Safer than a fuel truck! BYD Han EV has secret weapons.

As the main means of transportation in modern society, automobile safety always ranks first. In the era of traditional fuel vehicles, automobile safety is mainly reflected in active and passive safety such as collision safety. With the rapid development of new energy and intelligent technology, automobile safety has entered the multi-dimensional safety field. So how to judge whether a new energy vehicle is safe enough? How do consumers choose their favorite new energy vehicles? Today, we will talk about how pure electric vehicles can be safer than fuel vehicles around BYD Han EV (hereinafter referred to as Han EV).

Safety is the greatest luxury of electric vehicles.

Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD Auto, once said, "Safety is the greatest luxury of electric vehicles". Consumers have different demands for electric vehicles, but safety is the number one enemy that hinders the better and faster development of electric vehicles. With the substantial increase in the number of electric vehicles, the risk of traffic accidents has also increased accordingly. The safety problem of electric vehicles caused by power batteries is also the main factor restricting the development of new energy vehicles. As we all know, Han EV has very strict and high standards in safety design. As one of the core components of electric vehicles, the safety of batteries largely determines the safety performance foundation of electric vehicles. The appearance of BYD’s "blade battery" has promoted the safety of batteries to a new height, and at the same time, it has also enabled Han EV to get ahead of the competition in the automobile market.

At present, the batteries of pure electric vehicles in China include Ferrous lithium phosphate and ternary lithium battery. Compared with Tesla Model 3, BYD and Tesla have completely different design styles. Model 3 uses a relatively traditional ternary lithium battery, while BYD uses a self-developed blade battery. Compared with the ternary lithium battery of Model 3, the blade battery has better stability, better cycle characteristics, safety characteristics and energy density, and longer charge and discharge life.

In many safety tests of power batteries, blade batteries performed particularly well. Among them, the acupuncture test is recognized as the most demanding test, which can be called the "Everest" of battery safety test. The results of acupuncture test are obvious. After acupuncture, BYD blade battery has no open flame and smoke, and its surface temperature is only 30-60℃.

Battery safety is highly valued, and so is voltage safety. The power battery voltage of new energy vehicles is as high as five or six hundred volts. If there is a leakage accident, it may cause serious consequences. BYD has established a corresponding voltage protection system to ensure the stable operation of high-voltage lines. Even in a serious collision accident, high-voltage power supply can be cut off at the first time to ensure the safety of consumers and rescuers.

Passive safety: Not only collision safety, BYD Han EV is more comprehensive.

Han EV has very strict and high standards in safety design. On July 21st, 2021, following the high-scoring C-IASI crash test, Han EV achieved another success, and won the C-NCAP five-star safety certification with a comprehensive score of 91.5%. As the flagship car of new energy in China, Han EV has passed the two authoritative safety tests of C-NCAP and C-IASI continuously, becoming the first new energy car with "double excellent safety certification".

The rigidity and structure of car body is an important standard to measure passive safety. On the basis of the body structure, Han EV also strengthened the design of anti-collision parts such as A-pillar and B-pillar. In the core 25% small-scale overlapping offset collision and side impact test, except for the normal deformation at the collision site, the whole cage body frame of Han EV is kept very well, and the firewall, A-pillar, B-pillar and sill beam are not obviously deformed, which shows that the passenger compartment structure is kept well and the living space of passengers is guaranteed. Han EV body structure embodies the "combination of soft and hard" in collision safety. The front cabin is fully energy-absorbed, the passenger cabin is fully supported, and so is the body material. The usage of high-strength hot-formed steel in key parts such as A, B and C columns reaches 97kg, ranking first in independent brand cars, and "really making good use of steel on the blade".

The high-strength car body keeps the passenger compartment intact in the collision, and it is also beneficial for the airbag system to open at the predetermined position, thus truly protecting the passengers. Compared with competing models Tucki P7 and Model 3 of Han EV, Han EV comes standard with 11 front double airbags, front seat side airbags, rear seat side airbags, front and rear penetrating side airbags and main driver’s knee airbags. Compared with many car companies to reduce the safety configuration of entry-level models, this shows that Han EV attaches great importance to user safety.

Active safety: technology-led, escort for safety.

With the continuous development and improvement of automobile science and technology, active safety technology is a progress and innovation in the history of automobile safety development. From the past, it relied on "seat belts" and "airbags" to passively reduce the degree of accident damage, and now it is actively preventing accidents through a large number of auxiliary scientific and technological equipment. Compared with the losses caused by accidents, avoiding accidents is an important topic of automobile safety at present.

Speaking of active safety, we have to mention a key configuration of EV-brake assist system (EBA), which is the best weapon to prevent collision. In our daily driving life, many drivers don’t have enough preparation and reaction time for unexpected situations such as "ghost probe, forced lane change", and it is easy to step on the brakes too slowly or with insufficient strength, which will cause the braking distance to be too long and lead to traffic accidents such as rear-end collision. With EBA, Han EV can monitor the front of the vehicle in real time. Once the system judges that an accident is about to happen, it will activate the brake assist and brake, which will give the driver more reaction time and avoid the accident more effectively.

The leader of new energy vehicles, the core technology lies in "three electricity"

Since its listing in July, 2020, HAN EV has been deeply favored by the public by virtue of its comprehensive leading hard-core product strength, and its sales volume has continuously led the China brand medium and large car market, and 100,000 new cars have been rolled off the assembly line on the first anniversary of its listing, creating a milestone for the upward development of new energy vehicles in China.

Compared with Tucki P7 and Model3, Han EV has an incomparable advantage: all core components of electric vehicles are self-researched. Different from traditional fuel vehicles, the core technology of electric vehicles lies in "three electricity", that is, power battery, drive motor and electronic control system. BYD has always been one of the most important suppliers of power batteries in the world. The permanent magnet synchronous motor independently developed and manufactured by BYD is also at the top level in terms of performance and efficiency. In terms of electronic control, BYD has the R&D and production capacity of IGBT and SiC chips. When almost all electric vehicle manufacturers including Tesla need to outsource such chips, this is tantamount to controlling the "lifeline" of electric vehicles.

SiC chip is the most advanced power semiconductor chip at present. In the global mass production of electric vehicles, only Model3 and Han EV use SiC chips. Different from Tesla’s outsourcing of SiC chips, Han EV is the first electric vehicle in China to apply self-developed SiC modules, which is not only the beginning of independent application of third-generation semiconductor materials, but also the beginning of this material entering high-end production vehicles. The SiC power module enables the Han EV electric drive system to maximize the power and torque, greatly improving the performance of the electric drive, and helping the whole vehicle to accelerate 100 kilometers for 3.9 seconds.

Comments on this website:After hundreds of years of historical evolution, the car has gradually changed from a means of transportation to an intelligent integrated device for life and travel. In the past, the safety of automobiles mainly depended on passive and physical protection. However, with the development of science and technology in the new era, the safety of automobiles has been promoted to a new height through active safety extended by various intelligent configurations. If the appearance value and dynamic performance are the first impressions that impress consumers, then the safety performance is the first choice for consumers. BYD Han EV has comprehensive active and passive safety equipment, black technologies such as blade batteries and auxiliary control systems, and is a trusted independent brand of consumers.

Brand-wide Force Intelligent New Energy Track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show.

  On April 18th, Great Wall Motor made a strong appearance at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in 2023 with the achievements of intelligent new energy. Five brands, Haval, Wei Brand, Euler, Tank and Great Wall Gun, brought nearly 30 products, among which over 15 intelligent new energy products made heavy appearances, and many masterpieces made the world’s first show. The first domestic 6×6 super off-road platform, off-road super hybrid architecture Hi4-T and other technologies attracted attention.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image001

  More than 300 media and dealers from more than 60 overseas countries and regions gathered at the booth of Great Wall Motor to experience the leading intelligent new energy products and technologies of Great Wall Motor. Foreign media and foreign businessmen expressed their amazement at Great Wall Motor’s strong manufacturing strength and rich intelligent new energy product matrix. At the auto show, the signing ceremony of Great Wall Motor’s global dealer partners was also successfully held, and the globalization process of GWM accelerated.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image002

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image003

  Haval Xiaolong MAX, which first took the brand-new Hi4, officially unveiled its strength to open the era of all-people electric four-wheel drive.

  Haval Xiaolong MAX, Haval Xiaolong, Haval second-generation big dog PHEV and other models were unveiled. Haval New Energy is positioned as a "global SUV expert" and practices the mission vision of "being the best SUV in every era".

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image004

  The Haval Xiaolong MAX, which is the first to take the new intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology Hi4, is specially designed for the high-order driving demand of new energy full-scene, which truly brings users a new experience of "the best efficiency in all working conditions and worry-free driving in all scenes" and leads the new energy SUV into a new era of all-people electric four-wheel drive.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image005

  Haval Xiaolong MAX is equipped with three core technologies, namely, a new generation of Coffee OS intelligent cockpit system, a coffee intelligent driving system and a new intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology Hi4. It integrates new energy and intelligent cutting-edge technology, and is committed to building a new energy intelligent family car for China families.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image006

  Wei Brand New Energy Big Six/Seven Double Flagships Debut "Blue Mountain/Alpine CP Combination" Strong Breakdown

  Wei Pai, together with Gaoshan DHT-PHEV and Lanshan DHT-PHEV, shines in the audience, demonstrating the unique charm of the six/seven double flagships of high-end intelligent new energy, and at the same time interpreting the brand positioning of Wei Pai’s "0 Anxiety Intelligent Electric".

  Wei brand’s first high-end MPV model is the world’s first show in the mountains. Based on the exclusive platform of new energy high-end MPV models, it has constructed the design concept of "everything is close to each other", and has created innovative designs of luxury MPVs in the new era, such as the front face of high mountain water curtain, the flowing grille of waterfalls, the streamer headlights of the Milky Way and the waist line of water and sky, with the harmony between man and nature as the main theme, and built a harmonious and beautiful social form.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image007

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image008

  Since its listing on April 13th, Wei Brand Blue Mountain has received rave reviews from the market with its advantages of six seats, comfortable car, world-leading hybrid DHT technology and active and passive safety. By the 18th, it had received over 5,000 large orders. As a sincere work of assembling the sophisticated technology of Great Wall Motor, the urban NOH function will be carried on the Blue Mountain to create a new experience of smart travel in the future. NOH, the city of Wei brand, is equipped with the world’s first large-scale model of automatic driving cognition, which makes intelligent driving have human thinking, make the system think and make intelligent driving more reliable.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image009

  In the strategic map of Wei brand new energy, the goal of "two horizontals and three verticals" will be completed in the future, that is, the dual energy strategy of PHEV+BEV and the overall category layout of SUV+MPV+ cars, so as to continuously create diversified travel experiences for users.

  At the auto show, Wei Pai also unveiled a "full-size, six-seat" flagship new energy SUV. In the future, together with Blue Mountain and Gaoshan, Wei Pai will become a powerful six/seven-seat market in an all-round way and jointly lead Wei Pai to continue to advance.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image010

  Take the first 1080 female safety framework, add 22 warm technology configurations, and launch 2023 Euler ballet cats.

  Euler deeply cultivated the women’s car track, bringing the industry’s first 1080 female safety architecture — — Warm technology, with 360 basic safety, 360 intelligent safety and 360 health and safety, promotes Euler to become a revolutionary of women’s car safety design, a leader of women’s car safety scenes and a global promoter of women’s car safety standards.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image011

  Euler’s first model fully equipped with warm technology — — The 2023 Euler Ballet Cat went on sale at a price of 149,800 — 179,800 yuan, adding 22 warm technology configurations, actively responding to the needs of users, strengthening the exclusive configuration for women, upgrading the female-friendly experience, and turning the expectations of female users into reality.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image012

  On April 19th, the first electric GT targeted at young people & mdash; — The 2023 Euler Cat GT Mulan Edition will also be launched soon. The new model perfectly integrates the sports style, surging power and smooth driving interest of GT models to help young people play GT life.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image013

  In the era of Euler brand 2.0, "love women more", we build differentiated brand value through warm technology, create exclusive experience through product rejuvenation, and help women realize their shining life dreams and carry their love to the end.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image014

  Tank 500 Hi4-T officially pre-sold the world premiere of tank 400 Hi4-T production version.

  The appearance of the tank off-road new energy family marks the full implementation of the tank off-road+new energy technology route, and the tank brand has officially entered the new energy era. The newly upgraded off-road super hybrid architecture Hi4-T was officially released.

  Hi4-T has the characteristics of sustainable strong power output, accurate intelligent energy management, etc., which makes off-road "to be energetic, to have electricity, to save energy and save energy", and to control the whole working condition calmly, creating a full scene experience of city and off-road. Hi4-T oil and electricity are connected in parallel, with oil as the main power and electricity as the auxiliary power, which can realize the free matching of two kinds of power. In addition, it also has accurate intelligent energy management.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image015

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image016

  Tank 500 Hi4-T opens global pre-sale, with a pre-sale price of 360,000 yuan. Tank 500 Hi4-T is the first landing vehicle built with off-road as the core and relying on off-road super hybrid architecture HI4-T. It is positioned as a "medium and large luxury off-road new energy SUV", which integrates the three core advantages of strong power, diversified scenes and extremely reliable performance, and fully meets the diversified car needs of daily commuting, suburban travel, long-distance travel, cross-camping and trailer, bringing users a new experience of benchmarking cars.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image017

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image018

  Tank 400 Hi4-T is the world’s first show, aiming to build the first mecha-based off-road vehicle exclusively for young people, and integrate the power mecha and future technology into the vehicle design. In addition, the tank 400 Hi4-T is based on the individual demands of young users, and has a lot of room for modification, which is highly plastic and is an ideal choice for "personalized walking" and "outdoor enjoyment".

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image019

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image020

  The Great Wall Gun 6×6 Super Off-road Platform, the world’s first show, Shanhai Gun PHEV/HEV, called the audience.

  The Great Wall Gun brand is a technical masterpiece in the era of 2.0, and the first domestic 6×6 co-creation model based on China’s first 6×6 super off-road platform made its world debut. The 6×6 super off-road platform of Great Wall Gun has three black technologies: all terrain, super power and unlimited expansion. It has a "3-axis and 6-drive" layout, and comes standard with 5 electronically controlled differential locks to achieve full-scene and all-terrain super off-road capability; It can be equipped with the Great Wall 3.0T super hybrid, electric, hydrogen and other super power, which can perfectly match the pickup truck and SUV body, realize the ecological super expansion and create a new category of diversified cars.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image021

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image022

  Based on the Hi4-T off-road super hybrid architecture, China’s first large-scale high-performance hybrid pickup truck — — Shanhai gunner’s endurance PHEV, as well as the world’s first show of HEV models, have opened up a new track for the pickup truck’s new energy, leading the pickup truck industry in China to enter the era of 4.0 full-scene intelligent new energy.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image023

  On April 19th, the launch conference of new species of Great Wall Gun brand will be held, and more heavy information about new technologies, new species and new products of Great Wall Gun brand will be announced. The global smart luxury pickup truck 2023 passenger guns will be put on the market, and high-value pickup truck products such as dragon bombs, single-row fire bombs and mountain and sea guns will also be exhibited simultaneously.

Brand-wide launch of intelligent new energy track Great Wall Motor over 15 new energy vehicles landed at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show _fororder_image024

  In the future, Great Wall Motor will continue to accelerate its technological innovation capability, continue to implement the new energy declaration of "Great Wall Intelligent New Energy, More Saving, Farther and Safer", accelerate the achievement of intelligent new energy, and create, share and coexist with users through the intelligent new energy product matrix, bringing users a green, clean and intelligent future travel experience. (Photo courtesy of Great Wall Motor)

"Subject 3" has been smashed by many people! It’s pretty tragic. Don’t go in.

When it comes to subject three, the first thing people think of is the test of driver’s license subject three, but this "subject three" is not the other "subject three"

"Subject III" is a magic dance popular on a short video platform. Waving hands, twisting waist, swinging hips, and half-twisted feet, coupled with "brainwashing" music, this dance has aroused the imitation of many young people.

"Subject III" is not only a solo dance, but also a group dance in some restaurants, where diners can watch free dance performances while eating hot pot. ……

"Subject 3" has been smashed by many people! It's pretty tragic. Don't go in.

However, when everyone followed suit, some imitators began to have different degrees of physical injury — —

"Subject 3" has been smashed by many people! It's pretty tragic. Don't go in.
A netizen shared his feet after jumping "Subject 3" on the Internet. Source: A social platform

"Subject 3" has been smashed by many people! It's pretty tragic. Don't go in.
Source: Network

So, is it really dangerous to jump "subject three" How can we avoid being stumped by subject three?

Is it really risky to jump "subject three"

First of all, let’s talk about what "subject three" looks like in the eyes of professionals.

After watching this dance by professionals,The most uncomfortable thing is that the knees and ankles are varus to varying degrees while the dancers twist their waist.

The so-called varus is that the distal limb of a joint moves inward, and the most typical ankle varus action is spraining the ankle.

It is estimated that most people have experienced sprained ankle. Because of the structure of human ankle joint, the lateral fibula is relatively longer, which gives the talus a bone block, and the triangular ligament inside the ankle joint is very tough, most people have sprained ankle.

"Subject 3" has been smashed by many people! It's pretty tragic. Don't go in.
Inversion Image source: pxhere

There are three main ligaments on the lateral side of ankle joint, which are called anterior talofibular ligament, calcaneal ligament and posterior talofibular ligament. Among them, the anterior talofibular ligament and calcaneal ligament are the most prone to tear during varus sprain.

When these ligaments are torn, there will be serious swelling and pain in the ankle joint, and it is impossible to continue to exercise, and then the stability of the ankle joint may decrease.

If it is not handled correctly, it is very easy to cause chronic ankle instability and cartilage damage in the later stage, which is why some people will sprain their ankles more frequently after the first time.

The knee joint of human body is the joint that we pay most attention to, because it is used frequently and the probability of injury is not low.

The knee joint is mainly composed of femur, tibia, fibula and patella, of which the largest joint is tibiofemoral joint, followed by patellar joint and upper tibiofibular joint.

It is the ligament that connects these bones and provides the most important stabilizing force. In the core position between tibia and femur, there are anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament, which respectively prevent the tibia from moving forward and backward excessively relative to femur. Inside and outside, there are also medial collateral ligament and lateral collateral ligament, which respectively prevent the tibia from eversion.

"Subject 3" has been smashed by many people! It's pretty tragic. Don't go in.
Source: Study on Biomechanical Model of Knee Joint Bearing, Tang Xiaoying, sichuan journal of physiological sciences, 2017

In the process of human movement, these main ligaments provide stability for the knee joint. When the joint goes beyond the normal range of physiological activities or is violently impacted by external forces, the ligaments may tear.

After the knee ligament is torn, some people can take conservative treatment. For example, after the anterior cruciate ligament is torn, if you want to return to intense sports activities, you need to consider anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery.

In the movement of "Subject III", the ankle joint needs an extremely varus posture, and the knee joint should also cooperate with the varus posture. During this movement, the lateral ligament of the ankle joint and the lateral collateral ligament of the knee joint will be stretched to varying degrees.

Fortunately, if your dance moves are standard, the varus limbs are not load-bearing, so the risk of injury to the lateral ligament is controllable.

Although "subject three" is fun, these people should be cautious

However, if you are in the following three categories, you must be careful when jumping "subject three"!

(1) people with uncoordinated limbs.

Looking at the rhythmic dance in the video, many people are eager to try, but in fact, many people have "learned" their brains and "haven’t learned" their limbs.

If the limbs are uncoordinated, the risk of injury will increase exponentially. For example, in the case of varus lower limbs, the center of gravity will all be pressed up, and the result is self-evident.

② People with heavy weight

The greater the weight, the greater the pressure on the joints, and the risk of natural "subject three" will increase accordingly.

(3) drinkers

Many people use alcohol to entertain themselves, but they were embarrassed at first, thinking that they could let go of their hands and feet through alcohol.

But don’t forget, at this time, the "communication" between the brain and the legs and feet is also poor, so once there is danger, the risk of injury will increase accordingly.

Finally, let’s teach you a common training action, which can help strengthen the stability of ankle joint and prevent ankle sprain.

① Select a suitable elastic belt or elastic ring.

② To train the right ankle. The left side is fixed on the left ankle and the right side is sleeved on the front of the right foot.

③ The starting position is slight varus of the right ankle, and then the force is exerted to the maximum extent to the outside slowly, and then it falls slowly.

④ Generally, 12~15 times is a group, and 5~10 groups can be trained according to individual conditions.

"Subject 3" has been smashed by many people! It's pretty tragic. Don't go in.
Source: Author

This is the most basic and effective method for us to train the peroneal longus and peroneal brevis of the lateral ankle joint. Through training, I believe that your ankle can be effectively protected both in the dance of "Subject III" and on the court!

What is the dynamic performance of the brand-new Tang family equipped with Yunnian -C+CCT comfort control?

In recent years, the development of new energy vehicles in China is in full swing, and many joint venture vehicles are gradually defeated. Data show that by the end of August 2023, the penetration rate of new energy in China is infinitely close to 40%. However, this has also led to an increasing volume of domestic new energy market. If we want to be "far ahead", we must constantly evolve ourselves.

On August 31st, a brand-new Tang family consisting of Tang EV Champion Edition, Tang DM-p Champion Edition/God of War Edition and Tang DM-i Champion Edition 200KM was officially listed, with a price of 249,800-309,800 yuan.

This time, the new Tang family has been greatly optimized and upgraded in all aspects. The most remarkable thing is that the whole system comes standard with FSD variable damping suspension system, which can adapt to complex and diverse road conditions. Among them, the high-equipped models are equipped with Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system and CCT comfort control technology. These configurations are directly related to the driving experience of the vehicle. What is the performance?

Brother A recently participated in a test drive meeting of a brand-new Tang family, and was able to experience the dynamic performance of the brand-new Tang family at close range.

In the morning road test drive, Brother A drove a 730KM exclusive model of Tang EV Champion Edition, and the official price was 269,800 yuan. This model is equipped with Yunqi -C intelligent body damping control system. The flagship model of Tang EV Champion Edition 635KM four-wheel drive with a price of 299,800 yuan is also equipped with Yunqi -C, while the exclusive model of Tang EV Champion Edition 600KM is equipped with FSD variable damping suspension system. The difference between the two systems is that one is passive and the other is active.

The whole test drive route is about 40 kilometers round-trip, covering some high-speed and national highways. When passing through the tiny potholes during driving, the vibration filter is good, the chassis is flexible, and the ride is more comfortable, which has a "high sense". When accelerating on the flat road, the speed is faster, and the chassis begins to become "hard", firmly grasping the ground and giving the driver sufficient driving confidence. This model only needs 3.9s for 0-50km/h acceleration, 1.98s for the flagship version of four-wheel drive and 4.4s for retail, which has obvious advantages over fuel vehicles. The acceleration process is not abrupt, the switch follows the foot and the speed is linear. The same is true of stepping on the brakes, and the feeling of dragging is not strong.

On the whole, it is easy to drive and comfortable. It is understood that this cloud -C system realizes stepless adaptive adjustment of damping by controlling the electromagnetic valve of the shock absorber, thus improving the driving comfort and taking into account the handling of the vehicle. In addition, due to the high center of gravity of SUV, it is more prone to motion sickness and discomfort when accelerating and decelerating than cars, and CCT technology carried by Tang can effectively reduce the pitching degree of vehicles when accelerating and decelerating, avoid motion sickness and improve comfort.

In the afternoon, the venue experience includes the "Jinkana" simulation track and the off-road test. The simulated "Jinkana" track includes linear acceleration, emergency braking, emergency lane change, U-bend and 8-figure winding, etc. Brother A is riding the champion version of Tang DM-p, with a zero acceleration time of only 4.3s, a pure battery life of 215KM and a fuel consumption of 6.5 L/100km.

Not only does it run fast, but the brakes are also full of confidence. In particular, the Tang DM-p Ares version is equipped with gold yellow 6 piston pliers in the front tire, which is not only beautiful, but also very safe. In the process of emergency lane change and detour, the realization of Tang DM-p is not slow, giving people a comfortable feeling.

Thanks to the intelligent electric four-wheel drive and differential lock, Tang DM-p Ares successfully passed the tests of cross axle, hump road, continuous speed bump and unilateral bridge. This four-wheel drive system can realize accurate torque distribution with millisecond response speed. When the differential lock slips on the rear wheel alone, it automatically locks, and the left and right axle shafts are rigidly connected, so that the torque can be transmitted to the non-slip wheel, and the ability to get out of trouble can be improved.

Tang DM-i Champion Edition 200KM is a new model, and its pure battery life is greatly improved, which can meet a wider range of daily commuting, with a comprehensive battery life of 1100KM and a fuel consumption of 5.5 L/100km.

In addition, the new Tang family also has some upgrades in appearance and interior. In addition to the previous Glacier Blue, the car body has added a white color of silver glaze, which is inspired by the official kiln-Xingyao white porcelain in the Tang Dynasty. It looks "snow-like and silver-like" and is quite warm.

In the interior, a new lotus rhyme gray color scheme is added, which is a popular color in the Tang Dynasty, taken from "Autumn Half of Lotus Silk", echoing the silver glazed white body. At the same time, the materials are wrapped in a larger area of soft leather, which is matched with INS craft ornaments, giving people an elegant texture.

The new Tang taillights are designed in China Festival, with Chinese knot digital panels in the interior, and new 20-inch and 21-inch wheels.

It is worth noting that the Tang DM-p Ares Edition is inspired by the armor and infused with silver sand and black color matching, with high-performance golden armor and yellow 6-piston fixed pliers (front), and adopts a series of blackened appearance kits including black painted multi-spoke wheels and matte black logo. At the same time, the interior of the new car is covered with black high-grade suede seats, door panels, central control armrest boxes, car ceilings, etc., and a leather steering wheel is adopted.

In terms of intelligence, the Tang family is equipped with DiLink(5G) intelligent networking system, which has situational modes such as nap/baby mode; The intelligent voice interaction of the whole vehicle supports continuous dialogue in the whole scene, visible speaking, interruption at any time, four-tone wake-up and AI real voice. ONE ID account system can realize account identification, personalized settings and ecological linkage, and can automatically load the personalized settings corresponding to the user account. The whole system comes standard with DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, which can realize L2+ intelligent driving assistance function. NFC digital keys and UWB digital keys are compatible with Apple and Android devices.

In terms of comfort, the Tang family comes standard with 12-speaker HiFi-class Dana audio, ventilation/heating/electric adjustment of the main and co-pilot seats, 31-color atmosphere lights, bacteriostatic modules and steering wheel heating. The big six-seat version is equipped with ventilation, heating and 10-point massage in the middle row. Convenient configuration, it comes standard with electric tailgate, 220V AC socket in the car, 50W mobile phone wireless fast charging and 6kW mobile power station.

Answer comments:

Not long ago, BYD’s 5 millionth new energy vehicle rolled off the assembly line, and since the listing of the Tang family, the cumulative sales volume has also exceeded 540,000. As a medium-sized SUV, its average transaction price is also fixed at around 250 thousand, which also breaks the monopoly of joint venture models in this price range. This time, the brand-new Tang family went on the market, which has been improved in all aspects, especially the installation of FSD, Yunnian -C system and CCT comfort control technology, which has significantly improved the dynamic performance of the whole vehicle. In a sense, the price of the new model is still lower than that of the old model. If you are interested in the new Tang family, it is suggested that you go to the store for a test drive during the National Day, and maybe you will find something new.

"Invincible Destroyer 2" reveals the appearance of Gal Gadot dubbing racers.

1905 movie network news On October 26th, Beijing time, Ralph Breaks the Internet, released by China Film/Huaxia and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studio, will be released nationwide on November 23rd. Created by the original team of Zootopia, this film not only has cool and hilarious adventure stories and an audio-visual feast with bursting imagination, but also has lively and lovely characters. All the warm and cute protagonists in the previous film have returned, and the new faces of the Internet led by "wonder woman" Gal Gadot are shining on the line. The repeated appearances of countless classic IP characters in the film are even more hot before they are reflected, which has ignited the topic among fans all over the world.


"The cutest figure is poor" Warm and cute return to friendship faces a new test.

Ralph, the hero of this film, is the villain and destroyer in the game Quick Hand Hugh. Although he is a little reckless, he can do everything for his friends. Winnipeg is the little princess in the game "Sweet Sprint", full of energy and ghosts. Since the birth of the first wreck-it ralph, they have become flesh-and-blood and lovable because of their imperfect characteristics. The friendship established by the two in the previous works is even more warm-hearted, and the two people with huge body and personality contrast complement each other perfectly. The unforgettable experience of making a scene in the video game world makes this feeling even more indestructible.


In "Invincible Destroyer 2: Make a scene on the Internet", this pair of super-popular partners with "the cutest figure difference" came back laughing, and in order to save Winnipeg’s game, they started new adventures on a wider and cool Internet. But in the face of the ever-changing information on the Internet, Ralph was at a loss, but Winnipeg fell in love at first sight. Director rich moore described it as: "Two children who grew up in small towns came to the metropolis, one fell in love with the city, and the other couldn’t wait to go home." How will two people face the test of friendship choose?


The new network forces dazzled and appeared in Gal Gadot, offering a cool racer.

This film takes place in the rapidly changing Internet world, so it naturally incorporates many new characters from different elements of the Internet.


KnowsMore is Ralph and Winnipeg’s first new friend who came to the Internet. He is the front desk of a search engine, wearing a bachelor’s hat and big glasses, but his naive appearance is very friendly. Know everything, but the over-sensitive Lenovo function also makes the audience laugh.


After bidding farewell to the know-it-all, the protagonist soon ran into Shank, a female racing driver, who was the online racing game character dubbed by "wonder woman" Gal Gadot. Although the heroic flash sister is unsmiling on the surface, after competing with Winnipeg, who is also a racing driver, the two quickly became good friends. Another person who helped Ralph and Winnipeg was Yesss, the director of the popular website sonic boom. She is a fashionista who leads the trend, and she knows the internet trend like the back of her hand. She has taught Destroyer and Winnipeg a lot of internet "hidden rules" and made the audience in front of the screen agree with her.


The egg princess in the Internet world is unprecedented in the same box.

In addition to introducing brand-new characters, the setting of the film Internet also provides unique conditions for the main creator. With the help of the characteristics of the Internet, a large number of IPS are skillfully introduced to form an egg that can only exist in the Internet world. As soon as the trailer was released, a dazzling array of eggs detonated the social platform, which was called "the strongest chaos in the history of animation", including Dabai in China, Buzz Lightyear in China, Marvel superhero Iron Man and so on … … In the China trailer released the day before yesterday, the popular Fox Nick appeared, which made people pleasantly surprised.

All Disney princesses also gathered for the first time with the help of the internet platform, which made fans shout high energy. From Snow White to Queen Elsa, Anna, who lead the trend of the new era, and even Jasmine, the Chinese princess Mulan and Aladdin, there are 14 princesses in the same box. This idea alone is amazing enough, and it soon became an explosion topic after exposure. However, whether it is all kinds of IP eggs or princess gatherings, the trailer shows only the tip of the iceberg, and there are more huge surprises waiting for the audience to explore in the whole film.


"Invincible Destroyer 2: Make a scene on the Internet" will be launched nationwide on November 23rd.

The real intention of the Indian government was exposed after the unconventional means suppressed the mobile phone enterprises.

  After suppressing Chinese-funded mobile phone companies through various means for a long time, the Indian government has finally put forward a "final solution" recently, which has also revealed the real intention of the Indian government.

  According to Indian media, the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology recently convened a meeting of Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme and vivo. At the meeting, the Indian government put forward a series of requirements for these enterprises: for example, enterprises open Indian capital to share shares; Core executives must be held by Indians; Mobile phones are manufactured and assembled by Indian companies; Train Indian distributors to expand exports.

  Sha Jun, co-founder of the Indian Investment Service Center of Yingke Law Firm, told the First Financial Reporter that from the perspective of enterprises, these new requirements have significantly changed the cost structure and even the governance structure of enterprises, exceeding the original expectations of enterprises, and the pressure will be great.

  These conditions set by the Indian government require these Chinese-funded enterprises to speed up "Indigenization" and eventually become Indian-funded enterprises. At the same time, India’s appetite is not limited to the domestic market, and it is hoped that Chinese companies will help India improve its position in the global industrial chain and supply chain.

  Chen Jing, vice president of the Society of Science, Technology and Strategy, told the First Financial Reporter that India hopes to completely copy the success of China’s mobile phone industry to India. There is a complete and careful plan for this, and some achievements have been made under the systematic play.

  He further stated that individual enterprises are unable to cope with the systematic suppression of the Indian government, and the worst situation is to be broken one by one. Therefore, it is necessary for Chinese-funded enterprises to unite and conduct overall negotiations with the support of the state to improve their response level.

  Xiaomi has been working in India for many years.

  It is worth noting that on June 9th, just before and after the meeting, the Central Law Enforcement Bureau of India issued a notice to Xiaomi Technology India Branch and three banks, accusing Xiaomi of violating the Foreign Exchange Control Act (FEMA) and "illegally transferring funds to foreign entities". For this reason, this institution has frozen 55.51 billion rupees (about 4.834 billion yuan) of Xiaomi’s funds last year. The notice means that this fund may be completely confiscated.






  Since then, China mobile phone brands, represented by Xiaomi, have appeared in India one after another, and have gradually grown into well-known local brands with high cost performance. According to the market survey data of India in 2022, at least two out of every three smartphones in India are China brands, and China mobile phones have an absolute advantage in the Indian market.

  However, the good days of Chinese mobile phones in India are not long. In 2020, with the tension between China and China, India first started with’s mobile phone software in June of that year, and the first batch of 59 mobile phone applications were banned. Since then, more than 200 mobile phone applications have been added.

  Among them, there are many softwares, such as TikTok and WeChat, which represent the mobile phone software industry in China, as well as supporting softwares for Chinese mobile phones, such as Xiaomi Community and Xiaomi Video Phone.

  After a short silence, India finally extended its goal to mobile phone hardware. On the evening of December 21, 2021, the law enforcement officers of the Tax Bureau of the Ministry of Finance of India acted in unison and rushed to more than 20 Chinese-funded mobile phone companies in India to check taxes.

  From Delhi, the capital, to Mumbai, the economic center, and then to Bangalore, the Indian science and technology center, no one was spared. Such a concerted and large-scale action, even the Indian media can easily conclude that this is a "encirclement and suppression" of China’s mobile phone suppliers.

  Xiaomi and a number of Chinese mobile phone companies were involved in the storm center. Xiaomi’s mobile phone share in the Indian market began to decline. In 2020, its shipments will still account for 26% of the Indian market; According to the data released by Counterpoint, in the first quarter of 2023, Xiaomi has been overtaken by Samsung and vivo, from the first to the third, and the market share has dropped to 16%.

  India Cellular & Electronics Association (hereinafter referred to as "the Association") also sent a letter to the Indian government in May last year, expressing dissatisfaction with the law enforcement actions taken by Indian law enforcement agencies against mobile phone companies at that time. The Association said in the letter that the actions caused "deep and unnecessary panic" in the industry. The association is an industry organization representing all relevant enterprises in India.

  Chinese enterprises are in a dilemma.

  In the meeting convened by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the Indian government focused on "opening conditions", while "tax evasion" was taken in the last stroke. After all, this is a means, not an end.

  MadhavSeth, president of Realme’s international business, said that the Indian government hopes that these Chinese enterprises can make use of local talents and ecosystems to build India into a production and export base. This will add added value to Indian industry and promote local enterprises to be self-reliant.

  The conditions offered by the Indian government, including the chief executive officer, chief financial officer and chief operating officer of Chinese-funded mobile phone enterprises, must be held by Indian nationals. This is actually not difficult. Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have been deeply involved in India for a long time. From the beginning, they relied on local employees and there were a large number of Indian executives.

  Even the Indian media said that in recent years, Chinese-funded enterprises have trained Indian managers, partners and distributors through local investment in India, forming a core team of operations, which is also beneficial to the training of local talents.

  Regarding the requirement for Indian capital to become a shareholder in Chinese-funded enterprises, or even holding shares, Chen Jing told the First Financial Reporter that in fact, in order to protect national enterprises, in other countries, domestic enterprises are also required to hold shares when accepting foreign investment, but this prerequisite was clearly stated when foreign capital entered the market, while India adopted the strategy of changing afterwards.

  Chen Jing further analyzed that India first gave some sweetness to foreign investment, and through tariffs and other thresholds, it constantly induced foreign-funded enterprises to invest a lot of manpower and material resources in India. When the time is ripe, we will offer relevant policies to put foreign-funded enterprises in a dilemma, "agreeing to a big loss and not agreeing to a bigger loss."

  Regarding the future direction, Chen Jing believes that China enterprises should negotiate with the Indian government and choose a plan with less losses. Instead of accepting the plan offered by the Indian government in its entirety, or withdrawing from the Indian market and walking away.

  In fact, it is not an easy thing to walk away in the Indian market. For example, Ford Motor Company started to operate in India in 1995, and announced its withdrawal from the Indian market in 2021 due to accumulated losses of more than $2 billion in the Indian market. However, due to labor disputes, it barely reached a severance compensation agreement with workers after closing the factory for one year.

  As an old player in the Indian mobile phone market, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have encountered big troubles in India, but today, when the global mobile phone market tends to be saturated, India is still a market that foreign mobile phone manufacturers compete for. In April this year, Apple CEO Cook visited India and expressed his hope to expand production scale and smartphone sales in the country.

  Thanks to the transfer of technology and production capacity, according to JPMorgan Chase’s prediction, by 2025, Apple will produce a quarter of the iPhone in India. The Counterpoint report also said that in 2020, the Indian-made iPhone only accounted for 1.3% of its global production, and the proportion in 2022 has risen to 4%, and it is expected to rise to 7% this year.

  However, under such good expectations, Wistron, an important supplier of iPhone that has been operating in India for many years, recently announced its withdrawal from the Indian market. After the withdrawal, Tata Group, a local Indian enterprise, acquired Wistron’s factory in India to undertake its production tasks in India. The reason why foreign capital has been defeated in India one after another has to be thought-provoking.

How much can people save by opening "group buying" medical consumables in many places?

  Beijing, Nov. 12 (Reporter Zhang Ni) Recently, the opening of high-value medical consumables in China has aroused great concern. The price reduction of coronary stents exceeded 90%, which made many patients applaud. At the same time, at present, all localities are also actively forming purchasing alliances to "hold the group to bargain". After the normalization of the government’s "soul bargaining", how much money can ordinary people save in the future?

Data map: The doctor performed surgery for the patient (the picture has nothing to do with it). Photo courtesy of Xinhua Hospital

  Open the "group purchase" mode of high-value medical consumables in many places

  The average price dropped from 13,000 yuan to 700 yuan. Recently, the first batch of coronary stents purchased by the state in a centralized way offered a "floor price". Compared with 2019, the average price reduction of the same product of the same enterprise reached 93%.

  The curtain of high-value medical consumables "National Mining" has aroused widespread concern, and what is coming is finally here!

  According to the introduction of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, 2,408 medical institutions participated in this collection, and the intended purchase volume in the first year reached 1.07 million. It is expected that patients all over the country will use the selected products after the national centralized purchase price reduction in January 2021.

  In fact, in addition to the sharp price reduction of heart stents, the local level has begun to actively "group purchase" for high-value consumables, and the prices of some high-value medical consumables have dropped by more than 50% on average. It just confirms the previous voice in the industry — — High-value consumables "4+7" will only be late, but will not be absent.

  For example, in Jiangsu, a provincial sunshine procurement alliance consisting of 157 tertiary public medical institutions in the province has been established before, and three rounds of group alliance centralized procurement have been carried out successively.

  The above procurement involves six categories of cardiac stents, coronary balloons, primary replacement artificial knee joints and thousands of specifications, with an average decrease of more than 50% and the highest decrease of 86.4%.

  Hainan also played a combination boxing to promote the centralized procurement of medical consumables. In addition to participating in the centralized procurement of coronary stents organized by the state, the province also organized the procurement of consumables such as intraocular lenses, coronary balloons and COVID-19 test reagents.

  Taking intraocular lens as an example, at the end of last year, Hainan Province participated in the inter-regional joint procurement of intraocular lens in provincial alliance public medical institutions. Compared with the original procurement price, the selected price dropped by 85%, with an average drop of 44%.

  In addition, earlier, the medical security bureaus in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei also signed the Framework Agreement on Centralized Procurement of Medical Consumables in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, aiming at comprehensively promoting the centralized procurement of medical consumables in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

  It can be seen that active group procurement in various places will become a normal operation.

Data Map: A patient uses the face recognition system to reserve an expert number under the guidance. Photo by Wang Guangzhao

  Calculate the account! How much can "group buying" save the people?

  The high prices of drugs and medical consumables have always been one of the crux of the expensive medical treatment for ordinary people. From drugs to consumables, the core goal of quantity procurement is to squeeze out the price "moisture" and let patients use drugs and medical consumables at a lower price.

  Then, how much money has been saved by the "quantity for price" national centralized purchasing? Numbers are the most intuitive.

  For example, from this month, the third batch of countries organized centralized drug procurement.

  According to Zhong Dongbo, director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Price and Bidding and Purchasing of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, according to static calculation, the centralized collection of three batches of drugs can save about 53.9 billion yuan nationwide. According to the 40% paid by ordinary people, it will probably save 21.6 billion yuan. At the same time, medical insurance saves money, and by expanding the medical insurance reimbursement drug list and improving the reimbursement level, the people can get more benefits.

  Previously, in addition to drugs, the voices of all parties for high-value medical consumables to return to reasonable prices have also been strong.

  Taking the coronary stents collected this time as an example, the data show that the interventional therapy of coronary heart disease in China has developed rapidly. From 2009 to 2019, the number of cases has grown from 230,000 to more than 1 million, with an annual growth rate of 10%-20%. At present, the price of coronary stents used in medical institutions ranges from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan, which makes patients bear a heavy burden.

  In this centralized purchase, the intentional purchase volume in the first year reached 1.07 million. According to the intended purchase volume, it is estimated to save 10.9 billion yuan.

  From the local level, the "alliance bargaining" between regions has also seen tangible results.

  For example, Hainan’s participation in the cross-regional joint procurement of intraocular lenses is expected to save Hainan Province 25 million yuan in medical insurance funds.

  The centralized procurement of group alliances in Jiangsu is expected to save about 1.5 billion yuan.

Data Map: Photo by Yang Di, a reporter from China News Service in the outpatient hall of a hospital.

  Say goodbye to "supporting doctors with consumption", can doctors’ sunshine income increase?

  Data show that the market size of medical consumables in China is 320 billion yuan, including 150 billion yuan of high-value medical consumables. Behind the huge market scale, it is that "medical care by consumption" exists in public medical institutions all the year round.

  This centralized procurement is an important step in the reform of high-value consumables. It is generally believed in the industry that the management of high-value consumables will be all-round in the future.

  In fact, as early as July 2019, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Reform Plan for Managing High-value Medical Consumables".

  The document emphasizes "rationalizing the price system of high-value medical consumables, improving the whole process supervision and management of high-value medical consumables, purifying the market environment of high-value medical consumables and the practice environment of medical services, and supporting domestic high-value medical consumables with independent intellectual property rights to enhance their core competitiveness", which means that the state should conduct all-round governance in terms of price, supervision, market and service.

  In addition, it is worth mentioning that the above plan has clearly put forward the idea of "canceling the addition of medical consumables in public medical institutions" and realizing the "zero difference rate" sales of medical consumables in all public medical institutions by the end of 2019.

  On September 1st of the same year, the Measures for the Administration of Medical Consumables in Medical Institutions (Trial) jointly issued by National Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine was officially implemented.

  In terms of procurement, the Measures particularly emphasize that the procurement of medical consumables should be managed in a unified way, and medical institutions above the second level should designate specific departments as the management departments of medical consumables, and other departments or departments should not engage in procurement activities.

  High-value consumables will be purchased in quantity, and DRG (grouped according to disease diagnosis) will be paid for, so the profit of supply chain will be thinner and thinner, and the gray interest chain between enterprises and medical institutions will also be cut off.

  However, the collection and landing will inevitably move some people’s "cheese." How to mobilize the enthusiasm of medical staff to participate in the reform of high-value medical consumables is very important.

  In fact, the solution to this problem is involved in the "Reform Plan for Managing High-value Medical Consumables".

  The document proposes to speed up the establishment of a salary system that conforms to the characteristics of the industry. Implement the requirements of "allowing medical and health institutions to break through the current wage control level of public institutions, allowing medical service income to deduct costs and withdraw funds according to regulations to be mainly used for personnel rewards" and improve the salary distribution policy.

  In the "Measures for the Administration of Medical Consumables in Medical Institutions (Trial)", it is also clear that the purchase and use of medical consumables should not be used as the basis for the economic distribution of departments and personnel, and improper economic benefits should not be sought in the purchase and use of medical consumables.

  In the opinion of experts in the industry, a series of reforms will also promote the transformation of hospital development model, change the current extensive mode of supporting medicine with medicine and supporting medicine with consumption, thus improving the hospital’s refined management ability and changing the hospital’s economic power and operation mode.

  In addition, there are also voices that in the next medical system reform, we should not only straighten out the price system of high-value medical consumables or drugs, but also straighten out the value of intermediate services in the medical system. While reducing the price of consumables or drugs, we should reflect the value of knowledge and the labor value of medical staff more.

Why are the three main melody films of "Super Burning" in cinemas during the Eleventh Holiday so attractive?

My People,My Country poster

The Captain poster

The Climbers poster

  This holiday, the cinema is very lively. My People,My Country, The Captain, The Climbers’s three main melody films have a gratifying box office. As of October 5th, the box office of three films of My People,My Country, The Captain and The Climbers continued to be strong, breaking through the 1.8 billion yuan, 1.5 billion yuan and 680 million yuan respectively. The network scores are all above 9 points, and many viewers spontaneously brush their screens and praise them after reading them.

  According to the analysis of insiders, all three films are theme films, and their themes are also in line with the patriotic enthusiasm of the audience. It is not surprising that they can achieve such "high energy" results.

  With the audience’s enthusiasm for watching movies, the box office of Chinese movies has once again set a new record. On October 3, 2019, the cumulative box office of China film market exceeded 50 billion yuan, one day ahead of 2018. Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Huang An

  My People,My Country

  Audience: I want to say "I love my motherland" again after reading it.

  My People,My Country is undoubtedly the most popular movie among the audience during the Eleventh Holiday this year. Seven directors and seven stories, just like a jigsaw puzzle, spell out a magnificent grand plan for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The biggest highlight of the film lies in its novel angle. In front of the grand theme, the seven directors invariably chose the perspective of ordinary people to cut in, and linked the emotional connection with the motherland with the stories of ordinary people. With ingenious ideas and novel perspectives, it is a real family movie.

  So, what’s so beautiful about My People,My Country? First of all, co-directing by seven directors is a major attraction. Chen Kaige, Zhang Yibai, Xú Zhēng, Ning Hao, Guan Hu, Xue Xiaolu and Muye Wen are the dream teams of China films. However, who can answer better under the same composition? After the film is released, the audience will inevitably compare the works of seven directors. From the current point of view, Xú Zhēng and Ning Hao’s "homework" is obviously better.

  Leap, directed by Xú Zhēng, has the inspiration of sports films and the childlike interest of children’s films: the favorite female classmate is going to study abroad, and the primary school students want to see her for the last time in winter and winter, but on the other hand, the grandparents, uncles and aunts in the alley are waiting for him to hold the TV antenna on the rooftop to ensure the smooth watching of the live broadcast of the China women’s volleyball team in the final of the Los Angeles Olympic Games. One side is "love" and the other side is responsibility. The dilemma of winter and winter has become the biggest highlight of the whole film. With the clever use of humorous comic thinking, the characters are pushed to an embarrassing situation, and the resulting laughter, coupled with the high-profile women’s volleyball championship, makes Leap a very infectious short film.

  Hello Beijing directed by Ning Hao corresponds to the important moment of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing on August 8, 2008. Ge You plays a garrulous Beijing taxi driver. Because of a ticket for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, he accidentally became a pair of "tell it to the judge" with a Sichuan child who lost his father in the earthquake. Ning Hao’s comedy talent was brought into full play in the play, and the whole story was full of humor and highly completed. Ge You’s performance is amazing, and people can’t help feeling: "Ginger is still old and spicy."

  The story is grounded and awakens the memory of the whole people.

  My People,My Country is grounded in the story, and the protagonists of the film are all ordinary people, which makes it easier for ordinary audiences to resonate with the story in the film.

  The film selected seven most representative historical moments, and seven touching stories touched every audience and awakened unforgettable memories in the deep heart. Many viewers expressed great appreciation for My People,My Country: it is a grounded and sentimental film. Some viewers believe that every character in the film is full of the imprint of the times closely related to the great events of the motherland, which allows the audience to connect their personal experiences, memories and the development of the motherland in watching movies, triggering strong memories. "Every ordinary person is inextricably linked with the motherland, and the film makes me feel the emotion that can never be given up and blood is thicker than water again." "Just after watching My People,My Country, every story is in tears, moved, proud and excited, and I want to say it again ‘ I love my motherland ’ 。”

  The most vivid story of unknown behind-the-scenes achievements

  In addition, there are many stories in the film that are secret, whether it’s the engineer in The Night Before, the scientific researcher in Meet, or the "flying man" in the military parade. Behind one highlight moment after another, the hard work and wisdom of countless ordinary people are hidden. The film expresses the close connection between personal experience and the country.

  For example, the film The Night Before directed by Guan Hu focuses on founding ceremony, the engineer behind the first electric flag-raising in New China, Lin Zhiyuan. In just one day, he must find out and solve the hidden trouble behind the electric flag-raising. Having a "fear of heights", he finally overcame his psychological obstacles and climbed the flagpole of a square more than 20 meters high, which solved the technical problems and ensured the smooth rise of the first five-star red flag in New China.

  Zhang Yibai’s Meet depicts a scientific research worker who is dedicated to the cause of national defense science and technology. The story of him and his girlfriend is the epitome of many unsung heroes and their families on the national defense science and technology front.

  Xue Xiaolu’s "Reunification" not only reminds people of the tearful scene of the ceremony of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland in 1997, but also reveals a story about time behind the ceremony. At 0: 00 on July 1, 1997, Hong Kong returned to the embrace of the motherland on time. What many people don’t know is that the Chinese and British sides negotiated for 16 rounds in order to raise the five-star red flag without delay.

  As the only story with women as the leading role in the seven stories, Escort reproduces the unknown side of the military parade from the unique perspective of "preparing for flying", and shows the heroic spirit of the female pilots of the China Air Force with delicate plot descriptions, showing a spirit of sacrifice behind the peacetime.

  It is these stories that we seldom know at ordinary times that make the most vivid stories in My People,My Country.

  The Captain

  Audience: A true, shocking and touching story.

  The Captain was adapted from a real event, and the prototype was the emergency standby event of Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 on May 14th last year.

  As far as the film is concerned, the true story that The Captain drew from itself has its own point of view, and the degree of adventure can be called the level of movie blockbusters. The crew spent tens of millions of yuan to restore the Airbus A319 simulator. With the help of technology, the audience can feel the thrilling moment more personally, making people sweat when sitting in the cinema.

  At the same time, in dealing with many details, the film is exactly the same as what really happened. The sentence "Chengdu, Sichuan 8633 is calling you" that impressed the audience in the film is from a true story. Li Xian, who plays this role, has almost the same lines as the recording of the prototype at that time, and all kinds of details make the audience feel the miracle of this world-class civil aviation history.

  It is worth mentioning that the actors’ performances are also very good, especially Yolanda. As a flight attendant, she played a professional flight attendant. When all the passengers panicked, screamed and cried, there was a story of standing up and shouting with the passengers. The gentle and firm eyes were the most burning moment of the film.

  As another commercial blockbuster with the main theme, The Captain’s rhythm is handled properly, and the story is gripping. The audience said in succession that "the heart beats faster after watching it". "The story is true, shocking and touching". Many viewers are deeply impressed by the heroic crew: "The crew who are not in danger is simply a reassurance for everyone." Some viewers said, "Thank you, Captain China!"

  The Climbers

  Audience: This is a truly patriotic blockbuster.

  The film The Climbers, adapted from a real historical event, tells a fascinating story of China climbers climbing Mount Everest twice in 1960s and 1970s.

  In 1960, the China mountaineering team broke the limit and achieved the feat of climbing Mount Everest from the northern slope for the first time. However, due to the lack of image data of the summit, there has always been doubt in the world. In 1975, China climbed Mount Everest again, which was the highlight of the film The Climbers.

  As a rare mountaineering theme in domestic movies, The Climbers has an advantage in stories, which not only has a strong sense of mystery, but also has a burning patriotic feeling.

  Avalanches, squalls and blizzards, as well as Jason Wu’s leaping over a huge ice crack to rescue the whole team and climbers who tied themselves to ladders and struggled to survive, appeared one after another, which made people feel shocked and nervous. At the end of the movie, Fang Wuzhou (Jason Wu) dug up the flashlight with the five-star red flag from the top of Mount Everest, and his eyes were moist! When the bright five-star red flag fluttered at the top of Mount Everest, the audience cried! Many viewers said with emotion: "This is a truly patriotic blockbuster."

  "Our own mountain, we must climb it ourselves!" Many lines in the play have made countless audiences see their blood surging! "They are China climbers who should not be forgotten. Fortunately, the feat of Chinese people climbing Mount Everest has finally been put on the big screen." "I am very proud after watching the movie. This is the real patriotic movie." "This group of climbers inspires us today. Everyone has a Mount Everest in his heart. That is our goal in life. We must overcome all difficulties to conquer it."

  However, there are many controversies in the emotional drama of the film. In the play, Jason Wu and Zhang Ziyi talked about a love affair that spanned years. Another emotional drama focuses on Jing Bo Ran’s Li Guoliang and the Tibetan girl "Black Peony". The favorite audience thinks that this love flashing on the towering peaks makes people cry, and at the same time shows the humanized side of mountaineering heroes.

  When talking about why the romantic bridge was added to the theme of mountaineering, Jason Wu explained during the road show in Guangzhou that if a movie is all about mountaineering, it will be very boring. Integrating love, affection and friendship into the story will make the film more vital. "It is precisely because of emotions that climbers have support and care when they resist the harsh environment of nature." (Huang ‘an)

Can various "partners" unlock new consumption?

"Dinner partner", "game partner", "fitness partner" and "travel partner" … Recently, the related topics of "social partner" have attracted the attention of many netizens both online and in real life.

According to some surveys, more than half of the young people interviewed have partners. Most people choose to socialize together. The advantage is that they have the same purpose or needs, can help each other, save money and unlock new consumption patterns. And for some people, "partner" is just another name for friends, which is a kind of "fast food" friendship.

Finding a "travel partner" on the Internet is the key to saving money.

"I was born in 1995. I usually have two days off at work on weekends. I have few things to do. I am not picky about eating. I can make dinner appointments, go shopping, watch movies, kill scripts, etc." A few days ago, on the social platform, the reporter saw such a dating message. Later, the reporter searched the information of Shenyang area on other video social platforms according to the "partner" and found that there were many such "partner" information.

It is understood that the word "partner" originated from Shanghai dialect. In the dictionary of Shanghai dialect published in 2007, the definition of "partner" is: "people who play cards together are extended to partners." But now the "partner" in hot search has a new meaning. The "partner" in the eyes of young people is the partner of a theme activity, focusing on the precise companionship of a vertical subdivision field. This lightweight and fast-paced relationship is favored by many people.

During the investigation, the reporter found that most of the main people who are looking for "partners" in the same city travel online are post-90 s and post-00 s, among which women are more than men, but the requirements they are looking for are generally the same sex with their own age.

Born in 1998, Li Tingyan told reporters that she wanted to travel in Yunnan recently, but she was afraid that it would be boring to go alone, so she wanted to find a "travel partner" on the Internet. "In this way, I can have multiple companions. My ideal’ partner’ is a girl who is similar to my age. After all, I am a stranger. I mainly consider security issues, and most of my trips need to stay overnight. From an economic point of view, girls can save some money from eating to living. If you live, you can choose a room." Li Tingyan told reporters that she had a "partner" experience before, but the difference was the information she found online, and this time she posted online to find a "partner". Before she met the last "partner", she first added WeChat, and then they watched it twice to confirm some basic information, and then discussed where to travel, and then began to do raiders. Li Tingyan calculated the account for herself. The last time she went to Sichuan and Chongqing, she spent 7 days and stayed for 6 days. Together with eating, taking a bus, tickets for scenic spots, etc., she saved hundreds of yuan on accommodation and meals alone.

Yu Xiaohan is a white-collar worker who works in a state-owned bank in Shenyang. She told reporters: "The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. I’m going to play around Shenyang. It happens that my friends have other plans, so I want to find a partner to play. I didn’t make it last May Day. I must succeed this time!"

The opposite sex "rice partner" saves both food money and gas.

According to the 2023 Partner Social Research Report, 95.8% of the 1,431 respondents showed the need for this kind of companionship. As can be seen from the data, the "partner" has become the spiritual pillar of contemporary young people.

A few days ago, the China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center "Joint Questionnaire Network" conducted a survey of 1,335 respondents, showing that 72.6% of the young people interviewed said that they had "partners" in their lives, and 68.9% of the young people interviewed thought that finding "partners" was a brave step to step out of the social comfort zone and seek a new social model.

According to the survey, most of them are "rice partners" (52.9%), "sports partners" (43.4%), "traveling partners" (37.7%), "learning partners" (34.2%) and "playing partners" (31.1%), and others are "walking the baby partners".

In addition, whether there is enough time (34.2%), appearance (29.5%) and whether you can provide help (15.3%) are also factors that everyone will consider when looking for a partner. Among the young people interviewed, 27.9% were born after 00, 49.9% after 90 and 22.2% after 80.

Lin Xinxin graduated from university in July this year and found a company to work in Shenyang. Because she just graduated, in order to save money, she shared a house next to the company. My roommate is Wei Tao, a college student who graduated last year. "One day I was cooking in the kitchen. Wei Tao smelled the smell of rice and asked me if I could bring him a bite to eat. He told me that because he is a boy, he can’t cook, and he always buys takeout or eats the canteen in the unit. It is really not to his liking. He wants to be a’ rice partner’ with me and bring him a bite every time he eats! And he also said that in the future, the water, electricity and gas money at home will be paid by him, and the meal money will also be AA. " Lin Xinxin said that all of us are young people, who have come to Shenyang from other places to work hard, and it is appropriate to help each other, so she agreed. Every time, I will cook for two people, and then each person will be half. "In this way, I can save money on food, water, electricity and gas, and spend at least 300 to 400 yuan a month. This is really a good way to save money for me who just joined the work!"

In addition to traveling, eating and other common "partners", there are some people who like new things, like some minority things, and can’t find anyone with the same interest around them, so they can only find "partners" online.

Xue Xiaochang and He Jingyang met on the Internet. Last Sunday, they went to Zhongjie to smoke a blind box for a "reward" and a "3D printing chocolate machine". "Today, we mainly took a fancy to the Gundam series" A Reward ",because it is an old version. If all of them are to be smoked, it will cost about 2,800 yuan, but I personally only like A Reward and D Reward, and He Jingyang just likes B Reward and C Reward. We are all-inclusive, and each person only needs to spend 1,400 yuan on average. If other rewards and last rewards are sold, each person only needs to spend about 1000 yuan, and at the same time, he can get himself. Xue Xiaochang told reporters.

On the occasion of "June 18", the "beauty partner" was opened.

Every year, "June 18th" is a time when major e-commerce companies show their talents. How to buy their favorite beauty cosmetics in big promotions is the most concerned topic for every lady who loves beauty. It is understood that this year’s "June 18" in addition to issuing coupons, full discounts and other preferential policies, many beauty and skin care brands regard "buy formal clothes and send formal clothes" as a standard operation. And spelling out a small sample and looking for a "beauty partner" has obviously become the best choice for young people to participate in online shopping promotion.

According to the data released by the e-commerce platform and the data of Oteo Consulting, during the pre-sale period from May 26 to 30, the GMV (total merchandise transaction) of Tmall Beauty was about 8.587 billion yuan. The retail sales of Tmall Skin Care (beauty and skin care/body/essential oil) is 7.2 billion yuan, ranking first in the whole industry.

On social platforms, many people have launched a "beauty partner". "Dress all belong to you, I just want a sample; I only need two of the four eye creams, so I can find another beautiful woman to share the other two … "to form a" beauty partner ",so I can get what I need.

Searching with the keyword "6 18" and "partner" immediately jumped out of many net posts. Among them, "beauty makeup" is particularly prominent.

"Two days ago, I robbed an eye cream in the live broadcast room, and the price was 400 yuan. I sent two 10ml liquid foundation samples. I have my own liquid foundation samples. What should I do? Just on the social platform, I saw someone asking for a liquid foundation sample. Finally, I agreed with the other party to sell it to her by 80 yuan, which killed two birds with one stone! " Zhao Zitong, who lives in Tiexi District, said that it is much cheaper than eye cream sold separately in specialty stores and online.

Is "beauty makeup" reliable? Will you buy fakes? "In order to prevent problems in the transaction, under normal circumstances, I will let the other party print the transaction record, and on the second-hand platform, I will explain before the transaction that I must not open it, and then I will pay attention to the personal information of the other party and choose a transaction with high credit." Netizen @ Like Lemon Taste Qianer gave her own way to distinguish fakes.

Expert interpretation

"Partner Culture" can unlock a new mode of consumption.

What is the popular "partner" culture like in the eyes of professionals? To this end, the reporter interviewed Li Sen, director of the office of the School of Management of Shenyang Normal University, deputy director-level researcher and doctor of ethics of Liaoning University.

Q: Nowadays, all kinds of "partners" are popular. Many people try to save money? What do you think?

Li Sen: "Tie Zi" can really save some consumption cost. "Food partners" and "movie partners" … have gradually formed a value consensus of saving money among youth groups. For example, a ticket for a scenic spot in 120 yuan, if tourists who share the same desire to visit form a "team", can enjoy the same preferential price as "group", and the ticket price will be 20% off, which means a ticket for 96 yuan, saving 24 yuan for each ticket. Of course, "small things save less, big things save more", such as buying a car, buying a house and other large-scale consumption activities, the money-saving effect of "taking a child" is even more powerful!

Q: Can the "partner culture" unlock a new model for consumption?

Li Sen: Absolutely. First, young people who are keen to find a partner are mainly the post-80s, post-90s and post-00s, and these people are the mainstream of chasing and leading fashion consumption in today’s society. Driven by the desire to seek novelty and satisfy curiosity, they can naturally achieve the effect of stimulating consumption. Second, the "partner culture" has a strong adhesion, which can quickly attract a group of acquaintances or strangers with similar interests and hobbies (the latter is more popular) to participate in one or more consumption activities, and the increase in popularity itself becomes an important condition and fundamental guarantee for the sales activities to create economic benefits. Third, the "partner culture" has accurate docking ability, and through the subdivision of "stores and partners", the new industry that promotes niche has expanded from an inconspicuous "partial door" to a mature business. This business development model is likely to broaden sales channels and create more opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment while meeting the needs of the consumer market for niche and fine products.

Q: How can a "beauty partner" avoid buying fakes?

Li Sen: I think that "buying fake goods" is an accidental event after all, and the probability event of "selling fake goods" does not only occur in the "partner culture", but also may encounter similar problems in other online and offline business activities. Therefore, we should not "once bitten by a snake, twice shy of a rope in a well", let alone completely deny it. Instead, we should hold an inclusive attitude, a broad mind and a long-term vision to treat this new consumption unlocking model and help it develop healthily and gradually mature.

Liaoshen Evening News reporter He Weili

For 32 years, we owe him a hot search! An exclusive analysis of Islander

Special feature of 1905 film network 32 years, 3 years, 125 minutes.The compressed fragments of life are not only a period of time that flies by, but for some people, it may be a lifetime.

These three groups of time, about the model of the times, Wang Jicai and Wang Shihua, about the director, but also about the film and every creative behind it.

When Chen Li received this project, Jude Wong just left you soon. It is more difficult to shoot the 32-year "story of keeping the island" at this node than any of her past film works.


"I am particularly afraid of hurting her (Wang Shihua)." During the interview, Chen Li kept repeating this concern to us. Chen Li is like this, and so is the actor who plays Wang Jicai.


Perhaps it was with this concern that the main creators moved forward step by step, and finally achieved this "Island Keeper", with the sentence after Wang Shihua’s reflection, "I think of many things before. Lao Wang can’t see this movie anymore. I would like to thank the directors and actors for him. Thank you for telling the story of keeping the island. "


This thank you is more important than all comments.


Director Chen Li (Photo/Yang Nan)

# First visit to Kaishan Island #

The story of Wang Jicai and Wang Shihua’s "touching China" has already been reported by various media, so how to solve the problem before shooting their stories?


"I can’t make this story into a textbook, which wastes the subject matter. I must present them to the audience." Chen Li gave himself a written pledge to fulfill a military order.

Unlike the story of shooting great men in the past, this story belongs to the present and is close to the life of every audience. Chen Li’s first reaction to "living under the sun" is like this. Only in this way can the "realism" be expressed.

Kaishan Island is located in the outpost of the Yellow Sea in China, with an area of only two football fields, and its strategic position is very important.


In the Spring Festival of 2019, Chen Li and his team decided to set foot on Kaishan Island to collect wind.


Like the movie, Bao Zhengfu is at the helm of the boat to Kaishan Island. "Today’s boat is very safe and stable, and I am still learning to sail with Boss Bao on the way." All the details in the process are slowly recorded in Chen Li’s mind, and finally they are also displayed by the camera.


The power of reality is infinite. When the ship is getting closer and closer to Kaishan Island, the rain is still sparse, and Chen Li and his party see the figure waving to them in the distance more and more clear, short and thin, but with a strong aura, that is Wang Shihua.

When the ship docked, Wang Shihua took the cable thrown out by Boss Bao, and the whole process was completed in one go. It was this proficiency that made Chen Li have mixed feelings.


In the past, when reading newspapers, all media people emphasized that their family was ordinary people. At that moment, Chen Li felt that she was looking up to her, and she was not ordinary people.


"When she reached out and pulled me ashore, my nose suddenly became sore, because those hands were full of the touch of years." Formal that shake hands for the first time, Chen Li felt that the distance between the two people was narrowed, like an old friend who had not seen for a long time, and had lived in her heart.


Walking from the shore to the residence, Wang Shihua and Chen Li explained the peach trees and grapes that Wang Jicai planted with her at that time, as well as the wells that had been the source of fresh water for both of them. All the daily necessities happened on Kaishan Island, which was also the details of these 32 years, and witnessed the step-by-step changes of Kaishan Island.


Wang Shihua didn’t tell Chen Li about the emotions of how to persist, but all the stories she told were romantic stories with Lao Wang (Wang Jicai). "Lao Wang likes listening to her sing very much, and finally she sang" The Most Romantic Thing ". She also told me how two people looked at the stars on the roof. "


The two people’s insistence on Kaishan Island has been written into romance.


# Next life #

When receiving this project, Liu Ye was not confident.


Of course, for Chen Li, she was hesitant at first. "After all, Liu Ye is a first-line actor. How can we make the audience forget that he is Liu Ye under the camera?"


Liu Ye (Photo/Yang Nan)

So, Chen Li took Liu Ye to Kaishan Island to live with him, so that he could really feel their life on the spot. Even so, he was worried at first that he didn’t play well enough, but in the days of living together, the crew and the Wang Shihua family became more and more close, and that intimacy no longer made Chen Li feel that everyone was going to experience life, but to visit relatives.


Even Wang Shihua’s daughter finally began to call Chen Li a dopted mother. In a small talk, Wang Zhiguo suddenly said to Liu Ye, "Teacher Liu, in fact, you are very similar to my father in many places." Or this sentence, all of a sudden to Liu Ye increased confidence.


After the official boot, Liu Ye will run in the shooting area every day. Because Chen Li pursued real-life shooting, he finally made a 1:1 replica of Kaishan Island in Pingtan, Fujian. For this island, the team spent half a year before and after. Even though Chen Li was advised in the early stage, many things can be done by CG.


In order to take care of the camera shooting, Liu Ye needs to measure his steps accurately. "He runs every day, and he doesn’t know how many times he falls. In addition, he is exposed to the sun, and his skin bursts at the end." Not only that, there are all kinds of mosquito bites on the island. In the end, Liu Ye spent two and a half hours on makeup, but in the end, because there were too many real scars on his body, the makeup time was directly compressed.

From the beginning of choosing an actor, Chen Li said the most, that is, let the actor "stop acting" and really become that role. A few days after turning on the phone, Chen Li felt that Liu Ye in the camera was no longer himself, but Wang Jicai.


In order to shoot this work well, Liu Ye took the initiative to find Chen Li. "If the team wants to ask for leave, you must refuse."


When the film was roughly cut out, Chen Li called Liu Ye to watch it in the computer room. At last, he was in tears and told Chen Li that he really forgot to play it.


The same is true.


In order to present a good state, I was also exposed to the sun on the island, and filming was also plain. In the movie, she had a heavy scene of childbirth. In order to interpret it, she went to several maternity hospitals to understand the process of giving birth and feel that state.


There are not many scenes, and I also live with the director. He, who has worked with Chen Li, is the first actor in The Islander. This role spans 32 years and almost bears the burden of the changes of the times in the whole movie.


Because Zray is a Beijinger with a heavy Beijing accent, he will take the initiative to propose a remake with the director whenever he doesn’t mean to say a word "Er Hua Yin".


# Touched #

On June 8th, the premiere of "Island Keeper", Wang Shihua finished watching the film for the first time.


Chen Li was worried that she would be overwhelmed by the content in the movie. "Her feelings with Lao Wang are really too deep." Everyone expected what Wang Shihua would say after the screening, but the first sentence was just a few words, "Sister, I am really touched, very good, and I don’t know what to say."


Wang Shihua and the crew (Photo/Yang Nan)

Simple, love is already in the depths, just like their spirit of guarding the island.


"You watch the island, and I watch you." This is what Wang Shihua said the most in the movie, sincere, romantic and pure. This sentence is from the real Wang Shihua’s original words.


And this sentence is the motivation for her to spend 32 years guarding Kaishan Island.

In fact, before director Chen Li and screenwriter Ding Han write, people who hesitate to do things must have motives — — What made Wang Jicai and his wife stick to this island for 32 years?


Later, from the interview and communication, it was found that they had no motivation, that is, to do one thing well.


Director Chen Li also told Ding Han not to talk about the reasons for sticking to it. Although the island has its important strategic position, they are ordinary people in ordinary posts, just like the saying in the movie, "If a person does one thing well all his life, he will not lose heart".


The film involves many scenes that look very dramatic.


For example, when Wang Shihua went to the island for the first time, he was scared silly by the scruffy man with a beard in front of him, and even filed for divorce. This is not an artistic process, but a true story.


After Wang Jicai went to the island for the first time, he told people from time to time that he met the fox spirit on the island. All this is also a story we have encountered in reality. "Wang Shihua told us that when Lao Wang Gang went to the island, he was actually lonely and afraid. He had never experienced such a typhoon day, so he had these fantasies and kept telling the story of Fox Fairy with those who went to the island."


Not only these stories, but Chen Li transplanted almost all the details of their lives into the movies. The puppies in the film are lovely and vivid for the film. In real life, puppies also exist, and they are the best companions of Wang Jicai and his wife.


During the filming, Wang Shihua visited Ban once. But that time, it was the scene that Chen Li didn’t want her to visit the class the most — — That was the scene where Wang Jicai left everyone in the movie.


"I know, in Shihua’s heart, Lao Wang hasn’t left yet, and I’m really worried about her. When she watched it at the scene, she kept crying and said, it’s too much like Lao Wang." All these details stimulated Chen Li’s second creation, so at the end of the film, she arranged a scene of waving a flag. "In her imagination, Wang Jicai came back."


The movie "Island Keeper" has finally been released, and all about the life of Wang Jicai and his wife will be truly presented to the audience. Whether it is life or art, this "Island Keeper Spirit" will eventually give everyone an inner purification.