Anime, Happy New Year and Welcome to the New Year. The Central Radio and Television General Station released a new film of 2022 key projects.

  On January 14th, CCTV Animation Group, the general radio and television station of China, released 2022 key projects and new films, and 21 animation masterpieces with China spirit, China culture and Chinese strength appeared. Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Central Radio and Television General Station, attended the event, set a file for the opening of the animation blockbuster with the theme of Chinese New Year and Winter Olympics, and started the strategy of "Animation China" with the guests. The colorful animation blockbusters will feast the eyes of the majority of young people.

  According to reports, the creation strategy of "Anime China" released by CCTV Animation Group at the general station will continue to launch China "Ming" series, which includes promoting excellent traditional culture, highlighting the beauty of humanities and arts, telling the glorious history of red, writing about people’s struggle and praising the spirit of the times, so that the vast number of young people can appreciate the unique charm of Chinese culture and feel the infinite power of role models of the times.


  现场发布的“国风经典 传统文化”板块中,有弘扬围棋文化和竞技精神的《新围棋少年》,讲述经典民间故事的《故事奶奶》,以及阐释中华民族创造智慧的《巧手鲁班》和立足敦煌文化、丝路精神的《敦煌的故事》等。

  “时代新作 童心筑梦”板块,集中发布了一批体现新时代人民美好生活和中国精神的动漫大作:有表现团队合作精神的《超能钢小侠》,反映少年儿童七彩梦想的《星星梦》,展现智能科技改变生活的《新大头儿子和小头爸爸——智能小当家》,以及《棉花糖和云朵妈妈——快乐生活》《黄河传奇》和《篮球旋风》第二季等。

  In the section of "Beauty, Harmony and Symbiosis", the series of cartoon products "Panda Harmony" jointly created by Headquarters and international media are mainly recommended, including the cartoon "Panda and Gumi Bear" co-produced by China and Germany. The cartoon image of kindness, generosity and modesty is deeply loved by children all over the world.

  In the section of "Light and Shadow Screen Feast", four animated movies were released. Among them, the original classic animation brand "Big Head Son" of the reception desk will launch an animated movie about space theme and the first real-life movie this year; The "Cotton Candy and Cloud Mom" series will also launch the first animated family movie. In addition, the co-produced animated film "Dream of Ze" will also officially debut.

  During the winter vacation, the reception desk carefully prepared a novel and unique animation dinner for the majority of teenagers. New Chinese New Year film "Anime New Year — — Jin Hu Gifts will be broadcast on the prime time of CCTV Children’s Channel on January 30th and 31st. The second season of the New Year sitcom "New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad" and the animated blockbuster "Ice Hockey Whirlwind" with the theme of Winter Olympics will also be broadcast on the children’s channel on January 22 and 30, respectively.

  Xue Jijun, member of the editorial meeting of the Central Radio and Television General Station, Dong Weimin, chief accountant, Zhao Jiachen, chairman of Beijing Performing Arts Group, Wu Yuzhong, former president of Beijing Children’s Art Theatre and a famous writer of children’s literature, as well as the heads of relevant departments of the General Station, experts in the space field in China and representatives of the animation creative team attended the release event.

  (Photo: Fu Bo Zhu Yan Yan Shen)