Enjoy flowers in spring and harvest sweet fruits in summer. In the past, weeds were all over the hillside, and now pears are blossoming.

CCTV News:In March, pear blossoms in the Linguo base in Anlu City, Hubei Province have blossomed one after another, attracting countless tourists to enjoy the spring. At the moment, Yan Yan, a reporter from the reception desk, is in the pear garden. Let’s connect her.

Headquarters reporter Yan Yan:I am now in the 10,000-mu forest fruit base in Tuanshan Village, Anlu, Hubei Province, and now more than 60,000 pear trees in the base have all blossomed. At this moment, I am in the sea of flowers, and the pear blossoms all over the mountain are competing to spit, and the snow is white, like a cloud like a waterfall; Pear blossoms are clean and elegant, and the flowers are floating and refreshing. The beautiful scenery also attracted many tourists, some of whom stopped to enjoy the flowers, but more of them were busy taking pictures with their cameras to freeze the beauty of spring. According to reports, more than 300,000 tourists were received here in a spring.

This pear garden can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the flower sea in spring, and pears can be picked from May to June. In order to ensure the smooth fruiting of pear trees, farmers here are busy with spring management. Look, the farmers in this area behind me are covering the pear trees with plastic film. The function of film mulching is to control water evaporation and prevent weeds from creeping.

On the other side, a farmer standing on a stool (or a high platform) is thinning the flowering branches. Look at the tree next to me. The pear blossoms on the branches are clustered and very dense. Sparse flowers can avoid excessive flowering and fruiting, and the nutrient supply of fruit trees is insufficient. By thinning flowers and fruits, the fruit setting rate can be improved and the pear fruit can be ensured to grow full and firm.

Fruit farmers told me that the average yield per mu here is about 4000 Jin, but at present, the yield per mu of pear trees in the rich period in China can be as high as 8000 Jin. In other words, the yield per mu here is only half that of other pear trees. Although the yield is not high, the output value here is very high. Because the varieties planted at present are improved, it is a "summer Sydney" variety suitable for planting environment in hilly areas. As the name implies, "Summer Sydney" is a fresh pear with white flesh and ripe in summer. It belongs to an early mature honey pear variety in China, and the weight of a single pear ranges from 8 taels to 1 catty, with rich juice and high sweetness. The price at harvest time is about five times that of ordinary pears, which has become a veritable fruit of getting rich.

In fact, in this base of more than 10,000 mu, potted blueberries with high economic value are planted in the greenhouses next to pear trees. In addition, there are some ornamental seedlings such as begonia. Although the whole undulating mountain is very regular now, in the past, because it is located in the hills, the land is relatively barren, the benefit of crop planting is poor, and the traffic is inconvenient, most villagers go out to work, and many land on the mountain is barren. Through various attempts, the local government has selected the seedling and fruit tree industries that are relatively suitable for the geological conditions here, and absorbed the surrounding villagers to work in the base through the model of "company+cooperative+base+farmer". A more prosperous industry and a more beautiful rural environment have made people feel more happy.

The All-Star Game of China Volleyball Super League will be held in Linyi in January 2024.

China Youth Daily, Beijing, December 25th (reporter Ci Xin from Zhongqing Daily, Zhongqing.com) The press conference of 2023-2024 China Volleyball Super League All-Star Game was held in Beijing this afternoon. It is reported that this season’s All-Star Series of China Volleyball Super League will be held in Linyi Olympic Sports Park Gymnasium from January 12th to 14th, 2024.
At the press conference. Photo courtesy of the event organizer
In the just-concluded All-Star Voting of China Volleyball Super League, online voting attracted 153,711 people to participate, and after excluding some abnormal votes (66,500) monitored in the background, the valid votes were 922,552. In the final online voting of fans, Gong Xiangyu, the assistant of Jiangsu Zhongtian Iron and Steel Women’s Volleyball Team, won the "Vote King" with 39,961 votes, and Li Yingying, the main attack of Tianjin Bohai Bank Women’s Volleyball Team, ranked second with 34,285 votes. Zhai Dejun, the main player of Shandong Ruchen Men’s Volleyball Team, won 13,973 votes. Li Yongzhen, the deputy attacker of Zhejiang Deqing Men’s Volleyball Team, ranked second with 10,862 votes.
Combining the voting results of experts and media, the final all-star lineup is:
Women’s volleyball coach:Wang Zhiteng, An Jiajie, Shi Hairong, Wang Baoquan
Women’s volleyball players:
Main attack:Li Yingying Wu Mengjie Zhuang Yushan Wang Yun Hong
Zhonghui mikhailovich Miao Yi Wen Bei er
Auxiliary attack:Yuan Xinyue Wang Yuanyuan Wan Ziyue Gaoyi
Yang Hanyu Vuckova Zeng Jieya Planingsek
Meet:Gong Xiangyu Zhou Yetong Zheng Yixin Ouyang Qianqian
Second biography:Yao Di Diao Linyu Xu Xiaoting Xie Shengyu
Free defender: Wang Mengjie Ni Feifan Yang Yuning Xu Jianan
Men’s volleyball coach:Shen Qiong Zhang Qiyong Li Mu Liu Guangxin
Men’s volleyball players:
Main attack:Zhai Dejun Deng Xinpeng Zhang Binglong Esfandiar
Kubiak Wang Bin Li Lei Chen Xilong
Auxiliary attack:Li Yongzhen Dai Haibo Geng Xin Peng Shikun
Lu Tiancheng Maxim Sandoval Valley Jiafeng
Meet:Gu Qinfan Jingyi Wang Zhang Guanhua Wen Zihua
Second biography:Wang Hebin, Guo Cheng, Sinica Mitic
Free defender: Yang Yiming Li Tianle Qu Zongshuai Qi Jiahao
According to reports, the organizing Committee will select people to form a group by video connection in early January, and divide the all-star lineup into two teams, men’s and women’s.
The All-Star Game series officially opened on January 12th. January 13th is the theme activity day, and there are many activities, including volleyball stars entering the campus to further promote and spread volleyball. It also arranged for fans to watch the players’ training sessions at close range. As the welfare of fans and friends, in the evening, we specially arranged a star player meeting for fans, which will include close communication and interaction, interviews with lucky fans, cushion games, signature photos and other links.
On the morning of January 14th, the players will walk into the Yimeng Revolutionary Memorial Hall, a red education base in Linyi, to relive the years of the Red Revolution and inspire the patriotic feelings of the players. In the afternoon, the All-Star Match will be held. Four teams, male and female, will present a wonderful match for everyone, which will be the annual heavyweight star event of China volleyball.
As the organizer of the event, Linyi has made careful preparations for the reception and ticketing of the event.
Source: China Youth Daily client

The US media commented on eight domestically produced cars that were the most naked. Are you really not afraid of being laughed at when driving these cars on the road?

Design is a magical thing because it needs inspiration.

Where did the inspiration come from?

It is likely to come from other models, and the result of the design is also likely to see the shadow of others, especially in the initial stage of independent brands. This technique is not uncommon.

So, what are the most naked models that independent brands imitate directly? An American media has rated these eight models.

The pure electric development of the Great Wall is in full swing, especially the Euler brand, which focuses on pure electric cars, has attracted much attention.

The appearance of its punk cat is even more surprising. What is surprising is that such a design will be mistaken for a four-door version of the Volkswagen Beetle in the distance.

Obviously, Euler just wants to play retro, and the combination screen and flashy design of the interior feel like being in a ballroom in the 1940s.

This is for female consumers.

The name of Toyota Land Cruiser is well-known in the off-road industry. After seeing the price of its used car, it can definitely be used as a wealth management product.

However, domestic independent brands started the idea of this car, which is Hengtian L4600.

This car looks like a land cruiser, but it’s really cheaper for the whole sense.

Strangely, the report about the L4600 said that it has a luxurious leather-wrapped interior and a 4.6-liter V8 engine under the hood, but like the appearance, the driving experience is not the same.

Beijing Benz Beijing Benz, the relationship between Beijing and Mercedes is inextricably linked, and even the products are like their own brothers, and Beijing BJ80 is one of them.

Obviously, this car is imitating Mercedes-Benz G-Class and has existed for a long time.

Recently, it has updated its LCD instrument, central control system and satellite navigation system, but its temperament is far from that of Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged engine, and of course, its performance and price are far less than those of Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Since BAIC has imitated Mercedes-Benz G-Class, why not imitate its high-performance 6X6 version of AMG?

After adding a row of wheels and cloaks, its off-road appearance is really exciting.

But perhaps this is the only exciting appearance, because although it is equipped with a 2.3T turbocharged engine, this engine was bought by BAIC from GM in 2009, and the overall technology is relatively old, so it is not necessary to talk about performance.

Of course, it also has a six-wheel drive system to support the scene.

In 2020, DOLPHIN was first released at the domestic auto show. From that moment, Chevrolet’s legal department took action to discuss whether this appearance has constituted infringement.

This appearance is too similar to the first Corvette C1.

Although it is a retro appearance, the sense of science and technology in the car is obviously stronger, and LCD instruments and electric seats are fully equipped.

The acceleration of the 1.5T engine is not fast, even hesitant, but because it is a hybrid, the time of zero hundred is 5.9 seconds.

And at the price of 598,000 yuan, it definitely takes courage to buy it.

If you think Lamborghini Urus or Porsche Cayenne is too expensive, you might as well take a look at Beiqi Magic Speed C60.

Because, the front face is like Lamborghini Urus, and the tail is like Porsche, which is combined into one piece.

TOP Gear, a well-known automobile media, has also vomited.

As the first coupe SUV of BAIC, Magic Speed C60 is really embarrassing to show people in such a gesture.

This mid-level SUV is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 184PS and a peak torque of 285N.m, which is matched with a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The price range is within 0.2 million/200 thousand. Will you buy such a car?

There is no doubt that the design of Zotye SR8 mainly comes from Porsche Macan, which is why Zotye is called Bao Shitai.

This car also allowed Porsche executives to personally observe at the auto show.

Different from Porsche, this car has a manual transmission, and its engine is a 2.0T engine from Mitsubishi with a maximum horsepower of 192PS.

This is naturally incomparable with Porsche, and the selling point of this car is enough to cause traffic, and Zotye’s purpose has been achieved.

This is a car launched by Hanlong Automobile in 2019, and the price ranges from 159,800 yuan to 243,800 yuan.

From the appearance, it can be seen that this brand is true love for Land Rover, and it has ruthlessly said that a lot of elements of Range Rover are used by me.

Moreover, in the interior, the lifting shift knob also appeared in it. With the LCD screen and high-brightness decorative board, the visual sense of high-grade interior was still very good in the models of independent brands at that time.

It is reported that this handlebar has moved the chassis and suspension design of Land Rover from Land Rover.

Of course, the power of the 2.0T turbocharged engine and the off-road performance of the four-wheel drive system are not at the same level as Land Rover.

Then the company has difficulties in operation, and this car will probably go away.

Perhaps in the design patent, the design changes in details cannot constitute infringement, but this charm will eventually escape the eyes of consumers.

Maybe some consumers just go for it.

Seeing these eight cars, I can’t help but sigh that Pi Chi Tai is still far behind BAIC.

What is the realization of these beautiful scenery in Suining?

  In recent years, the Forestry Station of Suining County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and the Farming and Protection Station of Suining County Agricultural and Rural Bureau have implemented key projects and implemented the spirit of the Party’s Twentieth Congress with practical measures to improve the wetland protection rate and cultivated land quality in the county.

  Grass is abundant and water is beautiful.

  Suining wetland is beautiful.

  The West Weihe River is an important county river in Suining, with a total length of about 40.8 kilometers. It starts from Qing ‘an Waterway in Qing ‘an Town in the north, flows into Laolong River in Qiuji Town in the south, and flows through Weiji Town, Liangji Town, Gaozuo Town, Suicheng Street, Suihe Street and Qiuji Town. The wetland area is 179.5 hectares, and the wetland type is river wetland.

  Recently, the reporter followed Zhuo Kai, the stationmaster of Forestry Station of County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, to the West Weihe River. Zhuo Kai told reporters that this spring, the Forestry Station built a wetland protection community in the West Weihe River Basin. Compared with the past, the water quality of the West Weihe River Basin and the ecological environment on both sides of the strait have been greatly improved through river regulation and dredging and planting of various trees and aquatic plants.

  "In spring, we planted more than 800 fallen cedar trees and more than 600 weeping willows. In addition, the water conservancy department has carried out dredging projects. After the dredging project, the soil was exposed and desertification was serious. After afforestation and wetland protection, the soil was solidified and the water quality was improved. " Zhuo Kai said.

  According to reports, at present, there are nine wetland protection areas in the county, including the ancient Yellow River, Xuhonghe, Xushahe and Qing ‘an Reservoir, with a total area of 7,659 hectares. Through the construction of wetland protection community, the wetland protection rate in Suining County has increased to 70.9%, and the natural wetland protection rate has increased by two places in the city, ranking second in the city.

  As the leader of wetland protection in the county, in Zhuo Kai’s eyes, more and more wild waterfowl appear over the water surface of Suining River Reservoir wetland, and the wetland ecological landscape with vertical and horizontal water potential, abundant grass and beautiful water and natural wild interest is beautiful.

  Stick to the red line

  Suining continuously improves the quality of cultivated land.

  Cultivated land is the lifeblood of grain production and the foundation of the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. In recent years, Suining Agricultural and Rural Bureau has continuously improved the quality of cultivated land with various measures, with remarkable results.

  Recently, the reporter followed Cao Bangzhou, the stationmaster of the Farming and Protection Station of the County Agricultural and Rural Bureau, to Jiahe Agricultural Company in Suihe Street. On the edge of the company’s field, a row of large cylindrical biogas pools was very eye-catching.

  Cao Bangzhou told reporters that this is one of the pilot demonstration areas in the county to promote green farming and recycling agriculture. Since August this year, the project has applied 16,000 tons of decomposed manure to grain, vegetables and fruit trees planted in more than 10 towns in the county, with an implementation area of 33,750 mu, 60,000 tons of biogas slurry and an implementation area of 60,000 mu.

  According to reports, biogas slurry is the product of waste fertilizer treatment, which is equivalent to high-quality organic fertilizer. The liquid is not only easier to absorb, but also rich in organic matter, which is also equivalent to biological pesticides, which can kill germs and play a role in preventing and controlling pests and diseases.

  Therefore, after the biogas slurry irrigation in the early experimental farmland of Jiahe Agricultural Company, the cultivated land quality and crop yield quality have been improved, which also directly resulted in the increase of economic benefits.

  "When there was no biogas slurry, we mainly used ordinary chemical fertilizers, which not only caused the land to harden, but also had a certain impact on crop yield. After using biogas slurry, not only the quality of cultivated land has been improved, but also the yield of rice and wheat has been greatly improved. " Li Wu, manager of Xuzhou Jiahe Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. said.

  It is understood that this year, the county’s cultivated land is rich in organic matter through measures such as straw returning, organic fertilizer input, corn and soybean strip compound planting, and deep ploughing and subsoiling, and a sustainable ecological agriculture system has been built.

  At the same time, the county has continuously improved the construction of cultivated land quality monitoring network, strengthened the quality evaluation of newly-added cultivated land, carried out fertilizer reduction and efficiency increase, and established a relatively perfect three-level agricultural film recycling system of "village collection, town concentration and county recycling" to reduce soil pollution.

  "Through a series of technical measures, the quality of cultivated land in Suining County has been significantly improved. According to the evaluation results, this year is 0.06 grade higher than the previous two years and about 0.8 grade higher than that in 2015." Cao Bangzhou said.

  (Source: Wireless Suining)

It’s in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  Comprehensive China Weather Network Sichuan Provincial Public Meteorological Service Network Sichuan Meteorology


  Entered the end of the three volts-the last volt.

  The last day of this year is from August 10th to 19th.

  Extended 40-day dog days

  It’s almost over at last!

  Faced with "can you turn off the air conditioner?" Ask questions

  Netizen said ↓

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  The last stage has arrived, and the summer heat has not disappeared.

  These places need to be protected from heatstroke

  During the last days of this year, high temperatures occurred frequently in parts of Henan, Hubei, western Anhui and northern Hunan, and there were also staged high temperatures in southern Xinjiang basin, western Inner Mongolia, western Gansu and Sichuan.

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  During the last days of this year, the central southern Xinjiang basin, Turpan basin and western Inner Mongolia will also experience hot and humid weather, and sauna days with high temperature and humidity may occur in central and southern Henan and central and northern Hubei, so these areas are extremely prone to heatstroke;

  Some places in southwestern Shandong, southeastern Henan, central and eastern Hubei, eastern Sichuan Basin, central and northern Hunan will also have continuous high temperature weather, which is unbearable and sultry, and belongs to areas prone to heatstroke;

  In some places, such as the southern Xinjiang basin, southern Hebei, western Anhui, northern Hunan, central and northern Jiangxi, and Sichuan basin to central and northern Chongqing, the hot weather will also brush off the sense of existence from time to time, which is a region that is prone to heatstroke.

  "Steaming on the top and boiling on the bottom" sauna days

  It will continue

  Affected by rainfall

  In the next few days, the southern part of the Yangtze River and southern China will

  The feeling of stuffy steaming will be relieved.

  But in Sichuan basin, Jianghan, northern Jiangnan and other places

  Sauna days will still be "stubborn"

  The Sichuan Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be cloudy showers or thunderstorms in most cloudy days in the basin today, with moderate rains in Guangyuan, Mianyang, Chengdu, Ya ‘an and Meishan. The western Sichuan Plateau and Panxi area are cloudy with showers or thunderstorms.

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  Although it rains frequently

  But the temperature is not low.

  Take Chengdu as an example

  Sichuan Provincial Public Meteorological Service Network shows that

  From now until next Tuesday (15th)

  The highest temperature in Chengdu is above 30℃

  The temperature began to drop on the 16th.

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  High temperature online, frequent rainfall

  Humidity remains high.

  The sultry feeling is aggravated

  it seems

  Everyone has to continue to "steam sauna"

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  The highest humidity in Chengdu yesterday was … 100%!

  What are the precautions for terminal health care?

  1. Don’t treat high temperature lightly. Try to avoid going out at high temperature, and use cooling equipment such as air conditioners and fans scientifically to prevent heatstroke.

  2. Blow the air conditioner in moderation. Don’t be greedy, blow the air conditioner, eat cold drinks too much, and don’t adjust the air conditioner temperature too low, so as not to hurt your yang.

  3. Pay attention to replenish water. Autumn dryness is easy to hurt the lungs. In addition to drinking water, it is also recommended to drink some soup that nourishes yin to prevent dryness and nourish the lungs.

  "sauna day" continues

  Pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling!

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China will continue and optimize the vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption policy for new energy vehicles

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 2 (Reporter Gao Kang) The the State Council executive meeting held on June 2 studied the policies and measures to promote the high-quality development of the new energy automobile industry. In order to release the consumption potential of new energy vehicles, the meeting proposed to continue and optimize the vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption policy for new energy vehicles.

  New energy vehicles are the main direction of the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry, and the development space is very broad.

  In recent years, China’s new energy automobile industry has developed vigorously. According to the data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, from January to April this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 2.291 million and 2.222 million, an increase of 42.8% year-on-year, with a market share of 27%; The export of new energy vehicles was 348,000, a year-on-year increase of 170%.

  The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to consolidate and expand the development advantages of new energy vehicles, further optimize the industrial layout, strengthen key core technology research in key areas such as power battery system, new chassis structure and intelligent driving system, make overall plans for the development and utilization of domestic and international resources, improve the recycling system of power batteries, build an industrial ecology with the integrated development of "cars and energy in Lu Yun", and enhance the independent controllability and green development level of the whole industrial chain.

  "Technological innovation is the core competitiveness of development." Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said that in recent years, China has made remarkable achievements in the field of new energy vehicles, but it still needs to make efforts in tackling key core technologies, and at the same time, it needs to continue to make efforts in the construction of charging infrastructure and the research and development of small and micro electric vehicles.

  Chen Shihua, Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Industry Association, said that from the overall automobile data this year, China’s new energy automobile industry has developed steadily, and its supply capacity and quality have been continuously improved, becoming an important force to stabilize the industry.

  Insiders pointed out that the industry generally predicts that the development of new energy vehicles will maintain a good development trend, and the production and sales data of new energy vehicles in China is expected to usher in a new high this year. But at the same time, we should also see that at present, the confidence of automobile consumption still needs to be boosted and the potential of automobile consumption still needs to be released.

  In this regard, the meeting pointed out that it is necessary to continue and optimize the vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption policy for new energy vehicles, build a high-quality charging infrastructure system, further stabilize market expectations, optimize the consumption environment, and release the consumption potential of new energy vehicles.

  "The new measures are expected to bring great impetus to the development of the new energy automobile industry in the next few years." Cui Dongshu said that the subsidy recession has a great impact on the new energy automobile industry, and consumers are sensitive to price and taxation. Continuing and optimizing the vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption policy for new energy vehicles will further release the consumption potential of new energy vehicles and promote the sustainable and steady growth of the new energy automobile industry.

Huaxia International Fashion Week ended successfully in London, England.

  Recently, Huaxia International Fashion Week, sponsored by the Organizing Committee of Huaxia International Fashion Week and undertaken by Henan Kangsheng Fashion Culture Industry Group, came to a successful conclusion in London Station, England. The event is a world-class fashion feast planned by Milan and co-organized by Shanghai Xinmo Fashion, Shanghai Lingxiu Culture and Art, Yisen Culture, Xuanyue Art Center, Anhui Gaoding Fashion Week Organizing Committee and Henan Beiye Culture Media Co., Ltd.

  Producer Li Kang, director Zhuang Ming and director Zhao Mengyuan, as well as executive directors Chen Xinyun, Wu Jiqing, Wang Xinyue and Zhang Xiaolu made a grand release in London, England on October 6, 2023, bringing an unforgettable feast of combining Chinese and Western cultures to fashion lovers around the world.

  On October 5th, the director team of the Organizing Committee of Huaxia International Fashion Week took the lead in arriving in the UK, and presented a classic and grand fashion feast for the audience in advance together with China’s well-known Gaoding clothing brands, such as unforgettable, Gu Axin, Jiayi and Mikan. The success of this Fashion Week not only shows the vitality and creativity of China’s fashion industry, but also builds a unique platform for cultural exchanges between China and the West.

  With its unique planning and organization, Huaxia International Fashion Week London Station has successfully attracted the attention and participation of many domestic and foreign fashion brands. The organizing committee of Huaxia International Fashion Week, the organizer of the event, and Henan Kangsheng Fashion Culture Industry Group, through cooperation with world-class teams such as Milan and Shanghai, laid a solid foundation for the success of Fashion Week.

  At the press conference, designers and models from China showed a series of amazing fashion works. Through cooperation with Huaxia International Fashion Week, brands such as unforgettable, Guaxin, Jiayi and Mikan have shown the unique design and excellent craftsmanship of China Gaoding clothing to the global audience. This is not only an affirmation of China’s fashion industry, but also an exploration of the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.

  Producer Mr. Li Kang said: "We hope that through Huaxia International Fashion Week, we can present the world with a unique feast that combines the fashion elements of the East and the West. This is a platform for different cultures to communicate and convey the charm of Chinese culture through the language of fashion. " His words show that Fashion Week is not only a fashion show, but also a bridge for cultural exchange.

  The success of Fashion Week cannot be separated from the careful planning and undertaking of Henan Kangsheng Fashion Culture Industry Group. This group has won numerous awards in the development of cultural industry and contributed to the rise of China fashion industry. Close cooperation with international teams makes the success of Huaxia International Fashion Week in London even more precious.

  The success of Huaxia International Fashion Week lies in the combination of China’s fashion culture and international fashion trends, presenting a unique fashion feast for the audience. This is also a powerful proof that "Made in China" has made its mark on the global fashion stage. Fashion Week provides an international stage for China designers to show their talents, and also provides an opportunity for international fashion brands to understand the China market.

  In this feast of cultural exchange between China and the West, the audience not only appreciated the beauty of fashion, but also deeply felt the collision and integration of cultures. The success of Huaxia International Fashion Week in London will undoubtedly lay a solid foundation for future cultural exchanges between China and the West and cooperation in fashion industry, and become a dazzling pearl on the international fashion stage.

The 2023 Buick LPGA Championship was announced.

On October 11th, the press conference and the launching ceremony of the 2023 Buick LPGA Championship were held in Shanghai Qizhong Garden Golf Club. As the flagship event of the world’s top women’s golf, the 2023 Buick LPGA Championship has returned ahead after three years. Eighty-one top women’s golf players from all over the world will compete fiercely on the court from October 12 to 15, and launch a strong impact on the total prize of 2.1 million US dollars and higher world rankings. At the ceremony, Buick presented Yin Ruoning, the brand golf ambassador, with a seven-seat Buick CENTURY Edition to pay tribute to her hard work and progress on the field and her historic breakthrough. 

Buick LPGA Championship is a professional women’s golf tournament held in China this year with the best lineup, the highest prize and the highest points in the world, and it is also one of the highest-level professional women’s golf events in Asia. In Shanghai, where the competition was settled, Buick LPGA Championship was selected as the brand of "Shanghai Games" and became the "city sports business card" in Shanghai. Since the event was held in 2018, the Buick LPGA Championship has attracted the best female golf professionals from all over the world to attend the event.

Among the 81 players participating in this year, there are 27 LPGA champions and 11 Grand Slam champions, accounting for nearly one third of the champions. Among them, there are not only many phenomenal new generation champions after 00, including Buick Golf Ambassador Yin Ruoning and Chinese new star Zhang Siyang, but also powerful experts such as Jiang Xiaolin, who won the two Buick LPGA championships in 2018 and 2019, and Lilia-Ukraine, who ranks first in the world. Starlight Glimmer’s top line-up and the peak matchup between the world’s top players will make this competition colorful and interesting, and bring a rare opportunity for China fans to have a top golf feast.

Lilia Wu, the world’s No.1 American, Yin Ruoning, Grand Slam champion and Buick Golf Ambassador, Jiang Xiaolin, two-time defending champion of Buick LPGA Championship, and Zhang Siyang, the representative of the new generation champion, took a group photo with the "Buick Goddess" Champions Cup.

Three Buick Golf Ambassadors have a heroic swing. From left: Lin Xiyun, Yin Ruoning and Liu Yu.

For the audience in China, the three Buick Golf Ambassadors who participated in the competition-Yin Ruoning, Lin Xiyuan and Liu Yu are undoubtedly more eye-catching. They represent the highest competitive level of women’s golf in China at present, and have achieved good results in this year’s domestic and international competitions. Among them, Yin Ruoning, who just turned 21, won the first Grand Slam title in her career in June this year, and then ranked first in the women’s golf world in September, becoming a new golf leader in China. Yin Ruoning is not only the second Chinese mainland player to win the women’s Grand Slam championship and reach the top of the world rankings after Feng Shanshan, but now, like Feng Shanshan, she has become a member of Buick Century owners’ family. As a symbolic product of Buick’s new breakthrough, CENTURY will also live up to the mission of "highlighting the achievements of the times and paying tribute to the leaders of the times". With an unprecedented luxury and respect experience, Yin Ruoning will not only get her childhood dream, but also enjoy the intelligent and comfortable experience while traveling, and better recharge her batteries to hit new heights.

Buick CENTURY pays tribute to the leading women’s golf figures in China and demonstrates the achievements of the times together.

It is worth mentioning that this year is a major breakthrough in the professional level of women golfers in China. The strength of China Women’s Corps led by three Buick Golf Ambassadors is even stronger than before, and it is expected to create a new history in this Buick LPGA Championship and in the international arena in the future. SAIC-GM Buick brand will, as always, fully support the healthy and sustainable development of golf in China, and make continuous breakthroughs together with athletes.

Editor-in-Chief: Li Ji

Text editor: Kan Jingya

Author: Ding Nan

Two more awards, industry and market recognition of Haier’s innovative financial factoring service

Recently, the 5th International Factoring and Supply Chain Finance Conference and the 8th Commercial Factoring Cooperation Fair ended successfully in Shenzhen. Haier Financial Factoring was invited to attend and was awarded the title of "Contribution Unit of Commercial Factoring Industry in 2023" for its outstanding performance in serving the real economy and business innovation. Zhang Lei, the general manager of the company, was awarded the title of "Outstanding Contribution Individual of Commercial Factoring Industry in 2023", which means that the market and industry associations have affirmed Haier’s contribution, professional ability and innovation ability in financial factoring services.
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haier Jinying, Haier Financial Factoring has always adhered to the mission of "empowering the industrial chain and serving the real economy", accelerating transformation and upgrading, and providing users with full-process and customized financial solutions through an information and standardized credit system. At the same time, actively explore financial innovation and strive to build a supply chain financial platform driven by data and technology and combining industry and finance. Up to now, the company has provided financial services to nearly 1000 industrial chain customers, and invested nearly 50 billion yuan in factoring financing.
In recent years, Haier Financial Factoring has actively responded to the call of the state to strengthen the services of the real economy, improve the financing convenience and availability of small and medium-sized enterprises, deeply understand the demand for supply chain financial services of small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide customized and characteristic financial solutions to customers through the innovative mode of "finance+industry+ecology", dredge the development artery of the industrial chain with living financial water, and build a new platform for the integration of industry and finance.
In order to promote product innovation and service upgrade, Haier Financial Factoring actively explores new business models and service modes. Since the company issued its first asset securitization product in 2016, it has continuously improved its financing ability, aiming at creating a diversified, multi-level and multi-channel financing pattern, and providing high-quality financial support for private small and micro enterprises. Up to now, the company has issued a total of 39 asset securitization products, and the accumulated issuance amount has exceeded 10 billion yuan, which has made positive contributions to economic development.
While the business is progressing steadily, Haier Financial Factoring is also increasing its investment in science and technology, carrying out digital construction, building a company’s business management platform internally, actively developing data products based on auxiliary customer acquisition and back-adjustment reports, and a customer-oriented mobile service platform to realize online and intelligent operations and bring customers a smarter, more convenient and better financial service experience.
In the future, Haier Financial Factoring will continue to implement the opinions and requirements for promoting the development and growth of the private economy, firmly serve private small and micro enterprises, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of financial services to the real economy, and provide financial power for the high-quality development of the real economy.

Central Meteorological Observatory: There is strong precipitation in Hainan Island and there are many cold air activities in the northern region.

  CCTV News:According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, there were strong winds and cool weather in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Northeast China during the day (October 15th). In the next three days, pay attention to secondary disasters that may be caused by local heavy rainfall in Hainan Island and other places; From the 17th, strong cold air will affect the central and eastern parts of China, paying attention to the impact of strong wind cooling and rain and snow weather on transportation, energy supply and facility agriculture.

  First, the weather situation:Strong winds and cool weather occurred in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Northeast China.

  During the day, precipitation is scarce in most parts of the country, and there is light rain or sleet in northern Xinjiang. Affected by cold air, there are 6-8 grades in northern Xinjiang and eastern Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning, and local gusts of 9-10 grades; In some of the above areas, the temperature dropped by 6 ~ 10℃, and the local drop exceeded 12℃.

  Second, the key weather forecast

  1. There is strong precipitation in Hainan Island.

  From the night of 15th to 18th, due to the tropical depression, there were moderate to heavy rains in the eastern and southern parts of Hainan Island and southwestern Guangdong, and there were heavy rains to heavy rains in the local area.

  2. More cold air activities in the northern region

  Affected by cold air, from the night of the 15th to the 16th, there will be 4~6 northerly winds in eastern Xinjiang and the eastern part of Northeast China, and the temperature will drop by 4 ~ 6℃. There are small to medium snow or sleet in parts of northern Xinjiang, eastern Tibet and western Qinghai, among which there is heavy snow in northern Xinjiang.

  From the 17th, another strong cold air will affect most parts of central and eastern China. Affected by cold air, there will be a large-scale rain (snow) and cooling process in China.

  Third, the specific forecast for the next three days

  From 20: 00 on October 15 to 20: 00 on October 16,There are small to medium snow or sleet in parts of mountainous areas in northern and southern Xinjiang, northern and eastern Tibet, western and southern Qinghai, and western Sichuan Plateau, among which there is heavy snow in northern Xinjiang and other places; There are small to moderate rains in parts of northeastern Heilongjiang, southwestern Sichuan and western basin, northeastern and southern Yunnan, Hainan Island and Taiwan Province Island, among which there is heavy rain (25 ~ 45 mm) in eastern Hainan Island. There are 4 ~ 6 winds in northeast Heilongjiang, Liaodong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula and central Tibet, and the winds in some parts of northern Tibet can reach more than 7 (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (from 20: 00 on October 15th to 20: 00 on October 16th)

  From 20: 00 on October 16th to 20: 00 on October 17th,There is little to medium snow or sleet in the western mountainous areas of southern Xinjiang, northern and eastern Tibet and southern Qinghai; There are small to moderate rains in parts of Shaanxi, Shanxi, southern Gansu, Ningxia, Sichuan Basin, southeastern Tibet, Taiwan Province Island, southern Guangdong, Hainan Island, etc. Among them, there are heavy rains in the eastern part of Hainan Island and local heavy rains (100 ~ 120 mm). There are 4 ~ 6 winds in southwestern Guangdong and Hainan Island (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (from 20: 00 on October 16th to 20: 00 on October 17th)

  From 20: 00 on October 17th to 20: 00 on October 18th,There is light snow or sleet in parts of western mountainous areas of southern Xinjiang, most of Tibet, southern Qinghai and northern Sichuan Plateau, with moderate to heavy snow in the local area; There are small to moderate rains in parts of Liaoning, Jilin, southern Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, most of North China, northern Henan, western Shandong, northern and eastern Sichuan, southern Yunnan, southeastern Tibet, Guangdong, eastern Guangxi and Hainan Island, among which there is heavy rain or heavy rain (50 ~ 70 mm) in the northeast of Hainan Island..There are 4 ~ 6 winds in parts of central and eastern Inner Mongolia, northern Hebei, eastern Northwest China and southwestern Guangdong (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 National Precipitation Forecast Chart (from 20: 00 on October 17th to 20: 00 on October 18th)