How to disinfect the vegetables in group purchase? The expert screened the popular science articles made by his neighbors.

How to disinfect the vegetables in group purchase? The expert screened the popular science articles made by his neighbors.

How to disinfect the vegetables in group purchase? The expert screened the popular science articles made by his neighbors.

How to disinfect the vegetables in group purchase? The expert screened the popular science articles made by his neighbors.

How to disinfect the vegetables in group purchase? The expert screened the popular science articles made by his neighbors.

How to disinfect the vegetables in group purchase? The expert screened the popular science articles made by his neighbors.

How to disinfect the vegetables in group purchase? The expert screened the popular science articles made by his neighbors.

How to disinfect the vegetables in group purchase? The expert screened the popular science articles made by his neighbors.

How to disinfect the vegetables in group purchase? The expert screened the popular science articles made by his neighbors.

Personal protection and disinfection details of researcher Huang Jinghe’s selfie and demonstration.

  In recent days, an article entitled "The group-bought food has arrived. How to disinfect it is safe? The article "Brush the Screen" in Shanghai’s circle of friends. The author of the article is a researcher at Fudan University’s School of Basic Medicine, a double-employed PI in Shanghai Institute of Major Infectious Diseases and Biosafety, and a double-employed PI Huang Jinghe in Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center.

  "At first, I wanted to remind my neighbors of some details about epidemic prevention. I am doing virology research in COVID-19, and I am in the post of prevention and control of major infectious diseases. I have the obligation to provide some suggestions for the prevention and control of the epidemic. It is my duty to do these things. " Huang Jinghe said. During the period of community closure management, she supported her husband who was also engaged in virology research to join the volunteer work in the community, providing services for everyone and helping other volunteers to do a good job of protection.

  Huang Jinghe found that some residents neglected the details of protection when buying, receiving materials and sampling nucleic acids, which increased the risk of infection with the virus. "Studies have shown that the place with the most viruses in the ward is the sole of the nurse. The virus stepped on the ground will be taken to other floors. So if you don’t disinfect the soles of your shoes after you come back with vegetables and nucleic acids, you may bring the virus home. Whether the details can be protected is related to preventing the spread of the epidemic. " Huang Jinghe felt the panic and concern of the neighbors in the community about the continuous discovery of positive infected people from WeChat group, so he decided to do a science popularization for everyone.

  She consulted relevant literature, focusing on the survival time of Omicron virus on the plastic surface, the effective material components to kill Covid-19, and the most easily overlooked virus transmission channels; In order to make it easier to understand, she took a selfie, interpreted the whole process of protection, picking vegetables and disinfection, and sent it to the WeChat group in the building to remind everyone — — Viruses are easy to remain in communities, supermarkets and food markets, and take-away express packaging is also a "hiding place" for viruses. If you don’t pay attention to disinfection, viruses can easily spread to communities and families, so you need to be vigilant.

  Soon, these popular science photos were transferred to the community residents. Thinking that people outside the community may also have such needs, Huang Jinghe shared the photos in his circle of friends and marked "Welcome to forward relatives and friends, no need to indicate the source". The photo received media attention, and teacher Hu Xidan of the Science and Technology Museum contacted her actively, hoping that she could write an anti-epidemic popular science article and push it in WeChat official account. Then, there was the article mentioned at the beginning of this article, which was published in the WeChat official account of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, and gained 100,000+readings in more than two hours.

  "I am busy answering questions from netizens all day today." Huang Jinghe said that many netizens raised confusion through the WeChat backstage: "Can Didi kill Omicron?" "How to mix 84 disinfectant with water?" "Is ultraviolet light useful?" "Can you spray disinfectant directly on the dish?" "There is no alcohol and vegetable disinfectant at home. How can I disinfect fruits and vegetables?" … … For these questions, Huang Jinghe answered them patiently. "These are people’s livelihood issues, but also very important epidemic prevention details. We must learn to use local materials and make good use of the existing resources around us to protect ourselves and our families when materials are scarce. "

  "This round of virus is very cunning and easy to hide in some places that we ignore." Huang Jinghe said, "If every family and individual can improve their awareness of prevention and control, pay attention to details and do a good job in their own protection, they can contribute to the anti-epidemic of the whole society."

It’s about you! From tomorrow, these new rules will affect your life!

  CCTV News:On July 1, a number of new laws and regulations will be formally implemented. These include: the state establishes a rehabilitation and assistance system for disabled children; Buying commercial health insurance can deduct a tax; Implement the full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places, loss reporting and lost claim; Apps with non-basic functions of mobile phones should ensure that they can be uninstalled; The "Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales" explicitly prohibits raising the price of cars; Learning Chinese medicine by learning from the teacher, you can obtain the qualification of Chinese medicine doctor after recommendation and examination.

  The state establishes a rehabilitation and assistance system for disabled children.


  The Regulations on Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons shall come into force on July 1, 2017. The regulations are clear:

  The state establishes a rehabilitation assistance system for disabled children, and gradually realizes that children with vision, hearing, speech, limbs, intelligence and other disabilities and autistic children aged 0-6 years old can receive free services such as surgery, assistive devices and rehabilitation training;

  Improve the nursing subsidy system for severely disabled people;

  Through the implementation of key rehabilitation projects, we will provide basic rehabilitation services for poor and severely disabled people in urban and rural areas.

  Buying commercial health insurance can deduct a tax.

  The Ministry of Finance, the State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued a notice to promote the pilot policy of individual income tax for commercial health insurance to be implemented nationwide from July 1, 2017. It is clear in the notice that the expenses of individuals purchasing commercial health insurance products that meet the requirements are allowed to be deducted before tax when calculating the taxable income in the current year (month), and the deduction limit is 2,400 yuan/year (200 yuan/month).

  Take the monthly salary of 5,000 yuan as an example. In the past, the monthly tax payable was (5,000-3,500) x 3% = 45 yuan. After purchasing commercial health insurance, the tax payable was (5,000-3,700) x 3% = 39 yuan. In summary, 6 yuan is paid less every month, and 72 yuan is paid less in one year.

  Full implementation of ID card acceptance in different places, loss reporting and lost claim.

  The Opinions of the Ministry of Public Security issued at the end of 2015 on Establishing the System of Receiving and Reporting the Loss of Resident Identity Cards in Different Places clearly pointed out that on July 1, 2017, the work of receiving and reporting the loss of resident identity cards in different places and collecting the lost identity cards will be fully implemented.

  (1) I apply to the public security organ’s resident ID card acceptance point in my place of residence, fill in the Registration Form for Resident ID Card Acceptance in Different Places, and pay the certificate fee.

  (2) After accepting an application at a different place, the acceptance information will be transmitted to the public security organ of the applicant’s domicile, and the county-level public security organ of the domicile will examine and issue it in time.

  (3) The public security organ in the place of residence shall complete the production, verification and issuance within the statutory time limit after receiving the information on the certification issued after examination, and the applicant shall go to the acceptance point to collect the certificate with the receipt of the certification.

  A number of fees have been lowered, and ordinary passports have cost less in 40 yuan.

  The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued a notice to reduce some administrative fees, stipulating that from July 1, 2017, the fees for telecommunication network code number resource occupation, frequency occupation, citizen entry and exit certificate fees, motor vehicle driving license fees, temporary entry motor vehicle license plate and driving license fees, water and soil conservation compensation fees, pesticide actual (trial) inspection fees, integrated circuit layout design protection fees and other fees will be reduced.

  Among them, the standard for ordinary passports is reduced from 200 yuan to 160 yuan. The fee standard for travel permits to Hong Kong and Macao will be reduced from 50 yuan to 40 yuan per permit. In addition, the fees for travel permits to and from Hong Kong and Macao and those for travel permits to and from Taiwan have all been lowered.

  Apps with non-basic functions of mobile phones should ensure that the uninstallable apps cannot be bundled and promoted.

  The Interim Provisions on the Administration of Preset and Distribution of Mobile Intelligent Terminal Application Software issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been implemented since July 1st.

  Manufacturers and Internet information service providers should ensure that mobile intelligent terminal application software can be uninstalled except basic function software.

  Without express and user’s consent, it is not allowed to collect and use user’s personal information, open application software, bundle and promote other application software, etc., which infringe on users’ legitimate rights and interests or endanger network security.

  The implementation of the "Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales" prohibits raising the price of cars.

  On July 1st, the Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales issued by the Ministry of Commerce was officially implemented. It is explicitly required that dealers shall not increase sales or charge extra fees beyond the list price.

  The method also makes it clear that suppliers and dealers should deliver the automobile factory certificate of domestic automobiles, the goods import certificate of imported automobiles and the inspection certificate of imported automobiles at the same time.

  The new regulations for new energy vehicles immediately stop production and sales when safety problems are discovered.

  The "Regulations on the Administration of New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers and Products Access" promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shall come into force on July 1, 2017.

  This regulation requires new energy vehicle manufacturers to have the design and development capabilities, production capabilities, product consistency assurance capabilities and product safety assurance capabilities necessary for the production of new energy vehicle products, and requires production enterprises to establish a monitoring platform for the operation safety status of new energy vehicle products. It is clear that if a production enterprise finds that there are serious problems such as safety of new energy automobile products, it should immediately stop the production and sales of related products and take measures for rectification.

  Learning Chinese medicine by learning from teachers can be qualified as a Chinese medicine doctor after being recommended and examined.

  The Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Traditional Chinese Medicine came into force on July 1, 2017. It is clear that if a Chinese medicine clinic is held, the name, address, scope of diagnosis and treatment and staffing of the clinic can be reported to the competent department of Chinese medicine of the local people’s government at the county level for the record before practicing activities can be carried out.

  The law also makes it clear that those who study Chinese medicine by way of apprenticeship or who have acquired expertise in medical skills after years of practice can be recommended by at least two Chinese medicine doctors and qualified by the competent departments of Chinese medicine of the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.

  Ordinary investors in securities and futures receive special protection.

  The Measures for the Administration of the Suitability of Securities and Futures Investors was formally implemented on July 1st. This method divides investors into ordinary investors and professional investors according to their basic situation, financial status, investment knowledge and experience, investment objectives, risk preference and other factors. The measures stipulate that ordinary investors enjoy special protection in terms of information notification, risk warning and appropriate matching.

  If investors voluntarily request to buy products with a risk level higher than their risk tolerance, after special risk warning procedures, operating institutions can still sell products to them, and investors’ right to buy and sell stocks will not be affected.

  Internet map service providers should protect personal information.

  The newly revised Surveying and Mapping Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) shall come into force on July 1, 2017. It is clear that Internet map service providers should use maps that have been examined and approved according to law, establish a map data security management system, strengthen the verification of new contents of Internet maps, and improve service quality. Units that produce and use geographic information and Internet map service providers shall abide by the provisions of laws and administrative regulations on the protection of personal information when collecting and using users’ personal information.

  The VAT rate of taxpayers selling or importing agricultural products and books is reduced.

  The Ministry of Finance and State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China announced that the value-added tax rate would be reduced from four grades to three grades, and the 13% value-added tax rate would be abolished. From July 1st, taxpayers selling or importing agricultural products (including grain), edible salt, books, newspapers, magazines, audio-visual products and electronic publications will be eligible for a lower VAT rate of 11%.

  Announcement of State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China on Simplifying the Procedures for Handling Tax Administrative Licensing Matters shall come into force on July 1, 2017.

  The announcement clarified five measures to degenerate and optimize the procedures for handling tax administrative licensing matters, including simplifying the acceptance of documents, providing agency forwarding services, simplifying application materials, realizing the appointment of consulting services, and improving the delivery methods of documents. The tax authorities can obtain part of the taxpayer’s license and approval document information, such as industrial and commercial registration information, through government information sharing. Therefore, the announcement cancels the requirements for submitting the above licenses and approval documents in the application materials for tax administrative license, thus avoiding repeated submission of materials.

E-sports teenagers who are often sprayed: Some players are hot-searched for their performance.

  FPX team members celebrate the victory of the game.

  Lin Weixiang is in the competition.

  Gao Tianliang is in the game.

  FPX team emblem

  Logo of 2019 League of Legends Global Finals

  "Mr. Key" was once a "loser"

  At 1: 00 pm, this is the time when the FPX team gathers to "punch in" every day.

  Even without training and competition, Tian, 19, rarely leaves the team base. This is very different from his role in League of Legends games — — In the game, Gao Tianliang’s role is "playing wild", which requires him to swim in the "wild area" of the map, accumulate experience and capital for the team and meet the "war" that may happen at any time.

  This villa in Zhangjiang High-tech Zone, Pudong, Shanghai is the "base camp" of Gao Tianliang and his teammates. The first floor of the villa is the training room and dining room, and the dormitory of the team members is upstairs. In addition to the computer, Gao Tianliang’s desk also has dolls and a pot of green radish sent by fans. He spends more than ten hours here every day during training on weekdays.

  In the past year, Gao Tianliang reached the peak of his e-sports career — — In the 2019 League of Legends Global Finals, the FPX team, which has only been in the team for two years, passed all the way and won the championship trophy. Gao Tianliang was named the Most Valuable Player in the Finals (FMVP) for his outstanding performance. At the time of awarding the prize, he wanted to lift the trophy, but underestimated the weight of the trophy, and only with the help of his teammates did he get it.

  "I feel that life has become troublesome and there are some strange things." Talking about the changes after winning the championship, Gao Tianliang said. After becoming a champion and FMVP, he shot several advertisements and was named "model of the year" by fashion magazines … … But in Gao Tianliang’s view, these are not recognized as "trouble" when walking on the road.

  Just a year and a half ago, Gao Tianliang was just an unknown "basement player". Unable to enter the main lineup of his previous team, he had to bury his head in training in the basement.

  "at that time, I felt that my ability was no problem, but there was no chance. But I believe there must be an opportunity. " Gao Tianliang said.

  The opportunity came in 2019. During the season transfer, Mason Lee, the head of FPX team, called Gao Tianliang. After observing at the base for 3 days, Mason Lee decided to sign the frustrated young man.

  "I felt a strong desire to win from his heart. He is very demanding of himself, with good character and good personality. " Mason Lee said.

  Chen Ruzhi (War Horse), head coach of FPX team, was also impressed by Gao Tianliang. "At that time, we inspected three or four players, but Xiaotian’s will was the strongest. He wanted to prove himself."

  After entering the FPX team, Gao Tianliang quickly became a new star on the field. In the global finals, he became the key gentleman of the team and helped the team out of the corner many times. "In the past, everyone said that I played like other players, but I felt that I was me, different from others, and I was Tian!" After winning the championship, Gao Tianliang said.

  "He is very aggressive, and he has a good understanding of game skills, and he is even pushing the progress of his predecessors." Mason Lee said.

  Don’t enter the business easily without talent.

  "If I hadn’t played e-sports, I might be in Tsinghua now." Earlier, in an interview, Gao Tianliang’s amazing words won him the title of "Tsinghua playing wild". In fact, this is just a joke of Gao Tianliang, and he himself is not a rumored "schoolmaster".

  If he hadn’t played e-sports, Gao Tianliang might have become a Chinese medicine practitioner. He comes from a family of Chinese medicine practitioners, from his great grandfather to his father. Therefore, when he decided to embark on the road of e-sports at the age of 15, he was unanimously opposed by his family.

  "There are indeed achievements now, but it cannot be said that the decision at that time was correct." Gao Tianliang said, "It is better to study normally, but e-sports is more attractive to me."

  Crisp Qingsong, two years older than Gao Tianliang, had a similar experience. At the age of 16, he joined a professional club and grew up step by step from the second team until he reached the podium of the world champion.

  "I don’t think reading is an ideal way for me. At that time, I met some powerful professional players playing games. The gap between me and them was not very big, so I strengthened my confidence in engaging in e-sports. " Liu Qingsong said that, like many teammates, parents felt very unreliable when they heard that they were going to "play games". However, seeing that e-sports players have higher income guarantees, they will no longer stop.

  E-sports is not an easy job. Today, Gao Tianliang and Liu Qingsong train from 1 pm to 2 am every day. Except for a short meal and rest time, almost everyone has to sit in front of the computer to compete and resume. Some players will continue to practice or broadcast live until three o’clock or even four or five o’clock. Liu Qingsong said that after a season, his shoulders and cervical vertebrae felt sore.

  How to judge whether you are suitable for the e-sports industry? "Talent" is the most frequently mentioned word by e-sports players.

  "E-sports is a very youthful profession. If you don’t have talent, you really can’t play." Gao Tianliang said, "Everyone plays the same game for almost the same time, but some people make rapid progress, and some people will always be stuck in the same place."

  Liu Qingsong believes that e-sports competition is about the brain. "In the game, we should constantly think. Thinking about what you should do, what the team should do, and what the opponent will do must be very clear. "

  In Chen Ruzhi’s view, it is not enough for an excellent e-sports player to be competitive. "Many people’s competitiveness affects their judgment in the game and their relationship with teammates. As a team game, e-sports also needs communication and even personal sacrifice. "

  Strict management can produce results.

  At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Gao Tianliang "rushed" into the kitchen with slippers and dolls. It’s almost time for dinner, and the players are already sitting around the table, joking with each other.

  For the team’s diet, the regulations of FPX team are quite strict. Lunch and dinner should be accompanied by meat and vegetables, and finished or semi-finished products should not be purchased to minimize the intake of food additives by team members; Fresh-cut fruit should be provided to the team members before 3 pm every day; If a team member doesn’t eat much lunch, the staff should also consider whether to prepare some snacks such as nuts or bread … …

  Mason Lee has nearly 10 years of experience in the e-sports industry. In his view, militarized and semi-militarized management is more suitable for the management of China E-sports Club. In the management regulations of FPX team, lateness, smoking and other behaviors will be punished, and strikes and salary discussions are "high-voltage lines" that are strictly forbidden to touch.

  However, Mason Lee’s strict management has also been challenged by players. In 2018, the team required the team members to reach the top 50 in the world in the training ranking, which met with the "resistance" of the team members and the team’s performance was not very good.

  "Last year, we became a way to guide and motivate, but everyone reached the ranking goal." Mason Lee said that the storm also gave himself a wake-up.

  "If I choose the club, the management will account for 70% and the players will only account for 30%." Tae-sang Kim, a member of FPX Club, believes that the management of the club is very important. "League of Legends has many newcomers every year, and many players suddenly disappear after playing for a season. The key to staying is the good management of the club."

  "FPX can win the championship because of team efforts and scientific training methods." Mason Lee said that when attending the finals in Paris, the club sent a team of 20 people, including not only data analysts who focused on the competition, but also professionals such as psychological counseling, sports rehabilitation and nutritious diet to ensure the physical and mental health of the players.

  Despite all the preparations, FPX’s debut in the finals met with waterloo. Team member Lin Weixiang (Lwx) was criticized on the Internet for his poor performance.

  "Last season, one of the tasks given to me by the company was to enter the top 10 of a hot search in Weibo. Unexpectedly, Lin Yuxiang suddenly rushed to the second hot search. " Mason Lee said that in order to protect the team members, the team quickly produced a talk show to let netizens know more about this young player and help him share some "firepower".

  Often being "sprayed" and learning to get along with negative remarks is a compulsory course for these young people to grow up.

  "When I first started playing a career, I was still influenced by some remarks. Now it is relatively calm. Of course, I will still be happy to see my remarks. " Lin Yuxiang said.

  "E-sports players are very young and it is too easy to go wrong. The audience is very demanding of the players, and once they don’t perform well, they will scold them badly. Some experienced clubs can help players calm down, but some clubs may be dissolved directly because of pressure. " Tae-sang Kim said.

  In Mason Lee’s view, after psychological tests, "e-sports teenagers" have stronger hearts than their peers. "In those years of ups and downs, they encountered great malice. In fact, they have long been prepared, and their psychological maturity and strength far exceed our imagination. "

  "As young people, they may have all kinds of minor problems in psychology and life. But on the whole, they are all ‘ Good baby ’ 。” Mason Lee said that after winning the prize in the World Championships, the contestants didn’t spend money indiscriminately, and many people even bought their parents real estate.

  Career development is a compulsory course.

  "This is the first plane today, thank you, boss!" Speaking fluent Mandarin, 23-year-old Tae-sang Kim started the live broadcast in the evening. Last year, after busy training and competition, Tae-sang Kim even broadcast live for more than five hours every day, and his eccentric personality won him many fans.

  After five years in China, Tae-sang Kim learned Chinese and became China’s son-in-law, and the fans of e-sports in China have long regarded this Korean player as "one of their own". Indeed, since the beginning of this season, Tae-sang Kim has become a "local player" officially certified by LPL (League of Legends Chinese mainland Division).

  "I’m used to living in China, but it’s strange to go back to Korea on holiday. Every Spring Festival, I will take my family to China for the New Year. " Tae-sang Kim said.

  In his second year in China, Tae-sang Kim made up his mind to learn Chinese well. "At that time, many excellent Korean players joined the China team, but some people came just to make money and didn’t communicate with their teammates. After the training match, they disappeared from work. I wanted to win the game and communicate with my girlfriend at that time, so I forced myself to study hard. "

  Today, Tae-sang Kim is not only the core of the team, but also the conductor within the team. In the competition, he always communicates with his teammates the most. Chen Ruzhi also said that last year, there were the most discussions and quarrels with Tae-sang Kim, which highlighted his leading position in the team.

  "After my career, I will still stay in China. I also want to get China ‘ Green card ’ I have been preparing for this for almost three years. " Tae-sang Kim said.

  Although only 23 years old, Tae-sang Kim once considered retiring for physical reasons. The career of e-sports players is not long, and the development and career choice after retirement is a problem that everyone has to face.

  "There is no special consideration yet. I feel that I can still play, at least for another four or five years." Gao Tianliang said.

  "I don’t know what my future will be like. But I hope that after retirement, I will either live better or maintain a relatively stable state. " Liu Qingsong said that even after retiring, income is still a factor he values.

  Mason Lee said that FPX Club currently has communication and cooperation with some educational institutions and universities, and also has relevant layout in the game industry. After the future players retire, the club will have resources to help them whether they want to be anchors, commentators or coaches.

  In 2018, as the head coach of China Taipei Team, Ru Chen led the team to participate in the e-sports competition of the Asian Games in Jakarta. In his view, e-sports is similar to traditional sports. As players grow older and their competitive level declines, they will encounter problems of retirement and career choice.

  "One problem of e-sports players is that they are too young to enter the industry, and some people may stop going to school from the age of 15. In the e-sports industry, there are fewer exchanges with the real world, which is a problem in the future. " Ru Chen Zhi said, "But at present, the e-sports industry has a great influence on the Internet. Many players are used to living on the Internet and have accumulated a large number of fans, which may become a resource for their career change."

  China esports stands on the tuyere.

  After winning the world championship, Liu Qingsong, who was originally quiet, became interested in skin care. He began to use masks and sunscreen, and his hair was dyed in color and then black again.

  Recalling her trip to Paris a few months ago, Lin Huixiang only had the word "boring" in her mind. "After winning the championship, I ate a hot pot in the evening. Being recognized on the road, I ran back to the hotel and just wanted to go home quickly. " He said.

  During the break, the staff handed a stack of postcards to Gao Tianliang. After signing the words, these postcards will be given to the fans of the team.

  In the team base, Tae-sang Kim wore a sweater designed for him by his wife, with his name written on it. Throughout 2019, Tae-sang Kim only stayed with his wife for twenty or thirty days. He said that he felt very uncomfortable, but he still wanted to win a world championship.

  "Looking forward to 10 years, at that time, only a few people in the e-sports industry really did well, and others were forced to participate." Mason Lee said, "Now e-sports has been proved to be a better career path. In the future, more and better young people will participate and have a better chance of success."

  "I often tell my friends that young people should try more in industries such as e-sports and short videos. The cost of failure is low. Once successful, you can stand directly on the tuyere. " Ru Chen said.

  The symbol of FPX team is a red phoenix. Coincidentally, the theme song of League of Legends Global Finals last season was also called Phoenix — — Fire phoenix, flying in the fire, where should you go, fall into the endless abyss, or board the eternal temple.

  Now, the League of Legends competition in the new season has begun. This year, the global finals will be held in China for the second time. Can e-sports teenagers in China spread their wings again? People will wait and see.

  In the first half of 2019, the market size of e-sports industry in China reached 57.53 billion yuan, and it is expected that the market size of e-sports industry will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2019.

  From 2019 to 2024, the scale of China’s e-sports industry is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of about 18.75%. By 2024, the market scale of China’s e-sports industry is expected to exceed 270 billion yuan.

  In the first half of 2019, the number of e-sports users in China reached 440 million, up 11.2% year-on-year, and there were more than 440,000 e-sports practitioners. At this stage, the demand for talents in the domestic e-sports industry is mainly concentrated in the service jobs of competitions, and the proportion of related jobs is as high as 67.5%. In the first half of 2019, the average monthly recruitment salary of major positions in the e-sports industry reached 9032 yuan, which was 12.5% higher than the overall average recruitment salary of the whole industry.

  In the 2019 League of Legends Global Finals, the number of people watching the game at the same time peaked at 44 million, with an average of 21.8 million viewers per minute.

  Sun chenpeng finishing

Anime, Happy New Year and Welcome to the New Year. The Central Radio and Television General Station released a new film of 2022 key projects.

  On January 14th, CCTV Animation Group, the general radio and television station of China, released 2022 key projects and new films, and 21 animation masterpieces with China spirit, China culture and Chinese strength appeared. Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Central Radio and Television General Station, attended the event, set a file for the opening of the animation blockbuster with the theme of Chinese New Year and Winter Olympics, and started the strategy of "Animation China" with the guests. The colorful animation blockbusters will feast the eyes of the majority of young people.

  According to reports, the creation strategy of "Anime China" released by CCTV Animation Group at the general station will continue to launch China "Ming" series, which includes promoting excellent traditional culture, highlighting the beauty of humanities and arts, telling the glorious history of red, writing about people’s struggle and praising the spirit of the times, so that the vast number of young people can appreciate the unique charm of Chinese culture and feel the infinite power of role models of the times.


  现场发布的“国风经典 传统文化”板块中,有弘扬围棋文化和竞技精神的《新围棋少年》,讲述经典民间故事的《故事奶奶》,以及阐释中华民族创造智慧的《巧手鲁班》和立足敦煌文化、丝路精神的《敦煌的故事》等。

  “时代新作 童心筑梦”板块,集中发布了一批体现新时代人民美好生活和中国精神的动漫大作:有表现团队合作精神的《超能钢小侠》,反映少年儿童七彩梦想的《星星梦》,展现智能科技改变生活的《新大头儿子和小头爸爸——智能小当家》,以及《棉花糖和云朵妈妈——快乐生活》《黄河传奇》和《篮球旋风》第二季等。

  In the section of "Beauty, Harmony and Symbiosis", the series of cartoon products "Panda Harmony" jointly created by Headquarters and international media are mainly recommended, including the cartoon "Panda and Gumi Bear" co-produced by China and Germany. The cartoon image of kindness, generosity and modesty is deeply loved by children all over the world.

  In the section of "Light and Shadow Screen Feast", four animated movies were released. Among them, the original classic animation brand "Big Head Son" of the reception desk will launch an animated movie about space theme and the first real-life movie this year; The "Cotton Candy and Cloud Mom" series will also launch the first animated family movie. In addition, the co-produced animated film "Dream of Ze" will also officially debut.

  During the winter vacation, the reception desk carefully prepared a novel and unique animation dinner for the majority of teenagers. New Chinese New Year film "Anime New Year — — Jin Hu Gifts will be broadcast on the prime time of CCTV Children’s Channel on January 30th and 31st. The second season of the New Year sitcom "New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad" and the animated blockbuster "Ice Hockey Whirlwind" with the theme of Winter Olympics will also be broadcast on the children’s channel on January 22 and 30, respectively.

  Xue Jijun, member of the editorial meeting of the Central Radio and Television General Station, Dong Weimin, chief accountant, Zhao Jiachen, chairman of Beijing Performing Arts Group, Wu Yuzhong, former president of Beijing Children’s Art Theatre and a famous writer of children’s literature, as well as the heads of relevant departments of the General Station, experts in the space field in China and representatives of the animation creative team attended the release event.

  (Photo: Fu Bo Zhu Yan Yan Shen)

[See you at 8 o’clock] That’s him! The first person to run a marathon for two hours appeared!

  CCTV News:At 8 o’clock every day, CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours.


  ● The Emergency Management Department organized 16 inspection teams in September, and found more than 680 hidden dangers in 14 provinces and regions.

  ● The Ministry of Education proposes to strengthen the examination of undergraduate physical education class, and cannot graduate if the physical health is not up to standard.

  ● The Civil Aviation Administration responded that there were more tourists than passengers at Daxing Airport, indicating that the airport was running smoothly.

  ● Beijing plans to introduce a policy to link uncivilized behaviors such as hegemony and high-altitude parabolic objects with the settlement of points.

  ● Tianjin prohibits off-campus online training institutions from hiring in-service teachers in primary and secondary schools.

  ● According to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation, the top penalty will be imposed on vehicles that are seriously overloaded and overrun.

  ● The investigation of the rollover bridge accident in Wuxi was carried out in an all-round way, and many people were taken compulsory measures.

  ● The expedition team went to Songyuan, Jilin Province to look for "meteorites", and the search scope has been narrowed.

  ● Liu Zili, former general manager of Kweichow Moutai Distillery, and other three people were prosecuted.


  ● According to media reports, about 100,000 people in northeastern Syria were displaced by Turkey’s military operations against Syrian Kurdish armed forces.

  ● Mountain fires in California have caused 2 deaths and nearly 100,000 residents have been forced to evacuate.

  ● Boeing 737MAX was confirmed to have security holes, and Boeing CEO announced his resignation as chairman.

  ● German DMK Dairy Group and Fudeselan Dairy Company issued a notice saying that "individual low-fat milk" was found to be contaminated by Aeromonas hydrophila and Aeromonas caviae, and it was recalled urgently.

  ● Korean railway workers went on strike for three days, and the Korean Railway Corporation launched an emergency plan.

  ● The bus carrying 17 tourists from China in Thailand rolled over and 7 tourists from China were slightly injured.

  ● Two dolphins in Bali, which have been kept in captivity for 15 years, have finally regained their freedom, but one is blind and the other is mentally abnormal.

  [hundred States]

  ● A sudden shipwreck accident occurred in Wuxi section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and the maritime department has dealt with it urgently.

  ● Beijing Renyi will hold a "training class for performers" to attract outstanding actors who are suitable for themselves.

  ● The post of retired cadres of a court in Jiangxi Province reflects that the case is not accurate in nature, and the official response is carrying out verification and verification.

  ● Following the "1 yuan changed the orientation of friends circle", WeChat asked Taobao to remove related services.

  ● The wool party cracked the shared charging treasure and resold it online. The lawyer said that this move was suspected of committing a crime.

  ● Shanxi firefighters picked up the fire-breathing gas tank and rushed down to the fourth floor, and their hands were blistered.

  ● More than 80% of the respondents said that it is necessary to legislate to punish crossing the road and playing with mobile phones.

  ● Chengdu University of Technology responded that the dog abuse incident of Zhou Moumou, a graduate student of the school, was true and Zhou Moumou had been dropped out of school.

  ● Actor Michelle Ye’s high-speed rail prevented the "foreigners" from being detained, and 12306 said that it would strengthen its work.

  Visual sense

  ● On the 12th, the Haiphong Bridge on Dong ‘an Island in Xiapu County, Fujian Province was opened to traffic, ending the 500-year history of people on the island.

  ● A few days ago, Lubei Salt Field in Wudi County, Shandong Province entered the sea salt harvest season, and the dotted salt ponds decorated the earth with colorful pictures.

  ● A few days ago, the Royal Mint launched the first pure gold debit card, which cost about 18,700 pounds.


  ● "Kurds are our brothers, and the goal of our struggle is to oppose terrorist organizations."

  — — Turkish President Erdogan said that the Turkish military will continue to crack down on Kurdish militants in northern Syria. He insisted that the target was not "our brothers" Kurds, but terrorists.

  ● "The first sport I played was boxing. After the nose was broken, everything stopped. I didn’t go to see a doctor. Someone helped me set my bones. It took me a long time to grow up. "

  — — Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin said when communicating with boxers.


  ● Kevin &bull, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States; Kevin McAleenan submitted his resignation to the White House. Subsequently, President Trump also tweeted to confirm the news.

  ● Erud Kipchoge, a famous Kenyan long-distance runner, successfully finished the race in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds, becoming the first marathon runner in the world to run into the two-hour mark.

  See you at 8 o’clock tomorrow!

  Editor: Xiao Xiao

Song Kai visited Qatar, and the China Football Association restarted "football diplomacy"

Reporter Jin Cuo reports On October 31st, local time, Song Kai, the new president of China Football Association, appeared at the AFC Annual Awards Ceremony, which was his first visit since he took office. Song Kai’s move hoped to restart China’s football diplomacy and open up the situation.

In January this year, Du Zhaocai, then vice-chairman and secretary of the Party Committee of the Football Association, was elected as a director of FIFA, with 18 votes at the bottom, and was unable to be re-elected. Due to the special regulations of the AFC (only one election was allowed), China Football was "aphasia" in the executive committee of the highest institution of the AFC for the first time.

Subsequently, the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the 16 committees under the AFC were adjusted, and no one in the China Football Association was elected.

However, according to the current "status" of China football, whether it is elected as a director or not has little influence, because even when Zhang Jian and Du Zhaocai were directors, it didn’t bring much help to China football. Even when Du Zhaocai was the chairman of the arbitration committee, China football didn’t even benefit from it, and even suffered a lot when facing the West Asian teams.

In fact, after Zhang Jilong, China’s football diplomacy or "foreign affairs" has been "aphasia". Since then, neither Zhang Jian nor Du Zhaocai has done it, especially Du Zhaocai.

That is to say, after Zhang Jilong’s retirement, China’s football diplomacy has been broken, and the "advantages" of Chen Chengda, Xu Fang and Zhang Jilong, which come down in one continuous strain, are gone.

For Song Kai, there are many things to do after taking over the mess of China Football Association. Youth training and league matches are very important. Judging from his trip to Doha, football diplomacy has not been neglected, or an open attitude.

In the past, some leaders of the Football Association actually did not attach importance to football diplomacy, and some were jealous and some were disdainful of Zhang Jilong’s contribution. Despite Zhang Jilong’s persuasion, Nan Yong "formed an alliance" with Haman, then president of the Asian Football Association, and got a temporary "pleasure" for a football player in China. At that time, he was full of pride. "What football diplomacy is, it’s just interests."

Nan Yong’s words have some truth. "Interests" are indeed fundamental, but connections are also indispensable. Otherwise, there is no channel for "mutual benefit", or why do people believe you? Haman took over at that time, mainly because he was under siege and needed an "exit".

At present, the situation in the AFC is that "the west wind overwhelms the east wind", and for many years, it is very difficult for China football to regain its voice, which Song Kai should be aware of.

In 2013, with the support of Blatter, Salman ascended the presidency of the AFC, and was re-elected for three times since then. The latest term is in 2027. From the current point of view, he has completely controlled the AFC, with no opponents, and his power is better than that of Haman. His secretariat manages almost everything.

Over the years, China’s football diplomacy has been guided by the principle of "following the establishment", which has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you can sometimes have a sip of soup, but the disadvantage is that you can only have soup.

Previously, China football could not speak because it could not bring "benefits". At that time, many sponsors of the AFC were Japanese and Korean companies, while there were almost no in China; Later, China enterprises participated extensively, but did not express their due "interest demands". They only paid money and did nothing.

For China football, a good opportunity is that an enterprise in China won the business development right of AFC for 8 years (from 2021 to 2028) for 2.4 billion US dollars in 2018. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, the company lost money for years and was unable to pay the relevant funds, so it had to re-sign the contract and give up most of the benefits. Among them, AFC suffered heavy losses, and China football was also negatively affected.

Since then, China Football Association gave up the right to host the Asian Cup, which also caused dissatisfaction with the Asian Football Association. Among them, Du Zhaocai’s "inaction" was involved.

Therefore, in a certain period of time in the future, China football must regain its "trust" and establish new "contacts" with the world football. Song Kai revealed that the China Football Association is discussing matters related to hosting the World Youth Championship and the World Youth Championship.

In addition, China enterprises that sponsor FIFA and AFC must form a joint force and work closely with the Football Association to maximize the interests of all parties.

During his stay in Doha, Song Kai first met with AFC President Salman and talked with some AFC leaders. Accompanied by Song Kai, Luo Zhao, who has worked in the Foreign Affairs Department of the Football Association for many years, is very familiar with many things about the AFC.

Later on October 30th, local time, Song Kai met Salman on the day he arrived in Doha. Salman congratulated Song Kai on his election as president of China Football Association and reiterated that AFC will continue to cooperate with China Football Association. "I believe that under the leadership of Mr. Song Kai, China football will be promoted to a higher level." Salman said that he was concerned about Song Kai’s remarks. "We have seen the determination of the leadership of the new China Football Association." Song Kai expressed his appreciation and welcome for Salman’s commitment. Salman revealed that the AFC will have a series of concrete development plans to help China’s football continue to develop.

On the 31st, on the day of the AFC Awards Ceremony, Song Kai also had a talk with relevant people of AFC. Although he didn’t have a thorough understanding, he at least laid a foundation. In fact, Zhang Jilong once said that China’s football diplomacy is nothing more than four words: making friends.

Of course, it is whimsical to expect Song Kai to restart football diplomacy at once and even achieve results. After all, he is only a "newcomer", but at least, he has taken the first step. In the future, under the guidance of the policy of "making friends", he will be down-to-earth and may recover lost ground.

17 days, 9 flights and more than 100 flights! Chengdu airport drones are accused of being behind the scenes.

  CCTV News:At about 18: 00 on April 30, another incident of UAV interfering with civil aviation flight occurred at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, resulting in 10 alternate flights. Previously, since April 14, there have been eight incidents of drone interference in Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, causing a total of more than 100 flights to be alternated, returned or delayed, which is unprecedented in density and harm.

  On April 20th, the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department issued an official notice to sort out three incidents of "unmanned aerial vehicles disturbing navigation" from 14th to 18th:

  At 14: 05 on April 14th, in the area 30 kilometers north of the west runway of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (located in Pidu District), UAV activities were found in the airport clearance protection area, which caused three flights over Chengdu to bypass, and the ground flight of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport waited for 5 minutes.

  At 14: 13 on April 17th, in the area 18km north of the west runway of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (located in Pidu District), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were found in the airport clearance protection area, which caused many intra-regional flights to wait in the air, causing 12 flights to Chengdu to alternate to other airports.

  At 18: 26 and 18: 38 on April 18th, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were found in the airport clearance protection zone, 3.7 km north of the west runway of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (located in Shuangliu District) and 14.8 km on the same side (located in chongzhou city), respectively, resulting in 22 flights to Chengdu being diverted to other airports, and 23 flights leaving the port delayed.

  Although the public security department made it clear on the same day that "once discovered, the relevant departments will pursue criminal responsibility according to law", the "unmanned aerial vehicle jamming" at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport reached a "small climax" on April 21.

  In the afternoon of April 21st, during the three hours, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport was interfered by four "Black Flying" drones, resulting in 58 flights being diverted to Xi ‘an, Chongqing, Guiyang and Mianyang airports, and four planes returning, and more than 10,000 passengers were stranded at the airport.

  Moreover, on April 26, April 27 and April 30 last week, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport once again suffered from "unmanned aerial vehicle interference" incidents.

  A person in charge of a flight club said that he also thought this was a case before.However, the recent practice of ignoring public safety and openly provoking the bottom line of the government and the public is somewhat unreasonable. "If it is once or twice, it is normal, but it cannot be considered as an isolated incident when it happens so many times."

  Three "black flies" were arrested. The progress in detecting nine cases of "unmanned aerial vehicles disturbing navigation" has not yet been announced.

  On April 22, Chengdu police officially reported two cases of illegal flight of unmanned aerial vehicles in the clearance area that had not been "disturbed".

  @ Chengdu Jinniu Public Security Bulletin, "At 17:30 pm on April 19th, our bureau received instructions from the command center of the Municipal Bureau, and someone was flying a drone on Xingke North Road in Jin Quan. The patrol police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested Zhao (male, 33 years old, from this city) who was illegally operating the drone in the clearance area of Shuangliu Airport. "

  @ Ping An Shuangliu Bulletin, "At 11 o’clock on April 21, 2017, our bureau received a report from the masses, and someone flew a drone on an unnamed road in Xiehe Street. The patrol police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested Dai (male, 21 years old, from Chengdu) who was controlling the drone flight in Shuangliu Airport Clearance Protection Zone. "

  On April 23, Chengdu police officially announced a case of illegal flight of drones seized:

  Qingyang District Branch of Chengdu Public Security Bureau @ Ping An Qingyang issued a police notice: "At 12 o’clock on April 23, 2017, our bureau received a report from the masses that someone flew a drone in Jindu Community, No.3 Tonghuimen Road. The police of our bureau immediately rushed to the scene and intercepted Lin (male, 30 years old, from Fujian) who was flying the drone in the clearance protection area of Shuangliu Airport. "

  All three notices pointed out that, in view of the fact that the above actions have not affected the normal take-off and landing of airport flights, at present, according to the provisions of Item 2, Paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Law on Public Security Administration Punishment, the above-mentioned persons are punished by administrative detention for 5 days in order to disturb the order of public places.

  Up to now, Chengdu police have not announced the detection progress of the aforementioned nine cases of "unmanned aerial vehicles disturbing navigation".

  Drones endanger take-off and landing: it is forbidden to fly around within a radius of 30 kilometers of the airport.

  Why are drones repeatedly banned in the airport clearance protection zone? What impact will its appearance have on airports and flights?

  An aviation industry source who did not want to be named revealed that drones, balloons, birds, Kongming lanterns, etc. appeared in the airport clearance protection area.It will disrupt the normal flight order. When the plane avoids them, it may change its route. In case of an emergency, it may collide. "That must be a major disaster."

  He said that if the flight encounters a drone, when the crew or air traffic controllers get the news, they will immediately notify the airport public security bureau, then report it step by step and notify the local police station. If the coordinates of the drone have been located, it will be required to land. There is no positioning in a short time. Usually, in order to avoid tragedy, the plane will be commanded to hover at high altitude and wait for or alternate to other airports.

  At the same time, a captain who flies A330 aircraft in Sichuan Airlines revealed that civil aviation is the most dangerous when taking off and landing. At this time, "the flying height is very low, only more than 1,000 meters, and the flying speed is very fast, with a speed of about 300 kilometers per hour." In this case, if you encounter a bird weighing 3 kg, the impact on the aircraft will be very great. "When the flying height of the drone coincides with the height of the plane when it descends, once it collides, the highly combustible lithium battery of the drone will cause great harm to the aircraft engine."

  Flying drones found in 12 districts and counties involved in Sichuan clearance area can be reported.

  In response to such "black flying" and "flying around" behaviors, on September 1 last year, the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department, the Air Force Staff of the Western Theater, the Southwest Regional Administration of Civil Aviation, and the Southwest Regional Air Traffic Management Bureau of Civil Aviation jointly formulated and issued the Notice on Strengthening the Security Protection of the Clearance Area of Military and Civil Aviation Airports in the Province, emphasizing that it is forbidden to engage in flying activities such as drones and aviation models in the airport clearance area, and it is strictly forbidden to fly Kongming lanterns and unmanned free balloons.

   The circular also encourages the masses to actively discover, persuade and report illegal acts that may disrupt flight safety. For those who still refuse to listen to dissuasion after criticism and education, the public security organs will jointly investigate and deal with the air force, civil aviation and other relevant departments according to law if they release small aircraft such as drones and model airplanes and airborne objects that disrupt the air operation order of the airport and threaten the flight safety of military and civil aviation; Those who intentionally commit illegal and criminal activities and violate the administration of public security shall be punished by the public security organs according to law. If the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

  Special reminder: Can drones fly? Can! But you have to apply!

  Can drones fly within the clearance protection zone of Shuangliu Airport? If you can fly, how to operate it is not "black flying" and "flying around"? At present, fliers can apply in two ways: the first way is to prepare materials for themselves and submit applications to the Western Theater and the Southwest Civil Aviation Bureau; The second is submitted through the Southwest UAV Flight Service Center.

  According to the relevant person in charge, if the drone flies in the clearance protection area, it must submit a declaration to the service center, and then carry out the flight plan after approval. In addition, like cars, drone drivers must be trained to learn meteorology, airspace regulations, flight principles, etc., and obtain corresponding qualifications after passing the exam.

After 15 years of taking root in wildlife protection, he said that the biodiversity in Chengdu is beyond imagination.

He wears a pair of glasses, speaks politely, and smiles when talking about animals. This is the impression that Red Star journalists saw Wu Jiawei.
Wu Jiawei is the Secretary-General of the Expert Advisory Committee on the Protection and Management of Wild Animals and Plants and the Prevention and Control of Epidemic Focuses and Diseases in Chengdu. Since childhood, he has been with nature and turned his hobby into a career. From playing in the fields and observing animals as a child, to participating in scientific research projects in college, and now insisting on wildlife protection for 15 years, Wu Jiawei has always been rooted in his passionate field.
"The biodiversity of Chengdu is far beyond our imagination. With the deepening of research, there are many surprises." Wu Jiawei said, "With the development of the city, many other species can still survive in the city. This scene of harmony between man and nature can enhance the happiness of people living in this city."
▲ Wu Jiawei
Take root in wildlife protection for 15 years
"Only by finding a better way to get along with nature can development be sustainable"
Wu Jiawei still remembers the scene of running in the farmland of Chengdu Chadianzi District when he was a child. In the 1990s, there were many native wild animals in the tea shops. Chasing dragonflies in the ridges and catching frogs in the fields became Wu Jiawei’s initial natural enlightenment.
"I found a frog before, with a triangular figure and a tree-ring style on the back. I gave him a name in my observation diary, the tree frog. Later, I learned that it was actually a striped frog. " Wu Jiawei said that it was these childhood experiences that aroused his interest in exploring nature. "People living in the world, seeing other lives and interacting with other lives, will be curious and happy from the heart."
Wu Jiawei majored in forestry in university. During his college years, he was invited to participate in the field investigation of amphibians and reptiles in southwest mountainous areas led by many research institutes at home and abroad. During this period, he went to Dulong River area at the border of Yunnan and Myanmar, Gaoligong Mountain, Xishuangbanna at the border of Yunnan and Laos, Daliangshan District in Sichuan and Qionglai Mountain to conduct field investigation. After graduation, he took root in the field of wildlife protection, which lasted for 15 years.
Over the years, hard work and tiredness are nothing to work in the inaccessible field, and Wu Jiawei has also encountered many dangers. Once doing a bird survey in Dujiangyan, Wu Jiawei accidentally fell off a cliff, but fortunately he hung on a branch. Although he encountered many difficulties, Wu Jiawei still described his work as "lucky". "Fortunately, I have been doing the same thing for decades and doing research with scientists, and I have never been separated from the relationship with wild animals. He also went to more than 20 countries to exchange and study, and discussed how the community can participate in nature protection and how to protect wild animals and plants, thus forming a person’s life accumulation. These are the gains of life. "
Speaking of harvest, Wu Jiawei shared his impressive experience. In Pingwu, Mianyang, Wu Jiawei launched a sustainable management project of Chinese herbal medicine resources, established a professional production cooperative, and provided suggestions for farmers on the sustainable collection and utilization of Chinese herbal medicines, so as to increase farmers’ income by planting medicinal materials and opening up sales channels. "Through sustainable collection and utilization, Chinese herbal medicines have brought sustainable economic income to the local area." In addition to economic income, it has also brought a lot of changes to the local environment. The villagers participated in the independent management of Chinese herbal medicine projects and also protected the habitat of giant pandas. "Let the local people know about knowledge of nature, improve their awareness of environmental protection, and at the same time promote the local economic development. Only by finding such a balance and finding a better way for local residents to get along with nature can development be sustainable. "
In June, 2012, Wu Jiawei received the award certificate of "Equator Award" at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, which was a great affirmation by the international community for the work done by China NGOs in community and nature protection. "My job can make more people feel nature and live in harmony with nature, which makes me feel gratified."
Participate in the protection of ecological environment and biodiversity in Chengdu.
"Chengdu’s biodiversity is beyond imagination"
As a native of Chengdu, Wu Jiawei also participated in the protection of Chengdu’s ecological environment and biodiversity.
Yunqiao Village, located in Pidu District, Chengdu, is an important drinking water source in Chengdu, where three rivers, namely Xuyan River, Baimu River and Baitiao River, pass through. In 2008, Wu Jiawei and his colleagues discovered a wetland in Yunqiao Village, and began to carry out environmental protection and restoration management here. "After investigation, we found that although Yunqiao Wetland has the characteristics of wetland ecosystem, the development of this small wetland is very slow due to the interference of surrounding human activities."
After years of protection and management, the area of Yunqiao Wetland has expanded, and the natural background data has become more and more abundant. Wu Jiawei was pleasantly surprised to tell the reporter that a new species of blue-nosed partridge was also discovered in Yunqiao Wetland. "This species was officially named by scientists in March 2020, which is also the discovery of a rare new species of vertebrates in Chengdu Plain." Wu Jiawei said that it is very rare to find this in densely populated areas. "This also shows that in Pidu District, because of the primitive environment of rivers and wetlands, it provides a living environment for blue-nosed thrush."
"There is another interesting thing. Have you noticed the gecko in Chengdu?" Wu Jiawei said with a smile, "It is the gecko that I often saw lying on the wall when I was a child. Now I can see it in parks or some old buildings. You may not think that this gecko is a new species that has never been named. It was named’ Chengdu Gecko’ this year. "
Wu Jiawei told reporters that scientists used to think that the gecko species in Chengdu was a webbed-toed gecko widely distributed in China, but neglected the research on this gecko species. "With the development of morphology and biology, scientists found that the gecko species in Chengdu are different from other species. Because of the particularity of Chengdu Plain, there is a high mountain barrier, which is a kind of geographical isolation. This species has its own characteristics, so it was named’ Chengdu Gecko’."
"The biodiversity of Chengdu is far beyond our imagination. With the deepening of research, there are many surprises." Wu Jiawei said that while the city develops, many other species can still survive in the city, which shows that the development of the city is not destructive to nature, but can coexist harmoniously with nature. Wu Jiawei said that Chengdu has a good habitat environment, geographical isolation conditions and many endemic species. "And Chengdu is the intersection of East Asia and Central Asia in bird migration. On the whole, Chengdu’s biodiversity is very good."
According to the Announcement of Forest Resources and Forestry Ecological Status in Chengdu in 2020 jointly issued by Chengdu Park Urban Construction Administration and Chengdu Academy of Agriculture and Forestry in August this year, the biodiversity resources in Chengdu were comprehensively and systematically released for the first time. At present, there are five types of ecosystems in Chengdu: forest, wetland, farmland, grassland and city. There are 4,459 species of vascular plants and 700 species of terrestrial wild vertebrates.
"Chengdu is a park city, and the city is full of greenery. This is a concept of sustainable development, taking into account urban development and the protection of the natural environment. Keeping the city’s green business card is also conducive to the development of science. " Wu Jiawei said, "Because of the rich background resources, Chengdu has great biodiversity potential. I also hope that Chengdu can strengthen ecological protection and scientific research, vigorously develop popular science and youth education, and support more parks and communities to participate in environmental protection, so that park cities can develop better from generation to generation."
Some pictures of Red Star journalist Peng Jing were provided by the interviewees.
Editor Chen Yixi
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Lantern Festival greetings 2022 short creative short sentences A complete collection of poems and ancient poems of Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival greetings 2022 short creative phrases

  1. Can you make a fortune after eating round dumplings?

  2. I hope life can be as sweet as this dumpling.

  3. I hope that in this life, there will always be someone waiting for you and returning to reunion.

QQ screenshot 20220214185414

  4, this world is a pleasure, but on the last Yuan Festival, the whole family gathered around the stove to taste Yuanxiao.

  5, the Lantern Festival is full at the beginning of the month, and the human festival is celebrated in the New Year. Firewood and silver flowers spend all night, watching lanterns and guessing riddles and eating dumplings. Men and women, old and young, smile and bless their companions. May everything go well in the Lantern Festival and be happy forever!

  6. When the Lantern Festival comes, the spring will return, and the Yuan Dynasty will start laughing and laughing again. Decorated with lanterns and colorful decorations, solve riddles on the lanterns is willing to meet shoulder to shoulder. After guessing riddles, I went home and tasted dumplings and enjoyed the full moon. Life is beautiful and sweet as honey, and I am happy forever. I wish you a happy Lantern Festival!

  7. Smooth at home, smooth outside, smooth mind: smooth career, smooth future, smooth and smooth: smooth heaven and earth, smooth human feelings, smooth weather: smooth now, smooth in the future and smooth sailing! Happy Lantern Festival for the whole family!

  8, Lantern Festival, family reunion, make a wish round and round; Japanese yen, full moon, round and round; Official sources, financial resources, and both sources; The popularity and happiness are endless. Sincerely bless you: May it be your wish! Happy Lantern Festival!

Poems and ancient poems of Lantern Festival

The fifteenth night of the first month

(Tang) Su Weidao

  Silver flowers as shining Lanterns on trees blaze, This very night the bridge towards bright stars opens.

  The crowd surged, the dust float in the sky under the hoofs of the horses; Moonlight all over every corner, where people can see the moon overhead.

  The singers in the moonlight shadow, dressed up and made up, sang " the plum blossom" on one side.

  The capital has been abolished, and the timing of the jade leakage you do not rush, mo let this year only once the lantern festival night in a hurry.

Magnolia order

(Song) Su Shi

  Lantern Festival seems to be a good time to swim. What’s more, there are few lawsuits between the public and the people.

  Ten thousand people visit the spring platform, and ten miles of immortals are fascinated by the island.

  The plains are not as proud as Levin. Promote the grace of the seat and accompany the smile.

  There are guests who are drunk and affectionate, and they will not hesitate to fight drunk in Yushan.

Shengchazi Yuanxi

(Song) Ouyang Xiu

  On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the flower market lights are as bright as the day.

  At the end of the month, it is about dusk.

  The lantern festival on the fifteenth day of the first month of this year, the moonlight and the lights are still the same as last year.

  No longer saw last year’s old friend, tears of tears were wet to the clothes.


Cui ye

  Don’t rush the jade leaking from the copper pot, and the iron lock will be opened all night.

  Who can sit around on the moon and smell the lights?

Watch the lights for fifteen nights

(Tang) Lu Zhaolin

  A fragrant banquet was held in Jinli, and Lan Gangyan was in his early years.

  The color is far away, and the light is far away.

  After the Chinese suspect that the stars are falling, the building is like a moon hanging.

  Don’t have a thousand smiles, come and show the front of the nine branches.

  (Blue cylinder, another blue-red version)

On the evening of January, lanterns were built in the thoroughfare and the south tower was built at night.

(Sui) Emperor Yangdi

  The Falun turns in the sky, and the Brahma sounds in the sky;

  The lamp tree shines thousands of times, and the flowers bloom seven times.

  The moon shadow is suspicious of flowing water, and the spring breeze contains night plums;

  Burning the golden land, the clock sends the glass platform.

Night light on the fifteenth day of the first month

(Tang) Zhang Hu

  Thousands of doors are unlocked, and the lights are bright. In the middle of the first month, it moved to Beijing.

  Three hundred wives danced in sleeves, and when they entered the sky, they wrote words.

Yuanye impromptu

(Tang) Han Wo

  The Lantern Festival is clear and beautiful, and the silk rain is raining to the evening.

  The laurel rabbit hides its light, clouds and leaves are heavy, and Candle dragon holds the moon and the moon bright.

  The smoke is empty, but the back is as moist as cream, and the seats are forgotten to drip.

  Let’s wait until the opening of Ji tonight, and the chariots and horses in Jiuqu will not hinder the trip.

Shangyuan Zhuzhi Ci

(Qing) Fu Zeng

  Sweet-scented osmanthus stuffing is wrapped in walnuts, and the rice is like a pearl well.

  See that Ma’s family is good at dropping powder, and try to sell Yuanxiao in the wind.

Poetry saying

  (Tang) Li Shangyin

  Emperors of all, the moonlight everywhere, such as water, the festive lantern mountain, the ornate Eclectic carriages blocked the spacious avenue.

  In his spare time, he was unable to witness the grand occasion of the lantern festival in the year of zhongxing, and had to take the Fellow to see the temple fair to meet the god of Zigu.

Shang yuan ying zhi

(Song) Cai Xiang

  There are thousands of peaks and treasures in the mountains, and the side of the door is happy and green.

  It’s not a three-night trip, but it’s also a pleasure.

  The sky is clear, leaving this evening, and the world is in harmony with chun yin.

  You should know that you have been deeply loved for more than forty years.

Qing Yu an yuan Xi

(Song) Xin Qiji

  One night’s east wind adorns a thousand trees with flowers, And blows down stars in showers.

  The BMW carving car is full of fragrance, and the phoenix is moving.

  The jade pot shines, and the fish and dragons dance all night.

  Moth, snow, willow, golden thread, laughter and fragrance go away.

  Looking for him in the crowd, I suddenly looked back.

  The man was there, in the dim light.


(Song) Li Qingzhao

  The sunset melts gold, and the twilight clouds combine. Where are people?

  How much do you know about spring when you dye willow smoke and blow plum flute?

  Is there no wind and rain in the Lantern Festival when the weather is in harmony?

  Come and greet BMW and thank him for his wine friends and poems.

  Zhongzhou is in its heyday, and the boudoir has more leisure. Remember to focus on three to five.

  Pave the green crown, twist the golden snow willow, and cluster the belt to fight for Chu.

  Now haggard, clouds and snow, afraid to go out at night.

  It’s better to listen to people laughing under the curtain.

night of the 15th of the first lunar month

(Song) Chen Yuyi

  It’s a beautiful day tonight, and it’s too late.

  It’s bright after the rain, and the clouds are flowing at the edge of the moon.

  Bucket handle hangs from the eaves, and the bamboos are slightly blown.

  I can’t sleep over this, and I can’t walk around the court.

  Far away, the pagoda is on the top, and several stars are red and colorful.

  Knowing how to burn a lamp in the evening, the festival is also full of meaning.

  The past dynasties can write a few poems, and they are full of precious jade.

  The crow is undecided, and it is even more lonely with Yu Du.

  In a hundred years, sorrow and joy are in a dilemma.

  Only when you are as long as you are today, loneliness will send you cold.

  That’s all about the short creative phrases of Lantern Festival greetings 2022, the poems and ancient poems of Lantern Festival!

Editor in charge: Li Xiaoling

Romantic Direct Attack on Movie Channel —— The Third Lushan International Love Movie Week

Special feature of 1905 film network "Ignorance is also a kind of romance!" At the theme ceremony of the third Lushan International Love Film Week, the director who was in the "Flowers" sent handwritten golden sentences from afar, redefining the myth of "not knowing the true face" of the ancients. Before the body arrives, light and shadow come first. After a lapse of 28 years, a film led the fate of "Sunglasses King" and Lushan Mountain from ignorance to mutual understanding; The movie channel also uses the most romantic way to build a bridge between Lushan Mountain and the audience of the whole network.








"Neither of us had ever been in love at that time, and that kiss was very pure." But there is a "thrilling" moment behind this shallow kiss on the cheek. "At that time, a reporter on the other side of the mountain was taking a sneak shot. As young actors, we were also very young, which was equivalent to artificially creating some pressure. This scene was also filmed three times."

Guo Kaimin returns to the location of romance on lushan mountain.

This "New China’s First Kiss on Screen" was shown in romance on lushan mountain Cinema for 42 years. This theater, named after romance on lushan mountain, continues to set the Guinness World Record, and has also become a must-see stop for tourists to punch in Lushan Mountain.

"We saw this movie in the 1980s, and this time we are here to relive the old dream." A Tianjin audience who will watch "romance on lushan mountain" with his wife again, when interviewed live, felt that it was this innovative film that presented the details of young people’s love, shaped their own love view and was the deepest emotional memory of their youth.

Romance on lushan mountain cinema

Lushan Mountain is a leisurely place in the world. Talking about the Lushan International Love Film Week, which came to the third year, Wang Bin, deputy secretary and director of the Party Committee of Lushan Administration and deputy secretary and mayor of Lushan Municipal Committee, pointed out that internationality and innovation are the characteristics of this film week. In addition to inviting many internationally renowned filmmakers to participate online and offline, they also innovatively introduced young and fashionable activities such as "Love Lushan" short film season and love flash.

Wang Bin, Deputy Secretary and Director of the Party Committee of Lushan Administration, and Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Lushan Municipal Committee, introduced the film week.

For 42 years, the fashion beauty of romance on lushan mountain is unbeaten. Wei Li, editor-in-chief of the video platform of the 1905 movie network, vividly remembers the fashion show of Zhou Jun, the heroine of "romance on lushan mountain" played by Zhang Yu, in which the vivid colors and materials are even more regarded as the creator of love space. "Wearing in movies often leads to the fashion of an era, and the reason why it doesn’t seem abrupt in the film is precisely because it comes from life."

Wei Li, Editor-in-Chief of Video Platform of 1905 Movie Network

Taking the modeling creativity in recent years’ film works and the fashion items displayed on the spot as examples, Li Zhou, a film and television modeling director and Li Na, a fashion designer, who visited the 1905 live studio successively, both found the beauty of simplicity in retro design. Like many designers, Li Na once dreamed of making her own clothes walk on the runway with supermodels. "But in fact, it is the most proud to make ordinary people like you and me dress in fashion and satisfaction."

Film and television modeling director Li Zhou

Fashion designer Li Na (first from right)

Falling in love with movies, immortals and couples have golden sentences, and there are still myths on the love screen.

If the romance summarized by Wong Kar-wai with "ignorance" is too abstract, then the sweet display of more guests in the live broadcast will convey the different ways of writing the word "love" concretely and slightly.

Couples who made their debut in a large-scale event were hired as ambassadors of this Lushan International Love Film Week. In front of the heart-shaped wall at the entrance ceremony, Sun Honglei looked at his wife happily and joked, "Don’t watch love movies, just watch me.". When he read the love essay written on the eve of the ceremony, he even choked up and cried. "He is for the sake of what? The answer is: because of love. "

Image ambassadors Sun Honglei and Wang Jundi.

Gina Alice Redlinger, who brought the theme song of the love song and dance film to play and sing on the stage at the ceremony, kept her lover’s name on her lips all the time in the previous live interview. If a movie is used to describe their love, Gina chooses to name that life work Lang Lang and Gina.

In the name of the recommended film, the filmmaker made a "boastful" confession to his wife, Alice Chan, who came on stage together, and generously admitted that Chen Weishi, who was pursuing one of the "Five Golden Flowers" in Class 85 of Chinese Opera that year, saw this classic film with more beautiful songs and beauties.

Zhang Guangbei and Alice Chan.

In addition to Five Golden Flowers, romance on lushan mountain and Chongqing Forest, it was also selected as "the classic love movie of China film history" by China Film Foundation, 1905 Film Network, China Film Criticism Society and other institutions. Under the creation of the film channel director team, the recommendation link is solemn and romantic, and it fits the characteristics of different films, and the joint promotion and honored guests set up interesting links.

As a guest presenter of Chongqing Forest, film critics and screenwriters put on sunglasses at the scene to read a speech for Wong Kar-wai, creating a surprise scene of "ignorance". In the live interview, as one of the judges, he also revealed the difficult but happy selection process for the audience. "The classic is not to watch it once and never watch it again, but to want to watch it if you have nothing to do. I just wanted to watch it for two minutes but I couldn’t stop and watch it again. This is a classic."

Shi Hang interprets classic love movies.

In order to further reveal the classics of these love masterpieces, experts in the field of emotion and film were specially invited to sit in the live broadcast room of the movie channel to interpret them.

In the view of emotional writer Su Qin, the series of comedies of A Chinese Odyssey are all about the wounds of love. From the emotional level, what she saw was "we don’t know what we want in love", and the classic of love movies is that their love is the philosophy of life.

Emotional expert Su Qin interprets A Chinese Odyssey

In addition to professional interpretation of romance on lushan mountain and other love classics, Ni Jun, an associate professor of the Central Academy of Drama, also brought a short film "Cong Cong" created by the Chinese opera student team for the short film season of "Love Lushan Mountain", showing young students’ understanding and reflection on love in different eras through their trip to Lushan Mountain at the turn of the year.

Ni Jun introduced the short film "Cong Cong" created by the team of Chinese opera students in the "Love Lushan Film and Television Short Film Season"

At the end of the theme ceremony, many filmmakers jointly announced the annual love film as a film with the audience in romance on lushan mountain Cinema. Through the video connection, the young director shared the interesting shooting and took us back to those very "spiritual" life pictures in the film.

Lucky audience in romance on lushan mountain Cinema unveiled the annual love film: Love Myth.

Starting from the classics, soar to the future. Movies that share a better life, with the enthusiastic participation of more young filmmakers, will also create more myths for love on the screen.

After the Hundred Flowers Event, the movie channel kept busy in August, offering three high-quality live media-melting activities, namely "Believe in the Power of the Audience" 2022 Weibo Movie Night, "Direct Attack on Beijing International Film Festival" 2022 and "Direct Attack on the Third Lushan International Love Movie Week", which were deeply planned and carefully produced at the gala evening and live broadcast program levels, giving consideration to both professionalism and mass, attracting many powerful filmmakers and guests to participate, and the activities were hot for topics.

The host of the admission ceremony, Li Dan and Roman, explored the backstage.

During the year, a number of large-scale film cultural activities will follow. With the high expectations given by the public, the movie channel will live up to its good image and social influence in the eyes of viewers and netizens, and continue to offer more loving answers with creativity and sincerity.