Living Room Concert | Tang Muhai and Shanghai National Orchestra New Year Concert

The classic 947 "Living Room Concert" meets everyone at 20:00 every Thursday in the living room and mobile phone, and hears the most "new" voice in China.

At 20:00 (March 21st), the classic 947 video number will broadcast the "Four Seasons of Music-Tang Muhai and Shanghai National Orchestra’s New Year Concert" staged in Shanghai Concert Hall on December 27th, 2023. Conductor Tang Muhai holds the baton and presents it together with Wei Li, Ding Long and Lu Lu, suona player Hu Chenyun, flute player Jin Kai and pipa player Liu Jia under the Shanghai National Orchestra, presenting the wonderful artistic conception of changing seasons with traditional ancient songs and contemporary new works with different artistic conceptions.

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Qumu sheet

Qumu sheet

Performance time: December 27th, 2023

Venue: Shanghai Concert Hall

Conductor: Tang Muhai

Erhu: Wei Li, Ding Long and Lu Lu.

Suona: Hu Chenyun, Flute: Jin Kai, Pipa: Liu Jia

Shanghai National Orchestra

First, Li Bochan’s "Twilight Drum Farewell the Old Year"

Second, Luo Zhongrong and Qin Pengzhang/Arranger, Silk and Bamboo Ensemble "Moonlit Night on the Spring River"

Third, Wang Danhong Pipa and the band "Thinking about Clouds and Flowers"

Pipa: Liu Jia

4. Huang Lei/Composer Suona and the Band "Hundred Birds"

Adapted from "A Hundred Birds Toward the Phoenix" and Gershwin’s "Summer Time"

Suona: Hu Chenyun

Hua Yanjun/Composer Kong Zhixuan/Adapted Erhu and String Band "Two Springs Reflecting the Moon"

Erhu: Wei Li

6. Vittorio Monti/Composer Kong Zhixuan/Adapted Erhu and Band "Chaldash"

Erhu: Lu Lu, Ding Long.

Seven, Liu Xijin bamboo flute and the band "Snow Broken Bridge"

Bamboo flute: Jin kai

Eight, Wang Yunfei national orchestral music "National Music Chanting China"

The concert was arranged in four themes: "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter", and the opening track was "Dusk Drum Farewell the Old Year". The China Drum played a powerful timbre, showing the hope and expectation of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new. Followed by the silk and bamboo ensemble "Moonlit Night on a Spring River" and the pipa and the band "Cloud Thinking and Flower Thinking" brought by the orchestra pipa player Liu Jia, the romantic spring picture is spread with elegant and meaningful national style. Hu Chenyun, a suona performer, interprets Hundred Birds, which imitates the sound of birds and songs with traditional blows, showing the prosperity of summer.

Wei Li, the chief of the orchestra and the Huqin performer, performed "Two Springs Reflect on the Moon" and "Chaldash" jointly presented by Lu Lu and Ding Long, depicting the intensity of autumn, fully demonstrating Erhu’s rich playing skills and musical expressive force, and showing the will to work hard for life. "Broken Bridge in Snow" is performed by Xi Jinlai, the head of the orchestra’s flute voice. The work is based on Jiangsu and Zhejiang folk music, which is full of feelings in the scenery, lyrical by the scenery, singing the beauty of the south of the Yangtze River and praising the true feelings of the world.

Finally, the national orchestral music "Ode to China by National Music" appeared, and the magnificent musical language showed the endless life internal force of Chinese civilization for 5,000 years and the artistic charm spanning time and space, and expressed deep praise for the Chinese homeland.

At 20:00 on March 21st, lock the classic 947 video number and walk into the performance site of "Tang Muhai and Shanghai National Orchestra New Year Concert", listen to Shanghai folk music and feel the rotation of the four seasons.

Classic 947 Living Room Concert

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This program was awarded by Shanghai Radio and Television Station.

Funded by the Art and Humanities Development Foundation.

Original title: "Living Room Concert | Tang Muhai and Shanghai National Orchestra New Year Concert"

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