The capital flow of stock ETF is divided, and the net subscription of Shanghai and Shenzhen 300ETF is far ahead.

  The capital flow of stock ETF in the market is divided.

  In yesterday’s transaction (April 17, 2024), the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300ETF(510300.SH) fund took the lead with a net subscription amount of 813 million yuan and became the main target of capital inflow. In addition, SSE 50ETF(510050.SH) and CSI 2000ETF(563300.SH) funds also received significant net subscriptions, amounting to 309 million yuan and 165 million yuan respectively, indicating the market’s favor for these broad-based index ETFs.

  At the same time,ETF(512480.SH) suffered redemption yesterday, amounting to 380 million yuan, and Kechuang 50ETF(588000.SH) also experienced redemption of 265 million yuan. This inflow and outflow of funds reflects investors’ different views and strategies on different sectors and theme ETFs.

  In the analysis, it is pointed out that althoughThe results in the first quarter may be at the low point of the whole year, but investors can pay attention to the market demand for dividend varieties and point out the value of large-scale defensive investment.

  It is emphasized that although the growth rate of some economic indicators slowed down in March, the growth of fixed asset investment accelerated, especially the strong performance of manufacturing investment, indicating that the improvement of external demand and the implementation of policies provided support for domestic demand.

Civil Aviation Administration: In the past five years, the rate of major accidents per million hours in China’s transport aviation has been 0.

  People’s Daily Online, Beijing, October 18 (Zhu Jiang) The reporter learned from the Civil Aviation Administration of China that recently, the Civil Aviation Administration of China held a regular press conference in October. Tang Weibin, director of the Aviation Safety Office of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that in the first three quarters of this year, the total transportation turnover, passenger traffic and cargo and mail traffic of the whole civil aviation industry were 79.67 billion tons kilometers, 409 million passengers and 5.096 million tons respectively, and the year-on-year growth rates of the three indicators were 12.3%, 12.5% and 6.4% respectively, which was faster than the planned growth rate at the beginning of the year, and it is expected that the planned target at the beginning of the year can be successfully completed.

  Tang Weibin introduced that in September, the civil aviation industry achieved 893,000 hours of transportation flight, a year-on-year increase of 12.4%; It achieved 70,000 hours of general aviation flight, an increase of 2.6% year-on-year. In the third quarter, the civil aviation industry achieved 2.755 million flight hours, an increase of 11.1% year-on-year; It achieved 226,000 general aviation flight hours, an increase of 1.3% year-on-year. In the first three quarters, the civil aviation industry achieved 7.862 million transport flight hours and general aviation flight hours, up by 11.4% and 2.7% respectively over the same period of last year. Since the beginning of this year, there has been no transport aviation accident in China’s civil aviation, and the industry’s safety production has continued to maintain a stable trend.

  In the past five years (November 2012? September 2017)China’s civil aviation transport aircraft increased from 1922 to 3177, and the annual transport flight time increased from 6.19 million hours to 10.5 million hours, with an average annual growth rate of 11.2%.

  Over the past five years, more than 41 million hours of transport flights have been realized, and there has been no fatal accident in transport aviation.The rate of major accidents per million hours in transport aviation is 0.In the same period, the world average was about 0.0872; The death toll per 100 million passenger kilometers in China’s civil aviation is 0, and the world average level in the same period is 0.0074. China Southern Airlines, Air China and China Eastern Airlines have successively achieved 10 million hours of safe flight and won the "Flight Safety Diamond Award" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration.

  From August 24, 2010 to September 30, 2017, China’s civil aviation achieved sustained and safe flight of transport aviation for 85 months and more than 54 million hours, creating the best safety record in history.

  These data strongly show that China is firmly in the forefront of civil aviation in the world with its good aviation safety record.

  Combined with the industry characteristics and safety laws of civil aviation, we have made great efforts in the following four aspects:

  First, adhere to the policy of "safety first".Firmly adhere to the bottom line of flight safety and effectively control the trend of small probability events. Always adhere to policy guidance and precise regulation, adhere to stricter safety standards in the establishment of airlines and the introduction of aircraft, and properly handle the relationship between safety and development, safety and normality, and safety and efficiency.

  The second is to pay close attention to the implementation of safety responsibilities and not relax.Continuously improve the responsibility system for production safety, and pay close attention to the implementation of the "four responsibilities" of civil aviation production safety: main responsibility, supervision responsibility, leadership responsibility and post responsibility. Grasp the grass roots, lay the foundation and practice basic skills hard to ensure that the main responsibility of safety production is put in place.

  The third is to strictly control security risks.Always adhere to the "zero tolerance" for security risks, combine the construction of safety management system, pay close attention to the investigation and management of security risks, and achieve effective control of security risks. Always adhere to supervision according to law and serious accountability, "rather be the wicked and not the sinner", further improve the "safety supervision toolbox", and comprehensively use legal, economic, administrative and public opinion supervision means to achieve accurate supervision.

  Fourth, strengthening scientific and technological support is not relaxed.Vigorously advocate "developing Xing ‘an with science and technology", formulate the implementation plan and road map of new technologies, and popularize the practical application of mature new navigation technologies; Accelerate the independent research and development of core technologies, and strengthen the research on the basic theory of safety production science and the mechanism of accident prevention to improve the safety level.

Why are the three main melody films of "Super Burning" in cinemas during the Eleventh Holiday so attractive?

My People,My Country poster

The Captain poster

The Climbers poster

  This holiday, the cinema is very lively. My People,My Country, The Captain, The Climbers’s three main melody films have a gratifying box office. As of October 5th, the box office of three films of My People,My Country, The Captain and The Climbers continued to be strong, breaking through the 1.8 billion yuan, 1.5 billion yuan and 680 million yuan respectively. The network scores are all above 9 points, and many viewers spontaneously brush their screens and praise them after reading them.

  According to the analysis of insiders, all three films are theme films, and their themes are also in line with the patriotic enthusiasm of the audience. It is not surprising that they can achieve such "high energy" results.

  With the audience’s enthusiasm for watching movies, the box office of Chinese movies has once again set a new record. On October 3, 2019, the cumulative box office of China film market exceeded 50 billion yuan, one day ahead of 2018. Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Huang An

  My People,My Country

  Audience: I want to say "I love my motherland" again after reading it.

  My People,My Country is undoubtedly the most popular movie among the audience during the Eleventh Holiday this year. Seven directors and seven stories, just like a jigsaw puzzle, spell out a magnificent grand plan for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The biggest highlight of the film lies in its novel angle. In front of the grand theme, the seven directors invariably chose the perspective of ordinary people to cut in, and linked the emotional connection with the motherland with the stories of ordinary people. With ingenious ideas and novel perspectives, it is a real family movie.

  So, what’s so beautiful about My People,My Country? First of all, co-directing by seven directors is a major attraction. Chen Kaige, Zhang Yibai, Xú Zhēng, Ning Hao, Guan Hu, Xue Xiaolu and Muye Wen are the dream teams of China films. However, who can answer better under the same composition? After the film is released, the audience will inevitably compare the works of seven directors. From the current point of view, Xú Zhēng and Ning Hao’s "homework" is obviously better.

  Leap, directed by Xú Zhēng, has the inspiration of sports films and the childlike interest of children’s films: the favorite female classmate is going to study abroad, and the primary school students want to see her for the last time in winter and winter, but on the other hand, the grandparents, uncles and aunts in the alley are waiting for him to hold the TV antenna on the rooftop to ensure the smooth watching of the live broadcast of the China women’s volleyball team in the final of the Los Angeles Olympic Games. One side is "love" and the other side is responsibility. The dilemma of winter and winter has become the biggest highlight of the whole film. With the clever use of humorous comic thinking, the characters are pushed to an embarrassing situation, and the resulting laughter, coupled with the high-profile women’s volleyball championship, makes Leap a very infectious short film.

  Hello Beijing directed by Ning Hao corresponds to the important moment of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing on August 8, 2008. Ge You plays a garrulous Beijing taxi driver. Because of a ticket for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, he accidentally became a pair of "tell it to the judge" with a Sichuan child who lost his father in the earthquake. Ning Hao’s comedy talent was brought into full play in the play, and the whole story was full of humor and highly completed. Ge You’s performance is amazing, and people can’t help feeling: "Ginger is still old and spicy."

  The story is grounded and awakens the memory of the whole people.

  My People,My Country is grounded in the story, and the protagonists of the film are all ordinary people, which makes it easier for ordinary audiences to resonate with the story in the film.

  The film selected seven most representative historical moments, and seven touching stories touched every audience and awakened unforgettable memories in the deep heart. Many viewers expressed great appreciation for My People,My Country: it is a grounded and sentimental film. Some viewers believe that every character in the film is full of the imprint of the times closely related to the great events of the motherland, which allows the audience to connect their personal experiences, memories and the development of the motherland in watching movies, triggering strong memories. "Every ordinary person is inextricably linked with the motherland, and the film makes me feel the emotion that can never be given up and blood is thicker than water again." "Just after watching My People,My Country, every story is in tears, moved, proud and excited, and I want to say it again ‘ I love my motherland ’ 。”

  The most vivid story of unknown behind-the-scenes achievements

  In addition, there are many stories in the film that are secret, whether it’s the engineer in The Night Before, the scientific researcher in Meet, or the "flying man" in the military parade. Behind one highlight moment after another, the hard work and wisdom of countless ordinary people are hidden. The film expresses the close connection between personal experience and the country.

  For example, the film The Night Before directed by Guan Hu focuses on founding ceremony, the engineer behind the first electric flag-raising in New China, Lin Zhiyuan. In just one day, he must find out and solve the hidden trouble behind the electric flag-raising. Having a "fear of heights", he finally overcame his psychological obstacles and climbed the flagpole of a square more than 20 meters high, which solved the technical problems and ensured the smooth rise of the first five-star red flag in New China.

  Zhang Yibai’s Meet depicts a scientific research worker who is dedicated to the cause of national defense science and technology. The story of him and his girlfriend is the epitome of many unsung heroes and their families on the national defense science and technology front.

  Xue Xiaolu’s "Reunification" not only reminds people of the tearful scene of the ceremony of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland in 1997, but also reveals a story about time behind the ceremony. At 0: 00 on July 1, 1997, Hong Kong returned to the embrace of the motherland on time. What many people don’t know is that the Chinese and British sides negotiated for 16 rounds in order to raise the five-star red flag without delay.

  As the only story with women as the leading role in the seven stories, Escort reproduces the unknown side of the military parade from the unique perspective of "preparing for flying", and shows the heroic spirit of the female pilots of the China Air Force with delicate plot descriptions, showing a spirit of sacrifice behind the peacetime.

  It is these stories that we seldom know at ordinary times that make the most vivid stories in My People,My Country.

  The Captain

  Audience: A true, shocking and touching story.

  The Captain was adapted from a real event, and the prototype was the emergency standby event of Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 on May 14th last year.

  As far as the film is concerned, the true story that The Captain drew from itself has its own point of view, and the degree of adventure can be called the level of movie blockbusters. The crew spent tens of millions of yuan to restore the Airbus A319 simulator. With the help of technology, the audience can feel the thrilling moment more personally, making people sweat when sitting in the cinema.

  At the same time, in dealing with many details, the film is exactly the same as what really happened. The sentence "Chengdu, Sichuan 8633 is calling you" that impressed the audience in the film is from a true story. Li Xian, who plays this role, has almost the same lines as the recording of the prototype at that time, and all kinds of details make the audience feel the miracle of this world-class civil aviation history.

  It is worth mentioning that the actors’ performances are also very good, especially Yolanda. As a flight attendant, she played a professional flight attendant. When all the passengers panicked, screamed and cried, there was a story of standing up and shouting with the passengers. The gentle and firm eyes were the most burning moment of the film.

  As another commercial blockbuster with the main theme, The Captain’s rhythm is handled properly, and the story is gripping. The audience said in succession that "the heart beats faster after watching it". "The story is true, shocking and touching". Many viewers are deeply impressed by the heroic crew: "The crew who are not in danger is simply a reassurance for everyone." Some viewers said, "Thank you, Captain China!"

  The Climbers

  Audience: This is a truly patriotic blockbuster.

  The film The Climbers, adapted from a real historical event, tells a fascinating story of China climbers climbing Mount Everest twice in 1960s and 1970s.

  In 1960, the China mountaineering team broke the limit and achieved the feat of climbing Mount Everest from the northern slope for the first time. However, due to the lack of image data of the summit, there has always been doubt in the world. In 1975, China climbed Mount Everest again, which was the highlight of the film The Climbers.

  As a rare mountaineering theme in domestic movies, The Climbers has an advantage in stories, which not only has a strong sense of mystery, but also has a burning patriotic feeling.

  Avalanches, squalls and blizzards, as well as Jason Wu’s leaping over a huge ice crack to rescue the whole team and climbers who tied themselves to ladders and struggled to survive, appeared one after another, which made people feel shocked and nervous. At the end of the movie, Fang Wuzhou (Jason Wu) dug up the flashlight with the five-star red flag from the top of Mount Everest, and his eyes were moist! When the bright five-star red flag fluttered at the top of Mount Everest, the audience cried! Many viewers said with emotion: "This is a truly patriotic blockbuster."

  "Our own mountain, we must climb it ourselves!" Many lines in the play have made countless audiences see their blood surging! "They are China climbers who should not be forgotten. Fortunately, the feat of Chinese people climbing Mount Everest has finally been put on the big screen." "I am very proud after watching the movie. This is the real patriotic movie." "This group of climbers inspires us today. Everyone has a Mount Everest in his heart. That is our goal in life. We must overcome all difficulties to conquer it."

  However, there are many controversies in the emotional drama of the film. In the play, Jason Wu and Zhang Ziyi talked about a love affair that spanned years. Another emotional drama focuses on Jing Bo Ran’s Li Guoliang and the Tibetan girl "Black Peony". The favorite audience thinks that this love flashing on the towering peaks makes people cry, and at the same time shows the humanized side of mountaineering heroes.

  When talking about why the romantic bridge was added to the theme of mountaineering, Jason Wu explained during the road show in Guangzhou that if a movie is all about mountaineering, it will be very boring. Integrating love, affection and friendship into the story will make the film more vital. "It is precisely because of emotions that climbers have support and care when they resist the harsh environment of nature." (Huang ‘an)

For 32 years, we owe him a hot search! An exclusive analysis of Islander

Special feature of 1905 film network 32 years, 3 years, 125 minutes.The compressed fragments of life are not only a period of time that flies by, but for some people, it may be a lifetime.

These three groups of time, about the model of the times, Wang Jicai and Wang Shihua, about the director, but also about the film and every creative behind it.

When Chen Li received this project, Jude Wong just left you soon. It is more difficult to shoot the 32-year "story of keeping the island" at this node than any of her past film works.


"I am particularly afraid of hurting her (Wang Shihua)." During the interview, Chen Li kept repeating this concern to us. Chen Li is like this, and so is the actor who plays Wang Jicai.


Perhaps it was with this concern that the main creators moved forward step by step, and finally achieved this "Island Keeper", with the sentence after Wang Shihua’s reflection, "I think of many things before. Lao Wang can’t see this movie anymore. I would like to thank the directors and actors for him. Thank you for telling the story of keeping the island. "


This thank you is more important than all comments.


Director Chen Li (Photo/Yang Nan)

# First visit to Kaishan Island #

The story of Wang Jicai and Wang Shihua’s "touching China" has already been reported by various media, so how to solve the problem before shooting their stories?


"I can’t make this story into a textbook, which wastes the subject matter. I must present them to the audience." Chen Li gave himself a written pledge to fulfill a military order.

Unlike the story of shooting great men in the past, this story belongs to the present and is close to the life of every audience. Chen Li’s first reaction to "living under the sun" is like this. Only in this way can the "realism" be expressed.

Kaishan Island is located in the outpost of the Yellow Sea in China, with an area of only two football fields, and its strategic position is very important.


In the Spring Festival of 2019, Chen Li and his team decided to set foot on Kaishan Island to collect wind.


Like the movie, Bao Zhengfu is at the helm of the boat to Kaishan Island. "Today’s boat is very safe and stable, and I am still learning to sail with Boss Bao on the way." All the details in the process are slowly recorded in Chen Li’s mind, and finally they are also displayed by the camera.


The power of reality is infinite. When the ship is getting closer and closer to Kaishan Island, the rain is still sparse, and Chen Li and his party see the figure waving to them in the distance more and more clear, short and thin, but with a strong aura, that is Wang Shihua.

When the ship docked, Wang Shihua took the cable thrown out by Boss Bao, and the whole process was completed in one go. It was this proficiency that made Chen Li have mixed feelings.


In the past, when reading newspapers, all media people emphasized that their family was ordinary people. At that moment, Chen Li felt that she was looking up to her, and she was not ordinary people.


"When she reached out and pulled me ashore, my nose suddenly became sore, because those hands were full of the touch of years." Formal that shake hands for the first time, Chen Li felt that the distance between the two people was narrowed, like an old friend who had not seen for a long time, and had lived in her heart.


Walking from the shore to the residence, Wang Shihua and Chen Li explained the peach trees and grapes that Wang Jicai planted with her at that time, as well as the wells that had been the source of fresh water for both of them. All the daily necessities happened on Kaishan Island, which was also the details of these 32 years, and witnessed the step-by-step changes of Kaishan Island.


Wang Shihua didn’t tell Chen Li about the emotions of how to persist, but all the stories she told were romantic stories with Lao Wang (Wang Jicai). "Lao Wang likes listening to her sing very much, and finally she sang" The Most Romantic Thing ". She also told me how two people looked at the stars on the roof. "


The two people’s insistence on Kaishan Island has been written into romance.


# Next life #

When receiving this project, Liu Ye was not confident.


Of course, for Chen Li, she was hesitant at first. "After all, Liu Ye is a first-line actor. How can we make the audience forget that he is Liu Ye under the camera?"


Liu Ye (Photo/Yang Nan)

So, Chen Li took Liu Ye to Kaishan Island to live with him, so that he could really feel their life on the spot. Even so, he was worried at first that he didn’t play well enough, but in the days of living together, the crew and the Wang Shihua family became more and more close, and that intimacy no longer made Chen Li feel that everyone was going to experience life, but to visit relatives.


Even Wang Shihua’s daughter finally began to call Chen Li a dopted mother. In a small talk, Wang Zhiguo suddenly said to Liu Ye, "Teacher Liu, in fact, you are very similar to my father in many places." Or this sentence, all of a sudden to Liu Ye increased confidence.


After the official boot, Liu Ye will run in the shooting area every day. Because Chen Li pursued real-life shooting, he finally made a 1:1 replica of Kaishan Island in Pingtan, Fujian. For this island, the team spent half a year before and after. Even though Chen Li was advised in the early stage, many things can be done by CG.


In order to take care of the camera shooting, Liu Ye needs to measure his steps accurately. "He runs every day, and he doesn’t know how many times he falls. In addition, he is exposed to the sun, and his skin bursts at the end." Not only that, there are all kinds of mosquito bites on the island. In the end, Liu Ye spent two and a half hours on makeup, but in the end, because there were too many real scars on his body, the makeup time was directly compressed.

From the beginning of choosing an actor, Chen Li said the most, that is, let the actor "stop acting" and really become that role. A few days after turning on the phone, Chen Li felt that Liu Ye in the camera was no longer himself, but Wang Jicai.


In order to shoot this work well, Liu Ye took the initiative to find Chen Li. "If the team wants to ask for leave, you must refuse."


When the film was roughly cut out, Chen Li called Liu Ye to watch it in the computer room. At last, he was in tears and told Chen Li that he really forgot to play it.


The same is true.


In order to present a good state, I was also exposed to the sun on the island, and filming was also plain. In the movie, she had a heavy scene of childbirth. In order to interpret it, she went to several maternity hospitals to understand the process of giving birth and feel that state.


There are not many scenes, and I also live with the director. He, who has worked with Chen Li, is the first actor in The Islander. This role spans 32 years and almost bears the burden of the changes of the times in the whole movie.


Because Zray is a Beijinger with a heavy Beijing accent, he will take the initiative to propose a remake with the director whenever he doesn’t mean to say a word "Er Hua Yin".


# Touched #

On June 8th, the premiere of "Island Keeper", Wang Shihua finished watching the film for the first time.


Chen Li was worried that she would be overwhelmed by the content in the movie. "Her feelings with Lao Wang are really too deep." Everyone expected what Wang Shihua would say after the screening, but the first sentence was just a few words, "Sister, I am really touched, very good, and I don’t know what to say."


Wang Shihua and the crew (Photo/Yang Nan)

Simple, love is already in the depths, just like their spirit of guarding the island.


"You watch the island, and I watch you." This is what Wang Shihua said the most in the movie, sincere, romantic and pure. This sentence is from the real Wang Shihua’s original words.


And this sentence is the motivation for her to spend 32 years guarding Kaishan Island.

In fact, before director Chen Li and screenwriter Ding Han write, people who hesitate to do things must have motives — — What made Wang Jicai and his wife stick to this island for 32 years?


Later, from the interview and communication, it was found that they had no motivation, that is, to do one thing well.


Director Chen Li also told Ding Han not to talk about the reasons for sticking to it. Although the island has its important strategic position, they are ordinary people in ordinary posts, just like the saying in the movie, "If a person does one thing well all his life, he will not lose heart".


The film involves many scenes that look very dramatic.


For example, when Wang Shihua went to the island for the first time, he was scared silly by the scruffy man with a beard in front of him, and even filed for divorce. This is not an artistic process, but a true story.


After Wang Jicai went to the island for the first time, he told people from time to time that he met the fox spirit on the island. All this is also a story we have encountered in reality. "Wang Shihua told us that when Lao Wang Gang went to the island, he was actually lonely and afraid. He had never experienced such a typhoon day, so he had these fantasies and kept telling the story of Fox Fairy with those who went to the island."


Not only these stories, but Chen Li transplanted almost all the details of their lives into the movies. The puppies in the film are lovely and vivid for the film. In real life, puppies also exist, and they are the best companions of Wang Jicai and his wife.


During the filming, Wang Shihua visited Ban once. But that time, it was the scene that Chen Li didn’t want her to visit the class the most — — That was the scene where Wang Jicai left everyone in the movie.


"I know, in Shihua’s heart, Lao Wang hasn’t left yet, and I’m really worried about her. When she watched it at the scene, she kept crying and said, it’s too much like Lao Wang." All these details stimulated Chen Li’s second creation, so at the end of the film, she arranged a scene of waving a flag. "In her imagination, Wang Jicai came back."


The movie "Island Keeper" has finally been released, and all about the life of Wang Jicai and his wife will be truly presented to the audience. Whether it is life or art, this "Island Keeper Spirit" will eventually give everyone an inner purification.

Shanghai movies rose by 5% in intraday trading on March 21st.

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Photo: Sports champions set foot in the entertainment circle. Liu Xuan Tang Jiali leads ten beautiful women.

  In gymnastics, those slim and lovely female athletes have always been the focus of attention. Their every move after retirement is even more concerned by the entertainment circle. These beautiful girls either choose to enter the entertainment circle to show their voices, or enter institutions of higher learning for further study, or serve as hosts to challenge themselves. Among them, there are also many well-known film and television stars, who also had a not-too-short gymnastics career. They are young, beautiful and confident, and they are successful examples of the transformation from sports stars to entertainment stars.

  ■ Liu Xuan: "Charming Beauty" never forgets her old job.



  Liu Xuan, who won the gold medal on the balance beam in Sydney Olympic Games, was affectionately called "Spinning Beauty" because of her petite stature and delicate facial features. After retiring in 2001, Liu Xuan entered the Peking University School, and then slowly stepped into the entertainment circle. She has starred in the movie My Beautiful Homesickness, the TV series The Ultimate Goal and Singing at Midnight, served as the host of sports star storm, Beijing 2008 and other programs and various parties, also filmed many public welfare and commercial advertisements, and released many singles, etc. We can justly give her the title of "All-Star" in the entertainment circle.

  At present, Liu Xuan, who has faded from the aura of Olympic champion, has not forgotten her old job while marching into the entertainment circle. In 2006, she finally passed the international referee examination. In 2007, Liu Xuan appeared in Wuhan as the referee of the gymnastics competition. She engaged in sports and entertainment at the same time, and the two careers complement each other, opening up a unique road for sports stars to March into the entertainment circle.

  ■ Yang Yun: Yang Wei’s girlfriend vows to enter the entertainment circle.



  Yang Yun, a former female gymnast of China Gymnastics Team, now has three identities: one is a student majoring in broadcasting and hosting at Communication University of China; The second is the proprietress who opens a small shop on Taobao; Another identity is the girlfriend of China gymnastics team captain Yang Wei.

  After retiring from gymnastics, the beautiful and fashionable Yang Yun has always had a star dream. Yang Yun’s first step into the entertainment circle was Hollywood, where he played a role in an American film called Stand Firm (also known as Girl Forward). This film tells the story of a girl with a talent for gymnastics, who embarked on the road of crime for family reasons and finally returned to the stadium.

  Famous gymnasts from France, Spain, Australia and other countries participated in the filming of this film, and Yang Yun was the only Asian actor in the film.

  "I majored in sports broadcasting, but I still want to turn to entertainment," Yang Yun said frankly. "I like acting." Yang Wei has always been very supportive of his girlfriend’s star dream. He thinks that Yang Yun has her own opinions and she should respect her choice. Ms. Zhao Xiaoyuan is the agent of Yang Yun. She has successfully brought several retired sports stars into the entertainment circle, but Yang Yun, who has not graduated, is her favorite. She has designed a blueprint for Yang Yun’s future. "She has this talent and she works hard."

  ■ Mo Huilan: Host of Phoenix Satellite TV.



  Mo Huilan, who is cheerful and lively, has been called "21st century" by the International Sports Federation and named as "Mo-style somersault" on uneven bars. She retired in 1997 and was admitted to the journalism department of Renmin University of China in September 1998. In 1999, he served as a special correspondent for Tianjin TV Station for the 43rd World Gymnastics Championships. In 2000, he served as the special host of the 27th Olympic Games for Beijing TV Station, and since October 2001, he has served as the host of Phoenix TV’s China Olympic Tour Program. Successfully entering Phoenix TV is the best affirmation of her ability.

  ■ Sang Lan: After the storm is a rainbow.



  Sang Lan once enjoyed the reputation of "vault champion" in China Gymnastics Team, and won many honors. However, she accidentally missed the vault in goodwill games, new york in 1998, and became paralyzed in a few seconds. However, she did not choose to be depressed, but accepted the challenge of fate calmly and always insisted on realizing her Olympic dream in her own way.

  With her hard work and strength, this sunny girl conquered countless people with a "Sang Lan smile". She once admitted: "Sports and entertainment are not separated." Sang Lan not only joined Star TV and became the host of Sang Lan 2008, but also opened her sports commentary column in many media. Nowadays, more and more people begin to recognize her performance.

  ■ Yang Bo: Singing the Olympics with songs.



  In 1992, the International Sports Federation named Yang Bo’s action "Yang Bo Jump". Now, after retiring, Yang Bo has also started her career "Yang Bo Dance". She has worked as a host, made movies and started to release records. It can be said that she is another gymnastics beauty who has successfully entered the entertainment circle after Liu Xuan.

  From athletes to artists, Yang Bo’s path is colorful in the eyes of others, but only she can appreciate the bumps. Proud achievements in the sports field cannot be brought to the music field. In a brand-new field, she is still a "rookie". After retiring in 1993, Yang Bo chose to study in Xiamen University, and her major was journalism and communication. Before she graduated, she was invited to be a TV host, but later she found that being a host was not her favorite career, and she preferred singing. After studying music theory and dance for a period of time, in July, 2007, she released her latest single "Passer-by". She also used this song to explain her choice, and used this song to draw a full stop to her gymnastics career and then start a new life.

  Yang Bo once said: Singing is my dream, but gymnastics is chosen by people. Fortunately, I have lived up to my coach and parents. However, I am lucky to have realized my original dream again.

  ■ Dai Feifei: the first beauty in sports.



  Before retiring, Dai Feifei was the undisputed queen of rhythmic gymnastics, and the titles of more than a dozen national champions were already in her pocket. At the 2001 World University Games, Dai Feifei won two individual world champions in one breath, namely, the two world champions of baseball and rope ball. After retiring, she studied at the School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University. She has a double degree in Advertising Department and Art Department of Peking University.

  The success of Shenzhen’s bid for the Universiade made Dai Feifei, a beautiful gymnast, make a stunning appearance overnight. "Filipino Beauty" has become a hot topic among sports fans in China for a while. Because together with Yi Jianlian, she became the ambassador of Shenzhen 2011 Universiade, which made this beautiful gymnast with elegant temperament come into play. Dai Feifei, with fair skin, is also a top model in China, and has moved to the film and television circle, co-starring with Xiao Qiang and Hu Bing in films such as Super Men and Women.

  ■ Zuo Xiaoqing: Entering the film and television circle is purely accidental.



  Many stars in the film and television industry have "changed careers" from the sports world, and Zuo Xiaoqing is one of them. Zuo Xiaoqing, who has a beautiful figure and a bright smile, is a Hunan girl, and she entered the film and television circle by accident. Zuo Xiaoqing, who was born in Changsha, Hunan Province, was chosen by the teacher as early as the fifth grade in primary school and joined the amateur gymnastics team. Gradually, Zuo Xiaoqing and her teammates took part in the competitions in the city and province, and won many championship trophies. Later, the national gymnastics team recruited people, and Zuo Xiaoqing successfully entered the gate of the national name. She stood on the podium five times in her eight-year gymnastics career. In 1993, Zuo Xiaoqing won the national gymnastics championship, and Jiang Wen happened to be at the competition, so she was invited to play a guest role in the movie Sunny Days. From then on, everyone remembered this beautiful girl with bright eyes and a flowery smile. Although she started from a small role, she made more and more noise. Juanzi, especially in Chinese Divorce, is no less than the main characters played by Chen Daoming and Jiang Wenli. At the China TV Fengyun Festival, Zuo Xiaoqing won the "Most Potential Actress" award. Later, she also took part in the shooting of some TV advertisements, such as "China Telecom Image Spokesperson" and "Tomato Juice in Farmers’ Orchard" which often appeared on the screen, and Zuo Xiaoqing’s smile could be seen. However, Zuo Xiaoqing really began to make a name for herself in the film and television industry or after she was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy. It can be said that the drama continued, and she can be seen in TV series Red Rock, Qianlong Dynasty, Famous Caught the Earthquake in Guandong and Kangding Love Song.To be sure, Zuo Xiaoqing is becoming a rising star in China film and television circles in Ran Ran.

  ■ He Meitian: The idol of "Little Xia Nv" is Li Ning



  She is an innocent little chivalrous girl in Fang Shiyu, the legendary swordsman, Dragon and Eight Branches, and The Journey to the West. Many people don’t understand her skill of wielding knives and guns. How can such a weak girl have such skill? It turns out that actor He Meitian used to be a gymnast. The twelve-year gymnastics career left He Meitian with the deepest impression that he was "bitter", but it will always come when he is bitter. Now, He Meitian has successfully transformed into an excellent actor. She said that the only time she won the championship would never be forgotten. It was in an international gymnastics invitational tournament. She represented China for the first time and only time, and also won the championship. When she was a child, her dream was to win the world championship, and her idol was "Prince of gymnastics" Li Ning.

  He Meitian didn’t choose to retire until he was 16. Later, by chance, she entered the entertainment industry, and the first play from a gymnast to the entertainment industry was the collaboration with Jessica Hester Hsuan. Later, in many film and television works, such as Fang Shiyu, the legendary swordsman, Tian Long Ba Bu, The Journey to the West, etc., He Meitian was very talented. People who were not familiar with He Meitian in the crew were often worried about her dancing with such a weak physique, but when others later learned that she had practiced competitive gymnastics and was a master in vault and uneven bars, they were convinced. Perhaps it can be said that it was He Meitian’s gymnastics career that created the "Little Xia Nv" on the screen today.

  ■ Tang Jiali: The photo Jiaowa has two gymnastics gold medals.



  Tang Jiali is famous for his body art photos. However, few people know that this photo girl who devoted herself to art was once the owner of two gymnastics gold medals. At the age of nine, Tang Jiali started her career as an athlete in the Gymnastics Team of Anhui Provincial Sports Commission, and worked hard from dawn to dusk. In the future, she won two gold medals in juvenile gymnastics as the "first person in domestic body portrait". It is precisely because of the experience of gymnasts that Tang Jiali has laid a good foundation for her future dance career.

  Later, Tang Jiali began to engage in her favorite dance career, and gradually stepped into the film and television circle. She has appeared in TV series such as Kangxi Dynasty, Silver Mouse, Princess Pearl 3, and The Dragon Slayer. At the same time, she was the first star in Chinese mainland to publish a photo album of human body, which also pushed her to the forefront of public opinion.

  ■ Khorkina: "Gymnastics Queen" marched into China.



  Khorkina, a Russian gymnastics star, is the undisputed queen in her own field, and is also recognized as the natural enemy of gymnastics in China. She has been outstanding and beautiful for many years. Her noble temperament has made countless people’s hearts break, and she is called "the gymnastics queen" and "the ice beauty".

  After retiring, Khorkina took advertisements and series, played the leading role in the drama Venus, took nude photos for American Playboy magazine, and exerted her influence on President Putin’s re-election campaign, and thought that President Putin was the most suitable high-quality man for marriage in her mind … She was not only a talented gymnast, but also a very plastic star. Because of her special feelings for China, Khorkina once said that she would enter the entertainment circle in China. Perhaps, you will see a Khorkina singing Chinese love songs.

Editor: Jia Wenguo

This time, YCY is not because of the hot search on the "crash" …

> In the early morning of the new week, YCY went to a high-level hot search again. But this time, instead of "crying", "collapsing" and unexpectedly "bold honest and frank", she rushed to the hot search list, and a warm speech for children in mountainous areas made everyone see the girl’s particularly kind and sincere side.

>"I see you (Mountain children) I felt just like my sister. Because I love my sister, I want to give her everything I see, and I have tried my best to help you realize your wishes in the past two days. Maybe I can’t pay attention to you in real time and help you realize your wishes in the future, but I hope you can make your own efforts and realize all your wishes in the future. "

>This emotional message came from last night (August 23 rd) "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour, Three Districts and Three States Public Welfare Season" broadcast by Oriental TV. In ninglang county, a remote place in Yunnan, not only YCY, but also Guo Jingfei, Qin Hao, Jerry, Allen, Allen and Wang Luodan all completed an in-depth exchange of "sincerity for sincerity" during their two-day common life with the children, and several guests with rich social experience even became red-eyed several times during the filming.

>What is the charm of this variety show that makes people laugh and cry?

>YCY’s speech in "Extreme Challenge Treasure Trip"

It’s a documentary about great beauty and customs, and it’s also full of wit and courage.

The most popular "Zhang Dongsheng" in the whole network joined: Ladies and gentlemen, do you want to do public welfare together?

>On July 26th, the sixth season of the national inspirational reality show "Extreme Challenge" came to an end. At the end of another year when people are reluctant to give up and the days of "pole-picking" are coming to an end, the program group that doesn’t play according to common sense broke the news: "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour, Three Districts and Three States Public Welfare Season" lasted for August, and "pole-picking group" never say goodbye.

Screenshot of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>As an innovative development program of Extreme Challenge, Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour continues and implements the characteristics of "reflecting the truth of the world" and "having a great sense of social responsibility" praised by the audience of "Extreme Challenge" IP. Especially in the special environment where the epidemic raged at the beginning of this year, what does it want to express in terms of a highly concerned national program? What can be passed? It was deeply thought by the creator.

>In the sixth year of Extreme Challenge, in addition to the essence of the main film structure that the audience has become accustomed to, the theme of "public welfare" is carried out separately for content expansion, which shows that the team attaches importance to this topic. What is rare is that the content "saturation" of this "public welfare" program is very high.

Stills of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

Stills of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>The program team is not for "topic". In fact, in this issue, which focuses on the poor children in ninglang county, Guo Jingfei, Jerry and Qin Hao’s "father" status enables them to pay more attention to the children with a sense of substitution. For example, Guo Jingfei immediately noticed the difference in the boy’s hands when he first saw the boy who was helping him. Taking the child to the hospital was the first thing he did to break the process. YCY was born in the countryside, and after a hard past, she also thought of her and her sister’s past when she saw her children, and "wanted to give the best to ta" with her heart. Because of this most authentic warmth, YCY became the focus of Weibo’s hot discussion; In the face of mountain students with "sports basketball dreams", Allen, who takes Kobe as an idol and is keen on basketball, has the most "right to speak". His positive attitude of putting himself in the shoes of children and realizing their dreams for the stadium has won him the restrained but sincere love of children.

Stills of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>As an "outdoor" program, the most touching thing about Extreme Challenge is not playing games and running the task itself, but the interaction between guests and ordinary people from all walks of life in social contact is thought-provoking.

>Different from some programs that regard "treasure hunting and decryption" as an entertainment gimmick, the "treasure" to be pursued in each issue of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour" is a more meaningful person and thing.

Their grouping content is closely related to the local forest protection characteristics. When YCY and Guo Jingfei’s "eyesight group" flew into the sky in a narrow helicopter, they deeply realized that it was not easy for the rangers to fly for seven or eight hours every day to spread medicine for the Woods. In Wang Xun and Qin Hao, I heard that the female rangers with water diversion irrigation have been digging "irrigation pits" in the forest for seven years alone. When they miss their children and can only silently wipe their tears, two big men who also have different families lose their words. And they finally assembled the task and found the "treasure", which was an old man from 17 to 99 who spent 82 years silently guarding Populus euphratica. On this land, the tenacious "Populus euphratica spirit" conveyed by forest rangers from generation to generation is moving.

>YCY is here.Extreme challenge treasure tripSpeech in

Judging from the current record, the first audience rating of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour" is 2.65 (Csm59 cheng), with a share of 11.6, ranked first in the four networks. On the platforms of Tigers and Zhihu, The Extreme Challenge Treasure Trip is ranked first in the popular variety show with high scores, and also the first in the outdoor variety show of Douban.

>With a good reputation and the beginning of viewing, which beautiful places will the guests of Extreme Challenge go next? What kind of touching story will happen? Are looking forward to the audience.

Controversy is a turning point,

After six years, Extreme Challenge was "reborn" after stumbling.

>Before the broadcast of Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour, Three Districts and Three States Public Welfare Season, Extreme Challenge 6 completed its mission.

>Continuing the "variety+public welfare" mode in the fifth season, the brand-new Slogan "Extreme Challenge 6" was also watched by the public when it was first broadcast.

>Due to the "change of blood" in the lineup, there was some "gap" between last year’s Extreme Challenge 5 and many old audiences. Objectively speaking, "Extreme Challenge 5" is actually a program on the standard line of one season, and some controversial discussions mainly stem from the fact that the audience is still used to judging with the previous "framework".

>For example, as we all know, one of the highlights in the first four seasons of Extreme Challenge lies in the "Three Elites" composed of Huang Lei, Bo Huang and the "Three Silly" lineup of LAY, Wang Xun and Sun Honglei, which forms a rare tacit understanding "containment", and only between the "Men’s Gang" formed by these six people will there be so many different ways of playing without rules of the game. But when only Wang Xun, LAY and Huang Lei stay in the fifth season (Others fly.), the gameplay belonging to the original "men’s gang" has expired. When new members move in, they must not copy and imitate. They need to explore their own style. But at the same time, the tacit understanding between new groups cannot be achieved overnight. With the dependence and nostalgia for "old friends", the audience’s acceptance of the "new owner" who has implemented the new order in "home" will naturally not be too high.

>"Extreme Challenge 6" New Men’s Gang

>However, disputes over the past can also be transformed into opportunities for innovation.

>This year, Extreme Challenge 6 made a more systematic packaging upgrade. Especially in the special environment affected by the epidemic, the "realistic conception" of the program is more clear.

>For example, in the first phase of the official program, the theme is "Pay tribute to medical staff", and the starting point is "What I want to do most after the epidemic", so that the "extreme group" can fulfill the wishes that the public wants to achieve most in the epidemic area, and in the game task, the guests can truly understand the difficulties of medical staff in the high-pressure and high-temperature environment.

>In the third program, in the post-epidemic era, sports and fitness have become a hot topic for the whole people. "Extreme Picking Group" keeps pace with the times, and uses games to awaken the audience’s sense of crisis that they should actively exercise and pay attention to health. 

>The draft is in power, and group programs are hot. I didn’t miss Extreme Challenge 6, but behind the entertainment effect of the "38.8-year-old men’s team with an average age", it aims to convey the indomitable spirit of "middle age only".

>Extreme Challenge 6"New Men’s Gang"

>Under the background of the resumption of production and work, the programs have successively taken the theme of "Street Stall Culture", "live stream economy" and "5G Era", while paying attention to different new fields, they also introduced information such as "helping farmers and helping the poor" and "paying attention to people’s livelihood" into the programs. For example, in the current "live broadcast" with Viya, "Extreme Group" sold products worth 6.613 million yuan in 40 minutes, attracting 13.77 million people to watch, which also made "Extreme Challenge 6" more practical and worthy of being a national variety show with human feelings.

>In addition, after the experience of last season, several guests from Jerry, Lei Jiayin and Yun-peng Yue have actually completed the running-in period and cultivated their familiarity. along withAllen and Guo Jingfei moved in, and in the sixth season, the audience actually tended to look at Extreme Challenge 6 differently, treating it as a "revised new program".

>After putting aside the old impressions, we can actually see that Extreme Challenge 6 has a unique vitality, and the new combination lineup is also remarkable, and it has their own "group soul". For example, there is Ollie’s combination between "old brothers" Lei Jiayin and Jerry and "younger brother" Allen, and "Yueliang combination" composed of "group bullying" Yun-peng Yue and "good winner" Jerry. Allen and Song Xiaobao can be regarded as "milk-coffee combination", not to mention Guo Jingfei, Lei Jiayin and Li Guangjie’s "TF old BOYS" who have been circulating in rivers and lakes for many years. And every time the relationship between characters changes, it will produce different chemical reactions.

>Poster of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>In fact, topics fermented by new member relationships, such as # Jerry is really miserable #, # Deng Lunqin Yun-peng Yue #, etc., also frequently occupy the top of the hot search list. At the end of "Extreme Challenge 6" on July 26th, the reading increment of # Extreme Challenge # main topic exceeded 13.6 billion, the discussion increment exceeded 36 million, the hot search was listed 100 times+,and the total heat value exceeded 3 billion. All of them proved that this season’s program played a beautiful battle.

>Like many N-generation brand variety shows, from the first year to the sixth season, Extreme Challenge has been constantly exploring and innovating. During this period, there will be fatigue and bottleneck, but perhaps as Shi Jianing, the current director of Extreme Challenge, said, as a national program with high hopes, Extreme Challenge will continue to expand: "The sense of mission and social care of the program is our attitude and our pursuit.

Simba returned to live broadcast with 2 billion goods; Godzilla box office broke 300 million | Poison Daily


hot spot


The betta anchor was awarded 1000 yuan for singing infringement, and the platform said that it had fulfilled its obligation of prompting.

A few days ago, a civil judgment issued by China Judgment Document Network showed that the defendant "Liu Feier faye", the betta anchor of Wuhan Betta Network Technology Co., Ltd., was not authorized to sing the song "Little Jumping Frog" in many live broadcasts, which gained huge economic benefits. The plaintiff Beijing Qilintong Culture Communication Co., Ltd. believed that it seriously violated the plaintiff’s right to record the song. Betta said it had fulfilled its reasonable obligation of supervision and prompt. The Beijing Internet Court found that the plaintiff had the right to spread the recorded songs involved in the case through the information network, and the defendant’s above behavior constituted infringement. In the end, the Beijing Internet Court ruled that the defendant immediately stopped the infringement involved and compensated 1000 yuan for the plaintiff’s economic loss.


Simba’s comeback live broadcast debut with goods exceeding 2 billion

On March 27th, Xin Youzhi (Simba) started the first live broadcast in 2021 at Guangzhou Xinxuan Live Broadcasting Base. This is also the first broadcast of Simba Xin, the head anchor of Aauto Quicker and the founder of Xinxuan, after more than three months of intentional suspension. In less than 10 seconds, the live broadcast room has flooded into more than 100,000 netizens to watch. Since the 22nd notice, Simba Aauto Quicker has gained nearly 10 million yuan to 82.94 million yuan. The whole live broadcast lasted for 13 hours. According to the data of Gecko, Simba put 106 items on the shelves, with a total sales of 2.043 billion and a total sales of 15.9879 million.


Officially authorized by Talk Club, bilibili game released "Working Cell" mobile game to open an appointment.

On March 27th, the first genuine simulated mobile game of "Work Cell" officially authorized by Talk Club and released by bilibili Games-"Work Cell: Big Battle" officially opened an appointment. "Working Cell" is a comic book that personifies the cells in the human body, such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. It was animated on TV in 2018. The first and second seasons of animation and its derivative work "Work Cell BLACK" are being broadcast in bilibili.




Pinduoduo Chen Lei said that it will continue to subsidize 10 billion yuan.

A few days ago, The Wall Street Journal interviewed Pinduoduo’s new chairman and CEO Chen Lei. Chen Lei said that Pinduoduo’s plan is to continue to invest subsidies until it replaces Alibaba as the preferred shopping platform for one billion China consumers. At present, Pinduoduo earns revenue through advertising, and has invested more than $13 billion in subsidies.


Meituan Flash Shopping will focus on the hot pot food track this year.

Meituan Flash Shopping Business School held the "Meituan Flash Shopping Fresh Digital Retail Summit" in Beijing on March 19th. Meituan Flash Shopping said that the hot pot food track is one of the key points of its layout this year. It is reported that the hot pot food track can be divided into two parts at present, with the main hot pot food convenience store offline and the hot pot takeaway online.


During the epidemic last year, the online hot pot takeaway industry developed at a high speed, which made the demand for a large number of family hot pot consumption scenarios satisfied. According to the relevant investigation report of China Hotel Association, the overall scale of China’s hot pot market can reach one trillion yuan, and the number of newly registered hot pot food supermarkets has exceeded 3,400 in the past year.


IPhone folding screen phone exposure

A few days ago, a number of mobile phone manufacturers have listed folding screen mobile phones, and Xiaomi has also exposed new MIX Fold folding products recently. Recently, the first folding screen of iPhone was exposed. According to the pictures that broke out, the iPhone is not an open-ended scheme in which "1" turns into "2", but a folding screen designed as a Samsung Flip flip cover. It is reported that this folding screen flip phone will be launched in 2023.




Ten films will be shown on May 1st. 

As of this week, ten films, including Antique close encounter of mahjong, Above the Cliff and There is She in the World, have been scheduled to be released on April 30th and May 1st.



Godzilla vs Kong box office broke 300 million. 

On the second day of its release, the box office in China, Godzilla vs Kong exceeded 300 million yuan. 



Transformers plans to make a new movie.

Paramount plans to make a new independent film Transformers, which is written by Marco Ramirez (Women’s Prison) and directed by angell Manuel Soto (Street Racing King). In the early stage of the project, the role and plot are unknown, except that it is an independent story, which is not related to the Transformers series and Bumblebee.


In addition, Transformers 7 is currently in active operation, directed by Stephen Kapoor Jr. (Quiddie 2).



The third part of the Spider-Man series was officially released.

Spider-Man: The Battle of No Return, the third part of the Spider-Man series starring Tom Holland, was officially finished. The film was directed by Jon Watts, starring Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Bartrand, and newly joined by Jamie Foxx and benedict cumberbatch. The film is scheduled for December 17th in North America. 


Jennifer lopez starred in Netflix’s new film "Password"

Jennifer lopez will star in Netflix’s new film "The Crypter" and will be a producer. The film was written by the writers Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg of Condor, and adapted from Isabella maldonado’s novel of the same name. The film tells the story of Nina Guerrero (Lopez), an FBI agent, who finds herself involved in the case of a serial killer. The killer strategically publishes complex codes and riddles on the Internet, corresponding to the latest murder case, and lures Guerrero into a cat-and-mouse chase.



Ben Caron will direct Julianne Moore’s new film Liar.

Crown director Ben Caron will direct the new film Liar starring Julianne Moore. The film was co-produced by Apple and A24, and the screenplay of Detective Heroes was written by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. Moore will play the role of a liar artist who hangs out in Manhattan’s billionaire circle, and Moore will also be the producer of the film.




Netflix animation "Eden" released the traditional Chinese version of the pilot notice.

Netflix animated series "Eden" released the traditional Chinese version of the preview, and it is determined to start broadcasting on May 27th. The play was directed by Irie Yasuhiro, with Marika Kouno, Itou Kentarou, Kyoko Shuishang and Kōichi Yamadera as the voices. The play tells the story of the future thousands of years later. A human baby girl wakes up faintly and finds herself in a world with only robots.



Don cheadle joined ABC’s restarted edition of The Age of Innocence.

Don cheadle joined ABC’s restarted edition of The Age of Innocence to give a voice to Dean Williams. The play was directed by the original starring Fred Savage, and the script was written by Saladin K. Patterson (The Big Bang Theory), including Dulé Hill, Saycon Sengbloh and Elisha Williams.


This drama is the resumption of classic family comedy series in 1980s, and tells how Williams and his wife ensured that this was their "innocent age" in a black middle-class family in Montgomery, Alabama, which was in turmoil in the late 1960s. The restarted version is centered on Dean Williams, the son at home.



Katia Winter joined the black picket in the third season.

Katia Winter ("Sleepy Valley") joined the third season of the Amazon drama "Black Robe" and played Little Nina, a Russian gangster with a soft spot for sex toys. The play is starring karl urban, Jack Quaid, antony starr, erin moriarty, etc., and Jensen Ackles is newly joined as "Soldier Boy".



Investigation on MOMO Death Game: Beware of excessive entertainment and prevent being used.

   Legal Daily News (Reporter Zhao Li Intern Lin Jingyu Ma Jia) Following the horrible "Blue Whale Game", another game aimed at guiding suicide has entered people’s field of vision — — MOMO challenge(MOMO challenge)

  It is reported that overseas MOMO games led to the suicide of a 12-year-old Argentine girl, but MOMO in China was "played badly" by netizens. Open Weibo and enter "MOMO Death Game", and QQ chat records between netizens and MOMO are overwhelming. It is understood that MOMO games will find the target audience online, and then release the death task. If the target fails to complete the task, it will use hacking technology to find out the private phone number and home address of the target and harass it. In order to find out, the reporter launched an investigation on this game called MOMO.

  The spoofed "death game"

  According to the description of the network police article, MOMO is a suicide game similar to the "blue whale" that once caused a great sensation. It will suddenly jump out of the screen and provoke you to take part in a challenge. At present, a 12-year-old girl in Argentina has died, which the police believe is related to this game.

  It sounds very scary.

  And everyone did say that they would not participate, because their first reaction to this game called MOMO was nothing but that the horrible image in MOMO’s game looked so scary that they had no courage to participate after reading it.

  According to the existing statement, this kind of game is to let others actively add it through the number on WhatsApp, and then it will send back some violent threats, instigate players to do some terrible challenges, and even disclose personal information.

  Now on the video website, you can see a lot of videos made by video bloggers to contact MOMO. Some people say that MOMO is just a spoof urban legend, while others say that MOMO is a way for dark hackers to retaliate against society. But at present, in the eyes of more and more netizens and even minors, MOMO has become a spoof game or a joke.

  It’s not hard to find that the chat records thrown out on the Internet are almost teasing and mocking MOMO, and teasing information like "I’ll wait for you at three in the morning" is exposed to the Internet.

  The reporter privately wrote a few "flirting" netizens about MOMO through Weibo and some Q&A platforms. A netizen said that the chat was a fake MOMO, and the screenshot was stolen from a friend, just for fun. A netizen showed that many MOMO in QQ are now pretended by netizens. MOMO games are interpreted by many netizens for entertainment, and even made into expression packs to spread.

  However, in the interview, some netizens reported that they were really targeted by MOMO, saying that they received an application from a QQ friend in the middle of the night. "There are not many words from the other party, and they keep asking me if I accept the death challenge. I just asked the other person what MOMO was, and talked about it, and finally the other person blacked me out. I am an optimistic person in my life, and I have never made suicidal remarks on social media. " According to the contact information of MOMO provided by this netizen, the reporter contacted the person with MOMO as the avatar on QQ, but the other party just sent a "suicide" expression pack, and then asked any information without getting a reply.

  When looking at related topics, the reporter found that netizens did not take it seriously, nor did they show too much concern about the game. Instead, they spoofed MOMO in various ways.

  One of the most striking features of MOMO is that it misappropriates a Japanese bird named Link Factory as its avatar on social networks. Its prominent eyeballs and strange expressions make people feel very strange at first glance. However, the reporter noticed that the unrestrained netizens did not seem to be scared by this image, and they used their creativity to beautify the bird with Cosmetic Contact Lenses, lipstick, bow and cat ears, saying that "in fact, she dressed up well, not bad". These netizens joked, "In foreign countries, MOMO forces you to commit suicide. In China, netizens forced MOMO to commit suicide. In foreign countries, someone has called the police to arrest MOMO. In China, MOMO called the police to catch sand sculpture netizens who cheated money.

  But there are still people who are worried about MOMO.

  "Minors are immature, MOMO is just a sculpture, and there is no curse. I hope that the majority of teenagers will not try to prevent being fooled." A netizen said in Weibo. The netizen told reporters, "You can pay more attention to your child’s psychological status, whether there are behaviors that hurt yourself, such as self-harm, and whether the mobile phone address book frequently communicates with a strange number, but most of the MOMO that appears on the Internet now is pretended by netizens."

  Another netizen said that his younger brother had communicated with MOMO in a game group, but because his younger brother’s English was very poor and he couldn’t understand it, he replied while translating, and the other party deleted him because he was too slow. After discovering it, he also asked his younger brother to quit from the group. There are also some netizens who say to people who pretend to be MOMO and flirt with MOMO by being smart, "If you don’t die, you won’t die."

  Or used by people with ulterior motives.

  So, is MOMO really scary?

  The reporter contacted Zhang Kai (a pseudonym) who works in a game media, and he described the ins and outs of MOMO games in detail.

  "To tell you the truth, I feel very surprised that MOMO can have such a big movement. Previous ‘ Blue whale incident ’ It is a real bad game that really happened, but MOMO is different. " Zhang Kai said that he noticed that MOMO was played on August 2nd this year. At that time, he saw many domestic media and news from the media, but the basic content was the same. He characterized MOMO as a death challenge game similar to "Blue Whale". My intuition made me feel strange, and then we started an analysis.

  The prototype of MOMO is the "catching bird" in China and Japanese ancient legends. This kind of ghost is the incarnation of a dead pregnant woman, who takes off her feathers to become an adult and puts on her feathers to become a bird, especially to harm children. This is really commensurate with the background of instigating children to commit suicide.

  Zhang Kai and others compared the game forms of Blue Whale and MOMO, and found that Blue Whale played 50 things in 50 days, while MOMO only called MOMO at 3: 00 in the morning. "Then what? The scariest thing that will happen next is whether the phone bill will be spent. Obviously, this lacks a lot of things. We think it is very strange and we will continue to push forward step by step. " Zhang Kai and others called MOMO at three o’clock in the morning and found that "nothing happened, basically it was not connected". The whole incident was in distress, probably because there was some information gap between China and foreign countries. "According to our investigation, MOMO games got angry on YouTube on July 11th, but we got really angry here without warning until August 15th. The information gap mainly comes from the content on the external network and the self-media in China, and there is some gap, or lag. In fact, MOMO is not terrible at all, because it is just a statue. If it is to be said that it is terrible, it must be that netizens have terrible ability to spread rumors, and it is very bad to listen to the wind and rain. "

  "Later, a few bloggers on YouTube used special effects to make some scary videos, which were misrepresented and turned into horror games." Zhang Kai gave an example to the reporter, "The video that is widely circulated on the Internet, the content producer made the virtual image of MOMO by using special effects, so he could get through the phone, MOMO would even chat with him, and even instigate him to commit suicide, but it was a prank he directed and acted, because it was the video column ‘ Call at three in the morning ’ A video of the series, he himself also commented under the video that ‘ How many people think this is true, wake up ’ " .

  Regarding the fact that some netizens said that MOMO on QQ can get the real information of the other party, Zhang Kai sent a screenshot of QQ chat records with similar situation to the reporter, and said to the reporter: "Except for some hackers, it is not excluded that some people in China are bored to pretend to be MOMO, directing and playing pranks for everyone to have fun."

  "I can only say that MOMO itself does not exist. If, I mean, if, under the guise of MOMO, criminals try to trick children into doing dangerous things, it has nothing to do with MOMO. In fact, MOMO has been completely entertained in China now, and everyone has not taken it seriously. Perhaps after experiencing the blue whale game, everyone really became rational, but they should also be rational, not too entertaining, so that some lawless elements can take advantage of it. " Zhang Kai said.

  For MOMO games, Liu Min, who is engaged in psychological counseling and rehabilitation in Beijing, told reporters that she also noticed the spoof about related games on the Internet. "MOMO is deified to some extent. We should care more about those who play this game with the idea of killing themselves. However, it is not difficult to imagine that those who have been found out a lot of personal information and committed suicide by self-mutilation may be people who can only live in the internet but are not gregarious in reality. They may have lost hope for life and may have poor mental health. They will kill themselves, just looking for a reason. This is what needs to be vigilant. "

  In Liu Min’s view, MOMO game and Blue Whale game are not far apart in essence. In fact, the objects of these games are those who have lost hope in life, give them a dose of catalyst, and at the same time threaten their privacy and the safety of their loved ones, pushing them to death. "A person who really doesn’t want to die will call the police immediately when he hears someone say that he wants to hurt himself and his loved ones. There are also some fancy pictures insulting MOMO on the Internet, which is the simplest example, but those negative thoughts are still worthy of vigilance and should not be over-entertained. In particular, it is necessary to determine whether the game is very popular among minors, because the minds of minors are still immature and fragile. "

  Finally, Liu Min gave four words of advice: Don’t spread it.

From tomorrow, these new rules will affect your life.

  Cctv newsIn October 2017, a number of new laws and regulations will be formally implemented: if the aided person is damaged by voluntary emergency rescue, the rescuer will not bear civil liability; Insulting the national anthem or being investigated for criminal responsibility; The implementation of the newly revised "Contents and Methods of Motor Vehicle Driver Examination"; The group owner shall perform the responsibility of group management; The state no longer uniformly prohibits the use of mobile phones on airplanes, and it is up to airlines to decide.

  Implementation of that general principle of People’s Republic of China (PRC) civil Law

  The General Principles of the Civil Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) was formally implemented on October 1st, which is related to the all-round protection of everyone from the cradle to the grave, such as the civil right of the fetus to inherit and receive gifts; Lower the lower age limit for persons with limited capacity for civil conduct; Emphasize the obligation of raising and supporting; Adults with full capacity for civil conduct can determine guardians through consultation; Increase the protection of virtual property; The limitation of action was extended from two years to three years.

  Article 184 of the General Principles of Civil Law has attracted much attention, and it is called the "Good Man Law", which clearly states that "the rescuer shall not bear civil liability if the aided person is harmed by voluntary emergency rescue."

  Insulting the national anthem or being investigated for criminal responsibility

  National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China Law shall come into force on October 1, 2017. The National Anthem Law stipulates the occasions and etiquette norms when the national anthem should be played, and encourages the broad masses of people to sing the national anthem and patriotic songs. The law also provides penalties for insulting the national anthem and other acts. The National Anthem Law clearly stipulates that in public places, those who deliberately tamper with the lyrics and music scores of the national anthem, play the national anthem in a distorted or derogatory way, or insult the national anthem in other ways shall be given a warning or detained for less than 15 days by the public security organs; If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

  The new driving test regulations will implement six hanging items, so be careful.

  The newly revised "Contents and Methods of Motor Vehicle Driver Examination" was officially implemented on October 1st. Among them, the items that need to be carefully failed include: the time limit for reversing the warehouse is 210 seconds, and the overtime is failed; The lateral parking time limit is 90 seconds, and the overtime is suspended; Do not take the initiative to avoid pedestrians when crossing the intersection, and fail directly; Don’t look back before you get off the bus and open the door, stop too far from the curb, and fail directly; Turn without turning on the light, or turn on the light for less than 3 seconds, and fail the course directly; When the slope starts and stops, the car body is more than 50cm away from the edge line, and it is directly failed. In addition, there are three changes: 5 points will be deducted if the curve driving is not above the second gear; The proportion of civilized driving knowledge examination questions increased; 8 relaxation standards for stopover.

  The group owner shall perform the responsibility of group management.

  The Regulations on the Administration of Internet Group Information Services came into effect on October 8th. It stipulates that Internet group founders and managers should fulfill the responsibility of group management, standardize group network behavior and information release according to laws and regulations, user agreements and platform conventions, and build a civilized and orderly network group space. Internet group members should abide by laws and regulations, interact with each other in a civilized way and express rationally when participating in group information exchange.

  The state no longer uniformly prohibits the use of mobile phones on airplanes, and it is up to airlines to decide for themselves.

  The fifth revised "Rules for the Examination and Approval of Operation Qualification of Large Aircraft Public Air Transport Carriers" came into effect on October 1st. The new rules relaxed the regulations on the management of portable electronic equipment on board, allowing airlines to evaluate the impact of portable electronic equipment as the main body and formulate corresponding management and use policies. In other words, whether electronic products such as mobile phones can be used on airplanes is no longer stipulated by the state, but decided by airlines themselves.

  These situations are no longer unlicensed and unlicensed.

  The Measures for Investigating and Handling Unlicensed Business will be implemented on October 1st. After the implementation of the new measures, the following two types of business activities are not unlicensed: selling agricultural and sideline products and daily necessities at places and times designated by local people’s governments at or above the county level, or individuals using their own skills to engage in convenient labor activities without obtaining permission according to law; In accordance with the provisions of laws, administrative regulations and the State Council decisions, engage in business activities that do not require permission or registration. That is to say, in the places stipulated by the government, it is good for farmers to go to the city to sell a dish, and residents to set up a booth to repair an umbrella and sharpen a knife, and they no longer need to apply for a license.

  Quick return of universal insurance products was stopped.

  On October 1st, the Notice of China Insurance Regulatory Commission on Regulating the Product Development and Design Behavior of Life Insurance Companies was officially implemented. The new regulations require that "two red lines cannot be touched" in the design of life insurance products: First, products cannot be attached with universal insurance accounts, that is, universal insurance cannot exist in the form of additional insurance; Second, the annuity insurance cannot be returned within 5 years, and the annual return amount after 5 years cannot exceed 20% of the premium paid.

  The notice also mentioned that insurance companies should be supported and encouraged to differentiate pricing according to the insured’s health status and smoking status when determining the rates of term life insurance products and whole life insurance products, so as to improve the scientific pricing level of products.

  Implementation of the Regulations on Supervision and Administration of Financing Guarantee Companies

  The Regulations on Supervision and Administration of Financing Guarantee Companies shall come into force on October 1st. Financing guarantee refers to the guarantor’s behavior of providing guarantee for debt financing such as borrowing and issuing bonds. According to the regulations, a financing guarantee company shall, in accordance with the principle of prudent operation, establish and improve various internal control systems such as business norms and risk management. The balance of guarantee liability shall not exceed 10 times of its net assets, and it shall not provide financing guarantee for its controlling shareholder or actual controller. It is prohibited for a financing guarantee company to engage in activities such as deposit absorption or disguised deposit absorption, self-operated loans or entrusted loans and entrusted investments.

  Four industry standards for tourism accommodation are implemented, and homestays are also graded.

  The four industry standards for handling complaints by tour operators, basic requirements and evaluation of tourist homestays, basic requirements and evaluation of cultural theme tourist hotels and boutique tourist hotels have all been implemented since October 1 this year. Among them, it is clear in the Code for Handling Complaints by Tourism Operators that tourism operators should make a decision on accepting complaints within 12 hours, and it should not exceed 24 hours under special circumstances. In "Basic Requirements and Evaluation of Tourist Homes", tourist homestays are divided into two grades, namely, Golden Accommodation Grade and Silver Accommodation Grade. The Jinsu level is a high level.

  Implementation of the new list of restricted pesticides

  The List of Pesticides Restricted in Use (2017 Edition) came into effect on October 1, and the labels of pesticides required to be included in the list should be marked with the words "Restricted in Use" and indicate the special restrictions and requirements for use; For edible agricultural products, the label shall also indicate the safety interval.

  Xiamen, Fujian: Pedestrians can be exempted from punishment for helping to maintain traffic order after passing illegally.

  The Provisions of Xiamen Special Economic Zone on Promoting Social Civilization emphasizes that "pedestrians who voluntarily receive traffic safety education and help maintain traffic order can be exempted from punishment after passing illegally". Strict penalties are required for illegal parking regulations, and there are special provisions for the standardized parking of shared bicycles.

  Changchun, Jilin: Cohabitation and other relationships are included in the scope of domestic violence protection.

  The newly revised Regulations on Prevention and Suppression of Domestic Violence in Changchun will come into effect on October 1st. In the supplementary provisions, the regulations specify that "acts of violence committed between people who are not family members and have relationships such as guardianship, support, foster care and cohabitation, etc., shall be implemented with reference to the provisions of this Ordinance". The regulations stipulate that schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, residents’ committees, villagers’ committees, social work service agencies, rescue management agencies, welfare agencies and their staff find that minors, the elderly, the disabled, women during pregnancy and lactation, and seriously ill patients have suffered or are suspected of suffering from domestic violence, and should report to the public security organ in time; If serious consequences are caused by failing to report the case according to the regulations, the directly responsible person in charge and other directly responsible personnel shall be punished according to law by the superior competent department or the unit.