Futian’s New Year’s blessing and welfare launched nine activities to enjoy beautiful scenery, taste food and buy good things.

During the New Year in Shenzhen this year, Futian District launched nine major activities. Shenzhen Business Daily reporter Tan Wei photo

Shenzhen News Network February 2, 2024(Shenzhen Business Daily reporter Liu Hongchen Xu Li) Long Xing Hu, Futian "Come to Shenzhen for the New Year, Wonderful in Futian" was grandly launched. The reporter learned from Futian District yesterday that this year, during the Chinese New Year in Shenzhen, Futian District launched nine major activities, including the Spring Festival theme light show, the Long Baofu Lion Celebration Spring Festival Parade, and the jiaozi Carnival with Urban Love, which were full of flavor. Enjoy beautiful scenery, taste delicious food and buy good things. Come to Futian to celebrate the New Year this Spring Festival.

One activity

Long Bao Fu Shi celebrates the Spring Festival.

On the fifth day (February 14th), Long Baofu Lion Celebration Spring Festival Parade will be grandly opened on Shenzhen Festival Avenue. Fuqi family phalanx, the theme phalanx for welcoming the God of Wealth, the national tide Hanfu phalanx, and the magic clown phalanx … 19 groups of parade phalanxes celebrate the Spring Festival with you.

Activity 2

Lighting performance of new year buildings

The rabbit rejoiced and resigned from the old year, and the dragon danced with He Xinchun. How to hold the sense of ceremony in the Spring Festival? Then come to Laifutian to watch the light show! From New Year’s Eve (February 9) to the eighth day of the Lunar New Year (February 17), the lighting performance of buildings in Futian Central District will be held in the Spring Festival. Thousands of lights are shining brightly, and this time, "Dragon Year Theme Spring Festival Special Edition+Brilliant New Era" will be shown, fully releasing the unique charm of Shenzhen.

Activity 3

Cultural and sports celebrities linked to He Xinchun.

From New Year’s Eve to Lantern Festival, Fukuda will also open a 100-screen video linkage, the festival Dragon Baby+Fuqi family, and Futian cultural and sports celebrities will send sincere New Year greetings to citizens and tourists through outdoor LED screens.

Activity 4

City Love jiaozi Carnival

Futian District cares for the builders in Shenzhen and welcomes the Spring Festival dumpling feast, which has been successfully held for 19 consecutive years. This year’s jiaozi Carnival of Urban Love will be held on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year’s Eve in the central street of Zhuo Yue, with five areas of "Blessing, Prosperous Tide, Blessed Heron, Blessed Dumpling and Blessed Family" on the spot. Invite citizens and tourists to visit the market, taste and make dumplings, experience Chinese New Year customs, participate in interactive games and carry out creative punching.

Activity 5

Cross-border tour of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Tongqing

During the Spring Festival, Futian will launch a 2-3-day boutique tour group in Hong Kong for different audiences in conjunction with travel agencies in the jurisdiction and cultural tourism activities in the two places during the Spring Festival.

Futian will also cooperate with social organizations in Hong Kong to organize Hanfu lovers in Hong Kong to punch in with Hanfu during the Lantern Festival and take the red fat tourist bus to visit Futian’s special routes. At the same time, 150 lucky Hong Kong people will be openly recruited to participate in the potted vegetable banquet held in Futian Village, Xiasha Village and Shuiwei Village to experience the pure walled village culture in Futian and celebrate the Happy Spring Festival!

Activity 6

Xinchun Park Tonglehui

Parade+annual customs+performing arts, market+cultural creation, this time Fukuda zoomed in and opened a new way to play in the Year of the Dragon Park! A national tide cruise line connects five parks, namely Xiangmi Park, Huanggang Park, Shenzhen Children’s Park, Caitian Park and Meilin Park, and invites citizens and tourists to punch in the cards to gather blessings, gather happiness and become a dragon, and find "new fun" in the parks for the New Year.

During the event, a special bus line was set up to cruise Jifu Solitaire, and it was easy to play around Futian Park.

Activity 7

Blessed in the Bay Area is Full My Year.

From now until February 24th, Futian will launch the "Blessed Full My Year in the Bay Area" 2024 series of activities to promote consumption in the New Year, and launch a variety of products and activities in cooperation with mainstream business districts, restaurants and hotels in the jurisdiction. Online celebrity catering+leisure and entertainment, art exhibition+life aesthetics, open a one-stop Spring Festival play in Futian business district.

Futian will also combine the "Five Parks Unicom" to create tourism, entertainment, food, housing and transportation, customize the Spring Festival tour route, and connect nature with cities, parks and business districts to create a pro-nature and borderless consumption environment for citizens and tourists. At the same time, the distribution business circle is "profit", including full discount, premium group coupons, welfare coupons, gift coupons and so on. Yongdong bus will also be opened directly to Hong Kong in conjunction with India Power Center, which will facilitate Hong Kong visitors to go directly to the business circle.

Activity 8

2024 Yingchunhua City, Futian District

The 13th Shenzhen Spring Festival Fair, the shopping park "2024 Spring Festival Fair" … Futian will create various themed New Year Fair activities in conjunction with the business circle, with a sense of atmosphere dominated by the full annual flavor.

Activity 9

New Year’s Eve welcomes the new year.

Futian has also created three sections, namely "Futian Nianli", "Futian Nianwei" and "Futian Yun Business Circle", which bring together various products such as home appliances, 3C digital products, candy and Futian New Year gift packages, so that you can "buy" new year’s goods in the cloud with one screen in your hand without leaving home.

Going to the Grassroots in the Spring Festival | Special Adherents: A Different Kind of "Reunion Dinner" Crossing Thousands of Miles

On February 11th, on New Year’s Eve, none of the staff of Minxiu Road Community in Shuangfengqiao Street, Yubei District went home. They stayed in the community office together, and accompanied Vivi, who stayed at her post during the Spring Festival and didn’t return to her hometown in Hebei, to pack jiaozi. Through video, we also said hello to Vivi’s 88-year-old mother, who is far away from her hometown in Hebei, and had a different kind of "reunion dinner" that spanned thousands of miles. The picture shows Hu Mingzhu (right), the community secretary of Minxiu Road, and Vivi, chatting with their old mother in their hometown in Hebei through mobile video.
Sister Vivi, formerly known as Kang Xiumiao, is a health worker in Minxiu Road Community. Her hometown is Kangxinzhuang, Hengshui City, Hebei Province. Ten years ago, Sister Vivi came to Chongqing with her retired husband and has been engaged in community work.
Sister Vivi said that it doesn’t matter if she is busy at work, but her heart is most concerned about her 88-year-old mother who is far away from home. Last year, in order to win the epidemic and stop the war, she rushed to the front line as a community worker. Because of the epidemic and work, she has not been able to go back to her hometown for two consecutive years, visit her mother, comb her hair and talk with her mother. Although my heart is full of worries and regrets, before this year’s festival, Sister Vivi was the first to sign up: she was on duty during the Spring Festival and stuck to her post.
When Hu Mingzhu, the secretary of the community, learned of Vivi’s worries, after discussing with everyone, he decided that according to the custom in the north, colleagues in the New Year’s Eve community would accompany Vivi’s sister on duty to pack jiaozi, have a reunion dinner and pay a New Year call to Vivi’s old mother in her hometown in Hebei.
In the face of the bustling New Year scene in the community, Sister Vivi turned on the video call of her mobile phone, and a kind smile with white hair appeared on the screen of her hometown in Hebei Province, and the eyes of her second sister were concerned. Sister Vivi told her relatives that it was very lively for everyone to accompany me for the New Year, and also to pack jiaozi together. I am fine in Chongqing for the New Year, so don’t worry! Hu Mingzhu, the secretary of the community, also gathered in front of the mobile phone screen. She said: I wish my mother Kang good health and happiness, and I wish my family in my hometown in Hebei peace and happiness … At some point, everyone’s eyes were full of tears.
Sister Vivi said that she hoped that the epidemic would end as soon as possible and that life would return to normal as soon as possible, so that she could go back to her hometown to visit her mother.
Hu Mingzhu, community secretary of Minxiu Road, said: Due to the normalization of national epidemic prevention and control work, during the Spring Festival this year, all staff members should stick to their posts and take turns to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, it is also necessary to do a good job of arranging people who return to Chongqing from other places, and persuade those who work in other places to stay in the local area for the New Year as much as possible. To this end, the community also sent special care packages filled with new year’s goods such as Yuanxiao, milk and candy to the families of migrant workers who stayed in the local area for the New Year.
Yang Xinyu, an upstream journalist, reported on the photo.

Commercial housing sales set a new record in the first half of the year. Statistics Bureau: Housing prices are generally stable.

  On July 16th, the National Bureau of Statistics released the national real estate development investment and sales from January to June 2018. In the first six months of this year, the national real estate development investment was 5,553.1 billion yuan, a nominal increase of 9.7% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 0.5 percentage points lower than that in January-May. Among them, residential investment was 3,899 billion yuan, an increase of 13.6%, and the growth rate dropped by 0.6 percentage points.

  Judging from the growth rate of investment, after the investment data remained above 10% for three consecutive months, the growth rate of real estate investment in the first half of this year declined slightly, but the growth rate of 9.7% remained high. Mao Shengyong, spokesman of the National Bureau of Statistics, said at the press conference on national economic operation in the first half of 2018 that real estate investment is expected to maintain a relatively rapid growth in the second half of the year.

  Statistics from the Bureau of Statistics show that from January to June 2018, the national real estate development investment was 5,553.1 billion yuan, a nominal increase of 9.7% year-on-year, and the growth rate dropped by 0.5 percentage points from January to May.

  The main key to support the continued high-level operation of investment data is the newly started housing area of 958.17 million square meters, an increase of 11.8%, and the growth rate increased by 1 percentage point. Among them, the newly started residential area was 706.11 million square meters, an increase of 15.0%.

  Secondly, from January to June, the land acquisition area of real estate development enterprises was 110.85 million square meters, up 7.2% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 5.1 percentage points higher than that in January-May.

  Mao Shengyong pointed out that in the first half of this year, the growth rate of real estate investment increased by 9.7%. Looking at two leading indicators in the second half of the year, one is the newly started housing area, which is accelerating in the first half of the year, and the other is the accelerated growth of land acquisition area and land acquisition fee. From this situation, real estate investment is expected to maintain a relatively rapid growth in the second half of the year.

  Statistics from the Bureau of Statistics show that from January to June, the sales area of commercial housing was 771.43 million square meters, up 3.3% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 0.4 percentage points higher than that in January-May. Among them, the residential sales area increased by 3.2%.

  According to another sales data, the sales of commercial housing reached 6,694.5 billion yuan, up by 13.2%, and the growth rate increased by 1.4 percentage points. Among them, residential sales increased by 14.8%.

  According to the data of Zhongyuan Real Estate Research Center, in June 2015, the sales area of this round of real estate market increased by 3.9% year-on-year, representing the starting point of this round of property market outbreak. As of June 2018, the rising cycle of the current real estate market has been as long as 37 months, setting a new record for the longest rising cycle of China real estate.

  According to the accumulated data, the sales area of commercial housing in the first half of 2018 was as high as 770 million square meters, and the sales reached 6.69 trillion, all of which set a new record for the same period in history.

  Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real Estate, believes that the current real estate rising cycle has exceeded 37 months, and the sales in the first half of the year hit a new record. Judging from the market data, it is expected that although the market growth rate will narrow in the second half of 2018, the real estate market will still be at a historical high in 2018.

  "Judging from the past cycle, there may be negative growth at present, but it is still relatively firm in the first half of this year, which can also bring back the sales funds of housing enterprises. Similar data also reflects to a large extent that many cities are entering the stage of supply and transaction. " Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, said.

  Inventory continued to decline, reaching a 47-month low.

  Statistics from the Bureau of Statistics show that by the end of June, the area of commercial housing for sale was 550.83 million square meters, a decrease of 9.27 million square meters compared with the end of May. Among them, the area for sale of residential buildings decreased by 6.42 million square meters, the area for sale of office buildings decreased by 470,000 square meters, and the area for sale of commercial buildings decreased by 1.68 million square meters.

  According to the data of Zhongyuan Real Estate Research Center, at the end of July 2014, the area of commercial housing for sale was 552.3 million square meters, and the market inventory in June 2018 was 550.83 million square meters. Inventory data has fallen to a 47-month low. It has been lowered for four consecutive years. Overall, the nationwide destocking cycle has been completed.

  Mao Shengyong pointed out that from the operation of housing prices in 70 large and medium-sized cities, the overall housing prices are still relatively stable. However, since the beginning of this year, housing prices in third-and fourth-tier cities have indeed risen relatively high, and the pressure of rising in some hot cities is still relatively high. There are still some structural contradictions in real estate, and some remote areas and areas with relatively high pressure of population outflow still have some stocks. Therefore, the central government put forward "policy and precise regulation due to the city". Judging from the next development of real estate, the central government, on the one hand, further strengthens and perfects macro-control, and at the same time, makes further efforts from the supply side, including accelerating the relevant policies and measures of real estate tax, realizing multi-agent supply and multi-channel guarantee, and accelerating the implementation of a series of supporting policies such as the right to rent, sell and share, so as to better promote the stable and healthy development of real estate, promote the construction of a long-term mechanism, and better realize the basic positioning that "houses are for living, not for speculation".

  Statistics from the Bureau of Statistics show that from January to June, real estate development enterprises received 7,928.7 billion yuan in funds, up 4.6% year-on-year, and the growth rate dropped by 0.5 percentage point from January to May.

  Among them, domestic loans were 1,229.2 billion yuan, down by 7.9%; The utilization of foreign capital was 2.8 billion yuan, down 73.1%; Self-raised funds were 2,554.1 billion yuan, an increase of 9.7%; Deposits and advance receipts were 2,612.3 billion yuan, an increase of 12.5%; Personal mortgage loans reached 1,152.4 billion yuan, down 4.0%.

  Zhang Dawei believes that from the perspective of the national real estate market, the mortgage loans in the real estate loan quota have indeed been significantly tightened. Under the circumstance that the market turnover is still at a record high, the mortgage tightening has brought about an obvious upward trend in mortgage interest rates. Restrain irrational house purchase in some markets. In addition, the mortgage tightening is still a trend, and the real estate leverage reduction policy will continue. At present, the mortgage interest rate of buyers’ first homes is divided, and some cities have raised their benchmark by 20%. It will become a trend that the average mortgage interest rate exceeds 6. Real estate development loans and mortgage loans will continue to tighten in the second half of the year.

The 2023 Buick LPGA Championship was announced.

On October 11th, the press conference and the launching ceremony of the 2023 Buick LPGA Championship were held in Shanghai Qizhong Garden Golf Club. As the flagship event of the world’s top women’s golf, the 2023 Buick LPGA Championship has returned ahead after three years. Eighty-one top women’s golf players from all over the world will compete fiercely on the court from October 12 to 15, and launch a strong impact on the total prize of 2.1 million US dollars and higher world rankings. At the ceremony, Buick presented Yin Ruoning, the brand golf ambassador, with a seven-seat Buick CENTURY Edition to pay tribute to her hard work and progress on the field and her historic breakthrough. 

Buick LPGA Championship is a professional women’s golf tournament held in China this year with the best lineup, the highest prize and the highest points in the world, and it is also one of the highest-level professional women’s golf events in Asia. In Shanghai, where the competition was settled, Buick LPGA Championship was selected as the brand of "Shanghai Games" and became the "city sports business card" in Shanghai. Since the event was held in 2018, the Buick LPGA Championship has attracted the best female golf professionals from all over the world to attend the event.

Among the 81 players participating in this year, there are 27 LPGA champions and 11 Grand Slam champions, accounting for nearly one third of the champions. Among them, there are not only many phenomenal new generation champions after 00, including Buick Golf Ambassador Yin Ruoning and Chinese new star Zhang Siyang, but also powerful experts such as Jiang Xiaolin, who won the two Buick LPGA championships in 2018 and 2019, and Lilia-Ukraine, who ranks first in the world. Starlight Glimmer’s top line-up and the peak matchup between the world’s top players will make this competition colorful and interesting, and bring a rare opportunity for China fans to have a top golf feast.

Lilia Wu, the world’s No.1 American, Yin Ruoning, Grand Slam champion and Buick Golf Ambassador, Jiang Xiaolin, two-time defending champion of Buick LPGA Championship, and Zhang Siyang, the representative of the new generation champion, took a group photo with the "Buick Goddess" Champions Cup.

Three Buick Golf Ambassadors have a heroic swing. From left: Lin Xiyun, Yin Ruoning and Liu Yu.

For the audience in China, the three Buick Golf Ambassadors who participated in the competition-Yin Ruoning, Lin Xiyuan and Liu Yu are undoubtedly more eye-catching. They represent the highest competitive level of women’s golf in China at present, and have achieved good results in this year’s domestic and international competitions. Among them, Yin Ruoning, who just turned 21, won the first Grand Slam title in her career in June this year, and then ranked first in the women’s golf world in September, becoming a new golf leader in China. Yin Ruoning is not only the second Chinese mainland player to win the women’s Grand Slam championship and reach the top of the world rankings after Feng Shanshan, but now, like Feng Shanshan, she has become a member of Buick Century owners’ family. As a symbolic product of Buick’s new breakthrough, CENTURY will also live up to the mission of "highlighting the achievements of the times and paying tribute to the leaders of the times". With an unprecedented luxury and respect experience, Yin Ruoning will not only get her childhood dream, but also enjoy the intelligent and comfortable experience while traveling, and better recharge her batteries to hit new heights.

Buick CENTURY pays tribute to the leading women’s golf figures in China and demonstrates the achievements of the times together.

It is worth mentioning that this year is a major breakthrough in the professional level of women golfers in China. The strength of China Women’s Corps led by three Buick Golf Ambassadors is even stronger than before, and it is expected to create a new history in this Buick LPGA Championship and in the international arena in the future. SAIC-GM Buick brand will, as always, fully support the healthy and sustainable development of golf in China, and make continuous breakthroughs together with athletes.

Editor-in-Chief: Li Ji

Text editor: Kan Jingya

Author: Ding Nan

Jianshu Golf No.1 is on sale, and the latest offer is 7500 yuan/㎡.

Mr. Hu: 150 * * * 0731
Mr. Deng: 138 * * * 8083
Ms. Jiang: 186****7681
Mr. Chen: 159 * * * 3332
Mr. Yang: 134 * * * 5158
Mr. Zhang: 159****7226
Mr. Zhou: 138 * * * 8967
Ms. Lin: 136 * * * 3668
Mr. Zheng: 136 * * * 9618
Ms. Xie: 135 * * * 3735
Ms. Wei: 138 * * * 0324
Mr. Wu: 139 * * * 9780
Ms. Han: 158 * * * 2390
Ms. Cai: 138 * * * 2322
Ms. Wei: 183 * * * 9105
Mr. Zhao: 139 * * * 8548
Miss Wu: 139 * * * 6438
Mr. Qian: 139 * * * 7316
Mr. Yao: 137 * * * 6367
Mr. Huang: 138 * * * 7263
Ms. Yu: 182 * * * 8478
Mr. Huang: 136 * * * 3612

The main venue of the 2024 World Snow Day and International Children’s Ski Festival was successfully held in Yinchuan, Ningxia.

On January 21st, 2024, the main venue of the 2024 World Snow Day and International Children’s Ski Festival was successfully held in Mingcui Lake Ski Resort, Yinchuan. More than 2,000 teenagers, parents, ice and snow enthusiasts and tourists on the scene experienced the health and happiness of ice and snow sports together, and promoted ice and snow sports.

The activity aims to consolidate and expand the achievements of "driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports", help rural revitalization, promote the deep integration of sports, tourism and cultural industries, let "cold" resources release the "hot" effect, and inject "sports kinetic energy" into economic and social development. The event was hosted by the International Ski Federation, the Winter Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, the Sports Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and the Yinchuan Municipal People’s Government.

After the launching ceremony of frugality and simplicity, without losing the ice and snow and local characteristics, many contents were carried out on the spot, such as the popular ice and snow fun experience, the international children’s skiing festival, the youth ice and snow sports public welfare lecture hall, the youth free public welfare skiing, and the ice and snow cultural characteristic experience. Among them, the popular ice and snow fun activities are divided into five individual competitions for teenagers and six parent-child competitions. Children and their parents interact closely on the ice and snow playground, get close to nature, visit the ice and snow in person, and feel the charm and fun of ice and snow sports. Li Jiajun, the world champion, led ice and snow sports coaches and social sports instructors to tell personal sports stories and growth experiences to 100 teenagers in the public welfare lecture hall for youth ice and snow sports, and taught them safety knowledge and skiing skills. During the International Children’s Ski Festival and the special experience activities of ice and snow culture, 200 teenagers who registered by appointment participated in skiing, snow circle, ice and snow paradise and other activities for free, and experienced the fun of skiing and the charm of ice and snow sports.

World Snow Day and International Children’s Ski Festival is a skiing promotion activity for young people all over the world, which was established by the International Ski Federation. The China regional activity of World Snow Day and International Children’s Ski Festival in 2024 was settled in Yinchuan, Ningxia for the first time, which is also the first time that Yinchuan held an international mass ice and snow event. During the 2023-2024 ice and snow season, Ningxia adopted the mode of regional linkage, ice and snow combination, sports integration and outstanding characteristics, and held the Ningxia Ice and Snow Sports Festival as a whole. By holding dozens of events such as the launching ceremony of the tenth national mass ice and snow season (Ningxia Branch) and the fourth ice dragon boat race in Yinchuan, it promoted the development of sports integration and shared the development achievements of ice and snow sports with the masses.

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The main venue of the 2024 World Snow Day and International Children’s Ski Festival was successfully held in Yinchuan, Ningxia. China Snow Touch Read the original.

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23141 Football Quiz: brentford vs West Ham United

Traditional football 14 quiz games.

Welcome to the 23141 football quiz game:

Brentford vs West Ham United is stronger than brentford. Brentford’s performance in the near future is average, and West Ham United may win or draw; Sheffield United VS Wolves, the current state and strength of Wolves are better than Sheffield United, and they are more likely to win this game.

Everton VS Brighton, although Brighton has certain strength, there is still a gap compared with Everton, and Everton has a greater chance of winning or drawing. Manchester City VS Bournemouth, Manchester City is a strong team in the Premier League, and its strength is obviously higher than Bournemouth. In this game, Manchester City wins, Burnley VS Crystal Palace, and the strength of the two teams in this game is relatively close. Burnley has performed well recently, while Crystal Palace has some ups and downs, but considering Burnley’s situation, it is possible to win or draw.

Newcastle United VS Arsenal, Newcastle United performed in general, Arsenal has a strong lineup and good offensive ability, and Arsenal has a greater chance of winning or drawing.

Frejborg VS M? nchengladbach, although Frejborg also has certain strength, M? nchengladbach is more prominent in attack and midfield control.

Meng Xing wins or draws. Hoffenheim VS Leverkusen, a strong Leverkusen with outstanding offensive and defensive abilities. Although Hoffenheim has certain strength, there is still a certain gap.

Leverkusen wins. Clone VS augsburg, Cologne and augsburg are similar in strength, but Cologne has performed slightly better recently. Augsburg has a lot of ups and downs, and this game is a draw or Cologne wins. Berlin United VS Frankfurt, the Berlin United lineup is poor, and there are problems in attack and defense. Frankfurt wins or draws. Mainz VS Leipzig Red Bull, Leipzig has advantages in attack and defense recently.

Red Bull Leipzig won this game. Dortmund VS Bayern Munich, although Dortmund has certain strength, there is still a certain gap compared with Bayern, and Bayern won the game. Atlanta VS Inter Milan, despite Atlanta’s remarkable offensive ability, Inter Milan has an advantage in lineup and defense.

Inter Milan won the game. AC Milan VS Udinese, the strength of AC Milan, a strong Serie A team, is obviously stronger than Udinese. AC Milan won this game, and the charm of football lies in its passion and unpredictability. Welcome to my sports lottery store to present you with a wonderful football feast.

Pay attention to salary and think about things, and analyze more exciting football games for you.

In this ever-changing fashion world, there are always some people who don’t just dress up.

In this changeable fashion world, there are always some people who not only dress up, but also interpret fashion as a unique art. They dare to break through the tradition, dare to challenge the classics, and become fashion leaders with their unique dressing philosophy. Today, we will focus on a fashion queen, who is very good at wearing it, especially in the cold winter. Every set looks good!

Dressing, for her, is by no means a one-day effort. With her original taste and avant-garde vision, she showed us the versatility of fashion. Every appearance is like a visual feast, and the collocation of different styles is always unforgettable.

Her clothes, like fashion poems, tell her story through the language of clothes. She challenged ordinary people’s cognition of wearing and defined fashion as a way to express themselves. Whether it is modern and neat or nostalgic, she can always get applause on the fashion stage.

When winter comes, many people choose dull colors, but she shows us a different choice with a light wind. In her collocation, the cold winter seems to be embellished into a colorful picture. Let’s walk into her winter fashion show and enjoy this visual feast.

She is like an elf in the snow and ice, and her fresh blue and white tones are amazing. The light blue coat is wrapped in snow-white down, as if it were a spirit of ice and snow, dancing in the winter sunshine. A pair of white boots pushed her overall shape to the peak of fashion, and her elegant temperament was unforgettable.

This fresh blue and white tone not only makes people feel the coldness in winter, but also shows her unique understanding of fashion. Her dress is like a visual feast for the cold winter, which makes people feel warm fashion feedback in the cold season.

In her other set of light and familiar wind wear demonstrations, the classic retro elements are unforgettable. A warm coat with a wool hat outlines a retro and warm winter atmosphere. She used the elements of fashion, perfectly integrated the classics and fashion, and performed a fashion feast that traveled through time and space.

Retro is not only a trend, but also a nostalgia for the past years. By wearing retro clothes, she seems to let people travel back to the past and feel the warmth of time and the beauty of time.

In her world of clothes, black is always an indispensable element. A black down jacket and a pair of slim pants make you look sexy and Leng Yan. The charm of black is perfectly displayed in her body, unobtrusive but unforgettable.

The black dress is full of mystery and shows her profound understanding of fashion. This combination makes people feel a little hot temperature in the cold winter, and becomes a bright color in winter fashion.

There are always some careful machines in her clothes, which make people shine. The design of tassels and stitching has become the highlight of her fashion dress. Whether it’s a pair of boots decorated with double Soviet Union or a coat with splicing design, it shows her keen sense of fashion.

This kind of careful machine is not only for the pursuit of uniqueness, but also a reflection of fashion taste. Through clever collocation, she turned tassels and stitching, seemingly niche elements, into the focus of fashion and the vane of leading the trend.

She is so good at dressing. Her dressing is not only a fashion, but also an attitude. In this cold winter, she demonstrated the versatility of fashion by wearing a light and familiar wind. Whether it’s fresh blue and white tones, classic retro, or sexy Leng Yan’s black charm, she can always interpret each set to the extreme through her unique taste and avant-garde vision.

Fashion, for her, is not only a dress, but also an attitude towards life. She defined fashion in her own way and told her own story with clothes. On this fashionable stage, she is like a queen, leading the trend.

Let’s enjoy her fashion statement and feel the charm of fashion. She wears well, and her fashion journey seems to be a never-ending fashion tour. Let’s hope that she will present us with a more amazing fashion trip in the future.

Football Summary: Messi Gods Argentina 7

On March 29th, Beijing time, let’s take a look at the latest situation of the international competition day.

Spain 0-2 away to Scotland

In the second round of Group A of the European Cup qualifiers, McTominay made two consecutive double rings. Spain lost to Scotland 0-2 away, and gave up the top position in the group after swallowing the first defeat. This 0-2 game ended Spain’s five unbeaten games against Scotland. The last time they lost to Scotland was in the preliminaries in November 1984. It has been 39 years since then, when they lost 1-2 away.

Argentina home 7-0 Cura? ao

In the international friendly match, 35-year-old Messi wore a hat at half time, Gonzalez, Enzo, Di Maria and Montiel successively made contributions, and Argentina beat Cura? ao, a weak team in Central and North America, 7-0 at home. Messi reached the milestone of the national team’s 100 goals, and the total number of goals rose to 102. Cristiano Ronaldo, the world football national team goal record holder, still has a gap of 20 goals.

Germany home 2-3 Billytime

In the international friendly match, carrasco, Lu Kaku and De Braune each scored a goal, and Belgium beat Germany 3-2. Four days ago, Belgium just beat Sweden 3-0 in the European preliminaries. On this international competition day, Belgium won two consecutive victories and scored three goals in both games.

Japan 1-2 Colombia, South Korea 1-2 Uruguay

Japan and South Korea, the two top teams in Asia, both lost 1-2. Japan was reversed by Colombia, and South Korea was beaten by Uruguay with two goals. On this international competition day, Japan, South Korea and China were all 1 draw and 1 loss. China’s opponents in the two men’s soccer matches were both New Zealand, while Japan and South Korea were Colombian and Uruguayan.

When I visited Watsons, I saw these five kinds of beauty products. I suggest to store more, which is not expensive but really easy to use.

Text: Nicole

Hi, it’s Nicole. Are you ready to be beautiful together?

Watsons can be said to be a cosmetics supermarket, which contains all kinds of cosmetics, whether domestic or imported, but how many sisters, like nicole, always go in excitedly and then escape.

It’s really a shopping guide! Hot! Love!

Follow where you go, try this and that, and talk nonsense in a serious way. It’s really helpless and funny.

So today, let’s organize a collection of beauty products that Watsons must buy, five beauty products that won’t step on thunder, cheap and big bowls, let’s take a look!

Reason for listing: low price, good daily sunscreen effect

This brand has been used since high school, and the price within 100 yuan can be used for a summer, which is cheap and big bowl! The SPF50+ index is more than enough for daily commuting, but it is not enough to go to the poster for exposure.

The texture of the emulsion is relatively light and thin, and the film can be formed quickly and easily with a small amount. There is also a water-sensitive sunscreen that is more moist and moisturizing. You can choose that one for dry skin.

Birou can be called a flat version of "An Nai Sun". After the water-based sunscreen is extruded, it is a yogurt gel-like texture with moisturizing ingredients, which is very moist to use, and the texture of water and water is refreshing and not sticky even in summer.

I like to use it as pre-makeup milk, which can strengthen the sunscreen effect and will not rub mud when superimposed with common cosmetics.

Reason for listing: lazy people must have it.

This is really my treasure. I can use it when I don’t want to wash my hair or come to my hair for emergency. I don’t need oil immediately after spraying it. It is better than washing my bangs in the morning and can last for one day.

Spray directly on the hair, about 30 cm away, wait 30 seconds after spraying to comb the hair with your hand or comb, and the oil in the hair will disappear.

Big oil head can also become refreshing and fluffy instantly. This dry spray is simply your savior in the embarrassing days when you can’t wash your hair during menstruation and confinement.

You can find Amway, a beauty blogger of all kinds, with numerous praises.

The price is also very close to the people, 200 ml is less than 100 yuan, and the student party can accept it. I have been buying it back indefinitely since I used it once. The feeling of flying from scalp to hair root to hair tip is really addictive!

Reason for listing: low price, strong makeup remover and suitable for all skin types.

This is a popular product, and it is also a must-have product every time you go to Watsons. I have been using this model almost since I was in college. There are countless empty bottles, and the price of more than a dozen pieces is high!

With the double-layer design of water and polysiloxane, the texture of water-oil separation is mild to eye skin, and it will not clog pores. The eye makeup is super clean, and it is not greasy after use, so it is refreshing and suitable for any skin type.

After shaking well, wet the cotton pad, apply it to the eye makeup and lip makeup for a few seconds, and then gently wipe it off. It’s a small bottle, so it’s no trouble to carry it with you when traveling.

Reason for listing: dry sensitive skin mother, king of cheap moisturizing

People who have been to Watsons for a long time will surely find that there are really many Japanese products of Watsons. This Kerun is a brand owned by Kao in Japan, and it is also from a famous family. It is specially designed for sensitive and dry skin, so the products do not contain any fragrance and additives, and it feels comfortable and reassuring to use ~ ~

Not only sensitive muscles, but also pregnant women and mothers are loyal fans of Kerun.

What’s in itCeramide componentCan give the skin a protective clothing, play a role in moisturizing and repairing, and make the skin soft and shiny.

The cream, known as "dry sensitive skin mother" and "king of cheap moisturizing", is beautiful in price, but its effect is unambiguous. White cheese-like texture, it melts in one touch. It is absolutely more than enough in hydrating and moisturizing, very gentle and has a certain calming effect.

Specially forRecurrent dry and rough dry sensitive skin.It can be said that it is a must-have series of sensitive muscles all year round.

Reason for listing: mild and cost-effective.

I have to say that as the sworn enemy of Procter & Gamble, there are several beauty products with high cost performance launched by Unilever. This cleansing bubble is a treasure item that I have used for 5 years.

Its main component is amino acids, so the upper face is mild and soft, and there is no dry tension after washing the face, which has a certain moisturizing effect. The cleaning power is also enough, which is more than enough for daily cleansing!

It is enough to squeeze one pump at a time, and the dense-free foam cleaning is more thorough and very healing, which has a kind of fun to play with soap bubbles when I was a child.

The key is very cheap, and you won’t feel bad about how to use it. It’s not a problem to use 150ml for two months. Compared with this price of less than 50, it’s really a conscience.

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