E-sports teenagers who are often sprayed: Some players are hot-searched for their performance.

  FPX team members celebrate the victory of the game.

  Lin Weixiang is in the competition.

  Gao Tianliang is in the game.

  FPX team emblem

  Logo of 2019 League of Legends Global Finals

  "Mr. Key" was once a "loser"

  At 1: 00 pm, this is the time when the FPX team gathers to "punch in" every day.

  Even without training and competition, Tian, 19, rarely leaves the team base. This is very different from his role in League of Legends games — — In the game, Gao Tianliang’s role is "playing wild", which requires him to swim in the "wild area" of the map, accumulate experience and capital for the team and meet the "war" that may happen at any time.

  This villa in Zhangjiang High-tech Zone, Pudong, Shanghai is the "base camp" of Gao Tianliang and his teammates. The first floor of the villa is the training room and dining room, and the dormitory of the team members is upstairs. In addition to the computer, Gao Tianliang’s desk also has dolls and a pot of green radish sent by fans. He spends more than ten hours here every day during training on weekdays.

  In the past year, Gao Tianliang reached the peak of his e-sports career — — In the 2019 League of Legends Global Finals, the FPX team, which has only been in the team for two years, passed all the way and won the championship trophy. Gao Tianliang was named the Most Valuable Player in the Finals (FMVP) for his outstanding performance. At the time of awarding the prize, he wanted to lift the trophy, but underestimated the weight of the trophy, and only with the help of his teammates did he get it.

  "I feel that life has become troublesome and there are some strange things." Talking about the changes after winning the championship, Gao Tianliang said. After becoming a champion and FMVP, he shot several advertisements and was named "model of the year" by fashion magazines … … But in Gao Tianliang’s view, these are not recognized as "trouble" when walking on the road.

  Just a year and a half ago, Gao Tianliang was just an unknown "basement player". Unable to enter the main lineup of his previous team, he had to bury his head in training in the basement.

  "at that time, I felt that my ability was no problem, but there was no chance. But I believe there must be an opportunity. " Gao Tianliang said.

  The opportunity came in 2019. During the season transfer, Mason Lee, the head of FPX team, called Gao Tianliang. After observing at the base for 3 days, Mason Lee decided to sign the frustrated young man.

  "I felt a strong desire to win from his heart. He is very demanding of himself, with good character and good personality. " Mason Lee said.

  Chen Ruzhi (War Horse), head coach of FPX team, was also impressed by Gao Tianliang. "At that time, we inspected three or four players, but Xiaotian’s will was the strongest. He wanted to prove himself."

  After entering the FPX team, Gao Tianliang quickly became a new star on the field. In the global finals, he became the key gentleman of the team and helped the team out of the corner many times. "In the past, everyone said that I played like other players, but I felt that I was me, different from others, and I was Tian!" After winning the championship, Gao Tianliang said.

  "He is very aggressive, and he has a good understanding of game skills, and he is even pushing the progress of his predecessors." Mason Lee said.

  Don’t enter the business easily without talent.

  "If I hadn’t played e-sports, I might be in Tsinghua now." Earlier, in an interview, Gao Tianliang’s amazing words won him the title of "Tsinghua playing wild". In fact, this is just a joke of Gao Tianliang, and he himself is not a rumored "schoolmaster".

  If he hadn’t played e-sports, Gao Tianliang might have become a Chinese medicine practitioner. He comes from a family of Chinese medicine practitioners, from his great grandfather to his father. Therefore, when he decided to embark on the road of e-sports at the age of 15, he was unanimously opposed by his family.

  "There are indeed achievements now, but it cannot be said that the decision at that time was correct." Gao Tianliang said, "It is better to study normally, but e-sports is more attractive to me."

  Crisp Qingsong, two years older than Gao Tianliang, had a similar experience. At the age of 16, he joined a professional club and grew up step by step from the second team until he reached the podium of the world champion.

  "I don’t think reading is an ideal way for me. At that time, I met some powerful professional players playing games. The gap between me and them was not very big, so I strengthened my confidence in engaging in e-sports. " Liu Qingsong said that, like many teammates, parents felt very unreliable when they heard that they were going to "play games". However, seeing that e-sports players have higher income guarantees, they will no longer stop.

  E-sports is not an easy job. Today, Gao Tianliang and Liu Qingsong train from 1 pm to 2 am every day. Except for a short meal and rest time, almost everyone has to sit in front of the computer to compete and resume. Some players will continue to practice or broadcast live until three o’clock or even four or five o’clock. Liu Qingsong said that after a season, his shoulders and cervical vertebrae felt sore.

  How to judge whether you are suitable for the e-sports industry? "Talent" is the most frequently mentioned word by e-sports players.

  "E-sports is a very youthful profession. If you don’t have talent, you really can’t play." Gao Tianliang said, "Everyone plays the same game for almost the same time, but some people make rapid progress, and some people will always be stuck in the same place."

  Liu Qingsong believes that e-sports competition is about the brain. "In the game, we should constantly think. Thinking about what you should do, what the team should do, and what the opponent will do must be very clear. "

  In Chen Ruzhi’s view, it is not enough for an excellent e-sports player to be competitive. "Many people’s competitiveness affects their judgment in the game and their relationship with teammates. As a team game, e-sports also needs communication and even personal sacrifice. "

  Strict management can produce results.

  At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Gao Tianliang "rushed" into the kitchen with slippers and dolls. It’s almost time for dinner, and the players are already sitting around the table, joking with each other.

  For the team’s diet, the regulations of FPX team are quite strict. Lunch and dinner should be accompanied by meat and vegetables, and finished or semi-finished products should not be purchased to minimize the intake of food additives by team members; Fresh-cut fruit should be provided to the team members before 3 pm every day; If a team member doesn’t eat much lunch, the staff should also consider whether to prepare some snacks such as nuts or bread … …

  Mason Lee has nearly 10 years of experience in the e-sports industry. In his view, militarized and semi-militarized management is more suitable for the management of China E-sports Club. In the management regulations of FPX team, lateness, smoking and other behaviors will be punished, and strikes and salary discussions are "high-voltage lines" that are strictly forbidden to touch.

  However, Mason Lee’s strict management has also been challenged by players. In 2018, the team required the team members to reach the top 50 in the world in the training ranking, which met with the "resistance" of the team members and the team’s performance was not very good.

  "Last year, we became a way to guide and motivate, but everyone reached the ranking goal." Mason Lee said that the storm also gave himself a wake-up.

  "If I choose the club, the management will account for 70% and the players will only account for 30%." Tae-sang Kim, a member of FPX Club, believes that the management of the club is very important. "League of Legends has many newcomers every year, and many players suddenly disappear after playing for a season. The key to staying is the good management of the club."

  "FPX can win the championship because of team efforts and scientific training methods." Mason Lee said that when attending the finals in Paris, the club sent a team of 20 people, including not only data analysts who focused on the competition, but also professionals such as psychological counseling, sports rehabilitation and nutritious diet to ensure the physical and mental health of the players.

  Despite all the preparations, FPX’s debut in the finals met with waterloo. Team member Lin Weixiang (Lwx) was criticized on the Internet for his poor performance.

  "Last season, one of the tasks given to me by the company was to enter the top 10 of a hot search in Weibo. Unexpectedly, Lin Yuxiang suddenly rushed to the second hot search. " Mason Lee said that in order to protect the team members, the team quickly produced a talk show to let netizens know more about this young player and help him share some "firepower".

  Often being "sprayed" and learning to get along with negative remarks is a compulsory course for these young people to grow up.

  "When I first started playing a career, I was still influenced by some remarks. Now it is relatively calm. Of course, I will still be happy to see my remarks. " Lin Yuxiang said.

  "E-sports players are very young and it is too easy to go wrong. The audience is very demanding of the players, and once they don’t perform well, they will scold them badly. Some experienced clubs can help players calm down, but some clubs may be dissolved directly because of pressure. " Tae-sang Kim said.

  In Mason Lee’s view, after psychological tests, "e-sports teenagers" have stronger hearts than their peers. "In those years of ups and downs, they encountered great malice. In fact, they have long been prepared, and their psychological maturity and strength far exceed our imagination. "

  "As young people, they may have all kinds of minor problems in psychology and life. But on the whole, they are all ‘ Good baby ’ 。” Mason Lee said that after winning the prize in the World Championships, the contestants didn’t spend money indiscriminately, and many people even bought their parents real estate.

  Career development is a compulsory course.

  "This is the first plane today, thank you, boss!" Speaking fluent Mandarin, 23-year-old Tae-sang Kim started the live broadcast in the evening. Last year, after busy training and competition, Tae-sang Kim even broadcast live for more than five hours every day, and his eccentric personality won him many fans.

  After five years in China, Tae-sang Kim learned Chinese and became China’s son-in-law, and the fans of e-sports in China have long regarded this Korean player as "one of their own". Indeed, since the beginning of this season, Tae-sang Kim has become a "local player" officially certified by LPL (League of Legends Chinese mainland Division).

  "I’m used to living in China, but it’s strange to go back to Korea on holiday. Every Spring Festival, I will take my family to China for the New Year. " Tae-sang Kim said.

  In his second year in China, Tae-sang Kim made up his mind to learn Chinese well. "At that time, many excellent Korean players joined the China team, but some people came just to make money and didn’t communicate with their teammates. After the training match, they disappeared from work. I wanted to win the game and communicate with my girlfriend at that time, so I forced myself to study hard. "

  Today, Tae-sang Kim is not only the core of the team, but also the conductor within the team. In the competition, he always communicates with his teammates the most. Chen Ruzhi also said that last year, there were the most discussions and quarrels with Tae-sang Kim, which highlighted his leading position in the team.

  "After my career, I will still stay in China. I also want to get China ‘ Green card ’ I have been preparing for this for almost three years. " Tae-sang Kim said.

  Although only 23 years old, Tae-sang Kim once considered retiring for physical reasons. The career of e-sports players is not long, and the development and career choice after retirement is a problem that everyone has to face.

  "There is no special consideration yet. I feel that I can still play, at least for another four or five years." Gao Tianliang said.

  "I don’t know what my future will be like. But I hope that after retirement, I will either live better or maintain a relatively stable state. " Liu Qingsong said that even after retiring, income is still a factor he values.

  Mason Lee said that FPX Club currently has communication and cooperation with some educational institutions and universities, and also has relevant layout in the game industry. After the future players retire, the club will have resources to help them whether they want to be anchors, commentators or coaches.

  In 2018, as the head coach of China Taipei Team, Ru Chen led the team to participate in the e-sports competition of the Asian Games in Jakarta. In his view, e-sports is similar to traditional sports. As players grow older and their competitive level declines, they will encounter problems of retirement and career choice.

  "One problem of e-sports players is that they are too young to enter the industry, and some people may stop going to school from the age of 15. In the e-sports industry, there are fewer exchanges with the real world, which is a problem in the future. " Ru Chen Zhi said, "But at present, the e-sports industry has a great influence on the Internet. Many players are used to living on the Internet and have accumulated a large number of fans, which may become a resource for their career change."

  China esports stands on the tuyere.

  After winning the world championship, Liu Qingsong, who was originally quiet, became interested in skin care. He began to use masks and sunscreen, and his hair was dyed in color and then black again.

  Recalling her trip to Paris a few months ago, Lin Huixiang only had the word "boring" in her mind. "After winning the championship, I ate a hot pot in the evening. Being recognized on the road, I ran back to the hotel and just wanted to go home quickly. " He said.

  During the break, the staff handed a stack of postcards to Gao Tianliang. After signing the words, these postcards will be given to the fans of the team.

  In the team base, Tae-sang Kim wore a sweater designed for him by his wife, with his name written on it. Throughout 2019, Tae-sang Kim only stayed with his wife for twenty or thirty days. He said that he felt very uncomfortable, but he still wanted to win a world championship.

  "Looking forward to 10 years, at that time, only a few people in the e-sports industry really did well, and others were forced to participate." Mason Lee said, "Now e-sports has been proved to be a better career path. In the future, more and better young people will participate and have a better chance of success."

  "I often tell my friends that young people should try more in industries such as e-sports and short videos. The cost of failure is low. Once successful, you can stand directly on the tuyere. " Ru Chen said.

  The symbol of FPX team is a red phoenix. Coincidentally, the theme song of League of Legends Global Finals last season was also called Phoenix — — Fire phoenix, flying in the fire, where should you go, fall into the endless abyss, or board the eternal temple.

  Now, the League of Legends competition in the new season has begun. This year, the global finals will be held in China for the second time. Can e-sports teenagers in China spread their wings again? People will wait and see.

  In the first half of 2019, the market size of e-sports industry in China reached 57.53 billion yuan, and it is expected that the market size of e-sports industry will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2019.

  From 2019 to 2024, the scale of China’s e-sports industry is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of about 18.75%. By 2024, the market scale of China’s e-sports industry is expected to exceed 270 billion yuan.

  In the first half of 2019, the number of e-sports users in China reached 440 million, up 11.2% year-on-year, and there were more than 440,000 e-sports practitioners. At this stage, the demand for talents in the domestic e-sports industry is mainly concentrated in the service jobs of competitions, and the proportion of related jobs is as high as 67.5%. In the first half of 2019, the average monthly recruitment salary of major positions in the e-sports industry reached 9032 yuan, which was 12.5% higher than the overall average recruitment salary of the whole industry.

  In the 2019 League of Legends Global Finals, the number of people watching the game at the same time peaked at 44 million, with an average of 21.8 million viewers per minute.

  Sun chenpeng finishing

Anime, Happy New Year and Welcome to the New Year. The Central Radio and Television General Station released a new film of 2022 key projects.

  On January 14th, CCTV Animation Group, the general radio and television station of China, released 2022 key projects and new films, and 21 animation masterpieces with China spirit, China culture and Chinese strength appeared. Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Central Radio and Television General Station, attended the event, set a file for the opening of the animation blockbuster with the theme of Chinese New Year and Winter Olympics, and started the strategy of "Animation China" with the guests. The colorful animation blockbusters will feast the eyes of the majority of young people.

  According to reports, the creation strategy of "Anime China" released by CCTV Animation Group at the general station will continue to launch China "Ming" series, which includes promoting excellent traditional culture, highlighting the beauty of humanities and arts, telling the glorious history of red, writing about people’s struggle and praising the spirit of the times, so that the vast number of young people can appreciate the unique charm of Chinese culture and feel the infinite power of role models of the times.


  现场发布的“国风经典 传统文化”板块中,有弘扬围棋文化和竞技精神的《新围棋少年》,讲述经典民间故事的《故事奶奶》,以及阐释中华民族创造智慧的《巧手鲁班》和立足敦煌文化、丝路精神的《敦煌的故事》等。

  “时代新作 童心筑梦”板块,集中发布了一批体现新时代人民美好生活和中国精神的动漫大作:有表现团队合作精神的《超能钢小侠》,反映少年儿童七彩梦想的《星星梦》,展现智能科技改变生活的《新大头儿子和小头爸爸——智能小当家》,以及《棉花糖和云朵妈妈——快乐生活》《黄河传奇》和《篮球旋风》第二季等。

  In the section of "Beauty, Harmony and Symbiosis", the series of cartoon products "Panda Harmony" jointly created by Headquarters and international media are mainly recommended, including the cartoon "Panda and Gumi Bear" co-produced by China and Germany. The cartoon image of kindness, generosity and modesty is deeply loved by children all over the world.

  In the section of "Light and Shadow Screen Feast", four animated movies were released. Among them, the original classic animation brand "Big Head Son" of the reception desk will launch an animated movie about space theme and the first real-life movie this year; The "Cotton Candy and Cloud Mom" series will also launch the first animated family movie. In addition, the co-produced animated film "Dream of Ze" will also officially debut.

  During the winter vacation, the reception desk carefully prepared a novel and unique animation dinner for the majority of teenagers. New Chinese New Year film "Anime New Year — — Jin Hu Gifts will be broadcast on the prime time of CCTV Children’s Channel on January 30th and 31st. The second season of the New Year sitcom "New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad" and the animated blockbuster "Ice Hockey Whirlwind" with the theme of Winter Olympics will also be broadcast on the children’s channel on January 22 and 30, respectively.

  Xue Jijun, member of the editorial meeting of the Central Radio and Television General Station, Dong Weimin, chief accountant, Zhao Jiachen, chairman of Beijing Performing Arts Group, Wu Yuzhong, former president of Beijing Children’s Art Theatre and a famous writer of children’s literature, as well as the heads of relevant departments of the General Station, experts in the space field in China and representatives of the animation creative team attended the release event.

  (Photo: Fu Bo Zhu Yan Yan Shen)

Relevant favorable policies landing The used car market is expected to accelerate its recovery.

  Shortly after the release of "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of a Unified National Market", the State Council issued a package of policies and measures to stabilize the economy (hereinafter referred to as "measures"), and once again proposed to completely cancel the restrictions on the movement of used cars and improve the management regulations on the registration, filing and vehicle transaction registration of used car market entities.

  This has injected a warm current into the depressed used car market. China automobile dealers association said that with the implementation of relevant favorable policies, it is expected that the replacement volume will increase significantly in June. At the same time, the source, circulation cost and circulation efficiency of used cars will be improved, the price of used cars will be more close to the people, which will stimulate the growth of market demand and help the inventory of used car dealers to be digested as soon as possible.

  The market is in a recession zone.

  In April, the second-hand car market experienced a rare year-on-year double decline in transaction volume and transaction price. The transaction volume of the second-hand car market nationwide was 1,100,600 vehicles, down 16.51% from the previous month and 26.10% from the previous month. At the same time, the average transaction price of used cars continued to fall. Since the average price of used cars reached a peak of 71,800 yuan in December last year, it fell to 68,300 yuan in April this year.

  Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary-General of china automobile dealers association, believes that the epidemic situation, shrinking market demand, weakening expectations and the decline in purchasing power caused by rising oil prices are all the reasons for the depression of the used car market.

  In May, the average daily transaction scale was slightly better than that in April, but there was still a gap compared with the same period last year. According to the second-hand car Zhou Du Express published by the Information Department of the Circulation Association, the average transaction volume in the fourth week of May was 53,900, up 5.48% from last week and down 10.75% year-on-year. It is estimated that the overall transaction scale of the used car market in May will be 1.13 million to 1.15 million, an increase of 3% from the previous month and a decrease of 21% from the same period last year.

  The latest issue released by the Circulation Association also shows that the "China Second-hand Car Managers Index" (UCMI) was 37.7% in May, which is below threshold, and the second-hand car market is still in a recession.

  According to Lang Xuehong, Deputy Secretary-General of china automobile dealers association, half of used car managers reported that the market demand decreased in May. There is no obvious change in the number of passengers on the used car line, but the number of passengers off the line has decreased to some extent. The reasons for this situation are, on the one hand, that the epidemic prevention and control requires to reduce going out, on the other hand, the used cars traded in the market are still mainly fuel vehicles, and the continuous rise in oil prices has discouraged some consumers.

  On the whole, the second-hand car market did not perform well in May, and the decrease in the rate of consumers entering the store was still the main reason that affected the sales of second-hand cars. At the same time, with the support of the "May 1" new car price concessions and local government car subsidies, consumers who originally wanted to buy second-hand cars switched to new cars, and the inventory in the saturated state was not released, which led to the extension of inventory turnover time, and it was difficult for car dealers to collect the occupied funds, which increased operational risks.

  The second-hand car industry as a whole is depressed, and at the level of car dealers, it is difficult to survive. A number of car dealers told reporters that the second-hand car business is now under great pressure, and some cars are afraid to accept and the inventory is not easy to sell.

  Open up blocking points to promote circulation

  Although in the past two months, the used car industry has been in trouble. However, in the past decade, except for a slight decline in 2020 due to the epidemic, the transaction volume of used cars has shown positive growth for many years, and the growth rate is much higher than that of new cars. In 2021, the transaction volume of used cars was 17,585,100, with a year-on-year growth rate of 22.7%, the highest in the past decade. The sales ratio of new and used cars in China has reached 1.49∶1, which is rapidly catching up with the sales ratio of new and used cars in mature countries.

  However, behind the sustained high growth, the blocking point formed by the used car industry over the years still exists. For example, a large number of used cars will be exported from first-tier cities to second-tier to sixth-tier cities and even county areas, but the relocation restriction policy has hindered the circulation of used cars in different places, and various places have imposed emission standards and age restrictions on used cars, resulting in foreign consumers wanting to buy cars but local car owners wanting to sell cars can’t sell them at a good price.

  The second-hand car industry also faces some problems, such as the failure to establish commodity attributes, restrictions on the business premises of second-hand car enterprises in some areas, and cumbersome approval procedures for adding second-hand car business to automobile distribution enterprises.

  Many blocking points in the field of used car circulation have become the pain points that hinder the full release of automobile consumption potential. It is precisely because of this that after the release of the Measures, Wang Du, deputy secretary-general of china automobile dealers association, said excitedly: "The Association has worked hard to break the restrictions for more than 10 years. The overall driving effect of lifting the restrictions on the second-hand car market is immeasurable, which is a major benefit for the industry to regain confidence." He believes that the policy emphasizes promoting the commercialization and large-scale circulation of used cars, which will greatly simplify the registration procedures of used cars and completely open up the circulation of used cars.

  According to the statistics of the Circulation Association, there are more than 60 million vehicles with national five emission standards, accounting for more than 20% of the existing vehicles. The obstacles to the circulation of used cars have broken the ice one after another, greatly enhancing the expectations and confidence of enterprises in the industry.

  "The second-hand car industry has a strong source of vehicles. First-and second-tier cities are gathering places for high-quality vehicles. Previously, due to the relocation restriction policy, the circulation of high-quality vehicles to the low line was blocked, which inhibited the release of demand for car purchases." Wang Xiaoyu, co-founder and senior vice president of melon seeds used cars, told reporters that the breaking of the restrictions on the circulation area of used cars will enable consumers in low-tier cities to buy high-quality vehicles in high-tier cities, fully releasing the potential of automobile consumption and promoting the upgrading of automobile consumption. At the same time, the smooth sale of second-hand cars in first-and second-tier cities has released the consumer demand for buying new cars and second-hand cars, driven the steady growth of demand for automobile consumption services such as automobile manufacturing and new car sales, and revitalized the entire domestic automobile consumption market.

  Measures to help warm up

  After a package of measures and supporting policies to stabilize economic operation were released one after another, all localities took active actions. At the beginning of June, Hebei Province issued a notice, proposing to "completely cancel the restrictions on the movement of small non-operating used cars that meet the national five emission standards, and improve the regulations on the registration, filing and vehicle transaction registration of used car market entities". Sichuan Province also issued a notice, proposing to "lift the restrictions on the movement of small non-operating used cars that meet the national five emission standards throughout the province".

  According to the investigation of the circulation association, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta are about to release the national five-year restriction, and Tianjin and Hebei Province have already implemented it.

  "The second half of this year will be the best time to break the restrictions on relocation nationwide. If the second-hand car of Guowu is circulated nationwide, the value-added rate of Guowu will be expected to increase by 5%. " Pan Guoguang, chairman of Guangdong Junweilong Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. said.

  The clarity of the "Measures" on the commodity attributes of used cars has also greatly simplified the process of operating and trading used cars. Taking the used car of melon seeds as an example, with the cancellation of the relocation restriction policy, the average delivery time of the platform in different places has been shortened by 8 days, and the delivery in different places can be completed within 24 hours at the earliest.

  Wang Xiaoyu believes that the second-hand car industry is expected to accelerate its recovery in the second half of the year, and the consumer demand will be released in the traditional sales season from September to December.

  "It is estimated that the transaction volume of used cars is expected to jump to 20 million in 2022. By 2025, the proportion of new and old cars will reach 1: 1. " Lang Xuehong was previously in 2021— At the press conference of 2022 Blue Book of China Automobile Circulation Industry, the industry forecast was released on behalf of the Association.

  Although the future can be expected under the policy stimulus, the inventory pressure of used car dealers is still relatively high, and the speed of capital withdrawal is slow. According to the survey of circulation association, the overall inventory cycle of used car dealers in May was 47 days. Insiders suggest that car dealers should still maintain a cautious business strategy. In June, some of the delayed consumer demand will be transformed, and the national epidemic prevention situation will continue to improve. It is expected that there will be a wave of rebound in many places, but it is still recommended that used car dealers reasonably control the inventory level and inventory cycle and withdraw funds as soon as possible.

Photo: Sports champions set foot in the entertainment circle. Liu Xuan Tang Jiali leads ten beautiful women.

  In gymnastics, those slim and lovely female athletes have always been the focus of attention. Their every move after retirement is even more concerned by the entertainment circle. These beautiful girls either choose to enter the entertainment circle to show their voices, or enter institutions of higher learning for further study, or serve as hosts to challenge themselves. Among them, there are also many well-known film and television stars, who also had a not-too-short gymnastics career. They are young, beautiful and confident, and they are successful examples of the transformation from sports stars to entertainment stars.

  ■ Liu Xuan: "Charming Beauty" never forgets her old job.



  Liu Xuan, who won the gold medal on the balance beam in Sydney Olympic Games, was affectionately called "Spinning Beauty" because of her petite stature and delicate facial features. After retiring in 2001, Liu Xuan entered the Peking University School, and then slowly stepped into the entertainment circle. She has starred in the movie My Beautiful Homesickness, the TV series The Ultimate Goal and Singing at Midnight, served as the host of sports star storm, Beijing 2008 and other programs and various parties, also filmed many public welfare and commercial advertisements, and released many singles, etc. We can justly give her the title of "All-Star" in the entertainment circle.

  At present, Liu Xuan, who has faded from the aura of Olympic champion, has not forgotten her old job while marching into the entertainment circle. In 2006, she finally passed the international referee examination. In 2007, Liu Xuan appeared in Wuhan as the referee of the gymnastics competition. She engaged in sports and entertainment at the same time, and the two careers complement each other, opening up a unique road for sports stars to March into the entertainment circle.

  ■ Yang Yun: Yang Wei’s girlfriend vows to enter the entertainment circle.



  Yang Yun, a former female gymnast of China Gymnastics Team, now has three identities: one is a student majoring in broadcasting and hosting at Communication University of China; The second is the proprietress who opens a small shop on Taobao; Another identity is the girlfriend of China gymnastics team captain Yang Wei.

  After retiring from gymnastics, the beautiful and fashionable Yang Yun has always had a star dream. Yang Yun’s first step into the entertainment circle was Hollywood, where he played a role in an American film called Stand Firm (also known as Girl Forward). This film tells the story of a girl with a talent for gymnastics, who embarked on the road of crime for family reasons and finally returned to the stadium.

  Famous gymnasts from France, Spain, Australia and other countries participated in the filming of this film, and Yang Yun was the only Asian actor in the film.

  "I majored in sports broadcasting, but I still want to turn to entertainment," Yang Yun said frankly. "I like acting." Yang Wei has always been very supportive of his girlfriend’s star dream. He thinks that Yang Yun has her own opinions and she should respect her choice. Ms. Zhao Xiaoyuan is the agent of Yang Yun. She has successfully brought several retired sports stars into the entertainment circle, but Yang Yun, who has not graduated, is her favorite. She has designed a blueprint for Yang Yun’s future. "She has this talent and she works hard."

  ■ Mo Huilan: Host of Phoenix Satellite TV.



  Mo Huilan, who is cheerful and lively, has been called "21st century" by the International Sports Federation and named as "Mo-style somersault" on uneven bars. She retired in 1997 and was admitted to the journalism department of Renmin University of China in September 1998. In 1999, he served as a special correspondent for Tianjin TV Station for the 43rd World Gymnastics Championships. In 2000, he served as the special host of the 27th Olympic Games for Beijing TV Station, and since October 2001, he has served as the host of Phoenix TV’s China Olympic Tour Program. Successfully entering Phoenix TV is the best affirmation of her ability.

  ■ Sang Lan: After the storm is a rainbow.



  Sang Lan once enjoyed the reputation of "vault champion" in China Gymnastics Team, and won many honors. However, she accidentally missed the vault in goodwill games, new york in 1998, and became paralyzed in a few seconds. However, she did not choose to be depressed, but accepted the challenge of fate calmly and always insisted on realizing her Olympic dream in her own way.

  With her hard work and strength, this sunny girl conquered countless people with a "Sang Lan smile". She once admitted: "Sports and entertainment are not separated." Sang Lan not only joined Star TV and became the host of Sang Lan 2008, but also opened her sports commentary column in many media. Nowadays, more and more people begin to recognize her performance.

  ■ Yang Bo: Singing the Olympics with songs.



  In 1992, the International Sports Federation named Yang Bo’s action "Yang Bo Jump". Now, after retiring, Yang Bo has also started her career "Yang Bo Dance". She has worked as a host, made movies and started to release records. It can be said that she is another gymnastics beauty who has successfully entered the entertainment circle after Liu Xuan.

  From athletes to artists, Yang Bo’s path is colorful in the eyes of others, but only she can appreciate the bumps. Proud achievements in the sports field cannot be brought to the music field. In a brand-new field, she is still a "rookie". After retiring in 1993, Yang Bo chose to study in Xiamen University, and her major was journalism and communication. Before she graduated, she was invited to be a TV host, but later she found that being a host was not her favorite career, and she preferred singing. After studying music theory and dance for a period of time, in July, 2007, she released her latest single "Passer-by". She also used this song to explain her choice, and used this song to draw a full stop to her gymnastics career and then start a new life.

  Yang Bo once said: Singing is my dream, but gymnastics is chosen by people. Fortunately, I have lived up to my coach and parents. However, I am lucky to have realized my original dream again.

  ■ Dai Feifei: the first beauty in sports.



  Before retiring, Dai Feifei was the undisputed queen of rhythmic gymnastics, and the titles of more than a dozen national champions were already in her pocket. At the 2001 World University Games, Dai Feifei won two individual world champions in one breath, namely, the two world champions of baseball and rope ball. After retiring, she studied at the School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University. She has a double degree in Advertising Department and Art Department of Peking University.

  The success of Shenzhen’s bid for the Universiade made Dai Feifei, a beautiful gymnast, make a stunning appearance overnight. "Filipino Beauty" has become a hot topic among sports fans in China for a while. Because together with Yi Jianlian, she became the ambassador of Shenzhen 2011 Universiade, which made this beautiful gymnast with elegant temperament come into play. Dai Feifei, with fair skin, is also a top model in China, and has moved to the film and television circle, co-starring with Xiao Qiang and Hu Bing in films such as Super Men and Women.

  ■ Zuo Xiaoqing: Entering the film and television circle is purely accidental.



  Many stars in the film and television industry have "changed careers" from the sports world, and Zuo Xiaoqing is one of them. Zuo Xiaoqing, who has a beautiful figure and a bright smile, is a Hunan girl, and she entered the film and television circle by accident. Zuo Xiaoqing, who was born in Changsha, Hunan Province, was chosen by the teacher as early as the fifth grade in primary school and joined the amateur gymnastics team. Gradually, Zuo Xiaoqing and her teammates took part in the competitions in the city and province, and won many championship trophies. Later, the national gymnastics team recruited people, and Zuo Xiaoqing successfully entered the gate of the national name. She stood on the podium five times in her eight-year gymnastics career. In 1993, Zuo Xiaoqing won the national gymnastics championship, and Jiang Wen happened to be at the competition, so she was invited to play a guest role in the movie Sunny Days. From then on, everyone remembered this beautiful girl with bright eyes and a flowery smile. Although she started from a small role, she made more and more noise. Juanzi, especially in Chinese Divorce, is no less than the main characters played by Chen Daoming and Jiang Wenli. At the China TV Fengyun Festival, Zuo Xiaoqing won the "Most Potential Actress" award. Later, she also took part in the shooting of some TV advertisements, such as "China Telecom Image Spokesperson" and "Tomato Juice in Farmers’ Orchard" which often appeared on the screen, and Zuo Xiaoqing’s smile could be seen. However, Zuo Xiaoqing really began to make a name for herself in the film and television industry or after she was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy. It can be said that the drama continued, and she can be seen in TV series Red Rock, Qianlong Dynasty, Famous Caught the Earthquake in Guandong and Kangding Love Song.To be sure, Zuo Xiaoqing is becoming a rising star in China film and television circles in Ran Ran.

  ■ He Meitian: The idol of "Little Xia Nv" is Li Ning



  She is an innocent little chivalrous girl in Fang Shiyu, the legendary swordsman, Dragon and Eight Branches, and The Journey to the West. Many people don’t understand her skill of wielding knives and guns. How can such a weak girl have such skill? It turns out that actor He Meitian used to be a gymnast. The twelve-year gymnastics career left He Meitian with the deepest impression that he was "bitter", but it will always come when he is bitter. Now, He Meitian has successfully transformed into an excellent actor. She said that the only time she won the championship would never be forgotten. It was in an international gymnastics invitational tournament. She represented China for the first time and only time, and also won the championship. When she was a child, her dream was to win the world championship, and her idol was "Prince of gymnastics" Li Ning.

  He Meitian didn’t choose to retire until he was 16. Later, by chance, she entered the entertainment industry, and the first play from a gymnast to the entertainment industry was the collaboration with Jessica Hester Hsuan. Later, in many film and television works, such as Fang Shiyu, the legendary swordsman, Tian Long Ba Bu, The Journey to the West, etc., He Meitian was very talented. People who were not familiar with He Meitian in the crew were often worried about her dancing with such a weak physique, but when others later learned that she had practiced competitive gymnastics and was a master in vault and uneven bars, they were convinced. Perhaps it can be said that it was He Meitian’s gymnastics career that created the "Little Xia Nv" on the screen today.

  ■ Tang Jiali: The photo Jiaowa has two gymnastics gold medals.



  Tang Jiali is famous for his body art photos. However, few people know that this photo girl who devoted herself to art was once the owner of two gymnastics gold medals. At the age of nine, Tang Jiali started her career as an athlete in the Gymnastics Team of Anhui Provincial Sports Commission, and worked hard from dawn to dusk. In the future, she won two gold medals in juvenile gymnastics as the "first person in domestic body portrait". It is precisely because of the experience of gymnasts that Tang Jiali has laid a good foundation for her future dance career.

  Later, Tang Jiali began to engage in her favorite dance career, and gradually stepped into the film and television circle. She has appeared in TV series such as Kangxi Dynasty, Silver Mouse, Princess Pearl 3, and The Dragon Slayer. At the same time, she was the first star in Chinese mainland to publish a photo album of human body, which also pushed her to the forefront of public opinion.

  ■ Khorkina: "Gymnastics Queen" marched into China.



  Khorkina, a Russian gymnastics star, is the undisputed queen in her own field, and is also recognized as the natural enemy of gymnastics in China. She has been outstanding and beautiful for many years. Her noble temperament has made countless people’s hearts break, and she is called "the gymnastics queen" and "the ice beauty".

  After retiring, Khorkina took advertisements and series, played the leading role in the drama Venus, took nude photos for American Playboy magazine, and exerted her influence on President Putin’s re-election campaign, and thought that President Putin was the most suitable high-quality man for marriage in her mind … She was not only a talented gymnast, but also a very plastic star. Because of her special feelings for China, Khorkina once said that she would enter the entertainment circle in China. Perhaps, you will see a Khorkina singing Chinese love songs.

Editor: Jia Wenguo

Is there any place to accommodate the fitness fever suppressed by the epidemic?

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 10 th Question: Is there any place to accommodate the fitness fever suppressed by the epidemic?

  — — One of the series of national fitness surveys

  Xinhua news agency reporter

  After more than three months, Cui Ke, who lives in Beijing, finally played a ball.

  "I’m exhausted," said Cui Ke, 42. However, speaking of his own assists, I can feel his pride and satisfaction through the phone. "I still prefer outdoor exercise, but I can’t display it at home, and I am always afraid of disturbing my neighbors."

  The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has made people retreat from outdoor to indoor. Many people, like Cui Ke, follow the online tutorial to exercise at home every day, but deep down they still miss the comfort and carefree of calling friends and sharing sweat under the sunshine and breeze.

  With the relief of the epidemic, outdoor fitness facilities that have been cold for a long time are gradually becoming more and more lively, and the contradiction between supply and demand of outdoor fitness facilities that was temporarily covered up by the order of staying at home will reappear. This epidemic situation makes people feel the importance of health, fitness and immunity more and more. Obviously, after the epidemic situation, people will put forward higher requirements for the quantity and quality of fitness places. Before and after the epidemic, Xinhua News Agency reporters conducted in-depth research in Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou and other places, and also referred to some foreign experiences in developing mass sports, hoping to promote the better development of national fitness.

  Epidemic surprise stimulates home fitness fever

  In the leisure time at home, more and more people put down their mobile phones, take a step and join the army of sweat for health. The 25-year-old Shen Yutao is such a "fitness newcomer" who cultivated exercise habits from scratch after the epidemic.

  "Before, because of the tight work rhythm, long-term sedentary and irregular diet, I gradually felt that my figure was out of shape, and my physique was gradually declining, which made me easy to get sick," said Shen Yutao, who is engaged in consulting industry.

  After working at home during the epidemic period, Shen Yutao started his own fitness plan, taking regular exercise with reference to the tutorials on fitness software, and taking a rest every two days.

  "By persisting in exercise, my physical condition has obviously improved, and persistent completion of the set goals is also an improvement to my personal spiritual level." Shen Yutao said that after the epidemic, he plans to start running and fitness.

  According to the data provided by the fitness software Keep, during the epidemic, the average duration of user exercise was 36.2 minutes each time, nearly doubling compared with 2019. The cumulative coverage of sports live broadcasts launched by Keep in conjunction with many institutions and fitness experts exceeded 56.5 million.

  Li Xinyan, general manager of Keep, said that in the short term, there may be large-scale "fresh air" behavior after the epidemic. Everyone has been at home for a long time and wants to go out and move. People’s demand for home sports will decrease, but the demand for outdoor sports will increase. But in the long run, people’s online exercise habits will continue during the epidemic, and regular exercise will be the norm.

  Zhong Bingshu, president of the Capital Institute of Physical Education, also said that the sudden epidemic has given people a vivid lesson, and the change of health awareness will inevitably bring about an increase in fitness demand. However, he also said that home fitness is a special state that has to be done during the epidemic. On the one hand, the area available for fitness exercise in the home is very limited; On the other hand, participating in fitness activities is also one of the important means of interpersonal communication, which cannot be achieved by home exercise. Therefore, outdoor fitness and gym fitness will remain the mainstream after the epidemic, and home exercise can only be a supplement to people’s fitness methods.

  Docking the "last mile"

  Being at home is a special state during the epidemic. It is also in this special environment that office workers like Shen Yutao get regular fitness conditions. After the epidemic is over, people’s life rhythm will become faster again, and their free time will be reduced. The adherence to fitness habits needs to be supported by convenient venues and facilities.

  At the end of 2019, Xinhua News Agency reporters found in various places that many cities are making use of various "Jinjiao Silver Borders" in the core areas of cities to build fitness facilities, connecting the "last mile" of fitness venues and providing convenience for people’s fitness. This is also emphasized and advocated by many documents of the State Council.

  Suzhou Shishan Hengtang Street Recreation and Sports Badminton Center, which has 14 badminton courts and 5 table tennis courts, was converted from a former factory building. The center is located in the core area of Suzhou High-tech Zone, but the street clearly defines the service purpose of "giving priority to public welfare" to benefit the people. From 7: 00 to 9: 00 in the morning, it is open at the low price of 5 yuan per person, and the opening price at other time periods is also lower than the market price. The street also holds regular table tennis and badminton events based on the venue to increase the sense of participation and gain of the fitness crowd.

  "After the factory is recovered, it will become idle assets. What we have to do is to integrate idle assets and solve the problem of where people go to exercise." Liu Lan, stationmaster of Hengtang Street Cultural and Sports Station in Shishan, said, "The operation effect is still very good. People in the basic nearby areas will come here, and the venue is often full."

  Despite the cold winter, Qujiang Park in Tianjin is still very lively. The ball field is full of fitness people, and the fitness equipment room is also full of laughter.

  Qujiang Park was originally an ordinary city park, but after the transformation in 2018, except for squares, green spaces and trails, all kinds of fitness venues and equipment in the park are already full. According to Lou Yueguang, deputy director of the Sports Bureau of Hexi District, Tianjin, it is difficult to build a fitness center in the community because there are many old residential areas nearby, so transforming the park is the most feasible scheme. When the government invested in the renovation, various sports venues and facilities were added to meet the diverse fitness needs of the surrounding residents.

  Under the viaduct along Fuxing River in Hexi District, the cage basketball court between piers has become a small world for basketball lovers. The basketball court covers a small area, but it is a perfect use of space, which does not hinder traffic and can shelter from rain and snow.

  According to Wang Bing, president of Hebei Yonghuai National Fitness and National Health Development Research Institute, the fitness venues around these people are the best embodiment of the people-centered concept of national fitness work. Wang Bing believes that the construction of fitness facilities should pay attention to demand investigation, and the concept should be changed from "what I want to provide" to "what the people need" according to the principle of "according to the need, time and place".

  Create a fitness online celebrity according to local conditions

  By the Huangpu River, the morning light outlines the city’s skyline. On the riverside trail, in addition to tourists who take pictures, there are runners who try to adjust their breathing. Seizing the opportunity of Shanghai to promote the cross-strait connection of Huangpu River and the transformation of riverside coastline, Shanghai Sports Bureau took the lead in transforming the abandoned factory buildings in Yangpu District into public sports centers. Fitness trails, basketball courts and skateboarding venues & HELIP; … More than 20 sports venues scattered along the river have revitalized the once ruined industrial remains.

  There are light stadiums that can be scanned at any time, fitness stations that provide free direct drinking water and change clothes and storage functions, rest areas equipped with defibrillators and professional emergency personnel, and artistic spaces and landmark landscapes for the transformation of industrial remains. The river breeze blows gently, the lights flash, history and fashion meet, and the fitness venue blends with the scenic spots in online celebrity. In the words of Zhao Guangsheng, deputy director of Shanghai Sports Bureau, "the industrial rust belt of the past has become the life show belt of today".

  Also welcoming the "gorgeous turn" is the old railway around the city in Tianjin. The abandoned railway section in Hexi District has been transformed into a greenway park, and the original rail line has been transformed into a fitness trail nearly 5 kilometers long.

  "There was no place to go (exercise) when there was no trail. Now I come here two or three times a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon in winter, and I also go out for a walk in the summer evening, "said Uncle Cui, who lives in a nearby neighborhood. Because it is next to a residential area, people come and go on the trail, which is very lively.

  Greenway Park retains the theme style of the railway, and the landscape design of platforms, bus stops and tracks makes people vaguely feel the elegance of the railway around the city in the past, which makes this fitness center reflect some cultural and historical details. Fitness venues and recreational facilities suitable for people of different ages have turned this once freight artery into a new urban landscape that gathers popularity.

  Wang Hong, deputy secretary of the Party Group of Tianjin Sports Bureau, said that the transformation of the ring railway in other areas of Tianjin will continue in the future, and the ultimate goal is to build a fitness greenway circle integrating fitness, leisure and sightseeing functions on the basis of the old railway, making it a "city necklace" of Tianjin.

  Suzhou’s fitness trail around the ancient city river is 16 kilometers long, which is an important part of China’s Grand Canal cultural belt, a world cultural heritage, and also a livelihood project for citizens to relax and exercise and tourists to experience Soviet-style life.

  Along the trail, a physical fitness test and exercise guidance station, a fitness Little Square and a fitness path are set up, so that people born by the water can move according to the water and enjoy being near the water. On the sports culture billboards erected at intervals, you can hear Wu Nong’s nursery rhymes with the theme of sports games as long as you scan the code on your mobile phone, so that pedestrians can appreciate the Millennium culture of Wudi.

  For a long time, the construction of fitness venues in China has lagged behind. Inadequate venue facilities and unreasonable distribution have become a short board that restricts the development of national fitness. However, the practices in Shanghai, Tianjin and Suzhou show that grounded and popular fitness venues can not only be integrated into the blueprint of urban development, but also become a bright color to highlight the cultural features of the city, so that people can enjoy it and make the city beautiful. (Note writers Wang Meng and Wu Junkuan, participating reporters: Xu Jiren, Zhu Yi, Wang Hengzhi, Zhang Zewei, Wang Haoyu, Niu Mengtong, Lin Deren, Zhang Wei and Wang Jiyu)

Directly hit Geely Automobile’s 2023 performance conference: revenue hit a record high. Company management: confident to return to China’s national brand first.

On March 20th, Geely Automobile Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Geely Automobile") (0175.HK) announced its 2023 financial report. The financial report shows that during the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 179.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21%, a record high; The net profit of returning to the mother reached 5.308 billion yuan, compared with 3.511 billion yuan after deducting the one-time bargaining acquisition income in 2022, up 51% year-on-year; The net cash level increased by 46% year-on-year to RMB 28.4 billion.

In terms of sales volume, in 2023, Geely Automobile exceeded its sales target, with a cumulative annual sales volume of 1.687 million vehicles, including 487,000 new energy vehicles. The total annual sales volume and new energy sales volume reached a record high simultaneously; In the whole year, the total export volume was 274,000 vehicles, with a year-on-year increase of over 38%, and the export volume reached a new high.

At the financial results conference, Gui Shengyue, CEO and executive director of Geely Automobile Holdings Co., Ltd. said that Geely Automobile has full confidence to win the final victory in the fierce competition in the automobile market. Not only that, Geely still has the confidence to return to China as the first national brand.

Gui Shengyue said that his confidence mainly comes from three levels. First, Geely Automobile has great ability and potential of new energy and intelligence, which has been confirmed in the current achievements; Second, Geely Automobile has the ability to respond to market changes at any time to meet the needs of various users and maintain the healthy and stable development of the company. I believe that the evaluation of car companies in the capital market will eventually return to profitability; Third, Geely Automobile insists on fighting a value war and a moral war. Every time Geely Automobile sells a car, it is responsible for users and environmental protection, and "long-term doctrine" will definitely be rewarded by the market.

Deepening of new energy business

Gross profit margin increased steadily.

It is reported that 2023 is the year of transformation and upgrading of Geely’s new energy. According to public data, in 2023, the proportion of new energy products of Geely Automobile increased steadily, with a penetration rate of 29% and a monthly penetration rate of over 40%.

Product structure optimization, cost reduction and scale effect have improved the gross profit situation. According to the financial report data, in 2023, the total gross profit of Geely Automobile increased by 31% to 27.4 billion, and the gross profit margin increased from 14.1% in 2022 to 15.3% in 2023.

Facing the increasing volume of the automobile market, how Geely Automobile can continue to maintain a high gross profit level under fierce competition is one of the focus issues of the market.

In this regard, Yan Jiayue, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, said that the market was very voluminous in 2023. From the perspective of automobile price index, the average discount rate has soared from about 2% in previous years to 8%. In 2024, the competition in China’s automobile industry will be more intense, and the knockout round will begin in an all-round way, and the industry will enter a period of integration and reshuffle.

In this context, Ganjia said that Geely Automobile will adhere to the principle of laying a foundation, practicing internal strength and long-term, give full play to its scale advantages, systematic efficiency and innovative ability, improve product quality and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

It is reported that in 2024, Geely Automobile will accelerate the pace of new energy transformation and intelligence, with the annual sales target of 1.9 million vehicles, an increase of 13% compared with the total sales in 2023. Among them, the sales target of new energy vehicles has increased by more than 66% compared with the total sales achieved in 2023.

An Conghui, President of Geely Holding Group, Chairman of Geely Automobile Group, Executive Director of Geely Automobile Holding Co., Ltd. and CEO of Extreme Smart Technology, said that the new energy penetration rate of Geely Automobile Group will be further improved in 2024. In the future, the benefits of platformization and scale will drive the company’s profitability to continue to improve.

The international territory continues to expand.

According to public information, in 2023, Geely brand completed the listing of 10 high-value products in 43 countries around the world. By the end of 2023, Geely has set up 533 sales and service outlets in 70 countries around the world, and achieved business layout in five major regions of the world: Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Regarding the layout of overseas markets, Yan Jiayue said that Geely Automobile adheres to the strategy of "going out, going in and going up" in overseas layout, and will focus on promoting the localization of brand operation and enhancing overseas core competitiveness.

Plate synergy is prominent.

In February this year, the Lotus brand under Geely Holding Group was listed in the US stock market, which aroused great concern about the capital operation of Geely’s sub-brands.

In this regard, Li Donghui, CEO of Geely Holding, said that the listing of Lotus is conducive to enhancing its own brand power and diversification of governance structure, which is of great strategic significance for its future R&D, sales network and other capacity building, and is also conducive to improving the capital adequacy ratio of its subsidiaries and the overall anti-risk ability of Geely Holding.

Li Donghui believes that the listing of sub-brands, including Lotus, is of great positive significance for consolidating the core business of Geely Holding. Geely Holding and its global strategic partners have maintained continuous, stable and growing cooperation for a long time in terms of technology authorization and technology research and development services. The development of sub-brands has created a good foundation for internal collaboration of Geely Holding and cooperation with Geely Automobile based on the principle of marketization, and also brought opportunities for revenue growth for Geely Automobile Group.

[See you at 8 o’clock] That’s him! The first person to run a marathon for two hours appeared!

  CCTV News:At 8 o’clock every day, CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours.


  ● The Emergency Management Department organized 16 inspection teams in September, and found more than 680 hidden dangers in 14 provinces and regions.

  ● The Ministry of Education proposes to strengthen the examination of undergraduate physical education class, and cannot graduate if the physical health is not up to standard.

  ● The Civil Aviation Administration responded that there were more tourists than passengers at Daxing Airport, indicating that the airport was running smoothly.

  ● Beijing plans to introduce a policy to link uncivilized behaviors such as hegemony and high-altitude parabolic objects with the settlement of points.

  ● Tianjin prohibits off-campus online training institutions from hiring in-service teachers in primary and secondary schools.

  ● According to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation, the top penalty will be imposed on vehicles that are seriously overloaded and overrun.

  ● The investigation of the rollover bridge accident in Wuxi was carried out in an all-round way, and many people were taken compulsory measures.

  ● The expedition team went to Songyuan, Jilin Province to look for "meteorites", and the search scope has been narrowed.

  ● Liu Zili, former general manager of Kweichow Moutai Distillery, and other three people were prosecuted.


  ● According to media reports, about 100,000 people in northeastern Syria were displaced by Turkey’s military operations against Syrian Kurdish armed forces.

  ● Mountain fires in California have caused 2 deaths and nearly 100,000 residents have been forced to evacuate.

  ● Boeing 737MAX was confirmed to have security holes, and Boeing CEO announced his resignation as chairman.

  ● German DMK Dairy Group and Fudeselan Dairy Company issued a notice saying that "individual low-fat milk" was found to be contaminated by Aeromonas hydrophila and Aeromonas caviae, and it was recalled urgently.

  ● Korean railway workers went on strike for three days, and the Korean Railway Corporation launched an emergency plan.

  ● The bus carrying 17 tourists from China in Thailand rolled over and 7 tourists from China were slightly injured.

  ● Two dolphins in Bali, which have been kept in captivity for 15 years, have finally regained their freedom, but one is blind and the other is mentally abnormal.

  [hundred States]

  ● A sudden shipwreck accident occurred in Wuxi section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and the maritime department has dealt with it urgently.

  ● Beijing Renyi will hold a "training class for performers" to attract outstanding actors who are suitable for themselves.

  ● The post of retired cadres of a court in Jiangxi Province reflects that the case is not accurate in nature, and the official response is carrying out verification and verification.

  ● Following the "1 yuan changed the orientation of friends circle", WeChat asked Taobao to remove related services.

  ● The wool party cracked the shared charging treasure and resold it online. The lawyer said that this move was suspected of committing a crime.

  ● Shanxi firefighters picked up the fire-breathing gas tank and rushed down to the fourth floor, and their hands were blistered.

  ● More than 80% of the respondents said that it is necessary to legislate to punish crossing the road and playing with mobile phones.

  ● Chengdu University of Technology responded that the dog abuse incident of Zhou Moumou, a graduate student of the school, was true and Zhou Moumou had been dropped out of school.

  ● Actor Michelle Ye’s high-speed rail prevented the "foreigners" from being detained, and 12306 said that it would strengthen its work.

  Visual sense

  ● On the 12th, the Haiphong Bridge on Dong ‘an Island in Xiapu County, Fujian Province was opened to traffic, ending the 500-year history of people on the island.

  ● A few days ago, Lubei Salt Field in Wudi County, Shandong Province entered the sea salt harvest season, and the dotted salt ponds decorated the earth with colorful pictures.

  ● A few days ago, the Royal Mint launched the first pure gold debit card, which cost about 18,700 pounds.


  ● "Kurds are our brothers, and the goal of our struggle is to oppose terrorist organizations."

  — — Turkish President Erdogan said that the Turkish military will continue to crack down on Kurdish militants in northern Syria. He insisted that the target was not "our brothers" Kurds, but terrorists.

  ● "The first sport I played was boxing. After the nose was broken, everything stopped. I didn’t go to see a doctor. Someone helped me set my bones. It took me a long time to grow up. "

  — — Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin said when communicating with boxers.


  ● Kevin &bull, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States; Kevin McAleenan submitted his resignation to the White House. Subsequently, President Trump also tweeted to confirm the news.

  ● Erud Kipchoge, a famous Kenyan long-distance runner, successfully finished the race in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds, becoming the first marathon runner in the world to run into the two-hour mark.

  See you at 8 o’clock tomorrow!

  Editor: Xiao Xiao

Six people broke the record! The 2023 Taiyuan Marathon ended successfully.

Taiyuan, May 22 (Reporter Lang Qi) At 7: 00 am on May 21, the 2023 Taiyuan Marathon started! 35,000 players from 25 countries staged a grand occasion of "enter the dragon" decisive battle in Jinxiu Taiyuan City on both sides of Fenhe River, and finally ended up with a good result of 6 people breaking the competition record.

The 2023 Taiyuan Marathon started shooting (Photo courtesy of the organizer of Yangguang.com)

After more than two hours of fierce competition, Ethiopian player Abbebe Tafis Deleron took the lead in crossing the line with a time of 2 hours, 10 minutes and 08 minutes, and won the men’s all-time championship. China’s Yang Shaohui won the men’s runner-up in 2 hours, 10 minutes and 12 seconds, breaking the record of 2 hours, 15 minutes and 12 minutes set by Yang Chengxiang in 2020 for men from China, and improving the results of the domestic men’s championship in by five minutes. Hitcham Lacuahi of Morocco followed closely and won the third place in 2 hours, 10 minutes and 49 minutes.

China’s Yang Shaohui (first from left) won the runner-up in the men’s full-course group (photo courtesy of the organizer of Yangguang. com)

Women’s players also ushered in a big outbreak. Three players from Ethiopia all took the top three, and all of them broke the record of 2 hours, 29 minutes and 36 minutes set by Kenyan players in 2017. Fantu Zeoude Gifard won the championship with a score of 2 hours, 25 minutes and 45 minutes; Ahsh Diro Soboka won the runner-up in 2 hours, 26 minutes and 06 minutes; The third runner-up was Tejitu Sium Lemahieu Hu, with a score of 2 hours, 27 minutes and 20 minutes.

In the men’s half marathon, "Marathon Evergreen Tree" Dong Guojian won the championship in 1 hour 04: 14, followed by Tang Haoran who won the runner-up in 1 hour 04: 31. Both of them broke the competition record of Taiyuan Marathon men’s half marathon in 1 hour 05: 40, and Zheng Guanyu won the third place with a score of 1 hour 08: 49.

In the women’s half-race, Yin Xiaoyu won the championship in 1 hour, 17 minutes and 42 minutes, which is also the second time that she won the women’s half-race title in Taima in 2019. The runner-up was won by Wang Qiaoxia with a score of 1 hour and 19 minutes, and the winner of the third place was Guo Liya with a score of 1 hour, 20 minutes and 24 minutes.

This time, YCY is not because of the hot search on the "crash" …

> In the early morning of the new week, YCY went to a high-level hot search again. But this time, instead of "crying", "collapsing" and unexpectedly "bold honest and frank", she rushed to the hot search list, and a warm speech for children in mountainous areas made everyone see the girl’s particularly kind and sincere side.

>"I see you (Mountain children) I felt just like my sister. Because I love my sister, I want to give her everything I see, and I have tried my best to help you realize your wishes in the past two days. Maybe I can’t pay attention to you in real time and help you realize your wishes in the future, but I hope you can make your own efforts and realize all your wishes in the future. "

>This emotional message came from last night (August 23 rd) "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour, Three Districts and Three States Public Welfare Season" broadcast by Oriental TV. In ninglang county, a remote place in Yunnan, not only YCY, but also Guo Jingfei, Qin Hao, Jerry, Allen, Allen and Wang Luodan all completed an in-depth exchange of "sincerity for sincerity" during their two-day common life with the children, and several guests with rich social experience even became red-eyed several times during the filming.

>What is the charm of this variety show that makes people laugh and cry?

>YCY’s speech in "Extreme Challenge Treasure Trip"

It’s a documentary about great beauty and customs, and it’s also full of wit and courage.

The most popular "Zhang Dongsheng" in the whole network joined: Ladies and gentlemen, do you want to do public welfare together?

>On July 26th, the sixth season of the national inspirational reality show "Extreme Challenge" came to an end. At the end of another year when people are reluctant to give up and the days of "pole-picking" are coming to an end, the program group that doesn’t play according to common sense broke the news: "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour, Three Districts and Three States Public Welfare Season" lasted for August, and "pole-picking group" never say goodbye.

Screenshot of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>As an innovative development program of Extreme Challenge, Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour continues and implements the characteristics of "reflecting the truth of the world" and "having a great sense of social responsibility" praised by the audience of "Extreme Challenge" IP. Especially in the special environment where the epidemic raged at the beginning of this year, what does it want to express in terms of a highly concerned national program? What can be passed? It was deeply thought by the creator.

>In the sixth year of Extreme Challenge, in addition to the essence of the main film structure that the audience has become accustomed to, the theme of "public welfare" is carried out separately for content expansion, which shows that the team attaches importance to this topic. What is rare is that the content "saturation" of this "public welfare" program is very high.

Stills of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

Stills of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>The program team is not for "topic". In fact, in this issue, which focuses on the poor children in ninglang county, Guo Jingfei, Jerry and Qin Hao’s "father" status enables them to pay more attention to the children with a sense of substitution. For example, Guo Jingfei immediately noticed the difference in the boy’s hands when he first saw the boy who was helping him. Taking the child to the hospital was the first thing he did to break the process. YCY was born in the countryside, and after a hard past, she also thought of her and her sister’s past when she saw her children, and "wanted to give the best to ta" with her heart. Because of this most authentic warmth, YCY became the focus of Weibo’s hot discussion; In the face of mountain students with "sports basketball dreams", Allen, who takes Kobe as an idol and is keen on basketball, has the most "right to speak". His positive attitude of putting himself in the shoes of children and realizing their dreams for the stadium has won him the restrained but sincere love of children.

Stills of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>As an "outdoor" program, the most touching thing about Extreme Challenge is not playing games and running the task itself, but the interaction between guests and ordinary people from all walks of life in social contact is thought-provoking.

>Different from some programs that regard "treasure hunting and decryption" as an entertainment gimmick, the "treasure" to be pursued in each issue of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour" is a more meaningful person and thing.

Their grouping content is closely related to the local forest protection characteristics. When YCY and Guo Jingfei’s "eyesight group" flew into the sky in a narrow helicopter, they deeply realized that it was not easy for the rangers to fly for seven or eight hours every day to spread medicine for the Woods. In Wang Xun and Qin Hao, I heard that the female rangers with water diversion irrigation have been digging "irrigation pits" in the forest for seven years alone. When they miss their children and can only silently wipe their tears, two big men who also have different families lose their words. And they finally assembled the task and found the "treasure", which was an old man from 17 to 99 who spent 82 years silently guarding Populus euphratica. On this land, the tenacious "Populus euphratica spirit" conveyed by forest rangers from generation to generation is moving.

>YCY is here.Extreme challenge treasure tripSpeech in

Judging from the current record, the first audience rating of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour" is 2.65 (Csm59 cheng), with a share of 11.6, ranked first in the four networks. On the platforms of Tigers and Zhihu, The Extreme Challenge Treasure Trip is ranked first in the popular variety show with high scores, and also the first in the outdoor variety show of Douban.

>With a good reputation and the beginning of viewing, which beautiful places will the guests of Extreme Challenge go next? What kind of touching story will happen? Are looking forward to the audience.

Controversy is a turning point,

After six years, Extreme Challenge was "reborn" after stumbling.

>Before the broadcast of Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour, Three Districts and Three States Public Welfare Season, Extreme Challenge 6 completed its mission.

>Continuing the "variety+public welfare" mode in the fifth season, the brand-new Slogan "Extreme Challenge 6" was also watched by the public when it was first broadcast.

>Due to the "change of blood" in the lineup, there was some "gap" between last year’s Extreme Challenge 5 and many old audiences. Objectively speaking, "Extreme Challenge 5" is actually a program on the standard line of one season, and some controversial discussions mainly stem from the fact that the audience is still used to judging with the previous "framework".

>For example, as we all know, one of the highlights in the first four seasons of Extreme Challenge lies in the "Three Elites" composed of Huang Lei, Bo Huang and the "Three Silly" lineup of LAY, Wang Xun and Sun Honglei, which forms a rare tacit understanding "containment", and only between the "Men’s Gang" formed by these six people will there be so many different ways of playing without rules of the game. But when only Wang Xun, LAY and Huang Lei stay in the fifth season (Others fly.), the gameplay belonging to the original "men’s gang" has expired. When new members move in, they must not copy and imitate. They need to explore their own style. But at the same time, the tacit understanding between new groups cannot be achieved overnight. With the dependence and nostalgia for "old friends", the audience’s acceptance of the "new owner" who has implemented the new order in "home" will naturally not be too high.

>"Extreme Challenge 6" New Men’s Gang

>However, disputes over the past can also be transformed into opportunities for innovation.

>This year, Extreme Challenge 6 made a more systematic packaging upgrade. Especially in the special environment affected by the epidemic, the "realistic conception" of the program is more clear.

>For example, in the first phase of the official program, the theme is "Pay tribute to medical staff", and the starting point is "What I want to do most after the epidemic", so that the "extreme group" can fulfill the wishes that the public wants to achieve most in the epidemic area, and in the game task, the guests can truly understand the difficulties of medical staff in the high-pressure and high-temperature environment.

>In the third program, in the post-epidemic era, sports and fitness have become a hot topic for the whole people. "Extreme Picking Group" keeps pace with the times, and uses games to awaken the audience’s sense of crisis that they should actively exercise and pay attention to health. 

>The draft is in power, and group programs are hot. I didn’t miss Extreme Challenge 6, but behind the entertainment effect of the "38.8-year-old men’s team with an average age", it aims to convey the indomitable spirit of "middle age only".

>Extreme Challenge 6"New Men’s Gang"

>Under the background of the resumption of production and work, the programs have successively taken the theme of "Street Stall Culture", "live stream economy" and "5G Era", while paying attention to different new fields, they also introduced information such as "helping farmers and helping the poor" and "paying attention to people’s livelihood" into the programs. For example, in the current "live broadcast" with Viya, "Extreme Group" sold products worth 6.613 million yuan in 40 minutes, attracting 13.77 million people to watch, which also made "Extreme Challenge 6" more practical and worthy of being a national variety show with human feelings.

>In addition, after the experience of last season, several guests from Jerry, Lei Jiayin and Yun-peng Yue have actually completed the running-in period and cultivated their familiarity. along withAllen and Guo Jingfei moved in, and in the sixth season, the audience actually tended to look at Extreme Challenge 6 differently, treating it as a "revised new program".

>After putting aside the old impressions, we can actually see that Extreme Challenge 6 has a unique vitality, and the new combination lineup is also remarkable, and it has their own "group soul". For example, there is Ollie’s combination between "old brothers" Lei Jiayin and Jerry and "younger brother" Allen, and "Yueliang combination" composed of "group bullying" Yun-peng Yue and "good winner" Jerry. Allen and Song Xiaobao can be regarded as "milk-coffee combination", not to mention Guo Jingfei, Lei Jiayin and Li Guangjie’s "TF old BOYS" who have been circulating in rivers and lakes for many years. And every time the relationship between characters changes, it will produce different chemical reactions.

>Poster of "Extreme Challenge Treasure Tour"

>In fact, topics fermented by new member relationships, such as # Jerry is really miserable #, # Deng Lunqin Yun-peng Yue #, etc., also frequently occupy the top of the hot search list. At the end of "Extreme Challenge 6" on July 26th, the reading increment of # Extreme Challenge # main topic exceeded 13.6 billion, the discussion increment exceeded 36 million, the hot search was listed 100 times+,and the total heat value exceeded 3 billion. All of them proved that this season’s program played a beautiful battle.

>Like many N-generation brand variety shows, from the first year to the sixth season, Extreme Challenge has been constantly exploring and innovating. During this period, there will be fatigue and bottleneck, but perhaps as Shi Jianing, the current director of Extreme Challenge, said, as a national program with high hopes, Extreme Challenge will continue to expand: "The sense of mission and social care of the program is our attitude and our pursuit.

Living Room Concert | Tang Muhai and Shanghai National Orchestra New Year Concert

The classic 947 "Living Room Concert" meets everyone at 20:00 every Thursday in the living room and mobile phone, and hears the most "new" voice in China.

At 20:00 (March 21st), the classic 947 video number will broadcast the "Four Seasons of Music-Tang Muhai and Shanghai National Orchestra’s New Year Concert" staged in Shanghai Concert Hall on December 27th, 2023. Conductor Tang Muhai holds the baton and presents it together with Wei Li, Ding Long and Lu Lu, suona player Hu Chenyun, flute player Jin Kai and pipa player Liu Jia under the Shanghai National Orchestra, presenting the wonderful artistic conception of changing seasons with traditional ancient songs and contemporary new works with different artistic conceptions.

↓ Click on the link below to book the live video in advance ↓

Qumu sheet

Qumu sheet

Performance time: December 27th, 2023

Venue: Shanghai Concert Hall

Conductor: Tang Muhai

Erhu: Wei Li, Ding Long and Lu Lu.

Suona: Hu Chenyun, Flute: Jin Kai, Pipa: Liu Jia

Shanghai National Orchestra

First, Li Bochan’s "Twilight Drum Farewell the Old Year"

Second, Luo Zhongrong and Qin Pengzhang/Arranger, Silk and Bamboo Ensemble "Moonlit Night on the Spring River"

Third, Wang Danhong Pipa and the band "Thinking about Clouds and Flowers"

Pipa: Liu Jia

4. Huang Lei/Composer Suona and the Band "Hundred Birds"

Adapted from "A Hundred Birds Toward the Phoenix" and Gershwin’s "Summer Time"

Suona: Hu Chenyun

Hua Yanjun/Composer Kong Zhixuan/Adapted Erhu and String Band "Two Springs Reflecting the Moon"

Erhu: Wei Li

6. Vittorio Monti/Composer Kong Zhixuan/Adapted Erhu and Band "Chaldash"

Erhu: Lu Lu, Ding Long.

Seven, Liu Xijin bamboo flute and the band "Snow Broken Bridge"

Bamboo flute: Jin kai

Eight, Wang Yunfei national orchestral music "National Music Chanting China"

The concert was arranged in four themes: "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter", and the opening track was "Dusk Drum Farewell the Old Year". The China Drum played a powerful timbre, showing the hope and expectation of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new. Followed by the silk and bamboo ensemble "Moonlit Night on a Spring River" and the pipa and the band "Cloud Thinking and Flower Thinking" brought by the orchestra pipa player Liu Jia, the romantic spring picture is spread with elegant and meaningful national style. Hu Chenyun, a suona performer, interprets Hundred Birds, which imitates the sound of birds and songs with traditional blows, showing the prosperity of summer.

Wei Li, the chief of the orchestra and the Huqin performer, performed "Two Springs Reflect on the Moon" and "Chaldash" jointly presented by Lu Lu and Ding Long, depicting the intensity of autumn, fully demonstrating Erhu’s rich playing skills and musical expressive force, and showing the will to work hard for life. "Broken Bridge in Snow" is performed by Xi Jinlai, the head of the orchestra’s flute voice. The work is based on Jiangsu and Zhejiang folk music, which is full of feelings in the scenery, lyrical by the scenery, singing the beauty of the south of the Yangtze River and praising the true feelings of the world.

Finally, the national orchestral music "Ode to China by National Music" appeared, and the magnificent musical language showed the endless life internal force of Chinese civilization for 5,000 years and the artistic charm spanning time and space, and expressed deep praise for the Chinese homeland.

At 20:00 on March 21st, lock the classic 947 video number and walk into the performance site of "Tang Muhai and Shanghai National Orchestra New Year Concert", listen to Shanghai folk music and feel the rotation of the four seasons.

Classic 947 Living Room Concert

"Classic 947 Living Room Concert" is an online concert brand launched by Classic 947, featuring high-quality live concerts at home and abroad, which are broadcast live by video number every week. In 2024, the Living Room Concert will continue to adhere to the concept of bringing together high-quality repertoires at home and abroad, covering a variety of art forms and showing colorful cultural life, and plan different theme series, leading the lovers to "see the world and hear China", enter the music scene and enjoy the art feast.

This program was awarded by Shanghai Radio and Television Station.

Funded by the Art and Humanities Development Foundation.

Original title: "Living Room Concert | Tang Muhai and Shanghai National Orchestra New Year Concert"

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