Table tennis world cup: all the top 8 were born, and the national table tennis was 24.

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The Chengdu Table Tennis Mixed Team World Cup Group Match ended on the evening of December 5th, Beijing time, and China successfully advanced to the quarter-finals with a staggering total score of 24-2. Although Manyu Wang lost unexpectedly in the match with Puerto Rico, the overall strength and tactical layout still left the opponent behind. This game is not only a technical contest, but also a test of psychological quality, which has aroused people’s concern about the morale of table tennis.

In the group stage, China easily advanced by virtue of its excellent performance. The result of the first place in the group is undoubtedly eye-catching, and the overall strength of the China team is fully demonstrated. However, behind this victory lies an unexpected journey. China stood out from the crowd, but Manyu Wang’s defeat became a bright spot. As the leader of the China team, Manyu Wang unexpectedly lost in the group match, which was surprising. Whether this defeat will affect the morale of the China team has become a hot topic for fans.

In the competition of Group A, China and Hong Kong team beat Sweden successfully by virtue of Manyu Wang’s excellent performance and overall teamwork, ranking first in the group. Manyu Wang’s outstanding performance not only won the individual competition, but also won valuable points for the team. In Group B, the German team performed brilliantly, and Ochalov’s outstanding performance attracted people’s attention. Although Slovakia tried to resist, Germany finally advanced with a strong total score and became a member of the top eight.

Japan, led by Zhang Benzhihe in Group C, successfully topped the group. France and Romania could hardly resist their strong strength in the confrontation with Japan, and finally Japan easily advanced and prepared for the championship. The competition in Group D is fierce, and the Korean team and the China Taipei team have shown excellent teamwork and psychological quality. The tacit cooperation of Lin Yunru, Chuan Chih Yuan, Zheng Yijing and other players enabled them to make the list of the top eight and won valuable honors for the China Taipei team.

In Group B, Germany advanced with a huge advantage, showing a strong overall strength. Their team tacit understanding and strength depth make other opponents far behind. Impressively, the German team not only did not have the main force in the competition, but showed excellent strength and depth. The cohesion and resilience of this team are worth learning from other teams.

Zhang Benzhihe’s performance in the game was eye-catching, and his excellent skills and calm response made people see the future of the Japanese team. Whether he can continue to maintain his state in the follow-up competition is worth waiting and seeing. France, which played a key match against Japan, also showed strong determination and strength, and this match became a highlight of Group C..

With the end of the group stage, the list of the top eight was announced, and the championship battle officially started. The strength of each team has already been demonstrated in the group stage, but in the quarter-finals, the technical strength and tactical layout will be tested even more. In the prospect of the game, each team needs to carefully deal with the opponent’s strengths and find the key points to break through the opponent.

The China Taipei team, which advanced together with the Korean team, performed thrillingly in the absence of the main force, and their victory meant the cohesion and preparation ability of the team. Emphasizing the performance of Korean team and China Taipei team is not only recognition for them, but also respect for the whole competition. Their strength may bring more surprises in the knockout stage.

The competitive display of Germany, Japan, South Korea and other strong teams makes people look forward to the next competition. This also makes the group stage not only a contest to pass the test, but also a confrontation between the powerful and powerful. Predicting the intensity of the follow-up games, the strength gap between the teams may become more obvious in the knockout stage, when a more intense confrontation will be ushered in.

Table tennis mixed team World Cup, as a competition of collective and individual strength, attracts the attention of table tennis fans all over the world. In the sharing of views, people expressed their expectations and blessings for each team, and at the same time had a heated discussion on the highlights and wonderful moments in the game. The unique charm of the table tennis mixed team World Cup is that it brings together the top players from all over the world, bringing a series of wonderful matches to the audience.

The mixed team World Cup entered an intense stage, and China showed its strong strength and advanced to the quarter-finals. The road to championship is full of challenges, so you need to be careful to face strong enemies. The audience is looking forward to more exciting games and witnessing the birth of the champion. Technology, teamwork and psychological quality will determine the outcome. Let’s look forward to this table tennis feast together and cheer for the hard work and dedication of each player! In the interweaving of sweat and fighting spirit, this world-class contest will become an indelible chapter in the history of table tennis.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Zhaocai to watch sports with you. Today, I will introduce two interesting things that happened recently. The first one is that a player scored 157 points in a single game in CBA. However, with the top salary contract, he mysteriously disappeared. The second news is about the latest standings of CBA. Liaoning ranked first, while qi zhou helped Guangdong to rise to second place, and the big black horse achieved six consecutive victories.

In the group stage, China took the lead by the total score with the excellent performance of powerful players such as Manyu Wang, and steadily ranked among the top eight. Manyu Wang’s personal strength and steady play have injected strong fighting power into the China team, and her excellent skills have shown unparalleled advantages on the field.

In Group B, Germany performed steadily and powerfully. Despite the troubles of the absence of the main force, they still achieved great advantages by virtue of their outstanding overall strength. This can not help but make people respect the depth and adaptability of the German team. At the same time, the Slovak team successfully passed through a series of thrilling games, showing the spirit of tenacious struggle.

In the group stage, China will also face powerful opponents from Hongkong, China, Sweden and Germany. In this tough battle, China team demonstrated excellent tactical concept and excellent teamwork, successfully relieved the pressure of opponents, and thus successfully advanced to the quarter-finals.

Generally speaking, the performance of Guoping in the group stage is eye-catching, which has doubled people’s confidence in defending their title. Players from all walks of life have strong overall strength and full team understanding, which has become the focus of the whole competition. However, there are many strong teams and the competition is fierce. The rise of strong teams such as Germany, Japan and South Korea makes this World Cup full of variables. The depth of the German team, the strength of the Japanese team and the balance of the Korean team all make people full of expectations.

In the list of the top eight, China will also face strong opponents such as French team, Romanian team and Korean team. This is the last obstacle for China to attack the championship, and the balanced strength and tacit cooperation of the team will play a vital role at this stage. China team needs to go all out in this crucial matchup and strive to advance to the semi-finals.

However, it is worth paying attention to whether Manyu Wang’s defeat will have a negative impact on team morale. At this critical moment, the cohesion of the team will be amplified, and the China team needs to quickly adjust its state and maintain the top level. Finally, we expect the fans to share their views in the comment area. Who is your favorite to win the championship? Which team impressed you? Let’s look forward to the peak battle of table tennis and witness the brilliant moment of table tennis together.

China’s balanced strength and excellent teamwork in the group stage laid a solid foundation for its successful promotion to the quarter-finals. Each team member has given full play to his specialty and formed an impeccable overall strength. The tacit cooperation and close cooperation of the team made China always maintain its advantage in the fierce competition.

With the success of the group stage, China team will usher in the round robin of the mixed team World Cup. At this stage, the China team will face more powerful opponents, and the competition for the championship will be more intense. China team needs to maintain a good state, further optimize the tactical layout, and attack the champion with determination and confidence.

The intensity of the mixed team World Cup is self-evident, and every game is a tough battle. In the face of strong enemies, China team needs to maintain high morale, overcome difficulties and never give up easily. The morale of the team will be the key factor to decide the outcome.

Fans will play an important role in the fierce confrontation of this mixed team World Cup. Their enthusiastic support and shouts will become the strong backing of the China team and inspire the players’ determination to work harder. At the same time, the hot discussion in the comment area will also promote the game to be more exciting and become a wonderful confrontation outside the stadium. This World Cup is destined to be an unforgettable moment. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of every fan and commentator, you have added infinite color to this feast. Looking forward to more wonderful moments in the future, the charm of football will continue to shine in our hearts.

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Badminton Class: Analysis of 11 Basic Badminton Technical Movements

The following techniques are commonly used in badminton skills. Only by mastering these techniques can they cooperate with tactics to play a role. If the technology is not in place, there will be no tactical cooperation, so everyone should pay attention to the practice of basic technology.

1. Kill the ball (the most difficult technique to learn)

It’s a high ball hit by the opponent. Try to buckle it down at the high hitting point. This kind of ball is powerful and fast, mainly including forehand killing, backhand killing and overhead killing.

2. Catch the ball (the easiest technique to learn)

It is a style of play that turns defense into attack, which is divided into blocking the ball in front of the net, drawing the ball in the backcourt and picking the high ball.

3, backhand put the ball before the net (one of the necessary skills before the net)

It is to gently hold the opponent’s hanging ball or the ball in front of the net with a racket, so that the ball will fall downward as soon as it passes the top of the net.

4. Golf (the most basic skill of amateurs)

Hit the ball near the opponent’s baseline with a high arc to weaken the opponent’s offensive power and consume the opponent’s physical strength.

5. Drop shot (the technique of confusing opponents)

The ball hit by the opponent is lightly returned from the backcourt to the area in front of the opponent’s net, which is called hanging ball. It is a batting technique to mobilize the opponent, disrupt the opponent’s position and cooperate with tactics.

6, save the ball (before the net attack technology)

It is a common offensive technique in doubles. When the opponent serves the ball in front of the net or returns the ball in front of the net, when the ball crosses the top of the net, the arc is high, that is, he quickly steps up and swats and kills in front of the net.

7. Pick the lob (defensive adjustment technique)

It is to pick up the lob or the ball in front of the net hit by the opponent and return it to the opponent’s backcourt. This is a defensive technique adopted in a relatively passive situation.

8, rub the ball (show the feel of technology)

It is a development of the technology of putting the ball before the net. When the hitting point is about the same height as the shoulder, use the actions of "rubbing", "cutting" and "picking" to rub the bottom of the ball holder, so that the ball changes its normal running track in the air, resulting in rolling along the horizontal axis or rotating over the top of the net along the vertical axis.

9, push the ball (fast flat bottom line technology)

It is to cooperate with the fake action in front of the net, and suddenly push the ball to the bottom corner of the backcourt when luring the opponent to the internet.

10, hook the ball (unexpected technology)

It’s a diagonal ball in front of the net. It is often used in combination with rubbing and pushing the ball to achieve the effect of a diversion.

11, draw the ball (easy to learn technology)

It’s a way of hitting the ball flat across the net. In the stroke, the hitting point is on both sides below the shoulder, which is an offensive technique with faster hitting speed.

Plot+beauty cross-border combination, is the next counterattack opportunity?

The popularity of "Naiti guli" is an important signal, and the cross-border cooperation of plot and beauty can spark different sparks and bring freshness to the audience.

Due to the long-standing information asymmetry in the beauty industry, users have always had a strong demand for beauty content, and beauty reds have become the main force that cannot be ignored in the current KOL short video field.

Some of them focus on product evaluation, some focus on makeup teaching, and some people set up their own beauty brands through content. All kinds of content are either integrated or subdivided in successive elimination iterations, moving towards different development directions.

The author will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various types of content by taking stock of the existing content types in the KOL short video field, and compare and summarize the creative communication logic and innovation direction of such content.

At present, the beauty content in the KOL field presents a diversified development trend. According to the content form, this paper divides the beauty content into the following three categories:

Evaluation is one of the main types of beauty content, and "Li Jiaqi Austin", a celebrity who started from Taobao Live, is a typical representative. He is a Tik Tok head beauty celebrity with nearly 20 million fans, and each video has hundreds of thousands and millions of likes. He has been in the top15 position of Kasi Data Tik Tok Red Celebrity List for nearly six weeks. His video is devoted to the evaluation of lipstick and planting grass, and conquered the wallets of thousands of female viewers with the magical lines "Oh my god", "My God" and "Buy it".

Tik Tok Redskins "Li Jiaqi Austin" Source: Kasi Data Redskins Details Page

Also doing lipstick color test evaluation is Tik Tok red man "serious girl _ Yan Jiu", and there is also a sentence in her self-positioning "You are not allowed to spend more money", which shows her difference: pursuing high cost performance. In the video, she will show the upper lip effect of the product through color testing, introduce the use experience in detail, and point out the advantages and disadvantages of the product, so that the audience can choose the product that suits them according to their personal needs.

In addition to lipstick evaluation, there are many evaluation contents of other beauty products. The most common one is the evaluation of red people who are mixed with various beauty products. They will not only evaluate various makeup products such as lipstick, foundation and cosmetic, but also evaluate various cleaning and skin care products such as face washers, eye creams and masks.

The biggest advantage of evaluation content is that they directly poke the pain points of users. Because the audience usually can’t experiment one by one in person, but want to know the efficacy and details of various products, they have a strong demand for evaluation content.

The disadvantage of this kind of content is that the threshold is low, and a large number of red people with different professional levels flood in, resulting in uneven content quality and serious homogenization. For the beauty evaluation content, the audience is concerned about the physical display of the product, the use effect, the user’s experience and so on. Although the evaluator’s evaluation and inflammatory words will affect the audience’s decision-making, the audience’s intuitive visual feelings will also affect their judgment to a great extent. Therefore, it is relatively difficult to do outstanding evaluation content.

Makeup teaching is also one of the main types of beauty content, and "witty Dang Mei" is a typical representative of this kind of celebrities. She can easily control the makeup styles of girls, royal sisters, ancient styles and Japanese styles, and I can also switch between "rough" and "cute" freely. honest and frank’s personal characteristics, changeable makeup styles and high face value, which are dominant in the beauty circle, have made her one of the top celebrities in the beauty circle in bilibili.

Bilibili Redskins "Witty Dang Mei" Source: Kasi Data Redskins Details Page

In fact, due to the lack of professionalism, beauty celebrities like "witty Dang Mei" pay more attention to makeup display. Although there will be some tips on dry goods, on the whole, the teaching part is weak, so the threshold requirements are also low.

Since this kind of content is not a serious and rigorous makeup teaching video, the core advantage can only be played in the personal characteristics of the photographer, that is, the personal design, including the personality, language style, appearance and image, voice and other aspects of the photographer. Through the creation of people, we can enhance the audience’s interest in the content and cultivate their trust in the red man. To put it simply, it is not professional enough and interesting.

In addition to the relatively low threshold of evaluation and makeup teaching, dry goods knowledge is also an important part of beauty content.

Take "JUNPING Devil" as an example: his content is characterized by high professionalism, and his professional knowledge such as product composition and efficacy is well analyzed. He also created his own Junping skin care brand and advocated scientific skin care concepts. In 2013, he obtained the certificate of American National Society of Holistic Aromatherapy in NAHA, which also provided him with a strong professional endorsement.

Red man’s own brand means that he is responsible for product and content marketing at the same time, which reduces the unnecessary expenses of all intermediate links to a certain extent. At the same time, the creator (who is also a product manager) can get first-hand user feedback by directly contacting users, making products closer to users’ needs and conducive to producing more targeted and personalized products.

Of course, there are a few celebrities who have successfully created their own brands like "Junping Devil". On the one hand, this kind of content has a very high entry threshold. Without a very professional and profound knowledge reserve, the credibility of content and celebrities will be greatly reduced, and it will be impossible to accumulate the original fan base of self-created brands. On the other hand, if you only rely on fans to buy, and you don’t let the product reputation out of the circle, the sales channel will be very narrow and the risk will be high.

Except for a few cases of creating their own brands like Junping Devil, there are two main types of beauty reds who share knowledge of dry goods:

One is to share practical beauty and skin care skills. For example, Tik Tok Red Man "Dangerous Sweet" will share skills, answer doubts or summarize mine clearance in each video. The main feature of the content is practicality, but the skill of summarizing skills, which makes perfect, has a low entry threshold, so the homogenization is also serious. It is necessary to enhance the content recognition with the help of the photographer’s personal design.

The other category is more professional ingredient analysis, such as "Su La La La is ingredient control" of Tik Tok Red Man, whose content is mainly to analyze the ingredients of products, and put forward different suggestions according to different skin types by comparing the ingredients of different products. This kind of content belongs to pure dry goods, but it requires a high level of cognition for the audience, and its appreciation is poor, so the ordinary audience can easily feel bored.

The above three types of beauty content are relatively common. On the whole, all kinds of content are already in the competitive Red Sea field. What other beauty content types with great potential still have great room for development, waiting for practitioners to explore?

The author found that the drama beauty content represented by Tik Tok red man "Naiti guli" may be a new opportunity.

Drama beauty content, that is, content that combines drama and beauty makeup to attract target users. According to statistics, the number of fans of "Niti guli" in Tik Tok has exceeded 4 million, and there are frequent explosions of praise exceeding 10,000. Among the fans, women account for 91%, and the fans aged 25-30 are the most, attracting more accurate fans.

Tik Tok Red Man "Naiti guli" User Portrait Source: Kasi Data

What is the difference between drama beauty content? How to combine the plot and beauty makeup, and what are the conditions for the combination?

Sort it out as follows:

First of all, from the content theme,At present, most of the beauty content is centered on the product or makeup, and the content revolves around the product and makeup, such as product evaluation, composition analysis and makeup display. However, the story-based beauty content focuses on the story, and the audience’s focus is on the development of the story, not the products that occasionally appear in the story. The product only plays an auxiliary role in the content and belongs to soft implantation.

Secondly, from the perspective of content style,Take "Naiti guli" as an example. The content style of this red man is funny. Aside from the shell of the beauty video, the core is actually funny, and the overall rhythm, narrative structure and language style are consistent with the standards of high-quality funny jokes. Although most of the other types of beauty content are relaxed and lively, the main attraction of the content is still focused on the red man. Compared with the well-designed funny story, the personal baggage and jokes of the red man are still less attractive.

Finally, from the perspective of human risk,Because the beauty category is in the deep red sea, the competition is fierce and the homogenization is serious, it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd by the content itself, and the popularity of most beauty celebrities is inseparable from the help of people. They are either honest and frank, professional or generous, and act as fans’ friends, girlfriends and other roles. All kinds of people make the content more attractive, and also strengthen the bond of trust between celebrities and fans.

However, the persona is risky. Once the words and actions of the red man go beyond the audience’s cognitive range of his persona, the trust relationship established between the two parties will be greatly dealt a blow, and it will also have a significant negative impact on the content brand. The drama beauty reds mainly appear as roles, and people are set as roles, not the reds themselves. Therefore, to a certain extent, the risk of setting up drama beauty content is relatively low.

To sum up, the story-based beauty content is the focus of the audience, so the content is more ornamental and interesting, and the audience’s acceptance is obviously higher in product implantation. In addition, it has advantages over other types of beauty content in terms of personal risk. However, it is precisely because this kind of content emphasizes the plot and ignores the product that the requirements for screenwriters are also higher. It is necessary to ensure the integrity and interest of the plot, but also to implant the product softly, which is a great test of the screenwriter’s basic skills.

Plot and beauty, two fields that seem to span a long time, can be skillfully integrated and integrated, which is mainly due to their strong compatibility.

First of all, as an important form of content expression accepted by all kinds of people, plot has the natural attribute of being integrated with all kinds of content and undertaking all kinds of advertisements. For example, food+plot gave birth to Midnight Food Store.

Secondly, in the field of beauty, although a lot of beauty content emphasizes the detailed display of products, even the description of ingredients and characteristics, with the increasingly fragmented habit of people receiving information, the KOL short video platform is less than one minute long, which is not suitable for the development of product detailed introduction content.

Omitting details and processes, only showing the final results, and pursuing visual effects are favored by people. Therefore, more and more people are gradually paying attention to the product effect exposure, especially lipstick, which can see the effect on the upper lip, without too many explanations from celebrities. This product feature, which only needs exposure to achieve the purpose of planting grass and has low requirements for detail display, accelerates the cross-border integration of beauty and drama.

On the one hand, the content of drama is highly compatible; on the other hand, the content of details of beauty products is seriously homogeneous, and the platform duration also limits the introduction of product details to a certain extent. Under this background, the requirements for details of beauty products are gradually decreasing. Two reasons have contributed to the integration of plot and beauty makeup.

Beauty category has always been the Red Sea of the content industry, and it is difficult to stand out from the crowd by following the existing stylized gameplay. The popularity of "Naiti guli" is an important signal, and the cross-border cooperation of plot and beauty can spark different sparks and bring freshness to the audience. This kind of content is a good breakthrough for creators who are ready to enter the industry or prepare for transformation.

Author: Kasi Data, WeChat official account (ID: caasdata6)

This article was originally published by @ Kasi Data. Everyone is a product manager. Reprinting is prohibited without permission.

The title map comes from Unsplash and is based on CC0 protocol.

Table tennis World Cup: The quarter-finals were released, China’s women’s singles were slightly inferior, and Japan and South Korea were promoted in four consecutive victories.

On December 5, 2023, the first stage of the table tennis mixed team World Cup ushered in fierce competition. At this stage, each team showed superb skills and tenacious fighting spirit, and finally decided the top two of the four groups to advance.

In this competition, China table tennis team once again showed their strength and skills. Although Manyu Wang lost to Puerto Rico’s Diaz 1-2 in the women’s singles competition, which made the China team slightly frustrated, the other players still played well, won a great victory and moved on.

At the same time, the performance of the China Hong Kong team is somewhat unsatisfactory. They were all defeated in three wars, and unfortunately they were out. This is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the China-Hongkong team, which has always shown good strength and potential in previous competitions.

In addition to the match between China and Hongkong China, other teams also showed good strength and skills. In the competition, all teams showed superb skills and tenacious fighting spirit, which made the competition more intense and exciting.

In the end, the top two of the four groups advanced to the next stage. These advanced teams will compete with the third place in each group for a place in the semi-finals. In the next competition, each team will continue to show superb skills and tenacious fighting spirit, and strive for the championship.

Generally speaking, the first stage of the table tennis mixed team World Cup has ended, and the performance of each team is different. However, no matter what the result is, these players have shown their love and persistence in table tennis, and they have interpreted what is the true sportsmanship with sweat and hard work.

In Group A, China and Sweden successfully advanced to the quarter-finals, while Puerto Rico and Hongkong, China, unfortunately stopped at the group stage. At this stage, Guoping showed its absolute superiority and achieved a total victory in three rounds of group matches. This undoubtedly highlights the dominant position of Guoping in the world table tennis world, and also provides valuable competition experience for the players.

In this competition, eight main players of Guoping made their debut. Their performance is undoubtedly satisfactory, which has achieved the expected effect of the coaching staff to practice by competition and adapt to the rules. Although Sun Yingsha played four times in this competition, her performance was still eye-catching and showed a very high level of competition.

However, the only fly in the ointment was that Manyu Wang lost two games. In the confrontation with Puerto Rican player Diaz, she lost to her opponent 1-2, which is undoubtedly a small setback. However, it is common to get upset in short games, so we can’t judge Manyu Wang’s performance too much.

Generally speaking, although the China table tennis team encountered some challenges in this competition, their overall performance was still excellent. We have reason to believe that with the adaptation and running-in of the players, they will show even better performance in the next competition.

Sweden did not send their strongest team in this competition, which undoubtedly made many people more optimistic about the prospect of China’s promotion. However, the result of the game is surprising. In the match against Puerto Rico, China Hong Kong team was defeated with a score of 7-8. The defeat of this game is surprising. After all, Puerto Rico has no other strong players except Diaz. However, Du Kaixun of China Hong Kong team was in a low state in the competition and failed to play her best level, which is undoubtedly an important reason for the defeat of China Hong Kong team.

Sweden, despite the lack of two main players, Moregard and falk, defeated Hongkong China 8-0 and successfully advanced as the second in the group. This result undoubtedly shows the strength of the Swedish team. Even if they didn’t send the strongest team, they could still win the game.

In Group B, Germany and Slovakia successfully advanced to the quarter-finals, while Portugal and Egypt were unfortunately eliminated. Germany also faced the absence of some main players in this competition, such as Ochalov and others. However, with the excellent performance of Shan Xiaona and other players, they successfully advanced with good luck and strength. This result is in line with people’s expectations. After all, in the same group, the German team did not meet an opponent with too strong strength.

The table tennis mixed team World Cup competition is undoubtedly full of variables and challenges. No matter the unexpected defeat of the strong team or the counterattack victory of the weak team, people can see the charm and uncertainty of table tennis. In the next competition, we expect each team to continue to show their strength and skills and bring us more wonderful duels.

In Group C, Japan and France became the only two teams to advance to the quarter-finals, while Romania, the United States and Australia all suffered losses in the group stage, and they were unfortunately eliminated. Both Japan and South Korea advanced with four consecutive victories, showing their strong strength and team cohesion.

The Japanese team did not meet too strong opponents in this competition, and the overall competition was relatively easy. Among them, Zhang Benzhihe defeated Felix lebrun 3-0, and his outstanding performance left a deep impression on many fans. However, Hayata Hina’s condition is not ideal. She made many unnecessary mistakes in the competition, and even almost lost to Diaconu. This is undoubtedly a game worthy of the vigilance of the Japanese team, and they need to pay more attention to details and status in the next game.

In Group D, the Korean and China Taipei teams successfully advanced to the quarter-finals, while Singapore, Canada and India were unfortunately eliminated. South Korea is undoubtedly the main competitor of Guoping. From the lineup, there is no reservation, and the overall strength is very balanced. There should be no problem for them to win the top three. Although the China Taipei team didn’t send all the main players, Chen Siyu led the team to qualify, and the overall performance is still worthy of recognition. For the Singapore team, it is a little pity that they failed to seize the opportunity.

The table tennis mixed team World Cup competition is full of variables and challenges, and each team has shown good strength and skills. In the next game, we expect each team to continue to play their best level and bring us more wonderful matchups.

In the second stage of the table tennis mixed team World Cup, eight teams that have advanced will play round robin to compete for the final championship. Different from the first stage, the number of rounds is reduced to six, because the associations in the same group don’t need to meet again, so they can just use the previous scores. The design of this competition system aims to reduce the competition time while maintaining the competitiveness and fairness of the competition.

Take the China table tennis team as an example. They swept Sweden 8-0 in the group stage, showing their great strength. As the result of the match of the same group association directly follows the previous score, China team avoided the situation of playing against Sweden again, saving time and energy.

In the next competition, each team will rank according to the comprehensive results, and finally determine the ownership of the champion. The highlight is yet to come. Let’s look forward to the wonderful performance of China players, and believe that they will be able to play their best and win more honors for China. Come on!

Don’t know how to break a baseball? "physical education class" on the American professional baseball line takes you to the door.

Chinanews. com client April 24 th Baseball is becoming more and more popular in China, but many rules in the process of sports will make the baseball "Xiaobai" who just started to contact confused from time to time. Recently, Major League Baseball (MLB) became a "class representative" in its official Weibo, giving a popular explanation of the basic rules of baseball, and the obscure rules and regulations became clear in an instant.

In a baseball game, there are two teams playing against each other, each team has 9 players, and the two teams take turns to be the offensive and defensive sides. The attacker usually sends one player on the court to prepare for "swinging the stick" and serve as a batter. The rest of the players stand by and take the number plate on the court and prepare to hit the ball in turn.

Nine players from the defensive side played at the same time, one as a pitcher and the other eight as fielders. The offensive and defensive sides rotate for one game, and each baseball game has nine games. Whoever scores more points after the game wins.

The baseball game field is a right-angle fan, and the area outside the right-angle edge is out of bounds. The area with a large grassland is called outfield, and the red area is called infield.

There is a home run wall in the outfield. Although it is a wall, it is not the boundary of the stadium. Theoretically, the whole stadium is infinitely extended, and there are four bases in the infield. From counterclockwise, they are first base, second base, third base and home plate.

In terms of scoring rules, the attacking batter should hit the ball as far as possible, and then the batter needs to drop the bat and start running. If the batter can run through the first, second and third bases in turn and finally return to home plate, he can get a point. (End)

Medical Status and Resource Allocation: Challenges and Opportunities

In recent years, people’s worries about the current medical situation have become more and more serious, which makes everyone feel uneasy. With the growth of population, the number of hospitals is also increasing, and the per capita medical consumption is also showing a surge trend. However, although the number of hospitals and per capita medical consumption are on the rise, they have not reached the level expected by the society. So, from which angle should we understand these data?

First of all, the increase in the number of hospitals may be to meet the growing medical needs. In recent years, people’s attention to health problems and the growth of medical needs can not be ignored. The increase in population also means that the pressure on employment and childbirth has increased, which leads people to pay more attention to the distribution of medical resources. Therefore, the government has to increase the number of hospitals to meet the people’s demand for medical resources.

Secondly, the increase in per capita medical consumption may be due to the improvement of medical technology and medical services. With the progress of science and technology, the development of medical technology and equipment, the level of medical service is constantly improving, which also leads to the increase of medical consumption. For people, their requirements for medical services are getting higher and higher, and more people choose to take the initiative to pay attention to health, conduct physical examination and early screening, thus increasing medical consumption.

However, the above data also reflect some problems and challenges in the medical field. Although the number of hospitals has increased, the distribution of medical resources per capita is uneven, especially in areas with slow development. In addition, the quality and efficiency of medical resources need to be further improved. Although the per capita medical consumption has increased, some people still face problems such as insufficient medical resources and low service quality, and even the waste and abuse of overall resources are worthy of attention.

Therefore, we need to continue to explore the rational distribution of medical resources and strengthen the reform and improvement of the medical system. Under the guidance of the government, give play to the role of the market and society to promote the further development of the medical industry. We need to actively build a multi-level and diversified medical service system, strengthen the construction of primary medical services, improve the diagnosis and treatment level and ability of primary medical institutions, and let more people enjoy basic medical and health care resources. At the same time, we should also strengthen the integration and optimal allocation of medical resources, improve the quality and efficiency of medical services, and realize the fair distribution and rational utilization of medical resources.

In a word, the current medical situation faces both challenges and great opportunities. Only by taking people as the center, adhering to the people-oriented concept, strengthening systematic reform and innovation in the medical field, promoting the improvement of medical service quality and perfecting the allocation of medical resources can we truly realize the fair and sustainable development of medical care. Let’s work together to make the future medical situation more beautiful, fair and sustainable!

Do you like swimming? How to swim correctly? Give you Amway

Lead: The hot summer is coming soon, which makes many fairies who like to exercise feel very distressed, because it is really too hot to exercise at the same time! If you exercise outdoors, you are likely to get sunburned by ultraviolet rays. Even indoors, the effect of fitness exercise will not be very good because of the narrow space and poor ventilation. Then, today, Xiaobian is going to Amway a very suitable summer sport for all fairies-swimming. Swimming is called "the best way to exercise" by the World Health Organization, so do you know how to exercise correctly? Xiaobian will come to Amway for you today.

After reading this article, you will get:

1. The benefits of swimming

2. What are the ways to swim?

Swimming is a very typical aerobic exercise, which can not only exercise the body lines well, make the lines look softer and increase the elasticity of ligaments, but also swim as a special sport and will not increase the body muscles. And is it comfortable to soak in the swimming pool in summer? Anyway, let’s take a look at the specific benefits of swimming.

Benefit 1: It is beneficial to enhance cardiopulmonary function.

Swimming is a kind of exercise, which can mobilize the muscles of the whole body. Swimming in the water for a long time can exercise our cardiopulmonary function. People who often swim must feel this way. Do you feel refreshed every time you swim and emerge from the bottom of the water? This is actually when we are swimming, we exercise our cardiopulmonary function invisibly. Moreover, swimming can help us stretch our bones. For little girls with long bodies, if you want to have long legs in the future, you must insist on swimming, because swimming is really helpful for stretching muscles and helping you grow up.

Benefit 2: Swimming can accelerate the metabolism of the body.

Scientific research shows that the resistance in water is several times more than that in land. Swimming in water will make us feel strong resistance, which can effectively exercise the lines of our back, legs and arms. In the swimming pool, you will see the beautiful lines of those perennial "swimmers", which are all the benefits of swimming.

In addition, swimming can speed up the metabolism of the body. Scientific research shows that swimming consumes 440 calories an hour, which is far more than that on land. Moreover, this metabolism can last for a long time.

Benefit 3: Swimming is a good life skill.

As a fitness activity, swimming can not only exercise our bodies well, but also be a good life skill. Someone once said, "If you don’t teach a child to swim, he may be in danger.". In fact, it is true. In recent years, there have been more and more drowning incidents in society, which is undoubtedly very sad. However, if you master this skill, you will have another guarantee.

As a traditional way of exercise, swimming can be divided into competitive swimming and practical swimming. Competitive swimming is a way of competition in the Olympic Games, and we are exposed to the so-called practical swimming, which includes butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, etc. Next, Xiaobian will introduce different ways of various types of swimming.

Action 1: breaststroke

Action essentials:

1. The body is submerged in water, the muscles of the whole body contract, the head is submerged for 3/4, and the face is slightly lifted.

2. Stretch your arms and exhale. Slide your left and right arms alternately, with your palms facing outward.

3. Don’t bend your arms obviously, and your hands are lower than your arms. At this time, push your legs outward to make your body a smooth straight line and keep this action for 1-2 seconds. Then cycle the above actions.

Motion cycle:

3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes each time.

Recommended index: ★★★★★★★

Action 2: Side swimming

Action essentials:

1. The body is lying on its side in the water, with about 1/2 of its head in the water, the lower arm extending forward and the upper arm clinging to its side. The body is naturally straight and in a straight line.

2. The arms swing alternately in a ring shape, matching the action of bending legs. The legs are driven outward by the toes.

3, pay attention to control your knees, don’t fall, inhale, and close your legs. Exhale, push hands and push legs. Repeat the action.

Motion cycle:

2-4 times a week for 35-45 minutes each time.

Recommended index: ★★★★★★★

Action 3: butterfly stroke

Action essentials:

1. The body naturally sinks into the water, exhales, draws a circle with your arms forward, then paddles inward, and then raises your head.

2. Inhale, and paddle forward obliquely with both hands. When the arm is paddling forward, the elbow should not be too straight and slightly bent. Palm out.

3. During exercise, the body should try to keep an "S" curve, which can reduce the resistance generated during swimming.

Motion cycle:

3-5 times a week, 35-40 minutes each time.

Recommended index: ★★★★★★★

tagSwimming is a great aerobic exercise. It takes several times as much exercise as ordinary exercise, especially when summer is coming. Swimming is especially suitable for the hot season, which is very cool and good for the skin. Little fairies who like fitness must try these swimming styles of Xiaobian Amway.

Ruthless florentino! Carlo Ancelotti’s next home has been decided. Real Madrid Zidane Alonso has a choice.

This season, La Liga giants only won the King’s Cup under the leadership of Carlo Ancelotti, which is far from enough for the aspirant President florentino. Last season’s double champion failed to defend his title this season, and the competition between La Liga champion and Champions League champion was defeated in a humiliating way, so Carlo Ancelotti’s handsome seal is naturally in jeopardy, although he lost 4-0 to Manchester City. The old coach still stressed to the outside world that he would stay in the team (there is still one year left in his contract with Real Madrid) and lead the Galaxy battleship to attack the Champions League and La Liga again. Although this statement is very powerful and overbearing, it makes people feel a little unbelievable. It is not to question Ancelotti’s teaching skills, but this is a real Madrid team that really needs to be rebuilt. It was a miracle to win the double crown last season.

The rebuilding of Galaxy Battleship is imminent. Many celebrities outside believe that the best choice for Ancelotti is to break up with Real Madrid. First, he has achieved great success in Real Madrid, and it is time to retire. Secondly, five-star Brazil has long wanted him to take over the coaching, and the coach has nothing more to ask for in the club. The first player in football has gathered the league titles of Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1, which is contemporary football. However, he has made no achievements in the national team. Brazil has not won the World Cup for many years, and their desire for the World Cup is unprecedented. Together, it is a strong dialogue. This is a win-win situation. Why not? So it is even more popular for Ancelotti to leave the team to coach Brazil.

Why do you say it is popular? President florentino is in a dilemma, and there is no good excuse to fire Ancelotti. However, at the last minute, I believe he will leave the class without mercy. He has always been ruthless in his work style, which is the best evidence. Otherwise, Galaxy Battleship will not become the most successful club in the history of Champions League. Secondly, it’s time for Real Madrid to have a change of blood. The three champions’ coaches Zidane, Raul and Alonso all want to return to the Bernabeu. They are all meritorious figures with Real Madrid’s DNA. Among them, French legend Zidane and Spanish legend Alonso are the most likely, but Qi Zu’s coaching has a big obstacle to the team’s signing power, but florentino just won’t give it, which is the main reason why Zidane left Real Madrid twice.

On the other hand, Alonso’s coaching ability has been proved, and he brought the Bundesliga pharmaceutical factory to such a high level, which is the best proof. Although he lost 0-1 in the Europa League semi-final two rounds to his mentor Mourinho, his coaching was not bad at all. I would like to ask which head coach in football can easily drive the magic bird’s "iron-blooded super bus". There is only one "driver’s license" in football, and that is Mourinho. As for Raul, although he is Real Madrid’s. Welcome everyone to chat in the comment area!

6-1! Newcastle slammed five goals in 20 minutes, Tottenham suffered a fiasco, the worst start in team history, and the fans left early.

In the 32nd round of the Premier League, Newcastle vs. Tottenham Hotspur at home! In the first half, Newcastle scored five goals in a row from the 61st second to the 21st minute. Murphy and Isaac both scored twice, and Jolington also scored a goal. In the second half, Kane pulled back a goal. In 67th minute, Wilson came off the bench to push the goal to expand the score. Finally, the whole game ended and Newcastle beat Tottenham 6-1!

Newcastle lost 3-0 to Aston Villa in the last league round, ending the previous five-game winning streak. By the end of this game, Newcastle ranked fourth in the league with 56 points in the first round, 3 points behind Manchester United and 3 points ahead of Tottenham! In terms of players, Almiron, Elliott and Man Quillo were substitutes, and Newcastle discharged a 4-3-3 formation. The starting players were as follows: 22- Pope, 2- Trippier, 4- Boatman, 5- Shaer, 33- Dan Bourne, 7- Jolington, 23- Murphy, 28- Willock and 36- Shawn.

Tottenham was defeated by Bournemouth 2-3 in the last round. By the end of this round, Tottenham had 16 wins, 5 draws and 10 losses in 31 league matches, scored 57 goals and conceded 45 goals, ranking fifth in the league with 53 points! In terms of players, Danjuma, Langlais and Richarlyson are sitting on the bench, and the Spurs’ appeasement formation is 3-4-3. The starting players are as follows: 1- Lori, 23- Polo, 17- Romero, 15- Dell, 14- Perisic, 5- Hoiber, 29- Sal, 4- Skip and 21.

In the first half, in the 61st second, Newcastle broke the ball in the frontcourt for the first time to organize the attack. Jolington took the ball and made a long-range shot at the top of the arc. Lori saved the ball, and Murphy on the right side of the penalty area followed up with a small angle to break the goal. Newcastle led 1-0, a dream start!

In the 6th minute, Newcastle player made a long pass in midfield, Jolington stopped the ball and passed Lori, and scored twice with a small angle, 2-0, and Newcastle expanded the score!

In the 9th minute, Sun Xingyi’s ball was broken in his own backcourt. Murphy made a slight adjustment with the ball, and shot it 30 meters away from the goal. The ball hung like a meteor in a dead corner, 3-0! Newcastle scored three goals in a short time of seven minutes and nine seconds, beating Tottenham Hotspur!

In 13 minutes, Kane outflanked the bottom line in the restricted area; In the 19th minute, Newcastle broke the ball in the backcourt and made a long pass. Isaac was unguarded and pushed the goal with a single knife, 4-0! In the 21st minute, Isaac broke through with the ball in the right rib, and scored twice with a small angle volley, 5-0. Tottenham collapsed completely, and many Tottenham fans left early.

In 34 minutes, Skip got a yellow card for a foul on the side sliding shovel; In 42 minutes, Longstaff’s long-range shot slightly missed the bottom line;

In the second half of 49 minutes, Kane took the ball from the left and broke into the restricted area. His left foot shot low and scored a goal, 5-1!

In 64 minutes, Sun Xingyi took the ball from the left and cut the shot, which was blocked by the defender, and then his teammates shot higher than the crossbar. In 66 minutes, Newcastle changed, Almiron came off the bench to replace Isaac, and Wilson replaced Murphy; In 67 minutes, Almiron’s push in the restricted area was blocked, and Wilson easily pushed the goal and the score became 6-1!

At the end of the game, Newcastle beat Tottenham 6-1 and gave them a two-game losing streak.

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Veterans never die! 39 years old, 12 goals in 12 games! He dominated the scorer list and was once a Portuguese super striker.

When Buffon, 45, was still playing on the pitch, the football veterans proved what a nod is not old. As far away as South American football, Paraguayan striker Oscar Cardoso, who once played for Portuguese super giant Benfica, is still playing football, and he can still play super performance at the age of 40, ranking first in the scorer list with 12 goals in 12 games!

At present, just after the 13th round of Paraguayan First Division in 2023, Asunció n ranks first with 10 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss and 32 points. The most incredible thing is the strong performance of veteran striker Oscar Cardoso, who is still the top scorer in the team even though he is 39 years old!

On April 18th, in the 13th round, Asunció n scored twice in the 10th minute and 43rd minute, respectively, and scored a direct free kick that surprised the opposing goalkeeper, helping the team win a 4-0 victory.

At this point, Oscar Cardoso played 12 rounds for the team this season, scored 9 goals and 3 assists, and firmly ranked first in the league’s top scorer list. Who can believe that this is actually a 39-year-old veteran striker?

It is worth mentioning that, in the 63rd minute of the second half, 41-year-old Santa Cruz, a former popular football guy, replaced Oscar Cardoso, and there were 40-year-old Paraguayan midfielder Riveros and 40-year-old Uruguayan goalkeeper Martin Silva in the team, so many unsuspecting veterans were gone.

Born in 1983, Oscar Cardoso will successfully celebrate his 40th birthday on May 20th this year. In July 2017, he left Olympiacos to join Asunció n without a visa. After nearly 11 years, he returned to Paraguay and surprised domestic football. In the 2018 season, he played a super role in 49 games with 28 goals, and the number of goals has been in double digits for six consecutive seasons!

In July, 2007, Benfica, a famous Portuguese black shop teased by fans, bought goods from Argentina and signed Oscar Cardoso, then 24, from old boys, Newell for a transfer fee of 11.7 million euros. In 7 years, he played 436 games for Benfica, and scored 266 goals and 60 assists. His personal strength attracted the attention of the top five leagues, and he was one of the famous Portuguese superstars in the past.

Not only the club level has left a deep footprint in European football, as a Paraguayan international, Oscar Cardoso scored 12 goals in 57 games for the national team, and he is a very good striker in the history of Paraguayan football.

In fact, in addition to the above-mentioned players, there are quite a few players over 40 in today’s football: Ibrahimovic, Quagliarella, Reina, Diego Lopez, marchetti, Molina, Pepe, Caballero and Pegolo …

Veterans don’t die, they just fade away!