which was the third high temperature record in history. In mid-September, there was still a high temperature that was rare in the local area.

  It is predicted that the temperature will drop in most areas from North China, Huanghuai to Northeast China today and tomorrow. Among them, today, the decline in eastern Inner Mongolia, northern Hebei and western Northeast China can reach 4-10 C, and the temperature drop is more significant, while the rest of the decline is mostly within 4 C. Tomorrow, many places in Inner Mongolia and Northeast China will begin to warm up, and the temperature in Huanghuai in North China will continue to fall. With the development of cooling, the range of 30℃ in North China, Huanghuai and other places will gradually shrink.

  Although the temperature in North China and Huanghuai has dropped slightly, it is still higher than normal, and the process of entering autumn is sluggish. At this time all the year round, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, most of Shandong and most of Henan have entered autumn, but these areas are still in the summer of meteorological significance this year.

  Take Beijing as an example. Autumn is on September 11th all the year round, but it has not yet entered autumn. Since the beginning of summer on May 7th this year, as of September 17th, the summer in Beijing has reached 134 days, which is not only much longer than the 111-day summer all the year round, but also broke the local historical record of the longest summer (133 days in 2007).

Heavy rainfall turned to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and Huanghuai in North China was late in autumn.

  Judging from the forecast for the next week, most areas in North China and Huanghuai have avoided the "care" of rain, and the weather will continue to be fine and the temperature will continue to be warmer, and the autumn in this area will continue to be delayed. Among the provincial capital cities, Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang and Zhengzhou have all entered autumn later than usual this year, and "being late" is a foregone conclusion.

  The highest temperature in the above areas will reach about 30℃ during the day, and it will be a little hot during the day, especially in the afternoon, but it will drop rapidly at night. The temperature difference between day and night is generally above 10℃, and the weather is cold. Pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm when you go out in the morning and evening.

The US media commented on eight domestically produced cars that were the most naked. Are you really not afraid of being laughed at when driving these cars on the road?

Design is a magical thing because it needs inspiration.

Where did the inspiration come from?

It is likely to come from other models, and the result of the design is also likely to see the shadow of others, especially in the initial stage of independent brands. This technique is not uncommon.

So, what are the most naked models that independent brands imitate directly? An American media has rated these eight models.

The pure electric development of the Great Wall is in full swing, especially the Euler brand, which focuses on pure electric cars, has attracted much attention.

The appearance of its punk cat is even more surprising. What is surprising is that such a design will be mistaken for a four-door version of the Volkswagen Beetle in the distance.

Obviously, Euler just wants to play retro, and the combination screen and flashy design of the interior feel like being in a ballroom in the 1940s.

This is for female consumers.

The name of Toyota Land Cruiser is well-known in the off-road industry. After seeing the price of its used car, it can definitely be used as a wealth management product.

However, domestic independent brands started the idea of this car, which is Hengtian L4600.

This car looks like a land cruiser, but it’s really cheaper for the whole sense.

Strangely, the report about the L4600 said that it has a luxurious leather-wrapped interior and a 4.6-liter V8 engine under the hood, but like the appearance, the driving experience is not the same.

Beijing Benz Beijing Benz, the relationship between Beijing and Mercedes is inextricably linked, and even the products are like their own brothers, and Beijing BJ80 is one of them.

Obviously, this car is imitating Mercedes-Benz G-Class and has existed for a long time.

Recently, it has updated its LCD instrument, central control system and satellite navigation system, but its temperament is far from that of Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged engine, and of course, its performance and price are far less than those of Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Since BAIC has imitated Mercedes-Benz G-Class, why not imitate its high-performance 6X6 version of AMG?

After adding a row of wheels and cloaks, its off-road appearance is really exciting.

But perhaps this is the only exciting appearance, because although it is equipped with a 2.3T turbocharged engine, this engine was bought by BAIC from GM in 2009, and the overall technology is relatively old, so it is not necessary to talk about performance.

Of course, it also has a six-wheel drive system to support the scene.

In 2020, DOLPHIN was first released at the domestic auto show. From that moment, Chevrolet’s legal department took action to discuss whether this appearance has constituted infringement.

This appearance is too similar to the first Corvette C1.

Although it is a retro appearance, the sense of science and technology in the car is obviously stronger, and LCD instruments and electric seats are fully equipped.

The acceleration of the 1.5T engine is not fast, even hesitant, but because it is a hybrid, the time of zero hundred is 5.9 seconds.

And at the price of 598,000 yuan, it definitely takes courage to buy it.

If you think Lamborghini Urus or Porsche Cayenne is too expensive, you might as well take a look at Beiqi Magic Speed C60.

Because, the front face is like Lamborghini Urus, and the tail is like Porsche, which is combined into one piece.

TOP Gear, a well-known automobile media, has also vomited.

As the first coupe SUV of BAIC, Magic Speed C60 is really embarrassing to show people in such a gesture.

This mid-level SUV is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 184PS and a peak torque of 285N.m, which is matched with a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The price range is within 0.2 million/200 thousand. Will you buy such a car?

There is no doubt that the design of Zotye SR8 mainly comes from Porsche Macan, which is why Zotye is called Bao Shitai.

This car also allowed Porsche executives to personally observe at the auto show.

Different from Porsche, this car has a manual transmission, and its engine is a 2.0T engine from Mitsubishi with a maximum horsepower of 192PS.

This is naturally incomparable with Porsche, and the selling point of this car is enough to cause traffic, and Zotye’s purpose has been achieved.

This is a car launched by Hanlong Automobile in 2019, and the price ranges from 159,800 yuan to 243,800 yuan.

From the appearance, it can be seen that this brand is true love for Land Rover, and it has ruthlessly said that a lot of elements of Range Rover are used by me.

Moreover, in the interior, the lifting shift knob also appeared in it. With the LCD screen and high-brightness decorative board, the visual sense of high-grade interior was still very good in the models of independent brands at that time.

It is reported that this handlebar has moved the chassis and suspension design of Land Rover from Land Rover.

Of course, the power of the 2.0T turbocharged engine and the off-road performance of the four-wheel drive system are not at the same level as Land Rover.

Then the company has difficulties in operation, and this car will probably go away.

Perhaps in the design patent, the design changes in details cannot constitute infringement, but this charm will eventually escape the eyes of consumers.

Maybe some consumers just go for it.

Seeing these eight cars, I can’t help but sigh that Pi Chi Tai is still far behind BAIC.

The lottery prize of 60.35 million yuan will be unclaimed for one month or will be invested in public welfare funds.

  A lottery prize of more than 60 million yuan has been suspended for more than a month and has not been claimed so far. On November 28, 2017, the 2017140th issue of the two-color ball was opened. In the current period, 16 first prizes were awarded, with a single prize of more than 6.03 million yuan. Among them, the first prize of 10 notes came from Fucai Sales Station No.10470400 in Xicheng District, Beijing, and all the first prizes of 10 notes came from a lottery ticket, with a prize of 60.35 million yuan. However, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from people familiar with the matter that the grand prize winner has not yet appeared to receive the award.

  Recently, the reporter of Beiqing Daily visited the lottery shop that broke the grand prize and learned that the winner was an old lottery player at the lottery station, but the staff said that his personal information was inconvenient to announce. The staff said that there is still nearly one month before the deadline for receiving the grand prize, and if there is any abandonment of the prize, the prize will be invested in the public welfare fund.


  60 million bonus has been unclaimed for a long time.

  On the evening of November 28th, 2017, Fucai two-color ball won the lottery in the No.2017140th issue, with the red balls being 21, 22, 25, 28, 29 and 30, and the blue ball being 08. In the current period, the first prize of 16 bets was awarded, and the single bet bonus was as high as 6.03 million yuan.

  That night, in the Fucai Sales Station located in You ‘anmen Street, Xicheng District, the station claimed that Christina didn’t notice anything special about the lottery that night. With the announcement of the lottery numbers of the two-color ball, the first prize of 10 bets came to Fucai Station in Zhang Haiqing. Interestingly, these 10 jackpots, a total of 60.35 million grand prizes belong to one person.

  However, more than a month has passed since the news of the lottery, and the grand prize winner has not yet appeared to receive the prize. Some netizens speculate that the winner may not know the news of his winning, or he didn’t expect the grand prize to come at all, and accidentally damaged the ticket face.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that according to the regulations, the effective redemption period of Fucai bonus is 60 days (including 60 days) from the day after the draw. The grand prize of more than 60 million yuan announced on the evening of November 28, 2017 is still within the effective redemption period, and it is not known whether it will eventually be received.

  According to public reports, the abandonment of the Welfare Lottery Award has appeared in Beijing. In 2007, one of the four bets "Seven Stars Lottery" bought by a decoration worker in Beijing won 5 million in the lottery, but after he bought the lottery ticket, he returned to his hometown in Anhui by train to take care of his sick father-in-law, missed the redemption period and lost 5 million.


  The lottery store recalled that the winner was an old lottery player.

  The ten million prize for the two-color ball comes from Fucai Sales Station in Youanmen Street, Xicheng District, which claims that Christina has been operating here for more than ten years.

  The lottery station is located in the residential building, which is very inconspicuous from the outside, and the interior decoration is also very simple. The lottery number chart is hung on the wall, and there are two lottery players in the house who are absorbed in studying the lottery trend. In the conspicuous position of the sales desk, there is a gold first prize medal.

  Zhang Haiqing told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that the lottery station had only won the second prize before this, and the first prize was the first time. "(November 2017) On the morning of the 29th, I received a phone call from the Welfare Lottery Center in Xicheng District, only then did I know that we had won a ten million grand prize of 10-note two-color balls."

  Because the lottery station in Zhang Haiqing is located in a residential building, most customers who usually patronize are old lottery players. The staff of the lottery station revealed that the winner of the 10 million grand prize was a man who bought lottery tickets here for two or three years, but since the news of winning the prize came out, the man never appeared in the lottery station again.

  The staff recalled that the lottery players who won the first prize were all selected by machine, and a total of 100 yuan was invested in five bets and ten times. "Because the winner’s information involves personal privacy, it is not convenient to disclose it. At present, other lottery players are envious when they hear the news of winning, but no one pays too much attention to whether the bonus is collected."


  Failure to win the prize within 60 days will be regarded as abandonment of the prize.

  On the afternoon of December 29, 2017, the reporter of Beiqing Daily called the Beijing Welfare Lottery Distribution Center. The staff said that it was not convenient to disclose the personal information of the winners for the sake of protecting the personal privacy of the lottery.

  The staff also introduced that according to Article 25 of the Regulations on Lottery Management, lottery winners should take the winning lottery ticket to the designated place to redeem the prize within 60 natural days from the date of drawing, and those who fail to redeem the prize within the time limit will be regarded as abandoning the prize. Thirty-first provisions, overdue bonuses, into the lottery public welfare fund.

  On January 1st, the reporter of Beiqing Daily learned from people familiar with the matter that it has been more than one month since the first prize of 2017140, and the grand prize winner has not yet received the prize at the designated place. Text/reporter Zhang Xiangmei Intern reporter Zhang Yulin

Insight into the development trend of beauty industry in 2020

Under the general trend of economic downturn, the scale of the beauty industry has remained stable, and online e-commerce, especially social e-commerce channels, has developed rapidly. From the perspective of sub-population, the consumption potential of beauty in Z generation, male and sinking market is huge.


  • General situation of beauty industry;
  • Consumption trend of beauty cosmetics crowd;
  • Beauty marketing model and case analysis;
  • Have a good insight into beauty data;
  • Thoughts and suggestions on beauty industry.

In 2019, the retail sales of cosmetics industry in China (above designated size) reached 299.2 billion yuan, with an annual cumulative growth rate of 12.6%.

From 2012 to 2019, the cosmetic market in China showed a steady growth trend, with an annual compound growth rate of 8.0%. In 2019, the cosmetic market in China is expected to reach 425.6 billion yuan.

In 2019, the proportion of skin care products was 53.5%, and the category of cosmetics was slightly higher than that in 2018, accounting for 9.9%.

In 2019, influenced by online shopping and social new retail, the online channels of niche makeup brands rose rapidly. Online, big-name makeup accounts for 34%, and minority makeup accounts for 66%; Online, big-name makeup accounts for 49%, and minority makeup accounts for 51%.

E-commerce channels have risen rapidly, accounting for 27.4% in 2018, surpassing KA (supermarkets) and department stores to become the largest sales channel for cosmetics.

Take Polaiya, a domestic beauty head enterprise, as an example. In recent years, online e-commerce channels have achieved rapid growth, and the proportion of 2019H1 has increased to 46%.

In terms of sub-channels, offline specialty stores (CS stores) and online e-commerce are the main business channels of Polaiya.

With the development of social e-commerce, KOL’s influence has increased, and online celebrity brands such as Perfect Diary and Meimo Elmer have become popular through social planting and word-of-mouth communication.

In 2018, the brand share of cosmetics CR10 in China was 20.0%. Compared with 2012, in 2018, the number and share of domestic brands in T-10 brand have increased. Take skin care products as an example: in 2018, the top 2 skin care brands accounted for 44.6%, including 9 local brands, with a market share of 20.6%.

From 2012 to 2018, the total market share of domestic cosmetic companies ranked among the top 20 increased from 7.6% to 14.1%, with an obvious rising trend.

In 2019, the turnover of 589 domestic beauty brands in Tmall 618 exceeded 100% year-on-year, and the turnover of 183 domestic beauty brands exceeded 1000% year-on-year. Among them, the turnover rate of new brands such as Hollis, Huaxizi, Bingxili and dreamtimes. Perfect Diary reached more than 10 times.

In the beauty crowd, generation Z has the fastest consumption speed, and is more willing to spend on beauty. In 2018, the annual expenditure per capita on beauty products was 1,713 yuan, higher than other age groups.

Compared with the post-90 s, the post-95 s prefer cosmetics, and the consumption of cosmetics accounts for 35%; After 90, it is more focused on skin care products, and skin care consumption accounts for 50%.

  • From 2016 to 2019, the average annual growth rate of men’s cosmetics retail in China reached 13.5%. In 2019, the scale of men’s cosmetics market in China reached 19 billion yuan, accounting for 4.5% of the market share of cosmetics in China.
  • In 2018, the consumption rate of Tmall male beauty cosmetics was faster, and the rate of male-only brands exceeded 50% for two consecutive years. The fastest growth rate was men’s emulsion cream and men’s makeup.
  • Basic cleansing and facial cream are the main skin care products consumed by men, and they remain stable. Men’s make-up is a long category, with a year-on-year growth rate of 89% in 2018.

  • In recent years, the trend of high-end cosmetics in China has risen, and the growth rate of high-end cosmetics is obviously faster than that of mass cosmetics.
  • Driven by the upgrading of consumption and brand awareness, the post-1995 generation has become a potential group of high-end beauty consumption. From March 2018 to March 2019, Tmall had more than 50 million post-90s cosmetics, and luxury beauty products such as MAC, Estee Lauder, YSL, Givenchy and Hailan Mystery became the favorite high-end brands for post-90s.

In 2019, the online consumer groups of cosmetics in China are growing day by day. The main groups of online consumers come from second-tier cities, and the number of cities in the fourth-tier and below has expanded significantly.

In 2019, Tmall 618 data showed that nearly half of the orders for more than 100 million items came from third-to sixth-tier cities. Two days before 618, the sales of Jugoshen beauty products from cities below the third tier increased by 143% year-on-year. In 2019, the online consumption speed of young people’s beauty care in small towns reached 38%, far exceeding the speed of 16% in online cities.

In 2018, the number of brands of skin care products and make-up products increased by more than 20% compared with 2016.

Consumers spend more and more money on beauty products, and the frequency of purchasing cosmetics and the number of brands continue to rise every year.

Consumers began to pay attention to the ingredients and efficacy behind the products, and the brand targeted the development of ingredient products and marketing promotion, which caused widespread discussion in social media.

The number of products named after the whitening ingredient "nicotinamide" grew the fastest, with an increase of 752.63% in 2018 compared with 2017.

The traffic entrance of cosmetics marketing in China has been switched from CCTV-TV-Taobao-social platform in turn. The rise of social platforms has made marketing from centralized content production to "crowdsourcing creativity", and brands have achieved a new round of growth through cross-platform, cross-circle and cross-border marketing layout.

More and more consumers get information about beauty products through social media to make better content planting and shopping decisions.

Platforms such as short video/live broadcast not only provide a more direct interactive form for beauty KOL, but also provide consumers with a convenient experience of watching and buying.

More and more beauty brands put on WeChat social advertisements. In 2016-2017, the average frequency of putting on friends circle advertisements in the beauty industry increased by 81%. At the same time, more than 61% of beauty brands will continue to put on WeChat WeChat official account advertisements throughout the year to maintain brand exposure.

Personal beauty care is the most KOL category in Tik Tok/Aauto Quicker platform. KOL marketing game of short beauty video mainly includes planting grass to bring goods, buying while watching, and offline experience, which brings different experiences to fans, such as early adopters, makeup artist, and evaluating the drying list.

  • Perfect Diary creates explosions through high-density innovative social marketing, and sales have exploded since 2019.
  • The marketing channel of Perfect Diary is mainly Xiaohongshu, and the marketing strategy is to focus on small and medium-sized KOL, and focus on promoting 1-2 products in each period to create explosive products.

With short vibrato videos as the breakthrough point, Polaiya cooperated with a large number of KOL to spread and bring goods, and at the same time, combined with the promotion on content platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Weibo, the volume of products was rapidly enlarged. In July 2019, the sales volume of Polaiya’s "bubble mask" ranked first among Tmall mask products in July.

In the Tik Tok account cooperated by Polaiya, the best communication effect is to shake a good thing, and male KOL’s exaggerated video commentary has more visual impact and communication.

Half an acre of flower fields has been put into cooperation with a large number of talents and MCN institutions, and brand-related topics on the vibrato platform have received hundreds of millions of broadcasts.

The content is mainly about product evaluation, celebrities with the same style and talented people planting grass, which quickly gained a large number of young users in Weibo and Xiaohongshu.

Cross-border co-branding is the preferred marketing method of beauty brands. Guochao Cosmetics captures consumers’ hearts by creating high-value products with artistic and cultural connotations through co-branding.

Pan-IP co-branding directly broadens the brand’s consumer groups, and creative cross-border collision can trigger extensive discussion and dissemination in social media, further strengthen consumers’ awareness of brands and products, and increase product sales.

The store has added professional intelligent equipment to provide consumers with beauty services such as skin testing, facial/hand care, eyebrow trimming and makeup trial.

Service and experience are the core competitiveness of offline stores. The upgrading of experience space and service items attracts consumers to try in depth in the store, prolongs the consumption experience time and enhances the user experience and stickiness.

Shopping guide is the key contact point for enterprises to connect with consumers. BA has professional knowledge and rich sales experience, and its personal charm brings its own online celebrity temperament to transform customers.

Merrill Lynch Beauty, a chain brand of cosmetics collection, launched a live shopping guide by using the live broadcast. In two months, the live broadcast room rose by over 90,000 yuan, and the monthly sales increased by nearly 20%. The related orders generated by the live broadcast orders were nearly dry.

The COVID-19 epidemic at the end of 2019 disrupted the production order and sales rhythm of China’s beauty industry, and both physical retail and online retail were greatly impacted.

Under the epidemic situation, live broadcast and private domain traffic have become "quick-acting rescue pills" and online opening tools for many enterprises, such as Afu Essential Oil Single Brand Store and Yintai Department Store Group.

After tasting the "sweetness", Hu B Jinmeng cosmetics chain and other enterprises regard it as their new long point and the second curve to start their business.

Afu Essential Oil, a leading brand of essential oil and beauty cosmetics in China, has more than 50 counters nationwide, and only 15 stores have opened due to the epidemic.

During the epidemic, Afu essential oil mobilized more than 400 shopping guides and trainers to broadcast live at home. On Valentine’s Day, Afu essential oil sold 80,000+in one-hour live broadcast through the live broadcast tool, and the conversion rate was as high as 12%.

During the epidemic period, the special activities of Yintai’s major brands were announced and drained to Miaojie APP through BA’s circle of friends to precipitate private domain traffic. Among them, BA can get a 1% commission for sharing Miaojie goods and reaching a deal. The 24-hour "non-snoring" Miaojie APP provides online traffic for merchants to help them ease inventory pressure.

From February 7th, Yintai invited nearly famous BA to return to work at home through Taobao live broadcast and Miaojie. The sales generated by a BA live broadcast is equivalent to working in a store for a week.

Jinmeng Cosmetics Store, one of the top 100 beauty chain stores in Hubei, is mainly located in the hardest hit areas such as Hubei and Jiangxi. In a difficult situation, it readjusted its strategy, temporarily set up a live broadcast project team, and mobilized the store to broadcast live at home for 12 hours for eight days.

According to statistics, during the Valentine’s Day activities, the cumulative drainage of Jinmeng makeup live room reached 100,000 person-times, and the total sales exceeded 880,000, which reached 95% of the sales of its offline stores in just three days.

Since Q1, 2018, the sales of Zanzan Beauty Cosmetics have maintained rapid growth, which is much faster than the retail sales of cosmetics.

The number of users and the per capita purchase frequency of Zanzan Beauty Cosmetics continue to grow, which is the main driving force for the rapid growth of Zanzan Beauty Cosmetics sales.

There is an obvious sinking trend of consumers who like beauty cosmetics, and the proportion of users in third-tier and below cities has increased significantly.

Zanzan distribution platform helps beauty merchants to connect with media, small B shopkeepers and other channels, and expand sales channels through WeChat social communication, and sales continue to grow.

From the sales category of Zan distribution market, the sales of skin care account for the highest proportion, but the sales of cosmetics are fast.

Since 2019, more and more beauty businesses have sold goods through live broadcast, and there are praises for the GMV high-speed broadcast business, and the conversion rate of live broadcast transactions is higher than that of the broader market.

The proportion of cities with four-tier and below users placing orders for beauty live broadcast is significantly higher than that of beauty overall, and the Top5 provinces with the most orders are Hebei, Shandong, Guangdong, Liaoning and Henan.

Under the general trend of economic downturn, the scale of the beauty industry has remained stable, and online e-commerce, especially social e-commerce channels, has developed rapidly. From the perspective of sub-population, the consumption potential of beauty in Z generation, male and sinking market is huge.

Thanks to the diversification of consumers’ choice of beauty brands, and social media has gradually become an important channel for users to obtain information, we attach importance to the rise of domestic products and cutting-edge beauty brands operated by social channels.

With the rapid rise of traffic portals on social platforms, the KOL marketing model of social delivery, graphic/short video has emerged. More and more beauty brands make explosions and release new products through short video/live broadcast platforms.

The epidemic has significantly accelerated the online and offline integration of beauty physical stores. It is suggested that beauty shops should pay more attention to online social e-commerce channels, and use shopping guide distribution, live selling, and social channels to strengthen connections with customers, which will bring performance.


Author: E-commerce operation little prince, WeChat WeChat official account: E-commerce operation little prince.

This article was originally published by @ e-commerce operation little prince. Everyone is a product manager. Reprinting is prohibited without permission.

The title map comes from Unsplash and is based on CC0 protocol.

On the first day of rugby sevens, China won four games.

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, September 24th (Reporter Ji Jiadong) On the 24th, the China team won all four matches on the first day of rugby sevens at the Hangzhou Asian Games, including three for the men and one for the women.
There are 20 teams participating in this competition, including 13 men’s teams and 7 women’s teams. The China men’s team, UAE, Afghan and Nepalese teams are in Group D, and there are only four teams in the group, which causes each team in Group D to play three games on the first day. China women’s team lives with Thailand and Kazakhstan in Group E.
On the morning of the same day, the China men’s team beat the Afghan team 52-0, and beat the Nepalese team 65-0 in the afternoon match. The China women’s team then beat the Kazakh team 33-7. In the last match of the day, the China men’s team beat the United Arab Emirates 42-10.
The China men’s team will face the Singaporean team in the men’s quarter-final on 25th, and the China women’s team will play the second group match with Thailand.
Lu Xiaohui, head coach of the China men’s team, said that the easy victory in the group stage shows that the team has not yet met the challenge, and today’s start is relatively ideal, hoping to perform better tomorrow.
The enthusiastic audience left a deep impression on the team that day. Lu Xiaohui said: "This is the first time I have seen so many people in the domestic football field, hoping to convey to the audience the image of daring to fight." (End)

Central Meteorological Observatory: There is strong precipitation in Hainan Island and there are many cold air activities in the northern region.

  CCTV News:According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, there were strong winds and cool weather in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Northeast China during the day (October 15th). In the next three days, pay attention to secondary disasters that may be caused by local heavy rainfall in Hainan Island and other places; From the 17th, strong cold air will affect the central and eastern parts of China, paying attention to the impact of strong wind cooling and rain and snow weather on transportation, energy supply and facility agriculture.

  First, the weather situation:Strong winds and cool weather occurred in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Northeast China.

  During the day, precipitation is scarce in most parts of the country, and there is light rain or sleet in northern Xinjiang. Affected by cold air, there are 6-8 grades in northern Xinjiang and eastern Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning, and local gusts of 9-10 grades; In some of the above areas, the temperature dropped by 6 ~ 10℃, and the local drop exceeded 12℃.

  Second, the key weather forecast

  1. There is strong precipitation in Hainan Island.

  From the night of 15th to 18th, due to the tropical depression, there were moderate to heavy rains in the eastern and southern parts of Hainan Island and southwestern Guangdong, and there were heavy rains to heavy rains in the local area.

  2. More cold air activities in the northern region

  Affected by cold air, from the night of the 15th to the 16th, there will be 4~6 northerly winds in eastern Xinjiang and the eastern part of Northeast China, and the temperature will drop by 4 ~ 6℃. There are small to medium snow or sleet in parts of northern Xinjiang, eastern Tibet and western Qinghai, among which there is heavy snow in northern Xinjiang.

  From the 17th, another strong cold air will affect most parts of central and eastern China. Affected by cold air, there will be a large-scale rain (snow) and cooling process in China.

  Third, the specific forecast for the next three days

  From 20: 00 on October 15 to 20: 00 on October 16,There are small to medium snow or sleet in parts of mountainous areas in northern and southern Xinjiang, northern and eastern Tibet, western and southern Qinghai, and western Sichuan Plateau, among which there is heavy snow in northern Xinjiang and other places; There are small to moderate rains in parts of northeastern Heilongjiang, southwestern Sichuan and western basin, northeastern and southern Yunnan, Hainan Island and Taiwan Province Island, among which there is heavy rain (25 ~ 45 mm) in eastern Hainan Island. There are 4 ~ 6 winds in northeast Heilongjiang, Liaodong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula and central Tibet, and the winds in some parts of northern Tibet can reach more than 7 (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (from 20: 00 on October 15th to 20: 00 on October 16th)

  From 20: 00 on October 16th to 20: 00 on October 17th,There is little to medium snow or sleet in the western mountainous areas of southern Xinjiang, northern and eastern Tibet and southern Qinghai; There are small to moderate rains in parts of Shaanxi, Shanxi, southern Gansu, Ningxia, Sichuan Basin, southeastern Tibet, Taiwan Province Island, southern Guangdong, Hainan Island, etc. Among them, there are heavy rains in the eastern part of Hainan Island and local heavy rains (100 ~ 120 mm). There are 4 ~ 6 winds in southwestern Guangdong and Hainan Island (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (from 20: 00 on October 16th to 20: 00 on October 17th)

  From 20: 00 on October 17th to 20: 00 on October 18th,There is light snow or sleet in parts of western mountainous areas of southern Xinjiang, most of Tibet, southern Qinghai and northern Sichuan Plateau, with moderate to heavy snow in the local area; There are small to moderate rains in parts of Liaoning, Jilin, southern Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, most of North China, northern Henan, western Shandong, northern and eastern Sichuan, southern Yunnan, southeastern Tibet, Guangdong, eastern Guangxi and Hainan Island, among which there is heavy rain or heavy rain (50 ~ 70 mm) in the northeast of Hainan Island..There are 4 ~ 6 winds in parts of central and eastern Inner Mongolia, northern Hebei, eastern Northwest China and southwestern Guangdong (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (from 20: 00 on October 17th to 20: 00 on October 18th)

Is the high temperature abnormal in the north? How long will it last? Chief Detailed Response of National Climate Center

    During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, large-scale and persistent high temperature weather occurred in northern China. From 8: 00 to 16: 00 on June 22, high temperature weather above 35℃ occurred in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Shandong, central and northern Henan, northern Anhui, northern Jiangsu, western Inner Mongolia, eastern Xinjiang and southern Xinjiang basin.

  Among them, the temperature in Beijing, Tianjin, central Hebei, northern Shandong and other places rose rapidly, with the highest temperature rising above 40℃, and the local temperature in Huairou, Beijing and Binhai, Tianjin reached 41.8℃. The highest temperatures in 17 national meteorological observatories in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong exceeded historical extremes.

  The national temperature list at 9: 00 on June 23rd, below 35℃, is difficult to be listed.

  "It’s too hot!" Many tourists who travel during the holidays call directly on the Internet.

  After comprehensive judgment and emergency consultation, China Meteorological Bureau launched a four-level emergency response to major meteorological disasters (high temperature) at 09: 00 on the 23rd. The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a high-temperature orange warning this morning, and the Beijing Meteorological Observatory also upgraded to issue a high-temperature red warning signal this morning.

  Is this round of high temperature abnormal in the north? What is the cause of such hot weather? How long will it last? Will it get hotter in July and August? On the afternoon of June 23rd, experts from the National Meteorological Center responded to these hot spots when interviewed by The Paper.

  For the first time since the establishment of Beijing Observatory, it has exceeded 40℃ for two consecutive days.

  Influenced by the warm air mass and strong solar radiation, high temperature above 39℃ occurred in most parts of Beijing on the 22nd, and the highest temperature in the observatory was 41.1℃, which exceeded the historical extreme in June (the extreme maximum temperature in the observatory in June was 40.6℃, which appeared on June 10th, 1961). Among the 556 meteorological monitoring stations in the city, 454 stations have the highest temperature of 39℃ and above, and 265 stations have the highest temperature of 41℃ and above.

  By 14: 00 p.m. on 23rd, the temperature in the observatory had reached 40℃ (at 13: 36), and the highest temperature in 305 of the 556 meteorological monitoring stations in the city was 39℃ and above, and the highest temperature in 158 stations was 40℃ and above.

  "For the first time since the observatory was built, it has exceeded 40 C for two consecutive days." Zhang Yingxin, chief forecaster of Beijing Meteorological Observatory, said that under the control of strong heating air mass, the high temperature weather continued from 23rd to 25th, and the highest temperature in most areas was 37℃ to 40℃. Among them, the highest temperature can reach about 40℃ from 23rd to 24th. The Beijing Meteorological Observatory upgraded and released the high temperature red warning signal at 07: 00 on June 23rd.

  Zhang Yingxin said that this round of high temperature in Beijing has strong intensity and long duration. The main reasons are as follows: First, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region began to be controlled by the heating mass on the 21st, and the heating mass was strong and affected for a long time; Second, under the control of the high-pressure ridge situation, the sky is clear and partly cloudy, and there is no cloud cover, so the radiation warming is more favorable and promotes the warming; Third, it has just entered the summer solstice solar term, with the longest daylight, and long-term sunshine is conducive to the emergence and maintenance of high temperature; Fourth, the air humidity is small and the weather is dry, which is also conducive to the temperature rise.

  Since June, 46 national meteorological stations in China have broken historical extremes.

  Since June this year (as of the 22nd), the daily maximum temperature of 183 national meteorological stations in China has exceeded the monthly extreme value, 46 stations have exceeded the historical extreme value, and the daily maximum temperature in North China has exceeded the historical extreme value on June 22nd.

  Since June this year (as of the 22nd), the number of high temperature days in North China has been 6.4 days, 3.1 days more than the normal period (3.3 days), ranking fifth in history since 1961, after 1972, 1968, 2005 and 2022. Beijing (7.9 days) is the largest in the same period since 1961, followed by Hebei (7.8 days) and Tianjin (6.1 days).

  It’s only at the end of June. Will the temperature be higher in July and August?

  In this regard, Gao Hui, chief forecaster of the National Climate Center, told The Paper that since June (as of the 22nd), the 35℃ high temperature weather in China is mainly distributed in North China, central and western South China and most of Xinjiang. Among them, the number of high temperature days in North China is mostly 6-10 days, and the number of high temperature days in western Hebei is more than 10 days. Compared with the same period of normal years, the number of high temperature days in these areas is 3-5 days more, and that in Beijing, southwest Hebei and other places is more than 5 days.

  Gao Hui said that there are obvious regional differences in high temperature concentration periods in different parts of China. For North China, high temperature weather is usually more likely to occur from June to early July before the rainy season, and high temperature for several days in a row is also common in June. This period of time is mainly dry-hot high temperature, which is characterized by high temperature and low humidity.

  In the late July, with the subtropical high jumping northward and the summer monsoon advancing northward, the water vapor transport and atmospheric humidity increase, and the cloud cover will also increase, and there will be sultry weather, that is, humid and hot high temperature. As far as the highest temperature is concerned, the highest temperature in the previous period is usually higher than that in the latter period. However, it should also be noted that the somatosensory temperature of human body is not only related to temperature, but also affected by humidity. Often, this humid and hot high temperature will aggravate the somatosensory temperature of human body.

  Under the background of global warming, the probability of high temperature breaking the historical extreme value is greater.

  Gao Hui said that under the background of global warming, the frequency of extreme high temperature is increasing rapidly in both the south and the north. According to the forecast of the National Climate Center, the temperature in North China and Huanghuai is high this summer, which is accompanied by an increase in the number of high-temperature days, so there is a great probability that the north will be hotter than normal this summer. In this case, it is also possible for some stations to break the historical extreme value.

  This year is the development year of El Ni? o events. Is the high temperature in the north related to El Ni? o events? Gao Hui responded to The Paper that it has entered the state of El Nino, but the influencing factors of high temperature in the north in early summer are complex and cannot be simply attributed to El Nino. "For example, in the middle and late June last year, the high temperature in the northern region was more extreme, but last year was the year of La Nina. Moreover, the existing scientific research results also show that the high temperature in the north in early summer is more susceptible to the SST in the North Atlantic and the atmospheric circulation in the middle and high latitudes. "

  Zhang Fanghua, chief forecaster of the National Meteorological Center, said in an interview with The Paper that recently, there have been two high-temperature weather processes in North China, Huanghuai and other places. The high temperature intensity is high and lasts for a long time. There are four main reasons. First, North China, Huanghuai and other places are controlled by a strong heating mass, and its influence time is longer; Secondly, under the control of the high-pressure ridge, the sky is clear and partly cloudy, and the warming of solar radiation is more favorable and promotes the warming; Third, it is the summer solstice solar term, and the daytime is relatively long, that is, the sun shines for a long time during the day, which is conducive to the rise of temperature and the emergence and maintenance of high temperature; Fourth, in North China, Huanghuai and other places, the air humidity is small and the weather is dry, which is also conducive to the temperature rise.

  Zhang Fanghua said that after this round of high temperature, it is expected that there will be high temperature weather in North China, Huanghuai and other places from the 27th to the 30th.

  Beware of heatstroke in hot weather.

  What impact will it bring to public health when the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is hot again?

  Liu Yanxiang, chief public service officer of the Public Meteorological Service Center of China Meteorological Administration, said that the most direct adverse impact of high temperature weather on health is high temperature heatstroke. When there are symptoms of threatened heatstroke and mild heatstroke, there will be symptoms such as headache, dizziness, thirst, hyperhidrosis, weakness and soreness of limbs, inattention and uncoordinated movements. If you move to a cool place in time and replenish water, the symptoms will be alleviated. However, if severe heatstroke occurs, it may cause arrhythmia, coma, convulsion, rhabdomyolysis, acute renal failure, liver failure, hypotension, shock, arrhythmia and heart failure, pulmonary edema and brain edema. Severe heatstroke, especially heatstroke, has a high risk of death.

  There are also two types of heatstroke, one is labor-induced heatstroke, which is mainly caused by the imbalance between heat production and heat dissipation caused by high-intensity physical activity. Healthy young people who are common in strenuous outdoor exercise in summer, such as officers and soldiers, athletes, firefighters, construction workers, couriers, etc. The other is the classic heatstroke, which is mainly caused by the imbalance between heat production and heat dissipation caused by passive exposure to the thermal environment. It is common in young people, pregnant women and the elderly, and people with chronic basic diseases or low immune function. In addition, hot and stuffy rooms and cars without air conditioning are also places where heatstroke often occurs.

  Liu Yanxiang suggested that the human body sweats a lot in high temperature weather, which causes the blood viscosity to increase and the blood flow speed to slow down, which leads to an increase in heart load and an increase in the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Chi Haotian: A Biography of Huaihai Campaign

On November 6, 1948, the Huaihai Campaign started, and our People’s Liberation Army advanced to the front.

Situation map of Huaihai campaign

  On November 16th, 1948, the Central Military Commission decided to set up the General Front Committee of Huaihai Campaign with Deng Xiaoping as its secretary to take overall command of Huaihai Campaign. The picture shows the members of the General Front Committee (from right) Tan Zhenlin, Chen Yi, Liu Bocheng, Deng Xiaoping and Su Yu.

The 73rd Regiment of the Ninth Column of the East China Field Army was awarded the honorary title of "Jinan First Regiment" by the Central Military Commission.

On January 10, 1949, the Huaihai Campaign ended successfully, and our army advanced with victory, and a large number of prisoners were taken to the rear.

  January 10th is the 60th anniversary of the victory of the famous Huaihai Campaign. The campaign lasted 66 days from November 6, 1948 to January 10, 1949. With 600,000 troops, the China People’s Liberation Army defeated nearly 800,000 enemy troops, annihilated more than 555,000 elite Kuomintang troops, liberated vast areas north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and laid the foundation for the People’s Liberation Army to cross the river and liberate all of China.

  The scale of this campaign, the length of time and the number of enemies wiped out left a great chapter in the history of China war and even the world war. General Chi Haotian, who witnessed the Huaihai Campaign that year, wrote an article for this newspaper, recalling this thrilling battle 60 years ago.

  Sixty years ago, in the Huaihai Campaign, our army wiped out more than 550,000 Kuomintang troops in one fell swoop, which liberated the vast area north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and sounded the death knell of the Chiang family dynasty. At that time, I was in the 73rd regiment of the 9th column of the East China Field Army, which was awarded the honorary title of "Jinan 1st Regiment" by the Central Military Commission. Although it has been 60 years, the thrilling battle scenes are still vivid and unforgettable.

  Rushed into Huang Baitao headquarters.

  After the Huaihai Campaign started, I was transferred from the machine gun company to the 7 th company as an instructor because Peng Chao, the instructor of our regiment, was injured. Company 7 is a heroic company of our regiment, and has won honorary titles such as "Jiaodong Fighting Model Company", "Gaomi City First Company" and "Changsheng Company". When attacking the inner city in the battle of Jinan, the commanders and men of the whole company braved the enemy’s intensive firepower and took the lead in boarding the city head, which played a key role in opening the city of Jinan. After the war, Company 7 was awarded the title of "Jinan company of heroes". I am very happy to go to company 7, but I also feel pressure. Director Wang Jisheng of the Youth League Political Department encouraged me to say, "Chi Haotian can do it boldly, and I believe you can do it well organizationally."

  The day after the victory of Jinan Campaign, the Central Military Commission decided to hold the Huaihai Campaign. During the short-term training and consolidation, we carried out the education that "the army will move forward, the production will grow by an inch, the discipline will be strengthened, and the revolution will be invincible", and everyone will be mentally prepared to fight a big battle. On October 25th, inspired by the slogan "Carry forward the honor of’ Jinan First Regiment’ and make new contributions to the liberation of East China", we went south from Shandong to Huaihai battlefield.

  The objective of the first stage of the Huai Hai Campaign was to wipe out Huang Baitao’s 7th Corps. Huang Baitao is a right-hand man of Chiang Kai-shek. In the Battle of Menglianggu, our regiment fought "three battles against Huangya Mountain", and the opponent was the 25th BGF Division with Huang Baitao as the teacher. Later, Huang Baitao came to attack Jiaodong together with Li Mi’s 8th BGF Division and 9th, 54th and 64th BGF Divisions, and made wild remarks, saying that the People’s Liberation Army in Jiaodong should "get to the sea to feed the fish". Huang Baitao owes a lot of blood to the Shandong people, and we must not let him go!

  According to Hua Ye’s deployment, when we were preparing to attack Huang Baitao Corps entrenched in Xin ‘an Town and Ahu area on November 8th, Huang Baitao quickly retreated to the west according to the order of Xuzhou’s "suppression general". We caught up, crossed Longhai Road, crossed the Shuhe River to the west, and went straight for the canal. On the March, I led everyone to sing "Pursuit Song": "Catch up, catch up, don’t let the enemy gasp! Catch up, catch up, don’t let the enemy run away! "

  In order to boost morale, I told you the story of the "Ten-man Bridge" published in the newspaper Victory: When the 2nd Battalion of the 27th Division Weixian Regiment crossed a river more than ten meters wide, ten comrades, including Fan Xuefu, the deputy platoon leader, jumped into the cold water, divided into five pairs and carried the wooden bridge, so that the troops could pass smoothly and catch up with the enemy in time. This heroic deed inspired everyone. The comrades of the whole company were in high spirits and pursued at a speed of 140 Li every day. On the afternoon of the 11th, they arrived in Gao Qiao, south of Nianzhuang, and together with the brothers column, surrounded the Huang Baitao Corps in a narrow area with only a dozen square kilometers around Nianzhuang.

  Nianzhuang is located in Pixian County, west of the Canal and north of Longhai Road. The surrounding terrain is flat and open, and the villages are densely populated. There are two earth dikes around it, and the outer dike is surrounded by water. The trench water is 30 to 50 meters wide and about 2 meters deep, so you can’t just wade in. There is also a 1-2.5-meter-high embankment inside the embankment, which is steep and difficult to climb. Huang Baitao added many bunkers, light and dark bunkers, trenches and hidden parts overnight, and there were three Abatis and barbed wire outside the trenches. The whole defense system is criss-crossing and extremely complicated.

  On November 17th, our column, together with the 8th column, launched an attack on the enemy of Nianzhuangwei at the same time. Our 73rd regiment took the main attack on the front of Nianzhuangwei, but three attacks failed. Nie Fengzhi, the commander of the column, and Xiao Jinghai, the teacher, went to the front of the position to hold a "Zhuge Lianghui". Work with company cadres to study the reasons for the defeat. At that time, leading comrades paid great attention to promoting military democracy and listened to everyone’s opinions with an open mind, and we were not at home in front of the heads. Commander Nie asked us what difficulties we had, and I reflected that explosives were easy to get wet, and they were finally sent to the front, but they could not be blown up, which affected the combat effect. He paid great attention to this opinion and immediately instructed that the explosives distributed to the company must be wrapped in oil paper and not be wet. Whoever has problems will be asked. Since then, there has never been a loss due to the moisture of explosives. I also pointed out that the main reason for the defeat of the attack was that the enemy’s dark fire point was not accurately touched, and the traffic trench was 100 meters away from the water trench, and the commandos exposed the attack for a long time, causing serious casualties. Commander Nie said after listening: "Well said!" Immediately decided to send a reconnaissance team to find out the enemy’s bunker, continue to close the operation, dig the traffic trench all the way to the enemy’s water trench, so as to avoid premature exposure and increase casualties, and at the same time do a good job in the coordinated operation of infantry, heavy machine guns and artillery. At night, I took three squad leaders to look at the terrain carefully, conduct fire reconnaissance, and get a clear picture of the enemy’s bunker.

  At midnight on the 19th, after careful preparation, we launched a fierce attack on Nianzhuangwei again. In the early morning of the 20th, the 73rd Regiment triumphed over Zhuangwei, and the 3rd Battalion converging on the headquarters of the 7th Regiment along the street. The company commander Xiao Xiqian and I took the 7th Company to attack from street south to street north, and rushed into the headquarters of Huang Baitao, and seized a brand-new American jeep in Huang Baitao, with a pair of ivory mahjong and a copper hot pot on it, which became our trophies. In this battle, we captured more than 1000 Kuomintang troops.

  The unexpected results of the night March

  After the Huang Baitao Corps was wiped out, the General Front Committee of Huaihai Front was determined to cooperate with the main force of the Central Plains Field Army with the East China Field Army to panic in the 12th Corps of Huang Wei, who was aggressive alone. On November 25th, the Central Plains Field Army surrounded the Stevie Hoang Corps in Shuangduiji area in the southwest of Suxian County. Du Yuming Group was ordered by Chiang Kai-shek to give up Xuzhou in an attempt to solve the siege of Huang Wei. The head of the East China Field Army is determined to pursue with 10 columns and two independent brigades. Commander Nie ordered us not to be afraid of disrupting the organizational system, but to disrupt the enemy in the pursuit. So, on the vast land of Xu Huai, hundreds of thousands of armies from both sides intertwined with each other.

  Xiao Lianchang and I marched with 7 companies in a row, and hardly slept for two days and two nights. Soldiers with machine guns and mortars on their shoulders were so tired that some of them fell asleep while walking and bumped into comrades in front. My eyelids don’t work. I’m always fighting. At this time, morale is most needed. I patted my head hard and mobilized everyone to overcome fatigue while walking. All the comrades in the company are good, although their feet are covered with blood bubbles, they are still flying like arrows, and we take a shortcut to the west at night.

  This big chase was thrilling. The East China Field Army started with a tail chase, then pursued in parallel, and finally intercepted the head of the Kuomintang army fleeing to the west. Our two legs once again passed the wheel of the car. The Du Yuming Group, which retreated hastily, was in chaos, with the crash of cars, guns, mules and horses, and the cries and abuse of soldiers and their families.

  At 2 o’clock in the morning on December 3, our company 7 was in the middle of an emergency March, and we vaguely saw a group of people marching in the same direction not far away. A clever soldier felt something was wrong and pressed his ear to report to me: "Instructor, the team next to him may be the enemy!" " My heart thumped, and I immediately became alert. I quickly opened the pistol safety and quietly told him, "Keep quiet and pay attention to observation." Immediately deploy company alert. At this time, the voice of the question and answer password came from the side. When I listened carefully, it was all southern accents, and I thought it must be Kuomintang soldiers. Because there are many southerners in the Kuomintang troops, most of our troops are northerners.

  I reported the situation to Wang Jisheng, director of the political department of the regiment, who was working with the 3rd Battalion. He looked carefully and saw that the officers in the next team were really enemies, wearing big hats. What should we do? This kind of war has never been fought. After quietly discussing with me and the leaders of the battalion, Wang Jisheng decided not to disturb the enemy first, but to find a way to attack before and after and force the enemy to submit.

  So, the soldiers whispered one by one, knowing that the Kuomintang soldiers were marching next to them, quietly pressed the bullets and prepared for the battle. When marching to favorable terrain, our comrades in the whole battalion jumped to their feet. Stop the Kuomintang troops at both ends and shout in unison: "Give up your gun and don’t kill!"

  "What are you doing? What for? How come you don’t even know your family? " Kuomintang soldiers shouted in a hurry, and before they understood what was going on, they obediently became prisoners. As soon as the number of people was counted at dawn, everyone jumped up with joy: boy, I surrendered the enemy’s guns in the dark, but I didn’t know there were more Kuomintang soldiers captured than our whole battalion.

  "Shoot down a tank with one shot"

  After three days and nights of circuitous pursuit and interception, the East China Field Army completed its campaign against Du Yuming Group. The Du Yuming Group, which was besieged within a dozen kilometers of Fiona Fang in the area of Chenguanzhuang, was starved of water and food, so it plundered the people, slaughtered the army horses, and even dug a rat hole for food. It was an unspeakable horror. Since late December. After several days of heavy snow, it was white everywhere, and the temperature suddenly dropped. The Kuomintang soldiers gathered in the fields and gullies were frozen and hungry, and countless people died. With the strong support of the people, our army has sufficient food and ammunition supply and high morale. I asked the soldiers to persuade the enemy to surrender and disintegrate with the broadcast tube, and at the same time lure the Kuomintang soldiers with steamed bread and other food. At dinner. Everyone shouted, "Brothers Jiang Jun, we have hot buns and big steamed buns here. Come and have some! We promise not to shoot … "Those hungry Kuomintang soldiers kept sneaking out to beg for food from our army. Some soldiers joked: "As long as there is a steamed bread, you can catch the prisoners."

  On January 6th, 1949, our army launched a general attack on Du Yuming Group. Our 9th platoon is the main assault mission in the west and northwest. On the position of the 73rd regiment, the 7th company covered the 3rd battalion’s attack. The tanks of the Kuomintang army sprayed flames and rushed to the position of the 7 th company. The soldiers used their quick wits to dig some small pits in front of the trenches, piled sorghum stalks, corn stalks and hay, and ignited thick smoke. The Kuomintang tanks couldn’t figure out what tactics this was, but when the enemy’s "turtle shell" was shrinking, we stepped up the repair of bunkers and fortifications, and connected the trenches into an organic whole. Some trenches were dug into the positions of the Kuomintang army, and "tunnel warfare" was launched, forcing the Kuomintang army to retreat step by step.

  At dawn on January 10, the sky was just bright, the cold wind was blowing hard, and the air was mixed with strong smell of gunpowder and poisonous gas released by the Kuomintang army. The extremely tired soldiers were sleeping in the trenches with guns. I was worried about the attack by Kuomintang soldiers, and I took turns working the night shift with the company commander, and my eyes were red and swollen for several nights. After checking the whistle, I found a depression and wanted to "facilitate", but because of continuous lack of water and fire, my stool was dry and hard, so I couldn’t pull it out. At this time, suddenly there was a "rumbling" motor sound from a distance. I realized that it was the tanks of the Kuomintang army and hurriedly called the trumpeter to blow the horn. The rapid bugle call is really effective, which not only dispels the fatigue, but also discharges the stool happily. I immediately organized to meet the enemy.

  There are more than 20 tanks of the Kuomintang army. Under the interception of our army, 11 tanks were left when we rushed to our regiment’s position. Everyone feels very fresh about playing tanks, and they are in high spirits and are not afraid at all. I said, "Chiang Kai-shek sent tanks. Let’s have a taste of’ gnawing’ tanks. Hundreds of thousands of enemies have been wiped out. How many "tortoise shells" can they escape? Our armor-piercing projectile is its’ nemesis’ and will definitely hit it upside down! " The soldiers shouted, "Hit, hit, hit it upside down!" "

  I took the squad leader Tao Renxiang and the soldiers Li Hongge and Li Biao, and rushed to intercept them with rocket launchers and explosives. The tank soldiers of the Kuomintang fired at once, but there was no aim in the hurry. We dodged the enemy’s gunfire warily, crawled forward quickly a few times, and got close to the tank. Then we calmly took up the rocket launcher in a sitting posture, with only one armor-piercing bullet. It hit the right front side of the tank. With the violent explosion, Tanqueray emitted a cloud of smoke, but it was still struggling to run. Tao Renxiang was angry. He rushed to the tank with his bare hands. He climbed up at once and shouted, "Don’t kill me!"

  The tank cover was lifted, and four Kuomintang soldiers came out with guns in their hands, trembling and shouting, "Stop fighting, let’s surrender our guns!" " A tall man, led by me, begged me and said, "Sir, we surrender. I am Chen Rongji, the company commander of the third company of the first chariot regiment." We haven’t eaten for several days, and our stomachs are hungry. Can you get us something to eat? " The rest of the Kuomintang tanks were scared and ran away. Our regiment immediately concentrated all the rocket launchers and chased them closely by the captured car. I also took a few soldiers, got into a car and watched a tank chase them. With the cooperation of the brothers, all the enemy tanks were finally stopped.

  A few days later, the newspaper Victory, engraved in wax form by the Political Department of the Ninth Column, published a press release I wrote: "Shoot a Tank with One Shot".

  A memory that will never be erased.

  The Huaihai Campaign, which shocked China and foreign countries, lasted 66 days, wiped out 555,000 elite Kuomintang troops in one fell swoop and accelerated the process of victory in the War of Liberation. In order to win, we paid a heavy price. In the past few days, everyone has been fighting with an empty stomach. Li Zhenjun, the squad leader of the kitchen in his forties, found a horse that was killed, cut off four legs of the horse and carried it back in sacks. He tried to make buns for the soldiers, but no one responded. Only after asking did we know that there were only more than 30 people left in our 120 casualties, and monitor Li was so sad that he fell on the ground and cried. The meal was ready, but everyone silently buried their heads and refused to eat, all immersed in the grief of losing their comrades.

  At this time, I remembered a conversation with the instructor when I attacked Dou Zhuang. It was December 7th, and our regiment joined forces with the 74th regiment to attack Douzhuang. The Kuomintang army guarding Douzhuang is an infantry regiment plus a mountain artillery battalion, and there are a large number of tanks, which have strong firepower and extremely fierce resistance. Moreover, the terrain is flat and wide, which is not conducive to attacks. Our regiment once broke into the village, but under the strong counterattack of the enemy, we had to return and work on the spot. With the support of heavy artillery fire, the Kuomintang army dispatched a large number of tanks and infantry to fight back. This fight is extremely fierce and cruel. More than a dozen of our cadres died, and the casualties in the 3rd Battalion were also very serious. The battalion commander Wang Yuzhi and the deputy political instructor were injured, and the leg of the deputy battalion commander was broken. The battalion leader at the forefront of the position was left with the political instructor Guo Kuiwu.

  During the interval of the battle, Guo Kuiwu came to Company 7. He asked about the situation in the company with concern and asked me, "Xiao Chi, do you have anything to eat here?" My stomach is so hungry! " Guo Kuiwu is a model communist party member, my leader when I was studying in Kangda University, and the former security chief of the regiment. He just turned 28 this year, and only recently talked about the object. The woman is a beautiful nurse in the division medical team. When I went to the medical team to change the dressing for the wound, I sent a letter to her for Guo Kuiwu several times.

  I took out my cake and handed it to Guo’s instructor. As soon as he broke it in half, he ate half of it himself and returned the other half to me. This is made of sorghum flour by the common people in the past. Because it is cold, the cake is as hard as a stone, and it takes a lot of effort to swallow it. The two of us squatted in the ditch, chewing the cake with difficulty and chatting. The instructor said: "among the students who graduated from Kangda University, you have made the fastest progress, and now you have become a company-level cadre." You must continue to work hard and win glory for the 73 rd regiment. "

  In the face of the grim situation of stalemate between the enemy and ourselves, we all feel very heavy when we look at the injured comrades. Guo Kuiwu said: "Hao Tian, this battle has been fought well, which is remarkable;" If we can’t play well, we all want to see Marx. Let’s make an agreement. If I die, you can send a message to my home. If you die, I’ll send a message to your family. You are still young. If one of us dies, count me in. "

  On the battlefield, everyone will think of death, but as a revolutionary soldier, no one is afraid of death. We both took only the party card with us, burned all the small notebooks that we usually remember, and prepared for sacrifice. At this time, I can talk with my comrades and feel relaxed. I comforted the instructor and said, "Kuomintang soldiers are nothing, don’t think so much!" " Guo Kuiwu smiled faintly: "Don’t underestimate them. There are several times more enemies in front of us, and our back road is broken."

  At this time, the two sides confronted each other in the trenches, shouting and cursing, and shooting at each other with cold guns. One class in the eighth company was suppressed by the enemy’s fire, and it was very dangerous to withdraw or get in. Instructor Guo said very anxiously, "Xiao Chi, you cover well and I’ll go to the front." After that, he hunched over and ran to the front along the trench.

  In order to suppress the arrogance of the Kuomintang soldiers, the instructor commanded the counterattack at the forefront and organized troops to shout at the Kuomintang soldiers. There was a Kuomintang soldier in the trench, shouting in a broken gong-like voice: "Comrades, we are the new fifth army, surrender quickly, and our tanks will come soon." This angered instructor Guo, who flew into a rage, stuck his head out of the ditch, jumped up and cursed at the enemy: "What are you, turtle sons of the Kuomintang, bastards and lackeys of American imperialism?" Lao Tzu is a victorious PLA. When did he surrender? You must surrender quickly! " Guo Kuiwu’s left chest was hit by a bullet from the Kuomintang soldiers, and he immediately fell in a pool of blood. When several soldiers and I dragged him into the trench, he had stopped breathing. I shouted desperately, "instructor, instructor!" ….. "He was talking to me alive just now, but now he closed his eyes forever. I can’t accept this reality. I ordered the whole company to fire together and knocked down several Kuomintang soldiers outcropping in the opposite trench.

  After liberation, whenever I visit the tomb of the martyrs, I always think of the scene where instructor Guo talked with me and those comrades who fought with me and fell beside me. When I saw the newly renovated and lush cemetery of martyrs, I felt comforted; When I heard about the random demolition and destruction of the martyrs’ cemetery, my mood was extremely heavy. We can’t forget that today’s happy life is the result of the blood and lives of thousands of martyrs in Qian Qian!

  The Huaihai Campaign lasted 66 days. Our army defeated nearly 800,000 Kuomintang troops with 600,000 men. The scale of this campaign, the length of time and the number of enemies wiped out are rare not only in the history of China war, but also in the history of world war. We achieved such a great victory, first of all, because of the wise decision of the first generation of the party’s leading collective with Mao Zedong at the core, the excellent command of the General Front Committee composed of Liu Bocheng, Chen Yi, Deng Xiaoping, Su Yu and Tan Zhenlin, and the heroic fighting of the vast number of officers and men. But the most fundamental reason is that the reactionary and corrupt Chiang Kai-shek clique has completely lost the popular support, while communist party and the People’s Liberation Army have won the heartfelt support and support of the people of the whole country. Our army participated in the Huai Hai Campaign with 600,000 troops, and more than 5 million people participated in the support. It’s really a rolling wheel, vigorous. Mr. Chen put it well: "The victory of Huaihai Campaign was pushed out by ordinary people in small cars." Many soldiers in the Kuomintang army were arrested by able-bodied men, who were unwilling to work for Chiang Kai-shek. However, after being captured by us, through complaining education, we learned who to be a soldier and who to fight for, immediately took up arms and fought with us, and bravely took the lead. Many people captured in the first stage of the campaign became squad leaders in the third stage. At that time, the Kuomintang army had planes, tanks and cannons, and its weapons and equipment were much better than ours, but we defeated Chiang Kai-shek by uniting the army and the people and the officers and men. Our party comes from the people, is rooted in the people, and firmly believes that the people are the real heroes of historical materialism, which can never be lost.This is the people-oriented spirit that we advocate today.

  (The writer is a former member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, former State Councilor and Minister of National Defense, and general. )

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  In 1948, at the critical moment of the development of the War of Liberation, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to adopt Su Yu’s suggestion and jointly hold the Huaihai Campaign with 600,000 troops including the East China Field Army and the Central Plains Field Army of the People’s Liberation Army, so as to wipe out the main forces of the Kuomintang troops in the areas north of Huaihe River, south of Longhai Road and east of Pinghan Road. The Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China (CPC) decided to be composed of Liu Bocheng, Chen Yi, Deng Xiaoping, Su Yu and Tan Zhenlin, with Deng Xiaoping as the secretary to command the Huaihai Campaign in a unified way.

  Time: November 6, 1948 to January 10, 1949, a total of 66 days.

  The whole campaign is divided into three stages. The first stage: On November 6, 1948, the East China Field Army branched south. On the 8th, Kuomintang troops He Jifeng and Zhang Kexia led more than 20,000 people to the battlefield uprising. On the 10th, our army divided Huang Baitao Corps and surrounded it in Nianzhuang area east of Xuzhou. After 10 days of fierce fighting from village to village, more than 100,000 enemy troops were wiped out on the 22nd, and Huang Baitao, commander of the enemy corps, committed suicide. At the same time, in order to cooperate with the battle, the Central Plains Field Army attacked the Xu (Zhou) clam (port) line. On November 16th, Su County was conquered and the strategic encirclement of Xuzhou was completed.

  The second stage: On November 23, the Central Plains Field Army surrounded 12 divisions of the Huangwei Corps who came from Central China to reinforce in the Shuangduiji area southwest of Suxian County. On the 28th, Chiang Kai-shek was forced to make a strategic retreat for Xuzhou defenders. Liu Zhi, commander-in-chief of Xuzhou "suppression general", withdrew to Bengbu, while Du Yuming, deputy commander-in-chief, stayed in Xuzhou for command. On December 1, the enemy abandoned Xuzhou and fled southwest. On the 4th, the pursuit troops of the East China Field Army surrounded Xuzhou with fleeing enemies. On the 6th, the enemy Sun Yuanliang Corps attempted to break through and was annihilated. Sun Yuanliang fled alone. On the same day, the Central Plains Field Army and the East China Field Army concentrated the superior forces of nine columns and launched a general attack on the Huang Wei Corps. After fierce fighting, by the 15th, more than 120,000 people were wiped out and Huang Wei was captured alive. Since then, in order to cooperate with the Peiping-Tianjin campaign, in accordance with the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s unified deployment, the Duji regiment was encircled and not annihilated, and the troops had a 20-day rest.

  The third stage: From January 6 to 10, 1949, the East China Field Army launched a general attack on the besieged Du Yuming Group. After four days of fighting, it wiped out 300,000 soldiers from Qiu Qingquan and Li Mi, captured Du Yuming and killed Qiu Qingquan, and Li Mi escaped.

  PLA troops participating in the war: the East China Field Army, the Central Plains Field Army, the troops of the East China and Central Plains Military Regions, and some troops of the Hebei-Shandong-Henan Military Region, totaling about 600,000 people.

  I support former migrant workers: 5.43 million people, including army migrant workers, second-line transfer migrant workers and temporary migrant workers in the rear, 206,000 stretchers, 880,000 vehicles, 355,000 carriers, 8,500 boats and 257 cars. 7.3 million kilograms of ammunition and 215 million kilograms of grain were transported from the rear to the front, and more than 110,000 wounded people were transported from the front to the rear.

  Troops of the Kuomintang Army participating in the war: Liu Zhi, commander-in-chief of Xuzhou "Suppression General", four regiments of Huang Baitao, Qiu Qingquan, Li Mi and Sun Yuanliang under the command of Du Yuming, and four troops of Suiqing District, Feng Zhian, Li Yannian, Liu Ruming and Zhou Yan, together with Huang Wei Corps who came to reinforce from Central China, two troops who retreated from the northeast battlefield to Bengbu during the campaign and two troops who reinforced from the middle reaches of the Yangtze River to Pukou, with a total strength of nearly 800,000.

  Results: Destroyed and fought for the uprising, and surrendered to the Kuomintang army’s five corps headquarters, 22 military headquarters and 56 divisions, with a total of more than 555,000 people. They killed the corps commanders Huang Baitao and Qiu Qingquan, captured the deputy commander of the "suppression general" Du Yuming and the corps commander Huang Wei, and wiped out Chiang Kai-shek’s elite troops on the southern battlefield, basically liberated the vast areas in East China and the Central Plains north of the Yangtze River, and placed Nanjing, the center of reactionary Kuomintang rule, under the direct threat of the People’s Liberation Army.

  In the Huaihai Campaign, our People’s Liberation Army suffered more than 130,000 casualties.

Editor: Liu Li

China has the second largest number of graduate students in the world.

Interface journalist | Chen Zhenfang

In 2022,ChinaThe number of graduate students studying has reached 3.65 million, ranking second in the world in total scale..During the ten years from 2012 to 2022,The proportion of professional degrees awarded increased from 32.29% to 56.4%.

On December 19th, the Ministry of Education held."Opinions on Further Promoting the Development of Classification of Academic Degree and Professional Degree Postgraduate Education" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions")Press conference to disclose the above data.

Department of Degree Management and Postgraduate Education, Ministry of EducationPoint out: "At present, the pattern of classified development of academic degree and professional degree graduate education has basically taken shape, and a system with China characteristics and coordinated development of two types and three degrees has been initially established.. "

In 1978,ChinaPostgraduate enrollment resumed. In 1980, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) promulgated the Regulations on Academic Degrees and established the academic degree system. It has been more than 40 years since then. In 1990,ChinaBegan to implement the professional degree education system.

in recent years, studyNumber of specialized studentsgraduallycatch up with and surpassXueshuo,Two types of talentshowThe topic of cultivation alsotriggereducational circlesAnd societyattach importance to.

Take graduate students in Tsinghua University as an example, academic degrees and professional degrees account for 55% and 45% respectively. Among them, master students are mainly professional degrees, accounting for more than 70%, while doctoral students are just the opposite, with academic degrees as the mainstream, accounting for 87%.

How to form a classified development pattern of graduate education, improve the setting of disciplines and specialties, and pay equal attention to two types of degree education have become the focus of this meeting.

The Catalogue of Postgraduate Education Disciplines released in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the Catalogue) shows that changing the previous catalogue of professional degree categories is the presentation method of the schedule of the discipline catalogue, and integrating the first-level disciplines and professional degree categories with similar main knowledge bases into the corresponding disciplines, highlighting the equal importance of training two types of talents.

The Catalogue further enriched the categories of professional degrees, and the number increased from 47 to 67.,The number of doctoral authorization points for academic degrees has doubled compared with ten years ago..

Among them,The total number of professional degree authorization points has increased from 37.6% to 44.2% ten years ago, and the number of doctoral degree authorization points has tripled..

The goal is that by 2027, the development of two types of degree classification will achieve pattern changes, the governance system of degree and postgraduate education will continue to improve, and the governance capacity will be significantly improved.”《Opinions "Point out.

First of all,Systematically promote the development of academic degree and professional degree classification.

Second, we mustIt is clear that both academic degree and professional degree graduate education are important ways for the country to cultivate high-level innovative talents, and the two types of degrees are equally important, and training units should pay equal attention to them.

finally,Distinguish the key layout direction of the two types of degree programs, adhere to the high starting point layout of academic degrees, and focus on the layout of doctoral degree authorization points to vigorously support the original innovation..

Professional degrees adhere to the demand-oriented, new master’s degree awarding units only carry out professional degree postgraduate education in principle, and the new master’s degree authorization points are mainly professional degree authorization points..

ideastillpoint outIn the fields with both academic degrees and professional degrees, emphasis should be placed on the distribution of professional degree authorization points to fully support the industry and regional development.

The meeting also stressed that it is necessaryStrengthen the differentiated requirements of positioning, standards, enrollment, training, evaluation and teachers.Especially inIn the enrollment stage, we distinguish the key aspects of the two types of students’ enrollment, and emphasize the participation of industry and enterprise experts in professional degree enrollment.


23141 Football Quiz: brentford vs West Ham United

Traditional football 14 quiz games.

Welcome to the 23141 football quiz game:

Brentford vs West Ham United is stronger than brentford. Brentford’s performance in the near future is average, and West Ham United may win or draw; Sheffield United VS Wolves, the current state and strength of Wolves are better than Sheffield United, and they are more likely to win this game.

Everton VS Brighton, although Brighton has certain strength, there is still a gap compared with Everton, and Everton has a greater chance of winning or drawing. Manchester City VS Bournemouth, Manchester City is a strong team in the Premier League, and its strength is obviously higher than Bournemouth. In this game, Manchester City wins, Burnley VS Crystal Palace, and the strength of the two teams in this game is relatively close. Burnley has performed well recently, while Crystal Palace has some ups and downs, but considering Burnley’s situation, it is possible to win or draw.

Newcastle United VS Arsenal, Newcastle United performed in general, Arsenal has a strong lineup and good offensive ability, and Arsenal has a greater chance of winning or drawing.

Frejborg VS M? nchengladbach, although Frejborg also has certain strength, M? nchengladbach is more prominent in attack and midfield control.

Meng Xing wins or draws. Hoffenheim VS Leverkusen, a strong Leverkusen with outstanding offensive and defensive abilities. Although Hoffenheim has certain strength, there is still a certain gap.

Leverkusen wins. Clone VS augsburg, Cologne and augsburg are similar in strength, but Cologne has performed slightly better recently. Augsburg has a lot of ups and downs, and this game is a draw or Cologne wins. Berlin United VS Frankfurt, the Berlin United lineup is poor, and there are problems in attack and defense. Frankfurt wins or draws. Mainz VS Leipzig Red Bull, Leipzig has advantages in attack and defense recently.

Red Bull Leipzig won this game. Dortmund VS Bayern Munich, although Dortmund has certain strength, there is still a certain gap compared with Bayern, and Bayern won the game. Atlanta VS Inter Milan, despite Atlanta’s remarkable offensive ability, Inter Milan has an advantage in lineup and defense.

Inter Milan won the game. AC Milan VS Udinese, the strength of AC Milan, a strong Serie A team, is obviously stronger than Udinese. AC Milan won this game, and the charm of football lies in its passion and unpredictability. Welcome to my sports lottery store to present you with a wonderful football feast.

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