To say goodbye to mileage anxiety? 10 minutes fully charged electric vehicle technology is mature

With the recent rise in oil prices, many car owners are turning their attention to electric vehicles, hoping to replace gasoline vehicles with cheaper new energy vehicles.

According to MIIT data, as of the first quarter of 2022, our country’s new energy vehicles have exceeded the 10 million mark.

Although electric vehicles are being chosen by more and more consumers, compared to the fuel vehicles that can be charged for dozens of minutes, many people are full of mileage anxiety.

It is reported that on the fast charging piles commonly used today, if a pure electric vehicle with a battery capacity of 100kWh (kWh) is filled with 120KW (kilowatt), it generally takes between 40 and 60 minutes. And if you need to queue up for charging when driving long distances to encounter peak passenger flow, it is prone to waiting for too long to charge, which is also the main reason why many electric car owners are hesitant to drive electric vehicles for long distances.

The rapid increase in the number of new energy vehicles has driven the rapid development of the charging pile industry, and a number of new technologies are also empowering the charging pile.

According to Fan Feng, deputy chief engineer of a charging pile manufacturer in Shenzhen, with the rapid iteration of charging pile technology, the technology of charging piles can now be fully charged with a 100kWh electric vehicle in about 10 minutes.

The development of the electric vehicle market is complemented by the construction of supporting charging facilities. Fan Feng introduced that with the increasing scale of the electric vehicle market, their company’s product orders are growing rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 30% to 50%. In addition, many new energy vehicle companies have also deployed the charging market in order to better provide after-sales charging services.

According to the latest data from the China Charging Alliance, from January to March this year, the increase in charging infrastructure was 492,000 units. Among them, the increase in public charging infrastructure rose by 96.5% year-on-year; the increase in on-board charging facilities continued to rise, up 538.6% year-on-year. As of March 2022, the national charging infrastructure totaled 3.109 million units, an increase of 73.9% year-on-year.

In addition to the construction of supporting charging facilities and the shortening of charging time, the combination of charging piles and 5G has brought the charging market into a more intelligent era.

Recently, the first batch of 5G intelligent charging piles in China was put into operation in Longgang, Shenzhen. This charging pile can not only undertake real-time data collection and analysis functions, but also its built-in 5G communication module can make the data transmission rate reach 50 times the 4G rate.

According to Wu Tonghao, a communication technician at the Power Dispatch Control Center of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid, if 5G is widely used in charging piles in the future, then relevant parties can collect diverse user information through 5G, so as to accurately analyze the user’s behavioral characteristics and further adjust the layout of charging pile construction. To a certain extent, it can reduce the time for electric car owners to wait for charging.

Regarding the upgrade of the charging pile, netizens have expressed their opinions one after another.

"Why do I think it’s more reliable to change the battery? Maybe the battery life area I encountered is wider."

"Will it be more expensive to change the battery of an electric car in the future?"

"How long will it take to apply? Will there be a discount when it is actually applied?"

"The layout of the charging pile, the improvement of charging technology, and the durability of the battery are all indispensable and interlinked."

How do you feel about this?

Source: Elephant News, CCTV News, Xinhua News Agency, Jiupai News, Sina Weibo, etc

Google China is still navigating obscene information after being exposed

Special Topic: Seven ministries and commissions jointly rectify the vulgar trend on the Internet

> > > Enter the domestic channel

CCTV exposes Google’s massive dissemination of obscene and pornographic information

  People’s Daily Online Beijing, June 19 (Reporter Chen Jian) After more than 12 hours of exposure on CCTV’s "News Network" and "Focus Interview", has Google China effectively blocked obscene links? After a reporter from People’s Daily Online IT channel tested the Google China website around 10:30, it was found that Google China was still providing navigation for obscene and pornographic information.

  In the report carried out by CCTV yesterday, the reporter of the TV station once typed the word "sex" into the search box, and the drop-down menu automatically displayed by Google appeared text links such as "sexually open pictures, sexually open women, and sexual movies". The reporter of this website also carried out the same operation today, and the text link prompt of "sexually open pictures, sexual movies" still exists. The reporter clicked on the link of "sexually open pictures" and saw the link index of "Japanese sexual open pictures" in the web search; "sexually open pictures: students wearing transparent school uniforms MM; American sexual open pictures". In the image search, pictures of women with scantily dressed clothes and obvious temptation still exist.

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So far the most fragrant new generation of electric hybrid SUV! Geely Galaxy L7 138,700

Electric hybrid vehicles have become the most anxiety-free choice at the moment, and they are also the travel partners of many consumers. But everyone’s general perception of electric hybrid products is that "will do" and "enough" are enough. The real needs of Chinese users have been suppressed for too many years! Geely’s years of car building experience tell us that the needs of users of electric hybrid products are constantly escalating, and there are many "pain points" that need to be solved. This is the original intention of the Geely Galaxy brand, and it is also the direction of Geely Galaxy L7!

On May 31st, the much-anticipated new generation of super intelligent electric hybrid SUV Geely Galaxy L7 was officially launched. The new car launched a total of 5 versions, and the official guide price is 138,700-173,700 yuan, which is lower than the market expected price, richer configuration, and more rights and interests. It gives consumers sincerity. Users who spend more than 100,000 yuan will enjoy 300,000-level "true fragrance" enjoyment.

360 screenshot 20230531205155062.jpg

360 screenshot 20230531205241571.jpg

At the press conference, Geely Galaxy L7 used four "new generation" standards to position itself as a "technology electric hybrid SUV safety leader" and create a "true fragrance" era for a new generation of super intelligent electric hybrid SUVs.

A new generation of "True Fragrance" safety standards, Geely Galaxy L7 is currently the safest electric hybrid SUV

Geely Galaxy believes that car safety is the responsibility of the company. In terms of battery safety, Geely advocates that "no amount can be done too much for safety". The Geely Galaxy L7 inherits the safety gene inherent in Geely’s architecture and is built on the world-class e-CMA architecture + Aegis battery safety system. It is the safest electric hybrid SUV that users can buy today.

The battery is safe, and it can’t be rolled up too much. If others test one, Geely Galaxy L7 will test four. The Aegis battery on Geely Galaxy L7 not only passed the battery needling test recognized as the most difficult to pass in the industry, but also completed the "battery pack seawater corrosion immersion, three-sided drop and heavy impact, and external fire test". The four test standards far exceed the national standard, once again pulling the battery safety to a higher dimension. Therefore, even in the heavy rain on the road, or in the extreme summer when the ground temperature reaches 60 degrees, Geely Galaxy L7 can protect the safety of users in all scenes and all weather.

[News Release] Geely Galaxy L7 configuration first revealed, a large number of high-end configurations are standard 511.png

In addition to battery cells, SHIELD batteries have adopted effective radiation reduction measures for the interior of high-voltage battery packs, high-voltage cables, batteries, electric drives and other systems. This means that Geely Galaxy L7 can keep each passenger away from "electromagnetic radiation" and give children at home a childhood away from radiation.

Car safety is never just about battery safety, but also all-round protection. In the vehicle safety test, Geely Galaxy L7 became the first electric hybrid car in the industry with a positive bottom scraping of the 40km/h vehicle and no damage to the negative impact of the 20km/h vehicle. The new generation of safety standards must not be afraid of "chassis killers". More importantly, Geely Galaxy L7 also conducts exclusive safety development for passengers in different seats, such as the development of airbags for the co-pilot, etc., to bring safety to every family member.

A new generation of "True Fragrance" super electric hybrid, the only product on the market that maximizes the advantages of plug-in hybrid SUVs, users no longer need to compromise

In the past, the electric hybrid technology on the market was polarized, either pursuing fuel economy or performance. When choosing a car, users always make compromises between fuel economy and performance.

Geely Galaxy L7 believes that the new generation of super electric hybrid, energy saving, performance and handling are indispensable, and it has achieved it.

Geely Galaxy L7 new car is equipped with a "new generation Raytheon Hybrid 8848" power system, which has the confidence of special pet users. In terms of energy saving, the new generation Raytheon Hybrid Engine B-Plus has the highest thermal efficiency of 44.26% of the world’s mass production, with a fuel consumption of only 5.23L (NEDC 4.4L) for 100 kilometers of power loss, and a comprehensive cruising range of 1370km under CLTC conditions.

[News Communication Direction and Press Release] Geely Galaxy L7 Listed and Released 2541.png

In terms of performance, Raytheon’s 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro is the first intelligent electric drive in the world to achieve P1 + P2 dual motor overclocking drive. The system’s comprehensive maximum power is 287 kW, the comprehensive maximum torque is 535 N · m, the 100-kilometer acceleration is only 6.9s, and it supports ejection start, with a top speed of up to 240km/h.

In terms of handling, the Geely Galaxy L7 is based on a world-class e-CMA architecture, with excellent grip and excellent corner handling, taking into account driving comfort and handling stability.

Geely Galaxy L7 makes up for the previous safety blind spot of hybrid and range extension, whether in urban sections or in high-speed working conditions, truly achieving global non-stall. Compared with other hybrid cars on the market, Geely Galaxy L7 has lower fuel consumption, stronger performance, longer battery life and more reliable driving control.

A new generation of "True Fragrance" technology cockpit, 8155 chips and super computing power of 8.10 billion billion times per second

Geely Galaxy L7 has the only smart love cockpit in the same class, standard 8155 flagship cockpit chip and the dual computing power base of Xingrui Smart Computing Center supported by super cloud computing power of 8.10 billion billion times per second, as well as the Galaxy N OS cockpit operating system, which greatly improves the daily operation and response speed, and realizes the smooth car experience of "second start, second touch, second response". On the hardware of the cockpit, no matter which model version the user chooses, you can get the super intelligent combination of "8155 + super brain + Galaxy N OS".

The new generation of "True Fragrance" technology cockpit must have enough screens and be large enough to respond in seconds and learn. Geely Galaxy L7 comes standard with 10.25-inch instrument + 13.2-inch central control screen + 16.2-inch co-pilot screen with three large screens, which can realize intelligent interaction between the screens. Keyword Spotting speed only takes 0.5 seconds, supports full scene visibility, four-tone zone recognition, and deep continuous dialogue. In contrast, some electric hybrid cars with the intelligence level of the car in the oil car era will give users a rich and exciting intelligent travel experience.

[News Communication Direction and Press Release] Geely Galaxy L7 Listed and Released 3199.png

The new generation of "True Fragrance" smart cockpit must be able to be customized. The wallpapers, cards, components and action sheets of the car desktop of Geely Galaxy L7 can be freely defined. For example, users can set the family photo to the desktop, or they can put the most commonly used navigation, music and the most fashionable ecological applications in the most convenient position. In summer, put the seat for ventilation and massage, and in winter, replace it with seat heating, and you can reach it with a touch.

In addition to having hard-core hardware, Geely Galaxy L7 can also pass the global FOAT, making the car often new. The technology cockpit is well-built enough to let users feel the real sense of technology, which is the charm of Geely Galaxy L7.

A new generation of "True Fragrance" to enjoy a comfortable experience, not only for yourself, but also for every family member

Geely Galaxy L7 has been upgraded in appearance, saying goodbye to the greasy and complex front grille, and creating a refreshing front face of the tram, which is fashionable and pure and more eye-catching. The super long 2785mm wheelbase, the space is spacious and bright enough. Cotton candy comfortable seats, three fragrances, 256-color star ring light curtain ambient lights, and 11 speaker sound systems bring the whole car a full sensory immersion experience of touch, smell, vision and hearing.

The new car is equipped with a standard non-inductive start, which can be powered on immediately after boarding the car, eliminating the need for a slightly redundant start button. The design of the electronic pocket block also makes every shift elegant enough, while bringing more luxury.

The main driver has an independent headrest speaker. When the family is resting, the main driver can turn on the private mode. Only they can hear the navigation sound and music sound, which can not only avoid disturbing the family, but also enjoy their own little world to the fullest.

[News Release] Geely Galaxy L7 configuration first revealed, a large number of high-end configurations are standard with 1774.png

"True Fragrance" leaps over the level to enjoy the flagship configuration "Pamper the co-pilot" from the million luxury car class. 630mm maximum legroom, the only 16.2-inch giant screen co-pilot screen in the same class. The 115km Starship version model brings the luxury enjoyment of the million-level seat function, and the 4-way electric leg rest seat supports one-click lying flat. The co-pilot’s lover and children can not only lie down and watch blockbusters, but also enjoy functions such as ventilated massage, and experience the comfortable feeling brought by the VIP lounge anytime, anywhere.

In addition to being a super theater, game hall, and KTV for the whole family, Geely Galaxy L7 is a new generation of camping cars. The vehicle is equipped with a super fast charging function as standard, and the vehicle can be charged from 30% to 80% in only half an hour; the external discharge function can support 50w outdoor refrigerator + 100w outdoor lighting + 500w audio + 800w outdoor kettle + 1200w barbecue grill + 800w outdoor kettle to work at the same time.

[News Communication Direction and Press Release] Geely Galaxy L7 Listed and Released 3991.png

It is worth mentioning that the Geely Galaxy L7 has been fully ordered online, allowing users to customize their own Geely Galaxy L7 on the Geely Galaxy APP to create a new power car buying experience.

Different from previous hybrid products, Geely Galaxy L7 shows users the infinite yearning for a better life with leapfrog product power and rich comfortable experience, and maximizes their expectations for life. With the official launch of Geely Galaxy L7, the 200,000-level electric hybrid SUV market has finally appeared a better choice for users to no longer have to settle for.

Write at the end

For consumers, spending the same money allows the whole family to enjoy the leapfrog comfort configuration, and loving TA will give TA the best. For Galaxy L7, adhering to the blood of Geely’s "boutique car for everyone" is inherited in the first product of the Geely Galaxy brand – Geely Galaxy L7, which comprehensively surpasses all products of the same level on the market. The fuel consumption is lower, the performance is stronger, and the battery life is longer. It has won the recognition of the market and users. It solves the "last mile" where the performance and energy saving of electric hybrid vehicles cannot be combined, and meets user requests with high-value products. This has created the identity and responsibility of Geely Galaxy L7 to divide the new and old eras of the electric hybrid market, and it is also the most powerful proof that Geely Galaxy "does not fight a price war, but a value war, a quality war, and a technology war"! Not only that, in 2023, Geely’s new energy sales target is to increase by more than 100% compared with 2022, and the new energy penetration rate will reach 50%. Among them, Geely Galaxy will launch 3 products to fully develop the mainstream market of new energy and become the top product in each market segment with a high value of leapfrogging.

Very angry! Xiaomi Smart TV was accused of hiding a "charging trap"! Discussing the explanation, consuming "doubting life"

On July 20, after the WeChat official account of "Xinmin Helping Nong" released the report "Bad heart! Smart TV, full of" nesting doll-style charges "! 800 million people pay, how much money are you lured away", it immediately attracted social attention. Recently, a number of citizens reported to the "Daylight Savings Hotline Helping Nong",A large number of "hidden" paid film and television platforms in Xiaomi’s smart TV are "messy flowers and gradually fascinating to the eyes"

Obviously, he had already bought a member of Xiaomi TV, but without a clear prompt, he was confused and charged a "membership fee" by other platforms.Isn’t this a "fee trap" set up by the ante??

Log in to multiple end points, you need to buy a member; look at the high definition, you have to pay for a new machine… Helping Jun found in the survey that "nesting dolls" are emerging one after another. What makes consumers "very angry" is that when they want to argue for their rights and interests,Always in the "one question three don’t know" of "intelligent customer service" and "manual customer service", it is exhausted and detoured to "doubt life"

bought member

Rights protection is exhausted

When Mr. Zhang (a pseudonym), a citizen, bought a Xiaomi TV two years ago,Paid to become Xiaomi’s "VIP member"But due to his busy work, he and his family rarely watch TVOn April 23rd, when he accidentally turned on the TV, Mr. Zhang was attracted by the recommendation of a film and television dramaSo under the guidance of the intelligent customer service, he spent another 298 yuan to buy the "most distinguished member".

I was originally a "Xiaomi member", so I thought this was an upgrade service, so I took it for granted, otherwise I couldn’t watch the content I liked at all.

Payment record

Mr. Zhang said that there is only a QR code for payment on TV.There are no relevant prompts such as "Non-Xiaomi Pay Zone" and "This platform will be charged separately".And in July, after Mr. Zhang went out on vacation and returned to Shanghai,It was found that the original one-year "Most Valued Member" permission expired after just three months, and the screen showed "Payment Expired"

Mr. Zhang immediately contacted Xiaomi’s intelligent customer service, but in the "answer is not the question" of the "human-machine dialogue",He kept tossing until after 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, and all he got was a "fixed speech" like a "repeater" over and over again.

They don’t even know where the problem is, and they don’t even have the basic sincerity to solve it.

Subsequently, Mr. Zhang found human customer service several times.

My mobile phone number is the account number. The technical background can clearly check the information at once, but it knows the reason over and over again.As a result, I refused to admit that you paid the fee, and asked me to provide my own evidenceEvery time you reply the same, there will be an interval of 24 hours, which will make you anxious and exhausted.

In desperation, Mr. Zhang carefully checked the payment voucher.The recipient of the "most distinguished member" of 298 yuan is "Cloud Audiovisual Aurora" (Tencent) of Guangdong Southern New Media joint stock companyTherefore, Mr. Zhang repeatedly questioned:

Xiaomi paid members watch Xiaomi TV, why should they pay for Cloud Audiovisual Aurora (Tencent) repeatedly? Now that consumers’ rights and interests have been damaged, who should be responsible?

Featured Page

Accused of hiding a trap

Helping Jun dialed the Xiaomi customer service hotline 4001005678. After clearly informing his identity as a reporter, the manual customer service said: The specialist will answer. Afterwards, during the phone communication with the specialist, Helping Jun asked "why Mr. Zhang’s’most distinguished member ‘rights and interests have shrunk from one year to three months", and the other party replied "will check with Mr. Zhang for verification and give feedback as soon as possible". After waiting to no avail, Helping Jun called the customer service hotline again, and the reply was:Mr. Zhang’s Xiaomi membership expired on July 15 and no new recharge payment was received.

Help Jun immediately sent Mr. Zhang’s payment voucher.

Why are Xiaomi paid members repeatedly charged membership fees by third-party platforms in Xiaomi TV?

The other party explained that there is a Xiaomi Film and Television member area on the homepage of Xiaomi TV.However, if customers enter the "Featured Page", they will be exposed to member film sources such as Mango TV, Cloud Audio-Visual Aurora (Tencent), Kiwi (iQIYI), etc., and need to register to buy., and you also need to download the video software in the "My" app, and log in to watch it. The corner mark of the video will indicate that it is from different platforms.But elderly users or novice users are indeed prone to "misoperation". As for how many third-party charging platforms are "hidden" in Xiaomi TV, the customer service replied that "no statistics have been made".

Help Jun has come to the "Xiaomi Home" experience again.Click from the "Featured Page" to enter. Many movies and videos correspond to packages of different charging platforms, and you need to recharge to become a member before you can watch them.According to the analysis of shopping guides and industry insiders present, the "Featured Page" is actually a distribution platform for Xiaomi to divert third-party traffic at the TV end point. Although Xiaomi holds a third-party Internet TV license and the market share and possession of TV end point equipment, it controls limited film source copyrights.To make up for the shortcomings in content, it is inevitable to engage in commercial cooperation with other platforms

Xiaomi Home

Featured Page

In response to this situation, many consumers have raised questions:

In addition to making money selling TVs, if manufacturers also want to "get a share" of selling content,Will it "acquiesce" to the existence of "nesting dolls" on third-party platforms intentionally or unintentionally??

And whether manufacturers will avoid their own responsibilities by indicating relevant rights and obligations,Let consumer rights protection fall into a situation of "at a loss" again and again??

much criticized

When will it be clear

It is not difficult to see from the many consumer complaints.The "nesting dolls" of smart TVs are widely criticized

■ Buy a mobile phone member, cast a screen TV to watch, and buy another member;

■ Bought a film and television membership, watched cartoons, sports programs, and bought another membership;

■ I bought a member, I want to watch the hit blockbuster, and I have to buy another member…

Citizen Mr. Li can be said to be a "loyal fan" of Xiaomi, with 4 Xiaomi TVs and 3 Xiaomi boxes at home. But what puzzled him was:Only 2 devices are allowed to log in with the same accountIf the same account is restricted from logging in to multiple devices in different Internet Protocol Addresses for copyright protection, why can’t multiple Xiaomi devices be allowed to share accounts under the "same roof"?  

Isn’t this forcing consumers to buy more accounts and more members?

Mr. Ni spent 4,900 yuan on the Xiaomi M2 TV in 2015.Support 4K high definition H265 format playbackBut this year, his Xiaomi TV only supports "1080P" playback at most. Xiaomi’s explanation is: in order to avoid playback cards,This TV does not support 4K playback now, and can provide a TV replacement worth about 2,000 yuan.Mr. Ni was very puzzled by this

The functions of the TV bought with real money can also be "shrunk"? Isn’t this a way to repeatedly pay your pocket?

In the interview, many consumers believe that smart TV manufacturers should win the market with high-quality products and services."Matryoshka-style charging" will only overdraw consumers’ trust in "picking wool" again and againAt the same time, relevant departments should introduce more targeted laws and regulations to strengthen industry supervision more effectively and make consumption more "clear"

In this regard,Help Jun will continue to pay attention

Help Nong Studio

Planning | Qian Junyi

Text | Wang Jun

Picture | Wang Jun

Editors | Qian Junyi, Yao Chujie

The movie channel is exciting this week, and Andy Lau leads the police and bandit movie.

1905 movie network feature The 1980s was a glorious era for Hong Kong films! It created amazing miracles in terms of production, box office, film quality and artistry. As the most selling genre in Hong Kong films, police films are undoubtedly very popular and loved by audiences. To this day, police films are still one of the most popular genres in Hong Kong films. Criminals and police, justice and evil, there are always endless stories to tell.

In addition to Hong Kong, mainland crime and police and bandit movies have also emerged in recent years. The themes are more modern and focus on real-life crime events, which is very popular with audiences. This week’s movie channel will present exciting films about the shocking deception of fraud syndicates, the joy of police breaking into gangs, and Hong Kong police and bandit movies. The acting duels between Gu Tianle and Andy Lau will make you addicted.

"Huge Call."

Wonderful Index:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reason for recommendation:Uncover the secrets of the fraud group’s shocking deception, and stop being fooled after reading it!

Broadcast time:October 28 around 18:00

Lin Ahai, the leader of the fraud group, and Ah Fang, the female boss of the fraud group, recruit gang members in the name of regular recruitment in China, and strictly control them after arriving in Thailand. Through advanced technological means and accurate manipulation of the victim’s psychology, from the boss of the listed company to the retired uncle, the property of countless people is under threat. As police officers, Ding Xiaotian and undercover Xu Xiaotu, as police officers, bravely attack when fairness and justice are provoked and fight crimes. The fight against fraud and anti-fraud is imminent…

"Huge Caller" film as its name suggests, through a large number of pages and realistic techniques to show the whole process of telecommunications fraud, both the panoramic display of the call process, but also the strange and cunning of the fraudsters, and the regret after being deceived, which is shocking and chilling. The strength of Chen Xuedong, Jiang Mengjie, Zhang Xiaoquan, and Gui Lunmei makes the whole film both high-value and high-IQ online, which is worth looking forward to.

Wonderful movie review:After watching this movie, no matter how good a liar is, you can’t help it.

From the Time Net killer Leon

"Chasing the Dragon."

Action index:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reason for recommendation:Donnie Yen and Andy Lau are ruthless, which one do you pick?

Broadcast time:October 30 around 11:28

The film recreates a chaotic Hong Kong of the old era, but also a complicated Hong Kong. In the 1960s and 1970s, Hong Kong was colonized by the British, with corrupt power and social chaos.

In 1963, a poor young man, Ah Hao, smuggled to Hong Kong and decided to fight for life with the idea of "life and death, and wealth is in heaven". Ah Hao took a few brothers and started to lick blood from the bottom of the Kowloon Walled City, becoming a big drug lord in Hong Kong, and single-handedly controlling the top ten gangsters in Hong Kong, known as "Lame Hao" in the rivers and lakes.

Lei Luo, known as "five hundred million detectives", commanded 30,000 police officers in Hong Kong. Their friendship began when "Lame Hao" was caught in the police station and rescued by Lei Luo, and then "Lame Hao" broke a leg to save Lei Luo. From then on, "Lame Hao" and Lei Luo became brothers with different surnames, one was Inspector General Hua, and the other was a gangster brother. The two covered the sky with black and white hands…

Wonderful movie review:A retro work with a pure Hong Kong rhyme brings back the light and shadow of a black and white duo’s entanglement between power and desire.

– from the professional film critic Mengli Poetry Book

"Anti-Corruption Storm 4"

Intelligence index:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reason for recommendation:Anti-corruption movie series is of high quality

Broadcast time:October 31st at about 13:45

The Independent Commission Against Corruption received a **** from the informant Liao Yuping. Cao Yuanyuan, the second generation of rich people who is in prison, is suspected of bribing the prison’s supervisor Shen Guoqiang and the correctional officer. Chief investigation director Lu Zhilian decided to go deep into the tiger’s den and go undercover in prison. At the same time, Cheng Deming, chief investigation director of the Independent Commission Against Corruption outside the prison, joined hands with Hong Liang, director of the Action Department of the Domestic Anti-Corruption Bureau, and worked together to successfully crack the corruption and bribery case.

It always brings surprises. From the first fund case, the second gambling case, the third money laundering case, to the fourth corruption and bribery case, the anti-corruption and anti-corruption efforts are escalating every time. As the fourth film in the series, "Anti-Corruption Storm 4" maintains the usual fierce style and has become the best-known one in the "anti-corruption series". Lu Zhilian, played by Gu Tianle, has also become a major attraction in the undercover process.

Wonderful movie review:"Anti-Corruption Storm 4" is the high-quality feature of the series.

– from the 1905 movie network

"Anti-Drug 2: Heaven and Earth Showdown"

Addiction Index:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reason for recommendation:Actors stage brothers’ revenge

Broadcast time:October 31st at about 15:35

The drug market has been divided into four parts for a long time, and the big drug lord Jizang has planned a series of black eat black incidents, attempting to "drug tyrant" incense ** market and establish his own "drug kingdom".

On the other hand, Yu Shun-tian has risen from a gangster to a financial tycoon and philanthropist. Because he witnessed his father being destroyed by drugs as a child, he hated drugs deeply. Therefore, he decided to offer a reward of 100 million yuan to hunt down Hong Kong’s largest drug dealer, which caused an uproar in the society.

However, Yu Shuntian and Jizang actually had an unspeakable relationship with each other. A battle between heaven and earth was about to erupt. In the face of the friendship of the past, which of the two heavenly kings, one good and one evil, could win this battle?

Wonderful movie review:The brothers turned against each other, and the wonderful index exploded.

– from Time Network Fang Yunan

"Rat Gall Hero."

Funny index:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reason for recommendation:Yue Yunpeng leads the way, the whole process is terrifying

Broadcast time:November 1st around 18:00

In the 1930s, when Yan Dahai, the timid younger brother of the Qinglong Gang, found out that he was terminally ill, he accidentally became a police officer. In order to redeem his dream Muse – Du Qing, a dance girl from the Flying Gate, to earn money, he planned to die in the line of duty in the little time left in his life, so as to get a pension to save Muse. However, when he frantically carried out the task of eradicating "gangsters" and "drug lords" and died, it always backfired.

"Rat Gall Hero" is a film that smiles with tears, and the cameos of many stars also add a lot of highlights to the film. In the process of hilarious laughter, it is mixed with the warmth of human nature.

Wonderful movie review:"Rat Gall Hero" is generally a standardized, typed, and completed comedy.

– from The Paper News Network

Geely "the most beautiful car" Galaxy E8 pre-sale 183,000! With a 45-inch large screen

The first pure electric sedan E8 is on pre-sale. The pre-sale price is 188,000 yuan. Now you can enjoy 1,000 yuan to deduct 6,000 yuan from the deposit expansion rights. After the discount, the pre-sale price is 183,000 yuan. The new car is based on the vast architecture of SEA, positioning medium and large cars, with a length of more than 5 meters, which is larger than the main competitors. The car is equipped with an ultra-wide 45-inch 8K unbounded smart screen, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, suitable for Meizu Flyme Link mobile phone interconnection.

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 1

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 2

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 3

Geely's most beautiful car Galaxy E8 pre-sale 183,000 with 45-inch large screen - Figure 1

Geely's most beautiful car Galaxy E8 pre-sale 183,000 with 45-inch large screen - Figure 2

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 4

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The wide-body design is adopted, which is larger than the Han EV Champion Edition except for the height. The new car adopts a closed front grille with slender headlights, which is very similar to that. The rear is equipped with a through-type light group, which is exactly similar. The roof line is simple and smooth, and the wind resistance coefficient is only 0.199Cd.

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The Galaxy E8 interior is equipped with a 45-inch integrated floating central control screen, which has the highest screen ratio of 98% in the industry. The front row of the new car is equipped with two mobile phone wireless charging pads, which adopt a through-trend design. In addition, it is also equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 flagship cockpit chips, a new car system and a self-developed Galaxy N OS car system.

Geely Galaxy pre-sale from xx.xx million - Figure 11

The Galaxy E8 single-motor version has a maximum power of 200kW and is equipped with a 76kW · h lithium iron phosphate battery pack. The new car is also equipped with a high-performance SiC silicon carbide electric drive, with a motor efficiency of 97.86% and a high-performance four-wheel drive version with a maximum power of 475kW.

Dali will start a "subsidy war" for takeout again, and capital violence cannot be willful

  Media reports, cheap takeout is becoming a new phenomenon in Dali. During this time, launched a high subsidy in Dali, 1 yuan can be spent as 25 yuan, Dali takeout industry or ushered in a sudden change. Reporters saw such leaflets inside and outside some restaurants in Dali: takeout is all over the city, full 25 minus 24, full 35 minus 32, full 50 minus 48. This also means that 1 yuan can buy 25 yuan. According to some Dali citizens, such activities were launched for a period of time in January, suspended in February, and launched again after entering March. (Yunnan Information News)

  1 yuan can be used as 25 yuan to spend, and the result of the high subsidy is that it directly drives more people’s takeaway consumption. According to statistics, the order volume of the platform has increased from a few hundred orders before the subsidy activity to 20,000 to 30,000 orders, and the order volume of the entire industry has also increased from more than 20,000 orders before to more than 60,000 orders. The order volume of Dali takeaway has increased by 2 times in just 2 months. The income of takeaway riders has begun to skyrocket. "The income growth of Dali takeaway riders is generally 30% to 40%, and the monthly income of 7,000 to 8,000 yuan is the norm. Even if it is more than 10,000 yuan, it is not rare." The number of delivery riders also began to surge. Previously, there were 600-800 delivery riders in Dali. In just one month, the total number of delivery riders surged to more than 1,500, many of whom were from other industries.

  Under the waving of the Internet Tech Giants with the help of capital sticks, a subsidy war has been launched to compete for market position. At first glance, catering companies, takeaways, and consumers have all benefited, but this subsidy is bound to be difficult to last for a long time. And the damage to the market order caused by high subsidies cannot be underestimated.

  It is almost impossible to eat takeout at no cost, and a large number of "pseudo-demand" for takeout is created, which does not match the size of Dali city, and the supply and demand are out of balance. More merchants and riders are involved in this subsidy carnival. Faced with the surge in business orders, can catering merchants improve their capacity in a short period of time to provide consumers with hygienic and safe food? According to reports, some merchants have difficulty delivering meals in time and even have to take the initiative to cancel orders. The sudden surge in orders has also led to a relative shortage of riders. The riders recruited in a short period of time will not only affect the timeliness of food delivery and service quality, but also increase the disorderly flow of employees. At the same time, riders lack sufficient delivery skills and education and training on traffic safety, and traffic accidents caused by not obeying traffic rules in a hurry are also a big problem.

  In order not to lose their existing market position, other takeaway companies had to be forced to fight, and a subsidy war was about to ignite again. It is quite similar to the situation of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in the Wuxi takeaway market last year. In April 2018, Didi Takeaway provoked the "takeaway subsidy war" in Wuxi, 0.01 yuan for fried chicken and 1 yuan for milk tea…

  The use of high subsidies to seize the market and crack down on competitors’ competition methods is also suspected of unfair competition. Last year, when the subsidy war was on the rise, the Wuxi market supervision department urgently interviewed the food delivery operators who provoked the "subsidy war" and other food delivery operators who were forced to participate in the war, pointed out that the instigators of the "subsidy war" were suspected of unfair competition and monopolistic operation, and ordered the relevant food delivery platform operators to immediately stop carrying out illegal acts suspected of unfair competition and monopoly. The timely action of the Wuxi market supervision department effectively maintained market order and prevented the evil consequences of the "subsidy war" from continuing to expand and spread.

  As far as the current national takeaway market is concerned, the basic market has been consolidated, and the market is moving towards a healthy development situation. Efforts to ensure food safety and hygiene, and improving service quality should be the direction of competition. At this time, it is really difficult to promote the "subsidy war". I am afraid that the crude promotion of capital forces is behind this. However, in the face of market laws, this kind of high subsidy will not last. When the market competition mechanism fails, and enterprises seize the market dominance by throwing money and grasp the pricing power, the damage must be the healthy development of consumers and the industry. After all, who will clean up the mess? In this regard, the Dali market supervision department should take timely action to cut off the flame of the "subsidy war" and maintain the market order of fair competition. (Wu Zheng)

Geely Galaxy L7 price 138,700 a little unexpected, 5 configurations optional!

Yesterday, the car governor took advantage of the fact that Geely Galaxy L7 had not yet been released to sort out some of the new car’s configuration for everyone. The netizens gave high praise to the new car’s exterior design, interior luxury and power system, and even some netizens left a message saying: If the configuration is high enough, it depends on the price.

On the evening of May 31, Geely Galaxy L7 was officially launched as scheduled, with a total of 5 configuration models, and the official guide price was 13.87-17 3,700 yuan.

To be honest, this price is really a bit unexpected. Although the Geely Galaxy official has revealed that the price of the car will be within 200,000, but did not expect the entry-level version will directly push the price to the 130,000 level, directly putting pressure on a group of opponents.

Next, let’s take a look at the Galaxy L7 model configuration in detail.

The new car has launched a total of five models, namely: 55km PRO, 55km AIR, 115km PLUS, 115km MAX and 115km Starship. The differences between different versions of the configuration are mainly due to pure electric cruising range, L2-level automatic driving assistance system, seat comfort and related practical functions.

55Km PRO price is 138,700 yuan, the main configuration of dual-screen system, 8155 intelligent cockpit chip, Galaxy N OS system, the rest of the configuration can basically meet the needs, but relatively plain.

In comparison, the 55km AIR version adds a 16.2-inch passenger entertainment screen, front side airbags, front parking radar, 360-degree panoramic images, electric adjustment of the main driver’s seat, 16.2-inch passenger entertainment screen, electric folding of the exterior rearview mirror, and 235/50 R19 tires. Although it is more expensive at 5,000 yuan, it is more affordable.

The difference between the 115km PLUS version and the previous two versions is mainly the size of the battery capacity, the pure electric cruising range can reach 115 kilometers, the price is 153,700 yuan, which is 10,000 yuan more expensive than the 55km AIR version

The 115km MAX is the most improved in several configurations, adding side air curtains, lane departure warning system, lane keeping assistance system, lane centering, road traffic sign recognition, active safety system, forward collision warning, full speed adaptive cruise, L2 level auxiliary driving, electric trunk, electric trunk position memory, wireless charging of the front mobile phone, electric adjustment of the passenger seat, front seat heating, adaptive far and near light, interior ambient light. If the budget is enough, 163,700 buy such a configuration at a good price.

The 115km Starship model is the top model of Galaxy L7. In terms of configuration, it has more panoramic sunroof, Bluetooth key, main driver’s seat waist support, passenger leg support adjustment, front seat ventilation, front seat massage, front seat memory, Infinity audio, 11 speakers, negative ion generator, in-car fragrance device, priced at 173,700 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that for the new car listing, the official release of a series of user rights: before June 30 under the big set of users, can enjoy 2000 yuan to 6000 yuan expansion gold, the first owner of 4 years or 5 free basic maintenance + 6 years 150,000 km quality assurance + three electricity lifetime quality assurance, 4000-5000 yuan replacement gift.

In addition to the above, the most unmissable benefit is the "Upgrade Gift", 55km AIR, 115km PLUS/MAX version users can upgrade the panoramic sunroof for free; 115km PLUS/MAX version users can buy a 60% discount pet co-pilot set; 115km starship version users can upgrade the technology set for free.

Overall, the 55km PRO version is obviously the most cost-effective among the five models. Of course, if the budget is sufficient, you can choose the 115km MAX or 115km Starship.

Write at the end

As we said before, Geely Galaxy L7 is a very powerful hybrid product, and its outstanding performance in all aspects will definitely bring a lot of pressure to the same level of models. Coupled with the current sincere pricing, it is not impossible to hit the sales crown.

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The price of Xingyue L Zhiqing in Kunming is greatly reduced! The latest offer is 152,700, and the quantity is limited.

On [car home Kunming Special Promotion Channel], we are pleased to announce that we are enjoying special promotions! Now is a good time to buy a car, because the preferential status of Xingyue L Zhiqing in Kunming is under way. The lowest starting price of this model is 152,700, and the highest discount is 0.7 million. If you want to know more about the discount, click "Check the car price" in the quotation form and strive for a higher discount!

Xingyue L Zhiqing is an SUV with unique design. The car adopts a streamlined body shape, with smooth lines and full of movement, showing a strong sense of movement. The front face design is very exquisite, and the air intake grille is decorated with a large area of chrome, which is connected with the headlights, showing a strong visual impact. The overall style is very fashionable, and the lines are simple and smooth, giving people a very delicate feeling. The design of the rear part is also excellent, and the through taillights are used, which is not only beautiful but also practical. Generally speaking, the design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is excellent, which has left a deep impression on people.

As a medium-sized SUV, the body size of Xingyue L Zhiqing is 4795*1895*1689mm, the wheelbase is 2845mm, and the front and rear tracks are 1610mm respectively. The body lines are smooth, showing a dynamic design. Tyre size is 245/45 R20, which is the same as tyre size before and after. The rim style is fashionable, showing a sense of luxury and sportiness. The lines on the side of the car are simple and smooth, creating a stable atmosphere. It is a medium-sized SUV with practicality and fashion sense.

As a high-end SUV, the interior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is full of science and technology. The 12.3-inch central control screen is equipped with voice recognition control system, which supports multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, skylight, window and other functions. The steering wheel is made of leather material, which can be manually adjusted up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can easily find the most comfortable driving posture. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB/Type-C interfaces for easy charging. In addition, the front row is also equipped with mobile phone wireless charging function. The seat is made of imitation leather. The front and rear seats support many adjustment functions, such as front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment, lumbar support, etc. The front seats also have heating and ventilation functions, and the driver’s seat is also equipped with electric seat memory function. The rear seats support backrest adjustment and proportional reclining, making passengers’ journey more comfortable.

Xingyue L Zhiqing is equipped with a 1.5T 163 horsepower L4 engine with a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum torque of 255 N m.. This engine adopts advanced technology and can provide excellent power performance and excellent fuel economy. At the same time, it is equipped with a 3-speed DHT gearbox, which makes shifting smoother and driving more comfortable. The engine performance of Xingyue L Zhiqing is excellent, which can meet the needs of daily driving and long-distance travel. It is a trustworthy car.

In our communication with the owner of car home, he spoke highly of Xingyue L Zhiqing. He said that the front face design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is excellent, and the design of body streamline also makes the wind resistance of the vehicle lower, and the shape of the wheel hub is also very eye-catching. In addition, he also specifically mentioned the driving experience of Xingyue L Zhiqing, and thought that its power and handling performance were excellent. He especially likes the acceleration feeling of this car, and feels that the power output of this car is very fast, and it is very easy to accelerate overtaking. In addition, he also praised the comfort of Xingyue L Zhiqing, thinking that its seat comfort is very high and the driving experience is very comfortable. In a word, car home owner @ Dou Chao has a very high evaluation of the Star Yue L Zhiqing. He thinks that the comprehensive performance of this car is excellent and it is a very recommended model.

Safer than a fuel truck! BYD Han EV has secret weapons.

As the main means of transportation in modern society, automobile safety always ranks first. In the era of traditional fuel vehicles, automobile safety is mainly reflected in active and passive safety such as collision safety. With the rapid development of new energy and intelligent technology, automobile safety has entered the multi-dimensional safety field. So how to judge whether a new energy vehicle is safe enough? How do consumers choose their favorite new energy vehicles? Today, we will talk about how pure electric vehicles can be safer than fuel vehicles around BYD Han EV (hereinafter referred to as Han EV).

Safety is the greatest luxury of electric vehicles.

Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD Auto, once said, "Safety is the greatest luxury of electric vehicles". Consumers have different demands for electric vehicles, but safety is the number one enemy that hinders the better and faster development of electric vehicles. With the substantial increase in the number of electric vehicles, the risk of traffic accidents has also increased accordingly. The safety problem of electric vehicles caused by power batteries is also the main factor restricting the development of new energy vehicles. As we all know, Han EV has very strict and high standards in safety design. As one of the core components of electric vehicles, the safety of batteries largely determines the safety performance foundation of electric vehicles. The appearance of BYD’s "blade battery" has promoted the safety of batteries to a new height, and at the same time, it has also enabled Han EV to get ahead of the competition in the automobile market.

At present, the batteries of pure electric vehicles in China include Ferrous lithium phosphate and ternary lithium battery. Compared with Tesla Model 3, BYD and Tesla have completely different design styles. Model 3 uses a relatively traditional ternary lithium battery, while BYD uses a self-developed blade battery. Compared with the ternary lithium battery of Model 3, the blade battery has better stability, better cycle characteristics, safety characteristics and energy density, and longer charge and discharge life.

In many safety tests of power batteries, blade batteries performed particularly well. Among them, the acupuncture test is recognized as the most demanding test, which can be called the "Everest" of battery safety test. The results of acupuncture test are obvious. After acupuncture, BYD blade battery has no open flame and smoke, and its surface temperature is only 30-60℃.

Battery safety is highly valued, and so is voltage safety. The power battery voltage of new energy vehicles is as high as five or six hundred volts. If there is a leakage accident, it may cause serious consequences. BYD has established a corresponding voltage protection system to ensure the stable operation of high-voltage lines. Even in a serious collision accident, high-voltage power supply can be cut off at the first time to ensure the safety of consumers and rescuers.

Passive safety: Not only collision safety, BYD Han EV is more comprehensive.

Han EV has very strict and high standards in safety design. On July 21st, 2021, following the high-scoring C-IASI crash test, Han EV achieved another success, and won the C-NCAP five-star safety certification with a comprehensive score of 91.5%. As the flagship car of new energy in China, Han EV has passed the two authoritative safety tests of C-NCAP and C-IASI continuously, becoming the first new energy car with "double excellent safety certification".

The rigidity and structure of car body is an important standard to measure passive safety. On the basis of the body structure, Han EV also strengthened the design of anti-collision parts such as A-pillar and B-pillar. In the core 25% small-scale overlapping offset collision and side impact test, except for the normal deformation at the collision site, the whole cage body frame of Han EV is kept very well, and the firewall, A-pillar, B-pillar and sill beam are not obviously deformed, which shows that the passenger compartment structure is kept well and the living space of passengers is guaranteed. Han EV body structure embodies the "combination of soft and hard" in collision safety. The front cabin is fully energy-absorbed, the passenger cabin is fully supported, and so is the body material. The usage of high-strength hot-formed steel in key parts such as A, B and C columns reaches 97kg, ranking first in independent brand cars, and "really making good use of steel on the blade".

The high-strength car body keeps the passenger compartment intact in the collision, and it is also beneficial for the airbag system to open at the predetermined position, thus truly protecting the passengers. Compared with competing models Tucki P7 and Model 3 of Han EV, Han EV comes standard with 11 front double airbags, front seat side airbags, rear seat side airbags, front and rear penetrating side airbags and main driver’s knee airbags. Compared with many car companies to reduce the safety configuration of entry-level models, this shows that Han EV attaches great importance to user safety.

Active safety: technology-led, escort for safety.

With the continuous development and improvement of automobile science and technology, active safety technology is a progress and innovation in the history of automobile safety development. From the past, it relied on "seat belts" and "airbags" to passively reduce the degree of accident damage, and now it is actively preventing accidents through a large number of auxiliary scientific and technological equipment. Compared with the losses caused by accidents, avoiding accidents is an important topic of automobile safety at present.

Speaking of active safety, we have to mention a key configuration of EV-brake assist system (EBA), which is the best weapon to prevent collision. In our daily driving life, many drivers don’t have enough preparation and reaction time for unexpected situations such as "ghost probe, forced lane change", and it is easy to step on the brakes too slowly or with insufficient strength, which will cause the braking distance to be too long and lead to traffic accidents such as rear-end collision. With EBA, Han EV can monitor the front of the vehicle in real time. Once the system judges that an accident is about to happen, it will activate the brake assist and brake, which will give the driver more reaction time and avoid the accident more effectively.

The leader of new energy vehicles, the core technology lies in "three electricity"

Since its listing in July, 2020, HAN EV has been deeply favored by the public by virtue of its comprehensive leading hard-core product strength, and its sales volume has continuously led the China brand medium and large car market, and 100,000 new cars have been rolled off the assembly line on the first anniversary of its listing, creating a milestone for the upward development of new energy vehicles in China.

Compared with Tucki P7 and Model3, Han EV has an incomparable advantage: all core components of electric vehicles are self-researched. Different from traditional fuel vehicles, the core technology of electric vehicles lies in "three electricity", that is, power battery, drive motor and electronic control system. BYD has always been one of the most important suppliers of power batteries in the world. The permanent magnet synchronous motor independently developed and manufactured by BYD is also at the top level in terms of performance and efficiency. In terms of electronic control, BYD has the R&D and production capacity of IGBT and SiC chips. When almost all electric vehicle manufacturers including Tesla need to outsource such chips, this is tantamount to controlling the "lifeline" of electric vehicles.

SiC chip is the most advanced power semiconductor chip at present. In the global mass production of electric vehicles, only Model3 and Han EV use SiC chips. Different from Tesla’s outsourcing of SiC chips, Han EV is the first electric vehicle in China to apply self-developed SiC modules, which is not only the beginning of independent application of third-generation semiconductor materials, but also the beginning of this material entering high-end production vehicles. The SiC power module enables the Han EV electric drive system to maximize the power and torque, greatly improving the performance of the electric drive, and helping the whole vehicle to accelerate 100 kilometers for 3.9 seconds.

Comments on this website:After hundreds of years of historical evolution, the car has gradually changed from a means of transportation to an intelligent integrated device for life and travel. In the past, the safety of automobiles mainly depended on passive and physical protection. However, with the development of science and technology in the new era, the safety of automobiles has been promoted to a new height through active safety extended by various intelligent configurations. If the appearance value and dynamic performance are the first impressions that impress consumers, then the safety performance is the first choice for consumers. BYD Han EV has comprehensive active and passive safety equipment, black technologies such as blade batteries and auxiliary control systems, and is a trusted independent brand of consumers.