Enjoy flowers in spring and harvest sweet fruits in summer. In the past, weeds were all over the hillside, and now pears are blossoming.

CCTV News:In March, pear blossoms in the Linguo base in Anlu City, Hubei Province have blossomed one after another, attracting countless tourists to enjoy the spring. At the moment, Yan Yan, a reporter from the reception desk, is in the pear garden. Let’s connect her.

Headquarters reporter Yan Yan:I am now in the 10,000-mu forest fruit base in Tuanshan Village, Anlu, Hubei Province, and now more than 60,000 pear trees in the base have all blossomed. At this moment, I am in the sea of flowers, and the pear blossoms all over the mountain are competing to spit, and the snow is white, like a cloud like a waterfall; Pear blossoms are clean and elegant, and the flowers are floating and refreshing. The beautiful scenery also attracted many tourists, some of whom stopped to enjoy the flowers, but more of them were busy taking pictures with their cameras to freeze the beauty of spring. According to reports, more than 300,000 tourists were received here in a spring.

This pear garden can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the flower sea in spring, and pears can be picked from May to June. In order to ensure the smooth fruiting of pear trees, farmers here are busy with spring management. Look, the farmers in this area behind me are covering the pear trees with plastic film. The function of film mulching is to control water evaporation and prevent weeds from creeping.

On the other side, a farmer standing on a stool (or a high platform) is thinning the flowering branches. Look at the tree next to me. The pear blossoms on the branches are clustered and very dense. Sparse flowers can avoid excessive flowering and fruiting, and the nutrient supply of fruit trees is insufficient. By thinning flowers and fruits, the fruit setting rate can be improved and the pear fruit can be ensured to grow full and firm.

Fruit farmers told me that the average yield per mu here is about 4000 Jin, but at present, the yield per mu of pear trees in the rich period in China can be as high as 8000 Jin. In other words, the yield per mu here is only half that of other pear trees. Although the yield is not high, the output value here is very high. Because the varieties planted at present are improved, it is a "summer Sydney" variety suitable for planting environment in hilly areas. As the name implies, "Summer Sydney" is a fresh pear with white flesh and ripe in summer. It belongs to an early mature honey pear variety in China, and the weight of a single pear ranges from 8 taels to 1 catty, with rich juice and high sweetness. The price at harvest time is about five times that of ordinary pears, which has become a veritable fruit of getting rich.

In fact, in this base of more than 10,000 mu, potted blueberries with high economic value are planted in the greenhouses next to pear trees. In addition, there are some ornamental seedlings such as begonia. Although the whole undulating mountain is very regular now, in the past, because it is located in the hills, the land is relatively barren, the benefit of crop planting is poor, and the traffic is inconvenient, most villagers go out to work, and many land on the mountain is barren. Through various attempts, the local government has selected the seedling and fruit tree industries that are relatively suitable for the geological conditions here, and absorbed the surrounding villagers to work in the base through the model of "company+cooperative+base+farmer". A more prosperous industry and a more beautiful rural environment have made people feel more happy.

What is rip current who was killed in the beach of 11 people in Zhangzhou, Fujian? How to save yourself when you encounter it?

  On the afternoon of August 14th, 17 foreigners came to the beach near Zhenkou Village, Qianting Town, Zhangpu County, and were involved in the sea. As of 22: 00 on August 14th, the rescue work was all over, among which 11 people died after being rescued, and 6 people’s vital signs were stable.

  The reporter learned from the beach near Jiangkou Village, Zhangpu County, Fujian Province that the warning line has been set up at the intersection entering the beach. On the beach where the incident happened, there was a warning sign that said, "Be safe against drowning, no swimming in the sea". Yang Huifang, a villager, was the first person who heard the call for help and went into the water to rescue him.

  Yang Huifang told reporters that the rescue coincided with the high tide of the sea, and the waves were higher than the waves. When the sea retreated, people were easily taken into the sea. He took life-saving equipment and swam to the sea, saving one person first. Due to the large number of people who fell into the water, Yang Huifang swam back to the shore to find reinforcements and rescued five more people with the villagers.

  Yang Huifang, a villager from Jiangkou Village, Zhangpu County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province:There are many undercurrents in the sea, which are basically complicated. For example, when the wave comes up (high tide), it seems that the water is pushed up, but after it comes up, the water is pulled back, and the water under it is pulled back. It is pushed up at the top and pulled back at the bottom. Normally, we locals are afraid to go down in this water.

  Yang Huifang said that the tides are quite rough in July and August, and the tides are different every day. Even villagers with good water quality rarely go to the sea, and this place is not a local tourist attraction. According to the tidal forecast of Fujian Ocean Forecasting Station, on August 14th, Zhangpu County appeared at 4: 56 in the morning, and the tidal height was 1.87 meters. The second is now 17: 32 pm, and the tidal height is 1.68 meters.

  What causes tourists to be caught in the waves?

  The accident site is not a scenic spot, the undercurrent is dangerous, and local villagers rarely get into the water. Even if the local warning signs were set up at the seaside, they failed to stop these tourists from playing in the water. What happened then? What caused these tourists to be caught in the waves? According to Wang Gang, the captain of Xiamen Shuguang Rescue Team who participated in the rescue, it is very likely that the victims will encounter rip current, because the normal tide will not be so sudden and violent, and only rip current has such destructive power and injury that it can pull so many people into the deep sea at once. Topographically, this beach is also likely to produce rip current.

  What is rip current? Can it be predicted? What are the characteristics?

  Wang Gang, captain of Xiamen Shuguang Rescue Team, said that the cause of this tragedy is probably that the people in distress encountered it at that time."rip current". At present, the final investigation results have yet to be given by the government.

Rip current, scientifically known as "split current", is a narrow and strong current along the coast like a beam. It flows outward in a direction perpendicular or nearly perpendicular to the coast. Rip current is extremely dangerous because of its extremely fast velocity and confusing surface calm.

  Rip current velocity is mostly 0.3&mdash per second; 1 meter, the fastest can reach 3 meters per second, and its length can reach 30-mdash; 100 meters or even longer. The flow direction is almost perpendicular to the coastline, which can quickly drag strong swimmers into deep water and cause drowning.

  Rip current will suddenly appear when people are unprepared. And it can happen in any weather conditions, and it will appear on many types of beaches. Unlike waves that make a loud noise due to violent impact, rip current will not attract people’s attention until people are trapped in it.

  How to save yourself and rescue yourself when you meet rip current?

  Wang Gang, Captain of Xiamen Shuguang Rescue Team:For rip current, there is no good way except prevention. Once you are involved in rip current, I suggest you relax, drift downstream and not struggle. Rip current normally has a roundabout area. If you are experienced and calm enough, you may get rid of this rip current, and then you can wait for the rescue. Don’t try your best to struggle against the current and go to the coast after encountering rip current. It is very difficult to do this by manpower.

  It is best to drift backwards, because drifting backwards saves the most energy. According to the site situation, it cannot be fixed in any way. If the waves were very strong at that time, drifting upward was likely to choke water. You can use sideslip or breaststroke, a more energy-saving swimming method, to keep breathing normally and consume less energy.

Want to buy Yuanxiao and buy glutinous rice balls by mistake? The manufacturer tells you to choose tips.

On February 8, 2017, employees of Daoxiang Village in Beijing stepped up the production of Yuanxiao, which was roughly screened out. <a target='_blank' href='http://www.chinanews.com/' width=

On February 8, 2017, employees of Daoxiang Village in Beijing stepped up the production of Yuanxiao, which was roughly screened out. China News Service reporter Yang Kejia photo

  BEIJING, Beijing, February 10 (Qiu Yu) On the fifteenth day of the first month, a bowl of hot dumplings is an essential food. China is known as "Yuanxiao in the north and Tangyuan in the south". So, are Tangyuan and Yuanxiao the same food?

  How to distinguish Yuanxiao from Tangyuan?

  Many people think that Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are the same thing, but the names of the north and the south are different.

  In fact, Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are completely different, the essential difference lies in the production process: Yuanxiao is rolled out, while Tangyuan is wrapped out.

  "When making Yuanxiao, you should first make the stuffing, dip it in water, and then throw it into a container filled with glutinous rice flour and shake it; Then dip in water, continue to roll glutinous rice flour, and repeat it many times to make it gradually round and bigger. " Guo Yaping, quality director of Beijing Daoxiangcun Food Co., Ltd. told reporters that Yuanxiao is generally made by hand and is now sold.

  She said, the making method of glutinous rice balls is like wrapping jiaozi. First, dry glutinous rice flour is added with water to form dough, and then the dough is used to wrap stuffing, which is rounded and quickly frozen for easy storage. Tangyuan is mostly made by machines.

  They also have different appearances. After the Lantern Festival is cooked, there will be a "velvet head" on the surface, that is, flour floating powder. When the pot is cooked, the flour is mixed with water and the soup is milky white. Yuanxiao expands rapidly after cooking, which is bigger than glutinous rice balls. The dumpling skin is made of dry glutinous rice flour and water, which has good cohesion, smoother surface and clear boiled soup.

  In addition, from the taste point of view, Yuanxiao is more biting and has a prominent glutinous rice noodle flavor; Tangyuan is soft and glutinous, and the smell of glutinous rice is not obvious.

  Although there is a saying that "Yuanxiao is in the north and Tangyuan is in the south", Guo Yaping said that with the flow of population, the food culture is integrated, and now both Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are sold in the northern market. However, in the south, dumplings are mostly produced.

Daoxiang village workers check the stuffing of Yuanxiao. <a target='_blank' href='http://www.chinanews.com/' alt=

Daoxiang village workers check the stuffing of Yuanxiao. China News Service reporter Yang Kejia photo

  What should I pay attention to when eating Yuanxiao dumplings?

  Due to the different production techniques, the preservation methods of Yuanxiao and Tangyuan are also different.

  Eat Yuanxiao as soon as possible after buying it. Dr. Liu Xiaoyi from Beijing Center for Food Safety Monitoring and Risk Assessment pointed out that the glutinous rice flour on the outer layer of Yuanxiao made by traditional techniques is easy to absorb water, and its taste will change after cold storage, and improper storage will lead to microbial growth and deterioration. Therefore, Yuanxiao is mostly sold now, and the shelf life is mostly two or three days.

  He suggested that the freshly made Yuanxiao should be eaten as soon as possible, and those that can’t be eaten should be kept in the refrigerator and eaten as soon as possible within two days.

  Tangyuan has a longer shelf life. Liu Xiaoyi said that after quick freezing, the storage period of glutinous rice balls is generally 6 months to 12 months, the best storage temperature is below -18℃, and they can be eaten at any time during the shelf life, which is convenient and fast.

On February 8, 2017, employees of Daoxiang Village in Beijing stepped up the production of Yuanxiao, which was roughly screened out. <a target='_blank' href='http://www.chinanews.com/' width=

  On February 7, 2017, many Beijing residents bought traditional halal Yuanxiao handmade by a traditional Beijing snack bar. China News Service reporter Cui Nan photo

  Can you buy Yuanxiao dumplings in the market with confidence?

  Recently, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Jiangxi and other places have conducted random inspections on Yuanxiao (glutinous rice balls), and no unqualified products have been detected.

  The reporter learned from Beijing Food and Drug Administration that as of February 7, this year, Beijing Food and Drug Administration has sampled 126 batches of Yuanxiao and Tangyuan products from manufacturers and markets. The sampling results show that all 126 samples are qualified, and the qualified rate is 100%.

  Official website, the State Food and Drug Administration, announced the sampling notices of Yuanxiao (Tangyuan) in Tianjin, Hebei, Jiangxi and other places, and the results showed that all of them were qualified.

  In addition to the traditional Yuanxiao and glutinous rice balls, there is now a kind of glutinous rice balls with colored skin on the market, which looks very good after cooking. Some people worry, "Is artificial pigment used?"

  In this regard, Liu Xiaoyi said that from the inspection of multicolored pigments by Beijing Food and Drug Administration, these pigments are made of purple, yellow and green fruit and vegetable juices, which are natural pigments in food and can be safely eaten.

Daoxiang village workers check the stuffing of Yuanxiao. <a target='_blank' href='http://www.chinanews.com/' alt=

Daoxiang Village employees step up production of Yuanxiao. China News Service reporter Yang Kejia photo

  How to choose a satisfactory dumpling?

  At present, there are many kinds of Yuanxiao and Tangyuan sold online and offline. How should consumers choose them?

  According to the "Tips for Purchasing Yuanxiao and Tangyuan" issued by Beijing Food and Drug Administration, we should choose from four aspects: brand, storage conditions, appearance and taste.

  First, choose a brand. Try to choose the products of brand enterprises with large scale and good product quality and service quality. These enterprises have strong technical force, strict quality control of raw materials, advanced production equipment, strict process control and guaranteed product quality.

  Second, look at the storage conditions. At present, most of the products sold in supermarkets are quick-frozen glutinous rice balls and Yuanxiao. Quick-frozen products should be sold under frozen conditions. Never buy products with frost or ice slag. Frost or ice slag indicates that the storage temperature of the products is unstable, which will easily lead to an increase in the acid value of the products, and will also make the microorganisms of the products exceed the standard, which will have a great impact on the product quality.

  Third, look at the appearance. A good glutinous rice dumpling, Yuanxiao, is uniform in color, basically round in shape, basically the same in size, uniform in thickness of the cortex, without stuffing, cracks, impurities visible to the naked eye and mildew spots. Bad products are dull and uneven in color, with different characters and sizes, and some are cracked and exposed.

  Fourth, by taste. A good glutinous rice dumpling, the skin is sticky and slippery, the color is white, and the stuffing is delicate; No rancidity, no odor. Poor quality glutinous rice balls are rough and inelastic, and their taste is often too sweet or oily.

[Hint] The working hours have changed, and you have to work for 6 days.


The eight-day Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end.
While enjoying the holiday life
Don’t forget.
February 18th is a working day.
According to the general office of the State Council.
Notice on Some Holiday Arrangements in 2024
The Spring Festival is on holiday from February 10th to 17th.
A total of 8 days
February 18th (Sunday)
Going to work!

That is to say, after the eight-day holiday,
I have to work for six days.
Friends who usually set the working day alarm clock.
Don’t forget to set the alarm clock.
In case of being late

Information: Xinmin Evening News

Editor: Zhu Jiaru

Editor: Gao Qin

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Cold cold! Did you see the first snow in 2024?

Affected by the first cold wave in 2024, there was sporadic light snow in the western part of Chongming around midnight yesterday, and sleet in the northern part of Pudong briefly. Shanghai ushered in the first snow this year.

At 9 o’clock this morning, the temperature in most parts of the city was close to freezing point. Today, it is mainly cloudy during the day, with occasional short-term light snow in some areas. The highest temperature is only about 1℃, and the wind is strong. The wind from north to northwest is 5 and the gust is 6-7, and the wind is stronger in coastal areas along the river.

Static treasure warm reminder:

Pay attention to cold and warmth, and beware of catching a cold.

The Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory issued a low-temperature yellow warning signal at 16: 40 on January 22, 2024: due to the influence of strong cold air, it is estimated that the minimum temperature will reach MINUS 3 degrees to MINUS 4 degrees in the morning on the 23rd and 24th, with freezing, and MINUS 5 degrees to MINUS 6 degrees in the suburbs, with severe freezing. Please pay attention to cold and warmth.

At present,

ShanghaiTwo blues and two yellowsFour warnings are high.

Defense guide:

1.Pay attention to wind and warmth when going out, and add clothes.

2.Old people and children should go out as little as possible and close the doors and windows at home.

3.Strengthen the warm-keeping measures of agricultural greenhouses and sheds.

4.The government and relevant departments should do a good job in cold wave response according to the plan.

5.Pedestrians should pay attention to anti-skid.

6.Drive carefully, keep the distance between cars, and pay attention to slow down.  

7.The government and relevant departments should do a good job in dealing with road icing according to the plan.

8.Check doors and windows, reinforce clothes racks, outdoor antennas, etc., and properly place outdoor flowerpots and other items that are easy to fall.

9.Try not to stay near glass doors and windows or billboards when going out.

10.The government and relevant departments should do a good job in dealing with strong winds according to the plan.

weather trend

Shanghai will turn sunny and cold due to the influence of cold high pressure from tomorrow, but the temperature rise is weak. The temperature will be below freezing all day tomorrow. Tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning are even more chilly, and the lowest temperature in the urban area is between MINUS 4℃ and MINUS 3℃, with freezing; The suburbs are 6℃ below zero to 5℃ below zero, with severe freezing. Although there is sunshine during the day, the temperature rise is limited under the power of cold air.

From Wednesday, the north wind gradually subsided, and the temperature began to rise slightly. By the end of the week, the highest temperature returned to double digits, but the temperature was still low in the morning and evening, so it is still necessary to keep warm and cold. On Thursday, the temperature began to rise slightly during the daytime, but the highest temperature this weekend was only about 11℃, and the temperature was still low in the morning and evening. Please continue to do a good job in cold protection and warmth. 

Why is there only sporadic snowfall in Shanghai?

Meteorologists say that the main battlefield of snowfall brought by this cold wave is not in Shanghai. Because of the powerful cold air, the snowfall has been pushed to the south. The sporadic snowfall in Shanghai for a short time is cold snow blown by cold air from the sea.

Snow is the direct condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere or the direct solidification of water droplets. Usually, there are two conditions to meet when it snows. First, there is enough water vapor to form an ice crystal layer at high altitude; Second, the appropriate temperature, that is, "the air temperature at 1500m is less than or equal to -3℃, while the ground temperature is less than 3℃", so that the snowflake will not be melted during its descent.

However, there is less water vapor supply over Shencheng today, and the water vapor at high altitude is ruthlessly driven away by cold air. It can only rely on the humid air at sea brought by the north wind to form snowfall, and the weak water vapor is only enough to bring light snow or sleet to the central and eastern parts of Shanghai.

Snow is not a common sight in Shanghai in winter. Shanghai’s maritime climate makes the temperature in winter high, and the terrain is basically a low-lying plain, which is different from the hilly terrain in Hangzhou next door. Therefore, the conditions for snow are more harsh than those in the surrounding areas. According to the meteorological data,The average number of snowfall days in Shanghai is about 5 days, and snowfall occurs from November to April, mainly in January and February.

Why can’t I see the snow?

Many netizens spit out that they are clearly in the same area, but they have not seen snow. In fact, this may be because you are not "tall" enough! The snowflake melted during the landing.

In order to see "snowflakes fluttering" on the ground, it is necessary to have certain water vapor and dynamic conditions.The key depends on the temperature distribution from high altitude to the ground.. The geographical location of Shanghai Linjiang near the sea, coupled with the relatively high temperature at sea in winter, makes the temperature distribution above us more complicated, and with the change of urban underlying surface, the precipitation phase has changed more. Sometimes "snow is fluttering" in the air, and it may turn into rain or sleet when it falls to the ground.

If you want to see the formed snowflakes,

You have to waitWhen the snowfall conditions are met

Go toA higher placeOh ~

Reporter: Li Jialing.

Photo: Li Jialing.

Video: Li Jialing

Editor: Chen Gong

Information: Shanghai Weather Release, Shanghai News Broadcasting, Shangguan News, Xinmin Evening News, and Shanghai WeChat WeChat official account.

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Breaking through difficulties and blocking points, frequently appearing "100%" and exploring new paths … Jing’ an "two old transformations" round residents’ dream of living in peace

Breaking through difficulties and blocking points, frequently appearing "100%" and exploring new paths … Jing’ an "two old transformations" round residents’ dream of living in peace

Zhangyuan: the 19th century garden engraved in Shanghai’s memory and future.

The deserted open space has turned into a small garden, and the community has more "small fortunate"

Add a good place to punch in, and the "Chinese Dragon" with a height of 5 meters will be unveiled! The series of activities of "Dragon with Natural Spirit" kicked off.

ShangguanNo. Author: Shanghai Jing ‘an

What is the realization of these beautiful scenery in Suining?

  In recent years, the Forestry Station of Suining County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and the Farming and Protection Station of Suining County Agricultural and Rural Bureau have implemented key projects and implemented the spirit of the Party’s Twentieth Congress with practical measures to improve the wetland protection rate and cultivated land quality in the county.

  Grass is abundant and water is beautiful.

  Suining wetland is beautiful.

  The West Weihe River is an important county river in Suining, with a total length of about 40.8 kilometers. It starts from Qing ‘an Waterway in Qing ‘an Town in the north, flows into Laolong River in Qiuji Town in the south, and flows through Weiji Town, Liangji Town, Gaozuo Town, Suicheng Street, Suihe Street and Qiuji Town. The wetland area is 179.5 hectares, and the wetland type is river wetland.

  Recently, the reporter followed Zhuo Kai, the stationmaster of Forestry Station of County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, to the West Weihe River. Zhuo Kai told reporters that this spring, the Forestry Station built a wetland protection community in the West Weihe River Basin. Compared with the past, the water quality of the West Weihe River Basin and the ecological environment on both sides of the strait have been greatly improved through river regulation and dredging and planting of various trees and aquatic plants.

  "In spring, we planted more than 800 fallen cedar trees and more than 600 weeping willows. In addition, the water conservancy department has carried out dredging projects. After the dredging project, the soil was exposed and desertification was serious. After afforestation and wetland protection, the soil was solidified and the water quality was improved. " Zhuo Kai said.

  According to reports, at present, there are nine wetland protection areas in the county, including the ancient Yellow River, Xuhonghe, Xushahe and Qing ‘an Reservoir, with a total area of 7,659 hectares. Through the construction of wetland protection community, the wetland protection rate in Suining County has increased to 70.9%, and the natural wetland protection rate has increased by two places in the city, ranking second in the city.

  As the leader of wetland protection in the county, in Zhuo Kai’s eyes, more and more wild waterfowl appear over the water surface of Suining River Reservoir wetland, and the wetland ecological landscape with vertical and horizontal water potential, abundant grass and beautiful water and natural wild interest is beautiful.

  Stick to the red line

  Suining continuously improves the quality of cultivated land.

  Cultivated land is the lifeblood of grain production and the foundation of the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. In recent years, Suining Agricultural and Rural Bureau has continuously improved the quality of cultivated land with various measures, with remarkable results.

  Recently, the reporter followed Cao Bangzhou, the stationmaster of the Farming and Protection Station of the County Agricultural and Rural Bureau, to Jiahe Agricultural Company in Suihe Street. On the edge of the company’s field, a row of large cylindrical biogas pools was very eye-catching.

  Cao Bangzhou told reporters that this is one of the pilot demonstration areas in the county to promote green farming and recycling agriculture. Since August this year, the project has applied 16,000 tons of decomposed manure to grain, vegetables and fruit trees planted in more than 10 towns in the county, with an implementation area of 33,750 mu, 60,000 tons of biogas slurry and an implementation area of 60,000 mu.

  According to reports, biogas slurry is the product of waste fertilizer treatment, which is equivalent to high-quality organic fertilizer. The liquid is not only easier to absorb, but also rich in organic matter, which is also equivalent to biological pesticides, which can kill germs and play a role in preventing and controlling pests and diseases.

  Therefore, after the biogas slurry irrigation in the early experimental farmland of Jiahe Agricultural Company, the cultivated land quality and crop yield quality have been improved, which also directly resulted in the increase of economic benefits.

  "When there was no biogas slurry, we mainly used ordinary chemical fertilizers, which not only caused the land to harden, but also had a certain impact on crop yield. After using biogas slurry, not only the quality of cultivated land has been improved, but also the yield of rice and wheat has been greatly improved. " Li Wu, manager of Xuzhou Jiahe Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. said.

  It is understood that this year, the county’s cultivated land is rich in organic matter through measures such as straw returning, organic fertilizer input, corn and soybean strip compound planting, and deep ploughing and subsoiling, and a sustainable ecological agriculture system has been built.

  At the same time, the county has continuously improved the construction of cultivated land quality monitoring network, strengthened the quality evaluation of newly-added cultivated land, carried out fertilizer reduction and efficiency increase, and established a relatively perfect three-level agricultural film recycling system of "village collection, town concentration and county recycling" to reduce soil pollution.

  "Through a series of technical measures, the quality of cultivated land in Suining County has been significantly improved. According to the evaluation results, this year is 0.06 grade higher than the previous two years and about 0.8 grade higher than that in 2015." Cao Bangzhou said.

  (Source: Wireless Suining)

A probe into life in Tantric nun, Tibet: you need an exam to be a nun (Figure)

A picture of Tibetan nuns’ life home

  Among the believers who devote their lives to Tibetan Buddhism, there are not only those tough men, but also some pure and gentle women They are called nuns. They are far away from the world, studying hard in the nunnery (nunnery) with closed doors, praying devoutly, observing the precepts and suffering themselves, and trying to knock on the door of their ideal "transcendental world" with a holy heart …

  In Tibet, there are many temples, most of which are Lamaism temples, but few in buddhist nun. However, some of them are quite famous. For example, there are buddhist nun in Lhasa, such as Mimiqinre Temple (site), Gali Temple, Langgu Temple, Canggong Temple and Anai Changku Temple. Before the reform, buddhist nun in Tibet was often overcrowded. In recent years, not only many nuns have returned to buddhist nun, but also some young girls and young women have gone to temples to have their hair cut.

  Some nuns who practice in buddhist nun come from noble or wealthy families, some from dilapidated noble families, and some from ordinary people’s families. When a girl goes to buddhist nun to practice, she must first find an old Nidang Normator, who is responsible for the education and management of her moral conduct. Then ask the famous living Buddha to shave her hair. After praying and chanting, the living Buddha cut off the last lock of hair on the little girl’s head, indicating that her six roots are clean and unattached.

  Every nun in Arjunnan Zongsandan Peilin has to go through a certain procedure from leaving home, becoming a single monk, joining a religious organization, living in a monastery and starting their new life-religious life. Every nun who becomes a monk or accepts the "three returns", that is, converts to Buddhism, Buddhism, monks and Sambo, must be in good health, firmly believe in religion, stick to the precepts and study the scriptures wholeheartedly before entering the monastery.

  Tide into the temple

  Shaving one’s hair is a rule for Buddhists to become monks and accept precepts. Before entering the temple, every nun in Qiong Peilin, the third patriarch of Arjunnan, usually needs to find a nun who is high in morality, good in knowledge and has a certain reputation in the temple, that is, she has been formally incorporated into the temple organization to be her own "Yi Zhi Shi", and this "Yi Zhi Shi" must be approved by the temple before she can be accepted as a disciple, and then the "Yi Zhi Shi" will be a new one in her Buddhist temple. Shave off the braid on the top of the head for the new disciple, put on the vestments before the Buddha Sakyamuni statue, give him the dharma name, and give him the precepts to become Shamini.

  Being a nun requires an exam.

  In order to control, regulate and manage monks and nuns, the major monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism have set up a system of entering the temple. In Arjun Nanzong nuns’ Temple, nuns who have been shaved into the temple must first go through the "teacher-in-charge" word by word, teach the various teachings and teaching methods practiced by the Sect, especially master and be familiar with the basic contents of "daily recitation". Only after passing the trial examination can they be accepted as formal nuns of the religious organization or the temple, and they are eligible to participate in various ritual ceremonies held in the temple.

  When you first enter the temple, you have to pay for dinner.

  Generally, when each new nun enters the temple for the first time (enters the Dajingtang) to participate in the "daily recitation", she should present Hada, and give the temple gifts such as tea or 5 to 10 yuan money as far as she can. This nun has to kowtow to the Buddha three to seven times before she can be included in the "daily recitation". Since then, I have been affiliated with this temple and obtained the qualification of a nun in this temple. This procedure of entering the temple is different in various temples of Tibetan Buddhism, from simple to complicated.

  In old buddhist nun, new nuns also invited nuns to eat and drink in the whole nunnery. Those who had a banquet for one day could get the title of "Qize Guxue", and those who had a banquet for two days could get the title of "Qize Guxue". The nuns who had obtained these two titles could not participate in the collective chanting and be exempted from all labor. In addition to eating and drinking, depending on family circumstances, new nuns will also give offerings to nuns, such as pottery pots, highland barley, ghee or card mats.

  If the standard can’t read, the new nun will also ask a scribe to teach her to read the scriptures. Learn Tibetan first, then learn the Karoma Sutra (Manjusri Ode), and then learn the Zhuo Ma Duiba Sutra (Dum Ode). In addition, we should also read Buddhist scriptures such as Lama Quba, Molonglangji, Jovajiuzhu and Zhuomalang Dangmani.

  A nun between the ages of 7 and 20 should be ordained by a novice monk.

  Nuns between the ages of 7 and 20 are subject to the novice monk precept. The bar mitzvah ceremony is presided over by a living Buddha, with four "Gelong" (monks) as assistants. The ordained place is usually in the temple or the living Buddha’s tin residence. The living Buddha who presided over the ceremony calculated the date of initiation according to the birthdates of each ordained nun. The nuns who participated in the ordained ceremony sent ghee, rice cake, flour and other foods to the ordained place before the ordained ceremony. The ordained place (oratory) is solemn and mysterious, with the statue of Sakyamuni hanging on the front and the statue of the ordained nun on both sides. The living Buddha ascended the altar, and four monks sat on both sides. The ordained nun sits on a Tibetan carpet opposite the living Buddha, wearing a yellow cassock and a red cassock, with a belt "Gru" (net kettle).

  In groups of three, the ordained nuns went to the Living Buddha in sequence, held out their right hand, and at the same time grabbed a "Quzha" (water filter) with their left hand to filter out all evil thoughts. The living Buddha grabbed the nun’s right palm and asked, "Would you like to be ordained?" A: "Yes!" Then I put forward 36 commandments, such as no drinking, no lewdness, no lying, no stealing, no killing, etc. The living Buddha asked and the nun answered. After the question and answer, the living Buddha solemnly announced: "From now on, you are ordained people!" " Then the nun bowed down three times and accepted the living Buddha to touch the top, and the nun presented gifts to the living Buddha.

  Every nun has to think of a dharma name. After being ordained, I will not eat after noon for 7 days, but only drink butter tea. The first thing to do when I get up every morning is to kneel before the idol, meditate on the 36 commandments, reflect on them one by one, and pray: "Before the sun rises today, I kept the commandments everywhere. If there is a violation of the precepts, please forgive God Frodo! "

  Those scriptures that have been fixed since ancient times, sung by devout women, have a unique charm and vivid power, and the profound philosophy conveyed by the clear and sweet voice.

Going to the Grassroots in the Spring Festival | Special Adherents: A Different Kind of "Reunion Dinner" Crossing Thousands of Miles

On February 11th, on New Year’s Eve, none of the staff of Minxiu Road Community in Shuangfengqiao Street, Yubei District went home. They stayed in the community office together, and accompanied Vivi, who stayed at her post during the Spring Festival and didn’t return to her hometown in Hebei, to pack jiaozi. Through video, we also said hello to Vivi’s 88-year-old mother, who is far away from her hometown in Hebei, and had a different kind of "reunion dinner" that spanned thousands of miles. The picture shows Hu Mingzhu (right), the community secretary of Minxiu Road, and Vivi, chatting with their old mother in their hometown in Hebei through mobile video.
Sister Vivi, formerly known as Kang Xiumiao, is a health worker in Minxiu Road Community. Her hometown is Kangxinzhuang, Hengshui City, Hebei Province. Ten years ago, Sister Vivi came to Chongqing with her retired husband and has been engaged in community work.
Sister Vivi said that it doesn’t matter if she is busy at work, but her heart is most concerned about her 88-year-old mother who is far away from home. Last year, in order to win the epidemic and stop the war, she rushed to the front line as a community worker. Because of the epidemic and work, she has not been able to go back to her hometown for two consecutive years, visit her mother, comb her hair and talk with her mother. Although my heart is full of worries and regrets, before this year’s festival, Sister Vivi was the first to sign up: she was on duty during the Spring Festival and stuck to her post.
When Hu Mingzhu, the secretary of the community, learned of Vivi’s worries, after discussing with everyone, he decided that according to the custom in the north, colleagues in the New Year’s Eve community would accompany Vivi’s sister on duty to pack jiaozi, have a reunion dinner and pay a New Year call to Vivi’s old mother in her hometown in Hebei.
In the face of the bustling New Year scene in the community, Sister Vivi turned on the video call of her mobile phone, and a kind smile with white hair appeared on the screen of her hometown in Hebei Province, and the eyes of her second sister were concerned. Sister Vivi told her relatives that it was very lively for everyone to accompany me for the New Year, and also to pack jiaozi together. I am fine in Chongqing for the New Year, so don’t worry! Hu Mingzhu, the secretary of the community, also gathered in front of the mobile phone screen. She said: I wish my mother Kang good health and happiness, and I wish my family in my hometown in Hebei peace and happiness … At some point, everyone’s eyes were full of tears.
Sister Vivi said that she hoped that the epidemic would end as soon as possible and that life would return to normal as soon as possible, so that she could go back to her hometown to visit her mother.
Hu Mingzhu, community secretary of Minxiu Road, said: Due to the normalization of national epidemic prevention and control work, during the Spring Festival this year, all staff members should stick to their posts and take turns to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, it is also necessary to do a good job of arranging people who return to Chongqing from other places, and persuade those who work in other places to stay in the local area for the New Year as much as possible. To this end, the community also sent special care packages filled with new year’s goods such as Yuanxiao, milk and candy to the families of migrant workers who stayed in the local area for the New Year.
Yang Xinyu, an upstream journalist, reported on the photo.

Where is the limit and future of real estate?

The four major trading markets, namely, stocks, bonds, foreign exchange and real estate, have long been named as "the four lifelines of national finance", which are an important part of the national economy and an important source of residents’ wealth income.

But there was a saying in the market:Ten crises, nine real estate!

This is because there have been too many "crisis killings" caused by real estate in the past few decades.


In 1991, the Japanese government took the initiative to burst the real estate bubble by raising interest rates sharply and banning loans from the real estate industry, which led to a sharp drop in Japanese house prices, and then quickly triggered a crash in the Japanese stock market, leading to the emergence of Japan’s "disappearing 30 years." It can be seen that up to now, Japan’s housing prices and stock indexes have not returned to the high level of that year;

After 2000, influenced by the Internet bubble in the United States, the Federal Reserve adopted a large-scale fiscal expansion policy, which led to excessive market liquidity and excess liquidity flowing into the real estate market, which caused the US house price to rise by more than 80% in four years, resulting in a serious bubble in the US real estate market at that time.

From 2004 to 2006, the United States took the initiative to raise interest rates to control inflation, which punctured the real estate bubble. Subsequently, American residents defaulted on loans frequently, which led to a large number of bad loans in banks, which in turn triggered the "subprime mortgage crisis" and caused a more serious impact on the global economy.

Therefore, the core reason of "subprime mortgage crisis" is also the transmission influence of the collapse of American real estate prices on the financial system.

In addition to the above two classic cases, similar to the Great Depression in 1929 and the Asian financial turmoil in 1997, the real estate crisis broke out and then triggered the financial and economic crisis.

If the laws of these crises in history are analyzed in detail, we can find that there are amazing commonalities and similar conduction chains between them:

Economic recession-government’s stimulus policy-central bank’s interest rate cut-abundant liquidity-real estate bubble inflation-high inflationary pressure-government’s austerity policy-central bank’s interest rate increase-tight liquidity-real estate bubble collapse-crisis broke out and the economy declined.

It can be seen that behind the so-called "ten crises and nine real estates", it reflects the "bad consequences" caused by the government’s excessive intervention in the market and market regulation.

There are no assets in the market that only rise but not fall, but for the government, its tolerance for economic downturn is extremely low. Out of political needs (GDP growth), most officials will take excessive stimulus measures to stimulate the economy in order to get it."False prosperity".

Why does the real estate crisis easily turn into an economic crisis?

Then, how did the real estate crisis evolve into a financial crisis or even an economic crisis?

Let’s take the economic data of the United States as an example to see how much impact real estate has on the macro-economy.

First of all, from the perspective of residents’ assets: in the past 30 years, the average level of American real estate in the total assets of residents was 27.4%.In other words, real estate accounts for more than a quarter of the total assets of American residents, which is already a very high proportion.

If we switch the perspective to the proportion of non-financial assets, this proportion will rise further. In the past 30 years, the average proportion of real estate in non-financial assets of American residents was 81.4%.In other words, real estate accounts for more than 80% of the total assets of American residents, which directly affects the total wealth of residents.

Once the wealth of residents shrinks seriously, it will inevitably affect their willingness to consume, which will lead to economic recession.

Secondly, from the perspective of residents’ liabilities, this situation will become more and more serious. In the past 30 years, long-term mortgage loans accounted for 71.8% of American residents’ liabilities. In other words, more than 70% of residents’ liabilities are concentrated in the real estate side. Once the economic recession, residents’ income decline, residents’ solvency is limited, and the value of superimposed real estate falls sharply, then there will be a large-scale loan default phenomenon, which will then evolve from a real estate crisis to a financial crisis or even an economic crisis.

It is precisely because the real estate industry is so extensive that the national government will not allow large-scale collapse of the real estate industry (except Japan), and most of them will save the real estate crisis through a series of means. It can be seen that before the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States (2006), the proportion of American real estate industry in its GDP continued to decline. After the crisis broke out, the proportion of American real estate in its GDP rose rapidly from 11.1% to 12.2%; On the contrary, the financial industry in the United States has been significantly impacted, and its proportion in GDP has dropped from 7.6% to 6.8%.

That is to say, although there were "ten crises and nine real estates", by the time the crisis really broke out, the real estate industry had already "gone to waste its clothes and hidden its merits and reputation", leaving the banking and financial industry alone in a "messy situation". Under the leverage effect, there will be systematic risks in the banking and financial industry, which will lead to a greater crisis.

Think carefully and be extremely afraid-Why is real estate "sought after" by capital?

The return on investment of real estate, why the house price has been rising, and the bursting of overseas financial bubbles is also caused by real estate.

We know that the real estate industry is a capital-intensive industry, and every "big water release" will be accompanied by the rapid rise of housing prices, so why is real estate so sought after by capital?

There are four main reasons:

First of all, real estate (especially high-quality real estate) is just the need of residents’ life.There are at least two rigid housing needs in a person’s life, one is the demand for housing generated by marriage between 20 and 30; The other time is the demand for replacement houses before the age of 40-50 (in exchange for better and better property). With the birth of a large number of people every year, the market demand for real estate is continuous.

Secondly, the risk of real estate withdrawal is relatively low.As the ballast stone of the national economy, the real estate industry cannot fluctuate greatly in principle. Once the house price falls beyond expectations, it will have a serious impact on the economy, and it will also usher in public administrative intervention and regulation, which also leads to a relatively small pressure on the retreat of house prices relative to other asset prices.

Thirdly, the return on investment in real estate is relatively high.The return on investment in the real estate industry is mainly divided into two parts. One part is the return on investment brought about by the rise in housing prices (except in some countries), and the overall housing prices are rising year by year; The other is that real estate can be rented to obtain a relatively stable cash flow return. Therefore, on the whole, the comprehensive rate of return on investment in real estate is relatively high among all assets.

Finally, the holding cost of real estate is relatively low.Except for some countries that levy high property taxes, the global real estate holding cost is relatively low, which is relatively favorable among many passive income assets (such as fund custody fees and stamp duty).

Therefore, on the whole, real estate not only has continuous rigid demand, but also has three asset characteristics of low risk, high return and low holding cost, so it is not surprising that it is sought after by capital.

Therefore, in the context of loose money, capital will be relatively more favored in the real estate industry, which will greatly raise housing prices.

This is also the root of the real estate bubble!

Four fission stages of four types of housing enterprises in China

From the microscopic point of view, while the real estate bubble is forming, the excessive leverage of housing enterprises is also an important factor inducing the real estate crisis.

Chi Guangsheng, chief real estate & fixed income analyst of Essence Securities, wrote the book "Through Prosperity-The Limit and Future of Real Estate", which described in detail the four periods of the development of real estate enterprises in China and four types of radical real estate enterprises under the development of the real estate industry. This can help us "see the micro-knowledge"-reveal the "all beings" in the macro environment.

According to teacher Chi Guangsheng’s classification, China’s real estate enterprises are divided into four periods:

The first stage: before 2003-the initial stage.At this time, the domestic real estate market was in its infancy, and the policy also encouraged the development of real estate. Many housing enterprises that we are familiar with now were established in that year. At that time, the debt scale of housing enterprises increased rapidly, but the overall leverage level was not high, and most of the liabilities were below 50%.

The second stage: 2004-2013-development period.Encouraged by the policy, housing enterprises ushered in the period of expansion, and the expansion of state-owned enterprises was obviously greater than that of state-owned enterprises. Large-scale housing enterprises began to make a nationwide layout, cooperative land acquisition gradually rose, market concentration rose rapidly, and the leading tendency of housing enterprises appeared. At this time, although the leverage ratio of housing enterprises is still rising significantly, the overall level is controllable.

The third stage: 2014-2019-expansion period.Mr. Chi Guangsheng believes that expanding scale, competing for ranking, fast turnover, high leverage, cooperative land acquisition, sinking soil reserves and lax financing discipline are the mainstream development models of housing enterprises in 2014-2019.

At this stage, we can see that the amount of additional financing for housing enterprises has risen rapidly to the historical peak (the amount of additional financing reached 176.84 billion yuan in 2015).

After 2017, the issuance of US dollar bonds by housing enterprises began to increase substantially, ABS financing also began to rise, and the financial situation of housing enterprises began to deteriorate rapidly.

The fourth stage: after 2020-adjustment period.Under the restriction of the policy of "three red lines" and "two centralized loans", the development speed of housing enterprises began to slow down obviously, private enterprises were hit by liquidity and began to enter the "winter" mode, and state-owned enterprises also began to slow down their expansion and focus on steady operation.

In this macro environment, four types of radical housing enterprises have emerged, which constitutes the "chaos" of the real estate industry now-

The first category, contrarian expansion housing enterprises:Under the background of the slowdown in the growth rate of commercial housing sales in 2016 and the shift in the financing policy of housing enterprises in 2018, this type of housing enterprises still expand their land acquisition against the trend and increase their land reserves, resulting in their high leverage ratio and are currently in a liquidity dilemma.

The second category, impatient and aggressive housing enterprises:This type of real estate enterprises also increased their leverage expansion when the macro environment changed, but they mainly expanded to low-energy cities in the third and fourth tier, trying to seize the national market. However, after the tightening of the financing environment, they also suffered a serious impact and their financial situation deteriorated rapidly.

The third category, debt imbalance housing enterprises:This type of company relies heavily on overseas debt. Under the background of deteriorating financing environment, its debt fragility is significantly higher than that of other companies with diversified debt structures, and the short-term debt repayment pressure is enormous.

The fourth category, over-capitalized housing enterprises:This type of company prefers to introduce high-cost war investment and high-interest loan financing to expand its land reserve on a large scale. It is the enterprise with the strongest risk preference among the four types of enterprises. It practices the "rolling profit model" by financing the whole society through diversified projects, which is also the main reason for its current liquidity trap.

On the whole, it is an inevitable trend of the periodic development of China’s real estate enterprises that the real estate industry is "all living things" at present, and the overly radical expansion strategy is an important reason for the "chaos" in the real estate industry to some extent.

Cycle after cycle-where is the way out of the real estate cycle?

With the development of the real estate market, sinceSince 2008, China has experienced four real estate cycles:

The first round: Q3 2008-Q1 2010 (upward), Q2 2010-Q1 2012 (downward);
The second round: Q1 2012-Q1 2013 (upward) and Q1 2013-Q3 2014 (downward);
The third round: Q3 2014-Q3 2016 (upward), Q3 2016-Q3-2020 (downward);

The fourth round: Q1 in 2020-Q3 in 2020 (upward), Q3 in 2020 till now.

From the perspective of international experience, the duration of the real estate cycle (also known as the Kuznets cycle) is 15-20 years, of which the market of the American real estate cycle is about 16 years, of which the expansion phase is about 11 years and the contraction phase is about 5 years.

It is a medium-long cycle that is longer than Kichin cycle, but shorter than Kangbo cycle. Its main measure is based on population process and building construction intensity, which was put forward by economist simon smith kuznets.

Although the real estate cycle has different forms and lengths in different countries, it is certain that there is indeed a "cycle" in real estate.

With the deep adjustment of China’s real estate industry at present, the market’s expectation for real estate has dropped to freezing point, so where is the way out for future real estate?

This is the core topic of this master course!

On this Saturday, August 12th, 2023, Wall Street invited Chi Guangsheng, chief real estate & fixed income analyst of Essence Securities.Master course on real estate theme will be launched, from macro to micro, from finance to practice, from policy to market. Mr. Chi Guangsheng will spend 4-5 hours in one class to explain the real estate market in China.

Chi Guangsheng is the chief analyst of Anxin Securities’ real estate & fixed income. He has 6 years of experience in real estate project development and operation in real estate enterprises. He has not only managed projects, but also done research, and has published many reports and papers independently in Financial Research, International Financial Research and China Money Market. It can be said that his working experience has always been a close observer in the real estate industry chain, and he will share his years of research, observation, thinking and understanding of real estate with everyone in the course.

The course is divided into four modules, the macro chapter focuses on housing sales, the policy chapter focuses on real estate policy, the micro chapter focuses on housing enterprise behavior, and the asset chapter focuses on asset pricing.When studying Taoism, we should keep abreast of the changes of the times.

Has the commercial housing market in China reached its limit? Will China real estate repeat the Japanese mistakes? What is more important than "housing and not speculating"? How to fully understand China’s real estate policy? What inspiration did the defaulting housing enterprises give us? What step has the liquidity dilemma of housing enterprises developed to? What impact will real estate changes have on the pricing of large-scale assets? ….. These questions and implications will be discussed in depth in the course.


It’s in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  Comprehensive China Weather Network Sichuan Provincial Public Meteorological Service Network Sichuan Meteorology


  Entered the end of the three volts-the last volt.

  The last day of this year is from August 10th to 19th.

  Extended 40-day dog days

  It’s almost over at last!

  Faced with "can you turn off the air conditioner?" Ask questions

  Netizen said ↓

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  The last stage has arrived, and the summer heat has not disappeared.

  These places need to be protected from heatstroke

  During the last days of this year, high temperatures occurred frequently in parts of Henan, Hubei, western Anhui and northern Hunan, and there were also staged high temperatures in southern Xinjiang basin, western Inner Mongolia, western Gansu and Sichuan.

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  During the last days of this year, the central southern Xinjiang basin, Turpan basin and western Inner Mongolia will also experience hot and humid weather, and sauna days with high temperature and humidity may occur in central and southern Henan and central and northern Hubei, so these areas are extremely prone to heatstroke;

  Some places in southwestern Shandong, southeastern Henan, central and eastern Hubei, eastern Sichuan Basin, central and northern Hunan will also have continuous high temperature weather, which is unbearable and sultry, and belongs to areas prone to heatstroke;

  In some places, such as the southern Xinjiang basin, southern Hebei, western Anhui, northern Hunan, central and northern Jiangxi, and Sichuan basin to central and northern Chongqing, the hot weather will also brush off the sense of existence from time to time, which is a region that is prone to heatstroke.

  "Steaming on the top and boiling on the bottom" sauna days

  It will continue

  Affected by rainfall

  In the next few days, the southern part of the Yangtze River and southern China will

  The feeling of stuffy steaming will be relieved.

  But in Sichuan basin, Jianghan, northern Jiangnan and other places

  Sauna days will still be "stubborn"

  The Sichuan Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be cloudy showers or thunderstorms in most cloudy days in the basin today, with moderate rains in Guangyuan, Mianyang, Chengdu, Ya ‘an and Meishan. The western Sichuan Plateau and Panxi area are cloudy with showers or thunderstorms.

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  Although it rains frequently

  But the temperature is not low.

  Take Chengdu as an example

  Sichuan Provincial Public Meteorological Service Network shows that

  From now until next Tuesday (15th)

  The highest temperature in Chengdu is above 30℃

  The temperature began to drop on the 16th.

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  High temperature online, frequent rainfall

  Humidity remains high.

  The sultry feeling is aggravated

  it seems

  Everyone has to continue to "steam sauna"

It's in the final stage! These places in Sichuan continue to "steam sauna" →

  The highest humidity in Chengdu yesterday was … 100%!

  What are the precautions for terminal health care?

  1. Don’t treat high temperature lightly. Try to avoid going out at high temperature, and use cooling equipment such as air conditioners and fans scientifically to prevent heatstroke.

  2. Blow the air conditioner in moderation. Don’t be greedy, blow the air conditioner, eat cold drinks too much, and don’t adjust the air conditioner temperature too low, so as not to hurt your yang.

  3. Pay attention to replenish water. Autumn dryness is easy to hurt the lungs. In addition to drinking water, it is also recommended to drink some soup that nourishes yin to prevent dryness and nourish the lungs.

  "sauna day" continues

  Pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling!

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