Can various "partners" unlock new consumption?

"Dinner partner", "game partner", "fitness partner" and "travel partner" … Recently, the related topics of "social partner" have attracted the attention of many netizens both online and in real life.

According to some surveys, more than half of the young people interviewed have partners. Most people choose to socialize together. The advantage is that they have the same purpose or needs, can help each other, save money and unlock new consumption patterns. And for some people, "partner" is just another name for friends, which is a kind of "fast food" friendship.

Finding a "travel partner" on the Internet is the key to saving money.

"I was born in 1995. I usually have two days off at work on weekends. I have few things to do. I am not picky about eating. I can make dinner appointments, go shopping, watch movies, kill scripts, etc." A few days ago, on the social platform, the reporter saw such a dating message. Later, the reporter searched the information of Shenyang area on other video social platforms according to the "partner" and found that there were many such "partner" information.

It is understood that the word "partner" originated from Shanghai dialect. In the dictionary of Shanghai dialect published in 2007, the definition of "partner" is: "people who play cards together are extended to partners." But now the "partner" in hot search has a new meaning. The "partner" in the eyes of young people is the partner of a theme activity, focusing on the precise companionship of a vertical subdivision field. This lightweight and fast-paced relationship is favored by many people.

During the investigation, the reporter found that most of the main people who are looking for "partners" in the same city travel online are post-90 s and post-00 s, among which women are more than men, but the requirements they are looking for are generally the same sex with their own age.

Born in 1998, Li Tingyan told reporters that she wanted to travel in Yunnan recently, but she was afraid that it would be boring to go alone, so she wanted to find a "travel partner" on the Internet. "In this way, I can have multiple companions. My ideal’ partner’ is a girl who is similar to my age. After all, I am a stranger. I mainly consider security issues, and most of my trips need to stay overnight. From an economic point of view, girls can save some money from eating to living. If you live, you can choose a room." Li Tingyan told reporters that she had a "partner" experience before, but the difference was the information she found online, and this time she posted online to find a "partner". Before she met the last "partner", she first added WeChat, and then they watched it twice to confirm some basic information, and then discussed where to travel, and then began to do raiders. Li Tingyan calculated the account for herself. The last time she went to Sichuan and Chongqing, she spent 7 days and stayed for 6 days. Together with eating, taking a bus, tickets for scenic spots, etc., she saved hundreds of yuan on accommodation and meals alone.

Yu Xiaohan is a white-collar worker who works in a state-owned bank in Shenyang. She told reporters: "The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. I’m going to play around Shenyang. It happens that my friends have other plans, so I want to find a partner to play. I didn’t make it last May Day. I must succeed this time!"

The opposite sex "rice partner" saves both food money and gas.

According to the 2023 Partner Social Research Report, 95.8% of the 1,431 respondents showed the need for this kind of companionship. As can be seen from the data, the "partner" has become the spiritual pillar of contemporary young people.

A few days ago, the China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center "Joint Questionnaire Network" conducted a survey of 1,335 respondents, showing that 72.6% of the young people interviewed said that they had "partners" in their lives, and 68.9% of the young people interviewed thought that finding "partners" was a brave step to step out of the social comfort zone and seek a new social model.

According to the survey, most of them are "rice partners" (52.9%), "sports partners" (43.4%), "traveling partners" (37.7%), "learning partners" (34.2%) and "playing partners" (31.1%), and others are "walking the baby partners".

In addition, whether there is enough time (34.2%), appearance (29.5%) and whether you can provide help (15.3%) are also factors that everyone will consider when looking for a partner. Among the young people interviewed, 27.9% were born after 00, 49.9% after 90 and 22.2% after 80.

Lin Xinxin graduated from university in July this year and found a company to work in Shenyang. Because she just graduated, in order to save money, she shared a house next to the company. My roommate is Wei Tao, a college student who graduated last year. "One day I was cooking in the kitchen. Wei Tao smelled the smell of rice and asked me if I could bring him a bite to eat. He told me that because he is a boy, he can’t cook, and he always buys takeout or eats the canteen in the unit. It is really not to his liking. He wants to be a’ rice partner’ with me and bring him a bite every time he eats! And he also said that in the future, the water, electricity and gas money at home will be paid by him, and the meal money will also be AA. " Lin Xinxin said that all of us are young people, who have come to Shenyang from other places to work hard, and it is appropriate to help each other, so she agreed. Every time, I will cook for two people, and then each person will be half. "In this way, I can save money on food, water, electricity and gas, and spend at least 300 to 400 yuan a month. This is really a good way to save money for me who just joined the work!"

In addition to traveling, eating and other common "partners", there are some people who like new things, like some minority things, and can’t find anyone with the same interest around them, so they can only find "partners" online.

Xue Xiaochang and He Jingyang met on the Internet. Last Sunday, they went to Zhongjie to smoke a blind box for a "reward" and a "3D printing chocolate machine". "Today, we mainly took a fancy to the Gundam series" A Reward ",because it is an old version. If all of them are to be smoked, it will cost about 2,800 yuan, but I personally only like A Reward and D Reward, and He Jingyang just likes B Reward and C Reward. We are all-inclusive, and each person only needs to spend 1,400 yuan on average. If other rewards and last rewards are sold, each person only needs to spend about 1000 yuan, and at the same time, he can get himself. Xue Xiaochang told reporters.

On the occasion of "June 18", the "beauty partner" was opened.

Every year, "June 18th" is a time when major e-commerce companies show their talents. How to buy their favorite beauty cosmetics in big promotions is the most concerned topic for every lady who loves beauty. It is understood that this year’s "June 18" in addition to issuing coupons, full discounts and other preferential policies, many beauty and skin care brands regard "buy formal clothes and send formal clothes" as a standard operation. And spelling out a small sample and looking for a "beauty partner" has obviously become the best choice for young people to participate in online shopping promotion.

According to the data released by the e-commerce platform and the data of Oteo Consulting, during the pre-sale period from May 26 to 30, the GMV (total merchandise transaction) of Tmall Beauty was about 8.587 billion yuan. The retail sales of Tmall Skin Care (beauty and skin care/body/essential oil) is 7.2 billion yuan, ranking first in the whole industry.

On social platforms, many people have launched a "beauty partner". "Dress all belong to you, I just want a sample; I only need two of the four eye creams, so I can find another beautiful woman to share the other two … "to form a" beauty partner ",so I can get what I need.

Searching with the keyword "6 18" and "partner" immediately jumped out of many net posts. Among them, "beauty makeup" is particularly prominent.

"Two days ago, I robbed an eye cream in the live broadcast room, and the price was 400 yuan. I sent two 10ml liquid foundation samples. I have my own liquid foundation samples. What should I do? Just on the social platform, I saw someone asking for a liquid foundation sample. Finally, I agreed with the other party to sell it to her by 80 yuan, which killed two birds with one stone! " Zhao Zitong, who lives in Tiexi District, said that it is much cheaper than eye cream sold separately in specialty stores and online.

Is "beauty makeup" reliable? Will you buy fakes? "In order to prevent problems in the transaction, under normal circumstances, I will let the other party print the transaction record, and on the second-hand platform, I will explain before the transaction that I must not open it, and then I will pay attention to the personal information of the other party and choose a transaction with high credit." Netizen @ Like Lemon Taste Qianer gave her own way to distinguish fakes.

Expert interpretation

"Partner Culture" can unlock a new mode of consumption.

What is the popular "partner" culture like in the eyes of professionals? To this end, the reporter interviewed Li Sen, director of the office of the School of Management of Shenyang Normal University, deputy director-level researcher and doctor of ethics of Liaoning University.

Q: Nowadays, all kinds of "partners" are popular. Many people try to save money? What do you think?

Li Sen: "Tie Zi" can really save some consumption cost. "Food partners" and "movie partners" … have gradually formed a value consensus of saving money among youth groups. For example, a ticket for a scenic spot in 120 yuan, if tourists who share the same desire to visit form a "team", can enjoy the same preferential price as "group", and the ticket price will be 20% off, which means a ticket for 96 yuan, saving 24 yuan for each ticket. Of course, "small things save less, big things save more", such as buying a car, buying a house and other large-scale consumption activities, the money-saving effect of "taking a child" is even more powerful!

Q: Can the "partner culture" unlock a new model for consumption?

Li Sen: Absolutely. First, young people who are keen to find a partner are mainly the post-80s, post-90s and post-00s, and these people are the mainstream of chasing and leading fashion consumption in today’s society. Driven by the desire to seek novelty and satisfy curiosity, they can naturally achieve the effect of stimulating consumption. Second, the "partner culture" has a strong adhesion, which can quickly attract a group of acquaintances or strangers with similar interests and hobbies (the latter is more popular) to participate in one or more consumption activities, and the increase in popularity itself becomes an important condition and fundamental guarantee for the sales activities to create economic benefits. Third, the "partner culture" has accurate docking ability, and through the subdivision of "stores and partners", the new industry that promotes niche has expanded from an inconspicuous "partial door" to a mature business. This business development model is likely to broaden sales channels and create more opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment while meeting the needs of the consumer market for niche and fine products.

Q: How can a "beauty partner" avoid buying fakes?

Li Sen: I think that "buying fake goods" is an accidental event after all, and the probability event of "selling fake goods" does not only occur in the "partner culture", but also may encounter similar problems in other online and offline business activities. Therefore, we should not "once bitten by a snake, twice shy of a rope in a well", let alone completely deny it. Instead, we should hold an inclusive attitude, a broad mind and a long-term vision to treat this new consumption unlocking model and help it develop healthily and gradually mature.

Liaoshen Evening News reporter He Weili