Very angry! Xiaomi Smart TV was accused of hiding a "charging trap"! Discussing the explanation, consuming "doubting life"

On July 20, after the WeChat official account of "Xinmin Helping Nong" released the report "Bad heart! Smart TV, full of" nesting doll-style charges "! 800 million people pay, how much money are you lured away", it immediately attracted social attention. Recently, a number of citizens reported to the "Daylight Savings Hotline Helping Nong",A large number of "hidden" paid film and television platforms in Xiaomi’s smart TV are "messy flowers and gradually fascinating to the eyes"

Obviously, he had already bought a member of Xiaomi TV, but without a clear prompt, he was confused and charged a "membership fee" by other platforms.Isn’t this a "fee trap" set up by the ante??

Log in to multiple end points, you need to buy a member; look at the high definition, you have to pay for a new machine… Helping Jun found in the survey that "nesting dolls" are emerging one after another. What makes consumers "very angry" is that when they want to argue for their rights and interests,Always in the "one question three don’t know" of "intelligent customer service" and "manual customer service", it is exhausted and detoured to "doubt life"

bought member

Rights protection is exhausted

When Mr. Zhang (a pseudonym), a citizen, bought a Xiaomi TV two years ago,Paid to become Xiaomi’s "VIP member"But due to his busy work, he and his family rarely watch TVOn April 23rd, when he accidentally turned on the TV, Mr. Zhang was attracted by the recommendation of a film and television dramaSo under the guidance of the intelligent customer service, he spent another 298 yuan to buy the "most distinguished member".

I was originally a "Xiaomi member", so I thought this was an upgrade service, so I took it for granted, otherwise I couldn’t watch the content I liked at all.

Payment record

Mr. Zhang said that there is only a QR code for payment on TV.There are no relevant prompts such as "Non-Xiaomi Pay Zone" and "This platform will be charged separately".And in July, after Mr. Zhang went out on vacation and returned to Shanghai,It was found that the original one-year "Most Valued Member" permission expired after just three months, and the screen showed "Payment Expired"

Mr. Zhang immediately contacted Xiaomi’s intelligent customer service, but in the "answer is not the question" of the "human-machine dialogue",He kept tossing until after 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, and all he got was a "fixed speech" like a "repeater" over and over again.

They don’t even know where the problem is, and they don’t even have the basic sincerity to solve it.

Subsequently, Mr. Zhang found human customer service several times.

My mobile phone number is the account number. The technical background can clearly check the information at once, but it knows the reason over and over again.As a result, I refused to admit that you paid the fee, and asked me to provide my own evidenceEvery time you reply the same, there will be an interval of 24 hours, which will make you anxious and exhausted.

In desperation, Mr. Zhang carefully checked the payment voucher.The recipient of the "most distinguished member" of 298 yuan is "Cloud Audiovisual Aurora" (Tencent) of Guangdong Southern New Media joint stock companyTherefore, Mr. Zhang repeatedly questioned:

Xiaomi paid members watch Xiaomi TV, why should they pay for Cloud Audiovisual Aurora (Tencent) repeatedly? Now that consumers’ rights and interests have been damaged, who should be responsible?

Featured Page

Accused of hiding a trap

Helping Jun dialed the Xiaomi customer service hotline 4001005678. After clearly informing his identity as a reporter, the manual customer service said: The specialist will answer. Afterwards, during the phone communication with the specialist, Helping Jun asked "why Mr. Zhang’s’most distinguished member ‘rights and interests have shrunk from one year to three months", and the other party replied "will check with Mr. Zhang for verification and give feedback as soon as possible". After waiting to no avail, Helping Jun called the customer service hotline again, and the reply was:Mr. Zhang’s Xiaomi membership expired on July 15 and no new recharge payment was received.

Help Jun immediately sent Mr. Zhang’s payment voucher.

Why are Xiaomi paid members repeatedly charged membership fees by third-party platforms in Xiaomi TV?

The other party explained that there is a Xiaomi Film and Television member area on the homepage of Xiaomi TV.However, if customers enter the "Featured Page", they will be exposed to member film sources such as Mango TV, Cloud Audio-Visual Aurora (Tencent), Kiwi (iQIYI), etc., and need to register to buy., and you also need to download the video software in the "My" app, and log in to watch it. The corner mark of the video will indicate that it is from different platforms.But elderly users or novice users are indeed prone to "misoperation". As for how many third-party charging platforms are "hidden" in Xiaomi TV, the customer service replied that "no statistics have been made".

Help Jun has come to the "Xiaomi Home" experience again.Click from the "Featured Page" to enter. Many movies and videos correspond to packages of different charging platforms, and you need to recharge to become a member before you can watch them.According to the analysis of shopping guides and industry insiders present, the "Featured Page" is actually a distribution platform for Xiaomi to divert third-party traffic at the TV end point. Although Xiaomi holds a third-party Internet TV license and the market share and possession of TV end point equipment, it controls limited film source copyrights.To make up for the shortcomings in content, it is inevitable to engage in commercial cooperation with other platforms

Xiaomi Home

Featured Page

In response to this situation, many consumers have raised questions:

In addition to making money selling TVs, if manufacturers also want to "get a share" of selling content,Will it "acquiesce" to the existence of "nesting dolls" on third-party platforms intentionally or unintentionally??

And whether manufacturers will avoid their own responsibilities by indicating relevant rights and obligations,Let consumer rights protection fall into a situation of "at a loss" again and again??

much criticized

When will it be clear

It is not difficult to see from the many consumer complaints.The "nesting dolls" of smart TVs are widely criticized

■ Buy a mobile phone member, cast a screen TV to watch, and buy another member;

■ Bought a film and television membership, watched cartoons, sports programs, and bought another membership;

■ I bought a member, I want to watch the hit blockbuster, and I have to buy another member…

Citizen Mr. Li can be said to be a "loyal fan" of Xiaomi, with 4 Xiaomi TVs and 3 Xiaomi boxes at home. But what puzzled him was:Only 2 devices are allowed to log in with the same accountIf the same account is restricted from logging in to multiple devices in different Internet Protocol Addresses for copyright protection, why can’t multiple Xiaomi devices be allowed to share accounts under the "same roof"?  

Isn’t this forcing consumers to buy more accounts and more members?

Mr. Ni spent 4,900 yuan on the Xiaomi M2 TV in 2015.Support 4K high definition H265 format playbackBut this year, his Xiaomi TV only supports "1080P" playback at most. Xiaomi’s explanation is: in order to avoid playback cards,This TV does not support 4K playback now, and can provide a TV replacement worth about 2,000 yuan.Mr. Ni was very puzzled by this

The functions of the TV bought with real money can also be "shrunk"? Isn’t this a way to repeatedly pay your pocket?

In the interview, many consumers believe that smart TV manufacturers should win the market with high-quality products and services."Matryoshka-style charging" will only overdraw consumers’ trust in "picking wool" again and againAt the same time, relevant departments should introduce more targeted laws and regulations to strengthen industry supervision more effectively and make consumption more "clear"

In this regard,Help Jun will continue to pay attention

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