The US media commented on eight domestically produced cars that were the most naked. Are you really not afraid of being laughed at when driving these cars on the road?

Design is a magical thing because it needs inspiration.

Where did the inspiration come from?

It is likely to come from other models, and the result of the design is also likely to see the shadow of others, especially in the initial stage of independent brands. This technique is not uncommon.

So, what are the most naked models that independent brands imitate directly? An American media has rated these eight models.

The pure electric development of the Great Wall is in full swing, especially the Euler brand, which focuses on pure electric cars, has attracted much attention.

The appearance of its punk cat is even more surprising. What is surprising is that such a design will be mistaken for a four-door version of the Volkswagen Beetle in the distance.

Obviously, Euler just wants to play retro, and the combination screen and flashy design of the interior feel like being in a ballroom in the 1940s.

This is for female consumers.

The name of Toyota Land Cruiser is well-known in the off-road industry. After seeing the price of its used car, it can definitely be used as a wealth management product.

However, domestic independent brands started the idea of this car, which is Hengtian L4600.

This car looks like a land cruiser, but it’s really cheaper for the whole sense.

Strangely, the report about the L4600 said that it has a luxurious leather-wrapped interior and a 4.6-liter V8 engine under the hood, but like the appearance, the driving experience is not the same.

Beijing Benz Beijing Benz, the relationship between Beijing and Mercedes is inextricably linked, and even the products are like their own brothers, and Beijing BJ80 is one of them.

Obviously, this car is imitating Mercedes-Benz G-Class and has existed for a long time.

Recently, it has updated its LCD instrument, central control system and satellite navigation system, but its temperament is far from that of Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged engine, and of course, its performance and price are far less than those of Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Since BAIC has imitated Mercedes-Benz G-Class, why not imitate its high-performance 6X6 version of AMG?

After adding a row of wheels and cloaks, its off-road appearance is really exciting.

But perhaps this is the only exciting appearance, because although it is equipped with a 2.3T turbocharged engine, this engine was bought by BAIC from GM in 2009, and the overall technology is relatively old, so it is not necessary to talk about performance.

Of course, it also has a six-wheel drive system to support the scene.

In 2020, DOLPHIN was first released at the domestic auto show. From that moment, Chevrolet’s legal department took action to discuss whether this appearance has constituted infringement.

This appearance is too similar to the first Corvette C1.

Although it is a retro appearance, the sense of science and technology in the car is obviously stronger, and LCD instruments and electric seats are fully equipped.

The acceleration of the 1.5T engine is not fast, even hesitant, but because it is a hybrid, the time of zero hundred is 5.9 seconds.

And at the price of 598,000 yuan, it definitely takes courage to buy it.

If you think Lamborghini Urus or Porsche Cayenne is too expensive, you might as well take a look at Beiqi Magic Speed C60.

Because, the front face is like Lamborghini Urus, and the tail is like Porsche, which is combined into one piece.

TOP Gear, a well-known automobile media, has also vomited.

As the first coupe SUV of BAIC, Magic Speed C60 is really embarrassing to show people in such a gesture.

This mid-level SUV is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 184PS and a peak torque of 285N.m, which is matched with a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The price range is within 0.2 million/200 thousand. Will you buy such a car?

There is no doubt that the design of Zotye SR8 mainly comes from Porsche Macan, which is why Zotye is called Bao Shitai.

This car also allowed Porsche executives to personally observe at the auto show.

Different from Porsche, this car has a manual transmission, and its engine is a 2.0T engine from Mitsubishi with a maximum horsepower of 192PS.

This is naturally incomparable with Porsche, and the selling point of this car is enough to cause traffic, and Zotye’s purpose has been achieved.

This is a car launched by Hanlong Automobile in 2019, and the price ranges from 159,800 yuan to 243,800 yuan.

From the appearance, it can be seen that this brand is true love for Land Rover, and it has ruthlessly said that a lot of elements of Range Rover are used by me.

Moreover, in the interior, the lifting shift knob also appeared in it. With the LCD screen and high-brightness decorative board, the visual sense of high-grade interior was still very good in the models of independent brands at that time.

It is reported that this handlebar has moved the chassis and suspension design of Land Rover from Land Rover.

Of course, the power of the 2.0T turbocharged engine and the off-road performance of the four-wheel drive system are not at the same level as Land Rover.

Then the company has difficulties in operation, and this car will probably go away.

Perhaps in the design patent, the design changes in details cannot constitute infringement, but this charm will eventually escape the eyes of consumers.

Maybe some consumers just go for it.

Seeing these eight cars, I can’t help but sigh that Pi Chi Tai is still far behind BAIC.

What is the realization of these beautiful scenery in Suining?

  In recent years, the Forestry Station of Suining County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and the Farming and Protection Station of Suining County Agricultural and Rural Bureau have implemented key projects and implemented the spirit of the Party’s Twentieth Congress with practical measures to improve the wetland protection rate and cultivated land quality in the county.

  Grass is abundant and water is beautiful.

  Suining wetland is beautiful.

  The West Weihe River is an important county river in Suining, with a total length of about 40.8 kilometers. It starts from Qing ‘an Waterway in Qing ‘an Town in the north, flows into Laolong River in Qiuji Town in the south, and flows through Weiji Town, Liangji Town, Gaozuo Town, Suicheng Street, Suihe Street and Qiuji Town. The wetland area is 179.5 hectares, and the wetland type is river wetland.

  Recently, the reporter followed Zhuo Kai, the stationmaster of Forestry Station of County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, to the West Weihe River. Zhuo Kai told reporters that this spring, the Forestry Station built a wetland protection community in the West Weihe River Basin. Compared with the past, the water quality of the West Weihe River Basin and the ecological environment on both sides of the strait have been greatly improved through river regulation and dredging and planting of various trees and aquatic plants.

  "In spring, we planted more than 800 fallen cedar trees and more than 600 weeping willows. In addition, the water conservancy department has carried out dredging projects. After the dredging project, the soil was exposed and desertification was serious. After afforestation and wetland protection, the soil was solidified and the water quality was improved. " Zhuo Kai said.

  According to reports, at present, there are nine wetland protection areas in the county, including the ancient Yellow River, Xuhonghe, Xushahe and Qing ‘an Reservoir, with a total area of 7,659 hectares. Through the construction of wetland protection community, the wetland protection rate in Suining County has increased to 70.9%, and the natural wetland protection rate has increased by two places in the city, ranking second in the city.

  As the leader of wetland protection in the county, in Zhuo Kai’s eyes, more and more wild waterfowl appear over the water surface of Suining River Reservoir wetland, and the wetland ecological landscape with vertical and horizontal water potential, abundant grass and beautiful water and natural wild interest is beautiful.

  Stick to the red line

  Suining continuously improves the quality of cultivated land.

  Cultivated land is the lifeblood of grain production and the foundation of the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. In recent years, Suining Agricultural and Rural Bureau has continuously improved the quality of cultivated land with various measures, with remarkable results.

  Recently, the reporter followed Cao Bangzhou, the stationmaster of the Farming and Protection Station of the County Agricultural and Rural Bureau, to Jiahe Agricultural Company in Suihe Street. On the edge of the company’s field, a row of large cylindrical biogas pools was very eye-catching.

  Cao Bangzhou told reporters that this is one of the pilot demonstration areas in the county to promote green farming and recycling agriculture. Since August this year, the project has applied 16,000 tons of decomposed manure to grain, vegetables and fruit trees planted in more than 10 towns in the county, with an implementation area of 33,750 mu, 60,000 tons of biogas slurry and an implementation area of 60,000 mu.

  According to reports, biogas slurry is the product of waste fertilizer treatment, which is equivalent to high-quality organic fertilizer. The liquid is not only easier to absorb, but also rich in organic matter, which is also equivalent to biological pesticides, which can kill germs and play a role in preventing and controlling pests and diseases.

  Therefore, after the biogas slurry irrigation in the early experimental farmland of Jiahe Agricultural Company, the cultivated land quality and crop yield quality have been improved, which also directly resulted in the increase of economic benefits.

  "When there was no biogas slurry, we mainly used ordinary chemical fertilizers, which not only caused the land to harden, but also had a certain impact on crop yield. After using biogas slurry, not only the quality of cultivated land has been improved, but also the yield of rice and wheat has been greatly improved. " Li Wu, manager of Xuzhou Jiahe Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. said.

  It is understood that this year, the county’s cultivated land is rich in organic matter through measures such as straw returning, organic fertilizer input, corn and soybean strip compound planting, and deep ploughing and subsoiling, and a sustainable ecological agriculture system has been built.

  At the same time, the county has continuously improved the construction of cultivated land quality monitoring network, strengthened the quality evaluation of newly-added cultivated land, carried out fertilizer reduction and efficiency increase, and established a relatively perfect three-level agricultural film recycling system of "village collection, town concentration and county recycling" to reduce soil pollution.

  "Through a series of technical measures, the quality of cultivated land in Suining County has been significantly improved. According to the evaluation results, this year is 0.06 grade higher than the previous two years and about 0.8 grade higher than that in 2015." Cao Bangzhou said.

  (Source: Wireless Suining)

"Changsha Nightlife" exposes the poster of character relationship. YIN FANG Zhang Jingyi finds herself.

1905 movie network news Produced by, producer, screenwriter and director, starring,,,,, Wu Jun, Luo Gang, specially starred, and friendship starred in the film exposing the poster of "What’s on your mind at night". "When you leave my city at night, you should say goodbye to someone first." The night in Changsha is full of warm and lively fireworks, and also contains the worries of YIN FANG, Zhang Jingyi, LAY and other actors, showing all the people in the city at night in colorful neon lights.

Neon night records Changsha family’s worries.

Worry stays tonight and everything will be left to tomorrow.

The poster of the movie "Changsha Nightlife" and "What’s on My Mind at Night" starts with the secret worries of each character, presenting a night scene of life woven by various characters. Some people bid farewell to the past at night, some people are cured, and some people send out happiness … … Many people and stories gather in an ordinary Changsha night, which not only carries their memories of the past, but also witnesses their choices about tomorrow.

Jing Weiwei (played by YIN FANG) and He Xixi (played by Zhang Jingyi) dragged their luggage along the streets of Changsha, and the action of running one by one showed the state of the characters incisively and vividly — — One is a literary otaku who is content with the status quo, and the other is an energetic girl who is about to rush to a new life. What kind of sparks will they have in this special night, and how will they worry about the future and say goodbye to the past? All suspense will be revealed in the cinema. Li Jie (Sophie Su) and Xu Ge (Wu Haochen), as operators and chefs of food stalls, believe that "the most beautiful fireworks at night can’t warm the fireworks in the canteen", insist on "cooking with conscience" and treat every night seriously, and also cure countless urban night travelers with delicious food. For Chen Qingzhi (Bai Yufan) and Liang Baoqi (Zhou Siyu), two migrant workers in a foreign land, the day belongs to survival, while the night carries a lot of worries in their hearts, including distant homesickness and anxiety about the present emotions. He An (LAY), a talk show actor, is faced with the double troubles of frustrated work and difficult family dilemma. He draws healing power from the night, even if he "bows his head for life during the day". The Lanzhou girl and Changsha Yazi, played by Zhou Dongyu and Ahu、Yue, ushered in a heartbreaking farewell at night. "The memories of two people will be forgotten by one person in the future", which is the portrayal of their relationship ……

YIN FANG Zhang Jingyi travels at night to find herself.

Recording night is also recording life.

The film Nightlife in Changsha chooses to tell the story of "One Night in Changsha", which brings family, friendship, love and human feelings together in this night through the subtle aspects of simple things. The story begins with a night outing between Jing Weiwei and He Xixi, who have a discussion on "going and staying" in their hometown. He Xixi’s half-brother He An, as a frustrated talk show actor, is full of contradictions with his staid father. A fierce conflict broke out this night, which is not only a collision between career choice and family of origin, but also an exchange of "new and old". In addition, from the perspective of Sister Li, a person who cooks food stalls in online celebrity, the film slowly unfolds the life in the city at night, leaving all kinds of suspense about new choices, new beginnings and new life, which needs to be revealed by the cinema.

With the fast pace of urban life, more and more young people are keen to stay up late in exchange for more self-life by extending the night. The nightlife styles shown in the film, such as night outing, night food stall gathering, night talk show, ferris wheel watching night scenes, are also familiar to most young people. The night in the film is not only the end of the day, but also a "transit station" before the start of a new life. While awakening the memory of "nightlife", it also implies to the audience that every ordinary night may represent a brand-new beginning. Grasping the present is to grasp life, hoping to convey a positive attitude towards life.

The film Nightlife in Changsha was produced by Chen Kexin and Zhao Xiaoshi, written and directed by Zhang Ji, starring YIN FANG, Zhang Jingyi, Sophie Su, Wu Haochen, Bai Yufan, Zhou Siyu, Wu Jun and Luo Gang, with LAY as the special star and Zhou Dongyu and Wang Lixin as the friendly stars. It will be shown nationwide on April 28th during the May Day holiday.

Christmas tree, Christmas socks, and Christmas cards, do you know how these customs came about?

Christmas is coming again, another day when reindeer are flying in the sky, Christmas trees are placed at home, and there are presents under the trees.
However, although friends are no longer unfamiliar with the way of celebrating Christmas in the West, do you know how these customs originated? The British "Daily Telegraph" summarized 10 customs of celebrating Christmas and their origins. We have made a comb for everyone, and friends may wish to play while gaining knowledge.
Christmas cardChristmas Card
Having helped set up the Public Records Office (now the Post Office), Sir Henry Cole and artist John Horsley created the first Christmas card in 1843 as a way of encouraging people to use its services.After helping to set up the public archives (later developed into a modern post office), Sir Henry Cole and artist John horsley made the world’s first Christmas card together in 1843 to encourage people to use the services of the public archives.
Cards cost a shilling (equivalent to almost 5.75 now) and stamps a penny (about 40p at modern prices). Advances in printing brought prices down, making cards hugely popular by the 1860s. By 1900 the custom of sending Christmas cards had spread throughout Europe.At that time, a Christmas card was worth a shilling (about 5.75 pounds now) and a stamp was worth a penny (about 40 pence today). Advances in printing made cards and stamps cheaper, and Christmas cards became extremely popular in the 1860s. By 1900, the custom of giving Christmas cards had spread all over Europe.
Christmas treeThe Christmas Tree
While Christmas trees have been around for a millennium in northern Europe, the first one did not appear in the UK until the 1830s. When Prince Albert put up a Christmas tree at Windsor Castle in 1841, he started what became an evergreen trend.Although the Christmas tree has been popular in northern Europe for nearly a thousand years, it was not until the 1930s that the first real Christmas tree was built in Britain. In 1841, when Prince Albert put up the Christmas tree for the first time at Windsor Castle, he started this enduring tradition.
Baiguo pieMince Pies
Early mince pies were made of meat, fruit and spice and inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine brought back by the Crusaders.Inspired by the Middle Eastern diet brought back by the Crusades, the early hundred-fruit pies contained meat stuffing, fruits and spices.
They commonly had 13 ingredients representing Christ and the Apostles, and were formed in a large oval shape to represent the manger. Meat had disappeared from the recipe by Victorian times, although beef suet is often still included.Generally speaking, a hundred-fruit pie contains 13 kinds of raw materials, representing Jesus and the twelve apostles respectively. The oval shape of the pie represents the manger where Jesus was born. Since the Victorian era, the ingredients no longer contain meat stuffing, but butter is still a common raw material.
Christmas stockingsStockings
Leaving stockings out at Christmas goes back to the legend of St Nicholas. Known as the gift giver, on one occasion he sent bags of gold down a chimney at the home of a poor man who had no dowry for his unmarried daughters. The gold fell into stockin gs left hanging to dry. St Nicholas was later referred to by the Dutch as Sinterklaas and eventually, by English-speakers, as Santa Claus.The tradition of putting up Christmas stockings at Christmas dates back to the deeds of saint nicholas. He is a charitable person. There was once a poor man who couldn’t afford his daughter’s dowry, so he threw several bags of gold into his house along the family’s chimney. The gold just fell into the socks hanging in the fireplace to dry. Saint nicholas was later called "Sinterklaas" by the Dutch, and finally called "Santa Claus" by people in English-speaking countries.
Holly and ivyHolly and ivy
Synonymous with Christmas and the subject of a traditional British folk carol, both holly and ivy were originally used in pre-Christian times to celebrate the winter solstice. As they provide a rare splash of colour in the darkes t month of the year, their popularity has endured.These two plants are synonymous with Christmas, and they are also the theme of a traditional English folk song. Holly and ivy were used to celebrate the winter solstice long before Christianity. They rarely add a touch of color to the earth in the darkest month of the year, so they have always been popular.
Christmas CrackerChristmas crackers
London sweet-maker Tom Smith invented Christmas crackers in the late 1840s, inspired by traditional, paper-wrapped French bonbons. Even though he included mottos or riddles inside each, it was not until he found a way to make them “crack” when pulled apart that sales took off. His sons Tom, Walter and Henry later added hats and novelty gifts.Tom smith, a London-based candy maker, invented Christmas firecrackers in the late 1840s, inspired by the small candies in traditional French paper rolls. Although he put proverbs and riddles in every firecracker, the sales volume has not been very good. It was not until he found a way to "explode" firecrackers when they were pulled open that the sales volume soared. His sons Tom, Walter and Henry later added small hats and novel gifts to firecrackers.
Turkeys originated in Mexico and were first brought to Britain in 1526 by William Strickland. Henry VIII enjoyed turkey and although the bird became fa shionable in high society in the late 19th century it was Edward VII who made it de rigueur at Christmas for the middle classes.The custom of eating turkey originated in Mexico and was first introduced to Britain by William Strand in 1526. Henry VIII likes to eat turkey very much. Although this dish became a favorite of the upper class in the late 19th century, it was ultimately a necessary holiday activity for Edward VII to turn eating turkey into a middle class.
Even by 1930, however, it took a week’s wages to buy one and turkey remained a luxury until the 1950s.But even in 1930, it took a week’s salary to buy a turkey, so eating turkey was a luxury until the 1950s.
Christmas puddingChristmas Pudding
Also known as plum or figgy pudding, this Christmas staple possibly has its roots as far back as the Middle Ages in a wheat-based pottage known as frumenty. By the mid 17th century, it was thicker and had developed into a dessert with the addition of eggs, dried fruit and alcohol.Christmas pudding is also called plum pudding or figgy pudding. This Christmas main course may be traced back to a medieval food called milk porridge, which is mainly made of wheat. By the mid-17th century, it gradually became thicker and became a dessert with eggs, dried fruits and alcohol.
In Victorian times plum pudding was a Christmas favourite. It is traditionally made a week before Advent on what is known as “stir-up Sunday”.Plum pudding was one of the favorite foods of Christians in Victorian times. Traditionally, plum pudding is made the week before Advent, which is called "Wake-up Sunday".
Hanging mistletoe in the home is an ancient pagan practice adopted by early Christians. The word itself is Anglo-Saxon and the tradition of kissing und er the mistletoe originated in England. Each kiss required a berry to be plucked until none remained.Hanging a bunch of mistletoe in the house is a practice that early Christians absorbed from ancient pagan customs. The word itself is Anglo-Saxon, and the tradition of kissing under mistletoe originated in England. Pick a mistletoe berry for each kiss until it is finished.
Christmas carolChristmas Carols
Carols were songs and dances of praise and joy in pagan times and the practice of carol singing carried over into the Christian era. Carols have been w ritten through the centuries but the most familiar date from Victorian times. Today, popular songs such as Bing Crosby’s White Christmas and Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody are just as much a part of Christmas as carols.Ode is a form of song and dance used to express praise and pleasure in pagan times, and the habit of singing carols was later brought into the Christian era. Christmas carols have been created for centuries, but the most famous ones are Victorian ones. Today, popular Christmas songs include bing crosby’s "White Christmas" and Slade’s "Merry Christmas". These carols are all part of Christmas.
How’s it going? Have you gained a lot of new knowledge? When you play with your friends, don’t forget to give them popular science. Merry Christmas to everyone!
Editor: Zhu XingyuanInternship Editor: Hong Zehua
Source: China Daily Bilingual News.

Chi Haotian: A Biography of Huaihai Campaign

On November 6, 1948, the Huaihai Campaign started, and our People’s Liberation Army advanced to the front.

Situation map of Huaihai campaign

  On November 16th, 1948, the Central Military Commission decided to set up the General Front Committee of Huaihai Campaign with Deng Xiaoping as its secretary to take overall command of Huaihai Campaign. The picture shows the members of the General Front Committee (from right) Tan Zhenlin, Chen Yi, Liu Bocheng, Deng Xiaoping and Su Yu.

The 73rd Regiment of the Ninth Column of the East China Field Army was awarded the honorary title of "Jinan First Regiment" by the Central Military Commission.

On January 10, 1949, the Huaihai Campaign ended successfully, and our army advanced with victory, and a large number of prisoners were taken to the rear.

  January 10th is the 60th anniversary of the victory of the famous Huaihai Campaign. The campaign lasted 66 days from November 6, 1948 to January 10, 1949. With 600,000 troops, the China People’s Liberation Army defeated nearly 800,000 enemy troops, annihilated more than 555,000 elite Kuomintang troops, liberated vast areas north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and laid the foundation for the People’s Liberation Army to cross the river and liberate all of China.

  The scale of this campaign, the length of time and the number of enemies wiped out left a great chapter in the history of China war and even the world war. General Chi Haotian, who witnessed the Huaihai Campaign that year, wrote an article for this newspaper, recalling this thrilling battle 60 years ago.

  Sixty years ago, in the Huaihai Campaign, our army wiped out more than 550,000 Kuomintang troops in one fell swoop, which liberated the vast area north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and sounded the death knell of the Chiang family dynasty. At that time, I was in the 73rd regiment of the 9th column of the East China Field Army, which was awarded the honorary title of "Jinan 1st Regiment" by the Central Military Commission. Although it has been 60 years, the thrilling battle scenes are still vivid and unforgettable.

  Rushed into Huang Baitao headquarters.

  After the Huaihai Campaign started, I was transferred from the machine gun company to the 7 th company as an instructor because Peng Chao, the instructor of our regiment, was injured. Company 7 is a heroic company of our regiment, and has won honorary titles such as "Jiaodong Fighting Model Company", "Gaomi City First Company" and "Changsheng Company". When attacking the inner city in the battle of Jinan, the commanders and men of the whole company braved the enemy’s intensive firepower and took the lead in boarding the city head, which played a key role in opening the city of Jinan. After the war, Company 7 was awarded the title of "Jinan company of heroes". I am very happy to go to company 7, but I also feel pressure. Director Wang Jisheng of the Youth League Political Department encouraged me to say, "Chi Haotian can do it boldly, and I believe you can do it well organizationally."

  The day after the victory of Jinan Campaign, the Central Military Commission decided to hold the Huaihai Campaign. During the short-term training and consolidation, we carried out the education that "the army will move forward, the production will grow by an inch, the discipline will be strengthened, and the revolution will be invincible", and everyone will be mentally prepared to fight a big battle. On October 25th, inspired by the slogan "Carry forward the honor of’ Jinan First Regiment’ and make new contributions to the liberation of East China", we went south from Shandong to Huaihai battlefield.

  The objective of the first stage of the Huai Hai Campaign was to wipe out Huang Baitao’s 7th Corps. Huang Baitao is a right-hand man of Chiang Kai-shek. In the Battle of Menglianggu, our regiment fought "three battles against Huangya Mountain", and the opponent was the 25th BGF Division with Huang Baitao as the teacher. Later, Huang Baitao came to attack Jiaodong together with Li Mi’s 8th BGF Division and 9th, 54th and 64th BGF Divisions, and made wild remarks, saying that the People’s Liberation Army in Jiaodong should "get to the sea to feed the fish". Huang Baitao owes a lot of blood to the Shandong people, and we must not let him go!

  According to Hua Ye’s deployment, when we were preparing to attack Huang Baitao Corps entrenched in Xin ‘an Town and Ahu area on November 8th, Huang Baitao quickly retreated to the west according to the order of Xuzhou’s "suppression general". We caught up, crossed Longhai Road, crossed the Shuhe River to the west, and went straight for the canal. On the March, I led everyone to sing "Pursuit Song": "Catch up, catch up, don’t let the enemy gasp! Catch up, catch up, don’t let the enemy run away! "

  In order to boost morale, I told you the story of the "Ten-man Bridge" published in the newspaper Victory: When the 2nd Battalion of the 27th Division Weixian Regiment crossed a river more than ten meters wide, ten comrades, including Fan Xuefu, the deputy platoon leader, jumped into the cold water, divided into five pairs and carried the wooden bridge, so that the troops could pass smoothly and catch up with the enemy in time. This heroic deed inspired everyone. The comrades of the whole company were in high spirits and pursued at a speed of 140 Li every day. On the afternoon of the 11th, they arrived in Gao Qiao, south of Nianzhuang, and together with the brothers column, surrounded the Huang Baitao Corps in a narrow area with only a dozen square kilometers around Nianzhuang.

  Nianzhuang is located in Pixian County, west of the Canal and north of Longhai Road. The surrounding terrain is flat and open, and the villages are densely populated. There are two earth dikes around it, and the outer dike is surrounded by water. The trench water is 30 to 50 meters wide and about 2 meters deep, so you can’t just wade in. There is also a 1-2.5-meter-high embankment inside the embankment, which is steep and difficult to climb. Huang Baitao added many bunkers, light and dark bunkers, trenches and hidden parts overnight, and there were three Abatis and barbed wire outside the trenches. The whole defense system is criss-crossing and extremely complicated.

  On November 17th, our column, together with the 8th column, launched an attack on the enemy of Nianzhuangwei at the same time. Our 73rd regiment took the main attack on the front of Nianzhuangwei, but three attacks failed. Nie Fengzhi, the commander of the column, and Xiao Jinghai, the teacher, went to the front of the position to hold a "Zhuge Lianghui". Work with company cadres to study the reasons for the defeat. At that time, leading comrades paid great attention to promoting military democracy and listened to everyone’s opinions with an open mind, and we were not at home in front of the heads. Commander Nie asked us what difficulties we had, and I reflected that explosives were easy to get wet, and they were finally sent to the front, but they could not be blown up, which affected the combat effect. He paid great attention to this opinion and immediately instructed that the explosives distributed to the company must be wrapped in oil paper and not be wet. Whoever has problems will be asked. Since then, there has never been a loss due to the moisture of explosives. I also pointed out that the main reason for the defeat of the attack was that the enemy’s dark fire point was not accurately touched, and the traffic trench was 100 meters away from the water trench, and the commandos exposed the attack for a long time, causing serious casualties. Commander Nie said after listening: "Well said!" Immediately decided to send a reconnaissance team to find out the enemy’s bunker, continue to close the operation, dig the traffic trench all the way to the enemy’s water trench, so as to avoid premature exposure and increase casualties, and at the same time do a good job in the coordinated operation of infantry, heavy machine guns and artillery. At night, I took three squad leaders to look at the terrain carefully, conduct fire reconnaissance, and get a clear picture of the enemy’s bunker.

  At midnight on the 19th, after careful preparation, we launched a fierce attack on Nianzhuangwei again. In the early morning of the 20th, the 73rd Regiment triumphed over Zhuangwei, and the 3rd Battalion converging on the headquarters of the 7th Regiment along the street. The company commander Xiao Xiqian and I took the 7th Company to attack from street south to street north, and rushed into the headquarters of Huang Baitao, and seized a brand-new American jeep in Huang Baitao, with a pair of ivory mahjong and a copper hot pot on it, which became our trophies. In this battle, we captured more than 1000 Kuomintang troops.

  The unexpected results of the night March

  After the Huang Baitao Corps was wiped out, the General Front Committee of Huaihai Front was determined to cooperate with the main force of the Central Plains Field Army with the East China Field Army to panic in the 12th Corps of Huang Wei, who was aggressive alone. On November 25th, the Central Plains Field Army surrounded the Stevie Hoang Corps in Shuangduiji area in the southwest of Suxian County. Du Yuming Group was ordered by Chiang Kai-shek to give up Xuzhou in an attempt to solve the siege of Huang Wei. The head of the East China Field Army is determined to pursue with 10 columns and two independent brigades. Commander Nie ordered us not to be afraid of disrupting the organizational system, but to disrupt the enemy in the pursuit. So, on the vast land of Xu Huai, hundreds of thousands of armies from both sides intertwined with each other.

  Xiao Lianchang and I marched with 7 companies in a row, and hardly slept for two days and two nights. Soldiers with machine guns and mortars on their shoulders were so tired that some of them fell asleep while walking and bumped into comrades in front. My eyelids don’t work. I’m always fighting. At this time, morale is most needed. I patted my head hard and mobilized everyone to overcome fatigue while walking. All the comrades in the company are good, although their feet are covered with blood bubbles, they are still flying like arrows, and we take a shortcut to the west at night.

  This big chase was thrilling. The East China Field Army started with a tail chase, then pursued in parallel, and finally intercepted the head of the Kuomintang army fleeing to the west. Our two legs once again passed the wheel of the car. The Du Yuming Group, which retreated hastily, was in chaos, with the crash of cars, guns, mules and horses, and the cries and abuse of soldiers and their families.

  At 2 o’clock in the morning on December 3, our company 7 was in the middle of an emergency March, and we vaguely saw a group of people marching in the same direction not far away. A clever soldier felt something was wrong and pressed his ear to report to me: "Instructor, the team next to him may be the enemy!" " My heart thumped, and I immediately became alert. I quickly opened the pistol safety and quietly told him, "Keep quiet and pay attention to observation." Immediately deploy company alert. At this time, the voice of the question and answer password came from the side. When I listened carefully, it was all southern accents, and I thought it must be Kuomintang soldiers. Because there are many southerners in the Kuomintang troops, most of our troops are northerners.

  I reported the situation to Wang Jisheng, director of the political department of the regiment, who was working with the 3rd Battalion. He looked carefully and saw that the officers in the next team were really enemies, wearing big hats. What should we do? This kind of war has never been fought. After quietly discussing with me and the leaders of the battalion, Wang Jisheng decided not to disturb the enemy first, but to find a way to attack before and after and force the enemy to submit.

  So, the soldiers whispered one by one, knowing that the Kuomintang soldiers were marching next to them, quietly pressed the bullets and prepared for the battle. When marching to favorable terrain, our comrades in the whole battalion jumped to their feet. Stop the Kuomintang troops at both ends and shout in unison: "Give up your gun and don’t kill!"

  "What are you doing? What for? How come you don’t even know your family? " Kuomintang soldiers shouted in a hurry, and before they understood what was going on, they obediently became prisoners. As soon as the number of people was counted at dawn, everyone jumped up with joy: boy, I surrendered the enemy’s guns in the dark, but I didn’t know there were more Kuomintang soldiers captured than our whole battalion.

  "Shoot down a tank with one shot"

  After three days and nights of circuitous pursuit and interception, the East China Field Army completed its campaign against Du Yuming Group. The Du Yuming Group, which was besieged within a dozen kilometers of Fiona Fang in the area of Chenguanzhuang, was starved of water and food, so it plundered the people, slaughtered the army horses, and even dug a rat hole for food. It was an unspeakable horror. Since late December. After several days of heavy snow, it was white everywhere, and the temperature suddenly dropped. The Kuomintang soldiers gathered in the fields and gullies were frozen and hungry, and countless people died. With the strong support of the people, our army has sufficient food and ammunition supply and high morale. I asked the soldiers to persuade the enemy to surrender and disintegrate with the broadcast tube, and at the same time lure the Kuomintang soldiers with steamed bread and other food. At dinner. Everyone shouted, "Brothers Jiang Jun, we have hot buns and big steamed buns here. Come and have some! We promise not to shoot … "Those hungry Kuomintang soldiers kept sneaking out to beg for food from our army. Some soldiers joked: "As long as there is a steamed bread, you can catch the prisoners."

  On January 6th, 1949, our army launched a general attack on Du Yuming Group. Our 9th platoon is the main assault mission in the west and northwest. On the position of the 73rd regiment, the 7th company covered the 3rd battalion’s attack. The tanks of the Kuomintang army sprayed flames and rushed to the position of the 7 th company. The soldiers used their quick wits to dig some small pits in front of the trenches, piled sorghum stalks, corn stalks and hay, and ignited thick smoke. The Kuomintang tanks couldn’t figure out what tactics this was, but when the enemy’s "turtle shell" was shrinking, we stepped up the repair of bunkers and fortifications, and connected the trenches into an organic whole. Some trenches were dug into the positions of the Kuomintang army, and "tunnel warfare" was launched, forcing the Kuomintang army to retreat step by step.

  At dawn on January 10, the sky was just bright, the cold wind was blowing hard, and the air was mixed with strong smell of gunpowder and poisonous gas released by the Kuomintang army. The extremely tired soldiers were sleeping in the trenches with guns. I was worried about the attack by Kuomintang soldiers, and I took turns working the night shift with the company commander, and my eyes were red and swollen for several nights. After checking the whistle, I found a depression and wanted to "facilitate", but because of continuous lack of water and fire, my stool was dry and hard, so I couldn’t pull it out. At this time, suddenly there was a "rumbling" motor sound from a distance. I realized that it was the tanks of the Kuomintang army and hurriedly called the trumpeter to blow the horn. The rapid bugle call is really effective, which not only dispels the fatigue, but also discharges the stool happily. I immediately organized to meet the enemy.

  There are more than 20 tanks of the Kuomintang army. Under the interception of our army, 11 tanks were left when we rushed to our regiment’s position. Everyone feels very fresh about playing tanks, and they are in high spirits and are not afraid at all. I said, "Chiang Kai-shek sent tanks. Let’s have a taste of’ gnawing’ tanks. Hundreds of thousands of enemies have been wiped out. How many "tortoise shells" can they escape? Our armor-piercing projectile is its’ nemesis’ and will definitely hit it upside down! " The soldiers shouted, "Hit, hit, hit it upside down!" "

  I took the squad leader Tao Renxiang and the soldiers Li Hongge and Li Biao, and rushed to intercept them with rocket launchers and explosives. The tank soldiers of the Kuomintang fired at once, but there was no aim in the hurry. We dodged the enemy’s gunfire warily, crawled forward quickly a few times, and got close to the tank. Then we calmly took up the rocket launcher in a sitting posture, with only one armor-piercing bullet. It hit the right front side of the tank. With the violent explosion, Tanqueray emitted a cloud of smoke, but it was still struggling to run. Tao Renxiang was angry. He rushed to the tank with his bare hands. He climbed up at once and shouted, "Don’t kill me!"

  The tank cover was lifted, and four Kuomintang soldiers came out with guns in their hands, trembling and shouting, "Stop fighting, let’s surrender our guns!" " A tall man, led by me, begged me and said, "Sir, we surrender. I am Chen Rongji, the company commander of the third company of the first chariot regiment." We haven’t eaten for several days, and our stomachs are hungry. Can you get us something to eat? " The rest of the Kuomintang tanks were scared and ran away. Our regiment immediately concentrated all the rocket launchers and chased them closely by the captured car. I also took a few soldiers, got into a car and watched a tank chase them. With the cooperation of the brothers, all the enemy tanks were finally stopped.

  A few days later, the newspaper Victory, engraved in wax form by the Political Department of the Ninth Column, published a press release I wrote: "Shoot a Tank with One Shot".

  A memory that will never be erased.

  The Huaihai Campaign, which shocked China and foreign countries, lasted 66 days, wiped out 555,000 elite Kuomintang troops in one fell swoop and accelerated the process of victory in the War of Liberation. In order to win, we paid a heavy price. In the past few days, everyone has been fighting with an empty stomach. Li Zhenjun, the squad leader of the kitchen in his forties, found a horse that was killed, cut off four legs of the horse and carried it back in sacks. He tried to make buns for the soldiers, but no one responded. Only after asking did we know that there were only more than 30 people left in our 120 casualties, and monitor Li was so sad that he fell on the ground and cried. The meal was ready, but everyone silently buried their heads and refused to eat, all immersed in the grief of losing their comrades.

  At this time, I remembered a conversation with the instructor when I attacked Dou Zhuang. It was December 7th, and our regiment joined forces with the 74th regiment to attack Douzhuang. The Kuomintang army guarding Douzhuang is an infantry regiment plus a mountain artillery battalion, and there are a large number of tanks, which have strong firepower and extremely fierce resistance. Moreover, the terrain is flat and wide, which is not conducive to attacks. Our regiment once broke into the village, but under the strong counterattack of the enemy, we had to return and work on the spot. With the support of heavy artillery fire, the Kuomintang army dispatched a large number of tanks and infantry to fight back. This fight is extremely fierce and cruel. More than a dozen of our cadres died, and the casualties in the 3rd Battalion were also very serious. The battalion commander Wang Yuzhi and the deputy political instructor were injured, and the leg of the deputy battalion commander was broken. The battalion leader at the forefront of the position was left with the political instructor Guo Kuiwu.

  During the interval of the battle, Guo Kuiwu came to Company 7. He asked about the situation in the company with concern and asked me, "Xiao Chi, do you have anything to eat here?" My stomach is so hungry! " Guo Kuiwu is a model communist party member, my leader when I was studying in Kangda University, and the former security chief of the regiment. He just turned 28 this year, and only recently talked about the object. The woman is a beautiful nurse in the division medical team. When I went to the medical team to change the dressing for the wound, I sent a letter to her for Guo Kuiwu several times.

  I took out my cake and handed it to Guo’s instructor. As soon as he broke it in half, he ate half of it himself and returned the other half to me. This is made of sorghum flour by the common people in the past. Because it is cold, the cake is as hard as a stone, and it takes a lot of effort to swallow it. The two of us squatted in the ditch, chewing the cake with difficulty and chatting. The instructor said: "among the students who graduated from Kangda University, you have made the fastest progress, and now you have become a company-level cadre." You must continue to work hard and win glory for the 73 rd regiment. "

  In the face of the grim situation of stalemate between the enemy and ourselves, we all feel very heavy when we look at the injured comrades. Guo Kuiwu said: "Hao Tian, this battle has been fought well, which is remarkable;" If we can’t play well, we all want to see Marx. Let’s make an agreement. If I die, you can send a message to my home. If you die, I’ll send a message to your family. You are still young. If one of us dies, count me in. "

  On the battlefield, everyone will think of death, but as a revolutionary soldier, no one is afraid of death. We both took only the party card with us, burned all the small notebooks that we usually remember, and prepared for sacrifice. At this time, I can talk with my comrades and feel relaxed. I comforted the instructor and said, "Kuomintang soldiers are nothing, don’t think so much!" " Guo Kuiwu smiled faintly: "Don’t underestimate them. There are several times more enemies in front of us, and our back road is broken."

  At this time, the two sides confronted each other in the trenches, shouting and cursing, and shooting at each other with cold guns. One class in the eighth company was suppressed by the enemy’s fire, and it was very dangerous to withdraw or get in. Instructor Guo said very anxiously, "Xiao Chi, you cover well and I’ll go to the front." After that, he hunched over and ran to the front along the trench.

  In order to suppress the arrogance of the Kuomintang soldiers, the instructor commanded the counterattack at the forefront and organized troops to shout at the Kuomintang soldiers. There was a Kuomintang soldier in the trench, shouting in a broken gong-like voice: "Comrades, we are the new fifth army, surrender quickly, and our tanks will come soon." This angered instructor Guo, who flew into a rage, stuck his head out of the ditch, jumped up and cursed at the enemy: "What are you, turtle sons of the Kuomintang, bastards and lackeys of American imperialism?" Lao Tzu is a victorious PLA. When did he surrender? You must surrender quickly! " Guo Kuiwu’s left chest was hit by a bullet from the Kuomintang soldiers, and he immediately fell in a pool of blood. When several soldiers and I dragged him into the trench, he had stopped breathing. I shouted desperately, "instructor, instructor!" ….. "He was talking to me alive just now, but now he closed his eyes forever. I can’t accept this reality. I ordered the whole company to fire together and knocked down several Kuomintang soldiers outcropping in the opposite trench.

  After liberation, whenever I visit the tomb of the martyrs, I always think of the scene where instructor Guo talked with me and those comrades who fought with me and fell beside me. When I saw the newly renovated and lush cemetery of martyrs, I felt comforted; When I heard about the random demolition and destruction of the martyrs’ cemetery, my mood was extremely heavy. We can’t forget that today’s happy life is the result of the blood and lives of thousands of martyrs in Qian Qian!

  The Huaihai Campaign lasted 66 days. Our army defeated nearly 800,000 Kuomintang troops with 600,000 men. The scale of this campaign, the length of time and the number of enemies wiped out are rare not only in the history of China war, but also in the history of world war. We achieved such a great victory, first of all, because of the wise decision of the first generation of the party’s leading collective with Mao Zedong at the core, the excellent command of the General Front Committee composed of Liu Bocheng, Chen Yi, Deng Xiaoping, Su Yu and Tan Zhenlin, and the heroic fighting of the vast number of officers and men. But the most fundamental reason is that the reactionary and corrupt Chiang Kai-shek clique has completely lost the popular support, while communist party and the People’s Liberation Army have won the heartfelt support and support of the people of the whole country. Our army participated in the Huai Hai Campaign with 600,000 troops, and more than 5 million people participated in the support. It’s really a rolling wheel, vigorous. Mr. Chen put it well: "The victory of Huaihai Campaign was pushed out by ordinary people in small cars." Many soldiers in the Kuomintang army were arrested by able-bodied men, who were unwilling to work for Chiang Kai-shek. However, after being captured by us, through complaining education, we learned who to be a soldier and who to fight for, immediately took up arms and fought with us, and bravely took the lead. Many people captured in the first stage of the campaign became squad leaders in the third stage. At that time, the Kuomintang army had planes, tanks and cannons, and its weapons and equipment were much better than ours, but we defeated Chiang Kai-shek by uniting the army and the people and the officers and men. Our party comes from the people, is rooted in the people, and firmly believes that the people are the real heroes of historical materialism, which can never be lost.This is the people-oriented spirit that we advocate today.

  (The writer is a former member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, former State Councilor and Minister of National Defense, and general. )

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  In 1948, at the critical moment of the development of the War of Liberation, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to adopt Su Yu’s suggestion and jointly hold the Huaihai Campaign with 600,000 troops including the East China Field Army and the Central Plains Field Army of the People’s Liberation Army, so as to wipe out the main forces of the Kuomintang troops in the areas north of Huaihe River, south of Longhai Road and east of Pinghan Road. The Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China (CPC) decided to be composed of Liu Bocheng, Chen Yi, Deng Xiaoping, Su Yu and Tan Zhenlin, with Deng Xiaoping as the secretary to command the Huaihai Campaign in a unified way.

  Time: November 6, 1948 to January 10, 1949, a total of 66 days.

  The whole campaign is divided into three stages. The first stage: On November 6, 1948, the East China Field Army branched south. On the 8th, Kuomintang troops He Jifeng and Zhang Kexia led more than 20,000 people to the battlefield uprising. On the 10th, our army divided Huang Baitao Corps and surrounded it in Nianzhuang area east of Xuzhou. After 10 days of fierce fighting from village to village, more than 100,000 enemy troops were wiped out on the 22nd, and Huang Baitao, commander of the enemy corps, committed suicide. At the same time, in order to cooperate with the battle, the Central Plains Field Army attacked the Xu (Zhou) clam (port) line. On November 16th, Su County was conquered and the strategic encirclement of Xuzhou was completed.

  The second stage: On November 23, the Central Plains Field Army surrounded 12 divisions of the Huangwei Corps who came from Central China to reinforce in the Shuangduiji area southwest of Suxian County. On the 28th, Chiang Kai-shek was forced to make a strategic retreat for Xuzhou defenders. Liu Zhi, commander-in-chief of Xuzhou "suppression general", withdrew to Bengbu, while Du Yuming, deputy commander-in-chief, stayed in Xuzhou for command. On December 1, the enemy abandoned Xuzhou and fled southwest. On the 4th, the pursuit troops of the East China Field Army surrounded Xuzhou with fleeing enemies. On the 6th, the enemy Sun Yuanliang Corps attempted to break through and was annihilated. Sun Yuanliang fled alone. On the same day, the Central Plains Field Army and the East China Field Army concentrated the superior forces of nine columns and launched a general attack on the Huang Wei Corps. After fierce fighting, by the 15th, more than 120,000 people were wiped out and Huang Wei was captured alive. Since then, in order to cooperate with the Peiping-Tianjin campaign, in accordance with the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s unified deployment, the Duji regiment was encircled and not annihilated, and the troops had a 20-day rest.

  The third stage: From January 6 to 10, 1949, the East China Field Army launched a general attack on the besieged Du Yuming Group. After four days of fighting, it wiped out 300,000 soldiers from Qiu Qingquan and Li Mi, captured Du Yuming and killed Qiu Qingquan, and Li Mi escaped.

  PLA troops participating in the war: the East China Field Army, the Central Plains Field Army, the troops of the East China and Central Plains Military Regions, and some troops of the Hebei-Shandong-Henan Military Region, totaling about 600,000 people.

  I support former migrant workers: 5.43 million people, including army migrant workers, second-line transfer migrant workers and temporary migrant workers in the rear, 206,000 stretchers, 880,000 vehicles, 355,000 carriers, 8,500 boats and 257 cars. 7.3 million kilograms of ammunition and 215 million kilograms of grain were transported from the rear to the front, and more than 110,000 wounded people were transported from the front to the rear.

  Troops of the Kuomintang Army participating in the war: Liu Zhi, commander-in-chief of Xuzhou "Suppression General", four regiments of Huang Baitao, Qiu Qingquan, Li Mi and Sun Yuanliang under the command of Du Yuming, and four troops of Suiqing District, Feng Zhian, Li Yannian, Liu Ruming and Zhou Yan, together with Huang Wei Corps who came to reinforce from Central China, two troops who retreated from the northeast battlefield to Bengbu during the campaign and two troops who reinforced from the middle reaches of the Yangtze River to Pukou, with a total strength of nearly 800,000.

  Results: Destroyed and fought for the uprising, and surrendered to the Kuomintang army’s five corps headquarters, 22 military headquarters and 56 divisions, with a total of more than 555,000 people. They killed the corps commanders Huang Baitao and Qiu Qingquan, captured the deputy commander of the "suppression general" Du Yuming and the corps commander Huang Wei, and wiped out Chiang Kai-shek’s elite troops on the southern battlefield, basically liberated the vast areas in East China and the Central Plains north of the Yangtze River, and placed Nanjing, the center of reactionary Kuomintang rule, under the direct threat of the People’s Liberation Army.

  In the Huaihai Campaign, our People’s Liberation Army suffered more than 130,000 casualties.

Editor: Liu Li

Football Today: Bologna vs Lazio Porto vs Lille, esto.

Bologna vs lazio

Recent situation in Bologna:Bologna has obvious characteristics of being strong and weak, but the overall stability is not good. Bologna’s home court ability is actually good. This season, it has achieved 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss at home in 7 matches. The only defeat to the opponent is the giant AC Milan, which is normal. Bologna has a good defensive ability, losing only six goals in the last 10 matches, and winning opponents in five of them. Bologna has scored more goals in the first half of the last four games, all before the end of the half.

Bologna has won only one of the last five matches against Lazio. Bologna has not lost in 10 recent competitions, with 4 wins and 6 draws. Bologna’s recent ball path is too small, and it has played a small ball with its opponent for two consecutive games. It is necessary for Bologna to defend the draw. In the last 10 matches, as many as 6 games were drawn, and 3 of them scored 0-0.

Recent situation in Lazio:Lazio’s overall strength is good, but it lacks stability and the state of the new season is average. Lazio have scored 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in the last 6 matches against Bologna, and they have a certain advantage in the past. Lazio scored in 7 consecutive games of the last 10 competitions, with 5 wins and 2 draws. Lazio have scored at least 3 goals in 8 of the last 10 away games. Lazio’s away ability is average, with 5 wins and 5 losses in nearly 10 away games, and the team’s scoring rate is 50%.

This game: Bologna has won 2 wins and 4 draws in the last 6 league matches, and 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 5 home games. The team is in good shape. Lazio has scored 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 6 league matches, and the team is in good condition. 2 wins and 3 losses in the last 5 away games, and the away state is average. On the whole, the gap between the two sides is not big. Personally, I think Bologna is expected to win this round.

Porto vs Lille, esto

Recent situation in Porto:Porto’s points are in good condition and their home results are quite good. This has a positive impact on this competition, giving them an advantage in this competition. Porto have been in good shape recently, especially in the Champions League, where they reversed the game and won the game with a score of 4-1. This has had a positive impact on the game and increased their confidence. Although many Porto players were absent for personal reasons, Evan Nelson’s excellent performance made up for this vacancy. He has scored five goals in the last five games.

Recent situation in Lille, esto:Esto’s Lille team is currently at the bottom of the league, and its away performance is not good. This has a negative impact on this game, which makes them in a backward state in the game. esto Lille’s recent game is in a poor state. The league has not been won in a row, which has had a negative impact on this game. Esto Lille has no major personnel problems at present. However, although the player Joao Marquez has scored five goals this season, he has been a substitute in the last three leagues.

This game: Personally, I think Porto has great hope of winning this round of events.

The best way for a person to cherish his life: keep exercising and stop internal friction.

As soon as the Winter Olympics came to an end, there was a sports craze around him.

Someone around me started skiing, and someone online played curling and got a hot search;

Some people have regained their dusty fitness cards, and some people have practiced yoga for a long time.

When I get up in the morning, even downstairs, young people often jump rope.

This is the imprint on everyone’s life after hosting this Winter Olympics.

When we see the bodybuilding figure of athletes, we can’t stand being fat;

When we know the story of athletes’ self-discipline, it will also change the indulgence of life.

There are countless benefits brought by sports, which not only change the appearance and habits, but also have a great impact on a person’s mood.

Yangzhou University has tested 468 college students, and the results show that:

"The emotion, self-efficacy and mental health level of people who love sports are higher than those who don’t."

Exercise is a good medicine to cure internal friction.

When you exercise and get rid of the entanglement of negative emotions, life will naturally be clear and bright.

General characteristics of internal friction type people:

I don’t want to go anywhere, I don’t want to do anything. Over time, I have no interest in anything, and I let my emotions lurk in my heart and accumulate disasters.

Some time ago, the "emo" stalk of the explosion made many people resonate.

Everyone can’t avoid his own emo moment, and whenever this time, he is covered with "mourning", "melancholy" and "sadness".

Last year, my cousin’s company laid off staff, and she was unfortunately included in the list.

After receiving a compensation, my cousin’s life has become: lying at home every day, not even bothering to go downstairs and throw garbage.

Unconsciously, my cousin’s state has changed. Every day, she is groggy and often thinks, and she can’t get past the hurdle of being laid off.

"I have been doing well in my work. Did someone cheat and cut me off?

My husband came back today with a bad face. Did he look sad when he saw me not going to work? "

Cousin is sullen at home all day, and the more she thinks about it, the more agitated she becomes. She also quarrels with her husband for many times.

The family feels that the cousin seems to be a different person, and they all avoid her.

Cousin aware of their own changes, then tell psychological counselor girlfriends, girlfriends said:

"You are lying out of the disease, and you think about it if you have nothing to do, so you are caught in self-friction."

I can’t help but think of the sentence on the Internet: "People can’t be idle. When they are idle, they will think too much, and when they think about it, their emotions will flood."

All internal friction is thinking too much and moving too little.

On Douban, there is a "internal friction group" in which tens of thousands of people are depressed.

Many people post when they are in trouble, trying to relieve the troubles of negative emotions by talking.

But the effect is not satisfactory, either ignored, or received insignificant comfort, or doubly sad with people in the same situation.

In the end, the more words are hurt, the more complaints are bitter.

A netizen’s self-healing method has awakened many people. He said:

Go to bed early and get up early, keep exercising and reduce the time of daydreaming.

It’s really good for physical and mental health to stop thinking after exercise.

In fact, the biggest difference between pessimists and optimists is not that optimists don’t feel depressed when things happen, but that their bodies have a "valve". Once their emotions are entangled, they have ways to solve them, or talk to friends or exercise.

When the body moves, the heart will not be idle, and the thoughts will not fly around the sky.

One of the body and mind must move. If the body does not move, the mind will be eager to try.

Once people are dragged into the abyss of emotions, they will struggle more and more confused, more confused and more desperate.

Instead of being trapped by negative emotions and constantly suffering from internal friction, it is better to have a hearty movement and boldly declare war on sadness.

People often think that exercise is just to keep fit, but it is neglected. It is also the best medicine to cure emotions.

In this regard, blogger Xiao Guan has a deep understanding.

Xiao Guan was devastated by depression. He often felt weak limbs, dull head, aching all over and sometimes unable to lift his arms.

In my mind, all kinds of negative thoughts are staged in turn, completely out of control.

During that time, Xiao Guan was tortured to yellow muscles and listless, like an old man who had experienced vicissitudes of life.

Later, Xiao Guan didn’t want to be depressed any more, so he decided to try running.

For the first time, Xiao Guan was panting after running more than 300 meters.

Although the distance is not long, with the rapid breathing, Xiao Guan actually feels a little more relaxed.

With constant persistence, Xiao Guan gradually fell in love with running and successfully challenged the half-horse race.

He said that every time he finished running, he felt comfortable and his pain was relieved.

During the exercise, Xiao Guan also made new friends and opened his own world.

Over time, Xiao Guan was no longer trapped by depression, and found the sunny boy with handsome sunshine and firm eyes.

Exercise moves the body, but it heals the mind.

Dr Carousen Kranz, an associate professor at Ruhr University in Bochum, did an experiment. They recruited 41 patients with depression who were being treated.

Then the participants were randomly divided into two groups, one group had to complete a three-week exercise plan, and the other group didn’t do any exercise.

Three weeks later, the research team made a comprehensive evaluation of the participants again, and the results showed that:

"After physical exercise, the brain change ability of patients with depression has been significantly improved and reached the same level as that of healthy people.

Moreover, the depressive symptoms of patients in the exercise group have also been alleviated, but there is no obvious change in the non-exercise group. "

Exercise cures emotional internal friction, which is actually very scientific.

After exercise, the body will secrete dopamine, which will quietly soothe your mood.

When running in the wind and sweating, the inner gloom and anxiety will gradually dissipate, taking you out of the whirlpool of emotions.

Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist, shared her experiences in a TED talk.

As a professor and famous scientist in new york University, Wendy’s working ability is beyond doubt. Even if all kinds of data flood in, she can still cope with it.

But after intense work, Wendy just wants to stay at home alone after work every day, without socializing and never exercising.

Unconsciously, she gained 25 pounds (about 23 Jin).

Once, Wendy went rafting alone, and the whole process was seriously behind schedule.

At this time, she realized: "God, I was the weakest one on that journey."

After being frustrated, Wendy knew that she could no longer hide at home. She decided to go out and exercise.

She got up the courage to try all kinds of sports, such as boxing, dancing, yoga and so on.

Wendy said, "It was really difficult at first, but I noticed that every time I sweated, my mood and energy became very good."

The change constantly inspired her. After a year and a half, Wendy not only successfully lost 25 pounds, but also was surprised to find that her attention and memory had obviously changed.

In the past, Wendy used to sit at her desk and rack her brains to write a research grant application.

Now, inspiration keeps flashing in my mind, and I can finish the application report soon.

Later, Wendy read a lot of data and confirmed these changes after years of research. The experimental conclusion shows that:

"Exercise can improve the ability to divert and concentrate, which lasts at least two hours at a time.

In addition, it can also improve the response time of strain. "

Finally, Wendy, who had locked herself in a dark room, now stood on the podium humorously and concluded:

"Exercise can bring better mood, more energy, stronger memory and concentration."

When people exercise, the body will secrete a variety of substances, triggering a series of domino effects in the body.

Endorphins and dopamine can calm your mood, serotonin can relieve your fatigue, and nerve growth factor strengthens your brain.

The less excellent people are, the more they should exercise, toss and sweat.

Exercise can boost your inner energy, and you are naturally like a small sun, gathering all the good things around you.

Like a sentence very much:

"Life also has a" magnetic field effect ".People with positive energy bring warmth, while people with negative energy bring cold."

If you want to get better, take action. Exercise will make you look good again to fight against life.

The meaning of sports, as the online sentence is very hot:

"Three kilometers specializes in all kinds of unhappiness, five kilometers specializes in all kinds of internal injuries, and after ten kilometers, the heart is all kind and open."

When you are sad, you might as well go running outdoors, so that the freshness of nature and the carefree running can drive away the sadness.

When frustrated, you might as well play badminton, forget the sorrow between the balls and concentrate on enjoying the passion of the confrontation.

When you are restless, you may wish to practice yoga, stretch your body in soft music, unload your anxiety and find peace and tranquility.

Exercise can cure all internal friction; Exercise can get rid of all troubles.

In this world, nothing can’t be driven away by a movement. If there is, then exercise for two or n games.

It is better to exercise to heal yourself than to see others feel confident in the sunshine.

Instead of admiring others’ excellent self-discipline, it is better to act and look forward to yourself.

So, stop emo and go to exercise!

Every drop of sweat you shed will not be wasted, but will become a cell in your body, break down the barriers of depression, release efficient energy and carve more beautiful lines.

Order"watching"Encourage with friends.

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Which exercise is the most helpful for prolonging life? Is it what you often do?

sister ma

I heard that "brisk walking" prolongs life. I have to walk several kilometers every day.

I’ve also heard the saying "take ten thousand steps every day, live a long and healthy life"!

have a look at 

Kin Kin

After scientific investigation, in fact, the exercise that can help middle-aged and elderly people live longer is not walking ~

Oh? What’s that?

sister ma

Which sports can best help middle-aged and elderly people live longer?

The comprehensive analysis of more than 270,000 elderly people who have been followed up for an average of 12 years shows that the exercise that can help middle-aged and elderly people live longer is not walking, but playing ball.

The researchers collected data of 270,000 adults aged 59-82, and investigated the types of exercise (including running, cycling, swimming, other aerobic exercise, tennis, golf and walking exercise) and exercise time of the participants.

After an average follow-up of 12 years, the analysis results show that:


As long as the exercise time is enough, no matter what exercise, the risk of death can be reduced.

The so-called reaching the standard means that adults do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise (such as brisk walking) or 75 minutes of strenuous exercise (such as running or cycling) every week.


Running can minimize the risk of dying of cancer.

The study also found that these activities are also associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer death. Running can reduce the risk of cancer death by 19%.


Swinging and slapping ball games is particularly effective in preventing premature death.

Swing exercise is particularly effective in preventing premature death, even surpassing running. It can reduce a person’s risk of death from any cause by 16%, and the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases by 27%.

The "pyramid" of sports helps you get healthier and healthier.

How can sports be scientific? You can exercise according to this "pyramid" of sports:

Layer 1

Physical exercise of lifestyle, do as much as possible.

Some activities in daily life, including climbing stairs, walking more, doing housework, walking the dog, etc. These activities don’t need much effort, but doing more can also have a fitness effect. It is recommended to do as much as possible every day, at least 30 minutes.

Layer 2

Aerobic exercise, 3~5 times a week, at least 150 minutes.

Aerobic exercise includes roller skating, cycling, skating, mountain climbing, swimming, jogging, rhythmic gymnastics and some ball games. 3~5 times a week, at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (striding, cycling, table tennis, etc.); Or three to five times a week, at least 75 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise (running, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, etc.).

Layer 3

Strength and flexibility exercise at least twice a week.

Strength exercises include dumbbells, sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups and so on. Flexibility exercises include yoga, Tai Chi, stretching, flexibility exercises, etc. Do 8~10 kinds of activities at least twice a week, and repeat each activity 8~12 times.

Layer 4

Static activities, the less the better.

Sit-in activities, including watching TV, computer and other activities. I have been watching the computer for 8 hours, and the first thing to do when I go home is to sit on the sofa and turn on the TV. This static lifestyle is probably the normal life of many people. But the less such cases, the better.

Kin Kin

No matter what exercise you do, moving is the most important thing!

You can move anytime and anywhere in your life. Don’t limit your sports ~

Playing ball games, playing Tai Chi, and taking a walk all feel good!

Transfer from: Health Times

Source: National Healthy Lifestyle Action

Veterans never die! 39 years old, 12 goals in 12 games! He dominated the scorer list and was once a Portuguese super striker.

When Buffon, 45, was still playing on the pitch, the football veterans proved what a nod is not old. As far away as South American football, Paraguayan striker Oscar Cardoso, who once played for Portuguese super giant Benfica, is still playing football, and he can still play super performance at the age of 40, ranking first in the scorer list with 12 goals in 12 games!

At present, just after the 13th round of Paraguayan First Division in 2023, Asunció n ranks first with 10 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss and 32 points. The most incredible thing is the strong performance of veteran striker Oscar Cardoso, who is still the top scorer in the team even though he is 39 years old!

On April 18th, in the 13th round, Asunció n scored twice in the 10th minute and 43rd minute, respectively, and scored a direct free kick that surprised the opposing goalkeeper, helping the team win a 4-0 victory.

At this point, Oscar Cardoso played 12 rounds for the team this season, scored 9 goals and 3 assists, and firmly ranked first in the league’s top scorer list. Who can believe that this is actually a 39-year-old veteran striker?

It is worth mentioning that, in the 63rd minute of the second half, 41-year-old Santa Cruz, a former popular football guy, replaced Oscar Cardoso, and there were 40-year-old Paraguayan midfielder Riveros and 40-year-old Uruguayan goalkeeper Martin Silva in the team, so many unsuspecting veterans were gone.

Born in 1983, Oscar Cardoso will successfully celebrate his 40th birthday on May 20th this year. In July 2017, he left Olympiacos to join Asunció n without a visa. After nearly 11 years, he returned to Paraguay and surprised domestic football. In the 2018 season, he played a super role in 49 games with 28 goals, and the number of goals has been in double digits for six consecutive seasons!

In July, 2007, Benfica, a famous Portuguese black shop teased by fans, bought goods from Argentina and signed Oscar Cardoso, then 24, from old boys, Newell for a transfer fee of 11.7 million euros. In 7 years, he played 436 games for Benfica, and scored 266 goals and 60 assists. His personal strength attracted the attention of the top five leagues, and he was one of the famous Portuguese superstars in the past.

Not only the club level has left a deep footprint in European football, as a Paraguayan international, Oscar Cardoso scored 12 goals in 57 games for the national team, and he is a very good striker in the history of Paraguayan football.

In fact, in addition to the above-mentioned players, there are quite a few players over 40 in today’s football: Ibrahimovic, Quagliarella, Reina, Diego Lopez, marchetti, Molina, Pepe, Caballero and Pegolo …

Veterans don’t die, they just fade away!

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