High-speed traffic during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is not free; BYD 2022 Tang EV goes on the market.


Traffic information is broadcast every day, and at twelve o’clock in traffic, you can sort out the traffic and car information you need every day to protect your safe travel. Today’s main information is that Hebei high-speed traffic police issued a reminder that the high-speed traffic during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is not free, so that you can feel at ease and let your true feelings accompany you all the way. Shijiazhuang Station provides a good waiting environment for passengers during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, and the three leading and luxurious six seats empower the 2022 Tang EV to start at 279,800 yuan to meet the needs of users. The Song PLUS DM-i 5G version came into being, with free purchase tax and more than 10,000 coupons.

First, traffic hotspots

Hebei high-speed traffic police issued a Dragon Boat Festival travel reminder that high-speed traffic during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is not free.

From June 3rd to June 5th, the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday arrived as scheduled. The command center of Hebei High-speed Traffic Police Corps reminded that this year’s Dragon Boat Festival holiday will not implement the free traffic policy. During the holiday, the expressway traffic in our province will show the characteristics of "the inner ring drops, the outer ring rises, and the urban area is congested for a short time", that is, the traffic around Beijing drops, the traffic around the province rises, and the urban area is congested for a short time.

Flow characteristics

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival holiday has the following characteristics: First, the traffic volume has dropped significantly compared with last year. Affected by the epidemic, the daily traffic before the holiday has been kept at a low level, and the active traffic during the holiday has decreased significantly compared with previous years; Second, the traffic around Beijing decreased compared with that before the holiday, and the traffic around the province increased slightly. Affected by the epidemic in Beijing, the number of vehicles entering and leaving Beijing is low. The epidemic prevention and control in Shandong, Henan, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia around the province is relatively stable, and the demand for vehicles entering and leaving the province around the province is high; The third is short-distance travel. Affected by the epidemic prevention and control and security inspection policies, people travel mainly on short trips; Fourth, the slow charging and epidemic prevention inspection cross-exist. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the short-term traffic peak at some points and the epidemic prevention inspection at high-speed ports are slowly superimposed, and the traffic pressure is relatively prominent. 

flow analysis

It is estimated that this year’s Dragon Boat Festival holiday traffic will decrease obviously compared with previous years, and slightly compared with daily life. Travel traffic is still dominated by short-distance and Zhou Bianyou, and vehicles may queue up at intersections under expressways due to epidemic prevention and security inspection.

Flow around Beijing

It is estimated that the average daily traffic around Beijing during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in 2022 will reach about 100,000 vehicles, which is 12% lower than the daily traffic.

Circumferential flow

It is estimated that the average daily traffic around the province during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in 2022 will reach about 550,000 vehicles, which is 17% higher than the daily traffic.

Pre-judgment of rush hour and road section

Pre-judgment during peak hours

It is expected that there will be no large-scale peak of going out of the city and returning for three days during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, and the traffic flow will be relatively even. There may be a short-term slowdown from 9: 00 am to 11: 00 am and from 16: 00 pm to 19: 00 pm, but the duration will not be long.

Pre-judgment of slow road section

It is estimated that the congestion points are still concentrated in the vicinity of epidemic prevention checkpoints in various cities, highways around the city and construction sections, and there may be a short-term slowdown in Jingha Qinhuangdao East, Xuanda Xuanhua South, Shijiazhuang East, Jingkun Xingtang South, Jingkun Xibaipo Section, Qingyin Xiulin Section and Jingha Tangshan Section.

Countermeasures of high-speed traffic police

In order to ensure the safety of people’s travel during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, prevent the risk of congestion and effectively prevent traffic accidents, Hebei high-speed traffic police, according to the characteristics of the possible increase of traffic around the province during the Dragon Boat Festival this year, will preset police forces to be on key duty in advance near the provincial boundary and at the main entrances and exits of trucks under its jurisdiction, and rely on the integrated working mechanism of road police to coordinate road administration, obstacle removal, traffic owners and other departments to carry out joint prevention and control, find out the growth trend of road traffic in advance, and take traffic control measures in advance to resolve the risk of road congestion by not blocking first. At the same time, the traffic guidance information will be released by using 5G messages, radio, Internet navigation, WeChat, Weibo WeChat official account, and pavement LED screens, and timely guidance will be given to the congested slow-moving sections, interchanges, service areas and entrance stops in the jurisdiction, reminding drivers to plan routes reasonably, avoid congested sections, and travel at the wrong peak and stop at the wrong time, so as to improve traffic safety awareness and avoid traffic accidents.

Hebei high-speed traffic police tip: small partners with travel plans should pay attention to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the starting point and destination, report in advance and do personal protection. When passing through the expressway, you should plan the route in advance to avoid passing and missing; Control the speed and distance while driving, and drive carefully; Slow-moving sections should try to avoid interspersed and orderly passage; In the event of a traffic accident, remember the nine-character warning tactic of "pull over, evacuate and call the police" to avoid secondary injuries.

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The Provincial Meteorological Center predicts that the weather during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday will be mainly sunny and cloudy, as follows:

On the 3rd, it was cloudy in the central and northern regions, and cloudy in other areas.

On the 4th, it was cloudy in the north and cloudy in other areas.

On the 5th, it was cloudy in the north and cloudy in other areas.

Second, Hebei Expressway Express

Road conditions of Hebei Expressway on June 2] It’s sunny today. Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Tangshan, Handan, Cangzhou, Qinhuangdao, Baoding and Dingzhou: 1 and 6. Beijing: 1 and 6. (The measures to limit the number of counties and cities under the jurisdiction of restricted cities shall be subject to the release of the local traffic control department. )

Qinglan Expressway (G22):

Hanchang section of Qinglan Expressway: Due to reconstruction and expansion, Shexian West Railway Station is closed in the direction of Shanxi and Shexian West Railway Station is closed in the direction of Handan.

Third, the civil aviation airport, railway travel

Civil aviation airport: peace of mind and comfort, let the true feelings accompany you all the way.


Children’s Day on June 1st and Dragon Boat Festival holiday came one after another. Shijiazhuang Airport upgraded and improved the children’s play area, maternal and child room, and launched a number of children’s service measures. No matter whether children are accompanied by their parents or traveling alone, they can enjoy the exclusive service of peace of mind and comfort, so that the true feelings can accompany the children all the way.

Railway travel: Shijiazhuang station provides a good waiting environment for passengers to travel during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Shijiazhuang Station earnestly implemented the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, strictly carried out the disinfection work, and created a safe and secure ride environment for passengers.

Full coverage and deep cleaning. For the stains on the platform surface, the operation processes of "sweeping", "sprinkling", "brushing", "sucking" and "flushing" are adopted, and the platform surface is fully covered and cleaned with different equipment and tools such as single brush machine, water suction machine and washing machine, and at the same time, the stairs, elevators, corridors, waiting rooms in the station area, toilets, corridors, escalators, glass rooms and drop-off platforms are cleaned.


Strictly do a good job of comprehensive killing. The station strengthens communication and coordination with the local government, strictly implements effective measures such as ventilation and disinfection on the basis of grasping the interior, and carries out preventive disinfection at least once every two hours, and wipes and disinfects the equipment frequently contacted by passengers such as gates, self-service ticket machines, elevator buttons, escalator handrails and service tables twice every hour to ensure that the environment of the station area is kept clean and provide a healthy and safe waiting environment for passengers.

Fourth, industry focus

Three leading+luxury six-seat empowerment 2022 Tang EV starts at 279,800 yuan.


On June 1st, BYD’s 2022 Tang EV was officially listed, and the price was 279,800-339,800 yuan after comprehensive subsidies. At the same time, it launched four car rights and interests of "2 worry-free car purchase policies, 1 worry-free car guarantee, 5 exclusive VIP services and 5 online services of Zhilian", which can be described as full of sincerity. As the leader of pure electric SUV, the flagship strength of 2022 Tang EV has evolved in all dimensions, and with the three leading factors of "battery life, safety and technology" and the brand-new luxury quality such as six seats, it has set a new benchmark for the value of high-end pure electric SUV.

To meet the needs of users, Song PLUS DM-i 5G came into being.


Recently, the BYD Song PLUS DM-i 5G version has made a strong attack, which has received extensive attention and discussion. It is understood that it is based on the five models of Song PLUS DM-i, distinguished model, flagship model, flagship PLUS and four-wheel drive flagship plus, and two models of flagship PLUS 5G and four-wheel drive flagship PLUS 5G are added. The price is 185,800 yuan and 216,800 yuan.

The purchase tax is free, the welfare is increased by 10,000 coupons, and the 2022 Geely Car Festival is officially launched.

On June 1st, Geely’s June Car Festival was fully launched, and the super activities arrived as scheduled. It is understood that during the event, Geely enjoyed the policy of halving the purchase tax, and some models were free of purchase tax, which brought the gospel of car purchase to the majority of interested users.

Five, enjoy the book-today’s good book recommendation: "Dunhuang Painting School" by Qin Chuan and An Qiu


Content introduction:This book interprets the historical origin, inheritance and development of Dunhuang art. Through the combination of on-the-spot interview and historical data sorting, this paper tells the stories of legends in China art history in the 20th century. The depth of history and scholarship is explained with popular and interesting stories, showing their mental journey of returning to the national art tradition, sticking to the desert and promoting culture and their spiritual track passed down from generation to generation. The book is full of passion, sincere writing, from emotion to reason and thought-provoking. It is a masterpiece with ideological and artistic beauty.

Two cars in one go, stunning Greater Bay Area! Qin PLUS EV& song PLUS EV listed at Shenzhen auto show

[Power Industry Channel] On July 17th, 2021 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show officially kicked off. At the auto show, BYD Qin PLUS EV& Song PLUS EV conference was also held heavily. Qin and Song dynasties came with pure electricity and swords, and gained the attention and support of a lot of media and users.

Qin-Song Shuangqiang Auto Show has attracted numerous attention.

On April 7 this year, BYD announced that all its pure electric vehicles were fully equipped with blade batteries, and two new models, Qin PLUS EV and Song PLUS EV, were also released. Some insiders believe that these two new cars will bring safer travel protection to users and inject new vitality into the domestic new energy vehicle market.

At the press conference, BYD leaders comprehensively explained the powerful product strength of these two new cars from the aspects of design and performance configuration, and announced the official listing of Qin PLUS EV and Song PLUS EV in Shenzhen. Among them, Qin PLUS EV has launched four models, and the subsidized price is 129,800-166,800 yuan; Song PLUS EV is available in two configurations: the distinguished model and the flagship model, and the price is 169,800 yuan and 186,800 yuan respectively.

At the event site, there was a constant stream of people at BYD booth, and users deeply tasted the hard-core charm of Qin PLUS EV and Song PLUS EV from multiple dimensions. The whole booth is full of popularity, and users are full of enthusiasm for seeing cars and buying cars, which once again proves BYD’s strong brand strength and appeal with facts.

What are the advantages of Qin and Song pure electric double cars with swords?

Qin PLUS EV opens up a new pattern of compact car market

Some people say that the listing of Qin PLUS EV has effectively filled the market gap between Qin Pro EV and Han EV, and BYD’s years of accumulated design experience and blade battery technology have also been fully reflected in the new car.

As a pure electric coupe of Longyan, Qin PLUS EV continues to shine in the design language of EV Dragon Face, with flying dragons and sharp dzi. Youlong’s leaping waistline is matched with Longteng’s slip-back modeling, and the overall lines are full and smart, just like Youlong, which is magnificent.

In addition, because of the upgrade of "Sabre", Qin PLUS EV has become a performance model in its class with its speed and distance, effectively helping users to alleviate the two major pain points of mileage bondage and charging anxiety. The acceleration from 0 to 50 kilometers is as fast as 4 seconds, far exceeding the 600km long battery life of the same level, and the power consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 12.9kWh. After charging once and commuting for two weeks, the power can be charged from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes … Every data is the best level of the same level. It can be said that Qin PLUS EV completely refreshed users’ cognition of compact pure electric cars and brought users a brand-new pure electric travel experience.

Song PLUS EV leads the use value to a new height

The positioning of Song PLUS EV is very clear. It comes from the elite of first-tier cities and is an ultra-safe intelligent pure electric SUV. In appearance, it continues the style of "wide body and low body" of the previous Song PLUS family, and has a new B-class large wheelbase luxury space. Different from the fuel version of Song PLUS and the DM-I model of Song Plus, Song PLUS EV adopts a special ICON exclusive to new energy. The handling method of "Longxu" is the same as that of the flagship model Han EV, and the details are more concise and powerful, adding more sporty atmosphere to the elegant posture.

In terms of configuration, Song PLUS EV is equipped with the same "blade battery" as BYD’s flagship model Han EV, and the new car is equipped with 360 HD panoramic image system, holographic transparent image system, intelligent remote control driving, new energy-specific mobile power station, VTOL 220V power output and other super-intelligent technology configurations, with full-dimensional security concept and practical and intimate intelligent technology configuration, bringing users a full-scale worry-free experience.

According to third-party data, BYD brand won the first place in Shenzhen’s automobile market sales in June, and Han EV won the first place in single vehicle sales. The two cars in this auto show are all in one go, once again shining in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area! Qin PLUS EV and song PLUS EV with swords are not only full of security, but also bring highly recognizable appearance, powerful performance, people-friendly price and intelligent car experience. To the new, but also for the better life of all users, Qin and Song pure electricity, the future can be expected!

Xiaomi Auto SU7 rear-drive version starts at 369,000 yuan? Official rumor: the font is wrong, there is no metric mark, and the screenshot of official website is directly P.

On January 4 th, a picture of "Xiaomi Auto SU7 officially opened for reservation" was circulated on the Internet. Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, denied this: Today’s netizen P picture is more attentive.But it’s still fake!

Today’s netizen P picture is more careful by comparison, but it is still fake! Everyone’s expectations have been received, and the rhythm of the daily map is unnecessary. When it is officially released, everyone can see it at a glance.

I still remind you that those who are willing to buy a car at the end of the year can wait, or they can stay in our WeChat official account first. Before the official release, there may be individuals or organizations to spread this kind of map. I believe that after two explanations, everyone no longer believes it.

A few days ago, Wang Hua made a rumor about the price of Xiaomi car, denying that the pre-sale price for the first time was 99,000-599,000 yuan. "Not only is the font wrong, but there is no metric mark, and the screenshot of official website is directly P-shaped, which is rather sloppy."

IT House noticed that rumors about Xiaomi automobile SU7 can be described as "everywhere", and there was a picture about the industrial chain of Xiaomi automobile circulating on the Internet, and a spokesman of Xiaomi Company said the contents.At least 50% is completely wrong..

A spokesman for Xiaomi Company said,There are many loopholes in the information summary of "industrial chain" pictures.I am deeply puzzled by misleading the public and investors.

Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi, also forwarded a response on Weibo: "There are many rumors and black manuscripts about Xiaomi Automobile. Please help forward it! "

Expose the thief plug-in in your mobile phone: your short messages can be all passed away, including the online transaction verification code! These apps are quickly uninstalled.

  SDK is a plug-in that provides a certain function or service in mobile phone software. In November 2019, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee commissioned a third-party company to conduct a special test on SDK plug-ins in some mobile phone software, but found that some SDKs were hidden.

  Tao Ailian, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee: During the test, we found that SDK plug-ins stole some of consumers’ mobile phones, such as text messages, without the permission of users.

  According to the Basic Specification for Collecting Personal Information by Mobile Internet Application (App) of Information Security Technology, and the Identification Method for Illegal Collection and Use of Personal Information by App, technicians have tested more than 50 mobile phone softwares, which respectively contain SDK plug-ins of Shanghai Kryxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhaocai Want Want Information Technology Co., Ltd., both of which are without the user’s knowledge. The suspicion of secretly stealing users’ privacy involves more than 50 kinds of mobile phone software, such as Gome Easy Card, remote control, the strongest flashlight, all-around remote control, 91 speed purchase, daily recycling, flashing, radish mall, Zijin Pratt & Whitney and so on.

  Inspector: It will read the IMEI, IMSI, operator information, phone number, SMS record, address book, application installation list and sensor information of this device, which belong to the user’s privacy, and it will read it.

  ? The SDK in these apps is only the first step to read the user’s private information. After reading, the data will be quietly transferred to the designated server for storage. In addition to personal privacy such as phone numbers and address books, the SDK of Beijing Zhaocai Want Want Information Technology Co., Ltd. is even suspected of stealing more private information from users through various software such as recipes, parents’ help and dynamic wallpaper.

  Testers: will collect the user’s contact, SMS, location, equipment information, etc. without the user’s consent. Especially short messages, the contents of which are all passed away, is very serious. This is the real SMS record that exists in my mobile phone. Who is its downlink number and what is its short message content can be clearly seen.

  "Hello, I’m Chen Si", "The verification code is 903474, please don’t tell others" and so on. Such important and private information of the user is transmitted to the third-party server, and the tester introduces it. Because the SDK can collect the user’s short messages and application installation information, once the user has the verification code for online transactions, it is very likely to cause serious economic losses.

  In addition, although SDK is just a seemingly ordinary plug-in, because it is universal to all mobile apps, many mobile phone softwares may be embedded in the same SDK, so once an SDK steals users’ personal privacy, it will involve many mobile phone softwares.

  Inspector: These SDKs will be embedded in different apps, so the amount involved is relatively large.

  In addition to the embedded SDK plug-in, the staff also found that some well-known mobile apps also collected user privacy. It involves a variety of software such as cool ringtones, mobile phone ringtones and ringtones.

Simba returned to live broadcast with 2 billion goods; Godzilla box office broke 300 million | Poison Daily


hot spot


The betta anchor was awarded 1000 yuan for singing infringement, and the platform said that it had fulfilled its obligation of prompting.

A few days ago, a civil judgment issued by China Judgment Document Network showed that the defendant "Liu Feier faye", the betta anchor of Wuhan Betta Network Technology Co., Ltd., was not authorized to sing the song "Little Jumping Frog" in many live broadcasts, which gained huge economic benefits. The plaintiff Beijing Qilintong Culture Communication Co., Ltd. believed that it seriously violated the plaintiff’s right to record the song. Betta said it had fulfilled its reasonable obligation of supervision and prompt. The Beijing Internet Court found that the plaintiff had the right to spread the recorded songs involved in the case through the information network, and the defendant’s above behavior constituted infringement. In the end, the Beijing Internet Court ruled that the defendant immediately stopped the infringement involved and compensated 1000 yuan for the plaintiff’s economic loss.


Simba’s comeback live broadcast debut with goods exceeding 2 billion

On March 27th, Xin Youzhi (Simba) started the first live broadcast in 2021 at Guangzhou Xinxuan Live Broadcasting Base. This is also the first broadcast of Simba Xin, the head anchor of Aauto Quicker and the founder of Xinxuan, after more than three months of intentional suspension. In less than 10 seconds, the live broadcast room has flooded into more than 100,000 netizens to watch. Since the 22nd notice, Simba Aauto Quicker has gained nearly 10 million yuan to 82.94 million yuan. The whole live broadcast lasted for 13 hours. According to the data of Gecko, Simba put 106 items on the shelves, with a total sales of 2.043 billion and a total sales of 15.9879 million.


Officially authorized by Talk Club, bilibili game released "Working Cell" mobile game to open an appointment.

On March 27th, the first genuine simulated mobile game of "Work Cell" officially authorized by Talk Club and released by bilibili Games-"Work Cell: Big Battle" officially opened an appointment. "Working Cell" is a comic book that personifies the cells in the human body, such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. It was animated on TV in 2018. The first and second seasons of animation and its derivative work "Work Cell BLACK" are being broadcast in bilibili.




Pinduoduo Chen Lei said that it will continue to subsidize 10 billion yuan.

A few days ago, The Wall Street Journal interviewed Pinduoduo’s new chairman and CEO Chen Lei. Chen Lei said that Pinduoduo’s plan is to continue to invest subsidies until it replaces Alibaba as the preferred shopping platform for one billion China consumers. At present, Pinduoduo earns revenue through advertising, and has invested more than $13 billion in subsidies.


Meituan Flash Shopping will focus on the hot pot food track this year.

Meituan Flash Shopping Business School held the "Meituan Flash Shopping Fresh Digital Retail Summit" in Beijing on March 19th. Meituan Flash Shopping said that the hot pot food track is one of the key points of its layout this year. It is reported that the hot pot food track can be divided into two parts at present, with the main hot pot food convenience store offline and the hot pot takeaway online.


During the epidemic last year, the online hot pot takeaway industry developed at a high speed, which made the demand for a large number of family hot pot consumption scenarios satisfied. According to the relevant investigation report of China Hotel Association, the overall scale of China’s hot pot market can reach one trillion yuan, and the number of newly registered hot pot food supermarkets has exceeded 3,400 in the past year.


IPhone folding screen phone exposure

A few days ago, a number of mobile phone manufacturers have listed folding screen mobile phones, and Xiaomi has also exposed new MIX Fold folding products recently. Recently, the first folding screen of iPhone was exposed. According to the pictures that broke out, the iPhone is not an open-ended scheme in which "1" turns into "2", but a folding screen designed as a Samsung Flip flip cover. It is reported that this folding screen flip phone will be launched in 2023.




Ten films will be shown on May 1st. 

As of this week, ten films, including Antique close encounter of mahjong, Above the Cliff and There is She in the World, have been scheduled to be released on April 30th and May 1st.



Godzilla vs Kong box office broke 300 million. 

On the second day of its release, the box office in China, Godzilla vs Kong exceeded 300 million yuan. 



Transformers plans to make a new movie.

Paramount plans to make a new independent film Transformers, which is written by Marco Ramirez (Women’s Prison) and directed by angell Manuel Soto (Street Racing King). In the early stage of the project, the role and plot are unknown, except that it is an independent story, which is not related to the Transformers series and Bumblebee.


In addition, Transformers 7 is currently in active operation, directed by Stephen Kapoor Jr. (Quiddie 2).



The third part of the Spider-Man series was officially released.

Spider-Man: The Battle of No Return, the third part of the Spider-Man series starring Tom Holland, was officially finished. The film was directed by Jon Watts, starring Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Bartrand, and newly joined by Jamie Foxx and benedict cumberbatch. The film is scheduled for December 17th in North America. 


Jennifer lopez starred in Netflix’s new film "Password"

Jennifer lopez will star in Netflix’s new film "The Crypter" and will be a producer. The film was written by the writers Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg of Condor, and adapted from Isabella maldonado’s novel of the same name. The film tells the story of Nina Guerrero (Lopez), an FBI agent, who finds herself involved in the case of a serial killer. The killer strategically publishes complex codes and riddles on the Internet, corresponding to the latest murder case, and lures Guerrero into a cat-and-mouse chase.



Ben Caron will direct Julianne Moore’s new film Liar.

Crown director Ben Caron will direct the new film Liar starring Julianne Moore. The film was co-produced by Apple and A24, and the screenplay of Detective Heroes was written by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. Moore will play the role of a liar artist who hangs out in Manhattan’s billionaire circle, and Moore will also be the producer of the film.




Netflix animation "Eden" released the traditional Chinese version of the pilot notice.

Netflix animated series "Eden" released the traditional Chinese version of the preview, and it is determined to start broadcasting on May 27th. The play was directed by Irie Yasuhiro, with Marika Kouno, Itou Kentarou, Kyoko Shuishang and Kōichi Yamadera as the voices. The play tells the story of the future thousands of years later. A human baby girl wakes up faintly and finds herself in a world with only robots.



Don cheadle joined ABC’s restarted edition of The Age of Innocence.

Don cheadle joined ABC’s restarted edition of The Age of Innocence to give a voice to Dean Williams. The play was directed by the original starring Fred Savage, and the script was written by Saladin K. Patterson (The Big Bang Theory), including Dulé Hill, Saycon Sengbloh and Elisha Williams.


This drama is the resumption of classic family comedy series in 1980s, and tells how Williams and his wife ensured that this was their "innocent age" in a black middle-class family in Montgomery, Alabama, which was in turmoil in the late 1960s. The restarted version is centered on Dean Williams, the son at home.



Katia Winter joined the black picket in the third season.

Katia Winter ("Sleepy Valley") joined the third season of the Amazon drama "Black Robe" and played Little Nina, a Russian gangster with a soft spot for sex toys. The play is starring karl urban, Jack Quaid, antony starr, erin moriarty, etc., and Jensen Ackles is newly joined as "Soldier Boy".



More than 100 million people play the "jump" game every day to become the next slogan?


  On the 15th, more than 4,000 people gathered in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall for a "jump" on the 2018 WeChat open course PRO. Almost at the same time, UBISOFT and WeChat jointly announced that they would carry out strategic cooperation on small games, and Ubisoft’s Ketchapp would launch several small games on the WeChat platform.

  "Jump" fire

  Exceeding team expectations

  On the morning of 15th, WeChat friends circle began to brush up: Zhang Xiaolong is going to show off a "jump" in front of more than 4,000 people today. The founder of WeChat, known as "the highest record has more than 6,000 points", ended his first jump in 2018 with 967 points in the attention of the audience. In this unique way, Zhang Xiaolong announced the official opening of the 2018 WeChat open course PRO.

  In the opening speech, Zhang Xiaolong said that the game "Jump" was very interesting. I also ridiculed myself that after hitting 6000 points, I got a title called "Becoming a Buddha on the Site" and accidentally became a Buddhist department.

  Regarding the original intention and fiery development of "TiYiTiao", Zhang Xiaolong said that "TiYiTiao" was only used as a Demo at first. It is a very simple game in the new version of WeChat to reflect the power of a platform such as WeChat applets and games.

  After the game was released, its effect exceeded the expectations of the development team. "Because its DAU (daily active users) is about 100 million, but there are many plugins at the same time. I didn’t expect such a small game to have so many plugins. My friends in my circle of friends also scored a particularly high score, but I believe that he did not play it himself. "

  Zhang Xiaolong said that there are about 30 people with more than 3,000 points in the system. "We hope that through an invitation, users who can now hit more than 3,000 points can come to our office and play in front of us, and they can get a very special gift."

  Small game users exceeded 310 million.

  From December 28, 2017, "Jump Jump" came out with the new version of WeChat. The cumulative number of users of "Jump Jump", which has not been online for a full moon, has reached 310 million. As one of the masterpieces of small games, "Tiaotiao" has a user retention rate of 65% the next day and 52% on the seventh day, far exceeding the average level of the mobile game industry.

  Zhang Xiaolong said that the original intention of mini-games is to provide a more relaxed lifestyle, so that users can get away from information and social pressure, and take advantage of fragmented time to relax, which is actually a very serious matter. Small games will continue to be open to enterprise developers and individual developers in the future.

  Applets will not replace traditional apps.

  Since it was officially launched in January last year, the small program that first tried to scream has quietly spawned a brand-new mobile Internet ecosystem. According to the data released by the WeChat team at the conference site, there are currently 170 million daily active users in the applet ecosystem, 580,000 applets have been launched, attracting more than 1 million developers to join and covering 2,300 third-party development platforms.

  In the past 52 weeks, the applet itself has maintained a small-step and fast-running upgrade iteration, and released 32 new capabilities, including store applets, nearby applets, applet development assistants, embedded web pages, custom components, and small games. More than 100 service experiences. At present, innovative applications of applets in various life scenes of China people have blossomed everywhere.

  "Applets represent the future, and everything in the future may contain information, and applets are just such an information carrier and expression." Zhang Xiaolong said in the WeChat open class that applets will not replace traditional apps, but will enrich many scenes of apps.

  Ubisoft and WeChat will cooperate to launch online games.

  In the open class on 15th, UBISOFT and WeChat jointly announced that they would carry out strategic cooperation on small games, and Ubisoft’s Ketchapp would launch several small games on WeChat platform. Both sides will give full play to their respective advantages and provide users with small game products with interesting gameplay, rich content and high quality experience.

  UBISOFT is a leading enterprise in R&D, distribution and sales of interactive entertainment games and services. It has a variety of world-renowned brands, including Assassin’s Creed, Dancing Full, Lehman, Crying Out in a Lonely Island and other best-selling works. Ubisoft’s sales in the fiscal year 2016-2017 were 1.46 billion euros.

  By the end of the third quarter of 2017, the number of monthly active users of WeChat reached 980 million. Since the launch of the applet on January 9, 2017, it has been widely concerned by third-party developers, and the small game is a brand-new category just launched by WeChat applet.

  Our reporter Yang Ye.


  I believe many people have been screened by a game called "Jump" recently. Anyway, when reporters go to restaurants to eat, almost everyone holds their mobile phones, and then they only hear duang~duang~duang~

  A game that can’t make money, what is it to attract the disabled party to fight and fight? The reporter chatted with players and scientists about this topic.

  "Jump" game,

  It’s called decompression, and it’s really "scheming"

  A colleague of the reporter, the highest record is 179 points — — According to the statistics of online celebrity "Bi Dao" (note: Bi Xiaotian, Ph.D. student of Tsinghua University Chemical Engineering Department, who posted the online post "The gap between grabbing and grabbing WeChat red packets first is so big" last Spring Festival), 70% of the "jumping" players failed to score 110 points. Therefore, this colleague’s achievements in jumping out a little bit are very admirable.

  But my colleague told me that her initial motivation was: "When I first played, my circle of friends was always behind someone I didn’t like. I must overtake him and keep a certain distance from him."

  Wearing a decompression coat, but the ranking reveals the scheming.

  So jumping is a decompression game, and probably the first few sets will make you feel relieved of work pressure. As long as you have played a few games, everyone will understand that this game has a ranking. And ranking is the most stressful thing in the world. People are definitely more irritating than people. Forcibly setting the ranking of friends circle is really the biggest trick of this game.

  Li Dan, a master of sociology at Tongji University, told me that one of the important reasons for everyone’s repeated defeats and wars is: "It may have played a social role." Because the scores you "jump out" will participate in the ranking of friends, "ranking means interaction."

  "Being keen on playing this game can be understood as looking for a sense of existence to satisfy your little vanity." Li Dan analysis.

  Why can’t adults play with children? Do you accept these explanations?

  Others found that, judging from the crowd distribution and performance statistics of "Jump" players, it seems that adults can’t play with children. For example, in our editorial department, it is the 8-year-old girl of my colleague’s family who can find the feeling of jumping out of 200 points quickly within ten minutes.

  How to explain this phenomenon? According to the data summarized by online celebrity’s "Bi Dao", you can jump step by step with the time, and your grades will definitely go up. "In addition, when many people are close to their best achievements in history, their mentality will be unstable, and they will be flustered and die." According to the summary of "Bi Dao", from this point of view, children may have higher concentration than adults, and they don’t have too many distractions, and they also play more easily.

  However, Jin Cancan said this — — "The secret is that I found that there will be extra points for staying on each special prop — — Water from the manhole cover flows out, adding 5 points; If the middle layer of the Rubik’s Cube turns positive, you can add 10 points; When the convenience store opens, you can add 15 points and the music box can add 30 points. "

  Adults vomited blood in succession, so why didn’t they sum up such a strategy?

  According to qianjiang evening news


  Zhang Xiaolong, senior executive vice president of Tencent Group and known as the "father of WeChat", said on the 15 th in the 2018 WeChat open class PRO in Guangzhou that the goal of WeChat is to be the best tool on the Internet; Wechat will not go to see the chat record; WeChat WeChat official account APP will be released, and the appreciation function will also be restored; In 2018, WeChat will further explore offline life.

  Wechat doesn’t read chat records

  WeChat official account appreciates that it will resume.

  "For WeChat, we follow the concept of respecting users and individuals." Zhang Xiaolong said that this means that WeChat regards users as friends, that it must provide users with the best products and services, and that it will not look at users’ chat records. "Since the first version of WeChat, the system has been designed like this.".

  For some people who questioned that "WeChat can’t even synchronize chat records in the cloud". Zhang Xiaolong said that from the perspective of protecting users’ privacy, it is safest to have no user chat records in the system, and WeChat will not violate users’ privacy, including never sending harassing messages to users. In addition, Zhang Xiaolong also said that WeChat will explore offline life in the next step. "In 2018, we hope to make some new attempts. Exploring the wonderful life offline is a direction we want to try." He said.

  Wechat WeChat official account will release the APP appreciation function and will return.

  "In the past, there was only a management platform for the WeChat public platform, but in the future, WeChat official account will also have a mobile APP." Zhang Xiaolong said, in fact, I made a WeChat official account APP before, but it has never been released, because I have been wondering whether to transplant the functions on the computer platform or design a better APP for the mobile phone platform.

  "Now this APP has been done almost, and it may be released soon." Zhang Xiaolong said.

  Regarding WeChat official account’s appreciation, Zhang Xiaolong said that after coordination with Apple, everyone has reached some consensus, and will soon restore the "appreciation" function, and will make great changes to turn the previous appreciation of WeChat official account into an appreciation for the author.

  "In the future, in the public platform, you will see that the author is an independent column. You can see the introduction of each author and the articles he has published. An author can contribute different WeChat official account." Zhang Xiaolong said that the next step will be to consider whether there are other ways to make WeChat WeChat official account produce short content.

  Applets need to grow slowly.

  In the past, when we went to some restaurants, we could only queue up to order food. Now, through the corresponding small programs, we have realized scanning code for ordering food and scanning code for checkout. In life, applets have been used in many scenes to facilitate our lives.

  Tencent data shows that the number of daily users of WeChat applets has reached 170 million, of which 30% are in first-tier cities and 31% are in fourth-tier cities and below. The number of online applets has reached 580,000, and the number of enterprises and individual developers of applets has exceeded 1 million.

  But Zhang Xiaolong doesn’t want applets to be "fattened". "Because I think that for some future-oriented infrastructure facilities, it is not that we design its functions well, and users will succeed immediately when they get involved. On the contrary, we need a longer period to pave the way for it and need it to grow up slowly." Zhang Xiaolong said.

  Zhang Xiaolong also said that small programs are not specially prepared for a certain field, which does not mean that e-commerce is now a slogan or for e-commerce; Wechat will not be a centralized diversion portal for applets, and it is hoped that applets will be a larger platform based on decentralization. According to Xinhua News Agency

Heavy rainfall turned to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and Huanghuai in North China was late in autumn.

  Cctv newsAccording to China Weather Network, yesterday (18th), a new round of rainfall in the south started from the southwest, with heavy rains in Chongqing and other places. It is estimated that today and tomorrow, the rainfall will expand eastward, and many places in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will be immersed in rain, with heavy rains in Anhui and Hubei. The rain gradually weakened on Thursday and ended. Most of the north is dominated by sunny weather, especially in North China and Huanghuai areas. The temperature is higher than normal, and the autumn process is sluggish.

  The Yangtze river basin is immersed in rain, and there are heavy rains in Hubei, Anhui and other places

  Beginning on the 18th, a new round of rainfall in the south started from the southwest. Monitoring shows that yesterday, heavy rains occurred in parts of eastern Chongqing, northeastern Guizhou, southwestern Hubei, northern Hunan and southwestern Guangdong, and heavy rains (100-174 mm) fell in Chongqing Youyang, Changde, Hunan and Yangjiang, Guangdong. The maximum hourly rainfall intensity in these areas was 65-88 mm.

  Today and tomorrow, this round of rainfall will rapidly expand eastward, with obvious rain in many places in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be heavy rain or rainstorm in parts of Chongqing, Guizhou, southern Jianghan, western and northern Jiangnan and other places on the 19th and 20th, and there will be heavy rain locally, with the cumulative precipitation of 30-70mm and the local area reaching 100-150mm.

  It is estimated that there will be heavy rain or rainstorm in parts of southeastern Chongqing, southern and eastern Guizhou, southern Hubei, central and northern Hunan, northwestern Jiangxi and southern Anhui, among which there will be heavy rain (100-120 mm) in western and northeastern Hunan, and there will be short-term heavy precipitation in these areas, with the maximum hourly rain intensity of 20-40 mm and the local area of 50 mm or more. In response, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blue rainstorm warning at 6 o’clock today.

Heavy rainfall turned to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and Huanghuai in North China was late in autumn.

  Tomorrow, the range of heavy rainfall will be slightly reduced, and the eastern part of the south of the Yangtze River will also join the ranks of rainfall. There are moderate to heavy rains in central and eastern Yunnan, western Guangxi, southern Jianghuai and northern Jiangnan, among which there are heavy rains (50-90 mm) in parts of southeastern Anhui, southern Jiangsu, Shanghai and northern Zhejiang.

  Under the pressure of rain, the eastern part of southwest China to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will also usher in a round of cooling process from west to east. Sichuan Basin and many areas in the west and north of Jiangnan will get rid of the summer heat above 30℃, and the maximum temperature will gradually drop to about 25℃, from high to short-term low, and the summer heat will gradually recede and cool.

  On Thursday (21st), this round of rainfall weakened and ended, and there will be an interval of about 3 days along the Yangtze River. According to the current forecast, there will be another obvious rainfall process from the Sichuan Basin to the northeast of the south of the Yangtze River from 23rd to 25th. Due to the long time limit, it is necessary to pay attention to the approaching forecast in time.

  According to the statistics of the last month, the rainfall in Chongqing, Guizhou and Hubei has been on the high side. The accumulated rainfall in this round is large, accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall in many places, and the maximum hourly rainfall intensity is 40-60 mm. The southwest region is fragile in geology, so it is necessary to guard against landslides, flash floods and other disasters caused by heavy rainfall. At the same time, the rain is accompanied by short-term heavy precipitation, so it is necessary to guard against disasters such as urban waterlogging. When the rain is fierce, try not to go out and pay attention to personal safety.

  Most areas in the north are sunny, and Huanghuai in North China is sluggish in autumn.

  Recently, the rainfall in most parts of the north is scarce, and it continues to be sunny, and the temperature is higher than normal. Yesterday, there was a high temperature of 35℃ in Shijiazhuang, which was the third high temperature record in history. In mid-September, there was still a high temperature that was rare in the local area.

  It is predicted that the temperature will drop in most areas from North China, Huanghuai to Northeast China today and tomorrow. Among them, today, the decline in eastern Inner Mongolia, northern Hebei and western Northeast China can reach 4-10 C, and the temperature drop is more significant, while the rest of the decline is mostly within 4 C. Tomorrow, many places in Inner Mongolia and Northeast China will begin to warm up, and the temperature in Huanghuai in North China will continue to fall. With the development of cooling, the range of 30℃ in North China, Huanghuai and other places will gradually shrink.

  Although the temperature in North China and Huanghuai has dropped slightly, it is still higher than normal, and the process of entering autumn is sluggish. At this time all the year round, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, most of Shandong and most of Henan have entered autumn, but these areas are still in the summer of meteorological significance this year.

  Take Beijing as an example. Autumn is on September 11th all the year round, but it has not yet entered autumn. Since the beginning of summer on May 7th this year, as of September 17th, the summer in Beijing has reached 134 days, which is not only much longer than the 111-day summer all the year round, but also broke the local historical record of the longest summer (133 days in 2007).

Heavy rainfall turned to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and Huanghuai in North China was late in autumn.

  Judging from the forecast for the next week, most areas in North China and Huanghuai have avoided the "care" of rain, and the weather will continue to be fine and the temperature will continue to be warmer, and the autumn in this area will continue to be delayed. Among the provincial capital cities, Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang and Zhengzhou have all entered autumn later than usual this year, and "being late" is a foregone conclusion.

  The highest temperature in the above areas will reach about 30℃ during the day, and it will be a little hot during the day, especially in the afternoon, but it will drop rapidly at night. The temperature difference between day and night is generally above 10℃, and the weather is cold. Pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm when you go out in the morning and evening.

Enjoy flowers in spring and harvest sweet fruits in summer. In the past, weeds were all over the hillside, and now pears are blossoming.

CCTV News:In March, pear blossoms in the Linguo base in Anlu City, Hubei Province have blossomed one after another, attracting countless tourists to enjoy the spring. At the moment, Yan Yan, a reporter from the reception desk, is in the pear garden. Let’s connect her.

Headquarters reporter Yan Yan:I am now in the 10,000-mu forest fruit base in Tuanshan Village, Anlu, Hubei Province, and now more than 60,000 pear trees in the base have all blossomed. At this moment, I am in the sea of flowers, and the pear blossoms all over the mountain are competing to spit, and the snow is white, like a cloud like a waterfall; Pear blossoms are clean and elegant, and the flowers are floating and refreshing. The beautiful scenery also attracted many tourists, some of whom stopped to enjoy the flowers, but more of them were busy taking pictures with their cameras to freeze the beauty of spring. According to reports, more than 300,000 tourists were received here in a spring.

This pear garden can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the flower sea in spring, and pears can be picked from May to June. In order to ensure the smooth fruiting of pear trees, farmers here are busy with spring management. Look, the farmers in this area behind me are covering the pear trees with plastic film. The function of film mulching is to control water evaporation and prevent weeds from creeping.

On the other side, a farmer standing on a stool (or a high platform) is thinning the flowering branches. Look at the tree next to me. The pear blossoms on the branches are clustered and very dense. Sparse flowers can avoid excessive flowering and fruiting, and the nutrient supply of fruit trees is insufficient. By thinning flowers and fruits, the fruit setting rate can be improved and the pear fruit can be ensured to grow full and firm.

Fruit farmers told me that the average yield per mu here is about 4000 Jin, but at present, the yield per mu of pear trees in the rich period in China can be as high as 8000 Jin. In other words, the yield per mu here is only half that of other pear trees. Although the yield is not high, the output value here is very high. Because the varieties planted at present are improved, it is a "summer Sydney" variety suitable for planting environment in hilly areas. As the name implies, "Summer Sydney" is a fresh pear with white flesh and ripe in summer. It belongs to an early mature honey pear variety in China, and the weight of a single pear ranges from 8 taels to 1 catty, with rich juice and high sweetness. The price at harvest time is about five times that of ordinary pears, which has become a veritable fruit of getting rich.

In fact, in this base of more than 10,000 mu, potted blueberries with high economic value are planted in the greenhouses next to pear trees. In addition, there are some ornamental seedlings such as begonia. Although the whole undulating mountain is very regular now, in the past, because it is located in the hills, the land is relatively barren, the benefit of crop planting is poor, and the traffic is inconvenient, most villagers go out to work, and many land on the mountain is barren. Through various attempts, the local government has selected the seedling and fruit tree industries that are relatively suitable for the geological conditions here, and absorbed the surrounding villagers to work in the base through the model of "company+cooperative+base+farmer". A more prosperous industry and a more beautiful rural environment have made people feel more happy.

Cold cold! Did you see the first snow in 2024?

Affected by the first cold wave in 2024, there was sporadic light snow in the western part of Chongming around midnight yesterday, and sleet in the northern part of Pudong briefly. Shanghai ushered in the first snow this year.

At 9 o’clock this morning, the temperature in most parts of the city was close to freezing point. Today, it is mainly cloudy during the day, with occasional short-term light snow in some areas. The highest temperature is only about 1℃, and the wind is strong. The wind from north to northwest is 5 and the gust is 6-7, and the wind is stronger in coastal areas along the river.

Static treasure warm reminder:

Pay attention to cold and warmth, and beware of catching a cold.

The Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory issued a low-temperature yellow warning signal at 16: 40 on January 22, 2024: due to the influence of strong cold air, it is estimated that the minimum temperature will reach MINUS 3 degrees to MINUS 4 degrees in the morning on the 23rd and 24th, with freezing, and MINUS 5 degrees to MINUS 6 degrees in the suburbs, with severe freezing. Please pay attention to cold and warmth.

At present,

ShanghaiTwo blues and two yellowsFour warnings are high.

Defense guide:

1.Pay attention to wind and warmth when going out, and add clothes.

2.Old people and children should go out as little as possible and close the doors and windows at home.

3.Strengthen the warm-keeping measures of agricultural greenhouses and sheds.

4.The government and relevant departments should do a good job in cold wave response according to the plan.

5.Pedestrians should pay attention to anti-skid.

6.Drive carefully, keep the distance between cars, and pay attention to slow down.  

7.The government and relevant departments should do a good job in dealing with road icing according to the plan.

8.Check doors and windows, reinforce clothes racks, outdoor antennas, etc., and properly place outdoor flowerpots and other items that are easy to fall.

9.Try not to stay near glass doors and windows or billboards when going out.

10.The government and relevant departments should do a good job in dealing with strong winds according to the plan.

weather trend

Shanghai will turn sunny and cold due to the influence of cold high pressure from tomorrow, but the temperature rise is weak. The temperature will be below freezing all day tomorrow. Tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning are even more chilly, and the lowest temperature in the urban area is between MINUS 4℃ and MINUS 3℃, with freezing; The suburbs are 6℃ below zero to 5℃ below zero, with severe freezing. Although there is sunshine during the day, the temperature rise is limited under the power of cold air.

From Wednesday, the north wind gradually subsided, and the temperature began to rise slightly. By the end of the week, the highest temperature returned to double digits, but the temperature was still low in the morning and evening, so it is still necessary to keep warm and cold. On Thursday, the temperature began to rise slightly during the daytime, but the highest temperature this weekend was only about 11℃, and the temperature was still low in the morning and evening. Please continue to do a good job in cold protection and warmth. 

Why is there only sporadic snowfall in Shanghai?

Meteorologists say that the main battlefield of snowfall brought by this cold wave is not in Shanghai. Because of the powerful cold air, the snowfall has been pushed to the south. The sporadic snowfall in Shanghai for a short time is cold snow blown by cold air from the sea.

Snow is the direct condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere or the direct solidification of water droplets. Usually, there are two conditions to meet when it snows. First, there is enough water vapor to form an ice crystal layer at high altitude; Second, the appropriate temperature, that is, "the air temperature at 1500m is less than or equal to -3℃, while the ground temperature is less than 3℃", so that the snowflake will not be melted during its descent.

However, there is less water vapor supply over Shencheng today, and the water vapor at high altitude is ruthlessly driven away by cold air. It can only rely on the humid air at sea brought by the north wind to form snowfall, and the weak water vapor is only enough to bring light snow or sleet to the central and eastern parts of Shanghai.

Snow is not a common sight in Shanghai in winter. Shanghai’s maritime climate makes the temperature in winter high, and the terrain is basically a low-lying plain, which is different from the hilly terrain in Hangzhou next door. Therefore, the conditions for snow are more harsh than those in the surrounding areas. According to the meteorological data,The average number of snowfall days in Shanghai is about 5 days, and snowfall occurs from November to April, mainly in January and February.

Why can’t I see the snow?

Many netizens spit out that they are clearly in the same area, but they have not seen snow. In fact, this may be because you are not "tall" enough! The snowflake melted during the landing.

In order to see "snowflakes fluttering" on the ground, it is necessary to have certain water vapor and dynamic conditions.The key depends on the temperature distribution from high altitude to the ground.. The geographical location of Shanghai Linjiang near the sea, coupled with the relatively high temperature at sea in winter, makes the temperature distribution above us more complicated, and with the change of urban underlying surface, the precipitation phase has changed more. Sometimes "snow is fluttering" in the air, and it may turn into rain or sleet when it falls to the ground.

If you want to see the formed snowflakes,

You have to waitWhen the snowfall conditions are met

Go toA higher placeOh ~

Reporter: Li Jialing.

Photo: Li Jialing.

Video: Li Jialing

Editor: Chen Gong

Information: Shanghai Weather Release, Shanghai News Broadcasting, Shangguan News, Xinmin Evening News, and Shanghai WeChat WeChat official account.

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Breaking through difficulties and blocking points, frequently appearing "100%" and exploring new paths … Jing’ an "two old transformations" round residents’ dream of living in peace

Breaking through difficulties and blocking points, frequently appearing "100%" and exploring new paths … Jing’ an "two old transformations" round residents’ dream of living in peace

Zhangyuan: the 19th century garden engraved in Shanghai’s memory and future.

The deserted open space has turned into a small garden, and the community has more "small fortunate"

Add a good place to punch in, and the "Chinese Dragon" with a height of 5 meters will be unveiled! The series of activities of "Dragon with Natural Spirit" kicked off.

ShangguanNo. Author: Shanghai Jing ‘an

A probe into life in Tantric nun, Tibet: you need an exam to be a nun (Figure)

A picture of Tibetan nuns’ life home

  Among the believers who devote their lives to Tibetan Buddhism, there are not only those tough men, but also some pure and gentle women They are called nuns. They are far away from the world, studying hard in the nunnery (nunnery) with closed doors, praying devoutly, observing the precepts and suffering themselves, and trying to knock on the door of their ideal "transcendental world" with a holy heart …

  In Tibet, there are many temples, most of which are Lamaism temples, but few in buddhist nun. However, some of them are quite famous. For example, there are buddhist nun in Lhasa, such as Mimiqinre Temple (site), Gali Temple, Langgu Temple, Canggong Temple and Anai Changku Temple. Before the reform, buddhist nun in Tibet was often overcrowded. In recent years, not only many nuns have returned to buddhist nun, but also some young girls and young women have gone to temples to have their hair cut.

  Some nuns who practice in buddhist nun come from noble or wealthy families, some from dilapidated noble families, and some from ordinary people’s families. When a girl goes to buddhist nun to practice, she must first find an old Nidang Normator, who is responsible for the education and management of her moral conduct. Then ask the famous living Buddha to shave her hair. After praying and chanting, the living Buddha cut off the last lock of hair on the little girl’s head, indicating that her six roots are clean and unattached.

  Every nun in Arjunnan Zongsandan Peilin has to go through a certain procedure from leaving home, becoming a single monk, joining a religious organization, living in a monastery and starting their new life-religious life. Every nun who becomes a monk or accepts the "three returns", that is, converts to Buddhism, Buddhism, monks and Sambo, must be in good health, firmly believe in religion, stick to the precepts and study the scriptures wholeheartedly before entering the monastery.

  Tide into the temple

  Shaving one’s hair is a rule for Buddhists to become monks and accept precepts. Before entering the temple, every nun in Qiong Peilin, the third patriarch of Arjunnan, usually needs to find a nun who is high in morality, good in knowledge and has a certain reputation in the temple, that is, she has been formally incorporated into the temple organization to be her own "Yi Zhi Shi", and this "Yi Zhi Shi" must be approved by the temple before she can be accepted as a disciple, and then the "Yi Zhi Shi" will be a new one in her Buddhist temple. Shave off the braid on the top of the head for the new disciple, put on the vestments before the Buddha Sakyamuni statue, give him the dharma name, and give him the precepts to become Shamini.

  Being a nun requires an exam.

  In order to control, regulate and manage monks and nuns, the major monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism have set up a system of entering the temple. In Arjun Nanzong nuns’ Temple, nuns who have been shaved into the temple must first go through the "teacher-in-charge" word by word, teach the various teachings and teaching methods practiced by the Sect, especially master and be familiar with the basic contents of "daily recitation". Only after passing the trial examination can they be accepted as formal nuns of the religious organization or the temple, and they are eligible to participate in various ritual ceremonies held in the temple.

  When you first enter the temple, you have to pay for dinner.

  Generally, when each new nun enters the temple for the first time (enters the Dajingtang) to participate in the "daily recitation", she should present Hada, and give the temple gifts such as tea or 5 to 10 yuan money as far as she can. This nun has to kowtow to the Buddha three to seven times before she can be included in the "daily recitation". Since then, I have been affiliated with this temple and obtained the qualification of a nun in this temple. This procedure of entering the temple is different in various temples of Tibetan Buddhism, from simple to complicated.

  In old buddhist nun, new nuns also invited nuns to eat and drink in the whole nunnery. Those who had a banquet for one day could get the title of "Qize Guxue", and those who had a banquet for two days could get the title of "Qize Guxue". The nuns who had obtained these two titles could not participate in the collective chanting and be exempted from all labor. In addition to eating and drinking, depending on family circumstances, new nuns will also give offerings to nuns, such as pottery pots, highland barley, ghee or card mats.

  If the standard can’t read, the new nun will also ask a scribe to teach her to read the scriptures. Learn Tibetan first, then learn the Karoma Sutra (Manjusri Ode), and then learn the Zhuo Ma Duiba Sutra (Dum Ode). In addition, we should also read Buddhist scriptures such as Lama Quba, Molonglangji, Jovajiuzhu and Zhuomalang Dangmani.

  A nun between the ages of 7 and 20 should be ordained by a novice monk.

  Nuns between the ages of 7 and 20 are subject to the novice monk precept. The bar mitzvah ceremony is presided over by a living Buddha, with four "Gelong" (monks) as assistants. The ordained place is usually in the temple or the living Buddha’s tin residence. The living Buddha who presided over the ceremony calculated the date of initiation according to the birthdates of each ordained nun. The nuns who participated in the ordained ceremony sent ghee, rice cake, flour and other foods to the ordained place before the ordained ceremony. The ordained place (oratory) is solemn and mysterious, with the statue of Sakyamuni hanging on the front and the statue of the ordained nun on both sides. The living Buddha ascended the altar, and four monks sat on both sides. The ordained nun sits on a Tibetan carpet opposite the living Buddha, wearing a yellow cassock and a red cassock, with a belt "Gru" (net kettle).

  In groups of three, the ordained nuns went to the Living Buddha in sequence, held out their right hand, and at the same time grabbed a "Quzha" (water filter) with their left hand to filter out all evil thoughts. The living Buddha grabbed the nun’s right palm and asked, "Would you like to be ordained?" A: "Yes!" Then I put forward 36 commandments, such as no drinking, no lewdness, no lying, no stealing, no killing, etc. The living Buddha asked and the nun answered. After the question and answer, the living Buddha solemnly announced: "From now on, you are ordained people!" " Then the nun bowed down three times and accepted the living Buddha to touch the top, and the nun presented gifts to the living Buddha.

  Every nun has to think of a dharma name. After being ordained, I will not eat after noon for 7 days, but only drink butter tea. The first thing to do when I get up every morning is to kneel before the idol, meditate on the 36 commandments, reflect on them one by one, and pray: "Before the sun rises today, I kept the commandments everywhere. If there is a violation of the precepts, please forgive God Frodo! "

  Those scriptures that have been fixed since ancient times, sung by devout women, have a unique charm and vivid power, and the profound philosophy conveyed by the clear and sweet voice.