Photo: Sports champions set foot in the entertainment circle. Liu Xuan Tang Jiali leads ten beautiful women.

  In gymnastics, those slim and lovely female athletes have always been the focus of attention. Their every move after retirement is even more concerned by the entertainment circle. These beautiful girls either choose to enter the entertainment circle to show their voices, or enter institutions of higher learning for further study, or serve as hosts to challenge themselves. Among them, there are also many well-known film and television stars, who also had a not-too-short gymnastics career. They are young, beautiful and confident, and they are successful examples of the transformation from sports stars to entertainment stars.

  ■ Liu Xuan: "Charming Beauty" never forgets her old job.



  Liu Xuan, who won the gold medal on the balance beam in Sydney Olympic Games, was affectionately called "Spinning Beauty" because of her petite stature and delicate facial features. After retiring in 2001, Liu Xuan entered the Peking University School, and then slowly stepped into the entertainment circle. She has starred in the movie My Beautiful Homesickness, the TV series The Ultimate Goal and Singing at Midnight, served as the host of sports star storm, Beijing 2008 and other programs and various parties, also filmed many public welfare and commercial advertisements, and released many singles, etc. We can justly give her the title of "All-Star" in the entertainment circle.

  At present, Liu Xuan, who has faded from the aura of Olympic champion, has not forgotten her old job while marching into the entertainment circle. In 2006, she finally passed the international referee examination. In 2007, Liu Xuan appeared in Wuhan as the referee of the gymnastics competition. She engaged in sports and entertainment at the same time, and the two careers complement each other, opening up a unique road for sports stars to March into the entertainment circle.

  ■ Yang Yun: Yang Wei’s girlfriend vows to enter the entertainment circle.



  Yang Yun, a former female gymnast of China Gymnastics Team, now has three identities: one is a student majoring in broadcasting and hosting at Communication University of China; The second is the proprietress who opens a small shop on Taobao; Another identity is the girlfriend of China gymnastics team captain Yang Wei.

  After retiring from gymnastics, the beautiful and fashionable Yang Yun has always had a star dream. Yang Yun’s first step into the entertainment circle was Hollywood, where he played a role in an American film called Stand Firm (also known as Girl Forward). This film tells the story of a girl with a talent for gymnastics, who embarked on the road of crime for family reasons and finally returned to the stadium.

  Famous gymnasts from France, Spain, Australia and other countries participated in the filming of this film, and Yang Yun was the only Asian actor in the film.

  "I majored in sports broadcasting, but I still want to turn to entertainment," Yang Yun said frankly. "I like acting." Yang Wei has always been very supportive of his girlfriend’s star dream. He thinks that Yang Yun has her own opinions and she should respect her choice. Ms. Zhao Xiaoyuan is the agent of Yang Yun. She has successfully brought several retired sports stars into the entertainment circle, but Yang Yun, who has not graduated, is her favorite. She has designed a blueprint for Yang Yun’s future. "She has this talent and she works hard."

  ■ Mo Huilan: Host of Phoenix Satellite TV.



  Mo Huilan, who is cheerful and lively, has been called "21st century" by the International Sports Federation and named as "Mo-style somersault" on uneven bars. She retired in 1997 and was admitted to the journalism department of Renmin University of China in September 1998. In 1999, he served as a special correspondent for Tianjin TV Station for the 43rd World Gymnastics Championships. In 2000, he served as the special host of the 27th Olympic Games for Beijing TV Station, and since October 2001, he has served as the host of Phoenix TV’s China Olympic Tour Program. Successfully entering Phoenix TV is the best affirmation of her ability.

  ■ Sang Lan: After the storm is a rainbow.



  Sang Lan once enjoyed the reputation of "vault champion" in China Gymnastics Team, and won many honors. However, she accidentally missed the vault in goodwill games, new york in 1998, and became paralyzed in a few seconds. However, she did not choose to be depressed, but accepted the challenge of fate calmly and always insisted on realizing her Olympic dream in her own way.

  With her hard work and strength, this sunny girl conquered countless people with a "Sang Lan smile". She once admitted: "Sports and entertainment are not separated." Sang Lan not only joined Star TV and became the host of Sang Lan 2008, but also opened her sports commentary column in many media. Nowadays, more and more people begin to recognize her performance.

  ■ Yang Bo: Singing the Olympics with songs.



  In 1992, the International Sports Federation named Yang Bo’s action "Yang Bo Jump". Now, after retiring, Yang Bo has also started her career "Yang Bo Dance". She has worked as a host, made movies and started to release records. It can be said that she is another gymnastics beauty who has successfully entered the entertainment circle after Liu Xuan.

  From athletes to artists, Yang Bo’s path is colorful in the eyes of others, but only she can appreciate the bumps. Proud achievements in the sports field cannot be brought to the music field. In a brand-new field, she is still a "rookie". After retiring in 1993, Yang Bo chose to study in Xiamen University, and her major was journalism and communication. Before she graduated, she was invited to be a TV host, but later she found that being a host was not her favorite career, and she preferred singing. After studying music theory and dance for a period of time, in July, 2007, she released her latest single "Passer-by". She also used this song to explain her choice, and used this song to draw a full stop to her gymnastics career and then start a new life.

  Yang Bo once said: Singing is my dream, but gymnastics is chosen by people. Fortunately, I have lived up to my coach and parents. However, I am lucky to have realized my original dream again.

  ■ Dai Feifei: the first beauty in sports.



  Before retiring, Dai Feifei was the undisputed queen of rhythmic gymnastics, and the titles of more than a dozen national champions were already in her pocket. At the 2001 World University Games, Dai Feifei won two individual world champions in one breath, namely, the two world champions of baseball and rope ball. After retiring, she studied at the School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University. She has a double degree in Advertising Department and Art Department of Peking University.

  The success of Shenzhen’s bid for the Universiade made Dai Feifei, a beautiful gymnast, make a stunning appearance overnight. "Filipino Beauty" has become a hot topic among sports fans in China for a while. Because together with Yi Jianlian, she became the ambassador of Shenzhen 2011 Universiade, which made this beautiful gymnast with elegant temperament come into play. Dai Feifei, with fair skin, is also a top model in China, and has moved to the film and television circle, co-starring with Xiao Qiang and Hu Bing in films such as Super Men and Women.

  ■ Zuo Xiaoqing: Entering the film and television circle is purely accidental.



  Many stars in the film and television industry have "changed careers" from the sports world, and Zuo Xiaoqing is one of them. Zuo Xiaoqing, who has a beautiful figure and a bright smile, is a Hunan girl, and she entered the film and television circle by accident. Zuo Xiaoqing, who was born in Changsha, Hunan Province, was chosen by the teacher as early as the fifth grade in primary school and joined the amateur gymnastics team. Gradually, Zuo Xiaoqing and her teammates took part in the competitions in the city and province, and won many championship trophies. Later, the national gymnastics team recruited people, and Zuo Xiaoqing successfully entered the gate of the national name. She stood on the podium five times in her eight-year gymnastics career. In 1993, Zuo Xiaoqing won the national gymnastics championship, and Jiang Wen happened to be at the competition, so she was invited to play a guest role in the movie Sunny Days. From then on, everyone remembered this beautiful girl with bright eyes and a flowery smile. Although she started from a small role, she made more and more noise. Juanzi, especially in Chinese Divorce, is no less than the main characters played by Chen Daoming and Jiang Wenli. At the China TV Fengyun Festival, Zuo Xiaoqing won the "Most Potential Actress" award. Later, she also took part in the shooting of some TV advertisements, such as "China Telecom Image Spokesperson" and "Tomato Juice in Farmers’ Orchard" which often appeared on the screen, and Zuo Xiaoqing’s smile could be seen. However, Zuo Xiaoqing really began to make a name for herself in the film and television industry or after she was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy. It can be said that the drama continued, and she can be seen in TV series Red Rock, Qianlong Dynasty, Famous Caught the Earthquake in Guandong and Kangding Love Song.To be sure, Zuo Xiaoqing is becoming a rising star in China film and television circles in Ran Ran.

  ■ He Meitian: The idol of "Little Xia Nv" is Li Ning



  She is an innocent little chivalrous girl in Fang Shiyu, the legendary swordsman, Dragon and Eight Branches, and The Journey to the West. Many people don’t understand her skill of wielding knives and guns. How can such a weak girl have such skill? It turns out that actor He Meitian used to be a gymnast. The twelve-year gymnastics career left He Meitian with the deepest impression that he was "bitter", but it will always come when he is bitter. Now, He Meitian has successfully transformed into an excellent actor. She said that the only time she won the championship would never be forgotten. It was in an international gymnastics invitational tournament. She represented China for the first time and only time, and also won the championship. When she was a child, her dream was to win the world championship, and her idol was "Prince of gymnastics" Li Ning.

  He Meitian didn’t choose to retire until he was 16. Later, by chance, she entered the entertainment industry, and the first play from a gymnast to the entertainment industry was the collaboration with Jessica Hester Hsuan. Later, in many film and television works, such as Fang Shiyu, the legendary swordsman, Tian Long Ba Bu, The Journey to the West, etc., He Meitian was very talented. People who were not familiar with He Meitian in the crew were often worried about her dancing with such a weak physique, but when others later learned that she had practiced competitive gymnastics and was a master in vault and uneven bars, they were convinced. Perhaps it can be said that it was He Meitian’s gymnastics career that created the "Little Xia Nv" on the screen today.

  ■ Tang Jiali: The photo Jiaowa has two gymnastics gold medals.



  Tang Jiali is famous for his body art photos. However, few people know that this photo girl who devoted herself to art was once the owner of two gymnastics gold medals. At the age of nine, Tang Jiali started her career as an athlete in the Gymnastics Team of Anhui Provincial Sports Commission, and worked hard from dawn to dusk. In the future, she won two gold medals in juvenile gymnastics as the "first person in domestic body portrait". It is precisely because of the experience of gymnasts that Tang Jiali has laid a good foundation for her future dance career.

  Later, Tang Jiali began to engage in her favorite dance career, and gradually stepped into the film and television circle. She has appeared in TV series such as Kangxi Dynasty, Silver Mouse, Princess Pearl 3, and The Dragon Slayer. At the same time, she was the first star in Chinese mainland to publish a photo album of human body, which also pushed her to the forefront of public opinion.

  ■ Khorkina: "Gymnastics Queen" marched into China.



  Khorkina, a Russian gymnastics star, is the undisputed queen in her own field, and is also recognized as the natural enemy of gymnastics in China. She has been outstanding and beautiful for many years. Her noble temperament has made countless people’s hearts break, and she is called "the gymnastics queen" and "the ice beauty".

  After retiring, Khorkina took advertisements and series, played the leading role in the drama Venus, took nude photos for American Playboy magazine, and exerted her influence on President Putin’s re-election campaign, and thought that President Putin was the most suitable high-quality man for marriage in her mind … She was not only a talented gymnast, but also a very plastic star. Because of her special feelings for China, Khorkina once said that she would enter the entertainment circle in China. Perhaps, you will see a Khorkina singing Chinese love songs.

Editor: Jia Wenguo