The price of Xingyue L Zhiqing in Kunming is greatly reduced! The latest offer is 152,700, and the quantity is limited.

On [car home Kunming Special Promotion Channel], we are pleased to announce that we are enjoying special promotions! Now is a good time to buy a car, because the preferential status of Xingyue L Zhiqing in Kunming is under way. The lowest starting price of this model is 152,700, and the highest discount is 0.7 million. If you want to know more about the discount, click "Check the car price" in the quotation form and strive for a higher discount!

Xingyue L Zhiqing is an SUV with unique design. The car adopts a streamlined body shape, with smooth lines and full of movement, showing a strong sense of movement. The front face design is very exquisite, and the air intake grille is decorated with a large area of chrome, which is connected with the headlights, showing a strong visual impact. The overall style is very fashionable, and the lines are simple and smooth, giving people a very delicate feeling. The design of the rear part is also excellent, and the through taillights are used, which is not only beautiful but also practical. Generally speaking, the design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is excellent, which has left a deep impression on people.

As a medium-sized SUV, the body size of Xingyue L Zhiqing is 4795*1895*1689mm, the wheelbase is 2845mm, and the front and rear tracks are 1610mm respectively. The body lines are smooth, showing a dynamic design. Tyre size is 245/45 R20, which is the same as tyre size before and after. The rim style is fashionable, showing a sense of luxury and sportiness. The lines on the side of the car are simple and smooth, creating a stable atmosphere. It is a medium-sized SUV with practicality and fashion sense.

As a high-end SUV, the interior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is full of science and technology. The 12.3-inch central control screen is equipped with voice recognition control system, which supports multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, skylight, window and other functions. The steering wheel is made of leather material, which can be manually adjusted up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can easily find the most comfortable driving posture. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB/Type-C interfaces for easy charging. In addition, the front row is also equipped with mobile phone wireless charging function. The seat is made of imitation leather. The front and rear seats support many adjustment functions, such as front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment, lumbar support, etc. The front seats also have heating and ventilation functions, and the driver’s seat is also equipped with electric seat memory function. The rear seats support backrest adjustment and proportional reclining, making passengers’ journey more comfortable.

Xingyue L Zhiqing is equipped with a 1.5T 163 horsepower L4 engine with a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum torque of 255 N m.. This engine adopts advanced technology and can provide excellent power performance and excellent fuel economy. At the same time, it is equipped with a 3-speed DHT gearbox, which makes shifting smoother and driving more comfortable. The engine performance of Xingyue L Zhiqing is excellent, which can meet the needs of daily driving and long-distance travel. It is a trustworthy car.

In our communication with the owner of car home, he spoke highly of Xingyue L Zhiqing. He said that the front face design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is excellent, and the design of body streamline also makes the wind resistance of the vehicle lower, and the shape of the wheel hub is also very eye-catching. In addition, he also specifically mentioned the driving experience of Xingyue L Zhiqing, and thought that its power and handling performance were excellent. He especially likes the acceleration feeling of this car, and feels that the power output of this car is very fast, and it is very easy to accelerate overtaking. In addition, he also praised the comfort of Xingyue L Zhiqing, thinking that its seat comfort is very high and the driving experience is very comfortable. In a word, car home owner @ Dou Chao has a very high evaluation of the Star Yue L Zhiqing. He thinks that the comprehensive performance of this car is excellent and it is a very recommended model.

The maximum value of the free upgrade package for Krypton 001 can reach 80,000 yuan.

[Hangzhou, March 16, 2023] Today, Extreme Smart Technology announced that its luxury hunting coupe 2023 Extreme 001 launched a "free upgrade package with limited product strength" and simultaneously launched the "limited-time car installment discount" interest. The comprehensive value of the 2023 Extreme 001 product can be increased by up to 80,000 yuan.

At the same time, Krypton has not forgotten the support of old users, and will provide 100,000 points (worth 10,000 yuan) for the 2023 Krypton 001 users who have picked up their cars before March 16.

Configuration is full and then 300,000 pure electric luxury products are broken.

Since January 1st, 2023, when the newly upgraded 2023 Krypton 001 was launched, the high-end options of many luxury models, such as silent electric suction doors, Monaco NAPPA full-grain leather seats, and electric adjustable seats for the whole vehicle, have been included as the standard of the whole system, making it the most complete and leading luxury configuration for 300,000-class pure electric vehicles. With the launch of the rights and interests such as "free upgrade package for limited product time", the extremely powerful 001 product broke through the ceiling, and the configuration of millions of luxury cars was completed in one step.

From 9:00 on March 16, 2023 to 24:00 on June 30, 2023, users who ordered the 2023 Extreme Krypton 001 and users who had not scheduled the production before 9:00 on March 16, 2023, all models can be given a free extreme blue exterior with a value of 6,000 yuan; YOU version of the model can upgrade the Z-Sport advanced suit worth 35,000 yuan for free; The ME version can upgrade the high-performance air suspension set worth 28,000 yuan for free; The WE version of the model enjoys a free limited-time "free volume" optional fund of 20,000 yuan.

The charging rights and interests of the YOU model have also been further adjusted. Users who purchase the 2023 YOU version of Extreme Krypton 001 can choose the original first owner’s lifelong free charging rights, or they can choose to cash in a one-time subsidy of 120,000 points for household charging piles.

At the same time, during the period from 9:00 on March 16th to 24:00 on April 30th, 2023, for the users who initiated the car installment application and finally successfully handled it, Krypton also gave the limited-time car installment discount support, with the maximum comprehensive discount for bicycles reaching 33,000 yuan. Users can choose a three-year zero-interest financial plan with an upper limit of 200,000 yuan; Or a financial plan with a down payment of 15% and a low interest rate of 1.99% for five years.

Users continue to open the "pet powder" mode for the first pole.

The launch of this limited-time car purchase right means that all users who have made a decision within a limited time will enjoy another "upgrade" of all models of the extreme 001, from the advanced Z-Sport sports suit and air suspension suit with performance control to the extreme blue exterior with charming appearance, and the configuration of many millions of luxury cars has become "standard".

Taking the entry-level WE model as an example, the 20,000-yuan limited-time "free-rolling" optional fund given to users can choose the appearance, interior and optional package items including 21-inch wheels and YAMAHA stereo. If the user chooses a high-performance air suspension set with a value of 28,000 yuan, and cooperates with a limited-time "free-rolling" option fund of 20,000 yuan, it is equivalent to 308,000 yuan to obtain high-performance CCD electromagnetic shock absorption and automatic air suspension, and the handling performance is instantly leapfrog.

More importantly, Krypton 001 further improved the "benchmark" of 300,000 yuan luxury pure electric vehicles, and at the same time, it lowered the threshold for users to enjoy the ultimate travel life experience with the financial discount interest of 0 interest for three years or 1.99% low interest annual rate for five years. 

At the same time, Krypton provided 100,000 cents (worth 10,000 yuan) to the owners of 2023 Krypton 001 who had picked up their cars before March 16, 2023, which also reflected Krypton’s concern for old users. There are both considerations for the interests of users and respect for old users. Under the background of accelerating the "involution" of the new energy automobile industry since the beginning of the year, Krypton has chosen a new path that always focuses on product strength and user value, and continuously pays attention to improving product value and user experience.

This "upgrade" of the 2023 Extreme Krypton 001 shows the concept that "conscience car enterprises" always put the needs and interests of users first. From product evolution to delivery improvement, Krypton continues to provide users with better products and services, constantly improve the ecological layout, and go all out to create the ultimate experience of travel life with users.

The price reduction of Zhiji LS7 in Hangzhou is coming! The reserve price is 279,800, and the car is sufficient.

Car enthusiasts in Hangzhou, are you looking for a luxury SUV with high cost performance? Then it is definitely a good choice! As a high-profile new energy vehicle, Zhiji LS7 not only has excellent performance and comfortable driving experience, but also has value-added preferential activities. At present, the highest discount of Zhiji LS7 has reached 10,000 yuan, and the starting price is only 279,800 yuan. Click "Check the car price" in the quotation form, and you can get a higher discount. Come and seize this opportunity to drive this high-quality Zhiji LS7 home!

Zhiji LS7 is a luxury SUV with unique shape and futuristic feeling, and its front face design is full of strength and technology. The car adopts a unique air intake grille design, which combines streamlined lines and simple geometric shapes, showing a strong visual impact. The overall style is very fashionable, the body lines are smooth and the shape is dynamic, which leaves a deep impression on people. The exterior design of Zhiji LS7 shows the brand’s pursuit of technology and the future, and has the characteristics of luxury and practicality. It is a very attractive car.

Zhiji LS7 is a medium and large SUV with atmospheric appearance and smooth lines. The body size is 5049*2002*1731mm, the wheelbase is 3060mm, and the front and rear tracks are 1700mm and 1715mm respectively, which provides a good foundation for driving stability and riding comfort. In tyre size, 255/55 R20 is used for the front wheel and 275/50 R20 for the rear wheel, which provides good grip and handling performance for the vehicle. The lines on the side of the car are smooth, which highlights the sense of movement and strength, and also shows the luxurious temperament of Zhiji LS7.

The interior design style of Zhiji LS7 is fashionable and simple, highlighting the sense of science and technology. The steering wheel is made of genuine leather, which makes it feel comfortable. At the same time, it supports electric up and down+front and rear adjustment, allowing drivers to adjust according to their own needs. The central control screen size reaches 26.3 inches, and the operation interface is simple and clear. It supports voice recognition control systems such as multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning, which is convenient for drivers to operate. The front and rear rows are equipped with Type-C and USB interfaces, which are convenient for passengers to charge. The seat is made of imitation leather and genuine leather, and the main and co-pilot seats all support electric adjustment, including front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support, which has high riding comfort. In addition, the front seats also support heating function, and the driver’s seat also has electric seat memory function. The rear seats are laid down in proportion, which can be adjusted flexibly as needed. The overall interior design meets the needs of modern people for comfort and technology, and it is an excellent car.

The maximum power and torque of Zhiji LS7 engine are 250kW and 475N·m respectively.

In terms of appearance, Zhiji LS7 shows a very high design aesthetic, just as the owner of car home commented: "The appearance is good, and the scene is better." The choice of color also suggests that you go to the auto show or the dealer to see for yourself, because the perception of the scene will help you find the color that suits you best. Especially the shape of the rear of the car, the upturned big ass is more clever and charming, which makes people unforgettable. Generally speaking, the exterior design of Zhiji LS7 is undoubtedly one of its highlights, which I believe will leave a deep impression on you in the process of buying a car.

Performance of Four-wheel Drive and Energy Consumption of Two-wheel Drive Analysis of Haval Xiaolong MAX Product Force

Haval Xiaolong MAX (parameter picture), which was listed not long ago, was advertised as "four-wheel drive experience, two-wheel drive price, four-wheel drive performance and two-wheel drive energy consumption, so as to make the four-wheel drive model affordable for users", which caused a heated discussion in the automobile market. Just after Haval Xiaolong MAX was listed at a price of 159,800-179,800 yuan, everyone’s attention to this brand-new model reached its peak. Then, as a new masterpiece of Great Wall Motor with 33 years of experience in building cars, Haval Xiaolong MAX adopts the most advanced new energy technologies of Great Wall Motor, which also plays an important role in the transformation of Haval brand to new energy. So what is the strength of Haval Xiaolong MAX? Today, Chedegang will analyze this brand-new hybrid model in detail.

The experience of four-wheel drive and the price of two-wheel drive

Let’s talk about the price first. In the price range of 159,800-179,800 yuan, the models that can compete with Haval Xiaolong MAX at present basically sell well, such as BYD Song Series, Great Wall Haval H6, Changan CS75 PLUS, Geely Xingyue L and other domestic models. As for the above vehicles, Changan CS75 PLUS has not been listed in the plug-in hybrid version, so it is preferred to exclude them.

Only BYD Song PLUS has the four-wheel drive function of the above models, and the price of the four-wheel drive version is between 20.78-21.88 million yuan. Therefore, it has become the biggest competitor, but think about whether the price of Haval Xiaolong MAX feels very fragrant in an instant, which is why Haval Xiaolong MAX began to promote "the experience of four-wheel drive and the price of two-wheel drive" before it went on the market.

Performance of four-wheel drive and energy consumption of two-wheel drive

As for the "performance of four-wheel drive and energy consumption of two-wheel drive", it is because of the world’s first Hi 4 intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology carried by Haval Xiaolong MAX. The system is built by Great Wall Motor on the basis of the concept of "being more economical, farther and safer". It consists of a new generation of 1.5L hybrid special-purpose engine with high thermal efficiency, front drive motor, rear drive motor and high-safety and high-performance power battery. The comprehensive power of the system is 205kW, the comprehensive torque is 585N·m, the pure electric cruising range of NEDC is 105km, the comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is 1.78L/100km, and the acceleration from zero to 100 km is 6.

Advantages of Hi 4 intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology

To say that the biggest highlight of Hi 4 intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology is iTVC intelligent torque vector control system and 3-engine 9-mode intelligent dynamic switching, which can enable drivers to switch to Hi4 despite driving, fuel saving and power mode. Among them, iTVC intelligent torque vector control system, by analyzing the driver’s power demand, vehicle speed, road ramp, steering wheel angle and other vehicle driving conditions and the driver’s operation, combined with the intelligent sensing hardware carried by the vehicle, can perceive the road conditions that the vehicle needs to drive next in advance and make the optimal four-wheel torque distribution scheme, so as to achieve the perfect balance of vehicle power performance, fuel economy and vehicle stability. Specifically, when driving Haval Xiaolong MAX to turn corners, the vehicle intelligently distributes the front and rear axle torques, and cooperates with the vehicle dynamic control system (VDC) to intelligently correct the driving state of the vehicle, increasing the rear axle torque when entering corners and increasing the front axle torque when exiting corners, thus realizing the rapid and stable entry and exit of the vehicle into corners. In fact, there are many similar scenes, but because of the limited space, I won’t list them one by one. You can explore them yourself.

Intelligent dynamic switching of three engines and nine modes means that the Hi4 system can intelligently switch in nine modes, namely pure electric two-wheel drive, pure electric four-wheel drive, series mode, 1st-gear direct drive, 2nd-gear direct drive, parallel two-wheel drive, parallel four-wheel drive, single-axis energy recovery and double-axis energy recovery, and flexibly match the optimal working mode, so as to reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles.

Dynamic fashion sense of exterior design

In appearance, the Haval Xiaolong MAX is different from the previous Haval models and adopts a brand-new design language. The front face adopts borderless rhombic air intake grille with sharp "7" headlights on both sides, which looks very fashionable and dynamic. The official also gave this headlight a very imposing name called "Patrol Falcon Headlights", which means that the headlights adopted by Haval Xiaolong MAX are as powerful and elite as eagle eyes.

On the side of the car body, the waistline running through the front and back, chrome trim on the edge of the window and 19-inch petal-shaped wheels make the whole car side look very sporty and fashionable.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of Haval Xiaolong MAX are 4758×1895× 1725mm and the wheelbase is 2800mm, which is a medium-sized hybrid vehicle. This body size is already at the leading level in the same price model. Moreover, in the trunk space, the performance of Haval Xiaolong MAX is also remarkable, and its regular space is 551L L. After the back seat is laid down, a fully flat space with a length of 1783mm, a width of 1445mm and a height of 693mm can be formed, with a volume of 1377L, which is enough to meet the travel needs of the whole family.

At the rear of the vehicle, Haval Xiaolong MAX didn’t follow the trend with penetrating taillights. Instead, it used a split headlight group with full personality. The interior was designed like a star, which had strong recognition after lighting. In addition, Haval Xiaolong MAX has the exclusive logo of Hi4 at the rear to highlight its identity.

The interior design is more intimate and the sense of technology is bursting.

When I came to the car, the most striking thing was the oversized screen on the center console. It was really bursting with technology. It was composed of a 12.3-inch LCD instrument, a 12.3-inch central control panel and a 12.3-inch passenger screen. With the oversized W-HUD head-up display, it could achieve four-screen linkage. With the advanced car system, this super-large screen connection of Haval Xiaolong MAX has better fluency and more agile response speed.

Of course, voice control, which has become popular now, will not be absent on Haval Xiaolong MAX, and it can also carry out multiple rounds of conversations, support the function of seeing and talking, and cooperate with rich apps covering online music, video, navigation, etc., so that drivers and passengers can travel more conveniently, but also bring good fun.

At this time, some people will say that it is good to have more screens, but it will affect the driver when traveling and reduce driving safety. In fact, Haval Xiaolong MAX took this into consideration at the beginning of its design. Its co-pilot screen and central control screen run completely separately, and the co-pilot screen can also be connected with Bluetooth headsets separately, which not only avoids the co-pilot from affecting the driver when he is painting the drama, but also improves the entertainment experience of the co-pilot. Isn’t it very intimate?

W-HUD head-up display can display the driving information such as vehicle speed, rotation speed, navigation and alarm on the front glass, and can also adjust the humanized functions such as brightness and height of the display, so that drivers can drive more safely and conveniently.

Below the central control panel, Haval Xiaolong MAX is also equipped with 50W wireless charging, and air cooling is designed at the bottom to avoid overheating when charging the mobile phone. Moreover, the designer of Haval Xiaolong MAX also designed the same mobile phone placement place on the passenger side, which made the vehicle more symmetrical.

In terms of vehicle seats, Haval Xiaolong MAX driver and passenger seats are designed according to SAE95% ergonomic standards, and advanced technologies such as PVC cover and double-density foaming are adopted to create seats that conform to the posture of domestic consumers. The profile can perfectly fit the human spine and has good riding wrapping and comfort.

In terms of seating space, Haval Xiaolong MAX has also achieved the same level of leadership. The head space of the front seat is 899mm, the cushion width is 510mm, and the length is 500 mm. The main driving seat also supports 8-way adjustment, while the head space of the rear seat is 909mm, the maximum leg space is 970mm, the cushion width is 1320mm, and the length is 510 mm. Even if you are 1.8 meters tall, you will not feel it when riding Haval Xiaolong MAX.

With regard to the quietness of the vehicle, Haval Xiaolong MAX has comprehensively improved the static and dynamic NVH performance of the vehicle through multiple rounds of adjustment. The whole body is made of 35 sound-absorbing materials, and the coverage area of sound-absorbing materials is increased in key parts such as side walls and door panels. Moreover, the front windshield and front door are all made of double-layer sound insulation glass, so that Haval Xiaolong MAX has a safe and comfortable quiet space whether driving at high speed or in cities.

Analyze the configuration of three models to see which one has the highest price comparison.

Having said that, are you tempted to buy Haval Xiaolong MAX? But I don’t know three models, how to choose? Let’s analyze the three models of Haval Xiaolong MAX to see which one is the most cost-effective.

The power of the three models of Haval Xiaolong MAX is the same, using a 1.5L hybrid special engine and advanced Hi4 intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology. Therefore, the difference between the three models is only in the vehicle configuration.

1.5L Hi4 105 four-wheel drive elite edition

Official guide price: 159,800 yuan

Although it is an entry-level version of Haval Xiaolong MAX, its configuration is not low at all. It is equipped with three 12.3-inch LCD screens, voice recognition, fatigue driving reminder, 540 panoramic image, single pedal mode, panoramic sunroof, remote start, keyless start (entry), 220V external discharge, OTA upgrade, car networking, front seat heating, mobile APP remote control, automatic headlights and automatic air conditioning.

1.5L Hi4 105 four-wheel drive pilot edition

Official guide price: 169,800 yuan

The price of the four-wheel drive pilot version is just 10,000 yuan higher than that of the entry-level version. In the configuration, there are more functions such as L2+ driver-assisted coffee intelligent driving, parallel assistance, door-opening warning, reversing warning, electric trunk, trunk memory, Bluetooth key, electric adjustment of the passenger seat, adaptive far and near light, 64-color atmosphere lights in the car, electric folding (heating) of the exterior rearview mirror, and so on. In addition, the speakers have also been upgraded from six. In particular, adding L2+ driver assistance to the coffee intelligent driving can greatly improve the driving safety of vehicles and alleviate the driving fatigue of long-distance travel. It is also the most cost-effective model among the three models, which is worth starting with.

1.5L Hi4 105 four-wheel drive intelligent ultimate edition

Official guide price: 179,800 yuan

The price has increased by 10,000 yuan, and the configuration has increased the functions of moving object early warning system, front parking radar, automatic parking, remote parking, tracking and reversing, inductive trunk, W-HUD head-up display, wireless charging of 50W mobile phone, memory of main driver’s seat, etc. In addition, the number of ultrasonic radars has increased to 12, the number of millimeter-wave radars has increased to 5, and the whole vehicle has 22 high-sensitivity hardware. Although the price of the four-wheel drive smart flagship model is 10,000 yuan higher than that of the mid-range model, there are not many extra configurations, but the extra configurations are high-cost functions and can effectively improve the safety performance of the vehicle, so for consumers with sufficient budgets, the four-wheel drive smart flagship model is also a good choice. After all, more money will be spent and the configurations will be more abundant.

Che Degang concluded:

As a brand-new hybrid model, Haval Xiaolong MAX can feel its sincerity from the price. Secondly, the Hi 4 intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid system is the first in the world, which has strong power and can also take into account the fuel economy of the vehicle. Moreover, it can intelligently adjust the torque of four wheels, so as to calmly cope with various complex road conditions. In the appearance and interior design of the vehicle, Haval Xiaolong MAX is also very careful, reflecting the sense of fashion, but also bringing a strong sense of science and technology, which is very in line with the aesthetics of consumers now. In terms of vehicle configuration, Haval Xiaolong MAX can be said to be high at the beginning, and the strength of its three models can not be underestimated. By comprehensive comparison, Che Degang recommends that everyone start the four-wheel drive pilot version.

How much is Mercedes-Benz E300 on the road?

Mercedes-Benz E300 is a luxury model. There are 10 models of the latest Mercedes-Benz E300 in 2021, and the guide price is between 4.99-5.29 million yuan. Among them, the reference price of Mercedes-Benz E300L is 4.98-6.98 million yuan.

The performance of this car is very good, with a maximum horsepower of 245 horses and a maximum torque of 370 Nm. It only takes 9 seconds to accelerate 100 kilometers. Although it is not as smooth as a six-cylinder engine, it is excellent in other aspects. If you want to buy this car, it is recommended to choose the automatic transmission of Mercedes-Benz E300L sports version, and the price is about 580,000 yuan.

Of course, if you want to install luxury equipment such as Berlin stereo, you may need to spend about 10 thousand yuan extra. It should be noted that Mercedes-Benz E300 may need to be customized. If there is a circuit problem, it may affect your driving experience.

Ultra-luxury car-making group helps Xiaomi SU7 launch conference "hot and hot"

K diagram 01810_0

  Can makeFounder Li Bin,Chairman Li Xiang,Chairman He Xiaopeng, Chairman Zhang Jianyong of BAIC Group,What is the occasion where Chairman Wei Jianjun got together? This is not an industry summit, not an auto show summit forum, but a launch conference of Xiaomi SU7. At the press conference, Lei Jun of Xiaomi Group paid tribute to the industry predecessors present here and shared his "looking up at the starry sky and down-to-earth" on the road of building cars.

Photo: Sports champions set foot in the entertainment circle. Liu Xuan Tang Jiali leads ten beautiful women.

  In gymnastics, those slim and lovely female athletes have always been the focus of attention. Their every move after retirement is even more concerned by the entertainment circle. These beautiful girls either choose to enter the entertainment circle to show their voices, or enter institutions of higher learning for further study, or serve as hosts to challenge themselves. Among them, there are also many well-known film and television stars, who also had a not-too-short gymnastics career. They are young, beautiful and confident, and they are successful examples of the transformation from sports stars to entertainment stars.

  ■ Liu Xuan: "Charming Beauty" never forgets her old job.



  Liu Xuan, who won the gold medal on the balance beam in Sydney Olympic Games, was affectionately called "Spinning Beauty" because of her petite stature and delicate facial features. After retiring in 2001, Liu Xuan entered the Peking University School, and then slowly stepped into the entertainment circle. She has starred in the movie My Beautiful Homesickness, the TV series The Ultimate Goal and Singing at Midnight, served as the host of sports star storm, Beijing 2008 and other programs and various parties, also filmed many public welfare and commercial advertisements, and released many singles, etc. We can justly give her the title of "All-Star" in the entertainment circle.

  At present, Liu Xuan, who has faded from the aura of Olympic champion, has not forgotten her old job while marching into the entertainment circle. In 2006, she finally passed the international referee examination. In 2007, Liu Xuan appeared in Wuhan as the referee of the gymnastics competition. She engaged in sports and entertainment at the same time, and the two careers complement each other, opening up a unique road for sports stars to March into the entertainment circle.

  ■ Yang Yun: Yang Wei’s girlfriend vows to enter the entertainment circle.



  Yang Yun, a former female gymnast of China Gymnastics Team, now has three identities: one is a student majoring in broadcasting and hosting at Communication University of China; The second is the proprietress who opens a small shop on Taobao; Another identity is the girlfriend of China gymnastics team captain Yang Wei.

  After retiring from gymnastics, the beautiful and fashionable Yang Yun has always had a star dream. Yang Yun’s first step into the entertainment circle was Hollywood, where he played a role in an American film called Stand Firm (also known as Girl Forward). This film tells the story of a girl with a talent for gymnastics, who embarked on the road of crime for family reasons and finally returned to the stadium.

  Famous gymnasts from France, Spain, Australia and other countries participated in the filming of this film, and Yang Yun was the only Asian actor in the film.

  "I majored in sports broadcasting, but I still want to turn to entertainment," Yang Yun said frankly. "I like acting." Yang Wei has always been very supportive of his girlfriend’s star dream. He thinks that Yang Yun has her own opinions and she should respect her choice. Ms. Zhao Xiaoyuan is the agent of Yang Yun. She has successfully brought several retired sports stars into the entertainment circle, but Yang Yun, who has not graduated, is her favorite. She has designed a blueprint for Yang Yun’s future. "She has this talent and she works hard."

  ■ Mo Huilan: Host of Phoenix Satellite TV.



  Mo Huilan, who is cheerful and lively, has been called "21st century" by the International Sports Federation and named as "Mo-style somersault" on uneven bars. She retired in 1997 and was admitted to the journalism department of Renmin University of China in September 1998. In 1999, he served as a special correspondent for Tianjin TV Station for the 43rd World Gymnastics Championships. In 2000, he served as the special host of the 27th Olympic Games for Beijing TV Station, and since October 2001, he has served as the host of Phoenix TV’s China Olympic Tour Program. Successfully entering Phoenix TV is the best affirmation of her ability.

  ■ Sang Lan: After the storm is a rainbow.



  Sang Lan once enjoyed the reputation of "vault champion" in China Gymnastics Team, and won many honors. However, she accidentally missed the vault in goodwill games, new york in 1998, and became paralyzed in a few seconds. However, she did not choose to be depressed, but accepted the challenge of fate calmly and always insisted on realizing her Olympic dream in her own way.

  With her hard work and strength, this sunny girl conquered countless people with a "Sang Lan smile". She once admitted: "Sports and entertainment are not separated." Sang Lan not only joined Star TV and became the host of Sang Lan 2008, but also opened her sports commentary column in many media. Nowadays, more and more people begin to recognize her performance.

  ■ Yang Bo: Singing the Olympics with songs.



  In 1992, the International Sports Federation named Yang Bo’s action "Yang Bo Jump". Now, after retiring, Yang Bo has also started her career "Yang Bo Dance". She has worked as a host, made movies and started to release records. It can be said that she is another gymnastics beauty who has successfully entered the entertainment circle after Liu Xuan.

  From athletes to artists, Yang Bo’s path is colorful in the eyes of others, but only she can appreciate the bumps. Proud achievements in the sports field cannot be brought to the music field. In a brand-new field, she is still a "rookie". After retiring in 1993, Yang Bo chose to study in Xiamen University, and her major was journalism and communication. Before she graduated, she was invited to be a TV host, but later she found that being a host was not her favorite career, and she preferred singing. After studying music theory and dance for a period of time, in July, 2007, she released her latest single "Passer-by". She also used this song to explain her choice, and used this song to draw a full stop to her gymnastics career and then start a new life.

  Yang Bo once said: Singing is my dream, but gymnastics is chosen by people. Fortunately, I have lived up to my coach and parents. However, I am lucky to have realized my original dream again.

  ■ Dai Feifei: the first beauty in sports.



  Before retiring, Dai Feifei was the undisputed queen of rhythmic gymnastics, and the titles of more than a dozen national champions were already in her pocket. At the 2001 World University Games, Dai Feifei won two individual world champions in one breath, namely, the two world champions of baseball and rope ball. After retiring, she studied at the School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University. She has a double degree in Advertising Department and Art Department of Peking University.

  The success of Shenzhen’s bid for the Universiade made Dai Feifei, a beautiful gymnast, make a stunning appearance overnight. "Filipino Beauty" has become a hot topic among sports fans in China for a while. Because together with Yi Jianlian, she became the ambassador of Shenzhen 2011 Universiade, which made this beautiful gymnast with elegant temperament come into play. Dai Feifei, with fair skin, is also a top model in China, and has moved to the film and television circle, co-starring with Xiao Qiang and Hu Bing in films such as Super Men and Women.

  ■ Zuo Xiaoqing: Entering the film and television circle is purely accidental.



  Many stars in the film and television industry have "changed careers" from the sports world, and Zuo Xiaoqing is one of them. Zuo Xiaoqing, who has a beautiful figure and a bright smile, is a Hunan girl, and she entered the film and television circle by accident. Zuo Xiaoqing, who was born in Changsha, Hunan Province, was chosen by the teacher as early as the fifth grade in primary school and joined the amateur gymnastics team. Gradually, Zuo Xiaoqing and her teammates took part in the competitions in the city and province, and won many championship trophies. Later, the national gymnastics team recruited people, and Zuo Xiaoqing successfully entered the gate of the national name. She stood on the podium five times in her eight-year gymnastics career. In 1993, Zuo Xiaoqing won the national gymnastics championship, and Jiang Wen happened to be at the competition, so she was invited to play a guest role in the movie Sunny Days. From then on, everyone remembered this beautiful girl with bright eyes and a flowery smile. Although she started from a small role, she made more and more noise. Juanzi, especially in Chinese Divorce, is no less than the main characters played by Chen Daoming and Jiang Wenli. At the China TV Fengyun Festival, Zuo Xiaoqing won the "Most Potential Actress" award. Later, she also took part in the shooting of some TV advertisements, such as "China Telecom Image Spokesperson" and "Tomato Juice in Farmers’ Orchard" which often appeared on the screen, and Zuo Xiaoqing’s smile could be seen. However, Zuo Xiaoqing really began to make a name for herself in the film and television industry or after she was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy. It can be said that the drama continued, and she can be seen in TV series Red Rock, Qianlong Dynasty, Famous Caught the Earthquake in Guandong and Kangding Love Song.To be sure, Zuo Xiaoqing is becoming a rising star in China film and television circles in Ran Ran.

  ■ He Meitian: The idol of "Little Xia Nv" is Li Ning



  She is an innocent little chivalrous girl in Fang Shiyu, the legendary swordsman, Dragon and Eight Branches, and The Journey to the West. Many people don’t understand her skill of wielding knives and guns. How can such a weak girl have such skill? It turns out that actor He Meitian used to be a gymnast. The twelve-year gymnastics career left He Meitian with the deepest impression that he was "bitter", but it will always come when he is bitter. Now, He Meitian has successfully transformed into an excellent actor. She said that the only time she won the championship would never be forgotten. It was in an international gymnastics invitational tournament. She represented China for the first time and only time, and also won the championship. When she was a child, her dream was to win the world championship, and her idol was "Prince of gymnastics" Li Ning.

  He Meitian didn’t choose to retire until he was 16. Later, by chance, she entered the entertainment industry, and the first play from a gymnast to the entertainment industry was the collaboration with Jessica Hester Hsuan. Later, in many film and television works, such as Fang Shiyu, the legendary swordsman, Tian Long Ba Bu, The Journey to the West, etc., He Meitian was very talented. People who were not familiar with He Meitian in the crew were often worried about her dancing with such a weak physique, but when others later learned that she had practiced competitive gymnastics and was a master in vault and uneven bars, they were convinced. Perhaps it can be said that it was He Meitian’s gymnastics career that created the "Little Xia Nv" on the screen today.

  ■ Tang Jiali: The photo Jiaowa has two gymnastics gold medals.



  Tang Jiali is famous for his body art photos. However, few people know that this photo girl who devoted herself to art was once the owner of two gymnastics gold medals. At the age of nine, Tang Jiali started her career as an athlete in the Gymnastics Team of Anhui Provincial Sports Commission, and worked hard from dawn to dusk. In the future, she won two gold medals in juvenile gymnastics as the "first person in domestic body portrait". It is precisely because of the experience of gymnasts that Tang Jiali has laid a good foundation for her future dance career.

  Later, Tang Jiali began to engage in her favorite dance career, and gradually stepped into the film and television circle. She has appeared in TV series such as Kangxi Dynasty, Silver Mouse, Princess Pearl 3, and The Dragon Slayer. At the same time, she was the first star in Chinese mainland to publish a photo album of human body, which also pushed her to the forefront of public opinion.

  ■ Khorkina: "Gymnastics Queen" marched into China.



  Khorkina, a Russian gymnastics star, is the undisputed queen in her own field, and is also recognized as the natural enemy of gymnastics in China. She has been outstanding and beautiful for many years. Her noble temperament has made countless people’s hearts break, and she is called "the gymnastics queen" and "the ice beauty".

  After retiring, Khorkina took advertisements and series, played the leading role in the drama Venus, took nude photos for American Playboy magazine, and exerted her influence on President Putin’s re-election campaign, and thought that President Putin was the most suitable high-quality man for marriage in her mind … She was not only a talented gymnast, but also a very plastic star. Because of her special feelings for China, Khorkina once said that she would enter the entertainment circle in China. Perhaps, you will see a Khorkina singing Chinese love songs.

Editor: Jia Wenguo

Investigation on MOMO Death Game: Beware of excessive entertainment and prevent being used.

   Legal Daily News (Reporter Zhao Li Intern Lin Jingyu Ma Jia) Following the horrible "Blue Whale Game", another game aimed at guiding suicide has entered people’s field of vision — — MOMO challenge(MOMO challenge)

  It is reported that overseas MOMO games led to the suicide of a 12-year-old Argentine girl, but MOMO in China was "played badly" by netizens. Open Weibo and enter "MOMO Death Game", and QQ chat records between netizens and MOMO are overwhelming. It is understood that MOMO games will find the target audience online, and then release the death task. If the target fails to complete the task, it will use hacking technology to find out the private phone number and home address of the target and harass it. In order to find out, the reporter launched an investigation on this game called MOMO.

  The spoofed "death game"

  According to the description of the network police article, MOMO is a suicide game similar to the "blue whale" that once caused a great sensation. It will suddenly jump out of the screen and provoke you to take part in a challenge. At present, a 12-year-old girl in Argentina has died, which the police believe is related to this game.

  It sounds very scary.

  And everyone did say that they would not participate, because their first reaction to this game called MOMO was nothing but that the horrible image in MOMO’s game looked so scary that they had no courage to participate after reading it.

  According to the existing statement, this kind of game is to let others actively add it through the number on WhatsApp, and then it will send back some violent threats, instigate players to do some terrible challenges, and even disclose personal information.

  Now on the video website, you can see a lot of videos made by video bloggers to contact MOMO. Some people say that MOMO is just a spoof urban legend, while others say that MOMO is a way for dark hackers to retaliate against society. But at present, in the eyes of more and more netizens and even minors, MOMO has become a spoof game or a joke.

  It’s not hard to find that the chat records thrown out on the Internet are almost teasing and mocking MOMO, and teasing information like "I’ll wait for you at three in the morning" is exposed to the Internet.

  The reporter privately wrote a few "flirting" netizens about MOMO through Weibo and some Q&A platforms. A netizen said that the chat was a fake MOMO, and the screenshot was stolen from a friend, just for fun. A netizen showed that many MOMO in QQ are now pretended by netizens. MOMO games are interpreted by many netizens for entertainment, and even made into expression packs to spread.

  However, in the interview, some netizens reported that they were really targeted by MOMO, saying that they received an application from a QQ friend in the middle of the night. "There are not many words from the other party, and they keep asking me if I accept the death challenge. I just asked the other person what MOMO was, and talked about it, and finally the other person blacked me out. I am an optimistic person in my life, and I have never made suicidal remarks on social media. " According to the contact information of MOMO provided by this netizen, the reporter contacted the person with MOMO as the avatar on QQ, but the other party just sent a "suicide" expression pack, and then asked any information without getting a reply.

  When looking at related topics, the reporter found that netizens did not take it seriously, nor did they show too much concern about the game. Instead, they spoofed MOMO in various ways.

  One of the most striking features of MOMO is that it misappropriates a Japanese bird named Link Factory as its avatar on social networks. Its prominent eyeballs and strange expressions make people feel very strange at first glance. However, the reporter noticed that the unrestrained netizens did not seem to be scared by this image, and they used their creativity to beautify the bird with Cosmetic Contact Lenses, lipstick, bow and cat ears, saying that "in fact, she dressed up well, not bad". These netizens joked, "In foreign countries, MOMO forces you to commit suicide. In China, netizens forced MOMO to commit suicide. In foreign countries, someone has called the police to arrest MOMO. In China, MOMO called the police to catch sand sculpture netizens who cheated money.

  But there are still people who are worried about MOMO.

  "Minors are immature, MOMO is just a sculpture, and there is no curse. I hope that the majority of teenagers will not try to prevent being fooled." A netizen said in Weibo. The netizen told reporters, "You can pay more attention to your child’s psychological status, whether there are behaviors that hurt yourself, such as self-harm, and whether the mobile phone address book frequently communicates with a strange number, but most of the MOMO that appears on the Internet now is pretended by netizens."

  Another netizen said that his younger brother had communicated with MOMO in a game group, but because his younger brother’s English was very poor and he couldn’t understand it, he replied while translating, and the other party deleted him because he was too slow. After discovering it, he also asked his younger brother to quit from the group. There are also some netizens who say to people who pretend to be MOMO and flirt with MOMO by being smart, "If you don’t die, you won’t die."

  Or used by people with ulterior motives.

  So, is MOMO really scary?

  The reporter contacted Zhang Kai (a pseudonym) who works in a game media, and he described the ins and outs of MOMO games in detail.

  "To tell you the truth, I feel very surprised that MOMO can have such a big movement. Previous ‘ Blue whale incident ’ It is a real bad game that really happened, but MOMO is different. " Zhang Kai said that he noticed that MOMO was played on August 2nd this year. At that time, he saw many domestic media and news from the media, but the basic content was the same. He characterized MOMO as a death challenge game similar to "Blue Whale". My intuition made me feel strange, and then we started an analysis.

  The prototype of MOMO is the "catching bird" in China and Japanese ancient legends. This kind of ghost is the incarnation of a dead pregnant woman, who takes off her feathers to become an adult and puts on her feathers to become a bird, especially to harm children. This is really commensurate with the background of instigating children to commit suicide.

  Zhang Kai and others compared the game forms of Blue Whale and MOMO, and found that Blue Whale played 50 things in 50 days, while MOMO only called MOMO at 3: 00 in the morning. "Then what? The scariest thing that will happen next is whether the phone bill will be spent. Obviously, this lacks a lot of things. We think it is very strange and we will continue to push forward step by step. " Zhang Kai and others called MOMO at three o’clock in the morning and found that "nothing happened, basically it was not connected". The whole incident was in distress, probably because there was some information gap between China and foreign countries. "According to our investigation, MOMO games got angry on YouTube on July 11th, but we got really angry here without warning until August 15th. The information gap mainly comes from the content on the external network and the self-media in China, and there is some gap, or lag. In fact, MOMO is not terrible at all, because it is just a statue. If it is to be said that it is terrible, it must be that netizens have terrible ability to spread rumors, and it is very bad to listen to the wind and rain. "

  "Later, a few bloggers on YouTube used special effects to make some scary videos, which were misrepresented and turned into horror games." Zhang Kai gave an example to the reporter, "The video that is widely circulated on the Internet, the content producer made the virtual image of MOMO by using special effects, so he could get through the phone, MOMO would even chat with him, and even instigate him to commit suicide, but it was a prank he directed and acted, because it was the video column ‘ Call at three in the morning ’ A video of the series, he himself also commented under the video that ‘ How many people think this is true, wake up ’ " .

  Regarding the fact that some netizens said that MOMO on QQ can get the real information of the other party, Zhang Kai sent a screenshot of QQ chat records with similar situation to the reporter, and said to the reporter: "Except for some hackers, it is not excluded that some people in China are bored to pretend to be MOMO, directing and playing pranks for everyone to have fun."

  "I can only say that MOMO itself does not exist. If, I mean, if, under the guise of MOMO, criminals try to trick children into doing dangerous things, it has nothing to do with MOMO. In fact, MOMO has been completely entertained in China now, and everyone has not taken it seriously. Perhaps after experiencing the blue whale game, everyone really became rational, but they should also be rational, not too entertaining, so that some lawless elements can take advantage of it. " Zhang Kai said.

  For MOMO games, Liu Min, who is engaged in psychological counseling and rehabilitation in Beijing, told reporters that she also noticed the spoof about related games on the Internet. "MOMO is deified to some extent. We should care more about those who play this game with the idea of killing themselves. However, it is not difficult to imagine that those who have been found out a lot of personal information and committed suicide by self-mutilation may be people who can only live in the internet but are not gregarious in reality. They may have lost hope for life and may have poor mental health. They will kill themselves, just looking for a reason. This is what needs to be vigilant. "

  In Liu Min’s view, MOMO game and Blue Whale game are not far apart in essence. In fact, the objects of these games are those who have lost hope in life, give them a dose of catalyst, and at the same time threaten their privacy and the safety of their loved ones, pushing them to death. "A person who really doesn’t want to die will call the police immediately when he hears someone say that he wants to hurt himself and his loved ones. There are also some fancy pictures insulting MOMO on the Internet, which is the simplest example, but those negative thoughts are still worthy of vigilance and should not be over-entertained. In particular, it is necessary to determine whether the game is very popular among minors, because the minds of minors are still immature and fragile. "

  Finally, Liu Min gave four words of advice: Don’t spread it.

Ministry of Science and Technology: China’s five major capabilities of scientific and technological innovation have been greatly improved to promote high-quality economic development

  Cctv newsOn July 27th, the State Council held a press conference to provide strong scientific and technological support for building a well-off society in an all-round way.

  Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology, said that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China’s science and technology development has been accelerated, the national innovation system has been improved, the innovation capability has been greatly improved, and a number of major scientific and technological achievements have emerged. Decisive progress has been made in building an innovative country, which has strongly supported and led the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way.

  First, the original innovation ability of science and technology has been greatly improved.. The investment in basic research has grown rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 16.9%, and the proportion of basic research in R&D investment has exceeded 6% for the first time. The level of basic research has been greatly improved, chemistry, materials, physics and other disciplines are in the forefront of the world, and a number of major original scientific and technological achievements represented by quantum communication, iron-based superconductivity and stem cells have been achieved.

  Second, the breakthrough ability of the strategic frontier of science and technology has greatly jumped.Significant progress has been made in the fields of deep sea, deep space, deep ground and deep blue. China astronauts entered their own space station for the first time, Tianwen-1 landed on Mars successfully, Chang ‘e IV landed on the back of the moon for the first time, Chang ‘e V sampled extraterrestrial objects, Endeavor sat down successfully, and Tiankun made its maiden voyage successfully.

  Third, the ability of systematic construction of science and technology has been greatly improved.Accelerate the construction of national laboratories, reorganize the national key laboratory system, and successfully build scientific and technological infrastructure such as spallation neutron sources, providing support for high-level scientific research. The team of scientific and technological talents continues to grow and develop. In 2019, the total number of R&D personnel in the whole society reached 7,129,300, 1.3 times that of 2015. There are 62 R&D personnel per 10,000 employed people.

  Fourth, the innovation ability of R&D subjects has been greatly improved.The status of enterprises as the main body of innovation has been further enhanced, and R&D funds have accounted for 76.4% of the national total, which is the main body of scientific and technological investment; Technology contracts and turnover account for 91.5% of the national total, which is the main body of technology output. A number of innovative leading enterprises have emerged, with small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises and high-tech enterprises exceeding 200,000. The innovation vitality of universities and research institutes has been further enhanced. In 2019, 3,450 universities and research institutes signed nearly 420,000 technology contracts with a contract amount of 94 billion yuan.

  Fifth, the ability of open cooperation in science and technology has been greatly improved.Intergovernmental scientific and technological cooperation has developed steadily, and the scientific and technological partnership plan has been implemented in depth. We have set up joint research and development plans and innovation funds around sustainable development, conducted joint research with more than 50 countries and regions, and deeply participated in a number of major international scientific projects. The "Belt and Road" cooperation in scientific and technological innovation has achieved remarkable results. The basic frontier special projects of the national key R&D plan and the excellent youth fund projects of the National Natural Science Foundation are open to Hong Kong and Macao.

  Wang Zhigang said that the five capabilities of scientific and technological innovation have played an important role in promoting the high-quality development of China’s economy, improving people’s lives, optimizing the ecological environment, building an innovative culture, and winning the battle against poverty, pollution prevention and control, and epidemic prevention and control. Based on the current situation, building a well-off society in an all-round way will provide more abundant material conditions and broader application prospects for scientific and technological innovation; Facing the future, scientific and technological innovation will provide stronger development impetus and open up new development space for the next step of building a socialist modern power.

British media comment on the impeachment of Trump: the game between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the United States

  Beijing, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Chinese website, the US Democratic Party announced a formal impeachment investigation against President Trump. Trump was suspected of putting pressure on Ukraine to investigate Biden, a competitor in the 2020 general election.

  Democrat nancy pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, said that the president "must take responsibility". Trump denied misconduct and called such efforts "garbage."

  Although the Democratic Party strongly supports the impeachment of the president, it is difficult for the bill to pass in the Senate controlled by the Republican Party.

Data map: US President Trump. China News Service reporter Chen Mengtong photo

  What happened?

  According to American media reports, during his telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky in July this year, Trump put pressure on Ze Lenski, threatened to withhold $250 million in military aid to Ukraine, and demanded to investigate whether rival Biden and his son Hunter had any misconduct.

  After Biden became vice president of the United States in 2014, his son hunter biden worked in a Ukrainian gas company. The natural gas company is said to have had corruption cases, but Hunter himself has never been accused.

  Trump admitted to calling, but denied pressure.

Data Map: Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States, Democrat Pelosi. China News Service reporter Chen Mengtong photo

  How did the key figures react?

  Pelosi called Trump "a violation of the law" and called his actions "a violation of constitutional responsibility".

  She said: "The president admitted this week that he asked the Ukrainian president to take actions that would benefit him politically." She added: "The president must take responsibility."

  However, as the leader of the Democratic Party, Pelosi did not agree with her party’s efforts to remove Trump. She thought that this might actually give Trump more support.

  Biden denied misconduct. He expressed support for the impeachment investigation, but only if Trump cooperated with the investigation.

  Biden said that it would be a tragedy to impeach Trump, but this was caused by him. He is Trump’s main competitor in the 2020 US presidential election.

  How did Trump react?

  Trump said in a series of tweets that Democrats used "garbage-like political persecution tactics to deliberately undermine and belittle" his trip to the United Nations.

  He said: "They haven’t even seen the phone records. It is purely political persecution! "

  He has promised to make public with Ukrainian President conversation record to show that his actions are "completely appropriate".

  Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the House of Representatives, said in a reply: "Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, but on this issue, she does not represent the United States."

  He added: "She can’t unilaterally decide whether to conduct an impeachment investigation."

  Dam collapse

  Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives have been playing games for months. They hope to please those who support and oppose the formal impeachment investigation of President Trump.

  This strategy shows that House Speaker Pelosi and others are worried that the road to impeachment may make the 2020 election of moderate Democrats more difficult.

  This calculation seems to have changed after the news that Trump pressured the Ukrainian president came out. Now, even centrist politicians have offered to support the impeachment procedure.

  The dam has collapsed. Pandora’s box was opened.

  It is a simple fact that Pelosi has a keen grasp of the political emotions within the party, and she has decided to change from resisting the impeachment of the president to at least being open-minded.

  What will happen in the future is uncertain. Trump announced the announcement of a telephone call with Ukrainian President conversation record on July 25th. Although this is not enough for Democrats, the White House may make more efforts to respond to the demands of Congress.

  Public opinion surveys show that this latest drama has caused damage to one party or the other, thus leading to the disintegration of political will. But both sides can fight a long and arduous battle, which may last until the long night of winter.

  What will happen next?

  Pelosi’s statement opened an investigation into the conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian president, and a committee will confirm whether Trump has committed impeachable crimes. In her statement, she said that the other six congressional committees investigating Trump will continue their impeachment investigations.

  If it moves forward, the House of Representatives will vote on any charges. In the House of Representatives, where the Democratic Party is the majority, the vote can be passed easily.

  But then it will be handed over to the Senate, which needs a two-thirds majority to pass, and Republicans control the Senate.

  According to a YouGov poll, 55% of Americans will support the impeachment of the president if Trump’s pressure on Ukraine to suppress his competitors is confirmed.